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Bicol University Tabaco Campus

Tayhi, Tabaco City

Date: March 2, 2019
Time: 7:00 am – 5:30 pm
Venue: Barangay Cabagñan, Tabaco City
Participants: The children of Cabagñan Elementary School



Basically, the role of community immersion is to continue the upliftment of lives of the
people in the service areas. It also sought to imbibe among NSTP trainees a better
understanding and realization of the different community concerns through actual life
situations (Labuguen, Florida C.)
One of the dimensions that community immersion focuses is the sports and recreation
dimension and spiritual aspect of people. Sports and recreation plays an important role in the
community. It also contributes to the empowerment of individuals, contributing and promoting
development of inclusive communities. Sports and recreation activity may involve small group
or even the whole community and it is intended for people of all ages that can carry out
moderate to vigorous physical activities. As they engage to these activities, their actions would
also reflect to their cultural values as well as their upbringings. The spiritual aspect of humanity
is an enrichment giving sense and purpose to life. To achieve ultimate purpose of our life
spiritually is a must. Some may find that their spiritual life is intricately linked to their
association with a church, temple, mosque, or synagogue. Others may pray or find comfort in a
personal relationship with God or a higher power. Still, others seek meaning through their
connections to nature or art. Like your sense of purpose, your personal definition of spirituality
may change throughout your life, adapting to your own experiences and relationships.
Participation to this kind of activity is one great opportunity for people to engage in
community life. It is also an avenue for the community members to reduce stress and can live a
happy life complimented by a healthy body, mind, as well as spirit.

“All kids need is a little help, a little hope, and someone who believes in them.”- Magic
The NSTP-2 students under the Civic Welfare Training Service program of Bicol
University Tabaco Campus decided to conduct spiritual as well as sports and recreational
activities in Cabagñan Elementary School on March 2, 2019 under the supervision of Mrs. Ma.
Aurea Borromeo Guiriba, with the ultimate goal of empowering the children belonging to 4th -
6th grades with ages ranging from 8-12 years old.
Children are the gift of God. They make our life beautiful and they gave us happiness.
Kindness, faithfulness and strength are the most significant and powerful things we can foster
to children. In simple ways we can, we could help them in realizing their potentials and let them
discover faith, music, language, thoughts, sportsmanship, camaraderie, and the unwavering
beauty of communication and interactions.
Film showing about spiritual development is our simple yet meaningful endeavor of
molding the behaviors and characters of the children and the best way of helping them find
their faith in becoming more vibrant followers of Christ. On the other hand, through facilitating
sports and recreational activities we would be able to contribute also in giving a premier benefit
of improving the physical health of the children.
Basically, the main aim of community immersion is helping the students in attaining
personal growth and self-transformation. And in the process, it would eventually help in
instilling to their mind a more positive perspective in taking part towards community
involvement. These proposed activities will serve as our humble beginning of volunteering to
help communities in shaping our future leaders, the children.
Indeed, it would be really inspiring to witness again the power of the students in making
simple yet meaningful changes and successfully working for a common cause.
The NSTP students particularly of the Civil Welfare Training Service program (CWTS) aims
to increase participatory awareness of the children aging from 8-12 years old of Cabagñan
Elementary School through the activity INDAK SA PAGBABAGO: KIDS SPORTS

 Let the children enjoy and provide them information about the good manners and right
 Encourage children to continuously nurture the relationship with God and at the same
time, it gives opportunity to the NSTP students to interact with children;
 Expose every child to various approaches enabling them to formulate deep
comprehensions towards the importance of health and religion;
 Persuade every child to join outdoor activities providing enough time to interact with
different individual as well as to its real essence.


Key Components

Preparation and Planning Date Persons Involve

 Printing of proposal January 31, 2019 Immersion Students
and send an original
copy to the office of
the dean and other
important offices for
the approval
 Printing of February 1, 2019 Committee on Programs
( Memorandum Of
 Sending of February 16, 2019 Immersion Students
letters to the
concerned Barangay
Official, School
Principal and
coordinate with our
target partners.
 Printing of banner, February 17, 2019 Committee On Program
program and
registration sheets
 Buying of snacks and February 21, 2019 Committee On Foods
materials for the
 Preparing for the March 2, 2019 Committee on
venue and the Accommodation
materials needed
during the
 Implementation of March 2, 2019 Immersion Students
the activity
 Evaluation of the March 2, 2019 Immersion Students


