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Effective and Management Communication

MMS Sem I Total Marks: 60 Time Duration: 3 hrs

1. Q1. is compulsory. Answer any 4 out of the remaining 6 Qs (10 marks each)
2. Make use of legible hand writing as far as possible

A. (6)
You have a subordinate in your office who is inefficient with his work and has created lots
of problems in the past. You are working in the organisation as a Project Manager. You
want to warn the subordinate for his inefficiency. What would be your mode of
communication? Will it be oral warning or a written communication? Justify. If in case you
are writing a mail, will you mark a CC to your Boss or a BCC? Please note it’s a year end
and you can’t afford to lose him.
B. (6)
Mr. Kishore is giving a fantastic presentation to his team and all of a sudden the CFO of the
company walks in and suddenly Mr. Kishore gets too cautious and gets a bit nervous
because of the sheer presence of the CFO. The CFO is a task master and a complete no-
nonsense person. What is the barrier of communication Mr. Kishore is facing? How should
he overcome it?
C. (8)
You are a Purchase of a Mid size Pharma company. After spending a beautiful weekend, on
Monday morning you come across a big blunder committed by you. With regards to the
quotation for Photocopier Machines send by Konika Minolta and Cannon India, last week,
you by mistake have accepted the quotation of Cannon India and dispatched a Purchase
Order which should have been actually given to Konika Minolta, as Konika Minolta’s
quotation was lesser and they were offering better services.
You have decided to take an immediate action to rectify this blunder. How would you
effectively handle this situation by means of effective communication? What mode of
Communication will you use which would be faster and efficient?

Q2. (Answer any 2 out of 3)

A. If you are delivering a condolence speech in your office for one of your team member
who recently passed away, what precautions you need to take with respect to the
“Vocal cues” in delivering the speech?
B. How will you identify a speaker as an Active listener? What body language signs will
make you identify he is actively listening?
C. You are conducting an interview of Management graduates in NL Dalmia. What kind
of listener you should be? Justify.

Q3. (Answer any 2 out of 3)

A. Differentiate between High Context Vs Low Context emails with the help of an
B. You face a salesman who is too pushy and pretends to understand your problem,
which actually he is not. You want him to be a good listener. What tips will you
share with him?
C. You have a dream company in your mind where you would like to do your summer
internship. You have just found out there is a vacancy for interns. Draft an
application letter for the same.

Q4. (Answer any 2 out of 3)

A. There is a pool campus been conducted at a recruiter’s office. During the GD round
its been observed that its difficult for you to enter the GD. Everybody have just
pounced upon the topic. With the help of vocal cues in speech how will you make
your mark in the GD? How will you ensure that you are being heard?
B. Explain the importance of Eye contact in Communication. What are the various
meanings associated with not maintaining eye contact?
C. You have been recently promoted as a Branch Head of a Public Sector Bank in
Kanpur. You have found that the staff working in the branch keep the office toilet
pretty unhygienic. You feel ashamed specially when your client visits your branch.
How will you communicate your staff effectively without hurting their egos? What
mode of communication will you use?

Q5. (Answer any 2 out of 3)

A. Here is a profile of Mr. Anand Warty from Linkedin :
Regional Sales Manager
Siemens Financial Services Pvt. Ltd.
July 2011 – Present (2 years 5 months) Mumbai Area, India
Key account management with SME, mid market and corporate clients in Healthcare (Hospitals &
Diagnostic centres), Industry (Pharma & Biotech, Chemical, manufacturing), printing / packaging,
office / IT equipments & Infrastructure space.
Developing detailed understanding about client's financing needs. Completing needs based
assessment to offer innovative financing solutions (Loan, HP, Finance / Operating lease).
Area Sales Manager - West
GE Energy
August 2009 – June 2011 (1 year 11 months) Vadodara Area, India
To achieve order & revenue goals from corporate clients (Industrial Power Producers, Commercial
Power Producers, Captive Power Plant operators – Refineries, Petrochemicals) by formulating &
implementing corporate strategy successfully.
Key Account Management - Reliance Industries, Torrent Power, Essar Power, Essar Steel, HPCL,
Job scope included account management, corporate technical sales, opportunity mapping, formulating
& implementation of sales stategy.
Regional Sales Manager - North
GE Capital
January 2007 – August 2009 (2 years 8 months)
Handling Sales & Business Development responsibility for North Region (Delhi - NCR, Rajasthan,
Punjab, UP, Uttaranchal & Himachal) as Regional Sales Manager.
ASM - Central India & Maharashtra
GE Commercial Finance January 2007 – December 2007 (1 year)
Handling Sales & Business Development responsibility for Central India & Maharashtra (Mumbai,
Pune, MP, Chattisgarh) as Area Sales Manager.
ASM - Mumbai
GE Commercial Finance - January 2006 – December 2006 (1 year)

Develop a paragraph of Synopsis (Summary) for his CV

B. You are a Business Communication consultant and you have been approached by a
company to advise them on tips in Business Etiquettes & Communication while doing
business in China. Kindly provide few tips.
C. Mr. Prashant is a Sales Manager at iBall handling B2B Sales. His client has placed an
order for 120 headsets for his employees at Bangalore office. He needs to pacify the
client and apologise for the delay. Kindly give some tips with respect to sending an
official Email to such an irritated client.

Q6. (Answer any 2 out of 3)

A. Below are 2 photographs. Kindly comment on them based on your learning’s from Body
Language. What do these indicate?

B. Give some tips with regards to the “Dining Etiquettes” while having a dinner with an
Australian client.
C. How important is “Appearance” as a form of Non Verbal Communication in facing an

Q7. (Answer any 2 out of 3)

A. ‘Madhyam’ a Marketing Paper Presentation event is in the month of January 2018. You
and your partner want to win it at any cost. There is a tough competition from the IIMs
and XLRIs of the world. With tips from effective power point presentations, how would
you ensure to make your presentation not only interesting, but one of the best among the
B. Explain the importance of Time as a crucial Non verbal Communication with special
reference to client meetings.
C. What makes a listener a Preferential Listener?

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