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com reports that the
When politics feels like a bad flight Prudential Center in
Newark, NJ will be the
David Morgan (Front Row say they want nothing to do with
Washington) business as usual in Washington. host of the 2011 NBA
Submitted at 10/27/2010 9:44:00 AM How are party officials Draft. A formal annou...
preparing? So far, they’ve
Oct 27, 2010 10:44 EDT assembled a list of experienced (Business Insider)
He sounded like someone insiders and lobbyists to help fill Submitted at 10/27/2010 11:37:00 AM

bombarded by too many election top positions on the staffs of those

ads. newly elected GOP lawmakers. reports that the
“I call it the perfect storm of bad Yes, insiders will still be running Prudential Center in Newark, NJ
manners,” Steven Slater told the show. And nobody’s booed, will be the host of the 2011 NBA
CNN’s Larry King. “I was angry at least not yet. Draft. A formal announcement is
at all of it.” Click here for more political expected tonight before the Nets'
The former JetBlue flight coverage from Reuters home opener.
attendant, who famously quit his Photo Credits: Reuters/Chris Join the conversation about this
job by jumping down an Helgren (Air Rage); Reuters/ story »
emergency chute, beer in hand, Jessica Rinaldi (Tea Partier);
was talking about his life in the Reuters/Jim Young (House
U.S. airline industry — not Freshmen of Yesteryear)
politics. ads can be mild compared with Senate nominee Rand Paul. This entry passed through the
But his words could just as easily campaign events on the ground. Among voters, the Full-Text RSS service — if this is
have described what some Last week, Alaska Republican anger appears aimed mainly at your content and you're reading it
people think about the tone of the Senate nominee Joe Miller’s Democrats, who the Cook on someone else's site, please read
2010 midterm election private security guard handcuffed Political Report’s pre-election our FAQ page at
c a m p a i g n – l i k e a journalist for asking questions House outlook now predicts will content-only/faq.php
audience members who booed the candidate didn’t want to lose 48 to 60 seats, with higher Five Filters featured article:
Republican California answer. This week, video footage losses possible. Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
gubernatorial nominee Meg from Kentucky shows a woman Republican officials are already Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
Whitman for refusing to stop TV protester from being preparing for an invasion of fresh Catastrophe.
ads attacking her Democratic dragged to the ground and stepped new GOP House members, some
opponent Jerry Brown. on by supporters of Republican of them Tea Party candidates who
This election year, negative
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Washington Extra – The octopus is dead, long live the opinion

Simon Denyer (Front Row of months ago. nuclear reactor plant but with
Washington) Here are our top stories from other sites where weapons work
Submitted at 10/26/2010 5:52:21 PM Washington today… may be underway, U.S. Secretary
Key Pennsylvania Senate race in of State Hillary Clinton said. Iran
We start this afternoon with the dead heat began loading fuel into the core of
sad news of the demise of Paul, A Senate race in Pennsylvania its first nuclear power plant at
t h e p s y c h i c o c t o p u s w h o that could determine whether Bushehr earlier on Tuesday, its
captivated the world this summer Democrats retain control of the atomic energy chief said, the last
with his uncanny ability to predict chamber is deadlocked one week major step to realizing its stated
the results of Germany’s World before the election, a Reuters/ goal of becoming a peaceful user
Cup soccer matches. Ipsos poll showed of nuclear energy.
Fear not, though. There are other For more of this story by Andy For more of this story, read here.
ways to divine the future, and Sullivan, read here. For a Q&A on whether the West
especially the results of next For scenarios of possible election should worry about the plant, read
week’s midterm elections. outcomes, read here. here.
But first of all Washington Extra US Republicans poised to win Consumer watchdog will go slow
would like to categorically deny House, gain in Senate on rules-Treasury
that Paul, just before taking his A Republican win in the House work together. The question is, read here. The U.S. consumer watchdog
last gulp of water, predicted that and gains in the Senate would are they ready to work with us?” EU, US grapple with crunch in will not inundate banks and other
Republicans would win control of l i k e l y s l a m t h e b r a k e s o n senior adviser David Axelrod told rare earth supplies financial players with a host of
the House and Democrats would Obama’s agenda and spark a MSNBC. The European Union and the new rules as soon as it is up and
cling onto power in the Senate. prolonged period of legislative For more of this story by Steve United States said they were running in July. “There is a
It’s just not true. And if he did, he gridlock. “I haven’t seen anything Holland, read here. pressing for solutions to concerns recognition that people need time
was only reading our poll data. that makes me think there will be Tighter derivatives rules gain China may be exploiting its to prepare,” said Eric Stein, the
Talking of which (nice segue, a drastic change in the public headway in US, EU stranglehold on rare earth metals, Treasury Department’s deputy
huh?), our latest Reuters/Ipsos mood or trends in the next week,” The first global crackdown on the c r u c i a l i n t h e m a k i n g o f assistant secretary for consumer
poll from Pennsylvania makes Republican strategist Kevin $615 trillion derivatives market everything from portable phones protection.
interesting reading today. It shows Madden said. “It feels like the gained momentum as regulators to wind turbines. A Department of For more of this story by
Democrat Joe Sestak drawing concrete was poured on the major unveiled a new tool to police Energy official said she was not Rachelle Younglai, read here..
l e v e l w i t h R e p u b l i c a n P a t issues months ago.” fraud and European officials aware of any U.S. companies China looms large over Clinton’s
Toomey, with both men now tied For more of this story by John urged tighter controls. From experiencing disruptions in rare Asia-Pacific tour
at 46 percent. Whitesides, read here. “quote stuffing” and “spoofing” to earth metal shipments from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
It is quite a turnaround for Obama to test Republicans after “banging the close,” the CFTC China, but said firms were added a brief stop in China to her
Sestak, who was trailing by 10 Nov. 2 elections eyed certain trading practices w o r r i e d a b o u t s h o r t a g e s Asia-Pacific tour that begins on
percentage points in our last poll President Obama’s senior aides closely, though it stopped short, d e v e l o p i n g . Wednesday, a 13-day trip that
in late August, but seems to have have accused Senate Republican for now, of proposing specific For more of this story by Juliane aims to bolster ties to a region
struck a chord with voters after leader Mitch McConnell of rules to curb high-frequency von Reppert-Bismarck and Paul i n c r e a s i n g l y u n d e r C h i n a ’ s
accusing his rival of wanting to promoting political gridlock and trading .– a trading strategy that Eckert, read here shadow. The State Department
export jobs to China. Another gamesmanship by saying he wants may have contributed to the “flash Clinton: No problem with Iran described her detour to Hainan
clue, perhaps, that some of the to ensure Obama is a one-term crash.” Bushehr atomic plant Island on Saturday as a simple
midterm races might be a bit president. “There will be more For more of this story by Roberta The United States has no problem WASHINGTON page 4
closer than they appeared a couple Republicans. We are ready to Rampton and Ayesha Rascoe, with Iran’s Russian-built Bushehr
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Green energy aspirations for Obama’s India visit Follow Business

Deborah Zabarenko (Front Row
“I do believe that the two Insider's Sports
countries being democracies,
Submitted at 10/27/2010 11:29:27 AM where clearly you can’t use any Page on Twitter.
sort of dictatorial methods to (Business Insider)
When Barack Obama heads for bring about change, have much in
Submitted at 10/27/2010 11:46:19 AM
India next month, he’ll be common in being able to come up
carrying a heavy policy agenda— with approaches that would Follow Business Insider's Sports
questions over the handling of certainly have a great deal of Page on Twitter.
nuclear material, the outsourcing complimentarity. I believe for a Join the conversation about this
of U.S. jobs and India’s status as a variety of reasons there is much story »
growing economic power, along we can do together, but I don’t
with regional relations with think one needs to wait for
Pakistan and Afghanistan. But legislation before acting in the
Rajendra Pachauri, the Nobel right direction.”
Peace laureate who heads the Photo credits: REUTERS/Kamal
U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Kishore (A boatman on the Cleversafe Raises $31.4
Climate Change, hopes the U.S. Yamuna river near the Taj Mahal,
president has time to focus on and bring about a movement Pachauri discounted fears that
February 1, 2004.
Million From Motorola,
clean energy too. towards cleaner energy there will be scant global action to VC Firms And … The
REUTERS/Gerardo Garcia
technology.” stem climate change without U.S.
Even as Pachauri and the U.N.
While the two countries have legislation to curb greenhouse
(Rajendra K. Pachauri, Director CIA?
panel evolve— and as Pachauri General of The Energy and
launched a few initial programs in emissions. Robin Wauters (TechCrunch)
himself weathers pressure from Resources Institute and Chairman
some quarters to resign — he this area, Pachauri acknowledged “I think there’s a lot that’s Submitted at 10/27/2010 10:29:38 AM
of the Intergovernmental Panel on
urged Obama to work on U.S.- that “nothing of great substance happening in the U.S. which
Climate Change, at annual
has been achieved so far.” doesn’t necessarily follow from Resilient storage solutions
India projects that he said would meetings of Inter-American
Obama’s passage to India could legislation,” he said, pointing to provider Cleversafe this morning
enhance global energy security. Development Bank in Cancun,
change that, he said on the call, an initiative, now under challenge, announced that it has
Given India’s red-hot economic Mexico, March 20, 2010.)
which was set up by the in California and in some U.S. secured$31.4 million in an
growth rate — 8 or 9 percent a REUTERS/Ajay Verma (Local
environmental group Natural cities aimed at curbing emissions. extension of its series C funding
year, Pachauri told reporters residents wait with their empty
Resources Defense Council. “So while of course legislation from new and existing investors
during a telephone briefing — he containers to collect kerosene in
Areas ripe for cooperation would make things more including Motorola Ventures,
said it makes sense for the United the northern Indian city of
include collaborative research and effective, I don’t think one needs New Enterprise Associates and
States to work with India to head Chandigarh October 7, 2010)
development in new areas of to wait for that. I think the OCA Ventures. Earlier this
off an expected soaring demand This entry passed through the
energy technology, as well as “a executive branch does have a lot week, the cloud storage company
for fossil fuels. Full-Text RSS service — if this is
much more liberal approach” to of powers, particularly now that also announced that it had
Over the next two decades, your content and you're reading it
investments in clean energy the EPA can effectively regulate received a strategic investment
Pachauri said, “If we continue on on someone else's site, please read
technology, Pachauri said. emissions of greenhouse gases.” from and inked a development
a business-as-usual path, India our FAQ page at
Low interest financing for Indian He said the benefits of cutting agreement with In-Q-Tel (IQT),
will be importing something like content-only/faq.php
clean energy projects, including emissions — enhanced energy the not-for-profit investment firm
750 million tons (that’s about 5.25 Five Filters featured article:
large-scale solar projects in the security, more jobs, less air that was launched by the CIA
million barrels) of oil a year … Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
Indian states of Rajasthan and pollution at local levels — are all back in 1999.
and possibly over 1,000 million Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
tons of coal. So I think India has Gujarat, would also be welcome, relevant to India as well as the
to make some very radical shifts he said. United States.
4 Headline/ Technology/ E-reader News Edition

California negative ad throwdown

Mary Milliken (Front Row Conference in Long Beach, with who has steadfastly refused to
Washington) current governor, Arnold endorse either of them.
Submitted at 10/26/2010 6:42:14 PM Schwarzenegger, sitting in the “The bottom line is, we have the
middle. As the audience clapped two best candidates,” said
Sarah McBride takes a look at the and cheered at the suggestion, the Schwarzenegger.
campaign ads in the California two hopefuls sat stonefaced on Photo credit: Reuters/Mario
race. stage, their hands motionless in Anzuoni (Meg Whitman, Arnold
C a l i f o r n i a ’ s g u b e r n a t o r i a l their laps. Schwarzenegger and Jerry Brown
frontrunner Jerry Brown pledged “Sometimes negativity was in the at Women’s Conference on
Tuesday to remove all negative eye of the beholder,” said Brown. October 26, 2010)
a d s o n e w e e k b e f o r e t h e But perhaps remembering his lead This entry passed through the
November 2 election, but only if in the polls, he quickly turned Full-Text RSS service — if this is
h i s r i v a l w e n t a l o n g . M e g generous and said he would if your content and you're reading it
W h i t m a n , t h e b i l l i o n a i r e Whitman would. on someone else's site, please read
Republican with a big self- Whitman, the former eBay CEO, our FAQ page at
financed campaign, wasn’t willing came back with a counteroffer: track record was as governor,” she respond fully, Lauer jumped back content-only/faq.php
to go quite that far. she would take down ads said, referring to Brown’s in, saying he had to wrap up the Five Filters featured article:
At first, neither candidate seemed considered personal attacks, but previous stint as governor. “Jerry session. Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
crazy about the proposal from not those on the issues. Brown in many ways left this In the end, coordinating any Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
Matt Lauer, moderator of the Then she started swinging hard. state in worse shape than when he pledge on ads was left up to Gov. Catastrophe.
candidates’ on-stage conversation “I think it’s really important for found it. Before Brown could Schwarzenegger, a Republican
a t t h e a n n u a l W o m e n ’ s people to understand what the
WASHINGTON Healthy Eye Webcams -
continued from page 2
The Blink Now Device
courtesy to Chinese State intellectual property task force in taxpayer dollars on diplomacy and read here. Reduces Eye Strain from
Councilor Dai Bingguo, a key February to focus on development is in their interest,” Photo credit: Reuters/Kirsten
figure in managing the strained counterfeiting, trade secret theft Clinton wrote in an article in Neumann (Paul the octopus oracle Computer Usage
U.S.-China relationship. and piracy. Foreign Affairs magazine. in July) (TREND HUNTER - The Latest
For more of this story by Arshad For more of this story by Jeremy For Andrew Quinn’s full post, This entry passed through the Trends)
Mohammed, read here. Pelofsky, read here. read here. Full-Text RSS service — if this is Submitted at 10/27/2010 11:40:01 AM
Fake chips from China sold to What we are blogging… Stewart, Colbert rally gets your content and you're reading it
U.S. defense contractors Clinton sees diplomats of the ‘puzzling’ endorsement on someone else's site, please read Working in a profession that
Shannon Wren ran what appeared future in cargo pants as well as Jon Stewart’s Washington “ our FAQ page at keeps me in front of the computer
to be a low-key computer pinstripes Rally to Restore Sanity” has a content-only/faq.php at an almost constant rate
business in Florida, but his real Secretary of State Hillary Clinton new, puzzling promoter: Will Five Filters featured article: throughout the day, I could
moneymaker was allegedly has urged Congress to finance a Shortz. He’s editor of the New Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- definitely use the Blink Now
selling fake integrated circuits major new push on overseas York Times crossword puzzle, Reporting of Falluja's Cancer device. Of course, I'm not sure
imported from China and Hong development aid, arguing that which today devotes no fewer Catastrophe. I've actually had a staring…
Kong to defense contractors and only by building up a global than eight clues to the Daily Show
transportation firms. The case middle class will the United host, his fellow satirist Stephen
highlights the sophistication of States increase its national Colbert and the joint rally they’re
counterfeiters. The Justice security. “The American people planning on the National Mall.
Department launched an must understand that spending For David Morgan’s full post,
E-reader News Edition Business/ 5

10 Ways Windows Phone Is Broken

Matt Buchanan (Business primarily an implementation Even with just 1,000 apps, the
Insider) thing," says Windows Phone's Marketplace can be frustrating to
Submitted at 10/27/2010 11:28:40 AM Greg Sullivan, though he's quick navigate. It houses three sorta
to say the blame "is still on us" for separate but sorta unified
Windows Phone 7 could be not providing the right guidance storefronts—Zune for music and
amazing. It's not. Right now, it's for developers on how to come videos, games (the distinction
just a good start. This is what's back from "tombstoning," which between Xbox Live and non-
broken, and what Microsoft has to is Microsoft's fun word for app Xbox Live games is muddy), and
do to make it awesome. 1. going dormant. 2. Make Xbox the overall App Marketplace.
Multitasking for third-party live awesomer Sometimes you're whisked away
apps—or at least fix the damn Earning Xbox Live achievements to a different store, and sometimes
resume time on the toilet? Awesome. Being you're not. It's conceptually
Windows Phone 7 doesn't have able to play online multiplayer messy.
multitasking for third-party apps, games with my other Xbox Live It's harder than it should be to
even though every other major friends and earning achievements find apps on the phone right now,
smartphone OS out there does. while on the toilet? That would be even with just 1,000. How's it
That's already borderline even awesomer. Right now, going to be when there's 10,000?
unacceptable for some people, but Windows Phone's link to Xbox 6. A non-stupid YouTube app
what made it nearly tolerable on Live is only medium satisfying, WP7 wasn't really designed with your phone bill. If you buy it Here's how watching YouTube
the iPhone was relatively quick but the potential for amazing "jukebox in the sky" as a primary from the Zune desktop client, it's currently works on Windows
app launches, persistently saved things is eyeball-explodingly function. You can't create charged to the same credit card as Phone: You touch the YouTube
data and fast resumes. So far, the obvious. Full-on Xbox Live playlists for streaming on the fly. your Zune account. Same with app tile. It launches Internet
bag is mixed. If you lock the multiplayer. Xbox Live Arcade You can't queue up stuff to Xbox Live games on Windows E x p l o r e r , w h i c h g o e s t o
phone and immediately unlock it, games that you start playing on stream. There's no real history, Phone. Xbox Live and ZunePass YouTube's mobile site. You find
with most apps right now, you'll your Xbox and then pick up beyond your most recent song. a r e t w o t o t a l l y d i f f e r e n t the video you want. (Which won't
be hit by a Windows Phone waiting in line at Starbucks, like You can't mix local and streaming subscriptions. But you can buy be there half the time.) You touch
"resuming..." screen, and then Castlevania: Symphony of the content. You can't download things using Microsoft points on it. The phone's video player
you'll often have to wait for the Night. Earning items in a Fable songs over the air. The navigation your actual Xbox or in the Zune opens, which is in fact part of the
whole goddamn app to reload, Windows Phone game to use in in general for streaming content desktop app (and the points are Zune music + videos hub.
whether it's Twitter or a game that Fable IV. Truly ubiquitous Xbox is tricker than for music that's shared between your Zune and This. Is. Stupid.
took you a minute to get going in gaming, so even the most stored directly on your phone. Xbox account). Theoretically, this And you're pretty much hosed on
the first place ( Rocket Riot, I'm atrophied addicts can leave the Make Zune the amazing is all tied together by your Live services like Vimeo, at least until
looking at you). house and still get their game on. streaming app and service it account. So why is it a disjointed Flash 10.1 saunters its way over.
The most obvious, best solution Windows Phone should be the should be, and really worth that mess than makes the iTunes ID 7. Re-organize
is to get multitasking for third- portable Xbox. (And it should be $15 a month subscription, on top look like a model of efficiency? Windows Phone does a lot of
party apps onto the phone as fast a remote for your Xbox too.) of the $30/month data fees and Ditch the Microsoft points. Use things really right when it comes
as possible, using a model like 3. Embrace the Zune cloud $5 a month for Xbox Live. Oh, real money for all of the services. to blending the cloud and local
iOS 4's limited multitasking. In ZunePass is thoroughly excellent. and a built-in Shazam-like service Offer a single Xbox Live/Zune storage. Photos are instantly
the meantime, app load times You can listen to basically that would auto-download songs subscription at a discount that u p l o a d e d t o S k y D r i v e o r
need to get faster, and resuming everything in Zune's catalog as would be baller. 4. Make Zune, r e w a r d s y o u r m o s t l o y a l Facebook. Contacts sync in from
apps needs to take less time than much as you want. And with Xbox Live and Windows Phone customers. And hey, it might Facebook or Google. Free find-
my grandfather's funeral. This is Windows Phone 7, you can more integrated bring in some new subscribers your-phone service. But the
possible, and it's in app stream all of that over the air. But If you buy a Windows Phone app too. Tie everything together with
developers' hands to fix it. "It's it's clear that the Zune app for on your phone, it's tacked onto a bow. 5. Fix the Marketplace WAYS page 10
6 Business/ E-reader News Edition

The Reason Ford Is Making Record Profits -- They're Shipping

Tons Of Jobs Overseas
Michael Snyder (Business proves that what is good for Wall deficit with China was over 28
Insider) Street is not necessarily good for billion dollars.
Submitted at 10/27/2010 11:31:00 AM average American workers. Just think about that for a minute.
Today, the average Mexican auto World trade has been completely
On Tuesday, Ford Motor worker makes less than a tenth of and totally revolutionized over the
Company reported a record what a U.S. auto worker makes in past 25 years, and America is
breaking profit for the third total compensation. In the new losing.
quarter. Ford earned 1.7 billion global economy, good jobs are The United States has lost
dollars during the quarter, which going to where the labor is the approximately 42,400 factories
was way up from a profit of $997 cheapest, and that means going since 2001.
million a year ago during the away from American workers. So how many more are we going
same time period. Ford CEO Even the unionized workers that to lose before our "leaders" do
Alan Mulally is being hailed as a remained at the manufacturing something about it?
miracle worker, and investors are facilities that Ford kept open were As of the end of 2009, less than
giddy about the future of the forced to agree to very substantial 12 million Americans worked in
company. concessions to their labor manufacturing. The last time less
So is all of this success by Ford contracts just to keep their jobs. than 12 million Americans were
translating into good jobs for Meanwhile, literally hundreds of employed in manufacturing was
American workers? No. Ford dealerships have been shut in 1941.
As described in a recent article down from coast to coast. All of The sad truth is that the United
on MSNBC, Mulally has been In fact, Minnesota Governor Tim Cities Assembly Plant does not
this "dealership downsizing" has States is being deindustrialized.
"revamping Ford’s U.S. and Pawlenty offered Ford a very fit into our global manufacturing
also come at a very high price - The big global corporations have
global manufacturing operation generous multi-million dollar strategy."
thousands of good American jobs. figured out that they don't really
to be cheaper, more efficient and incentive package full of tax cuts When you see big corporations
So should we be celebrating need American workers anymore,
more flexible". In other words, and job creation incentives to like Ford use the word "global",
record profits at Ford? and that is really, really bad news
Mulally has been getting rid of keep the factory open. what it really means is some place
Not really. for the American middle class.
American workers in droves. But it didn't work. other than America.
The truth is that in the pursuit of Without good paying jobs, the
Since Mulally took over as CEO, Ford closed the factory anyway. So don't be too quick to applaud
profits, Ford has devastated quite future of the middle class is
Ford has slashed its North So where are all of those Ford Ford for record breaking profits.
a few local communities. incredibly bleak.
American work force by nearly Rangers going to be manufactured The truth is that if current trends
For example, Ford recently If you think that you have figured
half. Ford has shut down or now? continue, we are going to end up
announced the closure of a facility out how the U.S. middle class is
plans to shut down a dozen U.S. Well, the statement about the with literally tens of millions of
that produces the Ford Ranger in going to be able to thrive without
manufacturing facilities. Today, plant closing issued by Ford did unemployed American workers.
St. Paul, Minnesota. good jobs, please leave a
only about 40 percent of Ford's not reveal that tidbit, but it did We are shipping factories, jobs
Closing that plant eliminates 750 comment below and tell me why
178,000 workers are employed in offer some clues.... and wealth overseas so rapidly
U.S. jobs. I am wrong... Don't Miss: 18
North America, and a lot of those "Ford continues to concentrate on that it is hard to even comprehend
But don't people still want to buy Iconic Products That America
jobs are in Canada and Mexico. implementing the plan we what is going on.
Ford Rangers? Doesn't Make Anymore
In fact, the number of Ford cars initiated four years ago to In 1985, the U.S. trade deficit
Yes, of course Ford Rangers are Join the conversation about this
produced in Mexico continues to streamline our plant operations with China was 6 million dollars
still quite popular, and Minnesota story »
grow rapidly. The truth is that and better leverage our global for the entire year. In the month
desperately wanted to keep that
this is yet another example that platforms. At this time, the Twin of August alone, the U.S. trade
factory open.
E-reader News Edition Business/ 7

Gallup Opens Abu Dhabi Center

Neal Ungerleider (Fast government to ask more
Company) interesting questions but it really
Submitted at 10/27/2010 10:55:02 AM varies country-by-country. In-
country polling firms are very
Polling giant Gallup has opened a careful as they know what will get
new social research center in Abu them in trouble and they know
Dhabi headed by a U.S. where they can bend the rules.”
government appointee. But the Rockower also emphasized that
center's affiliation with Abu landing Gallup was a major
Dhabi's Crown Prince Court has public diplomacy coup for both
ramifications for public Abu Dhabi and the Emirates: “It
diplomacy. lets Gallup create a broader global
Gallup, the management presence and lets the Emirates,
consultancy best known for its and Abu Dhabi in particular,
polling service, has opened a new further brand itself as a Gulf hub
social research center in Abu of research and scholarship. The
Dhabi headed by a U.S. Emirates has been working for a
government appointee. The long time to conduct public
center's affiliation with Abu the Abu Dhabi Gallup Center, but been hiring locally. The Gallup I n t e r n a t i o n a l I n s t i t u t e f o r diplomacy via nation branding to
Dhabi's Crown Prince Court is a further specifics were not Center Abu Dhabi will be S t r a t e g i c S t u d i e s B a h r a i n : highlight its internationalist
diplomacy coup for the country, immediately available. Nielsen working under the supervision of According to Hassan Hassan of credentials. This is just one more
but it raises questions about the emphasized that Gallup will have the more well-established Gallup UAE paper The National, the piece of that branding push.”
limitations of doing research in a full editorial control over reports Center for Muslim Studies. Gallup Center will have a full For Abu Dhabi, bringing Gallup
constitutional monarchy. and projects coming out of Abu First on the agenda for the Abu slate of seminars and events. to the Emirate is just the latest in
The Abu Dhabi Gallup Center is Dhabi, with the Crown Prince Dhabi Gallup Center is a follow- Abu Dhabi's neighboring a s e r i e s o f s a v v y p u b l i c
scheduled to open this fall, Court primarily being limited to up report to “ Who Speaks for frenemy, the emirate of Dubai, is diplomacy moves. The Crown
specializing in research and “assisting on topic selection.” Islam?” The massive 2008 project unlikely to be happy about the Prince Court just donated $1
analysis of both the Persian Gulf The Abu Dhabi Gallup Center is described by Gallup as the news: The higher profile-but- million to the Kennedy School of
region and the larger Muslim will be headed by Dalia Mogahed, result of “tens of thousands of financially-ailing city is already G o v e r n m e n t a t H a r v a r d
world. Described in a press currently chair of the Gallup interviews with residents of more home to Gallup's Middle Eastern University for Middle Eastern
release as a “partnership” between Center for Muslim Studies. than 35 nations that are headquarters. Gallup's Dubai projects and the larger Abu Dhabi
Gallup and the Crown Prince Mogahed recently finished a term predominantly Muslim or have office will continue to stay open. government has taken on even
Court of Abu Dhabi, the Gallup on the President's Advisory significant Muslim populations.” Public diplomacy experts see more ambitious projects: Their
Center is one of the polling Council on Faith-based and Co-written by Mogahed and interesting smoke signals coming collaboration brought New York
agency's first collaborations Neighborhood Partnerships, Georgetown University's John out of the Abu Dhabi center. Paul University to Abu Dhabi and
where a foreign government has a where she served as an advisor to Esposito, the updated edition will Rockower of the University of generous donations to American
stake in operations. Although the President Obama on Muslim reflect data compiled by Gallup Southern California's Public causes.
Crown Prince Court is nominally affairs and other topics. from 2007-10. The report is slated Diplomacy Corps project notes [ P h o t o v i a F l i c k r u s e r
independent, in practice it is a A number of American for a late November release. that Gallup's affiliation with the w o o d y s w o r l d 1 7 7 8 ]
government agency. researchers and analysts will be Other projects at the Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Court may give
Gallup's Eric Nielsen confirmed working alongside Mogahed in Gallup Center will parallel goings them wiggle room on their
in an interview with Fast Abu Dhabi this fall, with -on at other Middle East branches operations: “If they're established
Company that the Crown Prince approximately 10 initially headed of western think tanks such as the with the Court, Gallup might get
Court has provided funding for overseas. In addition, Gallup has Brookings Doha Center or some leeway from the
8 Business/ E-reader News Edition

HarassMap Asks Egyptian Women to Plot Points of Sexist

Behavior Via SMS
Neal Ungerleider (Fast response to harassment. A public
Company) service announcement by the
Submitted at 10/27/2010 12:46:21 PM Egyptian government in early
2010 encouraged women to cover
Can a new form of social media themselves in order to prevent
help combat sexual harassment in rape. In Chiao's words, “it makes
a country where leaders deny that me angry because it is so well
harassment is a problem? designed, but it gives the
A new Egyptian website complete wrong message.”
promises to use social media to There is widespread public
combat sexual harassment. But perception among both Egyptians
will it work? The newly launched and foreigners that women are
HarassMap just came online this frequently harassed in Egypt. The
week as a self-proclaimed Cairo Metro has women's-only
“system in Egypt for reporting cars. Incidents of mass assault are
incidences of sexual harassment not unheard of and the more lurid
via SMS messaging.” cases frequently make it into the
The smartly designed site has international media. However,
multi-language functionality and Egyptian first lady Suzanne
sophisticated SMS integration. Mubarak still denies sexual
Users see a map of Cairo, with harassment is a problem in Egypt.
sexual harassment incidents According to Mubarak--whose
plotted according to criteria such husband is Egypt's de-facto
as “touching,” “verbal autocrat and one of the country's
harassment,” and “indecent most powerful people on her own-
exposure.” Respondees who -sexual harassment in Egypt is
either SMS or post incidents to primarily a problem made up by
the site are sent an autoresponse the media and radical Islamists.
offering advice and support. Unfortunately, ample evidence
However, it is unknown how the exists to suggest that sexual
masses of Egyptian internet users North America/Europe/Australia/ generate revenue from the SMS time they are harassed." harassment in Egypt is a major
will react to the software. East Asia axis of high-tech reports, which will be reinvested According to an interview with issue. A 2008 study by the
HarassMap is operated with the nations. FrontlineSMS parses and into making the project Rebecca Chiao of HarassMap in Egyptian Center for Womens
Ushahidi engine, a Kenya-based collates SMS text messages sent sustainable and increasing its Egyptian newspaper al-Masry al- Rights(ECWR), half of all
open-source crowdmapping to HarassMap, while Ushahidi reach through marketing and Youm (Egypt Today), the Egyptian women reported being
project (Fast Company has provides the mapping tech. awareness [...] if each of these website will draw attention to the sexually harassed on a daily basis.
previously highlighted Ushahidi's HarassMap intends to sustain women [who is sexually rampant sexual harassment of While the ECWR blames
use in the Kenyan constitutional itself through profits made by harassedin Egypt] sends only one women in Cairo. Chiao also economic decline and the growth
referendum). SMS integration is SMS messages that sexually SMS report to HM, revenues are criticized the unofficial of Wahabbi-style Islam for a rise
provided through FrontlineSMS, harassed women send to them. projected at $734,000-$1.2 government policy of encouraging in sexual harassment, even the
a text message system designed According to the project's million. Our goal is to encourage women to adopt conservative
Executive Summary, “it will also all women to send an SMS each Muslim standards of dress in HARASSMAP page 9
for use by NGOs outside of the
E-reader News Edition Business/ 9

How Rep. Michele Bachmann Used Mobile Ads to Turn Beer and
Corn Dogs Into Votes From Fair Folk
E.B. Boyd (Fast Company) loctated in the area around the
Submitted at 10/27/2010 12:03:38 PM president’s visit to a YouTube ad
asking for their support for the
By now, you know that political right-leaning candidate.
candidates are tossing ads onto Frenchman calls the tactics
mobile devices by the truckload. “wildly successful.” “The click-
And you probably also know that through rates are much higher
mobile advertising gives than you would get on a desktop
campaigns control over the campaign,” he says, “and the cost-
geographic reach of their ads, so per-click is way lower than with
that, for example, if you’re a desktop advertising.” Plus, he
Republican trying to get out the says, the geo-targeting is
vote in Texas, you can configure sometimes more accurate. An ISP,
your campaign so that the ad which provides a desktop’s
appears on phones in Dallas and location, might be tens of miles
Houston but not in Austin. But away from the actual user, making
some campaigns are getting even geo-targeting imprecise. But
more extreme in how they deploy because of how mobile phone
ads to mobile devices by using a locations are determined, a mobile
tactic that strategist Eric her opponent’s (alleged) support fairgoers, while they were at the Frenchman says he has used device is usually pretty close to
Frenchman calls “hyper-local for taxes on beer, corn dogs, and fair itself. mobile surges around other events where it says it is. “I wouldn’t be
targeting” or a “mobile surge”-- deep-fried bacon. (“Alleged” So they tossed the ad onto a s w e l l , s u c h a s w h e n t h e shocked if in two years, there
candidates configure ad because the accuracy of the claims YouTube and created a mobile ad President goes to a certain city or were more impressions on mobile
campaigns around specific events. around the corn dog and bacon that was targeted at phones town. Though he declined to devices than on desktop devices,”
The most creative use of that taxes has since been challenged.) located within a 10 kilometer- provide details, citing client Frenchman says.
tactic probably was an ad The ad was scheduled to run radius of the fairgrounds. The ad confidentiality, Frenchman, who [Beer image by Flickr user ddb
Frenchman orchestrated for while the Minnesota State Fair ran for the duration of the fair. w o r k s f o r r i g h t - l e a n i n g and kdw. Corn dog image by
Minnesota Congresswoman was taking place. Frenchman, The results: 61% of views of the candidates, said the ads usually Flickr user Intangible Arts]
Michele Bachmann last summer. who works for Connell Donatelli, video views came from mobile are calls to action. While the
Bachmann’s team had prepared a realized it would be amazingly devices. President is in town, for example,
television commercial lambasting powerful to get that ad in front of [youtube CGeKWjJNQbI] an ad might point mobile users
continued from page 8

conservative Muslim dress started before the site even 10AM New York time on spaces. While Western donors should be HarassMap's primary
promoted by the government launched, with the Associated October 27, 2010. and media have shown great concern.
does not help. More than 72% of Press, The Atlantic, Salon and For HarassMap, the name of the interest in the project, will
Egyptian women who reported others running features on the game is obvious: Shaming police Egyptian women decide to send a
sexual harassment were wearing project. Although the website is and authorities into doing text message each time they are
hijab. now online, only one incident has something to prevent sexual catcalled or inappropriately
Press mentions of HarassMap been posted on the site as of harassment in Egyptian public touched? That, for right now,
10 Business/ E-reader News Edition

