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NB: This work is sorely for helping students and someone else who need to understand some calculation

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a. Determine the daily cost of running a diesel engine to power a duplex pump under the
following conditions:
Pump: Mechanical efficiency = 85%
Single-acting duplex Diesel engine: Efficiency = 50%
Stroke length = 18 in. Diesel oil:
Rod diameter = 2 ½ in. Weight = 7.2 lbs/gal
Liner size = 8 in. Heating value = 19,000 Btu/lb
Delivery pressure = 1,000 psi at 40spm Cost = $1.15/gal
Volumetric efficiency = 90%
b. A kick was detected while drilling at 10,000ft with 12 ppg mud. The shut-in drill pipe
pressure (SIDPP) was recorded at 800 psi. Determine the cost of additional barite
required in order to drill the encountered high-pressure zone at a differential pressure of
500 psi. Barite cost: $8.50/100 lbs.
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