Have you seen the ghost of John. round and fat. oo-oo-oo-oo-oo! Wouldn't it be chilly with no skin on? Pumpkin. Turn into a Jack O’ Lantern just like that! . Oo. pumpkin. Long white bones and the rest all gone.

There was a old woman all skin and bone Oo-oo-oo! She went to the graveyard all alone. Oo-oo-oo! She saw some bones lying here and there. Oo-oo-oo! She opened the closet and Boo! . Oo-oo-oo! She went for a bucket to pick them up.

"I’m ready for some fun!" OOOOOOOH. "Oh. my. "There are witches in the air!" The third one said.Five little pumpkins Sitting on a gate The first one said. "But we don’t care!" The fourth one said. went the wind And OUT went the lights And the five little pumpkins rolled out of sight . it's getting late!" The second one said. "Let’s run and run and run!" The fifth one said.

Stirring and stirring and stirring the brew. tip toe .
 Ooooh! Stirring and stirring and stirring the brew. tip toe.
 Ooooh! Tip Boo! toe.

Are you my children? No! You Old Witch! witch sings everybody sings witch sings everybody sings witch sings everybody sings . Are you my children? Yes were you’re children. witch fell in a ditch Found a penny and thought she was rich.everybody sings Witch. Are you my children? Yes were you’re children.

BOO! . watch out. he has no legs. watch out for the Pumpkin Man Watch out. watch out.The Pumpkin Man on Halloween Is a terrible sight to see He has no arms. But a head as big as three. The pumpkin man on Halloween He has eyes that glow like flame So watch out.

everybody sings What for? What for? witch sings To boil water.everybody sings Two rumble tum. What for? To gather sticks. everybody sings Where are you going? To the woods. everybody sings What for? witch sings To cook you chickens! . everybody sings witch sings witch sings everybody sings witch sings To build a fire. Two rumble tum To buy a pack of bubble gum.

 You'll never see him more. 
He used to wear a long brown coat
 That buttoned down before.Old Abram Brown is dead and gone.

There was a ghost on Halloween He really made a ghosty scene. Kids all thought that he was rather cool Even though he was a little kooky. He was the boogie woogie ghost. He was just a special kind of ghoul. When you’re out on Halloween And he appears upon the scene. He’d go “Boo oo oo oo oo!” Though he wasn’t really very spooky. And when the kiddies came around He’d give out a ghostly sound. Just ask him if he’ll stay and play. He was the ghosty with the most. You’ll like the Boogie Woogie Ghost He’ll be the one you dig the most. You’ll love his “Boo oo oo oo oo!” . Don’t give a scream and run away.

Ghost and goblins. And there will be more. Tick-or-treat. I’ve got those jack-o-lantern views. So beware! . whom to scare? I’ve got those Halloween blues. Ooh! Creatures in the closet. ooh. Ooh. I can’t decide what to wear. Ooh. ooh. Look behind the door. Halloween is coming soon. spooky sounds. I’ve got those Halloween blues.Halloween is coming soon.

Two trick-or-treater. 3. Nine ghost-a-booing. Twelve bats-a-flying. Four skeletons. 5. . Seven pumpkins glowing.On the first day of Halloween my true love gave to me An owl in a dead tree. 6. 9. 2. 4. 10. Ten ghouls groaning 11. Five scary spooks. Eleven masks a-leering. 12. 7. Eight monsters shrieking. 8. Three black cats. Six goblins gobbling.

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