South and Southeast Asia to get Massive Infrastructure

Jenara Nerenberg (Fast private sector investors will feel "We take a balanced portfolio
Company) comfortbale investing in a approach with a mix of larger,
Submitted at 10/27/2010 11:13:55 AM relatively low-risk environment. more commercial projects such as
The countries of focus will be power plants, along with smaller
InfraCo Asia is setting its sights those currently largely neglected projects that more directly benefit
on the smaller but collectively by private sector investors but the disadvantaged such as
powerful Asian nations to invest which together make up a infrastructure that supports
in hydro, wind, transportation, substantial part of Asia's agriculture. The reality is that
and other infrastructure projects. population and resources--namely there has been inadequate
The infrastructure financing and Bangladesh, Cambodia, Nepal, response from the private sector
development group, InfraCo, Laos, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, towards investing in infrastructure
which is an arm of the World and Vietnam. in developing countries," said
Bank-funded Private It's a welcome addition to the InfraCo Asia Managing Director,
Infrastructure Development spate of current development Surender Singh.
Group (PIDG), is entering Asia, investments in the region, The announcement was made in
according to a huge and historic especially as the group is not sanitation, and transportation. investors and financiers," said Singapore today amidst a number
announcement made in Asia shying away from the smaller "We fill this gap with early stage InfraCo Asia Chairman, Rod of international dignitaries.
Wednesday. nations. Infrastructure challenges funding and relevant development Sims. Follow me, Jenara Nerenberg, on
"InfraCo Asia" aims to identify lie at the heart of many expertise, balancing the interests What's especially encouraging is Twitter.
early-stage infrastructure projects, development and poverty-related of governments, local the focus on hydro and wind [Image: Flickr user bopuc]
provide seed funding, and get the issues, ranging from health to communities, private sector energy projects.
projects to the point where larger education to electricity, water
continued from page 5

desktop side of things,, It's kind of incredible that the when it launched? Can you surpassed everybody else. You've Ladies and Gentlemen, We Have
is still kinda gross. It needs to be maker of the second biggest believe Android 2.2 is what it got the resources. Use them. (I'd Ourselves a Race
clean. Sleek. It should feel like search engine in the US—and looks like now? Especially when bet $20 there were far fewer • Walt Mossberg: Windows
Windows Phone. ( Or Kin.) who has search tucked into the you compare how much iPhone people working on Android than Phone 7 Is "Inferior," Lacking
8. Integrate Twitter and Flickr phone all over the place—doesn't evolved in the same period? (A on Windows Phone.) Don't blow "Killer Innovation"
too have universal search to dig up lot, but Android's gone way this. • 7 Ways Windows Phone 7 Is
The native Twitter app is really apps, emails, texts or whatever. further, since it had to come from Don't get me wrong. Windows Cooler Than The iPhone
good, when it's not taking 10 A simple scrolling list of apps is waaaaayyyyyy behind.) Guess Phone is great. It's fresh, and it's
years to resume. And while okay when you've got like 12. Not what? Windows Phone is the one really joyful to use, which is 50
having contacts pulled in from when you've got 50. Or 80. Either lagging now. It's the one missing percent of phone to me. But I
Facebook is a nice start, the let us organize them by category, stuff that iPhone, Android, know it could be, and should be,
People Hub should go all the way or use alphabetical jumps, like WebOS, even BlackBerry and so much better.
with full Twitter, Flickr and other the Zune application. 10. Update. Symbian have. So Microsoft Join the conversation about this
services integrated into the core. A lot. And quickly. needs to play like Google. Fast, story »
9. Universal search and app Do you remember how truly constant updates, every couple of See Also:
organization shitty Android was two years ago, months until it's caught up or • Windows Phone 7 Review:
E-reader News Edition Business/ Technology/ Economy/ 11
Color-Screen E-Readers - DIY Frozen Treats - The
Analyst Calls: ANF, BBT, COH, GPS, The Barnes & Noble
Nook Color is Possibly
Dairy Queen Blizzard
Maker Brings This
JCG, KKR, MOT, OSG, UA, UBS, the Best on the Market
Delicious Dessert Home
WEC ... (TREND HUNTER - The Latest
(TREND HUNTER - The Latest
Eric Buscemi (BloggingStocks) from market perform. due to increasing carrier support
Submitted at 10/27/2010 11:40:00 AM • Check Point ( CHKP) was by MKM Partners. Submitted at 10/27/2010 11:50:02 AM Submitted at 10/27/2010 11:27:02 AM

upgraded to overweight from • Under Armour ( UA) was

Filed under: Analyst Reports, neutral at HSBC. upgraded to buy from neutral at Presently, it's safe to say that the Though it isn't difficult to
Analyst Upgrades and • Deutsche Bank upgraded Excel Sterne Agee. Barnes & Noble Nook Color is succumb to your calorie-packed
Downgrades, Motorola (MOT), Maritime ( EXM) to buy from the best digital reader on the cravings by visiting the nearest
Coach Inc (COH), Gap Inc (GPS), hold. Continue reading Analyst Calls: market. Not only does it have Dairy Queen, it's now even easier
Abercrombie and Fitch (ANF), • JinkoSolar ( JKS) was upgraded ANF, BBT, COH, GPS, JCG, touchscreen capabilities, but it to attain a delicious DQ dessert
Under Armour'A' (UA), Analyst to buy from hold at Auriga. KKR, MOT, OSG, UA, UBS, also brings colors into the mix. with this Dairy Queen Blizzard
Initiations • Piper Jaffray upgraded WEC ... Priced… Maker. Sold…
Analyst Upgrades Compellent ( CML) to overweight Analyst Calls: ANF, BBT, COH,
• BB&T ( BBT) was upgraded to from neutral. GPS, JCG, KKR, MOT, OSG,
buy from neutral at Janney • BofA/Merrill upgraded Crane ( UA, UBS, WEC ... originally
Montgomery. CR) to buy from neutral. appeared on BloggingStocks on
• Amylin ( AMLN) was upgraded • Goldman upgraded Wisconsin Wed, 27 Oct 2010 11:40:00 EST.
to outperform from market Energy ( WEC) to conviction buy Please see our terms for use of
perform at Leerink. from buy and American Electric ( feeds. Permalink| Email this|
• Wells Fargo upgraded Morton's AEP) to buy from neutral. Comments
Restaurant ( MRT) to outperform • Motorola ( MOT) was upgraded

Whirlpool Beats Q3 Estimates But Cuts Growth Forecast

Brent Archer (BloggingStocks) Excluding a $1.20 per share play on WHR. Growth Forecast
Submitted at 10/27/2010 12:50:00 PM expense related to a plea deal on This morning, WHR opened at Whirlpool Beats Q3 Estimates
price-fixing charges, WHR earned $83.28. So far today the stock has But Cuts Growth Forecast
Filed under: Major Movement, $2.22 per share on revenue of hit a high of $83.28 and a low of originally appeared on
Earnings Reports, Forecasts, Bad $4.52 billion. Analysts had $77.81. As of 12:10, WHR is BloggingStocks on Wed, 27 Oct
N e w s , O p t i o n s , T e c h n i c a l forecast earnings of $1.76 per trading at $80.65, down $3.87 (- 2010 12:50:00 EST. Please see
Analysis Whirlpool ( WHR- share on revenue of $4.49 billion. 4.6%). The chart for WHR looks our terms for use of feeds.
option chain) stock is trading However, shares of the stock are bullish and S&P gives WHR a Permalink| Email this| Comments
lower today after the company falling in early trading after WHR rising too far in the coming positive 4 STARS (out of 5) buy
reported third-quarter earnings cut its full-year US shipments months, then it could be a good ranking.
this morning, posting a profit of growth forecast to 3% from 5%. If time to look at a bearish hedged Continue reading Whirlpool
$79 million, or $1.02 per share. you think this stock won't be Beats Q3 Estimates But Cuts
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Submitted at 10/27/2010 11:46:19 AM Page on Twitter.
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Trippy Illusion Tees - The
Century Aluminum Gaps Deckers Outdoor Could Portal Shirt by Ben Heck
is a Techie Halloween
Lower After Q3 Report Continue to Be a Winner Costume (GALLERY)
Elizabeth Harrow Jason Raznick (TREND HUNTER - The Latest
(BloggingStocks) (BloggingStocks) Trends)
Submitted at 10/27/2010 11:00:00 AM Submitted at 10/27/2010 12:20:00 PM Submitted at 10/27/2010 11:15:01 AM

Filed under: Major Movement, Filed under: Stocks to Buy The Portal Shirt might be more
Earnings Reports, Options, Deckers Outdoor ( DECK) has than a little disconcerting, but
Technical Analysis, Commodities been a winning investment considering how it's a Halloween
Century Aluminum ( CENX) regardless of the timeline. The costume, it justly serves its
took a dive right out of the gate purpose to scare. Created by
million, but the quarterly loss fell stock has gained around 3,281% will report earnings of 93 cents
Wednesday morning, as traders none other than Ben Heck, "king
well short of Wall Street's over the past 10 years, making it per share on revenue of $265.92
panned the commodity concern's of the video…
prediction for a net profit of 8 one of the top-performing stocks million.
third-quarter results. Tuesday cents per share. of the decade. During the past 52- Continue reading Deckers
night, CENX confessed to a C o n t i n u e r e a d i n g C e n t u r y weeks, DECK is up around 70%, Outdoor Could Continue to Be a
quarterly loss of $16.8 million, or Aluminum Gaps Lower After Q3 and year-to-date the shares have Winner
18 cents per share, down Report jumped 64%. Deckers Outdoor Could Continue
substantially from its year-ago Century Aluminum Gaps Lower Between 2006 and 2009, the to Be a Winner originally
profit of $40.1 million, or 45 cents After Q3 Report originally company grew its revenue from appeared on BloggingStocks on
per share. Sales for the quarter appeared on BloggingStocks on $304 million to over $813 million. Wed, 27 Oct 2010 12:20:00 EST.
climbed to $279.2 million, but Wed, 27 Oct 2010 11:00:00 EST. Net income went from $30.61 Please see our terms for use of
CENX's bottom line was dented Please see our terms for use of million to $116.79 million. DECK feeds. Permalink| Email this|
by a $12.2 million mark-to- feeds. Permalink| Email this| is set to release its earnings results Comments
market loss on forward contracts. Comments on Thursday, October 26, after the
The aluminum issue managed to closing bell. Wall Street analysts
exceed analysts' consensus are projecting that the company
revenue forecast of $269.5

Intel Backs Three Startups From The Middle East: Nymgo,

Jeeran, ShooFeeTV
Robin Wauters (TechCrunch) investment organization are UK/ from Intel’s $50 million Middle region to a total of eight of international calls.
Submitted at 10/27/2010 11:32:24 AM Lebanon based Nymgo(which East and Turkey Fund. companies. With Intel’s help, Nymgo says it
delivers cheap VoIP telephony For Jeeran and ShooFeeTV, this Nymgo launched in December intends to accelerate infrastructure
Intel’s investment arm, Intel services), Jordan-based is actually the second financial 2008 and offers low-cost VoIP deployment, operations
Capital, announced three new Jeeran(social networking site) and boost provided by Intel Capital – calling services. With over two enhancement and global
investments at the World ShooFeeTV(which operates a both were originally funded in million downloads, Nymgo says it marketing. CrunchBase
Economic Forum on the Middle Web-based entertainment guide). May 2009. serves customers in over 200 Information Intel Capital
East and North Africa today. The size of the three investments The investment in Nymgo, means countries worldwide. Since its Information provided by
The three startups that have were not disclosed, but I Intel Capital firm has now creation, Nymgo claims to have CrunchBase
received fresh capital from the understand the investment comes expanded its portfolio in the ME served over 300 million minutes
E-reader News Edition Top News/ 13

Former Argentine President Nestor Kirchner dies (AP)

(Yahoo! News: Most Viewed) Already, dozens of Argentines for the tenure of Cristina Kirchner "It's a great loss for Argentina and former president Carlos Menem
Submitted at 10/27/2010 11:40:10 AM showed up in the Plaza de Mayo so that the political and economic a great loss for the continent," he with 24 percent in the first round.
before the palace, standing model her husband began in 2003 said, adding that he would try to After polls then showed Kirchner
BUENOS AIRES, Argentina – silently in mourning. goes forward." reach Fernandez to share his winning overwhelmingly in a
Former Argentine President "There will be a demonstration to Juan Carlos Dante Gullo, a ruling condolences. runoff election, Menem dropped
Nestor Kirchner — the country's honor Kirchner and to show party congressman, said "this will Born in the Patagonian province out and Kirchner became
most powerful politician along Cristina that we're with her, leave a huge hole in Argentine of Santa Cruz, Kirchner and his president-elect.
with his wife, current leader supporting her," said the leader of politics. We will have to follow wife were active in the Young During his presidency, Kirchner
Cristina Fernandez — died the Evita Movement, Emilio his example. Argentina has lost Peronists party as students in La managed Argentina's economic
suddenly Wednesday after Persico. "In these days we'll be one of its greatest men." Plata, where he graduated in recovery, with growth of 8
suffering a heart attack, the demonstrating in the streets that The leader of the human rights 1976. With the military firmly percent a year, but maintained a
presidency said. we are millions who will replace group Grandmothers of the Plaza ruling the country, the young frosty relationship with
Kirchner, 60, died after he was Kirchner." de Mayo, Estela de Carlotto, said couple married and worked as international lenders and forced
rushed in grave condition to the After an intimate ceremony in Kirchner "gave his life for his private attorneys in the provincial the holders of Argentina's bad
Formenti de Calafate hospital Calafate, his body was being country." capital, raising two children — debt to accept much less than
while having a severe heart attack, flown to Buenos Aires to lay in "Our country needed this man so Maximo and Florencia. After what they had invested for the
the presidency said. state in the Congress. much. He was indispensable," she democracy returned in 1983, bonds.
"It was a sudden death," his Kirchner worked hand-in-hand told radio Continental. Kirchner entered public service, His detractors say the growth
personal doctor, Luis Buonomo, with his wife to maintain the Kirchner served as president first as the provincial pensions resulted from global trends and
told reporters in El Calafate, ruling party's hold on power. Even from 2003-2007, bringing chief, and then as mayor of Rio the combination of depressed
where Kirchner and his wife had more than Fernandez, he was seen Argentina out of severe economic Gallegos. salaries and high international
gone to rest and await their turn to as the heir to Argentina's crisis and encouraging judicial In 1991, he became Santa Cruz's prices for the grains that are
be counted in the nation's census. strongman Juan Domingo Peron changes that set in motion dozens governor and Fernandez was Argentina's main exports.
Buonomo said an official medical and one of the few people capable of human rights trials involving elected to the provincial Outside the palace Wednesday,
report would be released later in of managing Argentina's unruly hundreds of dictatorship-era legislature, pushing through people hung handwritten signs on
the day. and chaotic political scene. figures who had previously indefinite re-election and filling the palace fence. "Thank you
He was accompanied at all times It was Kirchner who did the hard benefited from an amnesty. the provincial courts with Nestor. You put Argentina on its
by his wife, the presidency said. work of managing relationships As secretary general of the Union sympathetic judges. In 1995 he feet. We'll miss you," one read.
Kirchner, 60, had undergone an with labor unions, activist groups, of South American Republics, or was re-elected as governor by an Another, on note paper, said "Be
angioplasty after a heart attack in governors and mayors — the Unasur, Kirchner mediated one of overwhelming margin, laying the strong Cristina."
September, but was still a likely political players who move the many border disputes between groundwork for a jump to politics "We're here to support Cristina,"
candidate in next year's thousands of voters and whose Venezuela and Colombia. Both at the national level. said Claudia Farias, who had just
presidential elections. He also allegiance is vital to maintaining countries' leaders mourned his When the country suffered arrived from Argentina's northern
served as secretary general of the public order. loss on Wednesday. economic crisis and a world- Santiago del Estero province
South American alliance known With him gone, Fernandez is "Oh my dear sad! record default in 2001, political when word spread of Kirchner's
as Unasur, as a congressman and likely to face many new threats to What a huge loss suffered by unrest and street protests kept a death. "She's going to need our
as leader of the Peronist party. her leadership. Argentina and our America! May series of presidents from serving help to keep the country moving
The news shocked Argentines, Argentina's most powerful union Kirchner live forever!" out their terms and forced a new forward, God willing."
who by law were staying at home leader, Hugo Moyano, quickly Venezuelan President Hugo election in 2003. ___
Wednesday to be counted. expressed his allegiance, ordering Chavez tweeted. Kirchner, then still a little-known Associated Press Writers Vicente
Kirchner's supporters planned a an emergency board meeting of Colombian President Juan provincial governor, was the Panetta, Debora Rey and Mayra
mass gathering for Wednesday the General Labor Confederation, Manuel Santos asked for a choice of outgoing president Pertossi in Buenos Aires and
night outside the Casa Rosada, or CGT. moment of silence in Bogota in Eduardo Duhalde, but earned just
Argentina's presidential palace. "We will express our total support Kirchner's honor. 22 percent of the vote, trailing FORMER page 14
14 Top News/ E-reader News Edition

LeBron back where it ended, with same old result (AP)

(Yahoo! News: Most Viewed) courtship, he joined Dwyane and 5 of 6 from the line after "We know it isn't going to be Miami.
Submitted at 10/27/2010 6:10:38 AM Wade and Chris Bosh with the picking up fouls on drives to the easy. The first half was an And he remains a respected rival
Heat and created a team that was basket. He took seven of the indication of that," Spoelstra said. in Boston.
BOSTON – The Boston fans favored to win a championship — team's 13 shots in the quarter, and "It's not a reason to panic right But he's still hated back in Ohio.
n e e d e d j u s t 4 5 m i n u t e s t o and hated everywhere but Miami. Miami cut a 19-point deficit to 63 now. ... I already imagine we'll be A radio host in Cleveland hired a
pronounce their verdict on the But the Heat fizzled in the debut -57. much better tomorrow." witch doctor to try to jinx James
NBA's alleged new superteam: of their superstar threesome on "We knew we wouldn't Celtics coach Doc Rivers fears and his attempt to win a title
"Over-rated!" Tuesday night, scoring just nine necessarily hit on all cylinders that Spoelstra is right. elsewhere. WMMS-FM broadcast
Mocking Miami in the closing points in the first quarter and right away," Heat coach Erik "They're going to be great," he the ceremony on Tuesday
minutes of the much-hyped but falling behind by 15 at halftime. Spoelstra said. "When we got said. "They'll be much better. morning, claiming to use bones,
lackluster debut of its new That's when James took over — close and started grinding, that Hopefully, we will, too." blood and a James jersey to cast a
superstar trio, the boisterous the way he was forced to so many was more of his competitive The sold-out crowd — a single curse on the two-time MVP.
c r o w d a t t h e T D G a r d e n times in Cleveland. nature the second half." ticket in the luxury suites was Spoelstra said that the attention
serenaded two-time NBA MVP "It's going to take time, and we But James missed three 3-point listed at $18,824 a few hours — neither good nor bad —
LeBron James and sent him away understand that," James said. "I tries in the fourth as the Heat before the game — booed James wouldn't affect his team.
with another loss on Tuesday think right now it's a feel-out failed to claw their way back. He virtually every time he touched "We're not running away from the
night as the Celtics beat the Heat process. It almost felt like we also finished with eight turnovers. the ball and delighted in Miami's attention, the expectations or the
88-80. were being too unselfish, trying to Wade scored 13 points on 4-for- early struggles. pressure," he said. "We feel like
James scored 21 of his 31 points get each other into the game." 16 shooting, and Bosh had eight But that was no different from we're getting attacked on all sides,
in the second half and helped cut Pierce scored 19 points, Rajon points, making 3 of 11 shots. when he with the Cavaliers. but once you step on the court, it
a 19-point deficit to three points Rondo had 17 assists and Kevin "This is one of 82," Wade said. Returning to the building where all just goes away."
in the final 70 seconds. But Ray Garnett had 10 points and 10 "I'm sorry if everybody thought his Cleveland career ended, James This entry passed through the
Allen hit a 3-pointer, and Paul rebounds for Boston. Shaquille we were going to go 82-0. It just avoided questions about the Full-Text RSS service — if this is
Pierce made a pair of free throws O'Neal had nine points and seven ain't happening." tumultuous summer in which he your content and you're reading it
to seal it for the defending Eastern rebounds in 18 minutes in his True, it's only one game. became the NBA's biggest villain on someone else's site, please read
Conference champions. Boston debut, and backup Glen But it's an early reminder that except to say, "It was pretty long." our FAQ page at
"I actually felt like I was in the "Big Baby" Davis had 13 points paper talent doesn't always "I'm at a point where I'm looking content-only/faq.php
playoffs," said Allen, who scored and five rebounds. translate into a winning team, forward to playing the games," he Five Filters featured article:
20 points. "It had the same "We're still a work in progress," especially when superstars and said before tip-off. "I'm excited Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
feeling, that same energy." O'Neal said. "We're still learning their egos are involved. Garnett, about this new start. I'm excited Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
That was bad news for James, each other. We played well. ... If Pierce and Allen were able to do about this season. I'm excited Catastrophe.
who lost to the Celtics in the we keep playing like that, we'll be it in Boston from the start, about this team and this franchise.
playoffs twice in the last three fine." winning their first eight games in I'm excited to get it going in a city
years and finally gave up trying to James scored 15 points in the 2007-08 and 29 of their first 32 en where (I've) struggled."
win a championship in Cleveland. third quarter, making 2 of 3 from route to the franchise's 17th NBA Since signing with the Heat,
A f t e r a h e a v i l y p u b l i c i z e d 3-point range as an outside threat title. James has become beloved in
continued from page 13

Vivian Sequera in Bogota, your content and you're reading it Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
Colombia, contributed to this on someone else's site, please read Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
report. our FAQ page at Catastrophe.
This entry passed through the content-only/faq.php
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Group Asks IRS to Probe Christian Voter Guides

(Society) churches that go along with this intervention." its website: "If we simply tell the
Submitted at 10/27/2010 5:33:20 AM plan and distribute the guides will The probe request comes weeks pastors without bias how Harry
risk their own tax status in the after dozens of pastors around the Reid's Senate voted to confirm the
A group dedicated to promoting process." country defied the 1954 IRS rule Anti-Jesus Judge David Hamilton,
ethics in government and public The Pray in Jesus Name Project – preventing organizations with how will Christian people vote? If
life has asked the Internal has made available "Shock and tax exemption from participating we simply report the non-partisan
Revenue Service to investigate Awe" voter guides for Christians in a political campaign – and voting record of Nancy Pelosi's
whether voter guides distributed that report how Senate and endorsed political candidates from Congress, who voted to pay for
by a Christian nonprofit violate Congressional incumbents voted the pulpit on Sunday. Pulpit abortions with our tax-dollars in
federal tax code.(Photo: AP the 'faith friendly' designation
on certain issues – namely on Freedom Sunday was organized Obamacare 'health' bill, how will
Images / Julie Jacobson) which candidate is supported."
abortion, free speech, health care by the Alliance Defense Fund, a Christian people vote?
A voter returns voting machine "The guides narrowly focus on a
and homosexuality issues. The Christian legal firm, which "Pastors, we must not fear the
activation card after casting his few select issues, including public
group makes it clear on its believes pastors have a right to government. It is time for the
ballot at an early voting polling prayers, abortion, and legislative
website that "non-partisan voter use the Bible’s teachings to speak government to fear the Church of
place Monday, Oct. 25, 2010, in issues affecting the rights of gay
guides that simply report how on the positions of electoral Jesus Christ."
Las Vegas. Early voting in citizens," CREW wrote in its
Congress voted are fully candidates or current government The Pray in Jesus Name Project
Nevada continues through Oct. letter to the IRS. "Incumbents'
authorized by the IRS for officials. was started by Chaplain Gordon
29. votes on these narrow issues are
distribution in churches." The event was intended to get the James Klingenschmitt, an Air
Citizens for Responsibility and further characterized with biased
Christians are being encouraged government out of the pulpit Force Academy graduate and
Ethics in Washington (CREW) labels such as 'Pro-Abortion,' 'Pro-
to help fax the voter guides to moreso than get politics into the former U.S. Navy chaplain who
submitted the request Tuesday, Homosexual,' 'Anti-Jesus,' and
125,000 pastors in all 50 states pulpit. has stood for the rights of military
accusing The Pray in Jesus Name 'Anti-Free Speech.'"
ahead of the Nov. 2 elections. "Pastors and churches shouldn’t chaplains to pray publicly in
Project of passing out overtly CREW has requested that the IRS
Backing the project, Mathew live in fear of being punished or Jesus' name.
partisan guides that rate take action against any church
Staver of Liberty Counsel penalized by the government – in This entry passed through the
politicians as faith-friendly or anti that distributes the guides.
maintains that outside of express this case, the IRS," said ADF Full-Text RSS service — if this is
-Jesus. "The IRS should investigate
endorsement of or opposition to Senior Legal Counsel Erik your content and you're reading it
"Federal law prohibits preachers whether Pray in Jesus Name is
candidates for political offices, Stanley. "Churches should be on someone else's site, please read
from politicking from the pulpit, violating its own tax status and
pastors and churches may engage allowed to decide for themselves our FAQ page at
but that is exactly what Pray in warn churches that by distributing
in many other permissible what they want to talk about." content-only/faq.php
Jesus Name Project is asking the voter guides created [by]this
activities. Meanwhile, The Pray in Jesus Five Filters featured article:
clergy across the country to do," group, they are jeopardizing their
CREW, however, contends that Name Project maintains that its Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
said CREW Executive Director own 501(c)(3) status," said Sloan.
the voter guides and legislative voter guides neither endorse nor Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
Melanie Sloan in a statement. "Just as ‘a rose by any other name
scorecards "appear to contain oppose any candidate for office. Catastrophe.
"Pray in Jesus Name is attempting is still a rose,' political campaign
clear partisan commentary" and With the aim of "[taking] back
to use churches to advance its intervention called voter guides is
"while there are no votes to rank Congress" and "[getting] out the
overt political agenda; any still political campaign
the candidates, it is clear through church vote" the group states on

Stocks Are Getting Crushed: Here Are The 10 Trades To Watch Right Now (BRCM, TUR, MXI,
Gregory White (Money Game) risk-off mode due to quantitative • NASDAQ down 0.40% • FTSE down 1.07% story »
Submitted at 10/27/2010 10:55:55 AM easing likely coming in weaker • S&P 500 down 0.79%
than hoped for. • Dax down 0.69% Click here for the 10 trades >
Markets are down today and in • Dow down 0.98% • CAC 40 down 0.96% Join the conversation about this
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Pro-Lifers Take On Ohio Congressman Over Abortion Billboard

(Society) Committee, Americans United for campaign for nomination or posting the ads after it received a
Submitted at 10/27/2010 10:39:43 AM Life, United States Conference of election to public office or office letter from Driehaus’ attorney
Catholic Bishops, Ohio Right to of a political party, by means of stating it would be included in the
Pro-life network Susan B. L i f e a n d n u m e r o u s o t h e r campaign materials … shall complaint if the ads went up. The
Anthony List is preparing to organizations and policy experts,” knowingly and with intent to complaint carries criminal
contest false statement charges in said SBA List President Marjorie affect the outcome of such misdemeanor charges that can
a h e a r i n g T h u r s d a y o v e r a Dannenfelser in a statement. campaign … [m]ake a false result in fines and jail time.
billboard ad that accuses an Ohio SBA List’s billboard ad features statement concerning the voting “It’s really extreme,” Brown said
congressman of voting in favor of Driehaus’ picture and the message record of a candidate or public of the charges.
federally-funded abortion.(Photo: “Shame on Steve Driehaus! blocking federal funding for
official.” The court ruled against the
AP Images / Lauren Victoria Driehaus Voted For Taxpayer- abortion during the height of the
SBA List, along with the lawsuit Monday along with a
Burke) health care reform discussion.
Funded Abortion.” American Civil Liberties Union, restraining order to halt the Ohio
Rep. Steven Driehaus, D-Ohio, According to the National Right However, the congressman later
sued the state in federal court, commission from deciding on the
talks with an aide in a hallway to Life’s score card, Driehaus voted in favor of a finalized bill
claiming the state law restricts complaint. Brown says SBA List
outside the House Chamber voted “yes” to a health care that did not carry the amendment.
their right to free speech. is considering the possibility of a
before Congress is set to vote on restructuring bill that carried a “The language of the bill did not
“The right to dissent is federal appeal.
health care reform legislation on provision that covers abortion on change. The only thing that
foundational to our democracy. The Ohio Election Commission
Sunday, March 21, 2010 on demand, and opens the door to changed was Steve Driehaus’
By allowing the government to be will continue with a full hearing
Capitol Hill in Washington. future direct federal funding of position on [federally funding
the final arbitrator of what speech Thursday to consider the billboard
Rep. Steve Driehaus (D-Ohio) abortion in multiple federal abortion],” she said.
is acceptable, we open the door statements and validity of
had filed a complaint with the programs. Driehaus’ campaign
for those who are critical of Driehaus’ complaint.
O h i o E l e c t i o n C o m m i s s i o n However, legislative information communications director did not
elected officials to be silenced,” This entry passed through the
alleging that SBA List uses false from the Library of Congress immediately respond to emails
said James Hardiman, legal Full-Text RSS service — if this is
statements in an Oct. 6 political shows that Driehaus was one of and calls from The Christian Post
director of the ACLU of Ohio. your content and you're reading it
ad characterizing his vote on 64 House Democrats to vote in regarding the situation and the
Hardiman called the statute in on someone else's site, please read
health reform bill. SBA List favor of an amendment clearly congressman’s position on
question “vague and overly our FAQ page at
officials say the ad accurately restricting federal funds for federally-funded abortion.
broad” and said it may cause the content-only/faq.php
reflects the congressman’s voting abortion. In the meantime, the election
censure of free speech. Five Filters featured article:
record. commission has announced that
But Kerry Brown, SBA List “The statutes in question create an Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
“Steve Driehaus does not want his c o m m u n i c a t i o n s d i r e c t o r , there is probable cause that the
environment in which people Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
constituents to hear that he voted c o n t e s t e d , “ W e k n o w t h e billboard may carry false
would be intimidated,” he said. Catastrophe.
for a bill that provides for tax statements that we said on the statements, which is against state
In fact, Lamar Companies, the
dollars to pay for abortions, but billboard are true.” Driehaus, she law.
company that was slated to put up
the fact that he did is a position e x p l a i n e d , v o t e d f o r t h e According to Ohio law, “No
the ad on billboards earlier this
held by the National Right to Life November 2009 amendment person, during the course of any
month, were intimidated from

Modern Japan (15 photos)

Eugene (Featured Blog Posts - has become a modern powerhouse Far East, giving us a look at the if he has the ability to freeze time.
My Modern Metropolis) in the global economy. But landscape and people who make All in all, very inspiring work.
Submitted at 10/26/2010 6:30:00 PM throughout time, one thing has up this beautiful country. The Navid Baraty
always remained the same - Japan Brooklyn-based photographer
Japan has changed a lot since its has one extremely rich culture. takes crisp shots from spectacular
us on a wonderful journey to the
old Imperial days. The country Photographer Navid Baraty takes views, and captures the action as
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Legalized Marijuana 'Unnecessary,' Christians Say

(Society) for society – should stand up get neuropathic pain lessening.” there are going to be,” he pointed
Submitted at 10/27/2010 5:43:44 AM against the drug’s legalization. Williams, an Emmy-award out. ”It will end up costing
“We should be talking; we should winning talk show host, suffers Californians billions in increased
M e d i c a l m a r i j u a n a i s be speaking out,” he said. “We from multiple sclerosis, one of the social costs.”
“unnecessary” and legalizing it should be good citizens; we diseases marijuana is prescribed Proposition 19, also known as the
will worsen drug problems, lead should be standing up for the to treat. Marijuana is also Regulate, Control and Tax
to increased adolescent usage, and greater good and marijuana is not prescribed to terminal cancer and Cannabis Act of 2010, will appear
increase family problems, says the great good.” AIDS patients to increase on ballots statewide on Nov. 2.
Christian Medical Association Stevens says legalized marijuana appetite, boost weight gain and On Tuesday, Soros, a financier, Password Sync Lands
CEO David Stevens and religious will mean increased usage among relieve pain. gave $1 million to the campaign in Chrome Dev
freedom legal defense group adolescents. Adolescents using However, Stevens stresses that for legalizing marijuana, saying
Pacific Justice Institute. marijuana, he says, suffer a “medical marijuana is useless” the act’s passage, was Channel [Updates]
Despite endorsements from number of side effects such as because there are several “inevitable.” An October poll of Kevin Purdy (Lifehacker)
billionaire investor George Soros, decreased focus, isolation and prescriptions, such as Marinol, the Public Policy Institute of Submitted at 10/27/2010 7:30:00 AM
Reggie singer Ziggy Marley and even psychological dysfunction. that have similar chemical California, however, shows that
even talk TV personality Montel “We know adolescents who use compounds and produce the same support for the proposition is Google's Chrome browser has
Williams, PJI Advisory Board marijuana regularly experience results. dropping. Now, 44 percent of previously offered Google
Chairman Edwin Meese III says, higher rates of depression,” noted Stevens also dismisses assertions California voters approve of the account syncing for preferences,
“Legalizing marijuana would Stevens. He also says marijuana is that legalizing and taxing proposition compared to 52 themes, even extensions. Now,
serve little purpose other than to a “gateway” drug, meaning it may marijuana will lessen California percent in September. with the latest update, anyone
worsen the [California]’s drug lead to use of other more potent economic woes. Proposition 19, if This entry passed through the using the Dev version of Chrome
problems [of] addiction, violence, drugs. approved by voters, will allow Full-Text RSS service — if this is can sync their passwords across
disorder and death.” Proponents dispute the drug local governments in California to your content and you're reading it systems. If you're considering the
Meese and PJI attorneys are image of marijuana by toting its regulate the growth, sale and on someone else's site, please read move, though, also consider
urging California voters to vote medicinal qualities. distribution of marijuana and our FAQ page at adding more security with an
“no” on Proposition 19, a state “People who have illnesses like impose fees and taxes. content-only/faq.php encryption passphrase. [ Google
ballot initiative that would mine … we don’t get the same He says that argument preys upon Five Filters featured article: Chrome Releases via Download
legalize marijuana for recreational euphoria as people don’t have it,” citizens’ fears to “put money in Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- Squad] More »
purposes. Williams said in a CNN the pot.” Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
Stevens, of the CMA, also says interview. “I don’t get the same “The more marijuana that is out Catastrophe.
Christians – the moral compass euphoria that other people do. I there, the more families issues

