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Lab- Diagnostic Software

Use the Internet, a newspaper, or a local store to gather information about a hard drive diagnostic program.
Be prepared to discuss the diagnostic software you researched.
a. Based on your research, list at least two different hard drive manufacturers.
b. Based on your research, choose a hard drive manufacturer. Does this manufacturer offer hard drive
diagnostic software to go with their products? If so, list the name and the features of the diagnostic
Kingston SSD Manager (KSM)
-Monitor drive health, status, and disk usage
-View drive identification data including model name, serial number, firmware version, and other relevant
-View and export detailed drive health and status reports
-Update drive firmware
-Securely erase data
c. Why do manufacturers
-Manage TCG Opal andoffer hard
IEEE drive diagnostic software? What are the potential benefits of doing so to
the manufacturer and/or customer?
-Overprovision with Host Protected Area (HPA) (DC400 series only)
Because the manufacturer knows how your product really works and knows how it works.

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