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3 Hours / 100 Marks Seat No.

  Instructions – (1) All Questions are Compulsory.

(2) Answer each next main Question on a new page.
(3) Illustrate your answers with neat sketches wherever
(4) Figures to the right indicate full marks.
(5) Assume suitable data, if necessary.
(6) Mobile Phone, Pager and any other Electronic
Communication devices are not permissible in
Examination Hall.


1. Attempt any TEN of the following: 20

a) State any four uses of stones in interiors.
b) Define an alloy.
c) State the properties of terra-cotta.
d) Name defects in timber.
e) What is curing in concrete.
f) List the four types of plaster.
g) List materials used for water supply.
h) Define Earthing.
i) Name any four soft floor coverings.
j) Represent classification of glass.
k) Define ferrous and Non-ferrous metals.
l) Define pigment and thinner.

13665 [2]
m) List any four thermal insulation materials used in interiors.
n) List the uses of curtains.

2. Attempt any FOUR of the following: 16

a) Illustrate with sketches any four dressing of stones.
b) Differentials between veneer and plywood.
c) Define brass and state its composition.
d) Compare brushing and spraying.
e) Define asphalt. Explain use of asphalt as a water-proofing
f) Give the full forms of and its uses.
(i) P.V.C.
(ii) F.R.P.
(iii) G.R.P.
(iv) M.R.P.

3. Attempt any FOUR of the following: 16

a) Name the types of electrical fixtures and sketch any four
b) Define waterproofing and List material used in water proofing.
c) Define ‘Nylons’. State their two uses.
d) Illustrate with neat sketches and uses.
(i) ‘P’ trap
(ii) ‘S’ trap
(iii) ‘Q’ trap
e) What are the four types of material used for carpets and
explain any two.
f) Compare properties of FRP and MRP.
13665 [3]
4. Attempt any FOUR of the following: 16
a) Draw a labelled sketch of cross-section of a tree showing its
macro structure.
b) Illustrate (with sketches) Nahani Trap and Bottle Trap.
c) Define
(i) Plating
(ii) Anodising
(iii) Galvanizing
(iv) Coating (power and plastic)
d) State properties and applications of brass.
e) Write four uses of cork in interiors.
f) Explain procedure of repainting an old wood work.

5. Attempt any FOUR of the following: 16

a) Differentiate between Fuse and MCB with sketches.
b) Define Gypsum. State two uses of Gypsum and two properties
of gypsum.
c) State two uses and two properties of the following
(i) Jute
(ii) Cork
(iii) Coir
(iv) Foam
d) State the types of wiring systems and explain concealed
wiring with sketches.
e) Compare G.R.P. and M.R.P.
f) Explain the following
(i) Etching
(ii) Toughening
(iii) Staining
(iv) Aciding
13665 [4]
6. Attempt any FOUR of the following: 16
a) Define calcination and slaking of lime.
b) Name the types of bricks and states their uses.
c) Define cushioning. Draw sketch of cushion with the
cushioning materials.
d) Name main constituents of paints. State their functions.
e) List the sanitary wares and draw sketch of
(i) Urinal
(ii) Flushing cistern
f) Explain and sketch of
(i) Switches
(ii) Plug
(iii) Lamp Holder
(iv) Ceiling Ruse