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The following are the contents of rectus sheath except

A. Superior epigastric vessels

B. Pyramidalis muscle
C. Rectus abdominis muscle
D. Inferior epigastric vessel
E. Dorsal rami of T7 – T12

2._______ is an example of a sesamoid bone.

A. Patella
B. Tallus
C. Calcaneus
D. Cuboid
E. 1st Metatarsal

3.Near sightedness is called

A. Hyperopia
B. Emmetropia
C. Presbyopia
D. Hemianopia
E. Myopia

4.Which of the following statement is incorrect regarding motor unit?

A. The number of nerve fibre tat innervates the multiple muscle fibers depending on the type
of muscle.
B. Small muscles that react rapidly have less nerve fibre for fewer muscle fibers
C. All the muscle fiber innervated by a single nerve fiber
D. There are about 80 to 100 muscle fibres to a motor unit
E. Large muscles motor unit contains several hundred muscle fibres

5.The following molecules are derived from cholesterol except

A. Progestrone
B. Bile acid
C. Testosterone
D. Thyroid hormones
E. Vitamin D

6.Which of the following enzymes is probably deficient in an elderly patient with homocystinuria?

A. Succinate dehydrogenase
B. Methionine synthase
C. α-keto acid dehydrogenase
D. Methylene tetrahydrofolate reductase
E. Cystathione b-synthase
7.Major side effects of NSAIDs include

A. Skin itchiness
B. Euphoria
C. GI ulceration and bleeding
D. Respiratory depression
E. Nausea and vomiting

8.If a patient with deep vein thrombosis,has marked resistance to heparin,the patient is most likely
to be treated with

A. Antithrombin III
B. Plasminogen
C. Urokinase
D. Vitamin K2
E. Axciximab