HP Envy 17 3D laptop now available starting at $1599

Laura June (Engadget) out there whose laptops are just comes with a $1,599 price tag. In originally appeared on Engadget
Submitted at 10/27/2010 12:21:00 PM too... two dimensional. If you've other HP availability news, the on Wed, 27 Oct 2010 12:21:00
forgotten, the Envy 17 3D boasts Wireless TV Connect device, EDT. Please see our terms for use
If you've been kept awake at a 17.3-inch 3D Ultra BrightView which will stream 1080p video of feeds. Permalink| HP (Envy 17
night wondering when the HP display, packs AMD's 3D tech, from your laptop to your HDTV, 3D), HP (Wireless TV Connect)|
Envy 17 3D laptop would finally and it comes with active shutter is also up for order for $199.99. Email this| Comments
be available for purchase, well glasses. Specwise, you get a Hit up the source link if you're
you'll have sweet dreams tonight. choice of Intel Core i7 processors, ready to start shopping.
HP's officially thrown this bad ATI Mobility Radeon graphics, a a n d W i n d o w s 7 o p e r a t i n g HP Envy 17 3D laptop now
boy up on its website for all those wide range of hard drive options systems. The base configuration available starting at $1599
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Cameraman sues Sacha Baron Cohen 65 killed in roof collapse

over 'Bruno' spat (AP) in Afghanistan (AP)
(Yahoo! News: Most Viewed) comedian standing among anti- sued, claiming she suffered brain (Yahoo! News: Most Viewed) road was unsafe to travel at night.
Submitted at 10/26/2010 8:29:16 PM gay marriage protesters who had injuries when Baron Cohen Submitted at 10/27/2010 10:07:23 AM "I can't remember such a major
also assembled in the streets. caused her to fall after a tragic incident," he said, in his 10
LOS ANGELES – A cameraman A man is heard shouting, "I know confrontation at a charity bingo KABUL, Afghanistan – A roof years working as a health official
sued Sacha Baron Cohen on that's Bruno — I can get as much tournament in Lancaster, Calif. collapsed on Wednesday during a in the province.
Tuesday, claiming his civil rights a s I w a n t , " b e f o r e b e i n g The case is on hold while the wedding in a remote area in He said the police had sent some
were violated when he was harangued by the crew. One woman's attorney appeals a court northern Afghanistan, killing 65 four wheel drive vehicles to the
roughed up by a film crew portion of the video shows Skiff ruling. people, nearly all women and region to assist.
s h o o t i n g t h e c o m e d i a n i n pulled away from Baron Cohen In December, a Palestinian children, said police. "Unfortunately it is a very remote
character as "Bruno" during a gay before police intervene. shopkeeper portrayed as a terrorist Most of the dead were women area. We don't have any access.
marriage rally. An e-mail sent to Baron Cohen's in "Bruno" sued Baron Cohen and celebrating the wedding on the The nearest clinic is in the
Mike Skiff, a self-described gay publicist, Matt Labov, was not others for libel and slander. top floor of a mud brick house neighboring district," he said.
journalist, sued Baron Cohen and immediately returned. The Bethlehem shopkeeper and packed with guests, said Jawad Rasouli said he had heard six
others involved in the 2009 film Skiff also claimed the actions of father is identified in the film as a B a s h a r t , s p o k e s m a n o f t h e women had been brought to the
"Bruno" for more than $25,000 in the "Bruno" crew violated his member of the militant Al-Aqsa Baghlan provincial police. Only hospital in the next district over
damages for alleged physical and c i v i l r i g h t s a n d t h a t t h e i r Martyrs' Brigade. He is seeking one adult male was killed. for treatment by their families
emotional pain and suffering. appearance at the rally was $110 million, and the case He added that 12 children were after a torturous drive of several
His lawsuit claims he was intended solely to create conflict remains pending in a Washington, among the dead and another 40 hours. In some places, the road
shoved, pulled and threatened for the film. D.C. court. people were wounded at the was so bad the injured had to be
with wooden signs as he filmed Baron Cohen's in-your-face This entry passed through the wedding which took place in the t r a n s f e r r e d t o m o r e s t u r d y
the comedian in character as gay comedy has provoked several Full-Text RSS service — if this is remote Jelga district. Women and v e h i c l e s .
Austrian fashion journalist Bruno. lawsuits since his 2006 film, your content and you're reading it men traditionally have separate Houses in rural Afghanistan are
The lawsuit said Skiff recognized "Borat: Cultural Learnings of on someone else's site, please read celebrations at weddings. traditionally built with mud bricks
Baron Cohen during the pro-gay A m e r i c a f o r M a k e B e n e f i t our FAQ page at "This is a very tragic incident," and wooden beams. Access to
marriage rally in downtown Los Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan," content-only/faq.php said provincial Governor Abdul health care is also poor, with few
Angeles in Nov 2, 2008, and became a smash hit, but courts Five Filters featured article: Majid. He said an exact death toll clinics or hospitals and mostly
began filming him. have sided with the comedian. Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- was difficult to establish because unpaved roads.
Footage posted on YouTube by "Bruno" also has sparked its share Reporting of Falluja's Cancer of conflicting reports and the This entry passed through the
Skiff's company, Third Rail of legal wrangling. Catastrophe. remoteness of the area. Full-Text RSS service — if this is
M e d i a , s h o w e d t h e a c t o r - In June 2009, Richelle Olson "In those remote areas, the your content and you're reading it
economy is not so good. People on someone else's site, please read
How to Boost Your BitTorrent Speed don't build such strong houses as our FAQ page at
they do in the city," he said. content-only/faq.php
Dr. Salim Rasouli, the provincial Five Filters featured article:
and Privacy [BitTorrent] health chief, said that the incident Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
happened in the afternoon but that Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
Whitson Gordon (Lifehacker) make your downloads soar—and the district was very far and the Catastrophe.
Submitted at 10/27/2010 9:00:00 AM keep Big Brother out of your
business—this guide's for you.
BitTorrent's been around for a More »
whopping ten years, but it one of the best file-sharing tools
continues to evolve and remains available. If you really want to
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Fed looks set for new round of monetary easing

(Reuters: Top News) Here are some ways in which Given opposition within the Markets have not priced in a Oct 27, 2010 3:12am EDT
Submitted at 10/27/2010 7:19:06 AM next week's decision might play FOMC from hawks, it is not significant easing in a vacuum. “have the republicans again and
out: inconceivable that the Fed will Fed officials, including Bernanke, you postpone the waking-up by a
Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke $500 BILLION OVER FIVE find it hard to settle on a large have been careful to telegraph the few years.”
delivers opening remarks at a MONTHS, HINTS OF MORE upfront commitment. Instead, the central bank's intentions. By Allow me to clarify things for
Federal Reserve System This is the base-case scenario for Fed could announce purchases of disappointing these expectations you. We The People get the best
symposium on ''Mortgage and the financial markets -- investors may about $100 billion a month, a so severely, the Fed would risk results when one party controls
Future of Housing Finance'' in have already priced in even more, figure that has already been cited undoing the lowered yields the executive branch, and an
Arlington, Virginia, October 25, in fact. However, any by at least two top Fed officials, garnered by jawboning alone, opposing party controls part or all
2010. disappointment at the headline but hint at intentions to do more potentially jeopardizing an of the legislative branch. Two
Credit: Reuters/Jim Young figure would likely be more than as economic conditions evolve. already fragile recovery. The good examples of what times are
By Pedro Nicolaci da Costa offset by any nod to the This approach might have the dollar would benefit, but at the like when that balance is achieved
WASHINGTON| Wed Oct 27, possibility of further purchases if added benefit of helping to quell expense of bonds, stocks and are: life from 1980-1988, and
2010 8:19am EDT conditions warrant. That would be concerns from other countries that emerging market securities. from 1994-2000. If Republicans
WASHINGTON(Reuters) - The interpreted as an open-ended the United States was engaged in Oct 27, 2010 2:28am EDT take the house, and narrow the
Federal Reserve looks set to promise to do whatever it takes to competitive devaluation of its Not sure whether all this QE is Democrats majority in the Senate,
embark on a hotly debated second ensure the recovery is on track currency. Market reaction to this really necessary when I read that good times are ahead.
round of monetary easing next and spark rallies in U.S. stocks outcome is harder to predict and big businesses are sitting on 1 Do you really believe that one
week, but much uncertainty and government bonds. The would depend greatly on how the trillion of cash. party is better than the other? It is
surrounds the scope and pace of dollar, which has been gaining Fed characterizes the economy in I think what the economy really unfortunate that you have been so
bond purchases by the U.S. ground this month, would suffer. its policy statement. needs is for politics to shift thoroughly hoodwinked. “Power
central bank. $750 BILLION TO $1 $500 BILLION TO $750 attention from big to small corrupts, and absolute power
Market expectations have TRILLION, HINTS OF MORE BILLION, WITH NO HINT OF business. Kick all these bloody corrupts absolutely.”-Lord Acton.
centered around an initial The Bernanke Fed has shown a MORE lobbyists out of the government It is only by pitting the two
commitment to buy at least $500 propensity for erring on the side Perhaps the best way to win over offices and realize that it’s the dominant parties against each
billion in Treasury debt over five of going big. This is based on the skeptics is not to limit the initial small businesses that give work to other, keeping them both in
months in an effort to spur notion that policy acts with a lag, amount of easing but rather to put the locals. As to big businesses, check, and balanced, that We The
lending and support an economic and that fighting inflation is easier a cap on its ultimate size. With there is a major change in People have a chance to grow and
recovery that is too weak to tame than battling deflation. The Fed Fed credit to the banking system mindsets necessary. They have to succeed. Hegemony of control
high unemployment. could choose to go beyond market already at $2.3 trillion, triple pre- understand that after this last big consolidated in a single party is
Further muddying the outlook, expectations in order to build in crisis levels, some officials worry bang things are never going to be bad for business, period. It helps
Fed officials have offered an extra "announcement effect," that an eventual exit from this the way again that they have been if you treat politics more as
conflicting signals on their policy in the same way that intermeeting ultra-easy stance will be made the past 20 years, when you just something to be treated seriously,
predilections in recent weeks, rate cuts are believed to offer increasingly difficult with a larger produce and someone will buy it, as though your life depended on
with some pushing for a very more bang for the buck. This balance sheet. However, it is with borrowed money of course. it, and less like a sporting event,
aggressive stimulus and others would lead to a sharp rally in difficult to imagine the Fed would You gotta scratch your head again where you want you want your
highly skeptical of any additional riskier assets like stocks and embark in such an unorthodox and innovate. Keep sitting on that team to crush all comers.
accommodation. emerging market bonds. policy without giving itself the trillion and the unavoidable No, I’m not a Tea Bag-person,
This makes it harder to gauge Commodities would also rise flexibility to follow through on its inflation will eat it away. Oh, and just a concerned citizen.
where the ultimate consensus will sharply as investors worry about efforts to spur a sustainable if you think the next election will Oct 27, 2010 3:19am EDT
settle, though most analysts the possibility of an unruly dollar recovery. fix it, think again. Yeah, have the “Monetary easing.” More like
assume Fed Chairman Ben decline. A SMALL, FINITE republicans again and you erosion of wealth. Just keep
Bernanke's dovish leanings will OPEN ENDED, WITH NO COMMITMENT postpone the waking-up by a few
carry the day. UPFRONT COMMITMENT This is the least likely outcome. years. FED page 22
20 News Wire/ Food/ E-reader News Edition

U.N. talks to save nature zero in on historic deal

(Reuters: Top News) coral reefs that nurture valuable over three years from 2010, but it about a fifth of the world's to end the whaling ban?
Submitted at 10/27/2010 8:48:57 AM fisheries. was unclear if Europe would vertebrates are threatened with Oct 27, 2010 12:44pm EDT
World Bank head Robert match the efforts. extinction. They used data for The UN and corruption are
A youth holds up a plant during Zoellick, speaking at the start of a The United States has not ratified 25,000 species from the synonymous. Its goal is world
an opening session of the high- three-day session of mostly the Convention on Biological International Union for government, world taxes, world
level segment of the 10th environment ministers, said Diversity and is taking part in the Conservation of Nature's (IUCN) poverty, and world tyranny. It is
Conference of the Parties to the finance ministers and businesses Oct 18-29 talks only as an Red List of threatened species. an agent of communism, it is
Convention on Biological also needed to take note of the observer. Brazil stressed the need to seal a poison disguised as candy.
Diversity (COP10) in Nagoya, value that nature provides for "We haven't really come here with deal, urging compromise and Freedom demands it be
central Japan, October 27, 2010. food, medicines, tourism and a mindset of a pledging flexibility. disregarded now and dismantled
Credit: Reuters/Yuriko Nakao industry. conference," Karl Falkenberg, Oct 27, 2010 2:36am EDT as soon as possible.
By Chisa Fujioka and David "Productivity of the land and seas head of the European Well, thanks Japan for your *We welcome comments that
Fogarty is diminishing, and with them the Commission's environment generosity. Why don’t you go one advance the story directly or with
NAGOYA, Japan| Wed Oct 27, ecosystem services that are crucial department, told a news step further and stop the relevant tangential information.
2010 9:48am EDT for people to get out of poverty," conference. "Europe, over the last butchering of dolphins in Taichi We try to block comments that
NAGOYA, Japan(Reuters) - he said. "Endangered species are eight years, has spent 1 billion Bay (see the Oscar awarded use offensive language or appear
Ministers from around the world fading away forever before our euros annually already." documentary “The Cove” if you to be spam and review comments
began on Wednesday a final push very eyes." Poor countries have refused to are not sure what I am talking frequently to ensure they meet our
for a U.N. deal to protect nature, Envoys have been negotiating sign up to 2020 conservation about). Also, stop bribing standards. If you see a comment
urged by the World Bank to value since last week for agreement on targets without more funding and developing nations in order for that you believe is irrelevant or
the benefits of forests, oceans and the new 2020 target and a 20- agreement on a new U.N. protocol them to give you their votes when inappropriate, you can flag it to
rivers on economies and human point strategic plan that aims to that would give them a fairer you try to block a fishing quota on our editors by using the report
welfare. protect fish stocks, fight the loss share of profits made by bluefin tuna in the Atlantic. abuse links. Views expressed in
Senior officials from nearly 200 and degradation of natural companies, such as That way your offerings would the comments do not represent
countries have gathered in habitats and conserve larger land pharmaceutical firms, from their seem genuine. those of Reuters.
Nagoya, Japan, to set new goals and marine areas. genetic resources. Oct 27, 2010 4:51am EDT This entry passed through the
for 2020 to fight animal and plant But countries have been split on Developing countries could gain And the US is an “observer” as Full-Text RSS service — if this is
extinctions after they missed a the level of ambition and have billions of dollars from the so- always when it comes to helping your content and you're reading it
goal for a "significant reduction" bickered over who will pay for the called access and benefit-sharing the environment cope with on someone else's site, please read
in losses of biological diversity by efforts. Current funding for (ABS) protocol but envoys are Civilization. With countries only our FAQ page at
2010. fighting biodiversity loss is about divided over issues such as the concered over costs, I believe the content-only/faq.php
The meeting hopes to push $3 billion a year but some scope of the pact and some destruction of planet Earth will Five Filters featured article:
governments and businesses to developing nations say this should businesses are worried about only become more apparent every Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
commit to sweeping steps to be increased 100-fold. potential higher costs. year and soon (if not already) we Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
protect ecosystems under threat, FUNDING The plight of nature was will be powerless to stop it. Catastrophe.
such as forests that clean the air, Japan, chair of the talks, offered highlighted in a study by more Oct 27, 2010 10:10am EDT
insects that pollinate crops and $2 billion to developing countries than 170 scientists showing that Isn’t Japan the nation that wants
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E-reader News Edition News Wire/ Technology/ 21

Public pension reform key issue in California race

(Reuters: Top News) Antonio Villaraigosa announced a the crux of the liability, which is they need to keep working for a
Submitted at 10/27/2010 2:54:42 AM reform plan last week. the unfunded liability for current little while longer
"We've seen it building over employees," said Vladimir Kogan, Oct 27, 2010 9:41am EDT
California state worker Curtis time," Dave Low, chair of a doctoral student at the I just can’t believe the gall of this
Walker looks over retirement plan Californians for Health Care and University of California San Baby Boomer generation. They
brochures at the Calpers regional Retirement Security, a group that Diego. have consumed everything left to
office in Sacramento, California represents more than 1.5 million Rejigging the benefits for current them by the greatest generation,
October 21, 2009. public employees, said of the employees and retirees is simply and have promised themselves the
Credit: Reuters/Max Whittaker growing political buzz around not on the table and probably future earnings of the next two
By Nichola Groom pension reform. "There has been a never will be. generations after them. Things
LOS ANGELES| Wed Oct 27, s o m e w h a t c o o r d i n a t e d a n d "The case law is clear. If someone will change soon as these ponzi
2010 3:54am EDT relentless sort of drumbeat." is hired as a city clerk, or a police schemes collapse.
LOS ANGELES(Reuters) - With California's pension woes mirror officer or a legislative analyst, “said Joe Nation, a Stanford
decades of public service under those of dozens of other U.S. you name it, and as part of that University professor of public
his belt, 72-year-old California states, and its issues pale in employment contract they are policy”, Hmmm, got a pension
Shipping times grow
gubernatorial candidate Jerry comparison to those of Illinois, promised a retirement ... they are dude? for the base model
Brown joked last month that he is for instance. But as the nation's guaranteed it," said Joe Nation, a *We welcome comments that
the best pension investment largest state, its top pension funds, Stanford University professor of advance the story directly or with MacBook Air
California has ever seen. including the California Public public policy. "You can't get to a relevant tangential information. Dave Caolo (TUAW)
"If everybody in state service Employees' Retirement System point in the future and say 'Well We try to block comments that Submitted at 10/27/2010 12:00:00 PM
worked as long as I have, the (CalPERS) and California State gee, we're really sorry, the state is use offensive language or appear
p e n s i o n s y s t e m w o u l d b e Teachers' Retirement System out of money.'" to be spam and review comments The 64GB, 11.6-inch MacBook
overfunded by 50 percent," (CalSTRS), rank among the California's powerful public frequently to ensure they meet our Air must be selling extremely
Brown quipped in a debate. world's largest. Those two cover employee unions have already standards. If you see a comment well, as Apple has boosted
But at an estimated half a trillion one-tenth of all adults in the state. agreed to some changes. As part that you believe is irrelevant or shipping times from 24 hours to 1
dollars, California's public A 1999 law that gave state of the state budget deal brokered inappropriate, you can flag it to to 3 days. Typically the least
pension shortfall is no laughing workers generous pensions and by Governor Arnold our editors by using the report expensive version of Apple
matter, and Brown quickly moved pay raises is widely blamed for Schwarzenegger this month they abuse links. Views expressed in hardware has been the best seller
on to lay out serious solutions. igniting the pension crisis. agreed to higher retirement ages the comments do not represent (or among the top), so it's not
Long consigned to the periphery SAVINGS COULD TAKE and a rollback of retirement those of Reuters. surprising to see the Air selling
of public debate, pension reform D E C A D E S benefits to pre-1999 levels. This entry passed through the well.
is suddenly on center stage in the Both Brown and Whitman have That deal, however, covered only Full-Text RSS service — if this is Of course, the delay could be due
race between Democrat Brown pledged to plug the massive about 16 percent of the active your content and you're reading it to supply or manufacturing issues
and Republican Meg Whitman funding gaps through higher membership of CalPERS. on someone else's site, please read as well. Eventually Apple might
thanks to California's gaping retirement ages and increased Oct 27, 2010 9:15am EDT our FAQ page at release sales numbers but until
budget hole and public pay worker contributions, but it could sounds like a good idea ,but fire / content-only/faq.php then, prepare to wait a while for
scandals. be decades before the benefits of police depts need to raise theirs Five Filters featured article: your new Air to arrive.
Reform measures will appear on any of the reforms are realized also because many of them leave Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- Shipping times grow for the base
November 2 ballots in cities because the proposals would only and get jobs somewhere else and Reporting of Falluja's Cancer model MacBook Air originally
including San Francisco and San apply to new hires. collect a check fron the city ???? Catastrophe. appeared on TUAW on Wed, 27
Jose, while Los Angeles Mayor "You are definitely not getting at if they can work somewhere else Oct 2010 12:00:00 EST. Please
see our terms for use of feeds.
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22 Culture/ Food/ E-reader News Edition
continued from page 19 Entertain Your
printing that money… Hopefully wiser counsel will who don’t know history are
“The U.S. government has a prevail while applying this Oct 27, 2010 10:31am EDT doomed to repeat it. Brain: Play
technology, called a printing press massive dose of future slaves to the party in power??-i Oct 27, 2010 12:35pm EDT
(or today, its electronic
equivalent), that allows it to
indebtedness and people
benefiting will create an
think were just about there!!! big
business/corporations have been
yes, devalue my savings, I’m
begging you.
Alu's Revenge
(HowStuffWorks Daily Feed)
produce as many U.S. dollars as it atmosphere that facilitates the given enough? where r all these *We welcome comments that
wishes at no cost.” -Bernanke repayment through profits that are billions/trillions coming from?/ advance the story directly or with Submitted at 10/27/2010 9:00:56 AM

No cost? Did you forget about not overly taxed and get axed. the average joe is not seeing 1 relevant tangential information.
Alu's Revenge - Falling Stones,
the 300 million+ Americans that Oct 27, 2010 8:04am EDT dime from this!!! the govt is not We try to block comments that
Ancient Ruins, Loads of Fun
actually use dollar bills? My man GeyeJo.. refresh my giving cost of living.raises[ 2yrs use offensive language or appear
Alu's Revenge serves up solid
Everytime these politicians print memory.. what happened the last ]now to elderly, their talking to be spam and review comments
gameplay, where stacked stones
more money, America becomes time Republicans were in charge? about decreasing what we can frequently to ensure they meet our
continue to fall as you use your
less competitive with the rest of The only person here making any claim on our incometaxes,their is standards. If you see a comment
quick wits and speedy strategy to
the world. sense is AverageOne… past not much left.,no wander people r that you believe is irrelevant or
open the tomb and reveal the
To the first poster with the small shows that things work out better getting tired // its all BS!!! inappropriate, you can flag it to
jewels inside similar to the
business – how are you liking when the Executive and Oct 27, 2010 11:19am EDT our editors by using the report
popular game Collapse online.
those taxes the democrats are Legislative branches are split For the record; the Democrats abuse links. Views expressed in
When you play this Collapse
going to increase for you in two between the two parties. In fact, I have had a super majority in the comments do not represent
genre online game, you'll be
months? Sound good? can only see this as a win-win for Congress since Jan. 2007. Chris those of Reuters.
tasked with unlocking the secrets
Americans DO need to wake up Pres. Obama. If the economy Dodd and Barney Frank, This entry passed through the
of this ancient tomb in a fun and
and realize our government is picks up, then he gets the praise. Democrats, blocked all attempts Full-Text RSS service — if this is
challenging puzzle game that's
going to spend our nation into If the economy is still stagnant to investigate Fannie and Freddie. your content and you're reading it
sure to please. Simple matching
poverty and tax us into complete come 2012, he can blame And it was Clinton who repealed on someone else's site, please read
won't get you through this
servitude if we don’t start voting Republicans causing grid lock. most of the Glass-Steagal Act our FAQ page at
enchanted tomb but speedy
RIGHT at the poles. We are all Either way.. they too should financial regulations that prohibit content-only/faq.php
strategy will. Play Alu's Revenge
going to be slaves to the party in expect to be punished in 2012 just bank holding companies from Five Filters featured article:
online -similar to Collapse online-
power if we keep giving them as Democrats are being punished owning other financial companies Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
and journey to this ancient relic to
more control over our lives. now. on November 12, 1999. All of this Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
face the falling stone guards head
Oct 27, 2010 7:46am EDT So quit the partisan moaning and led directly to the financial Catastrophe.
No more apple pies to the wake up. meltdown when banks via their
Try our free Alu's Revenge and
corporate and finance sector Oct 27, 2010 10:15am EDT investment brokerage divisions
begin your adventure today!
goons. The Federal Reserve is were able to pool risk by
This entry passed through the
The funds should aim at and end Unconstitutional see article 1 collateralizing risky mortgages
Full-Text RSS service — if this is
in creating more jobs and revive section 8. END THE FED, FREE backed by Freddie and Fannie. So
your content and you're reading it
small businesses the spine and THE PEOPLE. http:// please stop acting like this was all
on someone else's site, please read
brain of uncle Sam. w w w . n e w a m e r i c a - caused by the Republicans. Those
our FAQ page at
Online Features - November 2010 content-only/faq.php
Five Filters featured article:
(Cooking Light: Editor's Picks) Full-Text RSS service — if this is Five Filters featured article: Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
your content and you're reading it Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
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parse this page for content. our FAQ page at Catastrophe.
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E-reader News Edition News Wire/ Culture/ 23

Afghans, West try to lure Taliban fighters out of war

(Reuters: Top News) the battlefield alone. troops and Afghan authorities. communities.
Submitted at 10/27/2010 7:20:01 AM "In an insurgency as fragmented Skeptics warn about problems of "The intention is to listen to
as this you really need to start at similar demobilization programs disenfranchised communities and
Taliban insurgents pose in front all levels," Major General Philip run by the Afghan government in local Taliban commanders," said
of a burning German military J o n e s , h e a d o f N A T O ' s the past, which achieved limited Baryalai Helali, an Afghan
vehicle in Isaa Khail village of reintegration program, told success after failing to deliver on spokesman for the program. "We
Char Dara district of the northern Reuters. promises of development, are in the initial stages."
Kunduz Province April 3, 2010. "We believe there is a misreading insurgent motives or *We welcome comments that
Credit: Reuters/Wahdat considerable market out there for simply even checking whether advance the story directly or with
YouTube5 Converts
By Patrick Markey it, but creating the conditions is participants were actually Taliban relevant tangential information. YouTube Videos to
KABUL| Wed Oct 27, 2010 extraordinarily difficult." fighters. We try to block comments that HTML5 for Flash
8:20am EDT In one fledgling demobilization, "The government is making a use offensive language or appear Avoidance and CPU
K A B U L ( R e u t e r s ) - W h i l e one Afghan insurgent and his mistake," said Hasti Mohammad, to be spam and review comments
Afghan President Hamid Karzai band of fighters in northwest a tribal elder from Kandahar frequently to ensure they meet our
Saving [Downloads]
seeks talks with Taliban leaders, Badghis offering to turn in their province, an insurgent stronghold. standards. If you see a comment Kevin Purdy (Lifehacker)
Afghan and NATO-led forces rockets and rifles last month, "The Taliban will never sell that you believe is irrelevant or Submitted at 10/27/2010 8:00:00 AM
have quietly tried to chip away at hoping to escape violence and themselves, they are conducting inappropriate, you can flag it to
the lower ranks, tempting foot obtain foreign aid for farms and a an ideological war, whether they our editors by using the report Safari only: If you're a MacBook
soldiers back into villages with school. are senior or junior." abuse links. Views expressed in owner, you might have noticed
promises of development and aid. NATO hopes the program may VETTING, LIMITED the comments do not represent that running a YouTube video can
NATO officials say reintegrating eventually swell to help turn the DISARMAMENT those of Reuters. make your system lap-sweat-
insurgents is still in its infancy, tide against Taliban militants, but Backed by U.S. and Japanese This entry passed through the inducing hot. Install the
with only four or five groups of i t a l s o u n d e r s c o r e s t h e financing, the renewed effort sees Full-Text RSS service — if this is YouTube5 Safari extension, and
fighters disarmed and complexities Western forces face local leaders mediating with your content and you're reading it every YouTube video is re-
contact with 25 other small taking, and keeping, Afghan insurgents. Fighters renouncing on someone else's site, please read wrapped as an HTML5 video
groups, many only loosely tied to fighters out of a conflict now in violence are vetted and then join our FAQ page at stream, no cpu-cycling Flash
the Taliban militants. its tenth year. communities in job training, content-only/faq.php needed. More »
But the idea of negotiating with Officials acknowledge they still literacy programs and Five Filters featured article:
insurgents on all levels is gaining must convince fighters about their development projects. Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
ground as U.S. President Barack security, overcome mistrust and Former fighters can keep their Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
Obama and NATO allies come navigate the complex local personal weapons and some sign Catastrophe.
under pressure over mounting g r i e v a n c e s a n d a l l i a n c e s up for local self-defense groups, a
casualties in a war many Western motivating them to take up arms contested idea critics say will only
officials believe can't be won on against almost 150,000 foreign result in militias and destabilized

Morning Links - Rep Confirms Blake and Penn Split!

PopSugar (PopSugar) • No Doubt's Tom Dumont Gossip • A new round of Kate and Hollywood Life
Submitted at 10/27/2010 10:15:00 AM expecting his third child- People • Sacha Baron Cohen is getting William engagement rumors!- • Kevin Connolly lands a hot date
• Find out who got the boot from sued again- PopEater Celebitchy - The Blemish
Dancing With the Stars- • Take a peek inside Charlie's • Balthazar Getty's going back to
• A rep for Blake Lively and Huffington Post trashed hotel room!- TMZ Brothers & Sisters- Lifeline Live
Penn Badgley confirms their split! • Jon Stewart is influential and • Rihanna speaks more about • David Arquette tells Howard
- Us Weekly getting great guests- Lainey Chris Brown- Wonderwall Stern he had no prenup-
24 News Wire/ Culture/ E-reader News Edition

Néstor Kirchner, Ex-President of Argentina Dies at

(Epoch Times | All headlines) descendant of Swiss immigrants,
Submitted at 10/27/2010 9:25:26 AM was born in Rio Gallegos, Santa
Cruz, in Patagonia, Argentina. He
By Ileana Alescio served as mayor of Rio Gallegos
Epoch Times Staff Created: Oct and Santa Cruz governor before
27, 2010 Last Updated: Oct 27, being elected as the 54th president Consider the Cost Per Use
2010 of Argentina. In 2007 Kirchner When Planning a New
UNASUR general secretary was succeeded by his wife,
Néstor Kirchner (L) talks to his
Purchase [Shopping]
making him the first First
wife, Argentine President Cristina Gentleman in the country's Jason Fitzpatrick (Lifehacker)
Fernandez de Kirchner as they history. Submitted at 10/27/2010 8:30:00 AM
pose for a family picture before On May 4, 2010, Kirchner was
the beginning of an extraordinary elected Secretary General of When we purchase something
UNASUR summit in support of UNASR, Unión de Naciones and use it frequently we comment
Ecuadorean President Rafael Suramericanas (Union of South that we "got our money's worth"
Correa in (Juan Mabromata/AFP/ American Nations.) a out of it, as the cost-per-use has
Getty Images) Néstor Kirchner, supranational body designed to plummeted. Weigh the frequency
Argentina's president between give South America a unified of use against the purchase price
2003 and 2007, died this morning presence in world diplomacy. when considering if something is
at the Patagonian town of El This entry passed through the worth buying. More »
Calafate. According to local news a blocked carotid artery. On infarction in the early morning Full-Text RSS service — if this is
agency DyN, he was 60 years old. September 11 he felt a sharp pain hours. your content and you're reading it
The official medical report stated in his chest and underwent He was rushed to local hospital on someone else's site, please read
that the cause of death was a surgery again for another blocked José Formenti, but could not be our FAQ page at
"heart attack and sudden death" coronary artery. revived. He died around 8:30 a.m. content-only/faq.php
due to an ailment that had already His latest and last attack struck local time. His wife, Cristina Five Filters featured article:
led to two hospitalizations so far him while he was at his home in Fernandez de Kirchner, the Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
this year. El Calafate, a tourist town in current president of Argentina, Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
O n F e b r u a r y 7 , K i r c h n e r Argentina’s Patagonia region, was at his side. Catastrophe.
underwent emergency surgery for when he suffered a myocardial Néstor Carlos Kirchner Ostoic,

Jennifer and Violet Stock Up on Reading Material at the Library

Molly Goodson (PopSugar) Violet's frequent after school Jennifer is still figuring out her -treating this Sunday, but he'll be To see more of Jennifer and
Submitted at 10/27/2010 9:45:00 AM spots, as is their favorite ice daughters' costumes, LilSugar has on his way again in a few weeks Violet, just read more.
cream place. The four year old is tons of tips, though apparently when he brings his hit The Town View 10 Photos ›
Jennifer Garner and Violet quite the little reader these days, Violet is running that decision to close the Stockholm Film
picked up armloads full of books and perhaps she'll dress up as one making process. Hopefully, dad Festival.
at a library in Santa Monica of her favorite literary characters Ben Affleck will be around to
yesterday. It's among Jen and for Halloween again this year. If take Violet and Seraphina trick-or
E-reader News Edition News Wire/ World News/ 25

Denise Richards: I’m Protecting The EU Parliament &

Daughters from Charlie Sheen U.S.-EU Data-Sharing
(Epoch Times | All headlines) Judah Grunstein (World Politics Parliament member who is vice
Submitted at 10/27/2010 10:45:32 AM
Review: Trend Lines) chairman of the Committee on
Submitted at 10/27/2010 5:26:00 AM Civil Liberties, Justice and Home
Denise Richards admitted to Affairs.
CNN that she accompanied Back in February, in a series of Recognizing the new reality, the
Charlie Sheen to the hospital posts written in the immediate U.S. mission to the European
during his meltdown Tuesday aftermath of the EU's Lisbon Union has strengthened its team
morning, and said she wants to Treaty coming into effect, I focused on the parliament. . . .
protect her kids from her ex- argued that institutional power Kennard said that the United
husband. (Frazer Harrison/Getty struggles would have as much, if States would oppose any attempt
Images) Denise Richards, the not more impact on the shape of to make the new agreement
actress and model famous for her the post-Lisbon union than the invalidate the dozens of
role in Starship Troopers, recently personalities chosen to fill the agreements, most of them secret,
said in an interview with CNN president and foreign minister that the United States has
that she accompanied ex-husband positions. In particular, I concluded with individual
Charlie Sheen to the hospital after highlighted the EU Parliament's European governments. But
his meltdown in a New York enhanced oversight power under several European Parliament
hotel, and that she tries her best to 5 and 6, what happened, either. as possible,” she said. the treaty, and identified as a members said that leaving those
protect her two young daughters “The thing is that my daughters Denise Richards currently stars in potential flashpoint the privacy accords intact would make no
from him. are 5 and 6 and they're at an age the reality show Denise Richards: vs. security trade-offs raised by sense if they violate the pan-
Sheen, who stars in the popular where they can start to It’s Complicated on the E! m a n y o f t h e U . S . - E U European agreement, insisting
TV sitcom Two and a Half Men, understand. They have no idea Network and announced earlier counterterrorism agreements they would have to be updated.
was found intoxicated and naked what went on, and our stuff this month that she would be previously negotiated by the EU That's pretty much what I was
on Tuesday morning in his hotel happened when they were much writing a memoir, according to Commission. arguing in a nutshell. I went on to
room, where he caused thousands younger, which I'm so grateful the Associated Press. We already saw that play out suggest that if the parliament
of dollars of damage, the New for,” she said on CNN. Richards This entry passed through the over the summer in the case of a succeeds in captivating the
York Post reported. said she and Sheen were still Full-Text RSS service — if this is bank data-sharing deal that the European public's imagination by
Richards told CNN’s Joy Behar friends, but she tries to protect her your content and you're reading it parliament successfully demanded offering a more responsive and
that she went to the hospital with children from Sheen, who has a on someone else's site, please read be renegotiated to incorporate transparent model of what EU
Sheen and but didn’t disclose history of drug and anger our FAQ page at s t r i c t e r p r i v a c y p r o t e c t i o n governance can look like, it could
what exactly happened. “I’ll let problems. content-only/faq.php measures. Now, according to this conceivably have an impact on
you ask Charlie,” she said in the “We've been getting along great Five Filters featured article: Washington Post article, we're the union's other institutions'
interview. for the last year and a half and Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- seeing the same thing happening responsiveness to popular
Richards, who was married to we're doing our best. So as far as Reporting of Falluja's Cancer with an airline passenger data- concerns. That remains to be seen.
Sheen until the two divorced in that situation, I'm just trying to Catastrophe. sharing deal. This passage in But if the EU is indeed to
2006, told the CNN host that she protect the girls from it as much particular illustrates what I had in integrate further, that process will
didn’t tell her two daughters, aged mind back in February: have to be driven by the need to
"Now we have the power, and respond not only to crises, but
they have to deal with us," said also to the European public's
Sophie in 't Veld, a Dutch privacy expectations.
advocate and European
26 News Wire/ Technology/ E-reader News Edition

BMW Recall: 130,000 Pulled Back TextExpander 3.2 offers

Due to Fuel Pump Problem backup, restore
(Epoch Times | All headlines) TJ Luoma (TUAW) all. I had not planned to test this
Submitted at 10/27/2010 10:36:22 AM Submitted at 10/27/2010 11:30:00 AM feature, but for reasons unrelated
to this article I suddenly found
A BMW recall affects 130,000 TextExpander, which allows you that I needed to restore my
cars with fuel pump issues, and to create text shortcuts and TextExpander shortcuts and
includes the 535i model shown macros, has been updated to settings yesterday, and it worked
above. (STAN HONDA/AFP/ version 3.2. Along with some bug easily and perfectly.
Getty Images) BMW is initiating fixes, it also adds the ability to TextExpander is one of my most
a recall of more than 130,000 easily backup and restore your used applications. I've created my
vehicles in the US due to concerns shortcuts, including automatic own list of shortcuts to add
over problematic fuel pumps, backup and keyboard shortcuts to e v e r y t h i n g f r o m m y p h o n e
according to a statement released expand top search results. number to my address to the start
by the German car manufacturer The backup/restore feature is a of a shell script and more. I use it
on Tuesday. nice addition. You can tell so much that I won't even
The vehicles are equipped with a TextExpander to backup hourly, consider a writing application for
fuel injection system that could daily, weekly, or monthly and i O S w h i c h d o e s n ' t i n c l u d e
potentially be faulty and could keep 50, 100, 200 or an infinite TextExpander touch. The Mac
reduce engine power or possibly published."We don’t believe it is a appointment, BMW added. number of backups (well, limited application is $35 for new users,
even shut down the car while s a f e t y i s s u e a t a l l , " B M W No injuries in connection with to available disk space). These ($15 if you owned TextExpander
driving. spokesperson Thomas Plucinsky the problem have been reported. backups are uncompressed, which 2.x or earlier). Of course 3.2 is a
The recall affects the 2007–2010 told the New York Times. "When This entry passed through the probably isn't a big deal for most free upgrade for existing 3.x
335i models, 2008–2010 135i, the high pressure pump fails Full-Text RSS service — if this is people (mine was about 2mb) but users. If you haven't used it, you
535i and X6 xDrive35i Sports completely it is driveable under your content and you're reading it given that Apple has just released get 90 days to try it before you
A c t i v i t y C o u p e s , a n d t h e less power. It is essentially a on someone else's site, please read a new MacBook Air with a 64GB have to buy it, plenty of time to
2 0 0 9 – 2 0 1 0 Z 4 R o a d s t e r pretty good driving mode. It our FAQ page at hard drive, we should remember decide if it's for you. I wouldn't
sDrive35i. reduces the power." content-only/faq.php that space is still a factor. It think about using a Mac without
ABC News conducted an Symptoms of the problem Five Filters featured article: appears that TextExpander also it, and it keeps getting better.
investigation into the BMW include long-crank engine starting Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- makes a new backup even if TextExpander 3.2 offers backup,
vehicles, finding that they were times and the "Service Engine Reporting of Falluja's Cancer n o t h i n g h a s c h a n g e d s i n c e restore originally appeared on
sluggish when accelerating. BMW Soon" warning light turning on, Catastrophe. previous backup, so you could TUAW on Wed, 27 Oct 2010
said the problem occurs when the company stated. end up with 50 (or more) backups 11:30:00 EST. Please see our
there is a problem with the fuel In the coming weeks, owners will which are, for all intents and terms for use of feeds.
pump and initiated the recall soon receive a letter from the company purposes, identical. Source| Permalink| Email this|
a f t e r t h e r e p o r t w a s for the scheduling of a service T h a t ' s a r e l a t i v e l y m i n o r Comments
complaint, however, compared to
not having automated backups at
E-reader News Edition News Wire/ Technology/ 27

