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didntwithdrawbudget copy, says GMA
HE leadership ofthe House merg and then lSenate President] Earlier, House Committee on Andaya explanation assailed
of Representatives on Tues- Tito Sotto does not sign the bill, Appropriations Chairman Rolando AMID conflicting reports on
day clarified that it has not then there's no bill to send to the Andaya Jr. said no congressman whether the House is withdraw-
withdrawri the enrolled proposed President. So I do not know if we has the authoritt withoutplenary ing or not its version of budget,
2019 General Appropriations Act will, but I would wish we would," approval, to order the recall of the Camarines Sur Rep. Luis Raymund
(cAA). she added. enrolled form of any bill already Villafuerte, in a statement, saidAn-
Speaker Gloria MacaPagal-Ar- Accordingto Arroyo, the House transmitted to the Senate. daya's explanation was nothingbut
will stand strong on its position The proposed 2019 GeneralAp- "claptrap."
royo made the clarification after
San Juan Rep, Ronaldo Zamora that itemizing the lump sum is propriations Act was approved in He said tinkering with the
o\ and Sen. Panfilo Lacson claimed legal even after ratification. The plenary at the House ofthe Repre- GAB after its ratification by the
that the House has agreedto recall bicameral confetence report that sentatives, and the ratification of Congress was unconstitutional
6l it violated Article VI, Section
_i its version ofthe annual budget to the Senateandthe House approved the bicameral conference report on as
N break the budget impasse. on February 8 contained lump- the national budgetwas also made 26 (2) ot the 1987 Constitution,
U "No, we have not withdrawn our sum funds. 'in plenary, Andaya said. which states that, "Upon the last
d version. Wete indiscussions about "We will insist on no lump sum That's whn Andaya said the re- reading of a bill, no amendments
a what is the proposed newversion," because that is what is unconstitu- eal1of the 2019 GeireralAppropria- thereto shall be allowed, and the
c! said Arroyo in an interview at the tional. That's what we will insist, tions Bill (GAB) must also be done vote thereon shall be taken im-
E sidelines ofan event on mining. no lump sum. Now, as to the details, in plenary session, with Majority mediatelythereaf ter, and theyeas
Zamorawas taskedbyArtoyo to that's the one thatwe'll see," she said. {nembers of the House in approval. and nays entered in the Journal."
Thelower chamberis askingthe The 17th Congress has until "Congressman Andaya wants to
6) negotiate with the Senate.
Arroyo said no annual budget Senate to identify their lump-sum May 20 to pass the P3.7s7-trillion hoodwink the public into believ-
will be transmitted to Preqident funds. According to the House, the national budget. The Congress ing that there was nothing.illegal
about this post-ratification act
H Duterte for signature if there's no
agreement between the chambers.
"If we don t come to an agree-
realignment of the Senate is also
nowhere to be found in the bicam-
eral conference committee report.
will resume session on May 20 af-
ter the three-month break due to
midterm elections.
because-in Andaya's words-the
SsE "BuDGBT," A2


House leadership had simply itemized lump- P79.704billion in funds for DPWH programs. set preservati0n and foreign-asshted projeds; their House ounterparts seeking t0 recall the
sum outlays in theGAB in the interestoftrans- However. he said the same d0(ument noted and P4,150 billion of projeds underthe DPWH! akeady enrolled budget billsetto be submitted
parency," Villafuerte, a vice chairman of the that although the House amendments only c0nvergen(e and Spedal 5u pport Pr0gram. t0 President Duterteforsigning into law
H0use appr0priati0ns (0mmittee, said. amounted t0 a net increase 0f P20.724 the M0reover, the outlay for the local Infrastru(- Senate President Vi(ente (.50tt0lll said

Villafuerte also hit the House leadership damber had adually introduced "internal re- ture Program, which indudes projeds identified they were getting mixed signals from their
for committinq an "unconstitutional abomina- alignments" within the DPWH budget that "will by legislators, reflected a net increase 0f P95.u3 House (ounterparts.

ti0n" in realiqninq this (0ngressional break to substantiallychang€'1he alloeti0n per(0ngres- billion,ofwhich PTo.T29billionwas"parked"under "Yes,we're gettingonfused n0w. What'sth€

favor some solons. sional distrid and the natureofthe projeds, the budgetofthe DPWH centralofflce, hesaid. realsc0re?" 5ottosaid in an interview0n Iuesday,

Citing an offidal document,Villafuertesaid The lawmakersaid the realigned allocations adding:"50, wewilljust wait forthem lHouse
\ the Hous€-initiated amendments for the 2019 0rbudgetcutsfrom theoverS0targeted districts Senators stand firm membersl to make up their minds, oth€rwise,

PAG1€ -Ata'/ b udget increased the GAB by P20.724 billion, re-

sulting from posilive realignments 0f Pl00.428
(overed P72.319 billi0n in DPWH-identified proi
ects for roads and bridges, nati0nal buildings,
SENAToRS are sta nding firm 0n the final version
0f the P3.7-trillion 2019 budgel they ratified,
we(an waituntilJune 30," referring t0 the date
when the terms 0f inombent (ongressmen ex-
billion and negative realignments 0r (uts 0f network developmen! flood ma gement, as- even as La(son was tapped t0 hold talks with pitQs. hree Maie lL Deh ouz, But lt Fenondez