Committee on Foods Mathew Neo, Jerome Borlagdan, Maribeth

Bisco, Jaynalyn, Charlin Mae Nabor, Aira
Balderama, Shiela Besmonte

Committee on Accommodation Jomari Bolilan, Jose Jhepoy Cid III, Isaiah

Margie Semania

Committee on Programs Chinky Busque Vince Bien, Evette Dacuya,

Jessebel Rubio, Aira Belga, Gladys

Committee on Activities All

Committee on Decoration Lovely Ann Caña, Carmella Ann Belen, Justin

Mari Bigol, Jose Jhepoy Cid III, Chrishelle
Committee on Documentation Joy Bonagua, Christy Onrubia, Carmela
Abegail Boringot

Technical Committee David Centino, Geralo Mardara, Eman Pilapil

Committee on Finance Erica Cid, Rosie Buban, Jonna Mae Bongalbal


7:00 – 7:30 A.M Gathering of the community Immersion Student
immersionist (Facilitators) at
the Tabaco City Plaza
7:30-8:00 A.M Time-frame for travelling of Immersion student
the Immersion Student
8:00 – 12:00 nn Preparation for all the Immersion Student
activities that will be
1:00 – 1:15 P.M Opening message Hon. Noel Bonaobra
1:15 – 3:00 PM Activity proper Immersion student
 Zumba
 Amazing Race
3:00 – 4:00 P.M Activity proper Immersion student
-Movie Marathon
- Games
4:00 – 4:30 P. M Awarding Ceremony Immersion student

4:30 – 4:45 P. M Closing Remarks Mrs.Maria Aurea Guiriba

4:45 - 5:30 P. M Cleaning of the venue Immersion student

5:30 P.M-onwards HOME SWEET HOME

To realize the aforementioned objectives and activities, the following methodologies or
approaches will be utilized:
1. Scout for sources of funds that will finance the expenditures for the said activity.
2. Seek first for the permission of the Barangay Council to implement the proposed activity.
3. Seek help to the school head and teachers for the information dissemination of the
proposed activity to be conducted in the area.
4. Collaborate with barangay officials to secure the safety and security in the venue.
5. Ensure a child- friendly environment throughout the duration of the activity.

The Civic Welfare Training Service (CWTS) under the National Service Training Program
(NSTP) students of Bicol University Tabaco Campus choose to conduct their community
immersion in Cabagñan Elementary School. These activities will greatly help to preserve and
strengthen the lifestyle and awareness of every student of Cabagñan Elementary School. From
the Centro of Tabaco City, Php 10 will be the maximum faire in either by means of tricycle as

The target participants of the "Indak Tungo sa Pagbabago: Kids Sports Participation and
Spiritual Awareness" are the children and students of Cabangan Elementary School in
coordination with the barangay council and personnel who is led by the Barangay Captain and
also together with the SK officials. The estimated total numbers of participants are 50-70
participants from grade 4 to grade 6 aging between 8-12 years old. Together with the guidance
and assistance of the community immersionist, this activity is expected to be successful.

We are planning to conduct an activity which will boost the physical and the spiritual being
of our selected audience. We planned to start at exactly 7:30 a.m. Firstly is the Gathering of all
the facilitators of the immersion. They are all specifically designated so it will be a short
orientation about the dos and don’ts in the desired working area. After a short time for the
immersions students rest next is the preparation or setting up of all the things needed and the
gathering also of the prospected students. We would like to ask a little help from the Barangay
Captain to orient the students about the activities. Right after the warm up is the Zumba to be
leaded by Carmella Belen and others. The dance will end with a proper cool down for a few
seconds. We also prepared another physical activity which is the amazing race wherein the
strength and techniques of the children will be enhanced. It will be conducted starting from
grouping the kids. Next the snacks will be given and then the children will be given time to take
a break for the next afternoon activities which is the spiritual activity. Spiritual activity will be in
a movie marathon form where we are going to show them movies that will give lessons and
realizations and activities that will probably test their faith. In view of this, the NSTP-2 student
under the CIVIC WELFARE TRAINING SERVICE PROGRAM of Bicol University will conducting a
game centered recreational activities for children belonging to Grades 4-6 with ages ranging
from 8-12 years old at Cabagñan Elementary School on March 1, 2019


Opening The activity will start from Immersion student
orienting the kids about the