Raisinets Recalled by Nestle Due to FTC Ends Inquiry Into

Peanut Allergy Concerns Google for Data
(Epoch Times | All headlines)
Submitted at 10/27/2010 10:43:50 AM Collection
Mike Melanson
By Jack Phillips (ReadWriteWeb)
Epoch Times Staff Created: Oct
27, 2010 Last Updated: Oct 27, Submitted at 10/27/2010 12:54:24 PM

Raisinets recall: Nestle said they The Federal Trade Commission
are pulling back raisinets due to has ended its inquiry into lawyers.
concerns that the products may Google's inadvertant data According to the letter, Google
contain peanuts. (Fabrice Coffrini/ collection last may, which stirred "made assurances to the FTC that
AFP/Getty Images) The Nestle privacy concerns in Europe, the the company has not used and will
Raisinets recall is due to concerns U.S. and Canada. not use any of the payload data
that the products may contain In a letter(.pdf) sent on collected [...] now or in the
peanuts, an allergy risk for certain Wednesday, David Vladek, future." Along with this, Google
people, according to a statement director of the FTC's Bureau of addressed a number of the FTC's
from Nestle and the US Food and Consumer Protection, wrote that concerns, including "appointing a
Drug Administration. the FTC would end its inquiry director of privacy for engineering
and a UPC number of This entry passed through the because of Google's commitments and product management; adding
Peanuts can cause life- 2800010255. Full-Text RSS service — if this is to privacy.
threatening reactions for people core privacy training for key
On the packaging, the product is your content and you're reading it Sponsor employees; and incorporating a
who are allergic or have severe labeled with the precautionary on someone else's site, please read Google discovered last May
sensitivities. People with peanut formal privacy review process
statement "made on equipment our FAQ page at through an inquiry by a German into the design phases of new
allergies should avoid the recalled that also processes peanuts." But content-only/faq.php
products, the company said. data protection authority that it payload data as soon as possible."
Nestle noted that the product may Five Filters featured article: had inadvertently collected "Because of these commitments,"
Target, Shop Rite and Don contain peanuts when it should Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- payload data in its efforts to
Quixote stores received the 10 oz. wrote Vladek, "we are ending our
not. No other Nestle products are Reporting of Falluja's Cancer g a t h e r w i r e l e s s n e t w o r k inquiry into this matter at this
“fun size” bags and Nestle said affected by the recall, the Catastrophe.
that they received three information using Google Street time."
company noted. View cars. This data contained What do you think? Did Google
complaints over the product. Consumers can call 1-800-478-
The recall applies only to private information, including get off easy or was this the right
5670 for a full refund. emails, passwords and more. A and just decision in the end?
products with the 02015748 code
report issued last week by Should a company that collected
Canadian Privacy Commissioner this sort of private data be
Jennifer Stoddart found that this punished, even though they did
mistake was caused by a Google not use the data and have
engineer who had failed to follow promised to delete it? Or should it
company procedures involving be "alls well that ends well" and
review of code by company let that be the end of it? Discuss
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First take: Getting whiplash driving the Nissan Leaf

Submitted at 10/26/2010 6:00:14 PM

Driving the 2011 Nissan Leaf is

surprisingly similar to other
compacts and midsize cars--
except for the 100-mile range
limitation.(Credit: Liane Yvkoff)
As much as I write about electric
cars, I don't often get to drive
them. The 30 or so miles I drove
the 2011 Nissan Leaf in
Nashville, Tenn., last week was
the longest I've spent inside a pure
electric vehicle. And despite my
obsession with battery
technology, not once on that trip
did I wonder about the onboard
charger, thermal management
system, or degradation of its
lifetime capacity. That's Nissan's
problem, and I trust they've sorted
all that out. I was too busy
enjoying the driving experience
and fiddling with the infotainment
Battery-electric motor aside, the
Nissan Leaf is more or less like
other conventional gas-engine-
equipped compacts in its price
range, albeit a bit roomier since
it's a hatchback. The main
difference is that the car is limited
to a 100-mile range, give or take a
few, as confirmed by the LA4 test
cycle, and a top speed of 94 mph.
The gear shift is modeled after a of its interior volume. To put it in and whistles you don't expect. The center console that contrasts
The Nissan Leaf is available in
trackball, and there are only two perspective, Nissan's marketing interior is spare but comfortable against the pale-beige-and-gray
two variants: SV (base) or SL.
gears: drive and reverse.(Credit: team says you can fit three car (to me, it seemed more Honda interior, making everything else
The only difference between the
Liane Yvkoff) seats across the back row in any than Nissan) with a few dashes of sort of fade away into the
two is that the SL trim adds a
On the outside, the Leaf appears configuration. Although it's far digital design. The main focus on background. It's almost serene.
solar panel on the spoiler to
small, but at 175 inches, it's from the perfect road-trip vehicle, the inside is the standard in-dash The Leaf uses Nissan's Intelligent
support some accessories, such as
almost as long as the Nissan it has all the essentials you need navigation system, the digital Key with Push Button Start. In the
fog lights and headlights, and a
Versa sedan. The EPA classes the in a commuter car, a few creature instrument panel, and the funky FIRST page 31
backup camera.
Leaf as a midsize vehicle because comforts, and a couple of bells cue-ball-esque gear shift on the
E-reader News Edition Technology/ 29

Sprint Q3 2010 finances out: subscribers up but still $911m net

Chris Davies (SlashGear) subscriber growth for the Sprint years.” dimension to its unlimited offer
Submitted at 10/27/2010 9:55:05 AM brand; second best postpaid churn Sprint continued to receive with a $2 Daily option.
result ever recognition, including the No. 6 “Earlier this month at CTIA, we
Sprint is the latest US carrier to Achieved eleventh consecutive spot in Newsweek’s Green introduced Sprint ID, a ground-
report its Q3 2010 financial quarter of improvement in Ranking and multiple awards for breaking innovation available on
results, and while they still lag Customer Care Satisfaction and customer satisfaction during the devices using the Android
behind Verizon and AT&T in First Call Resolution quarter. Sprint won seven platform that lets customers
terms of sheer numbers, it’s a delivered postpaid churn of 1.93
Grew quarterly total net ATLANTIC-ACM Awards for download up to five ‘packs’ of
solid quarter for the CDMA percent – the best postpaid churn
operating revenues sequentially Business Connectivity and mobile content built around
network. That’s solid in terms of result Sprint has reported in the
and year-over-year Wireless Business Excellence. For customers’ interests or business
previous years, of course; Sprint third quarter of any year.
Maintained strong liquidity with the second year in a row, Sprint needs. Recognized and respected
still managed a net loss of $911m Sprint announced third quarter
cash and cash equivalents balance received top honors in the brands like Yahoo!, HSN, Disney,
on net operating revenues of consolidated net operating
of $4.7 billion; year-to-date Free Nemertes 2010 Pilothouse awards ESPN, LatCel and eBay have
almost $8.2 billion, but at least revenues of almost $8.2 billion, a
Cash Flow* of $1.6 billion for MPLS Services. And in the teamed with Sprint to deliver easy
they added 644,000 subscribers net loss of $911 million and a
The company’s third quarter device category, HTC EVO™ 4G navigation and simplicity in a
(the biggest number since 2006). diluted loss per share of 30 cents.
earnings conference call will be was honored with POPULAR growing ocean of mobile
Meanwhile churn is down, year- The company generated $384
held at 8 a.m. EDT today. MECHANICS’ Breakthrough applications. Sprint will
on-year, and net revenue up 4- million of Free Cash Flow* in the
Participants may dial 800-938- Award which recognizes the differentiate itself by bringing
percent compared to Q3 2009. quarter, and maintained a strong
1120 in the U.S. or Canada (706- innovators and products poised to simplicity and openness to the
Altogether they’ve ended the liquidity position with
634-7849 internationally) and change the world in the fields of mobile Internet,” Hesse said.
quarter with 48.8m customers approximately $4.7 billion in cash
provide the following ID: technology, medicine, aviation, Heading into the holidays, Sprint
(33.1m of which are postpaid, and cash equivalents at the end of
11720738, or may listen via the environmental engineering and boasts a varied and compelling
11.6m prepaid), while postpaid the quarter.
Internet at more. device portfolio that includes
ARPU (average monthly revenue “Driven by record customer
investor. Sprint’s multi-brand prepaid more than a dozen products that
per user) fell a dollar from 2009 satisfaction, and the performance
OVERLAND PARK, Kan. strategy continued to roll out offer 4G service, including
to $55, and prepaid ARPU fell $7 of iconic devices like the EVO
(BUSINESS WIRE), October 27, during the third quarter as the phones, USB modems, mobile
to $28 from 2009 (which Sprint and Epic, Sprint’s momentum
2010 – Sprint Nextel Corp. company’s new Virgin Mobile hotspots and routers. The popular
blames on the inclusion of lower- continued this quarter,” said Dan
(NYSE: S) today reported that “Beyond Talk” data-centric plans Samsung Epic™ 4G became
spending Virgin Mobile and Hesse, Sprint CEO. “The Sprint
during the third quarter of 2010, and Assurance Wireless plans Sprint’s second 4G handset when
Assurance Wireless customers). brand gained postpaid customers
the company achieved its best significantly contributed to it debuted in stores in September.
It’s enough for Sprint to predict for the fourth consecutive quarter
total company wireless subscriber increased gross additions. The The award-winning Samsung
growth across all their subscriber as, for the second consecutive
net additions since 2006, adding focus on data and connectivity GalaxyTM Tab will be available
categories in Q4 2010. quarter based on porting data,
644,000 total wireless subscribers was also supported by a new $40 to customers Nov. 14, with 3G
Press Release: more customers switched to
driven by positive net postpaid unlimited data plan for Virgin’s network speeds and integrated
Sprint Nextel Reports Third Sprint from our competitors than
subscriber growth of 354,000 for Broadband2Go product line. As Sprint ID. Last week, Sprint
Quarter 2010 Results switched from Sprint to our
the Sprint brand and the part of the broader portfolio, became the first wireless carrier in
Achieved best total company competitors. In addition, our last
company’s best year-over-year Sprint also launched payLo™ by America to offer an embedded 3G
wireless subscriber net additions two quarters have been all-time
improvement in postpaid churn in Virgin Mobile, providing value /4G netbook and notebook,
since 2006, adding 644,000 total bests for postpaid churn. We also
five years. Demand for for the customer with basic announcing the availability of
wireless subscribers saw improvement sequentially in
smartphones like Samsung Epic communications needs with a 400 Dell Inspiron Mini 10 (1012) and
Delivered the fourth consecutive prepaid net adds and our lowest
4GTM and HTC EVO™ 4G Minutes for $20/month plan. And SPRINT page 33
quarter of positive net postpaid prepaid churn in almost five
remained strong, and the company Boost Mobile added another
30 Technology/ E-reader News Edition

The Myth of the Apple Bias

Philip Berne (SlashGear)
Submitted at 10/27/2010 11:30:50 AM

If you work for a Web site that

covers consumer electronics,
eventually you are going to be
accused of two things: having an
Apple bias and trying to destroy
Finland. The backlash against
Apple coverage is exquisite, as far
as baseless Internet accusations
go. It’s not quite on the level of 9/
11 conspiracy nutjobs or the racist
and homophobic bigots you’ll
find scouring YouTube
comments, but it does have its
own patterns. Beyond simple bias,
I’ve seen numerous Web sites
accused of taking actual bribes
and payments from Apple. Are
these accusations completely
without merit? The answer is
First, let’s talk about why there is
actually an Apple bias in the
media. Apple probably gets
disproportionate coverage
compared to other companies.
Take the recent announcement
about the white iPhone 4, for
instance. Apple once again Is it news when a company paints colors? You might click on that story, you might think this ultraportable notebook computer
pushed back the availability of the a phone white? From a ad. coverage is biased. Indeed, I can’t that costs around $1000, give or
white version of its phone. That’s journalistic standpoint, probably This isn’t a bias issue, it’s a think of another phone or gadget take a few hundred. Fully loaded,
all. Nothing inside the phone has not. But I don’t think that sites capitalist issue. Long gone are the that would generate such coverage that machine costs $1800. It uses
changed. Nothing was said about cover this issue because they are days of the New York Times for a single color option. But that a notebook chipset and notebook-
fixing the antenna problems so biased towards Apple. They cover acting as “the paper of record.” I speaks more to the iPhone’s grade discrete graphics. It costs
widely reported at launch. But the issue because people will read believe most good Web sites still existence in the cultural zeitgeist more than full-powered
most tech news sites not only about it. People will click on the follow the tenets of honest than it does about the writer who multimedia notebooks that offer
covered this story, they’ve link to get to the story. Then, they journalism, but coverage can be pens the piece. much larger screens, more
probably covered it more than might see the advertisements on equally dictated by the needs of Another way there might be a pro powerful chips and more ports
once. They probably cover the the page. What if one of those ads the consumer as it is the needs of -Apple bias is in comparisons and features. That’s fine, it’s an
white iPhone story every time is for a service that paints your journalistic integrity. with other products. Take the ultraportable, and the market for
Apple makes an announcement phone white? Or for a competing If you hate Apple products, or if MacBook Air, for instance. The
about it. phone already available in cool you think this is a silly news current version of the Air is an MYTH page 36
E-reader News Edition 31
continued from page 28

driver's seat, you might back on the freeway was the within range, enter it into the list, the car's contact list, or the updates, such as if charging is
experience the same "is it on?" Highway Patrol we spotted, and navigation system, and it will let car's call history. completed or interrupted, or for
confusion as you do in hybrid the EV was a pleasure to drive on you know. Another screen worth The navigation system includes a emergencies. In the event of an
vehicles. You'll need to train country roads. noting is Maintenance, which, if screen that maps how far you can emergency, the app will have a
yourself to check the instrument In addition to the usual suspects, you're like me and have no idea go on the current battery charge. direct link to Nissan Call center,
cluster for the telltale "Drive" and the digital instrument panel shows when the air conditioning filter Connecting my iPhone to the car which serves only Leaf
corresponding green car symbol, the driving distance, battery was last changed, now you'll have was easy enough, although I didn't customers.
which signal to the driver that capacity, and battery a screen that will tell you when to get enough time to fully test the When you add in Nissan's tow
they're ready to go. Drive and temperature.(Credit: Liane change it and add air to the tires. connection. The Leaf doesn't offer plan, these features make the 2011
reverse are the only two gears on Yvkoff) Everything else you probably can Bluetooth streaming because the Nissan Leaf a fairly safe bet. In
the Leaf, and you're given the There are definite upsides to an safely ignore. specs hadn't been finalized in time fact, the Leaf is a really good car--
option of two driving modes: electric motor. At lower speeds The navigation is adequate and to make it into the car design for a first-generation electric
regular or Eco. The former will you get the kind of silence that works pretty much as you'd before the Leaf's production, so I vehicle. I hate to use the qualifier,
familiarize you with the powerful luxury car designers can only expect, although dragging the still had to connect via cable to but if it weren't for wow factor of
torque that electric motors dream of achieving. However, at map seemed a little sluggish. access music on my phone. Song the electric power train, the Leaf
famously deliver. It will also 80 mph, you'll hear wind noise Point-of-interest (POI) lists show and artist information displayed would probably be considered
familiarize you with whiplash, we rivaling a softtop, which isn't nearby restaurants and stores, and on the navigation screen, although merely adequate. But for an EV,
discovered. Tip: go easy on the entirely the fault of the Leaf-- it's free for the first three years. not album art, and I was able to it's an impressive first move, and I
throttle. there's no gas engine to provide And where a conventional nav interface with iPod/iPhone the suspect that it will get only better
The torque makes accelerating soft, rumbling ambient noise. But system might show gas stations steering wheel controls. One over time. Double the capacity of
from 0-20 mph a breeze, but it's there is an infotainment system. along the way, the Leaf's will weird thing I noticed: clicking up the battery and light a fire under
the climb to 60 mph that will The primary job of the six- show public charging stations. on the steering wheel control Ecotality to install their fast-
remind you that you're in an speaker Clarion touch-screen Suffice to say, those will be few replayed the song, while clicking charging stations, and gas cans
electric car as you watch the near infotainment system is to convey and far between until EcoTality down skipped to the next track. I will become a relic of the past.
exponential drop in range on the battery information and driving and Coulomb Technologies thought it should be the opposite. This entry passed through the
instrument panel. Switching to distance capability to the driver. complete their roll-out of station Unfortunately, I didn't get to try Full-Text RSS service — if this is
Eco mode will eliminate the There are numerous screens that installations. Nissan says there the more advanced software your content and you're reading it
dramatic throttle tip-in, conserve offer incrementally more should be 13,000 public charging features of the Leaf: its charging on someone else's site, please read
energy, and deliver a smoother, information on battery health, stations across the U.S. by this system and remote access. The our FAQ page at
but less exhilarating ride that energy history, energy usage time next year. The car is Leaf's electric charging interface content-only/faq.php
maximizes range. An Eco battery maintenance--most of equipped with telematics that it acts like a smart meter and will Five Filters featured article:
Indicator on the instrument panel which the average driver will find uses to update its charging station enable the driver to program at Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
displays trees when you drive useless. There are only a few map. Due to bandwidth contraints, what time and for how long to Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
efficiently, but we never saw a screens that will matter, namely full updates to the navigation charge the vehicle. You can Catastrophe.
tree during our test drive. With the ones that detail battery range, system will still need to be done interact with this charging
the 600-lb battery pack bolted the nearest charging stations, and via SD card. software in the car or remotely
squarely in the center of the car graphically display how far you The Leaf also offers Bluetooth using either a soon-to-be released
floor, the Leaf has a low center of can go in one direction on the voice control, and offers smartphone application or over
gravity and feels stable around current battery charge. If you're straightforward features such as the Internet. The system will also
corners. The only thing holding us concerned whether a destination is dialing from either your contact e-mail or text you with car
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Sponsor Post: Transparency is Critical When Sites #FAIL

RWW Sponsor the added benefit is that it actually
(ReadWriteWeb) induces and instills a higher trust
Submitted at 10/27/2010 12:00:00 PM in the company and its brand - not
less. It also gets the message
Editor's note: We offer our long- across quickly and efficiently, so
term sponsors the opportunity to it can then be relayed across
write posts and tell their story. social networks, instead of
These posts are clearly marked as leaving it up to the guesses of the
written by sponsors, but we also public or the media. Finally, it
want them to be useful and will save serious money in the
interesting to our readers. We company's contact center, as it
hope you like the posts and we sets the right expectations.
encourage you to support our Companies that are transparent
sponsors by trying out their about issues regarding their
products. services will actually gain kudos
When Gmail is slow, Amazon and trust.
trips, when there is a Facebook time, although millions will be • A blog or status page that is Next, when an outage or other So the next time there is an issue
issue, or Foursquare's API affected over time. If a Web app hosted independent (and crisis starts unfolding, these with your favorite application on
crashes, people get upset, and tens breaks however, hundreds of scalable!) from the main website companies should make sure to the Web and www.your-favorite-
of thousands reveal their anxiety thousands are affected at the same and services. Easy, predictable, cover the next points: is not working: you
on social networks. time. There is also a standard names should be used: might want to check out
Sponsor psychological effect: when and • Admit failure as soon as to
Every time there is a major software on a computer fails,, possible, preferably by someone s e e i f t h e r e i s u p - t o - d a t e
outage, security issue, or people often feel (partly) respectively. A good example: high up in the organization• information before you type
malfunction we see this pattern of responsible for it. With Web apps, Make sure the posts and updates "#fail". A Public Status Page may
raised anxiety, doubts, and the provider is the only one to Preferably these pages should sound human, no standard sound just be waiting for you there.
questioning of services in the blame. include up-to-date, live, stats. bites Stan P. van de Burgt is CEO and
cloud in general. So even if Web apps are far more • A Twitter name where one can • Explain in detail who and what co-founder of WatchMouse, a
This makes perfect sense of reliable than local apps - and I post quick updates. If is affected (which regions, company that monitors websites
course, as Web apps and Web believe this is often the case - the possible@company-or-brand percentage of customers, what and services 24x7 from over 50
services have become more public outcry is far more should be used here too. services, etc.) locations worldwide and delivers
prevalent and are now an essential extensive. Especially now, when Example:@rww. • Publish a detailed timeline of detailed insight about their
part of our daily habits and work. typing "#fail" on social networks the outage, and start maintaining p e r f o r m a n c e , u p t i m e , a n d
The advantage of Web apps is like Twitter and Facebook, is only This first level of transparency this immediately after the first functionality. Inspired by the
compelling: simply grab a PC, seconds away. makes it easy for people to get event dashboards of Amazon and
iPad, laptop or mobile phone and What does this imply for the informed and immediately results • Share detailed post mortem Google, WatchMouse introduced
you have everything at your companies behind the Web apps in lower anxiety levels. This in reports and lessons learned after Public Status Pages(PSP) in early
fingertips. But there is a downside we use every day? The single turn, helps to stamp out rogue the crisis is over 2010. Companies like Twitter,
too: we become dependent on the most important thing is to have stories in times of crisis, and • Read more here for a more Mozilla, WordPress, and many
cloud infrastructure and our the communication channels in reduces the load on the company's d e t a i l e d a n a l y s i s o f t h e more use this product to be even
connectivity to the network. place well before a 'crisis' strikes. customer service contact center. psychology of transparency m o r e t r a n s p a r e n t t o t h e i r
The reality is that software and I personally suggest having the Many companies have set up customers, users and developers.
services break. Desktop software following at minimum: public status pages already. Discuss
normally breaks with one user at a Public status pages If these guidelines are followed,
E-reader News Edition Technology/ 33
U.S. and E.U. grapple with crunch in rare earth continued from page 29

Dell Inspiron 11z. And debuting

supplies Oct. 31, 2010, the Blackberry®
StyleTM 9670 will offer an
(CNET producer of rare earth elements, cleared the Senate and could elegant flip design, full QWERTY
Submitted at 10/26/2010 4:33:27 PM said that after discussions with languish for months, he warned. keyboard, advanced smartphone
Chinese officials, he believes If there is no movement on the features and new BlackBerry 6
The World Trade Organization, Beijing would reduce exports agenda." measure, "you're going to lose a OS.
the European Union, and the under quota reductions announced Some U.S. consumers of rare few months in the first part of Sprint launched 4G service in 19
United States said on Tuesday in July, but not completely restrict earth magnets echoed the German next year trying to get up and new cities during the quarter,
they were pressing for solutions to supplies. "I don't believe that concerns. "There's going to be a going and getting something including Boston, Orlando and
concerns China may be exploiting China is going to completely supply crunch, whether it's two passed and it would be mid-year Nashville. Sprint 4G is now
its stranglehold on rare earth embargo the United States and the years down the road or three years p r o b a b l y a t b e s t " b e f o r e available in 55 markets. As
metals, crucial in the making of European Union as relates to rare down the road," said Taylor something was approved, Gordon p r e v i o u s l y a n n o u n c e d b y
everything from portable phones earths," Molycorp Inc CEO Mark R o b i n s o n , a n e x e c u t i v e o f told the industry forum. Clearwire Corp. (NASDAQ:
to wind turbines. Smith told the conference. Northern Power Systems, which "We really do need to raise the CLWR), coverage is expected to
Officials and industry executives "I do believe however that we're builds wind mills in Vermont. level of interest on this issue and reach up to 120 million people by
in Berlin and Washington warned going to see reductions in the Beijing has denied any plans to the importance of it both for the end of 2010, including a
of severe repercussions from a export quotas coming out of choke off shipments of the economic and national security," deployment in New York on Nov.
scarcity of the minerals with China," he added. minerals. Chinese state media Gordon said. 1, and in December, Sprint will
magnetic, luminescent, and other Supply crunch coming have criticized foreigners for B a u e r s a i d t h e E n e r g y launch 4G service in Los Angeles,
properties that go into products Frank Hoffmeister, a top aide of making "unreasonable" demands Department is expected to release Miami and San Francisco, to
such as hybrid cars, solar panels, European trade chief Karel De on resources China needs for its its strategy in December for name a few.
and windmills. The dominance of Gucht, was asked at a seminar in own economic development. boosting global production and Relevant Entries on SlashGear
China, which produces 97 percent Berlin whether the EU planned Washington has called any cutoff diversifying supplies of the metals • Sprint Q2 2009 finances
of the world's supply of rare legal action against China over in metals, which also have --an important part of the Obama revealed: $348m net loss, 257k
earths, has been well-known for the issue. "It is clear we are d e f e n s e a n d o t h e r h i g h - administration's efforts to promote customers down
y e a r s , b u t c a m e u n d e r t h e monitoring the situation quite t e c h n o l o g y a p p l i c a t i o n s , a clean energy. • Sprint report $865m loss in Q1
international spotlight after closely. We need to have clear potential threat to the U.S. Bauer said the department's plan 2010: peg hopes on HTC EVO 4G
reports Beijing halted shipments facts," he answered. economy and national security. will look at short-term ways to • Sprint losses continue to grow,
to Japan over a territorial dispute Germany's electronics industry U.S. legislation, policy report i n c r e a s e r a r e e a r t h m e t a l says Q1 reports
with Tokyo last month. has said the market for rare earths U.S. Representative Bart Gordon, production over the next five • Sprint Announces 17 More
A U.S. Department of Energy had become "critical" due to c h a i r m a n o f t h e H o u s e o f years and longer. WiMax Markets
official said she was not aware of reported restrictions on exports Representatives Committee on Story Copyright (c) 2010 Reuters • Cox to enter wireless industry
any U.S. renewable energy from China. Science and Technology, urged Limited. All rights reserved. through Sprint
companies experiencing German Economy Minister industry groups and experts to This entry passed through the
disruptions in rare earth metal Rainer Bruederle said his country press their senators to move on a Full-Text RSS service — if this is
shipments from China, but said was "severely affected when it bill passed by the House in your content and you're reading it
companies were worried about c o m e s t o e n e r g y r e s o u r c e s September that would support on someone else's site, please read
shortages developing. and...rare earths which are domestic production of rare earth our FAQ page at
"They're concerned there might g r o w i n g s c a r c e . " " W h e n metals. content-only/faq.php
be," Diana Bauer, who heads the speculation is rife, you lose the T h e p r o p o s e d l e g i s l a t i o n , Five Filters featured article:
DOE's Critical Metals Task Force, foundation in the economy," he intended to foster a U.S. domestic Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
told reporters at a rare earth said. "And that is detrimental for supply chain for the metals, Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
metals conference in Washington. the producing industries. Pricing passed the House last month by a Catastrophe.
But the head of Molycorp, a U.S. frameworks must remain on our 325-98 margin. But it has not
34 Technology/ E-reader News Edition

PandaBoard OMAP4 developer board on sale for $174 [Video]

Chris Davies (SlashGear)
Submitted at 10/27/2010 9:34:42 AM

The PandaBoard Cortex-A9

OMAP4 developer board we
mentioned at the start of the
month has gone on sale, priced at
a reasonable $174. Based around
a dual-core 1GHz chip with 1GB
of RAM, WiFi b/g/n and
Bluetooth 2.1, the PandaBoard
supports 1080p 30fps output via
HDMI and is intended to allow
developers to whip up OMAP4-
compatible apps in Android,
Angstrom, Chrome, MeeGo and
Video demo after the cut
Other ports include DVI-D
(which will work simultaneously
with the HDMI), USB Host and
USB OTG Host, together with
ethernet. There’s also an OpenGL
ES v2.0 graphics engine, SD card
slot, serial port, audio in/out and a
camera connector.
The whole thing measures in at
4.5 x 4.0 inches and there’s plenty
of support at the official site. The
PandaBoard is available to buy
now, priced at $174, and ships
Press Release:
Meet PandaBoard: Low-cost, DALLAS, October 27, 2010 / from Texas Instruments What should mobile software Features & benefits of
open OMAP™ 4 processor-based PRNewswire/ — Mobile software Incorporated (TI), which is power developers do? PandaBoard:
mobile software development developers now have an - and performance-optimized for Get involved! Join the The OMAP 4 platform-based
platform accessible, well-equipped open Smartphones and other mobile community at http:// PandaBoard includes an
Dual-core ARM® Cortex™-A9 source development tool based on devices. A growing online OMAP4430 processor with two
performance, rich multimedia the high performance OMAP™ 4 community of Linux experts community/home ARM® Cortex™-A9 processors
capabilities and community- platform in the form of supports PandaBoard developers Order a board! Boards are (running at 1 GHz each)
driven support make $174 PandaBoard. This new, low-cost designing on various mobile open available now through Digi-Key delivering symmetric
PandaBoard a one-of-a-kind tool board provides unprecedented source software distributions such Corp. at multiprocessing (SMP)
for open source mobile software access to the OMAP 4 as Android, Angstrom, Chrome, Review and submit projects! http:
development applications processor platform MeeGo and Ubuntu. // PANDABOARD page 38
E-reader News Edition Technology/ 35

Cochlear implant could help wearers find balance

Submitted at 10/26/2010 5:35:05 PM

Jay Rubinstein and Jennifer Hsia

implant a new vestibular device
via microscope at UW Medical
Center on October 21.(Credit:
Clare McLean/University of
For those who have never
suffered from a bout of vertigo,
the condition might evoke
thoughts of Alfred Hitchock and a
dizzying fear of heights. Those
people would be misguided.
Imagine instead that, for
anywhere from 20 seconds to 2
minutes, you are both falling and
spinning, and yet you are also
lying perfectly still in bed. It is
not only nauseating and terrifying,
but the disconnect is also
completely frustrating.
Millions of people around the
world are thought to suffer from
one of a number of balance
disorders, some of which are still
poorly understood (do the
problems stem from the ear, brain, and neck surgery, signal with Meniere's to fight the from drinking too much in until it recovers."
or some combination of the two?). processing, brainstem physiology, symptoms of a vertigo attack is to college"--but who for years has The processor lives behind the
However, a new device could help and vestibular neural coding. lie very still for hours or, in severe seen first-hand how debilitating it ear and transmits signals
those who suffer from one such It has been designed specifically cases, to elect for surgery that can be. "In theory this is wirelessly to the implanted device
problem, called Meniere's disease, to treat Meniere's disease--which essentially shuts off that ear potentially an optimal therapy that almost directly beneath it in the
avoid symptoms the moment an affects an estimated 615,000 altogether, permanently affecting could really change how we treat temporal bone. The device
attack begins. people in the U.S., typically hearing and balance. Meniere's." responds by transmitting electrical
The device will be manufactured between ages 40 and 60 and "We have a variety of existing The device, implanted last week impulses through three electrodes
by Australia-based Cochlear which typically affects one ear-- treatments for Meniere's disease, in a 56-year-old patient who is the inserted into the superior
Ltd.(Credit: Cochlear Ltd.) because the disease is well and any time there's a variety it's first of 10 to be involved in the semicircular, lateral semicircular,
The implantable device consists understood. (The attacks result because none of them are first clinical trials, is essentially and posterior semicircular canals
of a cochlear implant and a from rupturing of the inner-ear optimal," says Dr. Jay Rubinstein an override, Rubinstein explains. of the inner ear.
processor with new software and membrane, causing a sensation of at UW's Department of "It doesn't change what's Because the design and surgical
electrode arrays designed by spinning in the direction of the Otolaryngology-Head and Neck happening in the ear, but it implantation of cochlear devices
University of Washington failing ear.) Surgery, who himself has never eliminates the symptoms while
researchers who specialize in head COCHLEAR page 37
The most common way for those experienced vertigo--"other than replacing the function of that ear
36 Culture/ Food/ E-reader News Edition
continued from page 30

ultraportables sacrifices power If Apple is your only point of simultaneously makes tech large pie. It would never be worth
and features for extreme
comparison, it may seem like you
have an Apple bias. If the
journalists laugh and cringe, is the
claim that Apple is paying off
the access opportunities for a site
SlashGear to sacrifice its unbiased
When a site compares a $500 comparison is weak or completely tech sites for positive coverage. integrity for an early hands-on (Cooking Light: Editor's Picks)
netbook with a MacBook Air, misguided, this only confirms the This makes me laugh because I opportunity with the next iPod
that’s not a fair comparison. bias in some reader’s mind. know Apple’s PR style, and this nano, or even the next iPhone. Food alone can't protect against
Netbooks use ultra low power Still, I’m not sure this is really a couldn’t be further from the truth. So, there is bias in Apple the common cold or flu, and the
chips, and usually rely on bias issue. After all, if I want to I am sure that Apple is not paying coverage, for sure, but that bias is science isn't yet clear on which
integrated graphics. They are built use a competitor for an off any tech site like SlashGear or usually in delivering the most nutrients may bolster immunity to
small, but netbooks try to cram in ultraportable comparison, I might Engadget. Apple is not paying popular news to a competitive reduce your risk of getting sick.
as many features as possible in the use the MacBook Air or I could David Pogue or Walt Mossberg. market. The bias is in favor of But experts agree that a diet rich
tiny shell, while the MacBook Air mention a computer like the Sony Does Apple exclude writers and earning more readers, and more in a variety of produce, whole
tries to remove as many features VAIO Z series. The point of a sites that skew more negative in clicks. If consumers weren’t grains, lean proteins, and low-fat
as possible to get even smaller. comparison is to help your reader their coverage? That’s entirely biased towards Apple products, dairy productsalong with adequate
The biggest advance on the relate to the product you’re possible, I honestly don’t know. the Web sites would not seem sleep, moderate exercise, and
current MBAir? The second USB reviewing. While a certain But I’m sure Apple isn’t biased either. minimal stresscontributes to a
port. I’ve seen netbooks with 3-4 segment of my readership might rewarding positive reviews with Relevant Entries on SlashGear well-functioning immune system
USB ports, and some with be very familiar with the Sony cash prizes. Access is its own • Corruption Abroad: Prominent and may promote a faster
integrated optical drives. VAIO Z or the Toshiba Portégé reward. prosecutor in case against The recovery if you do come down
This problem is even more R705-P35, I’m sure that many Of course, there is danger here. If Pirate Bay hired by Warner with a cold or flu. Here are some
obvious with the Apple iPhone. more readers will instantly David Pogue knows that writing Brothers key nutrients and tips that will
For a long time after the initial recognize the Air. positive stories about the Mac • Apple Becoming More help increase the likelihood that
wave of iPhone enthusiasm Of course, this is a self-fulfilling leads to more inside access with Transparent About App Store you'll fly through the winter
crested, every review seemed to prophesy. After all, if I constantly Apple products, he might be • Apple Bluetooth headset months in good health. Next Eat
compare the phone at hand with go to the Air as my standard for tempted to skew his coverage. I approved by FCC for Health
the iPhone. If you want to comparison, I’m only teaching my think this is more a problem for • Coming soon to a Target near This entry passed through the
compare touchscreen smartphones readers about one ultraportable less prolific writers, like Pogue. you: Apple TV Full-Text RSS service — if this is
with the iPhone, that’s fair. But instead of taking the opportunity Pogue writes a weekly column for • Is Apple losing money on the your content and you're reading it
even comparing a phone like to expand their knowledge a bit. the New York Times. He also Apple TV? on someone else's site, please read
BlackBerry, with its hardware But is my job to teach my readers, writes instructional manuals about our FAQ page at
keyboard, or the raft of or to help them relate in a way Apple products. If Apple cut him content-only/faq.php
inexpensive touchscreen feature they already understand? That off, it might seriously hurt his Five Filters featured article:
phones that Samsung steadily depends on the story I’m writing. livelihood. But for sites like Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
floats with U.S. carriers, is My absolute favorite Apple bias SlashGear and other tech blogs, Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
disingenuous. claim, and the one that Apple is only one piece of a very Catastrophe.

