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October 27, 2010 Shirley & Banister Public Affairs



President Obama and Senator Barbara Boxer are the Real Enemies of Latino Values
Washington, D.C.—The Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles, a leading voice for
Latinos, warned that if Latinos want to take President Obama’s advice that they should “punish”
their “enemies” this November, they should begin by voting out anti-life, anti-marriage, anti-
immigration-reform Democrats like Senator Barbara Boxer.

“President Obama is the enemy when it comes to issues Latinos care about such as the sanctity
of life, traditional marriage, and building a culture of entrepreneurship,” said Alfonso Aguilar,
executive director of the Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles. “Does the President
really want Latinos asking themselves this November who is their friend, and who opposes them?”

“On the question of who has been a friend of Latinos, the President’s claims totally contradict
reality,” said Mr. Aguilar. “Senator Obama, along with Senator Barbara Boxer and other Senate
Democrats were responsible for derailing the 2007 efforts to pass Comprehensive Immigration
Reform. The President and Senators like Barbara Boxer are the real enemies of reform.”

“What has his Democrat-controlled Congress done for Latinos over the past two years? The
President broke his promise to the Latino community that he would introduce and promote an
immigration bill in the first year of his Presidency. But the President has shown no leadership on
this issue, which is why we still have no bill in 2010. Instead, he is holding reform hostage.”

“Latinos across this country are beginning to realize that the issues that are important to them are
also important to Republicans. Latinos have given President Obama and Democrats in Congress
a chance, and they were betrayed. This November they should trust the new leaders of the
Republican Party to actually get something done.”

The Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles promotes conservative values and ideals
within the Latino community and works to integrate Latinos into fuller and more active participation
and leadership in the conservative movement. It is an initiative of American Principles In Action,
a 501(c)(4) organization dedicated to preserving and propagating the fundamental principles on
which our country was founded. It aims to return our nation to an understanding that governance
via these timeless principles will strengthen us as a country.

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