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Republic othe Philppines Department of Public Works & Highways A ParedonyLngetngPatone 5A Office of the City Building Official rss cise Poata : oop a ees REQUIREMENTS IN APPLYING FOR A BUILDING PERMIT ty nemo eng chi BUILDING PERMIT il en api on heer nwo nthe rss sandr, being ised by te omice as eat for under the NATIONAL BUILDING CODE (21050 REQUIREMENTS: 1 Topther withthe accomplished apie frm the following sal be suet 3) Incase the pica the ested nme of hf 1. Coie ne copy of TCT fom he Rei of Deeds Zee Devt nd 3. Cunt Rel Property Tax Resist 4, Saucy ln of the La) as deter in TCT, tpt cei an fat releton sry uly sged ad see hy + snd Geode Fane 1%) Incane the ppicant isnot he eisterod ener! ihe lt in ton ote TCT coy se Daly strizd copy othe Cott of Lease 3 Darna coy ofthe Deed of be Sar (Ngo re CE : £1 DARANGAT CLEARANCE freemen “yale \.P. ‘4 Locational Cestance tome City aming and Development Couroatr's Ofc ©) Anpronal of Constation Safty a Heath Pera fr theDeprineet of tabor ed Eiployent 2 Five (S) sts of Plans and Speitemtonspeptod signed sed scaled . By adel lice shite o i egies eave of acct a nicl ns: ‘ya duly lcs sity engineer ormster lumber nee tpg or sete) ation lass ya dal licomed professional elec engineerin cae ete! pose 4 yn dl eesed profesional mechanical engined ae of mecha plans NOTE: Man nd speciation sl neue for ‘Tiago indigenes fly dellng neh are intended forte we and acipeny ofthe fail ofthe owner ony aod consul of ive ras ch as amb. ip, lag ot lumber, the al eos af which doe no encod fee hosted pans (P15, 600.00, oxam-oftc sone. simple sth nth ficesions, accompanied hy» te eatin apd vicinity mip iL. 5. ARCHITECTURAL DOCUMENTS *Lecai pla wii a two-omeer is fr cone: idan tations comple and win hal omer rads fer eet ‘wins ata convenient scale showing prominent nats or tne rougher ey teeny, Ste Seveopmen anor loan pla sale 20M sina or any even ae er ge sl evel shwing pst of xg in ‘ation es. xing building whi an adie tet hl be atch nd sacs between he proposed and eitng being se te inde Foo pl t cle noes tI JO0N Elerion (tas fo) a sl ot es th 00M Seton a ato) at ele 1008 Faas pana salen fn 1009 lnetaming pnt seat nt than 100M Routan plan at sel of mt se tha 100M Det of etiam any conven see Det of seta meer ty connie! cl, Reflected eiing plan Sched of doors and windows vs VACIDIAPOR 2 |LSTRUCTURAL DOCUMENTS Design Anlyie =| és ‘Design mali sal be ei oral baiings or ructes excel fr flog | Vadim indigenes family dvelings a etic Seton 207 ote ital Bling Coe. 2 Single etched residential bldg wit 4 Noo sen of 2000 sr, 1. Bong ane Mis Load Tests Pusunt Section 7.49 (Sel Casfaion of Excerpt tart Nona Sa ral Code fo Bung iti the reepnsibiiy ofthe designe order "eote so explaration (nog te borings) for any bldg stretareof ny beatin his judgment ouchanecsuy Mares os eet ovis or plate on ests al equ fr bling ste tice (3) ses a her a. Pine Section 2.0 (Eaton Frcs of ap frm Nationa Styl Code fo Bula every bag asters and ery portion hero scent Cay 1 of rowp A Ceeuances, shih ae lesethan 7S mtr in hei sl be dxinel sl cmseced i roo eees raced hy ater Fr, 5. SANITARY PLANE HOCUMENTS For nw sanitary insalltio with ore hn ent (2) ais of planing aston, me soppy, stem inage water psifation nd ‘ene plo hal be acorpaed by sanitary pls and sewn signed un see ty duly HcensedStay Engineer ceting 1 Soitery pan layouts nd das 2. ome rings fr ouphingie of Sanitary Using, eal 3, Det drawings of not tanks an nthe ssn of dol oe te sary Sew ewe eaten plat 4. Kiso iar of snag including des afmiscellenous apron ochre, jen fone each basis, watersere'sorm 5. Desigh asses epesifientons 6 Ext of ost ern popes ony), 1. Detail doings of dcp Well eter sere and wal rennet vie aha of mcpl wok yt, 1. For adtion ane action of existing Snir stalin iain morta nt (20, ete of pain nsallatns, ater supply som awit: prea aes tenet a shal be canny say pls and essed a ee ay Teens Santor Engineer conaning the flowing | Dosian analysis and plan of he origi installation. 2 Plans ad dct dang f ado taltion. 5 Este cos of atone ntl for tail pups oy). For new sition without mone shan went 20) wis of plang rtltion and wer sup the Enginetng document signed esa yy Ticensed maser plumber wbo sao a eistered Engineer or Marr Pune wh has beh ted a Cette of Recognition a Designer bythe oud of Mast Phe sal nl he flown 1 Soma pl. ajo a det 2: cme deavings of roughing of ventilation lines, hot air codon of suis to pambing fixes and equipment 5. Design amps, echnical speciation. 