Gangster of Love (10 photos + video)

Ilja Keizer (Featured Blog Posts series that one of my favorite The campaign is an ode to earlier to the days of 50's Rock & Roll
- My Modern Metropolis) photographers Ellen von Unwerth shoots that Unwerth did for Guess style.
Submitted at 10/26/2010 11:00:00 PM shot for the Guess Jeans 2010 / back in the 80's, which featured via [ smile in your face]
2011 campaign."Gangster of Claudia Schiffer among others.
Love this short film and photo Love" is shot in beautiful black and white. The series transports viewers back
E-reader News Edition Technology/ 37
Bling Nation Introduces FanConnect: Facebook continued from page 35

are already FDA-approved, the

"Like" a Business at Check Out team was able to get approval for
this variation in June,
Sarah Perez (ReadWriteWeb) exchange of data between devices stickers to use in Palo Alto, CA leapfrogging past researchers who
Submitted at 10/27/2010 12:01:26 PM over about a 4-inch distance. and other areas where the trial is have been working on other types
NFC is positioned as one of the underway. FanConnect itself will of devices for years.
Really "like" your local coffee technologies that may eventually debut in Palo Alto, San Francisco Its initial studies on primates
shop? Soon, you'll be able to replace the credit card, as it can and San Jose next month and will showed that the device did not
"like" the shop on Facebook handle data transfer for financial later roll out to other areas in the result in any loss of hearing or
t h a n k s t o N F C ( n e a r - f i e l d transactions without having to U.S. early next year. vestibular function, and if the
communications) pioneer Bling swipe a physical plastic card Lest you think that Bling Nation team can demonstrate safety and
Nation, whose mobile phone through a reader. Although Bling is just one of those crazy ideas the functionality in the first 10-person
stickers are also used to perform Nation embeds NFC technology folks in California have come up trial, it will then study 50 to 100
mobile payments at participating into stickers, many mobile phones with - check out the team behind patients to try to demonstrate
merchants. worldwide ship with the this enterprising startup: its efficacy and bring the device to
With the new "FanConnect" technology included. Apple has advisory board includes John market.
platform, announced at PayPal's also filed several patents related PayPal's iPhone app, the company Reed, a former chairman of "Meniere's is not just a target in
Developer Conference yesterday, to NFC and hired a well-known just announced. FanConnect: Citibank and of the New York and of itself, but a stepping stone
businesses can connect with NFC expert, moves which hint "Liking" at Check Out Stock Exchange and Jeff Stiefler, t o g e t a t o t h e r d i s o r d e r s , "
consumers on both Facebook and that the company may one day With FanConnect, businesses can a former chairman of Digital R u b i n s t e i n a d d s .
up-and-coming location-based introduce the technology into the get access to detailed analytics on Insight and a former president of The first patient's device will be
network Foursquare. All the iPhone. their customers, allowing them to American Express. Meanwhile, co turned on when he returns to the
customer has to do is wave their In Bling Nation's case, a point-of- target their promotions and -CEOs Wences Casares and lab November 4; the moment he
p h o n e n e a r t h e s t o r e ' s sale system isn't required to use marketing efforts to select groups Meyer Malka founded Banco experiences the first signs of
a c c o m p a n y i n g N F C r e a d e r . the NFC tags. A base station is of consumers, reports NFC news Lemon, a Brazilian retail bank, vertigo, testing can truly begin.
Sponsor provided to merchants for free s i t e , and Patagon, the largest online This entry passed through the
How Bling Nation Works upon sign up and is plugged into a NearFieldCommunicationsWorld. brokerage in Latin America, Full-Text RSS service — if this is
For consumers, the Bling Nation wall outlet. Bling Nation takes a com. reports NFC World. your content and you're reading it
platform is easy enough to use - a cut of the processing costs, Customers equipped with the so- Stickers are only necessary for on someone else's site, please read
sticker placed on the back of their claiming its merchants can save called "Bling Tag" can "like" a those of us (read: most of the our FAQ page at
mobile phone turns the device up to 50% in processing fees over business on Facebook, post U.S.) without NFC-equipped content-only/faq.php
i n t o a N F C - e n a b l e d traditional methods. Payments can rewards to their Facebook page, mobile phones. Bling Nation's Five Filters featured article:
communications device. NFC, or then be processed by PayPal redeem discounts and promotions hardware will work with any NFC Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
"near field communications," is a (hence the announcement at and even check in on Foursquare. phone when those become more Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
s h o r t - r a n g e h i g h f r e q u e n c y PayPal's event), but Bling Nation Facebook employees, not readily available. Catastrophe.
w i r e l e s s c o m m u n i c a t i o n can also work directly with banks. surprisingly, are fans of the Discuss
technology which enables the Bling Nation is also now a part of company and have been issued
38 Technology/ E-reader News Edition
Holiday gadget sales could be grim continued from page 34

performance, as well as rich engagement

(CNET to inspire them to rush into the multimedia and 3D graphics Pricing, availability, and more:
Submitted at 10/26/2010 5:46:43 PM stores and are more likely to support. The board also includes Cost: USD $174
convince them to wait," he says. WLAN and Bluetooth® Regions shipped to: Worldwide
While iPads might sell well for And that's bad news for retailers connectivity technologies. Availability date: Today
Apple this holiday, the overall hoping to grow over last year's PandaBoard offers the ideal Where to buy: http://
tech retail industry is expected to numbers. platform to support projects
decline compared to last year's Additionally, there's no new leveraging all its capabilities Video introduction: http://
impressive sales numbers.(Credit: "must have" product category this within the tight mobile power
Marguerite Reardon/CNET) year. And no, the iPad, as hot as it budget. More “wild” out-of-the- pandaboard/39158/
Consumer electronics retailers is, doesn't count, Baker says. The box technical features of Community access: http://
technology isn't particularly
have good reason to be scared volume of potential iPad sales-- PandaBoard include:
advanced from where it's been the
right now, and it has nothing to do and the few other tablets you'll be Feature community/home
last couple years."
with Halloween. able to buy this holiday season-- Spec M a i l i n g l i s t :
In other words, what people have
Retailers typically do one third of just do not amount to enough to OMAP4430
is working for them, and if they
their annual sales between move (or save) a whole tech retail Dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 IRC chat:
do buy something this fall, it's
October and December, and this sales season. MPCore (cores run at 1 GHz irc
probably not going to be the kind
year's holiday shopping season is Large, big-ticket items like PCs each) Project review and submission:
of high-priced item like a flat-
not on track for big gains, or TVs, if popular, can completely Ample MIPS for rich
screen TV, high-end digital SLR
according to an analyst firm that turnaround a sales season, says applications projects
camera, or a brand new laptop, the
follows the industry and Baker, because "you're talking Multimedia Other portals showcasing
categories of gadgets that have
interviewed shoppers. In fact, the about tens of billions of dollars of Full 1080p30 multi-standard HD PandaBoard: http://
kept cash registers ringing the
outlook is pretty bleak. sales. With iPads you're talking record and playback and http://
past few holiday seasons.
The NPD Group says it is about low single-digit million OpenGL® ES v2.0 graphics
There are other reasons why
expecting a 1 to 3 percent decline sales." engine Relevant Entries on SlashGear
consumers generally are not
in sales for the approaching Looking to next year, there is Memory • PandaBoard offers TI Cortex-
expected to spend a lot of money
holiday shopping season for tech somewhat of a silver lining 1GB LPDDR2 (DRAM) A9 OMAP4 to imaginative devs
on new gadgets this holiday
retailers. And that's unfamiliar however, he adds: "I don't know Wireless connectivity • Texas Instruments OMAP
season, Baker points out in a post
territory for an industry that's that things will get much worse." WiLink™ 6.0 (802.11b/g/n, Blaze on Sale Now
on NPD's blog: prices have stayed
been growing by leaps and This entry passed through the Bluetooth® v2.1 +EDR) • Texas Instruments OMAP4
relatively stable, meaning there's
bounds even amid a poor Full-Text RSS service — if this is Display hands-on
unlikely to be drastic price wars
economy the past few years. your content and you're reading it HDMI v1.3 connector for HD • Panasonic and Charlotte Motor
among retailers, the thing that gets
"Unit volumes last year were up on someone else's site, please read display Speedway Team for Worlds
most people in the door.
30, 40, 50 percent. [Sales of] TVs our FAQ page at DVI-D connector for Largest HD Screen
Shoppers are accustomed to
were up 25 percent," said Stephen content-only/faq.php simultaneous dual display • Control your Roomba with a
expect 20 percent to 25 percent
Baker, vice president of industry Five Filters featured article: Expansion Wii Balance Board
discounts on products around the
analysis for NPD, said in an Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- USB host
holiday, and this year the actual
interview today. "What people Reporting of Falluja's Cancer USB OTG host
number is going to be closer to 5
have is pretty new, and people Catastrophe. Support
percent, Baker reports. And those
don't need to buy new stuff [this Open-source hardware design
small price declines are "unlikely
year], especially when the Open-source community
E-reader News Edition Technology/ 39

The PlayStation Phone is still real

Joshua Topolsky (Engadget) last seen running Android 2.X images or the information without
Submitted at 10/27/2010 11:58:00 AM (not 3.0, which we suspect will be a healthy sense that we were
the shipping version). It should be bringing you fact, and not fiction.
By now you've seen our photos obvious by comparison of our We don't like to boast, but as the
of the PlayStation Phone, and original mockup to the real photos guys and girls who brought you
likely you've also heard the we've just uncovered that the the first pictures and review of the
scattered reports of debunkings handset we described in August is Nexus One, the first details and
and cries of "fake!" -- it wouldn't the same handset now fully images of the Dell Venue Pro(aka
be a scoop without it. Only here's revealed. Prior to last night, we Lightning), the first pictures of the
the thing: the PlayStation Phone had never seen an actual image of new MacBook Air, the first
in the photos we ran last night, the phone. It should also be photos of the iPad, and the first
and the device reported on back in obvious that the device pictured in photos of the iPhone 4, we feel
August is most definitely real. those photos is a prototype pretty confident in our abilities to
We're not saying that because we running early software (which deliver the goods. Of course, this
want to believe or because we're would explain the A / B button story is just beginning -- so hold
gingerly trying to nab pageviews: mention in the photo above) with on tight.
we're saying it because we know hardware that was likely hand- Gallery: The PlayStation Phone
it to be true. This is a device built, or at the very least created Gallery: PlayStation Phone
which has been confirmed in a very small batch. details
through multiple, trusted sources. Based on what we've heard about that an employee originally told a know of the device's existence, The PlayStation Phone is still real
And we're not just talking good the secrecy of this plan, it makes publication that the images were was lying about its existence, or originally appeared on Engadget
tipsters -- some of our information sense that even Sony's own fake, only to backtrack and simply had their response taken on Wed, 27 Oct 2010 11:58:00
comes from people much more employees wouldn't be privy to deliver the standard corporate line out of context. And that brings us EDT. Please see our terms for use
closely connected to the project. information on the phone, the that the company "doesn't respond to our point -- while there will be of feeds. Permalink| | Email this|
Even since last night we've marketplace, and the collaboration to rumor and speculation." It's plenty of speculation on whether Comments
received more info about the with Google. The alleged Sony possible that whomever was or not what we've shown you is
phone -- learning that its response to the device makes that originally questioned either didn't real, we would never run the
codename is "Zeus," and it was somewhat clear -- reports state

Dennis, Tell Us How You Really Feel About Facebook

Erick Schonfeld (TechCrunch) never be able to look at the what you do on Tumblr. It’s like to launch its own rival geo-
Submitted at 10/27/2010 11:02:48 AM outline of the woman friend’s bob retweeting). But you have to location product, Facebook
haircut again without thinking of wonder if he doesn’t feel a little Places. Interestingly, Foursquare
Ever wonder what the inspiration Darth Vader’s helmet. bit like the Luke Skywalker was present at that launch., but
was for the Facebook Friends It’s just a funny photoshopped friend. Crowley definitely has mixed
icon, the one with the outline of juxtapostion with the caption, Before closing Foursquare’s feelings about Facebook. Sort of
two people side-by-side? Neither “I’m sure this is where the last$20 million round, he was like Luke did about Darth Vader.
have I. But now that Foursquare Facebook ‘Friends’ icon came talking to Facebook(and others) CrunchBase Information
founder Dennis Crowley put up from.” I don’t want to about a possible acquisition Foursquare Facebook Information
this side-by-side comparison of psychoanalyze Crowley too much something he found amusing from instead. The deal never provided by CrunchBase
images on his Tumblog, I will on this. He simply reblogged someone else’s Tumblog. (That is happened, and Facebook went on
40 Technology/ E-reader News Edition

Don’t Tell Tesla: In 2020, Sales Of Electric Vehicles Will Be

Less Than 8% Of The Global Market
Evelyn Rusli (TechCrunch) sales. Thus, in a decade, says other popular reasons
Submitted at 10/27/2010 11:49:40 AM consumers will only move the included: aesthetics, insecurity in
needle about 5 percentage points, the new technology, unhappiness
Given all the apparent excitement from 2.2 to 7.3. If the future of the with how the car performed, and
surrounding electric vehicles and car is electric, it’s not happening the need to recharge batteries/
the billions invested by in the next decade and— given driving range.
automakers, financial firms and the sluggish growth curve— not Who is actually buying?
government incentives, you would the one after that either. J.D. Power says from their
assume there was a groundswell So why the apprehensiveness research, a very clear, dominant
of consumer support for hybrid among consumers? demographic emerged: “buyers
and battery electric cars According to J.D. Power and of HEVs and BEVs are generally
underlying this momentum. Associates, a confluence of older, more highly educated
Unfortunately, according to a factors have discouraged would- (possessing a postgraduate
J.D. Power and Associates report be-electric owners. Not degree), high-income individuals
released this morning, we may be surprisingly, the number one who have a deep interest in
on the electric car bandwagon but reason is money. Although there technology, or who like to be
once you get us to the dealership, are government subsidies to among the early adopters of any
we look the other way. encourage green car purchases in new technology product.”
The firm predicts that in 2010, the US, it’s still difficult for cash- “Many consumers say they are consumers in the U.S. who At least there’s hope for those
international sales of hybrid and strapped buyers not to compare concerned about the environment, initially say they are interested in Tesla dealerships in Silicon
battery electric cars will total 5.2 the new hybrid models against but when they find out how much buying a hybrid vehicle, the Valley.
million, or 7.3%, of the 70-plus cheaper, less fuel efficient a green vehicle is going to cost, number declines by some 50
million consumer vehicles vehicles (remember, the recession their altruistic inclination declines percent when they learn of the
expected to be sold. This year, the is not over for the 9-plus percent considerably,” John Humphrey, extra $5,000, on average, it would
world is on track to sell 954,500 who are still unemployed or the an SVP at J.D. Power, said in a cost to acquire the vehicle.”
electric units, 2.2% of all car many who are underemployed). statement. “For example, among Beyond sticker shock, the report

Today at 5 PM ET: TUAW TV Live's Apple History 101 episode

Steven Sande (TUAW) Jobs with more hair (and weight) watch the show and join in on the Live's Apple History 101 episode
Submitted at 10/27/2010 1:00:00 PM than he has now. You'll laugh at chat. As part of today's show, I'll originally appeared on TUAW on
the horrible specs of the also be talking about computing Wed, 27 Oct 2010 13:00:00 EST.
On today's TUAW TV Live, I'll equipment that is applauded and on the road -- something I've been Please see our terms for use of
be taking you on a video trip cheered at the events and shake doing for way too long. I'll pass feeds.
down memory lane. If you're an your head at the design of some of along some hints on how to make Source| Permalink| Email this|
old-time Apple geek like I am, the older product lines. your mobile computing work for Comments
you'll remember these product To join me on this remote edition you.
rollouts with a bit of nostalgia. of TUAW TV Live (I'm out in I'll see you at 5 PM EDT today,
(2 PM PDT), and you'll see a full
Relative newbies are going to Silicon Valley this week), drop by here at
set of instructions on how to
gawk in awe at Apple CEO Steve a few minutes before 5 PM EDT Today at 5 PM ET: TUAW TV
E-reader News Edition Technology/ 41

4 Things Developers Should Know

About Blackberry App World 2.0
Sarah Perez (ReadWriteWeb) business users to buy "work-
Submitted at 10/27/2010 12:00:00 PM World 2.0 Enables Web-to-Phone related" apps since they can use
Downloads their corporate credit card to
Last week, RIM updated its Most importantly, App World expense the purchases. 3.
Blackberry App World storefront 2.0, now introduces Web-to- Operating Billing Launched
to version 2.0, an important phone downloads, which means Besides credit cards and the
u p d a t e f o r c o n s u m e r s a n d users can browse to the online previously introduced PayPal
developers alike. For end users, storefront and purchase apps from support, a third payment option is
the "My World" view within the the Web. Those apps are then sent also now supported: operator
u p d a t e d s t o r e h a s b e e n to their Blackberry device. billing. Although this is only
streamlined to show installed In order to access this available on supported carriers,
apps, pending apps, archived apps functionality, users will need a
and deleted ones. There are also Blackberry ID and will have to
it's yet another good way to
encourage purchases, since it
White iPhone 4 secretly
new ways to discover apps, like install a browser plugin to
the "top 25" lists, which highlight facilitate the transfers of apps
the best apps in a number of from PC to mobile. In addition to
requires no up-front credit card
entry or other hassles. 4. Apps
Can be Distributed by QR Code
cancelled; Apple treading
categories. app downloads, consumers can
But what developers will really also now use App World to read
Finally, App World 2.0 also
includes the ability to create QR water until iPhone 5?
want to know about are the new and write app reviews and make codes (2D barcodes) for your Chris Davies (SlashGear) then and the presumed iPhone 5
billing and distribution options recommendations to friends. 2. apps. For developers, this simply Submitted at 10/27/2010 11:05:42 AM debut in June or July 2011. All
App World 2.0 introduces. Credit Card Payments Now enables another method for app speculative at this stage, but
Sponsor Accepted advertising as you can put the QR Apple has already confirmed that potentially less damaging to share
Although we've known about the App World 2.0 now supports codes on all your marketing we shouldn’t expect a white p r i c e s t h a n a n o u t r i g h t
pending update for some time, it credit card payments (Visa & material, your website, business iPhone 4 until spring 2011, but c a n c e l a t i o n .
wasn't until Friday that RIM sent MasterCard only) for purchases - cards, fliers and more. now there’s speculation that the Relevant Entries on SlashGear
out the official news that the a h a n d y f e a t u r e , g i v e n For more information on the Cupertino company doesn’t • iPhone 4 orders cancelled by
improved App World storefront Blackberry's corporate focus. changes, developers can login to i n t e n d t o r e l e a s e t h e p a l e AT&T and Apple for the second
has gone live for all. Here are the With credit card payments now the Vendor Portal or ask questions smartphone at all. BGR‘s source time?
top things developers should accepted, it will be easier for in the Developer Forums. Discuss h a s h e a r d t h a t A p p l e h a s • White iPhone 4 delayed until
know about the update: 1. App internally canned the white late July 2010
iPhone 4, and that normally • OtterBox offers iPhone 4
talkative manufacturers are Defender case in colors
refusing to comment on the talk of • White iPhone 4 won’t drop until
it being a case of production Spring 2011 admits Apple
delays. • White iPhone 4 reservations hit
The suggestion is that Apple will updated Apple Store app
confirm another delay in around
March 2011, which will then
roughly span the gap between
42 Technology/ E-reader News Edition

Sennheiser expands gaming headset

line, brings the top-shelf PC 360
Tim Stevens (Engadget)
Submitted at 10/27/2010 12:42:00 PM

Sennheiser is well known in the

slightly more budget-conscious
wing of the audiophile community
for selling great headsets at prices
that won't drop your credit rating
by more than a few points. Of late
the company has been making
waves in the gaming community
as well by throwing microphones
PhotoFast offers
onto those cans, and now four
new models are shaking the pool
even more. First and biggest is the
MacBook Air upgrade
Dave Caolo (TUAW) swapped the 64GB internal
$299 PC 360, available overseas module with the new one, just pop
Submitted at 10/27/2010 12:30:00 PM
for a few months but finally it into the USB housing and
hitting the US and building upon While the MacBook Air is presto! You've got 64GB of
the success of the PC 350. It looks surround. Finally, and smallest of expands gaming headset line,
the bunch, is the $209 PC 163D, brings the top-shelf PC 360 turning heads with its good looks external storage.
to borrow the open design of the and surprising performance, the There's no word on pricing or
company's well regarded HD555 which again offers pretends at 7.1 Stateside
headset, adding a mic on the left but in a design that might be a Sennheiser expands gaming paltry 64GB of storage on the a v a i l a b i l i t y y e t , b u t w e ' r e
that mutes itself when you pivot it little more... flattering for gamers headset line, brings the top-shelf base 11.6-inch model has some guessing it won't be cheap. Still,
up and a volume dial on the right. with smallish heads. None is PC 360 Stateside originally d i s a p p o i n t e d . F o r t u n a t e l y , it's a nifty little device.
The $239 PC 333D model offers a exactly affordable, but all should appeared on Engadget on Wed, 27 PhotoFast has produced a module [Via Engadget]
similar design but with more rock your world, and all are Oct 2010 12:42:00 EDT. Please that boosts capacity to 265GB and PhotoFast offers MacBook Air
isolating closed cups, mixing in available now. see our terms for use of feeds. tosses in USB 3.0 to boot. upgrade originally appeared on
Gallery: Sennheiser gaming Permalink| Sennheiser USA| Here's how it works. The TUAW on Wed, 27 Oct 2010
pseudo 7.1 Dolby Headphone, P h o t o F a s t G M 2 S F V 1 A i r 12:30:00 EST. Please see our
while the $169 PC 330 looks headsets Email this| Comments
Continue reading Sennheiser Upgrade Kit for the MacBook Air terms for use of feeds.
much the same minus the faux comes with a 256GB module and Source| Permalink| Email this|
a USB 3.0 housing. Once you've Comments
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University of Chicago, Cornell 10 Unusual Investments

(HowStuffWorks Daily Feed)
researchers develop universal robotic Submitted at 10/27/2010 9:00:56 AM
buy high-quality items at good
prices, but specialize in only a
few. A smart investor buys with
gripper A few years back, a man bought their head, not with their heart.
a $ 4 p i c t u r e f r a m e a t a If you're thinking about investing
Donald Melanson (Engadget) Pennsylvania flea market. When in unusual items, there are many
Submitted at 10/27/2010 11:37:00 AM
he took the frame apart, out things to remember. Become an
popped a copy of the Declaration expert. Pick the brains of other
Robotic hands are usually just of Independence. The document dealers and collectors, and then
that -- hands-- but some was a so-called "Dunlap print," buy the best that you can afford.
researchers from the University of one of only a handful produced by Make sure items are signed or in
Chicago and Cornell University the 18th-century Philadelphia their original boxes. Look at an
(with a little help from iRobot) printer John Dunlap [source: item's condition. The more perfect
have taken a decidedly different Reif]. In 2000, a separate Dunlap the piece, the more money you
approach for their so-called Declaration of Independence sold can make. Buy an item with a
universal robotic gripper. As you f o r $ 8 . 1 4 m i l l i o n [ s o u r c e : good provenance. Also, become
can see above, the gripper is Gregory]. adept at knowing where and when
actually a balloon that can When people hear such stories, to sell.
conform to and grip just about any they often scour attics, antique Turn the page and start your
small object, and hang onto it able to let go of the object just by r o b o t i c g r i p p e r o r i g i n a l l y shops and flea markets hoping to j o u r n e y f o r 1 0 u n u s u a l
firmly enough to pick it up. releasing the vacuum. Simple, but appeared on Engadget on Wed, 27 find that one item that will make i n v e s t m e n t s .
What's the secret? After much it works. Head on past the break Oct 2010 11:37:00 EDT. Please them rich. It's not a bad idea. As This entry passed through the
testing, the researchers found that to check it out in action. see our terms for use of feeds. t h e e c o n o m y s o u r s a n d Full-Text RSS service — if this is
ground coffee was the best [Thanks, Jeremy] Permalink Switched| Cornell investments in stocks, bonds and your content and you're reading it
substance to fill the balloon with - Continue reading University of Chronicle, University of Chicago| r e a l e s t a t e s k i d , u n u s u a l on someone else's site, please read
- to grab an object, the gripper Chicago, Cornell researchers Email this| Comments investments can often net a our FAQ page at
simply creates a vacuum in the develop universal robotic gripper financial windfall. content-only/faq.php
balloon (much like a vacuum- University of Chicago, Cornell Whether they're sinking their Five Filters featured article:
sealed bag of coffee), and it's then researchers develop universal money in to coins, antiques or Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
high-end wines, the best investor Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
is a knowledgeable investor. They Catastrophe.
can spot fakes and forgeries. They

Tape Art Absurdity (12 pieces)

Eugene (Featured Blog Posts - perception to his advantage, the people to enter freely, and follow my gut about the sensation
My Modern Metropolis) care-free artist tricks our eyes unexpectedly ‘disconnect’ from of color and space, and have fun
Submitted at 10/26/2010 11:30:00 PM with his colorful, playful works. their reality. doing it."
"We all need the opportunity to "I'm not trying to push a certain Aakash Nihalani
I think it's safe to say that nobody see the city more playfully, as a highbrow logic or philosophy or
has more fun with tape than New world dominated by the interplay purposefully communicate
York-based artist Aakash of very basic color and shape," new space within the existing through the esoteric medium of
Nihalani. Using our lack of depth says Nihalani. "I try to create a space of our everyday world for art. I work instinctively, trying to
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The Midterm Election That Restored America

(AEI.Org: Articles) and the invasion of Axis-held material deprivation, along with worked. Many of the new "This election proves how the
Submitted at 10/26/2010 6:00:00 PM North Africa just a week before rising taxes, in order to win a war senators, like Ed Moore of American people want to fight,"
the election--his version of an the United States manifestly Oklahoma and Kenneth Wherry one of the new members of
It's not often that a midterm "October Surprise"--was too little, wasn't winning. of Nebraska, were businessmen Congress, Clare Boothe Luce, told
election changes the direction of too late. So although no Tea Party sprang who promised to bring common- a reporter, "with their eyes open,
the United States. Signs are that Still, the real discontent was up, the popular discontent showed sense solutions to the nation's not with blinders. They want to
next Tuesday's will. Sixty-eight domestic. Since 1933--and not in plunging Democratic poll problems, including the war, fight it efficiently and without
years ago, one certainly did. On unlike today--Americans had numbers through 1942. instead of ideology--as well as a bungling."
November 3, 1942, voters went to witnessed an unprecedented In May, the Democrats still return to the principle of limited The new Congress therefore saw
the polls to hand FDR and the growth of the federal government looked as if they might gain 38 government. the war effort not as an excuse to
Democrats a defeat so resounding and federal spending, all in the seats in the House. By August that Even before the 78th Congress expand federal powers, but as
that it halted the country's decade- name of helping the nation number had dropped to eight. was sworn in, a coalition of something to be kept within
long leftward shift, while their r e c o v e r f r o m e c o n o m i c Then in September, the GOP Republicans and conservative constitutional bounds. It sharply
GOP rivals found a clear mandate d e p r e s s i o n . Y e t b y 1 9 4 1 looked to gain 21. When the Southern Democrats started limited the Justice Department's
to reverse the biggest expansion unemployment was still above 9 election actually took place, two cutting one New Deal program antitrust powers, in order to allow
of government in American percent. As recently as 1939 it months later, the Republicans after another, often over big defense contractors to get on
history, the New Deal. had been 16 percent. The public grabbed 46 in an anti-Democrat Roosevelt's veto. The Civilian with the war effort. It turned
Yet astonishingly, and unlike in b e g a n t o s e n s e w h a t e v e n avalanche. Conservation Corps (CCC) was down the idea of an Official
1994, Republicans did it without Roosevelt's Treasury secretary, The Americans who voted the first to go, in June 1942, Secrets Act, and the head of the
getting control of either the House Henry Morgenthau, had sensed Republicans into office were fully followed by the Works Progress Office of War Information's
or the Senate. Instead, they won for some time: that the New Deal committed to winning the war, but Administration (WPA) in domestic branch--essentially
just enough seats to instigate a had been a failure, and it was time according to what they saw as December. The moribund Roosevelt's minister of
legislative backlash against to reverse direction. proven American methods rather National Youth Administration propaganda--was forced to quit.
Roosevelt and his progressive Americans were also fed up with than imported progressive ideas. vanished in July 1943, and the While Congress did approve a
allies, which not only halted the an administration that seemed to Liberal Democrats went down by National Resources Planning bill allowing government to
New Deal juggernaut but which-- want to use the war effort as an the dozen. Outside the still-solid Board (run by FDR's cousin Fred renegotiate war contracts in order
one could argue--also won World excuse to extend federal control Democratic South, Republicans Delano) was gone in August. The to limit profits, it made it clear
W a r I I w i t h o u t g i v i n g u p over the economy even further. gained 20 of the 25 Senate seats new Congress defunded the Farm that this war would be won with
America's freedoms in the effort. Embodying that view was the left- being contested--and the Security Administration and the the support of private business
In 1942, voters turned against liberal director of the Office of governorship of nearly every big Rural Electrification and industry, not over its
FDR only two years after he had Price Administration (OPA), Leon state, including Michigan, Administration that same year. opposition--while strikes by
w o n r e e l e c t i o n t o a n Henderson, who seemed to see no California, and New York, where Congress kept the OPA, but Leon unions like the CIO and the
unprecedented third term. Yet commodity, from shoes to sugar, Thomas E. Dewey became the Henderson was gone even before United Mine Workers, which had
after Pearl Harbor, there was a and no transaction, from riding a first Republican governor in 20 it met in January. The OPA lost threatened to paralyze war
strong feeling, not entirely train to placing a long-distance years. Although the Democrats its authoritarian clout, and production, would no longer be
unwarranted, that Roosevelt had telephone call, that he wasn't hung on to a 13-seat majority in Americans accepted rationing as tolerated.
been an incompetent war leader. ready to ration or regulate. That the House, and a solid majority in long as it was imposed locally, Roosevelt got the message. When
After the surrender of the progressive New Deal war the Senate, the halcyon days of a not federally. UMW miners dared to walk out in
P h i l i p p i n e s , t h e J a p a n e s e economy was summed up in an pro-Roosevelt Congress were The Americans who voted the spring of 1943, Roosevelt
occupation of Alaska's Aleutian article by Roosevelt intimate over. As Life magazine put it after Republicans into office were fully threatened to draft them all. The
Islands, and growing American Harry Hopkins in The American the election, "The U.S. is now a committed to winning the war, but strike was over almost before it
shipping losses to U-boats in the Magazine called "You Will Be Republican country." according to what they saw as started. It was one of Roosevelt's
A t l a n t i c , R o o s e v e l t ' s Mobilized," which prescribed a That meant big changes in how proven American methods rather
announcement of Operation Torch future of bleak regimentation and government in Washington than imported progressive ideas. MIDTERM page 46
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Public Employee Unions Funnel Public Money to Dems

(AEI.Org: Articles) so much more to campaigns for government by those who have less accountable. kind of folk hero for his defiance
Submitted at 10/26/2010 6:00:00 PM federal office. sworn to support it, is unthinkable Yes, some union leaders like the of the states' teacher unions,
The problem is that, as Roosevelt and intolerable." late Albert Shanker of the which expect 4 percent raises in
Who is the largest single political understood, public employee It still is at the federal level, American Federation of Teachers years of no growth or inflation
contributor in the 2010 campaign unions' interests are directly the thanks to presidents of both have been concerned about the and balk at having members pay
cycle? You can be pardoned if opposite of those of taxpayers. parties and especially to Ronald quality of public services. But any share of health insurance
you answer, erroneously, that it's Nor has it denounced the Reagan's firing of the striking air they have been the exception premiums.
some new conservative group Supreme Court's Citizens United traffic controllers in 1981. But rather than the rule. Public employee union members
organized by Karl Rove. That's decision last January allowing successful strikes in many states Public employee unions have have become, as U.S. News
campaign spin by the Obama unions to spend members' dues on and cities have given public collected big time from the Editor in Chief Mortimer
Democrats, obediently relayed by politics without their permission employee unions huge clout and Obama Democrats. The February Zuckerman writes, "the new
certain elements of the so-called and without disclosure. hugely generous salaries, benefits 2009 stimulus package contained privileged class," with better pay,
mainstream media. AFSCME's No. 1 status is and pensions. $160 billion in aid to state and more generous benefits and far
The real answer is AFSCME, the emblematic of a change in the Even more important is the local governments. This was more lush pensions than those
American Federation of State, union movement over the years. political reality that, as New York intended to, and did, insulate who pay their salaries--and who
C o u n t y a n d M u n i c i p a l Before public employee unions union leader Victor Gotbaum said public employee union members are taxed to send money to their
Employees. The union's president, w o n t h e r i g h t t o r e p r e s e n t in 1975, "We have the ability, in a from the ravages of the recession leaders' favored candidates.
Gerald McEntee, reports proudly employees in New York City in sense, to elect our own boss." that afflicted those unfortunate Franklin Roosevelt thought
t h a t A F S C M E w i l l b e 1958 and federal employees in The anomalies don't end there. enough to make their livings in public-sector unions were a lousy
contributing $87.5 million in this 1962, almost all union members Public employees' union dues and the private sector. idea. Do you?
cycle, entirely or almost entirely worked in the private sector. contributions to union PACs come How it benefited the society as a Michael Barone is a resident
to Democrats. "We're spending But unions today represent only 7 from directly from taxpayers. So whole is less clear. State fellow at AEI.
big," he told the Wall Street percent of private-sector workers. if you live in a state or city with governments in California, Photo Credit: iStockphoto/james
Journal. "And we're damn happy In 2009, for the first time in strong public employee unions, Illinois, New York and New steidl
it's big." history, most union members you are paying a tax that goes to Jersey are facing enormous This entry passed through the
The mainstream press hasn't were public employees. elect Democratic candidates (plus, budget deficits and much, much Full-Text RSS service — if this is
shown much interest in reporting This would not have gone down perhaps, a few malleable greater pension liabilities. Much your content and you're reading it
on unions' campaign spending, well with President Franklin Republicans). of the life of their private-sector on someone else's site, please read
which amounted to some $400 Roosevelt. "The process of The problem is that, as Roosevelt economies has been sucked out by our FAQ page at
million in the 2008 cycle. And it collective bargaining, as usually understood, public employee the public employee unions, with content-only/faq.php
hasn't seen fit to run long u n d e r s t o o d , c a n n o t b e unions' interests are directly the a resulting flight of middle- Five Filters featured article:
investigative stories on why transplanted into the public opposite of those of taxpayers. income citizens unable or Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
public employee unions--the large service," he said in the 1930s. A Public employee unions want unwilling to bear such burdens. Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
majority of which work for state public employee strike, he said, government to be more expensive New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, Catastrophe.
and local governments--contribute "looking toward the paralysis of and government employees to be elected in 2009, has become a

