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Notes on what we want House wise:

vaulted ceiling for the living room, glass from wall to ceiling around the house, living room has one
wall that is completely glass and opens up to a courtyard with fountain steps to pool and hot tub with
geothermal heating, courtyard will be marble flooring encompasses a large square with a fire pit and a
sculpture of Aquarius (as a couple) pouring water into an canal that splits to the east, and the west. The
courtyard transitions with the pool area directly in front of it. The west side of the canal flows through a
garden and under a canopy where it comes to a pond where there is a statue of Aegir and Ran under the
water, around the pond in a semicircle are alters and corresponding statues to Norse gods. The east
canal flows through a different garden, the canal flows into a circular temple with twelve arches over
the canal. One for each Olympian god between the arches are small gardens with flowers/herbs for the
corresponding god. In the center of the temple there is a fire pit with two benches.
Notes on what we want Business wise:
Omy eventually wants a storefront but needs help with marketing and finding a way to make her
product unique.

Notes on what we want health and fitness wise:

Omy wants to cut, and get to a defined “11” when it comes to her abs, She wants to be slim and have
her body defined nicely

Notes on what we want Travel wise:

Notes on what we want to do together:

Notes on what makes us Happy