Zumba This activity will serve as a Immersion student

warm up to the later
Game proper The facilitators will be Immersion student
grouping the children for the
activities such as:
Water relay
Sack race
Balloon relay
Paper dance
Movie marathon Right after the break next Immersion student
activity will be the showing of
movies which tackles about
good moral.
Snacks Snacks will be given during Immersion student
the movie marathon.
Closing There will be a short Immersion student
awarding for the winners in
the amazing race and a little
words of gratitude for
welcoming us in their school.
At this moment the Immersion student
Packing up immersion students will be
packing up the things and
cleaning the area occupied
The evaluation will be done in order to assess and track changes in the behaviours of
children and if the objective of the activity were met. The approach of this activity is to develop
and enhance the morality of every children of Cabagñan Tabaco City, Albay and don’t get
involved in any immoral activities and realize the value of hanging around with good and
healthy friends who will sway them away from committing crimes.
Immersion students will use different approaches learned in their different subject
matters in order to cope with the different attitudes and behaviours of the children. Indeed, by
being sensitive to the terms to be used to avoid misunderstanding between the child and to the
parents also.
The students will evaluate the participants through the post-activity. After the film
showing, the candle lighting activity will let the participant’s process and realize what they
watched and outdoor recreational activities. Through this post activity that we will conduct, we
can assess the participants if they really got something from the movie and from the activities
they engaged into.
Immersion students will use the survey by asking feedbacks from the participants and
parents. This approach will be convenient since it’s a primary data that we can get. The data
that were collected will be the instrument to make the next activity better. Moreover, the
collected data will serve to be as the final evaluated output of the said activity.

Target Partners
 Barangay Parish Council (BPC)
 Barangay Official
 SK Officials
 Barangay Tanod
 School Principal

III. Budgetary Planning

Budgetary Category and Total Cost
Unit Cost
Materials for Games
1. Plastic Cups (2packs-50 per Php 40.00/pack Php 80.00
2. Balloons (40 pieces) Php 4.00/pc Php 160.00
3. Manila Papers (7 pcs) Php 3.00/pc Php 21.00
4. Markers (2pcs) Php 6.00/pc Php 12.00
5. Card boards (5pcs) Php 7.00/pc Php. 35.00
6. Calamansi (10 pcs) Php 1.00/pc Php 10.00
7. Others Php 100.00


Printing Costs
1. Registration Sheets Php 1.00/sheet Php 5.00
2. Programs Php 2.00/sheet Php 20.00
3. Banners Php 100.00 Php 100.00
4. Bond papers Php 13.75/pack Php 13.75
5. Others Php 50.00 Php 50.00


Supplies and Utensils
1. Candles (4 packs-20 pcs per Php 31.00/pack Php 124.00
2. Paper Cups (150 pcs) Php 1.10/pc Php 165.00
3. Plastic Spoons (1pack-1/2 kl) Php 91/pack Php 91.00


1. Macaroni Soup
 Elbow Macaroni (4 Php 52.00/kl Php 208.00
 Vegetables (5 packs)
 Evaporated milk (5 Php 10.00/pack Php 50.00
 Cooking oil (1/8 kl) Php 26.00/can Php 130.00
 Hotdog (1kl)
 Onion and Garlic (1 Php 10.00/pack Php 10.00
Php 96.00/kl Php 96.00
 Knorr Cubes (4 pcs)
 Magic Sarap (2 packs)
Php 20.00/pack Php 20.00
 Pepper (1 pack)
 Salt (2 packs) Php 5.00/pc Php 20.00
 Chicken breast (2
pieces) Php 3.00/pc Php 6.00

Php 10.00/pack Php 10.00

Php 1.00/pc Php 2.00
Php 77.50/pc Php 155.00

Sub-total: Php 707.00

2. Bread (Pandesal-150 pcs) Php 2.00/pc Php 300.00
1. Notebooks (10 pcs) Php 13.25/pc Php 132.50
2. Ball pens (10 pcs) Php 5.50/pc Php 55.00
3. Pencil (10 pcs) Php 4.00/pc Php 40.00
4. Sharpeners (10 pcs) Php 2.00/pc Php 20.00
5. Candies
 Frutos (3 packs) Php 24.95/pack Php 74.85
 Potchi (3 packs) Php 24.95/pack Php 74.85
 Champee (3 packs) Php 25.50/pack Php 76.50
6. Biscuits
 Wafer (4 packs)
 Jungle Bites (4 packs) Php 17.65/pack Php 70.6
 Yahoo (4 packs) Php 17.75/pack Php 71.00
7. Xsakto (7 packs)
Php 17.50/pack Php 70.00
Php 10.00/pack Php 70.00


Transportation Costs
 From Tabaco City proper to Php 20/pax Php 760.00
Cabañgan, Tabaco City (Vice
versa)-38 persons


PHP 3,709.05
Program OF

I. Prayer - Charline Mae Nabor

II. Opening message - Hon. Noel Bonaobra
III. Zumba - Camille Belen & Rhea Mae Barrameda
IV. Intermission Number - Joshua David Centino
V. Amazing Race - Geralo Madara

Lunch Break

VI. Movie Marathon - Jhepoy Cid

VII. Question and Answer Activity - Haezel Mae Bigtas
VIII. Candle Lighting - Facilitators
IX. Awarding Ceremony – Aira Belga and Jonna Mae
X. Closing Remarks - Mrs.Maria Aurea Guiriba