'Sons of Anarchy' Season 3, Episode 8 Recap

Maureen Ryan (TV Squad) 'Sons of Anarchy' looks about children -- how beloved the idea that their very existence
unapologetically at violent lives.
Submitted at 10/27/2010 7:15:00 AM they are, how fiercely they are can be dangerous.
Whether the sons are in Belfast or protected (and how they protect Permalink| Email this| Linking
Filed under: Reality-Free, California, fisticuffs and bullets their elders). But what may be Blogs| Comments
Recaps, Stay Tuned['Sons of are never far away. most striking about this super-
Anarchy' - 'Lochan Mor'] But what struck me about 'Lochan Mor' is that it was really sized episode is how it dwelled on
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most popular decisions. By liberalism would continue to grow dedicated to getting government
Superfast Comfort Food
(Cooking Light: Editor's Picks) • Add Comment
December 1943, Roosevelt was the federal government bigger off people's backs.
telling reporters that "Dr. New than ever. Arthur Herman is a visiting •|
Deal" had given way to "Dr. Win Because in their effort to speed scholar at AEI. Food» Quick & Healthy» •
the War." up victory over the Axis, the Photo Caption: thepodger/Flickr/ Superfast Comfort-Food Recipes
Contrary to Life magazine, the legislators of the 78th Congress Creative Commons Whether it's soup, stew, Text size: A A A
1942 election did not make made one crucial mistake. This entry passed through the sandwiches, mashed potatoes, or This entry passed through the
America a Republican country-- In July 1943, they instated the Full-Text RSS service — if this is mac 'n cheese, if it puts a smile on Full-Text RSS service — if this is
even though in 1946 Republicans first federal-income-tax your content and you're reading it your face, there's a 20-minute your content and you're reading it
would gain control of both the withholding law, in the hopes that on someone else's site, please read recipe for it here. on someone else's site, please read
House and the Senate, however this would accelerate the flow of our FAQ page at • Share our FAQ page at
fleetingly. Roosevelt would win a revenue into the defense effort. content-only/faq.php • content-only/faq.php
fourth term in 1944--but this time The goal was noble; the Five Filters featured article: •| Five Filters featured article:
as a reward for being the master consequences monstrous. Over Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- • Print Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
architect of America's imminent the decades more and more Reporting of Falluja's Cancer •| Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
victory, not as the leader of the money would disappear from Catastrophe. • Email Catastrophe.
New Deal. But 1942 did signal people's paychecks without their •|
the start of a conservative noticing. Tax-and-spend
resurgence that would finally Washington found its most
blossom in the Reagan years-- valuable secret ally--given to
even though progressive them, ironically, by the Congress

James Cameron's Next Movies: Avatar 2 and 3

Lewis Wallace (Wired Top Daily Variety. “I’m looking created a universe based on the minutes of Avatar to an the current push to film in 3-D
Stories) forward to returning to Pandora, a singular imagination and daring of enthusiastic crowd, and it was and convert classic movies like
Submitted at 10/27/2010 10:50:00 AM world where our imaginations can James Cameron, who also has clear from that footage alone that Star Wars for 3-D rerelease.
run wild.” raised the consciousness of people he had dreamed up — and F o l l o w u s o n
J a m e s C a m e r o n w i l l t a k e The deal between Cameron and worldwide to some of the greatest delivered on-screen — a deeply Twitter:@lewiswallace
moviegoers back to Pandora in a 20th Century Fox was announced issues facing our planet,” cohesive world for a cinematic and@theunderwire.
pair of Avatar sequels that he Wednesday. Cameron will direct Gianopulos and Rothman told franchise that could become his See Also:
promises will deliver the same the sequels, which will be his next Daily Variety. “We had no greater Star Wars. This entry passed through the
visual and emotional impact of two movie projects. Planned priority, and can feel no greater The 2009 movie, a classic hero’s Full-Text RSS service — if this is
the original sci-fi smash. release dates for the tentatively joy, than enabling Jim to continue journey about a paralyzed vet who your content and you're reading it
“In the second and third films, titled Avatar 2 and Avatar 3 are and expand his vision of the world inhabits a synthetic blue body and on someone else's site, please read
which will be self-contained December 2014 and December of Avatar.” fights alongside natives on our FAQ page at
stories that also fulfill a greater 2015. The besieged world of Pandora, Pandora, has earned nearly $2.8 content-only/faq.php
story arc, we will not back off the Fox Filmed Entertainment filled with exotic flora and fauna billion so far, making it the all- Five Filters featured article:
throttle of Avatar’s visual and chairmen Jim Gianopulos and inspired at least in part by time international box office Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
emotional horsepower, and will Tom Rothman called the Avatar Cameron’s underwater champ. Perhaps more importantly, Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
continue to explore its themes and sequels the studio’s highest adventures, proved a powerful the movie’s incredibly immersive Catastrophe.
characters, which touched the priority. draw from its unveiling at last 3-D visuals set a new standard for
hearts of audiences in all cultures “ Avatar is not only the highest- year’s Comic-Con International in cinematic excellence.
around the world,” Cameron told grossing movie of all time, it San Diego. Cameron showed 20 Avatar’s unbridled success fueled
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Toronto Embraces Fiscal Prudence; Guillotine of Spending Cuts

Coming? (Michael detested by the other counsellors council. what we're going to give them ... surgical precision – not lowering
Shedlock) (Mish's Global because he never spent any of his Hopefully US voters respond the the people of Toronto are not a guillotine.”
Economic Trend Analysis) allotted budget and actually same way on November 2. divided. We are united.” That nuanced message did not
Submitted at 10/27/2010 3:26:00 AM returned calls from his The Globe and Mail reports Guillotine of Spending Cuts resonate – not mixed in with his
A guillotine of spending cuts may constituents directly. He kept Ford’s dominant victory ushers in Coming? other platforms, not when Ford’s
be headed Toronto's way after a detailed memos of the waste by a new era for Toronto The Star asks What happens singular message was so simple
resounding victory by right-wing the mostly left-leaning counsel Toronto has repudiated nearly a now? Four turbulent years and memorable: “I’m going to
c a n d i d a t e R o b F o r d . M a n y such as $12,000 retirement decade of liberal-minded city- Rob Ford, the man billed as stop the gravy train” at city hall.
Canadians wrote me this evening parties, rented bunny suits at local building, as a city sputtering Toronto’s worst nightmare, is the Can the new mayor recalibrate
with the good news. events, taxi bills spent by the through a low-wage economic city’s 64th mayor. spending at city hall? Is that
One of the best of them comes transit commissioner, etc. He recovery traded big ideas for a Sophisticated Toronto has elected Ford’s mandate when so many
from "Bruno" who writes ... voiced them every week on a talk new mayor who promised to cut as its chief magistrate a penny- voted against the eventual
Hi Mish radio show and built up a taxes, rip out streetcars and get pinching councillor who promises winner? Will he be able to
I am an avid reader of your blog. momentum behind him sufficient tough with waste at City Hall. to rip out downtown streetcar implement his platform on a
I wanted to point out a bit of news enough to make the strongest Rob Ford, the right-wing lines, chop the size of council in council with a strong contingent
that would make you smile. The statement yet in Canada in favour councillor who few expected to half, privatize garbage collection of left-leaning politicians
city of Toronto elected a new of fiscal prudence. win the mayoralty race when he and squeeze as much as $2.7 committed to thwart him at every
mayor last night with a sharp turn Ford plans to cut city counsel by entered it seven months ago, billion out of the city’s budget. turn? Not all of it. Not as quickly
to fiscal prudence and rejecting h a l f , o u t - s o u r c e g a r b a g e defeated George Smitherman in a And he won going away, polling as he thinks.
the very very left wing it has been collection, reduce government resounding victory last night that nearly half the votes. Transit City, the network of
saddled with for most of the past operating budgets, reduce staff was called eight minutes after the Ten months ago, this was streetcar lines, will proceed
three decades. through attrition, cut out all perks polls closed. Mr. Ford won by 11 unthinkable. Today, Torontonians because it is the only transit plan
Rob Ford who is anything but for city staff, eliminate many points, capturing 47 per cent of spread across the country and the approved and funded. And Ford
presentable in the conventional grants to thousands of groups, etc. the vote to Mr. Smitherman's 36 world are wondering, what will not be able to rip up streetcar
context (very over-weight, loud, In short, he wants to do many of per cent, and led a wave of happened. lines. The public won’t stand for
s o m e t i m e s o b n o x i o u s ) w a s the things you write about in your political change that crashed More importantly, what happens that. Council won’t support it.
elected by a landslide garnering blog. across the city and the Greater now? Issues like contracting out
more than the second and third Will he be successful? Time will Toronto Area. There will be change – that’s the garbage services and ending sole-
place candidates combined. His tell. Has his "end of the gravy The size and scope of Mr. Ford's mandate Ford received, a mandate source contracting and the sale of
leading opposition was a man train" message resonated? More victory – he garnered more votes bigger than anticipated. city assets promise titanic
named George Smitherman. than any taxpayer could ever have than David Miller did in 2003 or Television stations declared Ford struggles among the left-leaning
Smitherman is a failed provincial hoped. 2006 – contradicted every recent the winner minutes after the polls councillors.
minister of health under whom the Kind regards, poll and confirmed that closed. And any mayor who attempts to
ministry blew $1 billion in Bruno K. traditionally progressive Toronto But the change will come more cut front-line services (cuts in
consulting fees for something Toronto is angry enough about taxes and slowly and less radically than the staff lead to cuts in service) will
called "eHealth" that never New Era for Toronto spending to overlook the winner’s campaign rhetoric face a revolt from the left and
resulted to so much as a single Congratulations to Ford whose Etobicoke councillor's history of suggests. right. So, expect Ford to sweat out
shovel turning over in new simple message "Stop the Gravy gaffes and scandals. Drawing a distinction between lots of savings, just not the large
programs etc. It was a solid Train" resonated with voters. “This victory is a clear call from his approach and Ford’s, amounts he promised.
rejection of the spending class. In addition to Ford's well the taxpayers: Enough is enough Smitherman said during the So, the revolution will be more in
Ford has been a city counsellor deserved win, Toronto voters and I want respect,” the new campaign: “I am going to control TORONTO page 48
for several years and was widely swept six incumbents from city mayor said. “And that's exactly the cost of government by using
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the telling and the election, than It is now time to enact Reagan- happen in Toronto. since private sector garbage The next legal question becomes,
in the governing. The next four like air-comptrollers legislation Legality of Outsourcing Garbage collectors can strike too, if they so is the contracting out of City
years promise to be tumultuous. and bring in new hires (again Collection choose. In other words, garbage collection a ’sale of
“The people of Toronto are united plenty of them given escalating Inquiring minds just might be contracting out a service doesn’t business’ under the Labour
around the call for change,” Ford unemployment ranks) to clean up wondering about how easy it will ensure that there won’t be strikes. Relations Act? The key section is
said last night. It may be the last the mess. Strike Hits 24 Days And be for Rob Ford to get his way on Ford also says he’ll make the TTC 69. It says, in a nutshell, that the
time for quite a while. Anger Counting garbage. an essential service so TTC transfer of part of business by any
Lingers Over Smelly Garbage Today I asked "NiceGuy767" if Doorey’s Workplace Law Blog workers can’t strike. That’s a manner of disposition, is a sale of
Flashback July 16, 2009: the strike was still on. Here is his discusses this very issue in Can neat trick, since the City has no business, and when there is a sale
Delusional Canadian Economists; reply: Mayor Ford or Smitherman power whatsoever to declare a of a unionized business, the
Anger Mounts In Toronto Over Thanks for asking. Contract Out Garbage Collection? service essential (that’s a collective agreement flows to the
Garbage Collection Garbage Piles Yes they are. 24th day and The candidates for Mayor of the provincial issue). But, as we’ve purchaser of the business. So, it’s
Up In Toronto running. City of Toronto are falling over seen, Ford doesn’t let a fact stand possible that the successful bidder
"NiceGuy767" on Silicon Investor Apparently there are a fairly themselves to have us perceive in the way of a good soundbite. for the work would find itself
is comparing the Detroit Public large number of strikers, who are them as the one who will “take on Now walk through what will bound by the very collective
School system (see Detroit Public unhappy continuing with this the big unions”. Only Joe happen if the new Mayor tries to agreement that the City is trying
School System Ponders strike, but union rules override Pantolone says he will not attempt contract out the garbage to get rid of. The slant on that
Bankruptcy) to the unionized their angst. to contract out garbage collection. collection, as promised. Can he blog, if I am reading it correctly,
garbage collection system in Also, I'm told that Facebook is Rocco Rossi and Smitherman will contract out the work during the seems sickeningly pro-union. Yet
Toronto. replete with upset strikers who are put garbage collection services existing collective agreement, the author does raise some
In a way, the problems of the compelled to tow the union line. out to tender to the private sector, which runs til the end of the year interesting issues that may make it
Detroit public school system is What is most galling to me is that noting that even the “unions” 2011? That question is governed difficult to do what needs to be
the first wave to hit the beach strikers block the road to the drop could apply. I don’t get the by the collective agreement done: kill the gravy train.
representing how out of whack off sites, ostensibly, to explain ‘union-bidding’ thing, to be “contracting out” language. My Unfortunately, the contract
things have gotten for government their side of the dispute, which is honest. Do they mean that the quick scan of the document details do make it appear the city
"service" jobs their legal right. Problem is that union would become a garbage (available here) found this is stuck with overpaid unionized
It may well be that the example there are times when one vehicle collection business, and become language (around page 42-43): garbage collectors until 2011. In
of the broken Detroit Public is allowed to pass each 15 the collectors’ direct employer? No permanent employee with ten the meantime, however, Ford can
school model is just a precursor of minutes. Obviously those who Or that the union could ‘bid’ in (10) years of seniority shall lose proceed with addressing the
governmental broken models to consequently wait 3 hours to drop the form of proposing concessions his employment as a result of logistics to make it happen.
come. off their refuse aren't too under the collective agreement? contracting out or privatization. Major Attitude Changes
Today, in Toronto, we have sympathetic to any rationale they I’m not sure, to be honest. Employees affected as a result of Voters in the UK, Canada, and I
garbage workers, being paid $20 can conjure up. Unions Did Anyone know? contracting out shall have access believe the US (we will find out
to $50 an hour, out on strike for Themselves In Here’s what front-runner Ford to the Redeployment provisions of soon enough) are finally willing
the 20th successive day leaving The unions did themselves in says: “By [contracting out Article 28 and the Layoff and to boot their representatives if
the city wallowing in garbage. with their absurd demands, strikes garbage collection], taxpayers will Recall provisions of Article 29… they do not exercise fiscal
Not only garbage workers but and roadblocks. Ford's message save about $20 million each year The City confirms that during the prudence.
other related unionized workers, "out-source garbage collection" and can have the confidence their term of this Collective Agreement This is a major attitude change.
such as day care and park resonated with the voters at the garbage collectors won’t go on and any extension by law, there Economically it's a good thing
employees, are also out....In this right time. unnecessary strikes.” That number shall be no new contracting out of regardless of what Krugman says.
economy, I don't get it. Any Message to Rob Ford: Please do is a guess, since he can’t know work of the Local 416 bargaining Mike "Mish" Shedlock
unemployed person would not screw up snow removal. what the bids would be. And the unit resulting directly or indirectly h t t p : / /
happily take on these jobs at 10% Mayoral elections in Chicago promise that there won’t be in the layoff or loss of globaleconomicanalysis.blogspot.
to 25% lower pay in this have been won or lost on snow strikes by private sector garbage employment of permanent TORONTO page 51
economic environment. jobs. I am quite sure the same can collectors is a matter of faith, employees.
E-reader News Edition Economy/ 49

5 Charts That Show Why QE2 Is Not Only Unnecessary But

Scott Grannis (Money Game) consumers. For example, we've week. But the Fed governors are
Submitted at 10/27/2010 11:06:21 AM recently heard from General not unanimously behind QE2. Fed
Mills that they plan to raise cereal Governor Hoenig yesterday said
As next week's FOMC meeting prices, which is in part a response that more quantitative easing
approaches and estimates of the to the 50% increase in wheat would be a "dangerous gamble."
size of Fed asset purchases range prices over the past four months. Fed Governor Fisher last week
from $1 trillion to many trillion, I Price hikes such as this, and said that the "Fed is not
want to reiterate my view that others announced by Starbucks, committed to further asset
another round of quantitative MacDonald's, Kimberley Clark purchases," and that the "debate
easing—regardless of size—is a n d G o o d y e a r , w i l l a l m o s t on possible easing may not be
unnecessary and foolish. certainly find their way into the completed in November."
QE2 would only be justified and CPI. (HT: Larry Kudlow) There is no need for any QE2,
warranted if deflation were a Gold and non-energy industrial and certainly no need for trillions
serious risk and/or the economy c o m m o d i t y p r i c e s a r e i n a more of asset purchases.
were displaying obvious signs of headlong dash to higher price Therefore, I think there is a strong
a liquidity shortage or liquidity levels. We haven't seen such case to be made for a QE2
crisis. Neither is the case today, w i d e s p r e a d a n d p o w e r f u l of inflation that I know. The evidence that some portion of the announcement next week that
and I offer the following as inflation at the commodity level dollar is weak because the Fed is $1 trillion that the FOMC has "disappoints." Why couldn't the
evidence: since the inflationary 1970s. To pumping out more dollars than the pumped into the banking system Fed announce a token QE2 (e.g., a
The most recent measures of think that prices of a broad range world wants; another QE2 will is being used to create new hundred billion in installments) to
inflation are all positive. Over the of industrial commodities can only make the dollar weaker by deposits and loans. reinforce the fact that they are
most recent 12 months, the core double or triple without having creating still more unwanted As evidence that there is no committed to avoiding deflation,
CPI is up 0.8%; the CPI is up a n y p o s i t i v e o r s i g n i f i c a n t dollars. It is inconceivable that the liquidity crisis, I offer my but also unwilling to provoke too
1.3%; the PCE deflator is up contribution to the general price dollar can fall further without at previous post which details the much inflation? While such an
1.5%; and the PCE core deflator level is beyond foolish. Gold is some point triggering higher dramatic improvement in swap announcement would seem likely
is up 1.4%. Over shorter time t h e m o s t m o n e t a r y o f a l l prices throughout the economy. and credit spreads. Swap spreads to result in an equity selloff, I
i n t e r v a l s n o n e s h o w a n y commodities, and it typically All measures of money are are so low, in fact, that they would view it as very good news
significant deceleration. (In any leads. Gold is telling us that we growing at significantly positive virtually rule out even the hint of from a long-term perspective, and
event, the CPI is the last place haven't seen the end of the rates. Over the past 6 months, M1 a concern about the health of our thus an excellent buying
you would expect to find evidence current rally in commodity prices. is up at a 10.4% annualized rate; financial markets. As evidence opportunity. If the Fed does the
of rising inflation.) The Producer The dollar is declining against M2 is up at a 6.5% annualized that not only are deflationary right thing, that can never be bad.
Price Index is rising at a rate almost all currencies, and is at or rate; MZM is up at a 7.3% expectations nonexistent but that Downplaying the risk of deflation
clearly above zero. Producer close to its all-time lows, both in annualized rate; and currency in inflation expectations are now and the need for a massive QE2
p r i c e s r e p r e s e n t i n f l a t i o n nominal and real terms. When the circulation is up at a 6.6% rising, I offer my earlier post on would also send a strong message
pressures in the early stages of dollar loses its purchasing power annualized rate. The nominal how TIPS and Treasuries are of badly-needed optimism.
the inflation "pipeline." The PPI against gold, most commodities, increase in M2 since the onset of priced to rising inflation. UPDATE: Art Laffer, in a letter
crude index is up 20% in the past and most currencies, that is about the financial crisis in Sep. '08 is a The Fed has been very vocal on to clients today, points out that the
year, while the PPI intermediate as close as you can get to a whopping $945 billion; currency the subject of QE2, and that Bernanke Fed has suffered an
index is up almost 6% in the past guarantee that it will lose its in circulation has surged by $128 probably means that they are unprecedented level of dissension.
year. As prices rise beginning at v a l u e a g a i n s t j u s t a b o u t billion; and required reserves for preparing the ground for a QE2 "Of the 32 FOMC policy
the early stages of production, everything, on average, and that U.S. banks have expanded by announcement which is almost
CHARTS page 51
they eventually get passed on to is the most fundamental definition over 50%. This adds up to solid universally expected to come next
50 Economy/ E-reader News Edition

The Reason Ford Is Making Record Profits -- They're Shipping

Tons Of Jobs Overseas
Michael Snyder (Money Game) Street is not necessarily good for billion dollars.
Submitted at 10/27/2010 11:31:00 AM average American workers. Just think about that for a minute.
Today, the average Mexican auto World trade has been completely
On Tuesday, Ford Motor worker makes less than a tenth of and totally revolutionized over the
Company reported a record what a U.S. auto worker makes in past 25 years, and America is
breaking profit for the third total compensation. In the new losing.
quarter. Ford earned 1.7 billion global economy, good jobs are The United States has lost
dollars during the quarter, which going to where the labor is the approximately 42,400 factories
was way up from a profit of $997 cheapest, and that means going since 2001.
million a year ago during the away from American workers. So how many more are we going
same time period. Ford CEO Even the unionized workers that to lose before our "leaders" do
Alan Mulally is being hailed as a remained at the manufacturing something about it?
miracle worker, and investors are facilities that Ford kept open were As of the end of 2009, less than
giddy about the future of the forced to agree to very substantial 12 million Americans worked in
company. concessions to their labor manufacturing. The last time less
So is all of this success by Ford contracts just to keep their jobs. than 12 million Americans were
translating into good jobs for Meanwhile, literally hundreds of employed in manufacturing was
American workers? No. Ford dealerships have been shut in 1941.
As described in a recent article down from coast to coast. All of The sad truth is that the United
on MSNBC, Mulally has been this "dealership downsizing" has States is being deindustrialized.
"revamping Ford’s U.S. and Pawlenty offered Ford a very fit into our global manufacturing
also come at a very high price - The big global corporations have
global manufacturing operation generous multi-million dollar strategy."
thousands of good American jobs. figured out that they don't really
to be cheaper, more efficient and incentive package full of tax cuts When you see big corporations
So should we be celebrating need American workers anymore,
more flexible". In other words, and job creation incentives to like Ford use the word "global",
record profits at Ford? and that is really, really bad news
Mulally has been getting rid of keep the factory open. what it really means is some place
Not really. for the American middle class.
American workers in droves. But it didn't work. other than America.
The truth is that in the pursuit of Without good paying jobs, the
Since Mulally took over as CEO, Ford closed the factory anyway. So don't be too quick to applaud
profits, Ford has devastated quite future of the middle class is
Ford has slashed its North So where are all of those Ford Ford for record breaking profits.
a few local communities. incredibly bleak.
American work force by nearly Rangers going to be manufactured The truth is that if current trends
For example, Ford recently If you think that you have figured
half. Ford has shut down or now? continue, we are going to end up
announced the closure of a facility out how the U.S. middle class is
plans to shut down a dozen U.S. Well, the statement about the with literally tens of millions of
that produces the Ford Ranger in going to be able to thrive without
manufacturing facilities. Today, plant closing issued by Ford did unemployed American workers.
St. Paul, Minnesota. good jobs, please leave a
only about 40 percent of Ford's not reveal that tidbit, but it did We are shipping factories, jobs
Closing that plant eliminates 750 comment below and tell me why
178,000 workers are employed in offer some clues.... and wealth overseas so rapidly
U.S. jobs. I am wrong... Don't Miss: 18
North America, and a lot of those "Ford continues to concentrate on that it is hard to even comprehend
But don't people still want to buy Iconic Products That America
jobs are in Canada and Mexico. implementing the plan we what is going on.
Ford Rangers? Doesn't Make Anymore
In fact, the number of Ford cars initiated four years ago to In 1985, the U.S. trade deficit
Yes, of course Ford Rangers are Join the conversation about this
produced in Mexico continues to streamline our plant operations with China was 6 million dollars
still quite popular, and Minnesota story »
grow rapidly. The truth is that and better leverage our global for the entire year. In the month
desperately wanted to keep that
this is yet another example that platforms. At this time, the Twin of August alone, the U.S. trade
factory open.
proves that what is good for Wall Cities Assembly Plant does not deficit with China was over 28
In fact, Minnesota Governor Tim
E-reader News Edition Culture/ 51
continued from page 49 continued from page 48

decisions under Greenspan's short, there is good reason to com account_management.html to

watch, there were three that suspect that the FOMC decision Click Here To Scroll learn more about wealth
received a dissenting vote ... next week may fall short of Thru My Recent Post List Mike management and capital
under Bernanke's stewardship, 19 market expectations. The market "Mish" Shedlock is a registered preservation strategies of Sitka
of 42 FOMC policy decisions may view that as bearish for the investment advisor representative Pacific.
have faced a dissenting vote, with economy, but I would view it as for SitkaPacific Capital
21 total votes against." Moreover, ultimately bullish. Too much Management. Sitka Pacific is an
quite a few of the FOMC monetary ease is not something asset management firm whose
Governors and regional Fed we need or should be hoping for goal is strong performance and
Presidents have questioned the at this juncture. low volatility, regardless of
benefit of, actively criticized, or Join the conversation about this market direction. Visit http://
pointed out potential negative story »
consequences of further
quantitative easing: Fisher,
Hoenig, Kocherlakota, Lacker,
Plosser, Warsh, and even the
perennially dovish Yellen. In

LimeWire Shutters File Sharing Services After RIAA Win

David Kravets (Wired Top copyright material. LimeWire’s any given moment.
Stories) obituary was written by U.S. See Also:
Submitted at 10/27/2010 8:58:00 AM District Judge Kimba Wood of This entry passed through the
New York, who ruled in May the Full-Text RSS service — if this is
LimeWire on Tuesday finally site knowingly played host to your content and you're reading it
shuttered its file sharing services, massive infringement. Tuesday on someone else's site, please read
months after a federal judge sided she ordered it to stop “searching, our FAQ page at
with the Recording Industry downloading, uploading, file content-only/faq.php
Association of America and found trading” and to cease its “file Five Filters featured article:
the New York company liable for distribution functionality.” Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
a “substantial amount of copyright It was the first case targeting a Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
infringement” that the music file sharing software maker Catastrophe.
industry claims amount to $1 following the 2005 Grokster “It’s a sad occasion for our team, Limewire claimed 50 million
billion. decision, in which the U.S. and for you — the hundreds of unique monthly users.Its website
The 4-year-old case, brought by Supreme Court cleared the way millions of people who have used had said its file sharing software
the RIAA, alleged that as much as for lawsuits targeting companies LimeWire to discover new is downloaded hundreds of
93 percent of LimeWire’s file that induced or encouraged file things,” the company said on its thousands of times every day and
sharing traffic was unauthorized sharing piracy. site. boasts millions of active users at
52 Culture/ E-reader News Edition

Leaked Photo Shows Sony Ericsson PlayStation Phone

(Wired Top Stories) also reported to have a 1GHz amount of dirt collecting around
Submitted at 10/27/2010 9:50:00 AM Qualcomm processor, 512MB of the screen, as well as mention of
RAM and 1GB of ROM. ‘A’ and ‘B’ buttons on the
Engadget has photos of what it That’s not much storage if the interface.”
says is a prototype Sony Ericsson phone’s going to store games, Assuming all of these projects are
slide-out phone with Playstation/ pictures, video, books, apps or active, they could be
PSP-style gaming controls. The other media. Apparently the complementary devices, offering
phone has a multitouch track pad phone takes a microSD cards but slightly different features and
(it’s hard to slide analog sticks not memory sticks or UMD. price points, or it could be a single
beneath a screen) and purportedly That’s one way to solve the convergent device offering
will appear sometime next year s t o r a g e p r o b l e m , a l b e i t a everything. I guess we’ll find out
running Android 3.0, aka cumbersome one. sometime in 2011.
Gingerbread. Engadget also claims there will See Also:
R u m o r s o f a n A n d r o i d 3 be a special Sony Marketplace This entry passed through the
PlayStation Phone first emerged offering Android apps for the Full-Text RSS service — if this is
in August. But we’ve been down device. Custom Android app your content and you're reading it
this road many times before, with stores for custom Android devices on someone else's site, please read
devices reported to be imminent, seem to be the thing to do: Barnes our FAQ page at
This summer, the Wall Street NowGamer reports that Sony’s
then killed off. & Noble’s getting ready to do just content-only/faq.php
Journal reported that Sony was European division stated that the
According to Engadget, the that for its new Nook Color. Five Filters featured article:
working on adding 3G networking leaked photos are fakes, but then
phone’s screen is “in the range of Earlier this week, Kotaku Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
to its gaming devices, and on changed its official response to
3.7 to 4.1 inches” — they have reported that Sony executives Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
handheld devices offering “no comment.” NowGamer points
photos, but not a copy of the were showing off a slide-out Catastrophe.
wireless communication, gaming to details suggesting that the
phone itself, so there’s some widescreen gaming device that the
and e-reading. photos are fake, including “a large
guesswork involved. The phone is company was calling the PSP2.

10 Tips for Understanding Carpet Labels

(HowStuffWorks Daily Feed) what you bargained for. And if it'll stand the test of time. Stain your carpet.
Submitted at 10/27/2010 9:00:56 AM you're a smart consumer, you resistance ability will also This entry passed through the
won't necessarily believe probably be important to you. Full-Text RSS service — if this is
New carpet is one of the most everything a salesman tells you. Meanwhile, it's smart to consider your content and you're reading it
s t r i k i n g a n d i m p r e s s i v e Don't go shopping unprepared. the matter of harmful chemical on someone else's site, please read
renovations you can do to a room. If you're decisive enough to settle additives. our FAQ page at Assassin Bug Eats
You may think you know exactly on a color, you'll have to figure The good news is that most of the content-only/faq.php
what you want -- whether that's out what kind of fiber material information you need is Five Filters featured article: Spiders After
plush, comfy carpet for a relaxing you want. And if you don't get conveniently included on a carpet Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
rec room or tough, sturdy carpet lost in comparing the durability label. But in order to understand Reporting of Falluja's Cancer Feigning Capture
for an office. But when you show tests of different carpet, you'll that label, you'll need to be a little Catastrophe. Duncan Geere (Wired Top
up at a carpet showroom, you'll want to know the specific twist familiar with the jargon and what Stories)
face a myriad of choices beyond and density to further predict how each detail means for the life of Submitted at 10/27/2010 10:37:00 AM

ASSASSIN page 53
E-reader News Edition Culture/ 53
continued from page 52

By Duncan Geere, Wired UK bind it in more web, and eat it. seem to be able to generally
A species of assassin bug has The assassin bug slowly differentiate between the two.
been found which creeps onto approaches the spider on its web, The work could have
spiders’ webs and pretends to be using its forelegs to pluck the silk implications for the physics of
prey, then devours the spider threads in a manner that simulates how vibrations propagate through
when it comes to investigate. the vibrations of a fly struggling three-dimensional webs.
The creature, known to after being caught. Wignall Images: 1) Flickr/ jeffsmallwood.
entomologists as Stenolemus studied the behavior of the bugs, 2) An assassin bug. Flickr/
bituberus, and actually in the and found that the response of the dhobern
spider family itself too, is the spider to the predator was the Source:
subject of a paper just published same as its response to when a See Also:
in Proceedings of the Royal vinegar fly or aphid was caught in This entry passed through the
Society B by Annie Wignall from the web. Full-Text RSS service — if this is
Macquarie University in Sydney, Once the spider is close enough, your content and you're reading it
Australia. Wignall describes the the assassin bug lashes out, and on someone else's site, please read
exact process of “aggressive eats the poor unsuspecting our FAQ page at
mimicry” by which the assassin arachnid. Most of the time, content-only/faq.php
bug stalks its target.
Most predators conceal
anyway — Wignall also observed
a few occasions of spiders counter
Five Filters featured article:
Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
Chic in New York: Cire
themselves in order to capture
prey, but the assassin bug takes
the opposite approach — overtly
-attacking the bugs and killing
and eating them instead.
Wignall points out that the
Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
Catastrophe. Trudon
Habitually Chic (Habitually clients included churches and
advertising its presence in a way assassin bug doesn’t identically Chic®) cathedrals and later royalty
that entices its dinner to replicate the vibrations caused by
Submitted at 10/27/2010 10:14:54 AM including Marie Antoinette and
investigate. Web-building spiders prey — there are several higher-
Napoleon. One of my favorite
use vibrations in their web to amplitude vibrations that prey If any more French retailers open candles is their Trianon scent.
detect when it’s caught generate which aren’t simulated shops in New York, pretty soon M a i s o n T r u d o n l a t e r m a d e
something, so they can go over, by the bug. But the spider doesn’t we'll have no reason to go to candles for Hermes, Guerlain and
Paris. I jest of course. We'll Dior. In 2007, Ramdane Touhami
The Ultimate Halloween Quiz never need a reason to visit Paris took over the company and has
but our suitcases might be lighter c a r r i e d o n t h e t r a d i t i o n o f
(HowStuffWorks Daily Feed) answer! Save your score at the on the flight back. The legendary "producing candles of the best
Submitted at 10/27/2010 9:00:56 AM end of the quiz. candle maker to kings and queens, quality according to time honored
This entry passed through the Cire Trudon, is opening a shop on traditions."
For many people in the United Full-Text RSS service — if this is Bond Street. Their first store in I suppose you could still buy the
States and Canada, Halloween your content and you're reading it the United States isn't quite open candles in Paris but it's nice to
ranks right up there with on someone else's site, please read yet but I saw them unpacking know that when you run out, you
Christmas, Hanukkah and New our FAQ page at boxes yesterday so it won't be can pop downtown for more.
Year's. Kids (and adults) begin content-only/faq.php long. Happy Shopping!
devising their costumes months Five Filters featured article: Cire Trudon was founded in 1643 Cire Trudon 54 Bond Street New
before the big night, and stores you really know about this sugar- Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- in Paris when a grocer named Y o r k , N Y 2 1 2 - 6 7 7 - 1 2 0 0
are ready with the treats even filled fright fest? Reporting of Falluja's Cancer Trudon started selling candles he w w w . c i r e t r u d o n . c o m
sooner. You may be a veteran Earn a point for every right Catastrophe. produced and developed. His
trick-or-treater, but how much do
54 Culture/ E-reader News Edition

54 Bond Street See Cute Celebrity Kids

Habitually Chic (Habitually
Submitted at 10/27/2010 12:02:07 PM
actually seems quite reasonable.
The kitchens are a bit modern for
my taste but I love how they
in Halloween Costumes
The new Cire Trudon boutique is
styled the living room. The
amazing windows and roof aren't Through the Years
located in one of the most too bad either. The neighborhood PopSugar (PopSugar)
interesting buildings in New York used to be very gritty but has Submitted at 10/27/2010 11:30:56 AM
at 54 Bond Street. The landmark become very gentrified over the
was designed by architect Henry years. CBGB is now a John Halloween is just a few days
Engelbert in 1874 and housed the Varvatos store if that is any away, and to get ready for the fun
Bouwerie Lane Theatre as well as indication of the change. If you we're looking back at some of the
Lauren Hutton, Jane Russell, lived here, you could pop over to sweetest dressed up family photos
Brice Marden, Jake Lamotta, and John Derian to shop or Peels, the from the holiday. We already
Helen Hayes among others. It is make up the penthouse triplex that new cafe by the owners of rounded up the sexiest costumes
now owned by Adam Gordon can be yours for about $15 Freemans. Oh, that's close by too and visited the adorable pumpkin
who developed into luxury million. In the scheme of crazy as are all the shops in Soho. Kind pickers, so now it's time to check SEE page 55
apartments. The top three floors New York real estate, thar of makes me wish I could buy it!