44 sme of ost (for state! prpoes ot) Toe addilonl andor station of ers sana italian ivoving nl mace ton ent (20) wits of phabig island wer sup the Engineering Dcurons signed ad sealed by day Hood Mater Per was hon eae Cerict of Recogon 4 Desaner by the Boor of Master Pr hall nde te following {Design analy ar pon of the org nti, 2 Vhs nd dtl dang of a8dtonalintliion, : 3 Este coat of abiionahered salon for tail purpose on). For new adn or altered plumbing ftalinon no encoding ey (0) vs, he Engineering Documents signed an soba daly Heese Mast Plame sal ic he folowing 1 Plain Pin and avout 2 amare rings 8. Guideposts and Blof Matern. 4 Estima ost fr sisal pons oly), 6 MECHANICAL DOCUMENTS, 1 The cotesponling plan and pecan fr 20 or mac signed and ele ya dl Fcrsd Profesional Mechanical Engineer shal "Gener ast pa for exch lor, oa szale of ot th 1: 100M nding the eipimen neni Hines tha he bung tin. Names nf Machinery and comesponding bake horespowe sal be indicated 2. Longin and tnsvesse seton daw sale of teat I00m showing nt-Noor elton and defining tn manner of supp of snachiney(vhetes trough aiding Scare by separate staging o by Foundation esting on the gr), 2 nme ain piping ster showing ‘Aso pipes necks und oppor '-Campet mil pipns stn dating ten o termina ales, Sitigs,ss and olor coding “tan desing oation of re roms fl nk extinguish sin fe pecve 5. Phn ofall duet work instalation, inating dampers, controls, Sits ie proofing acon nd thermal insulation. 6 Desi pls of machinery Fusions an support devon orale of et 1:59, 4. Det plan of oilers nd pressure vessel wih waking rere of above 10 ps rears of HP ing dawn o seal oF ast 1-0 5. Computations and dae plans of elevators, excaltrs apd he ike ren te of eat 1:50 9. Compete machinery Ts sowing ‘Name and ype o china. ‘Bate an ext umber ize, model, sri mumerexpacy Revoltion per mite (RPM) and dive (te, V-belt ola he, gee reduce’ hyde, magnate, chain o ine hain, ‘ALICE tena Combustion Engine) a Hlrsepower (HP) ating , 1 RPA Revoon Per Mints) Teal Herepower © Use Bec Mtoe 2: Horschowee (HP) ating 2 1 RPM Revolton Per Mit) Votage ‘rhase © Conent alt the 10, ow Shots 1 Toe Procesing at, Mansfctsng Pat or Assy Pla 1 For al instnons, ito oe ltations involving machinery ofa most 14.9, he signature of a daly eensed chanical Engner shale sistas he nd untied presse vse, elevators, escalators, dumbwaters, entalspiackage ype au condenets a piping vem andrea, peo fol «Eatin of Con ofntllaton a elpoent sal bese {Loto cony of Bing omnCentent of Ocean. 7. ELECTRICAL DOCUMENTS, ‘For new cecal iastalaten, aplication shal be accomplind by eecicl plans nd echoial piston sgn and scaled bya daly "iooned Prefs Eleeticl Engince eonaining te followin "Location Pon 2. Legend and Gensel nes 5. Elena Layout 4h Seed of Loads 5 Design Anayss and Computations {One line dspam othe whole aston 1 Riser Diagn fer mlistorey bailing ‘Addon anor ato fexsting lori insalliion, aplication sal be accion bya vse lect pans and etna secfstons| Slened and scaled by a duly lensed Profesional Eetil Engines cotaning te owing: ‘ {Revised ego and gene ts 3. Revised schedule of foal 8. Logbook af standard drawing sheets 3 9, Whenever neces, writen crifcationltearanes salle obtain! om the vais svermonal aris exeresing retry ntons Meng bigs ther real stress asthe Housing ad Land Use Repatory Bond QULURB) for Land Use ar Zoning. foe ‘eri ot reste mins: Depaient of Envienent & Nota Hesaces (DENK) for Enonneatal Cmpliane Crise ‘Depron of Torin (DO) fortune oes Ai Tenorio ee (ATO) fr Hej Cena for eosin nee Republic ofthe Philipines Department of Public Works & Higherays Pamahalaang Lungsod ng Parafiaque Office of the City Building Official City of Paratiaque, Metropolitan Manila PROCESSING & EVALUATION DIVISION BUILDING PERMIT rH [ CO iE Cit aa ores — BOX 1 (TO BE ACCOMPLISHED BY THE DESIGNING ARCHITECTICIVIL ENGINEER IN PRINT) = ui (‘NAME OF OWNER/APPLICANT ‘LAST NAME FIRST NAME ML TH I il i FOR CONSTRUCTION OWNED | FORMOFGARERGHP | WANTECONGMC AcmmTARO OF BaRNESs | | IETFTI re gee ee career EOI |I) (a Wa ae ee copra os | LE | seorcarwae niece ares aecen vena TG) eioene et teeter ee ae | {2 11 apomoNoF 5 [1 DeMOUTIONOF 7 oF EN ‘(USE OR TYPE OF OCCUPANCY : oe chord wig ine sr ost oe ee dice nce 21 Biincusenccessonh ot aes as Sh ae | Saami Aticewesee | Be rele wre, Ee er eee crre