Whimsical Sculpture of Flying Bees (4 pics)

alice (Featured Blog Posts - My the most standout pieces has got Gallery for the Beyond Eden Art with their mini buckets and
Modern Metropolis) to be Los Angeles-based artist Fair, Bumblebee showed off a brushes. How whimsical and
Submitted at 10/26/2010 6:00:00 PM Bumblebee's phone booths. By sweet sculpture called Bee is for wonderful!
taking abandoned phone booths Bucket. I love how the yellow photos via [ unurth, Bumblebee]
Out of all the creative art I've and turning them into beehives, paint looks like it's dripping right
seen in the past 2 1/2 years since Bumblebee made us remember Just recently, at Carmichael off the wood and how these
running My Modern Met, one of why we love public art so much. worker bees are flying around

Carey Mulligan Spotted Leaving Her Best Western

With Tom Sturridge!
Allie Merriam (PopSugar) and they also spent time together accommodations. Romance
Submitted at 10/27/2010 10:40:18 AM last Tuesday, when Tom showed rumors about Tom and Carey
off his scruff and flannel as they started shortly after her breakup
Carey Mulligan and Tom left her Best Western in LA! She from Shia LaBeouf, who seems to
Sturridge were spotted together on was quick to defend her choice of have found a new companion
Monday night making a quick hotels while on the red carpet at already too.
getaway following her appearance this week's big event, and it looks over a buddy to see her View 3 Photos ›
at the Hollywood Awards gala- like she had no problem bringing
E-reader News Edition TV/ Products/ 55
continued from page 54

out the little ones all dressed up spooky cuties!

and ready for fright night. Don't Bauer-Griffin Online, Ramey,
miss any of our Halloween Splash News Online View
coverage for everything from Slideshow ›
Buzz's pop culture couple ideas to
Lil's trick-or-treating tips to Fit's
candy survival guides and so
much more. Click through for the
Backstage at Dancing With the Stars: Is Jennifer Games
Grey in Trouble? (Woot! - One Day, One Deal)
Submitted at 10/27/2010 11:50:00 AM
Deborah Starr Seibel we got so into it that we got a she dances that is very
( Breaking News) little crazy. With her, I get a little unexpected. I remember her as What do you get when you cross
Submitted at 10/27/2010 11:28:00 AM carried away because she can do 'Baby,' the girl from Dirty a dry sense of humor with
it. But it's kind of hit or miss. Dancing who is learning how to Victorian art and some silhouette
Derek Hough and Jennifer Grey When it hits, like with our dance and is sort of awkward in effects? Why, Silhouette
The Dancing With the Stars Argentine Tango, it's fantastic. her own body. But she owns it on Masterpiece Theatre, of course!
surprises are suddenly adding up: But when it misses..." the dance floor. She's got much Someone named Wilhelm Staehle
Bristol Palin survives, yet again. "I gotta tell you, my stamina is more spark than I ever thought has taken it upon himself to "hand
Audrina Patridge is eliminated definitely an issue," says the 50- she would have. She fooled all of -cut peculiar silhouettes" and then
and the contestant judge Carrie year-old Grey. "But I'm pushing us." place them in, on, or around old
Ann Inaba dubbed "the chosen through it. You know what? I'm Subscribe to TV Guide Magazine paintings and photos along with a
one," Jennifer Grey, has to go just tired. There's no doubt about now! line or two of text to create, um,
back to basics before she it, it's hard. There are no days off. This entry passed through the jokes. Sometimes.
implodes. And I think I forget how old I am. Full-Text RSS service — if this is Some of them we get, some we
"I think after what happened I always think I can do more than your content and you're reading it really to be honest don't. But
Monday night I might take a little I can. But it's also really fun, so on someone else's site, please read almost all of them seem to be the
bit different approach, I've gotta focus on the fun and try our FAQ page at next logical step in the evolution
choreography-wise," says Grey's to keep myself going." content-only/faq.php of bubbling. Check it out yourself
pro partner, Derek Hough, Inaba says it's way too early to level, which makes it genuinely Five Filters featured article: and let us know just how much
looking humbled after hearing the count Grey out. "Anybody could more exciting." Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- you'd be willing to pay if we
judges describing Grey's dancing win this," says Inaba. "Unlike last Does she think Grey has what it Reporting of Falluja's Cancer could land that "Victorian
as out of control and telling her to season, where it seemed like takes to overcome the fatigue and Catastrophe. Delorean" design on a t-shirt.
"calm down." Is he going to somebody (Nicole Scherzinger) the pressure to win? "What
simplify the routines? "No," says was obviously a frontrunner. This impresses me about Jennifer is
Hough. "Not make it simpler, but season, there are a lot more that there's a sensuality in the way
cleaner. I think on Monday night contestants playing at the same
56 Politics-Left/ E-reader News Edition

The PICTURE: Classic Catastrophe

Jed Perl (The New Republic - in art is elusive, unfixed, a matter pastoral poem, Daphnis and
All Feed) of sensibility and suggestibility. Chloe, in 1902. One of Braque’s
Submitted at 10/26/2010 11:00:00 PM The specificity of art is in the greatest Analytical Cubist still
working out of the thoughts, in lifes, Homage to Bach, is a
I am deeply disturbed by “Chaos their actualization as indivisible masterpiece of austere classical
and Classicism,” a survey of the pictorial facts. A particular architecture, with its verticals and
arts in Europe from the end of p a i n t e r l y t o u c h c a n t u r n a horizontals suggesting a skeletal
World War I to the beginning of meaning inside out. The trouble Doric temple. As for Picasso’s
World War II that is currently at with “Chaos and Classicism” is classical figures of the 1920s—the
the Guggenheim. I know many that it nails the imagination down, works included in “Chaos and
people have been excited by this p r e s e n t i n g a c h i l l i n g l y Classicism”—they have more in
exploration of classical tendencies deterministic view of style. The common with his unruliest images
in France, Germany, and Italy classicism that interested many of women, those in Les
between the wars. The subject artists in the 1920s and 1930s, so Demoiselles d’Avignon, than with
matter has been treated in major we are told, was a reaction to the ice-capades good manners of
shows in Europe—such as “Les World War I. Chaos was the some of the French and German
Réalismes” in Paris in 1980 and cause. Classicism was the effect. figure paintings at the
“On Classic Ground” in London And suddenly we find that a style Guggenheim.
in 1990—but is not so well known has acquired an a priori meaning. “Bust of a Woman, Arms
over here. There is certainly much Nothing could be farther from the Raised,” Pablo Picasso, 1922
to see on the ramps of the truth. Forgive me for trying to make
museum, including magnificent What precisely is the meaning of sense of one little painting by
paintings by Picasso, Braque, and the small painting with which the Picasso. “Chaos and Classicism”
Gris, and Italian sculpture that show begins? This is a Picasso rushes right by that Picasso.
will be unfamiliar to most from 1922, a monochromatic Kenneth Silver, the art historian
American museumgoers. But study of a woman’s head and who organized the exhibition, is
fueling this exhibition is a belief I torso, blunt and bold in its determined to think big. So the
find abhorrent, a belief in the sculptural echoes of Greco- show becomes a series of
ideological nature of artistic style. Roman images of idealized razzmatazz acts: “Crazy for
“Chaos and Classicism” is a lousy female beauty. What does this Classicism,” ”Classicizing the
history lesson wrapped in the canvas have to do with or tell us Everyday,” “Performance/
prettiest Euro-chic package. about World War I? Nothing Anxiety.” I enjoy this material.
In order to get at what’s wrong whatsoever, so far as I can see. the Roaring Twenties and factor was surely the dream of a The elegant porcelain objects by
with “Chaos and Classicism” we And the fact that Picasso’s friend everything to do with Picasso’s Spanish-Hellenistic Golden Age Gio Ponti are fun to see; they’re
n e e d t o g o b a c k t o t h e Jean Cocteau was at the time earlier classical avowals, that had been discussed in as yummy as Milanese pastries.
fundamentals. Art begins with the speaking about “a return to order” especially his Rose Period. And bohemian circles in Barcelona “Chaos and Classicism” is
athleticism of the imagination. does not prove anything, one way the classicism of the Rose Period when Picasso was hardly more generous-spirited enough to
The great painters and sculptors or the other. Picasso’s Bust of a cannot possibly have anything to than a boy. Classicism, properly include gently romantic
have great thoughts, true enough, Woman, Arms Raised, tightly do with World War I, which was understood, is a complex cluster photographs by Edward Steichen
but those thoughts are embodied contained by the rectangle of the nearly a decade away. Was the of inclinations and dispositions, a of Isadora Duncan at the
in craft, in sensibility, in the canvas, has the disquieting power revulsion against the chaos of realm of possibility that can mean Parthenon, her arms raised in the
spontaneous mastery of the artist of a fragment. What this Bust of a World War I a strand in the just about anything an artist wants exuberant gesture of the Winged
at work. Thought in art is not like Woman, Arms Raised suggests creation of this little idealized it to mean. Bonnard had done
thought anywhere else. Thought has nothing to do with the art of head? Maybe so. But another illustrations for a classical PICTURE: page 57
E-reader News Edition 57
continued from page 56

Victory of Samothrace. And how the story goes. My feeling is with Fascism; I understand that in “probably the most talented not in the academic art history
Silver naturally brings the Ballets that given the way Silver tells the his catalogue essay he refers to Italian Fascist painter.” Yes, circles where Silver is a
Russes into the picture, including story, he needs those Fascists and the Fascist fascination with Sironi was a Fascist, and was significant figure.) At moments,
one of de Chirico’s ingenious Nazis at the end. They give him classicism as “Classicism involved with large-scale mural whoever it was who wrote the
costumes for George Balanchine’s his “Gotcha” moment. Classicism, Hijacked.” But to the extent that projects for Mussolini. But the wall labels seems to be winking at
1929 Le Bal, which turned the we now discover, is not just any the Fascists see classicism as a label is also meant to tell the political correctness, which is
dancers into elaborate old response to chaos. This is the provocative straightjacket they are museumgoer that the character of itself rather disturbing. A painting
architectural objects (and may authoritarian response to chaos. definitely on Kenneth Silver’s Sironi’s politics is at least as by Albert Janesch of muscular,
have helped to turn Balanchine Silver could have concluded wavelength. In the scheme of this important as the quality of this bare-chested men out on the water
off fancy costumes). But even the “Chaos and Classicism” in any show, Picasso’s classicism is just portrait of an architect, which has, is described as “a veritable navy
wittiest byways in “Chaos and number of ways. He could have one more decadent cosmopolitan so far as I can see, no explicit of Nazi athletes [who] paddle,
Classicism” are leading you closed with a selection of bohemian experiment to which political content. I believe a line row, and sail their way across this
inexorably in one direction and Picasso’s studies of the Minotaur Mussolini and Hitler bring some has been crossed with this wall image.” I don’t see a single Nazi
one direction only: up the from the 1930s, but that would final classical order. label, and it is a line that should insignia anywhere. Which leaves
Guggenheim’s ramp to “The Dark have made classicism look too “Chaos and Classicism” is a show never be crossed. It is as if a me wondering if curators do
Side of Classicism,” a climactic personal, too expressionistic, too in which everything is labeled and portrait of a woman by Picasso, museumgoers any favor by
gallery focusing on the Fascist Freudian—a matter of what the nothing is left to experience. You done in the 1950s, were identified suggesting that one can accuse
and Nazi infatuation with perfect Communists (who also had a taste can go through and ignore the as by “the most talented Spanish any muscular, bare-chested man
bodies and imposing architectural for an authoritarian classicism) thesis and have a great time. The Communist painter,” for after all in a German painting of the 1930s
structures. I have a problem with called bourgeois individualism, Italian sculpture, especially the Picasso was not only a member of of being a Nazi. I see this as yet
an exhibition that begins with and in that sense as politically work by Marino Marini, Arturo the Communist Party but was also another instance at “Chaos and
Picasso and more or less ends irrelevant as Mondrian’s most Martini ,and Guido Galletti, is allowed some of his images of Classicism” where the rights of
with a composition of nude stripped-down abstract paintings. extraordinarily impressive, a bold, doves and young people to be the individual are sacrificed to a
women representing the four Mondrian’s compositions, come supple vision of modern used as what arguably amounted particular kind of group think.
elements by Adolf Ziegler, which to think of it, are arguably the masculine beauty, perhaps anti- to Soviet propaganda. Who What puts this show beyond the
we are told hung in Hitler’s greatest classical works of the classical in its angled austerities. I knows, maybe we are going to be pale, so far as I am concerned, is
apartment in Munich. Ziegler was 1920s and 1930s, but they are stopped to look at Peter Foerster’s seeing museum labels that Silver’s decision to present select
the head of the Reich Chamber of probably too elusively 1924 Still Life with Oranges, not identify Picasso as a Communist? examples of Nazi and Fascist
Visual Art. Students of otherworldly to fit into Silver’s a major work but an alluring one, That might be next. neoclassical high camp in the
contemporary art will note how socio-political scheme. The with its brittle modernization of "Water Sports," Albert Janesch, same narrative as the ineffably
closely Ziegler’s simpering nudes appeal of the totalitarian Flemish realism. (If this is indeed 1936 individualistic visions of Braque,
resemble the work of John Currin, fascination with classicism is that some version of classicism, it has Kenneth Silver is far too Derain, Gris, Morandi, and
whose own nit-pickingly realistic it is all about predetermined nothing much to do with the susceptible to the artistic Balthus. This turns art history into
soft-porn paintings are now the meanings, about the belligerent classicism of the Mediterranean, pleasures to be discovered in the group think, artistic guilt by
trophy art of choice among hedge- insistence that classicism is stable, except in the sense that still life works of the 1920s and 1930s to association. I do not believe that
fund guys. That does not mean conservative, maybe even was invented by the Ancient ever allow “Chaos and Picasso and Ziegler can be
that Currin is a closet Nazi, only inherently oppressive. And that’s Greeks.) But the dark shadow of Classicism” to turn into an art-and included in the same narrative,
that he is a lousy artist. what Silver is insisting that political correctness—the idea -politics crash-and-burn much less in the same exhibition.
"The Four Elements: Fire, Water classicism signifies right from the that each artist, each work of art, operation. (I had thought he had Kenneth Silver may say that
and Earth, Air," Adolph Ziegler, start. Yes, I know, I am pressing a and each element in each work of set aside ideology back in 2001, history made him do it. But there
pre-1937 little too hard on this point. Silver art has some particular socio- when he organized a show called is an ideology behind his history,
And how would I explain my is far too knowledgeable about the political meaning—dominates the “Making Paradise: Art, and it is an ideology that rejects
objections to a show that begins byways of the period to quite fall show. I was startled by a wall Modernity, and the Myth of the the history of artistic quality. A
with Picasso and ends with into any trap. I am certainly not label next to a portrait by Mario French Riviera”—but political PICTURE: page 58
Hitler? People will say this is just saying that Silver sympathizes Sironi that identified him as correctness will not die, at least
58 TV/ E-reader News Edition
continued from page 57

narrative that denies the freedom

Cheers & Jeers: Taylor Made for Late
of the imagination is not a
narrative I will follow. Show
Jed Perl is the art critic at The Bruce Fretts (
New Republic. Breaking News)
For more TNR, become a fan on Submitted at 10/27/2010 11:09:00 AM
Facebook and follow us on
Twitter. Taylor Swift, David Letterman
Cheers to Taylor Swift for
charming David Letterman on
Late Show.
Want more Cheers & Jeers?
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The 20-year-old country-pop Charlie Sheen
sensation couldn't have been more
composed during her first visit to Hospitalized but Will
Letterman's couch (she had Return to Work This
previously appeared only as a Week, 'Terra Nova'
musical guest.). Even after Dave Casting Almost Complete
paid her what she politely termed Swift also deftly deflected a now!
"the most unique compliment I've question about her penchant for This entry passed through the and More
ever gotten" — "You smell like writing songs about ex-boyfriends Full-Text RSS service — if this is Jean Bentley (TV Squad)
expensive wood" — she didn't bat like John Mayer: "This is the third your content and you're reading it
an eyelash, agreeing that her album I've done this, so they've on someone else's site, please read Submitted at 10/27/2010 7:05:00 AM
upbringing on a Pennsylvania had fair warning." The girl even our FAQ page at Filed under: TV News That
Christmas-tree farm might explain spoke Japanese! In a word, she content-only/faq.php hospital stay yesterday didn't get
her scent. I guess after your was saikou(awesome). Five Filters featured article: in the way of Charlie Sheen's
VMAs speech has been hijacked Did Taylor Swift impress you on Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
by Kanye West, nothing throws Late Show? Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
CHARLIE page 59
you anymore. Subscribe to TV Guide Magazine Catastrophe.

Poll: Who Should Replace Michael Scott on The Office?

TV Guide Magazine News want to know who you think Magazine! Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
( Breaking News) should be promoted to keep up the This entry passed through the Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
Submitted at 10/27/2010 11:57:00 AM workplace high jinks. From beet- Full-Text RSS service — if this is Catastrophe.
farming Dwight to warehouse your content and you're reading it
Steve Carell supervisor Darry., let us know on someone else's site, please read
As Steve Carell's reign as Office who you think would be best our FAQ page at
boss Michael Scott comes to a suited to take control of Dunder and look for the results in an content-only/faq.php
close at the end of this season, we Mifflin. Vote in our poll below, upcoming issue of TV Guide Five Filters featured article:
E-reader News Edition TV/ Daily Word/ 59
Modern Family Fright Fest! continued from page 58

work schedule -- his manager told o. ABC has ordered six more
William Keck (
Breaking News) People that the actor will return to episodes of its midseason series
work this week. 'Off the Map,' bringing the
Submitted at 10/27/2010 11:28:00 AM "Charlie will be working this episode total to 13. The medical
week doing a cameo role, playing drama follows doctors at a
Julie Bowen and Ty Burrell himself, in a small movie as a medical clinic in South America. [
The Dunphy and Pritchett favor to a friend and has every TV Guide]
families never do anything intention of going back to work o. Fox has renamed new series
halfway. So it's no surprise to see on 'Two and a Half Men' on 'Ride-Along' to 'The Chicago
Modern Family undergo a Tuesday," Mark Burg told the Code.'"Changing the title ...
Transylvanian transformation for magazine. "He's looking forward reflects our belief that this is more
its big Halloween episode. to working." than just a cop show. It's about the
"Claire [ Julie Bowen] is obsessed Sheen was found drunk and not just the police but politics, the
with Halloween. She's the naked in his trashed New York Midwest, history, Government
housewife in the neighborhood hotel room early Tuesday corruption and the city's code,"
with the front-yard graveyard and morning, and was immediately said creator Shawn Ryan. [
a maze that trick-or-treaters have hospitalized then released later in Deadline]
to walk through to get their to the porch as a scarecrow to try This entry passed through the the day. Though sources claim the Permalink| Email this| Linking
candy," teases Jesse Tyler to scare the kids." Full-Text RSS service — if this is hospitalization was due to Blogs| Comments
Ferguson(Mitchell), who in real Of course, there's classic comedy your content and you're reading it intoxication, Sheen's rep said it
life plans to wear his character's behind the masquerade. "At our on someone else's site, please read was an "adverse reaction to some
muscle-bound Spider-Man table read, I don't think a script our FAQ page at medication."
costume to a party being thrown has ever gone over so well," content-only/faq.php In other TV news ...
at the home of his TV boyfriend, Ferguson says. "It's amazing!" Five Filters featured article:
Eric Stonestreet(Cameron).
"Claire gives us all roles in her
haunted house production, and as
Modern Family airs Wednesdays
at 9/8c on ABC
Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
Reporting of Falluja's Cancer Hebrews 4:12 (10-27-10)
Subscribe to TV Guide Magazine Catastrophe. (Verse of the Day) let God use his word on hearts.
expected, Mitchell is not terribly now!
fond of dressing up. I'm relegated Submitted at 10/27/2010 2:00:00 AM My Prayer... Almighty God, your
will is my heart's desire. But I
The word of God is living and realize that I need to be fed more
Conan O'Brien to NBC: Sue Me active. Sharper than any double- c o n s i s t e n t l y b y y o u r W o r d
edged sword, it penetrates even to revealed in Scripture. Give me
Jean Bentley (TV Squad) due out Friday. dividing soul and spirit, joints and strength and consistency in my
Submitted at 10/27/2010 7:55:00 AM Conan would even be willing to marrow; it judges the thoughts walk with you through your
get the American legal system and attitudes of the heart. Word. Through your Spirit,
Filed under: TV News Nothing's involved in the fight. "What I — Hebrews 4:12(NIV) Thoughts inspire me to change what needs
going to stop Conan O'Brien from really wanna do is be sued over on Today's Verse... How often do to be changed and to be blessed
bringing the beloved the bear and then appear in court you let God do major surgery on and encouraged in the areas that I
Masturbating Bear to his new with the Masturbating Bear," he your spirit as his Spirit uses the need it most. I turn to you and
TBS show -- not even the legal said. "'Your Honor, this bear can't W o r d t o e n c o u r a g e , j u d g e , trust in your Word to point me in
wrath of NBC. help himself!'" motivate, convict, instruct, and the way of life. I pray in the name
"If there's something we did for a do it. I won't be denied my Permalink| Email this| Linking inspire? With such a great tool so of your ultimate Word, Jesus of
long time that we've established Masturbating Bear," O'Brien said Blogs| Comments readily at hand for most of us, let's Nazareth. Amen.
as ours, we'll figure out a way to in a new Rolling Stone profile,
not let a day go by that we don't
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What's On Tonight: The World Series, First look video: 2011

'Survivor: Nicaragua,' 'The Challenge: Jaguar XJ
Consumer Reports Shopping
Cutthroat,' 'The Ultimate Fighter' Blog (Consumer Reports)
drive. Several of us think it drives
the way the BMW 7-Series used
to drive (but does no more):
Rich Keller (TV Squad) Submitted at 10/27/2010 9:05:42 AM
nimble, light on its feet, and very
Submitted at 10/27/2010 7:35:00 AM First look video: 2011 Jaguar XJ responsive. Somehow we’re
We drive over 100 new cars each managing to make do with our
Filed under: TV Previews Here's year here at the track. Most of car’s sweet-sounding base 385-hp
tonight's lineup of new shows and them are perfectly pleasant. Some V8; a supercharged version is
events (all times Eastern). Check are downright nice, while a available.
your local TV listings for handful get banished to the outer If you’re looking for the near-
additional information. edges of the parking lot once the perfection of the anodyne Lexus
* = Series/Season Premiere test miles are done. But not that LS, this isn’t going to be a
** = Series/Season Finale many cars are exactly what I’d substitute. We’ve chronicled some
# = New Day/Time call special. early frustrations with living with
Tonight is the first game of the Jaguar’s luxury flagship sedan, the car; a comprehensive software
World Series between the San the XJ, qualifies as special. You update now keeps the battery
Francisco Giants and first-timers might argue that any car with a from draining if you don’t lock
the Texas Rangers. Fans on the sticker price of $81,575 should be the car when you park it (say, in a
West Coast will probably tune NBC:'Undercovers' HGTV:'My First Place'-- 8:30 special, but that isn’t always the garage.) Beyond that, controls
into the series in droves. Those of Cartoon Network:'Dude, What start case. range from simply unique to far-
us on the East Coast will mope a Would Happen?' and'Destroy LOGO:'Bump!' What makes the big cat stand from-simple. Our long-wheelbase
bit, kick the furniture and watch Build Destroy' The rest of the schedule and the out? Previous XJs had traditional XJL has lots of legroom in back,
'Better With You.' Discovery:'MythBusters Buster's late night talk shows after the styling; you couldn’t tell if the car but the low roofline makes the car
8:00 to 9:00 Cut' jump. was brand new or 15 years old. feel snug inside and crimps driver
ABC:'The Middle' and'Better DisneyXD:'Pair of Kings' Permalink| Email this| Linking This time Jaguar broke from the visibility, especially to the back.
With You' and'The Avengers: Earth's Blogs| Comments past with an eye-catching sleek These shortcomings are what buff
CBS:'Survivor: Nicaragua' Mightiest Heroes' new design. It inspires some books called “character” 30 years
CW:'America's Next Top Model' G4:'Campus PD' and'That's controversy, especially in back, ago.
FOX: World Series Tough' but it also gets attention. Check out the video for further
The bespoke cabin has more impressions of the Jaguar XJ.
universal appeal. It’s simply a cut We’ll have our full road test and
above what you find in mass- ratings in the coming weeks.
produced cars, even luxury liners — Tom Mutchler Subscribe now!
like the Lexus LS and Mercedes S S u b s c r i b e t o
-class. The suede headliner is for expert
lovely, leather covers the dash, Ratings, buying advice and
and there are even fold-down tray reliability on hundreds of
tables on the front seatbacks. products. Update your feed
Finally, the big Jaguar is a joy to preferences
E-reader News Edition Products/ 61

SMC Barricade N Wireless Router & EZ Connect USB Adapter

(Woot! - One Day, One Deal) Through sheer will alone, you Wireless Router Features: computer 128-bit Encryption; WPA-/
Submitted at 10/27/2010 12:00:15 AM force your hands into the satchel • Perfect all-in-one networking • Delivers amazing speeds of up WPA2-PSK (Pre-shared Key,
at your side and reveal the thing solution for connecting and to 150Mbps TKIP, AES); WPA/WPA2
Routers of Passage you were bring back from the sharing your high-speed Internet • Supports WEP64/128, WPA/ Enterprise mode (802.1x); WiFi
Many days have passed since you wilderness that would prove your connection WPA2-Pre-Shared Key (PSK) Protected Setup (WPS, PBC and
were led out of the village by the very soul’s worth, the SMC • Simply connect your broadband and Enterprise (IEEE 802.1x) for PIN method)
tribal elders. Now, bloodied, Barricade N Wireless Router & modem to the 10/100 WAN port a comprehensive security • Router Features: Shares high
bruised, and weak from hunger EZ Connect USB Adapter for instant, always-on Internet selection speed Internet connection; 4-port
and thirst, you have returned. Bundle. • Directly connect four computers • EZ Connect quickly takes you 10/100 LAN switch with auto
All activity is brought to a halt It is every young boy’s dream to or expand your network by step-by-step for easy use – an MDI-MDIX; Built-in Wireless-N
the moment one of the children venture out into the jungle and connecting additional switches. interface makes monitoring and (11n) access point; Static
sees your thin shape stumbling in retrieve for the perfect all-in-one Auto MDI-MDIX means you do configuration a breeze Routing; Dynamic routing
the distance and cries out. By the networking solution for not need to worry about cross- supporting RIP v1/v2; NAT;
time you reach the edge of the connecting and sharing your high over cables Additional Photos: NAPT; 802.11e WMM; IGMP
village, everyone is standing -speed Internet connection for his • This platform independent multi • Router and USB Adapter Proxy; Dynamic DNS; DNS
outside their huts and staring as village. Long did you hunt for a -functional router combines 4-port • Router (Front View) Proxy; Virtual Server; DHCP
you lumber along. The very wind router that supports both the latest 10/100 LAN switch, 150Mbps • Router (Rear View) Server
scrapes and cuts along your dry WPA and WPA2 wireless Wireless-N access point, NAT • USB Adapter • Standards: Wired: IEEE 802.3
lips with each labored breath. You encryption standards and blazing firewall with Stateful Packet • Package Contents (10Base-T), IEEE 802.3u
fight to keep your eyes focused speeds of 150 Mbps that would Inspection (SPI) and User friendly (100Base-Tx); Wireless: IEEE
on the entrance to your father’s make your father and the tribe’s web-based management interface Wireless Router Specifications: 802.11n, IEEE 802.11g, IEEE
hut even as your legs give out elders proud. Now, as you shake • Built-in Wireless-N 150Mbp • Physical: One 10/100Mbps 802.11b
beneath you. You hear your and quiver as you hold the thing access point provides better WAN port; 4-port 10/100Mbps • Operating Frequency: FCC:
mother cry out, but there is up for your father’s approval, you performance than existing LAN switch; One external fixed 2412~2462MHz (Ch1~Ch11);
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Even the slightest touch of was not in vain. backwards compatible with Button (Ch1~Ch13); Japan:
another person will remove all He considers your offering for a existing 802.11b/g products • LED Indicators: Power; LAN; 2412~2484MHz (Ch1~Ch14); TX
honor from your journey. moment in silence. You watch as • Supports the latest WPA and WAN (Ethernet Link/Activity); Output Power (typical): 802.11n:
With your knees and hands, you he looks to the chieftains’ then WPA2 wireless encryption WLAN(Wireless Link/Activity); 17 + /- 1dBm, 802.11g: 17 + /- 1
crawl along the dirt beneath you, back to you. Finally, he nods his standards, which prevent WPS(WPS in progress) dBm, 802.11b: 20 +/- 1 dBm
inching closer to your destination. head, takes the SMC Barricade N unauthorized access to wireless • Management Features: EZ • Temperature: Operating: 0°C to
Your father is there in the Wireless Router & EZ Connect networks and ensures that data is Installation Wizard; Web based 40°C (32°F to 104°F); Storage: -
doorway now, arms crossed as he USB Adapter Bundle from your secure management interface (HTTP); 20°C to 60°C (-4° F to 140°F)
stares at you. There is no emotion grasp, and enters his hut once • Wireless security can also be set Remote management; SNTP time • Humidity: Operating: 10% to
in his face, no joy. He simply more so that he may download the up easily using Wi-Fi Protected synchronize; UPnP; Firmware 85% Non-Condensing; Storage:
waits to see if today will be the latest driver. You collapse then Setup (WPS) that enables push upgrade via web-interface 5% to 90% Non-Condensing
day his son will be successful or and allow the darkness of button (PBC) or PIN • Security Features: NAT • Upgrade Method: Web
forever be a failure. unconsciousness to take you configuration Firewall with SPI; Intrusion • Power Input: Input: 110 or 240
You can feel your arms begin to knowing that, today, you have Detection; Access Control; MAC, VAC, 50-60 Hz; Output: 5V/1A
lose their strength but still you become a man. Wireless USB Adapter Features: IP and Port filter; DMZ Host; • System Requirements:
push forward until you finally Warranty: 2 Year SMC Warranty • Enables wireless connectivity to SSID Broadcast disable; Wireless SMC page 63
arrive at your father’s feet. Condition: New your desktop or notebook MAC address Filtering; WEP 64-/
62 Products/ Sports/ E-reader News Edition
Report: NBA draft
2010 Annual Auto Reliability Survey: Best and moving from New
worst vehicles by brand York City to Newark
Associated Press (
Consumer Reports Shopping to be recommended. buy your next vehicle. It takes just
Blog (Consumer Reports) Alternatively, the BMW 135i a few minutes to browse the Submitted at 10/27/2010 11:42:02 AM

Submitted at 10/27/2010 9:10:02 AM scores very high in our tests, but model overview pages, or use the
Updated: October 27, 2010,
its reliability i has been far below interactive new car selector tool,
12:19 PM ET
2010 Annual Auto Reliability average, so we cannot recommend which sorts and filters by the
Survey: Best and worst vehicles it. It was also the least reliable parameters that matter most to
draft is moving from New York
by brand BMW for predicted reliability in you.
City to Newark, a person familiar
When it comes to vehicle our survey. Either path will reveal Consumer
with the plans tells The
reliability, there are brands that There are also disparities within Reports recommended models
Associated Press.
are at the top of the list and those brands. Some have very good (EcoBoost)* Hyundai Genesis that did well in our road tests,
The person requested anonymity
a t t h e b o t t o m , b u t e a c h reliability within its models across Coupe (V6)* Santa Fe (V6) score average or better in
because the league had yet to
manufacturer have vehicles that the board. Scion, Toyota, Honda, Mazda Tribute (4-cyl., AWD) reliability, and performs at least
announce that the annual draft of
are winners and losers in our Acura, Infiniti, Hyundai, and MX-5 Miata Kia Sedona Sorento adequately if included in
college players will be held at the
annual reliability survey. Volvo do not have any models (4-cyl.)* Nissan Titan (2WD)* government or insurance industry
Prudential Center in Newark in
In our new car predicted t h a t h a v e b e l o w a v e r a g e Pathfinder Lincoln MKS safety tests.
reliability, some manufacturers reliability. Others like BMW and Navigator* Volkswagen Routan* For more details on our 2010
Commissioner David Stern is
have a large gap between the most Mercedes-Benz have some that Golf (5-cyl.)* Chevrolet Aveo Annual Auto Survey including the
expected to make the
and least reliable vehicles and score very high and others that are Corvette Z06* Buick LaCrosse full list of most and least reliable
announcement Wednesday night
others have a portfolio of models well below average. (V6, AWD)* Enclave (FWD) new cars by vehicle type, see our
before the New Jersey Nets'
with similar reliability. When Below is a list of the best and Cadillac STS (V6)* CTS-V* Jeep reliability report. Also, check out
season opener against the Detroit
looking at reliability data, it’s best worst vehicles by brand based on Liberty Patriot GMC Yukon our guide to car reliability for
Pistons. The Nets will play their
to look at individual models and predicted reliability. Models with Hubrid Yukon XL 2500 Mercedes more details on new and used car
home games at the Prudential
not make assumptions based on an * are based on data of one -Benz E-Class Coupe* E-Class reliability as well as owner
Center for the next two years
brand perceptions. In addition, model year only. Make Worst (V6, RWD)* BMW 135i* M3* satisfaction.
before a planned move to
just because a vehicle scored well model Best model Scion xB xD Dodge Journey Ram 1500 (2WD) — Liza Barth Subscribe now!
Brooklyn, N.Y.
in our reliability survey doesn’t Porsche 911 Boxster* Acura TL Mini Cooper Convertible* Cooper S u b s c r i b e t o
The draft had been held in New
mean it is a good vehicle to buy. (AWD) RL Honda Element CR-V Hatchback Audi A6 (3.0T)* A4 (4 for expert
York City since 2001.
Some models are considered Infiniti G Coupe G Sedan (AWD) -cyl.) Chrysler Town & Country Ratings, buying advice and
Copyright 2010 by The
reliable, but don’t do well in our Toyota Venza (4-cyl.) Yaris 300 (V8)* reliability on hundreds of
Associated Press
testing. One example of that is the Subaru Impreza WRX Legacy (4- The main take away from this products. Update your feed
This entry passed through the
Toyota Yaris, which scored the cyl.)* Volvo XC90 (6-cyl.) C30 information is don’t judge a book preferences
Full-Text RSS service — if this is
highest in reliability for Toyota, Lexus GS (AWD)* LX Ford by its cover. Avoid assumptions your content and you're reading it
but scores too low in our testing Escape (4-cyl., AWD) Flex and do your research before you on someone else's site, please read
our FAQ page at
Five Filters featured article:
Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
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Daily Dispatch: Amazon launches touch continued from page 61

Broadband Internet service and Condensing

enabled iPad shopping app, Google Place Pages modem with Ethernet connection • System Requirements: 2.4GHz
• 2.4GHz 802.11n wireless 802.11n wireless network or
pilot features photos from inside businesses adapter or 2.4GHz 802.11b/g 2.4GHz 802.11b/g wireless
Dirk Klingner (Consumer of participating businesses. Users user: you can press 1 to jump to Wireless adapter installed on network
Reports) and potential customers who look 10% into the video, 2 if you want each PC. Alternatively an • OS Compatibility: Microsoft
online for local businesses can to jump to 20%, 3 for 30% and so Ethernet adapter can be used; Windows 2000, XP, Vista,
Submitted at 10/27/2010 9:18:39 AM
now see more high-quality photos on. Internet Explorer 5.5 or above, Windows 7; MacOS v10.3, 10.4,
D a i l y D i s p a t c h : A m a z o n that give them a sense of what a A German firm milks cows at Mozilla Firefox 1.0 or above 10.5; Linux
launches touch enabled iPad place is really like. night, patents 'nocturnal milk'( LA • Notebook or Desktop with
shopping app, Google Place Pages A robot lifeguard patrols Malibu( Times) Wireless USB Adapter 300MHz CPU or better, 20MB of
pilot features photos from inside CNN) ...The company, Milchkristalle Specifications: available hard disk space, CD-
businesses ...The device's foam core is GmbH, has a theory that if its • Physical: USB 2.0 ROM
In today's Digital Dispatch: buoyant enough to support up to herd of cows is milked in the • Modes: Infrastructure and Ad-
C h e e p C o m b i n e s P r o d u c t five people, who cling to Emily's middle of the night -– specifically hoc; Soft AP(Windows only) In the box:
C o m p a r i s o n s W i t h S o c i a l ropes until human aid arrives. between 2 and 4 a.m. -– the • Security Features: WEP 64/128- • (1) S MC Networks SMCWBR-
Shopping( TechCrunch) Can’t find your phone? There’s a animals will produce more bit encryption; WPA/WPA2-PSK 14S-N4 Barricade N 802.11n
...Cheep recognizes when you’re website for that( Holy Kaw!) melatonin than during the (Pre-shared Key, AES, TKIP); Wireless Router
looking at a specific product and ...The simple website will give daytime. WPA/WPA2 Enterprise (IEEE • (1) SMC Networks
will show you current price your phone a ring to help locate it About Digital Dirk's Dispatches 802.1x) SMCWUSBS-N3 EZ Connect N
comparisons from around the in your pants’ pocket, under your Dirk Klingner, our technology- • Quality-of-Service: WMM(Wi- Wireless USB Adapter
Web, as well as reviews and snoozing cat, or wherever else trend watcher, sifts through Fi Multimedia) • (1) Power adapter, 5V 1A (for
ratings. you may have absentmindedly left hundreds of blog posts and news • Output Power (typical): IEEE router) 60” long cable
Amazon Launches Windowshop, it. articles daily to bring you the 802.11n: 16 + /-1dBm; IEEE • (1) RJ-45 Ethernet Cable (72”
New iPad App for Shopping( The PlayStation Phone( Digital Dispatch—a compilation 802.11g: 16 + /-1dBm; IEEE long cable)
ReadWriteWeb) engadget) of the most important and 802.11b: 18 +/-1dBm • EZ Installation CD &
...Essentially, Windowshop is a ...As we reported back in August, interesting tech news for • Standards: Based on IEEE Documentation
new touch-enabled visual search the device you see is headed into consumers. If you have a tip on a 802.11n technology; IEEE
engine for Product the market soon, likely boasting story you want to share, leave a 802.11g; IEEE 802.11b Note: For the latest drivers please
categories are featured at the top Android 3.0 (aka Gingerbread), comment below. Subscribe now! • Operating Frequency: USA: visit: SMC Driver Page (Click
of the page and you use your a l o n g w i t h a c u s t o m S o n y S u b s c r i b e t o 2412~2462MHz (Ch1~Ch11); Me)
finger to flip through the screens. Marketplace which will allow you for expert Canada: 2412~2462MHz Discuss this product
Business Photos from Google are to purchase and download games Ratings, buying advice and (Ch1~Ch11); Europe: Price: $19.99 I want one!
now on Place pages( Google Lat designed for the new platform. reliability on hundreds of 2412~2472MHz (Ch1~Ch13)
Long Blog) More Keyboard Shortcuts for products. Update your feed • Operating Temperature: 0°C to
...Starting today, the images YouTube's Seek Bar( Google preferences 40°C (32°F to 104°F)
we’ve taken as part of the pilot Operating System) • Humidity: 5% to 90% Non-
can be viewed on the Place pages Here's a cool tip from a Reddit
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Mayor Of Rhino #2: Woot Weads The Walmart offers crowd-

Wire pleasing prices to its
(Woot! - One Day, One Deal)
Facebook friends
Submitted at 10/27/2010 12:00:00 PM
former girlfriend Rihanna last
year, says he is working on a new
NEW YORK ( UPI) -- A 40-year
-old New York man is posting his Consumer Reports Shopping
Every week in this space, we’ll Tragically, sources say that if own personal ad, which Blog (Consumer Reports)
take a look at the news and offer Brown creates a new hit, he will specifically requests a blond with
o u r o w n i n c i s i v e b l e n d o f violate the terms of his probation. a sizeable chest, at city Submitted at 10/27/2010 9:01:49 AM

commentary, analysis, and poop JOHANNESBURG, South Africa payphones.

jokes. The news you need, from a ( UPI) -- Five rhinos in South Walmart offers crowd-pleasing
Blackbeard, Captain Kidd and Sir
voice you can trust, in the 90 Africa have been "wired" with prices to its Facebook friends
Francis Drake have all applied,
seconds you have to spare: that’s Global Position System devices to The world’s largest retailer is
but were rejected for not meeting
Woot Weads the Wire. using postings on its Facebook
help protect them from poachers, the criteria.
NEW YORK ( UPI) -- Television wildlife officials say. page to move the masses and,
star Charlie Sheen was found Additionally, each rhino is now a according to Walmart, put group buying power to negotiate
Columbia ( UPI) -- Duane
intoxicated and naked in a trashed valid FourSquare location. consumers in charge of lower discounts on hotels, restaurants
Chapman, star of the television
Manhattan hotel room early NEW YORK ( UPI) -- Batman prices. Based on the theory that it and cultural events. The daily
program "Dog the Bounty
Tuesday, sources told the New and other regular characters in takes a village, Walmart deals become real once a
Hunter," says he won't go to
York Post. introduced CrowdSaver, where a minimum number of consumers
New York's famed Times Square Canada to track down actor
Film purists are outraged that s a y t h e y a r e n ' t h a p p y a n discount is unlocked once a agree to buy by paying upfront. If
Randy Quaid and his wife.
Hollywood is clearly remaking aggressive Elmo has returned to certain number of consumers not enough people respond, the
Proving at last that Randy Quaid
'Apocalypse Now' in secret. agree to pay the suggested price. deal’s cancelled. Groupon began
bug tourists. can't even get arrested in this
LOS ANGELES ( UPI) -- U.S. Comic fans again note that Dick Here’s Walmart’s Facebook in 2008, and Ad Age reports the
recording artist Chris Brown, who Grayson's Batman just doesn't posting, announcing the first company reached $500 million in
pleaded guilty to assaulting his seem as intimidating as Bruce discount: “If the deal gets enough sales in record time.
Likes, the price drops for Walmart didn't tell us what their
everyone. Our first deal is the
Allison Torres, 'Friend' of Jenn Sterger: Element 42" Plasma TV with
Wall Mount. Get it for $398
next deal might be. But surely
they'll be telling their Facebook
Sterger and Favre Texted Repeatedly instead of $488. Only fans get to
vote, so rally your friends to Like
—Kimberly Janeway Subscribe
FanHouse Staff (FanHouse she was with Sterger the day Torres also claims that Favre it too!”
Main) S u b s c r i b e t o
Favre sent the alleged wasn't the first athlete to allegedly Ad Age reports than in less than for expert
Submitted at 10/27/2010 9:33:00 AM inappropriate pictures to Sterger's send naked photos to her, but 24 hours, Walmart had reached Ratings, buying advice and
phone. called Favre "a dopey, dopey the magic number, or “Likes,” of reliability on hundreds of
Filed under: Jets, Vikings Allison "I actually saw it when he sent it. character." 5,000, and that set off the discount products. Update your feed
Torres, a so-called friend of Jenn We just laughed when he did it," Torres shared details on Sterger's on the plasma TV. The concept is preferences
Sterger, has joined the Torres told Steppin' Out alleged role in the saga, saying the similar to Groupon, which uses
conversation in the Brett Favre magazine. "We talked about it like two regularly texted for a while.
sexting scandal. girlfriends talk about that kind of According to Torres, Favre often
Torres, a supposed friend of stuff. You have to understand that tried to get Sterger to visit his
Sterger's and fellow former Brett Favre isn't the first celebrity hotel room, leaving her conflicted.
Florida State Cowgirl, claims that that tried to hook up with her."
E-reader News Edition Sports/ 65

Alex Smith of San Francisco 49ers out with

separated shoulder
Associated Press ( leave it there. Troy Smith is our "He has enough of the offense to Miami this season, said he first
Submitted at 10/27/2010 10:12:41 AM starting quarterback." play." met Troy Smith when they were 7
With the Niners off to a 1-6 start, Troy Smith said he was told "a years old and their families went
Updated: October 27, 2010, Singletary has little to lose by couple of days ago" that he would to the same church. Back then
11:12 AM ET taking a gamble. start and would "continue to though, their conversations didn't
LONDON -- With quarterback Troy Smith spent the last three prepare like a madman" for the focus on football, but on who was
Alex Smith ruled out because of a years with Baltimore, where his rest of the week. going to sneak out to get some
separated shoulder, San Francisco only two starts came in the 2007 "I think the easiest way to get snacks.
49ers head coach Mike Singletary season as he struggled to live up through to your teammates that "It was at church, and we had a
is gambling on Troy Smith being to the hype from his college days. you're serious about what's going McDonalds to our left, and we Pac-10 Report: League
able to turn his struggling team But the mobile quarterback, who on is to know exactly what your had a little candy store to our
around. Sando: Carr Stays in Park could give San Francisco's offense job is, know exactly what right," Ginn said. "And we would
May Not Be Able to Fill
David Carr is No. 2 on the 49ers' extra options with his scrambling everyone expects from you and go sneak out of the church, and either Its Bowl Commitments
quarterback depth chart but ability, said he wasn't surprised by out and execute," Troy Smith I would hold the door and he Michelle Smith (FanHouse
clearly a distant third in terms of Singletary's decision. said. "At the same time you have would run to McDonalds, or he Main)
backing from the organization, "The way that you prepare as a to respect your boundaries. I would hold the door and I would
Submitted at 10/27/2010 9:40:00 AM's Mike Sando writes. professional athlete, you have to believe in not stepping on run to the candy store. That's how
Blog be prepared when your number is anybody's toes, I believe in we started off, and then we just Filed under: Arizona, Arizona
Singletary said Wednesday the called. And that's exactly where getting in where you fit in." grew from there." State, Boise State, California,
former Heisman Trophy winner I'm at," he said. While the quarterback will be Troy Smith said he isn't about to Oregon, Oregon State, Stanford,
will get his first NFL start in three The Niners have a bye following leading a new team in completely favor his old buddy if other TCU, Temple, UCLA, USC,
years after Alex Smith was ruled the game at Wembley, giving new surroundings -- in front of targets are open. Washington, Washington State,
out for 2 to 3 weeks with a Alex Smith a chance to heal about 85,000 British fans -- there "It's not just about my brother Ted Pac 10 For the all the strength at
separated left shoulder. The before San Francisco faces the St. is one reason he might feel right Ginn, it's about the other receivers the top of the Pac-10, there's a
Niners play the Denver Broncos Louis Rams on Nov. 14. He was at home. that are going to be out there strong chance the conference may
at London's Wembley Stadium on tackled from the blind side by Troy Smith will be linking up also," he said. "We have not be able to fill out its bowl
Sunday. Carolina's Charles Johnson, once again with wide receiver Ted tremendous playmakers commitments.
Singletary picked the former driving his shoulder into the turf. Ginn, one of his best friends from everywhere, and it's my job, my With USC out of the bowl picture
Ohio State standout ahead of He arrived in London on Monday childhood and a favorite target duty, to get everybody the ball." because of NCAA sanctions and
David Carr, who came on against -- along with the rest of the team - throughout his playing career. Copyright 2010 by The Oregon squarely in the national
Carolina after Alex Smith was - and spent the morning at the The duo played together both in Associated Press championship conversation, it is
injured on Sunday but threw a hospital, still with his non- high school in Cleveland and at This entry passed through the increasingly unlikely that the Pac-
costly late interception that led to throwing arm in a sling. Ohio State, and Ginn said they Full-Text RSS service — if this is 10 can fill its six bowl slots.
the winning field goal for the Singletary said Troy Smith had can't wait to get out on the field your content and you're reading it Here's a look at the nine Pac-10
Panthers. never taken first-team snaps in again together. on someone else's site, please read teams with postseason
"Troy Smith gives us a good practice with the Niners before "It's great to be able to get back in our FAQ page at possibilities. Only Washington
opportunity to win this game," this week, but that he's catching tune with a guy that you've been content-only/faq.php State at 1-7 is out of the picture.
Singletary said. "I talked to David on quickly. playing with your whole life," Five Filters featured article: But by the end of the weekend,
Carr about it. He understands. We "He's been studying since we got Ginn said. "For us to go out and Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- the bowl positions of a handful of
had a couple of conversations here, and has been getting with continue our journey that we've Reporting of Falluja's Cancer teams will become more clear.
about it. That's a personal thing the coaches as much as he been [on] so far is great." Catastrophe.
between he and I, and I'm going to possibly could," Singletary said. Ginn, who joined the Niners from
66 Sports/ E-reader News Edition

Source: New York Mets to hire Sandy Alderson as general

Adam Rubin ( been an advocate for Alderson, creativity within a framework.
Submitted at 10/27/2010 9:25:33 AM and Mets principal owner Fred "The other way that the Marine
Wilpon and Selig have a strong Corps was helpful to me, early in
Updated: October 27, 2010, relationship. my time in baseball, was for
10:25 AM ET By Adam Rubin Alderson graduated from credibility -- as odd as that Dartmouth College in 1969 and sounds. Without having a
Archive Harvard Law School in 1976. He background in baseball, people
NEW YORK -- Sandy Alderson served four years in the United look at you -- and you're a lawyer
will be the next general manager S t a t e s M a r i n e C o r p s a s a n -- and they could have some
of the New York Mets, a source infantry officer, including a tour skepticism about that, but as a
c o n f i r m e d t o in Vietnam. former Marine, it's like -- it wasn't The Mets completed the as if I was a former player or
An announcement could come interview process for their next someone that had direct
Friday, on the off day between general manager Tuesday when association to the game, but it was
Games 2 and 3 of the World Fred Wilpon, team president Saul still something that people
Series. Katz and chief operating officer respected. I didn't wear it on my
A l d e r s o n , 6 2 , h a s b e e n Jeff Wilpon met with Alderson at sleeve, but I think, in addition to
considered the favorite to land the Citi Field. Former Arizona the inherent qualities that one
position since the outset. Diamondbacks GM Josh Byrnes, develops by being in the Marine first reported his selection the other finalist, met with the Corps, from a credibility
Tuesday night.[+] Enlarge ownership group Monday. standpoint it also helped bridge
Frederic J. Brown/AFP/Getty " W e w i l l h a v e n o f u r t h e r the gap there early, when I was an
Images Sandy Alderson served as comment on the process until we outsider basically."
the San Diego Padres' chief are ready to announce our new Adam Rubin covers the Mets for
executive officer until March general manager," Jeff Wilpon You can
2009. said in a statement Tuesday. Mets follow him on Twitter.
Alderson led the Oakland blog Padres blog Ducksnorts, Alderson "The Marine Corps was helpful More from
Athletics to three straight World Looking for more information on explained how his untraditional on several levels. First of all, what »
Series appearances, including the your Mets? baseball background -- as a it does impress on you is the This entry passed through the
1989 championship, while serving has you covered. Blog lawyer and Marine -- affected importance of organization and Full-Text RSS service — if this is
as general manager from 1983 to Alderson and Byrnes emerged as him. process, and philosophy, and your content and you're reading it
1997. After a stint with Major finalists from the field of six first- "As a lawyer, through law school, tenacity. What people don't on someone else's site, please read
League Baseball concentrating on round interviewees that also you're trained to be analytical, understand about the Marine our FAQ page at
umpiring and building the game included Boston Red Sox assistant unbiased, more objective," he Corps is that ... it does require content-only/faq.php
internationally, Alderson served GM Allard Baird, Toronto Blue said. "I think that was helpful. absolute adherence to certain Five Filters featured article:
as chief executive officer of the Jays special assistant Dana And having a legal background, principles, but there are very few Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
San Diego Padres until resigning Brown, Chicago White Sox too, you have an understanding of principles, and they're conceptual Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
in March 2009 when that ballclub assistant GM Rick Hahn and Los what the contractual issues are in nature. It doesn't require you to Catastrophe.
was purchased by a group headed Angeles Dodgers assistant GM and so forth. I think it boils down do the same thing, the same way,
by Jeff Moorad. Logan White. to just being probably a little more every time. It really encourages
Commissioner Bud Selig has In a 2008 interview with the analytical. initiative and a certain amount of
E-reader News Edition Sports/ 67

NCAA: Football grad rates jump to 69 Big Ten Harvest: Whither

percent Wegher?
Joe Schad ( said the data helps eliminate the men's basketball. For example, John Walters (FanHouse Main)
Submitted at 10/27/2010 11:40:59 AM perception of the so-called "dumb Emmert noted the GSR for Submitted at 10/27/2010 11:03:00 AM
jock." African-American men's
Updated: October 27, 2010, "We are by no means satisfied by basketball players jumped three Filed under: Illinois, Indiana,
12:40 PM ET what we are reporting, but it's a points alone over the past year Iowa, Michigan, Michigan State,
The NCAA said Wednesday that step in the right direction," and hit 60 percent for the first Minnesota, Northwestern, Ohio
the graduation success rate for Emmert said. time. State, Penn State, Purdue,
F o o t b a l l B o w l S u b d i v i s i o n The NCAA's formula takes into Emmert estimated there are Wisconsin, Big 10 Only one
players who entered college in account transfer students and is approximately 300 more African- running back, Wisconsin's John
2003 rose to 69 percent, a three d i f f e r e n t t h a n t h e f e d e r a l American male student-athletes Clay, has more carries this season
percent increase since the release g o v e r n m e n t ' s m e t h o d o l o g y . who graduated compared to last (160) than Iowa's Adam
of last year's report. According to the federal year. Robinson(153). But when you
“ government, student-athletes who Joe Schad is ESPN's college consider that the Badgers have
If you ask people what their entered school in 2003 graduated football reporter. run the ball 59 more times than
perception is of student-athletes at a 64 percent rate, the highest Iowa this year (340 to 261), you including a team-high 113 rushing
This entry passed through the
versus general students, they say federal rate ever and one point realize that no back carries more yards in the Hawkeyes' Orange
Full-Text RSS service — if this is
they're not doing as well. But the higher than the general student of the load for his team than Bowl win. However, Wegher has
your content and you're reading it
reality is they're doing just as body. Robinson (58.6 percent, as been AWOL from Iowa this year.
on someone else's site, please read
well.”-- NCAA president Mark "If you ask people what their opposed to 47.1 percent for Clay). Wegher is still enrolled there,
our FAQ page at
Emmert The question is why? Two though, and the most that coach
perception is of student-athletes content-only/faq.php
Overall, the NCAA says the versus general students, they say reasons: the absences of Jewel Kirk Ferentz has said in regard to
Five Filters featured article:
graduation success rate is 79 they're not doing as well," Hampton and Brandon his absence is, "He's not feeling it,
Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
percent for all athletes and 66 Emmert said. "But the reality is Wegher(right). for lack of a better term."
Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
percent for men's basketball they're doing just as well." Hampton, who set a school Attempts by FanHouse to reach
players. freshman rushing touchdowns Wegher in Iowa City were
Emmert said he was pleased with
In a conference call Wednesday, the growing academic success of record two years ago with seven, unsuccessful.
NCAA president Mark Emmert minority students in football and was lost for this season with an Wegher's father, Rick, is a former
ACL tear in the Hawkeyes' third All-American running back at
game at Arizona. Hampton South Dakota State. "All I can tell
missed all of 2009 for the same you is that it's a family matter,"
reason. said Wegher, who runs a
Wegher's absence is more construction company in Sioux
cryptic. Last season, the Dakota City, S.D. "Brandon is down in
Dunes, S.D., native had 967 all- Iowa City, taking care of what he
purpose yards as a true freshman, has to. He's there and we're here."
68 Sports/ Gaming/ Health/ E-reader News Edition

Graduation Rates at Record

Levels for NCAA Athletes
FanHouse Newswire student body, 63 percent. The
(FanHouse Main) NCAA's numbers are higher than
those released by the federal
Submitted at 10/27/2010 11:54:00 AM
government because the NCAA
INDIANAPOLIS (AP) -- The data accounts for transfer students
Days of Thunder: NOTNASCAR
NCAA said Wednesday that who earn degrees. The federal rate
college athletes are graduating at does not.
r e c o r d r a t e s a n d t h e l a t e s t The grad rate for football players
Edition coming to XBLA 'this winter'
James Ransom-Wiley (Joystiq) the name?), players compete in an scheduled for a winter release
n u m b e r s s h o w m a j o r jumped from 66 percent in the last unlicensed racing circuit, careful date, as well." But there's hope!
Submitted at 10/27/2010 11:35:00 AM
improvement among football and report to 69 percent for players to watch for "reckless, aggressive "Both games will be releasing
some men's basketball players. who entered college in 2003-04. We feel you. You've been driving" by the movie's star, Cole around the same time and should
The annual Graduation Success And while the overall men's waiting all year to celebrate the Trickle, who is not voiced by Mr. be within the next couple of
Rate shows 79 percent of all basketball number, 66 percent, 20th anniversary of the formative Cruise in the game. months (Nov./Dec.). However, we
athletes entering college between was the same as last year, the " romantic drama" Days of The PS3-exclusive licensed are still waiting on an official
2000-01 and 2003-04 earned number of black basketball Thunder. Well, hang tight, your version, Days of Thunder: date."
d e g r e e s w i t h i n s i x y e a r s , players who graduated increased opportunity is coming -- just NASCAR Edition, adds a bit As for the PC/Mac Arcade
matching last year's record mark. three points from 2009, going maybe not before 2011: more authenticity to the "pedal-to- version expected to be released
The freshman class of 2003-04 from 57 percent to a record-high Paramount Digital Entertainment the-metal, adrenaline-fueled via Steam? "At the moment, the
also graduated at a rate of 79 60. and Piranha Games today assured arcade racing" with the likes of PC/Mac version is still TBD as far
percent, matching the record of That's a 14-point jump since the patient fans that Days of Thunder: modern day wheelmen Denny as release date."
the past two years. NCAA first started calculating Arcade will be released on Xbox Hamlin, Greg Biffle, Ryan Continue reading Days of
Federal numbers show the '03-'04 grad rates nine years ago. Live Arcade "this winter" (which Newman and Tony Stewart, Thunder: NOTNASCAR Edition
class graduated at a higher rate, means it could show up on a late- among others. Earlier this month, coming to XBLA 'this winter'
64 percent, than the overall December Wednesday, or it NASCAR Edition was dated for Days of Thunder: NOTNASCAR
would otherwise debut in early release on PSN this fall -- that's Edition coming to XBLA 'this
2011). right, in time for the anniversary! winter' originally appeared on
Days of Thunder: Arcade is, We figured we'd save the best Joystiq on Wed, 27 Oct 2010
naturally, an arcade-style news for last. You're welcome. 11:35:00 EST. Please see our
romantic drama -- er, make that: Update: Uh-oh. A representative terms for use of feeds.
racing game. Under the guidance for the game informs us: " Permalink| Email this| Comments
of Rowdy Roddy Burns (was that NASCAR Edition for PSN is now

A Tribute to Sexy Halloween Costumes

( wear next to nothing in public for Decoder our FAQ page at
Submitted at 10/27/2010 3:00:00 AM a night. This is a tribute to the [on Facebook, Digg, Reddit and content-only/faq.php
latter. more] Five Filters featured article:
| Print Article| Email to Friend Check out our galleries of sexy This entry passed through the Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
There are many reasons to love Halloween costumes: Full-Text RSS service — if this is Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
H a l l o w e e n . C a n d y . P a r t i e s . Want to know what her costume your content and you're reading it Catastrophe.
Women using it as an excuse to means? Check out MF's Costume on someone else's site, please read
E-reader News Edition Gaming/ 69

Activision and Nintendo were involved in Rare

bidding war, former Microsoft exec recounts
Alexander Sliwinski (Joystiq) price for Rare, Nintendo would
Submitted at 10/27/2010 1:00:00 PM have the chance to buy at that low
price and probably would," Fries
A classic industry tale of "D'oh" reasoned. "So, the price was Gal Gun doesn't
tells of how Activision missed an high."
opportunity to buy Blizzard on the Unfortunately for Fries and
want you being seen
cheap a decade before the$18 Microsoft, they did not heed playing Gal Gun
billion merger. Here's the opposite Kenny Rodgers' sage advice:
tale: In 2002, it seems Activision JC Fletcher (Joystiq)
"You got to know when to hold
dodged a bullet by losing out in a 'em, know when to fold 'em, know Submitted at 10/27/2010 12:30:00 PM

bidding war to purchase Rare. when to walk away and know ...
Microsoft ended up being the fish when to run." Gal Gun is embarrassing. Ludwig
that took the worm -- for $375 Activision and Nintendo were learned this firsthand while
million -- and the rest has been ... involved in Rare bidding war, playing the Xbox 360 shooting
well, let's just say that Rare hasn't Activision was close to a deal to developer. At the time, Nintendo former Microsoft exec recounts game at Tokyo Game Show. It's
lived up to the high expectations secure Rare, but that Microsoft o w n e d h a l f o f R a r e , s o i f originally appeared on Joystiq on so embarrassing that even
set by the studio's independent ended up offering more. Fries also Microsoft had bid low, the House Wed, 27 Oct 2010 13:00:00 EST. developer Inti Creates and
successes. s h a r e d t h a t N i n t e n d o w a s of Mario could have easily taken Please see our terms for use of publisher Alchemist had to
In an interview with Develop, Ed involved in the bidding war, control of the entire studio. "So, feeds. acknowledge the fact that players
Fries, former Microsoft VP of further inflating an eventually there's a problem: If we drive a Permalink| Email this| Comments GAL page 70
game publishing, revealed that o u t r a g e o u s p r i c e f o r t h e hard bargain and put in a low

Dragon Age 2 to include bonus DLC pipeline like Mass Effect 2's
Cerberus Network
David Hinkle (Joystiq) something kind of in that charge. Dragon Age 2 will launch
Submitted at 10/27/2010 12:00:00 PM Cerberus vein where there will be on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and
additional content." PC on March 8, 2011.
Unsurprisingly, Dragon Age 2 Speaking of Dragon Age 2 DLC Dragon Age 2 to include bonus
will feature some manifestation of in general (and not necessarily DLC pipeline like Mass Effect 2's
" Project Ten Dollar" (an just the freebie content), Darrah Cerberus Network originally
incentive to buy EA's games new) said we could expect to see a appeared on Joystiq on Wed, 27
akin to Mass Effect 2's bonus boost in quality over the Dragon Oct 2010 12:00:00 EST. Please
content delivery system, the Age: Origins DLC, which see our terms for use of feeds.
Cerberus Network. "We will be prompted complaints about a Permalink| Email this| Comments
doing that," executive producer limited scope and areas being Dragon Age 2 is making it larger; BioWare intends to offer free
Mark Darrah confirmed to Joystiq recycled from the main game. He so it'll be bigger teams, more DLC to early birds as well, with
during a recent press preview of assured us that the sequel's add- unique environments, more pre-orders of Dragon Age 2 being
the game. "We haven't announced ons would be more unique: "What unique creatures -- so that it gets upgraded to the BioWare
what's in it, but it'll definitely be we're doing with the DLC in the attention it deserves to get." Signature Edition at no extra
70 Politics/ E-reader News Edition
continued from page 69

wouldn't want to be seen playing released in Japan on January 27.

Alex Sink Caught Lying Twice About
it. The developer has
implemented a panic button that
You can go ahead and forget
about importing it as a gag gift or Cell Phone
instantly puts a fake 8-bit game on an odd conversation piece, (Newsmax - Inside Cover) Sink’s makeup artist showed her a moderator John King of CNN
the screen, with authentic because it's going to cost ¥7,140 Submitted at 10/27/2010 8:00:53 AM message on a smartphone, which opened with a question about
animations and sounds. ($87). violated rules the Sink and Scott Florida’s economy, but Scott said:
This is referred to as a "Mama Gal Gun doesn't want you being Florida Democrat Alex Sink campaigns had agreed upon “First, Alex, you say you always
kita gamen," or "Mom arrived seen playing Gal Gun originally broke the rules during her debate beforehand. follow the rules. The rule was no
screen," which, oddly, is exactly appeared on Joystiq on Wed, 27 with gubernatorial rival Rick Scott called over Mark Preston, one was supposed to give us
the nightmare scenario Ludwig Oct 2010 12:30:00 EST. Please Scott, then compounded the gaffe CNN’s political editor, and messages during the break and
envisioned in the preview. Either see our terms for use of feeds. by lying about it twice afterward. complained. “So we can get your campaign did with an iPad,
he tapped into a universal fear of Permalink| Email this| Comments The flap erupted at Monday notes?” he said. “We can have with an iPod.”
having one's mother see Gal Gun, night’s nationally televised debate people that work for us come and On Tuesday morning, Sink told a
or Ludwig's coverage inspired this that CNN and the St. Petersburg give us messages?” Miami Herald reporter she did not
option. Times sponsored in Tallahassee. Preston said: “No.” ALEX page 70
In other news, Gal Gun will be During a commercial break, When the debate resumed,
Global Warming: Taking a Look at the Partisan continued from page 70

know who sent the message. She

Divide Over the Evidence said the makeup artist “put this
phone in my face and she said, ‘I
Bruce Drake (Politics Daily) In April 2008, 71 percent of those sharper among Republicans who don’t know who this is from,’ and
Submitted at 10/27/2010 11:23:00 AM surveyed said there was solid say they agree with the Tea Party I turned around and I looked and I
evidence of global warming movement. In this group, 70 said I couldn’t tell, really, what is
Contributing Editor The New compared to 21 percent who did percent do not think there is solid was.”
York Times had a story the other not, with 8 percent undecided. A evidence of warming. But King said Tuesday that CNN
day saying "skepticism and plurality (47 percent) blamed it on Follow Poll Watch on Twitter reviewed an audio clip that clearly
outright denial of global warming human activity rather than natural Visit the Poll Watch Home Page shows the makeup artist told Sink
are among the articles of faith of patterns or other factors. and see all the latest polls in one about the message.
the Tea Party movement," and a The percentage of believers fell place “We listened very closely to the
new Pew research Center poll to 57 percent in October 2009 and Read Politics Daily's 2010 audio, and the makeup artist,
certainly underlines the partisan now stands at 59 percent. Forty- Elections Round-Up when she approached Alex Sink,
and ideological divide when it four percent considered a serious This entry passed through the said, ‘I have a message from the
comes to the issue. problem in 2008 compared to 32 Full-Text RSS service — if this is staff.’ And at that point they
The Pew poll, conducted Oct. 13- percent who believe that now. your content and you're reading it looked, it was on her cell phone.
18, finds little change in public Breaking it down along partisan on someone else's site, please read It was two sentences. It was
attitudes overall over the past year lines, 79 percent of Democrats our FAQ page at essentially advice after the last
on whether there is solid evidence accept the evidence of global content-only/faq.php segment of the debate telling her
t h a t t h e e a r t h i s w a r m i n g , warming, compared to 56 percent percent of independents and 14 Five Filters featured article: if that question comes up again,
although those who believe that of independents and 38 percent of percent of Republicans. Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- remember this, and be more
global warming is a fact have Republicans. Fifty percent of Skepticism or disbelief about Reporting of Falluja's Cancer aggressive when Rick Scott
fallen sharply in number since Democrats regard it as a very global warming claims is even Catastrophe. questions you.”
2008. serious problem compared to 30 ALEX page 72
E-reader News Edition Politics/ 71

Obama on 'The Daily Show': White House Says It's

About Politics, Not Comedy
Alex Wagner (Politics Daily) midterms. What's more, the show
Submitted at 10/27/2010 12:27:00 PM will air three days before
Stewart's planned rally to
White House Correspondent "Restore Sanity" on the National
Marking the first time a sitting Mall -- Stewart has been
president has appeared on " The broadcasting from Washington all
Daily Show," on Wednesday week in advance of it, and having
evening President Obama will sit the commander in chief turn up
down with host Jon Stewart at the three days beforehand likely won't
Harman Center for the Arts in hurt turnout for the event.
Washington to tape an episode of Gibbs clarified that the
the popular Comedy Central president's appearance on the
show. (The interview will air show was not necessarily intended
later, at 8 p.m.) It's not the first to gin up support for the rally:
time the president has appeared "Jon Stewart announced a long,
on a non-traditional, long time ago that he would be in
entertainment-focused program: Washington before the existence
Earlier this summer he appeared of the rally," he said. "We signed
on the female-oriented talk show " involved," said Gibbs. "Efforts his case. And I think that's what up to do the show many months
The View," discussing -- among that help get people involved in he'll do on the show." ago, I think long before the
other things -- Lindsay Lohan, and excited in participating in that The timing on the appearance is existence of the rally."
Snooki, and the war in Iraq. democracy on either side is a no mystery: The November This entry passed through the
On Tuesday, Press Secretary good thing." midterms are less than a week Full-Text RSS service — if this is
Robert Gibbs brushed aside any He added that given the away, and the president is pulling your content and you're reading it
concerns about the conflation of widespread media market -- out all the stops to get young on someone else's site, please read
entertainment -- Stewart has including print, television, radio voters engaged and out to the our FAQ page at
avowed that he is a comic, not a and online outlets -- and the polls. "The Daily Show" is content-only/faq.php
politician -- and the highest office voracious public appetite for it, particularly popular among 18-to- Five Filters featured article:
in the land. "We've had "the president hasn't been shy 34-year-olds -- a considerable part Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
entertainers join things like Rock about going to the places where of Obama's base in 2008 but a Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
the Vote to help register people to people are getting their demographic that traditionally Catastrophe.
vote and help get people information and trying to make stays at home during the
72 Politics/ E-reader News Edition
continued from page 70

CNN said the message read: “The his blog clearly showing Sink she oversees some insurance
George Soros Gives $1
attorney who won the Sykes suit
said alex sink did nothing wrong.
spending seven or eight seconds
reading the message.
issues that could affect insurance
lobbyist May.
Million to Back Legalized-
Tell not to let him keep talking
about her.”
The message — sent by staffer
Sink said in a statement that she
“immediately removed” May
from her campaign.
Scott spokesman Brian Burgess
declared: “What happened last
night is like a microcosm of her
Marijuana Ballot Measure
Tom Kavanagh (Politics Daily) medical marijuana in the state.
Brian May, an insurance industry She said on “Hardball” that, after entire career. She thinks firing
Submitted at 10/27/2010 11:52:00 AM In his op-ed, Soros argued that
lobbyist — referred to Scott’s the debate, she told May, “Brian, other people and blaming then is
legalizing and taxing marijuana
criticism of Sink for her role on that was against the rules, and I the same thing as taking Morning Editor would save taxpayers the costs of
the auditing board of Tampa- can't have someone who doesn't responsibility.” California's marijuana incarceration and law
based call center Sykes play by the rules in my © Newsmax. All rights reserved. legalization measure, Proposition enforcement while raising
Enterprises when investors sued it campaign.” This entry passed through the 19, got a deep-pocketed supporter revenue.
in 2000 for exaggerating its Scott’s campaign said in a news Full-Text RSS service — if this is this week when billionaire George The Associated Press reports that
revenues, the Tampa Tribune release that Sink “cheated before your content and you're reading it Soros announced a $1 million gift Prop. 19 advocates have raised
reported. she lied.” on someone else's site, please read to boost the pro-pot ballot about $3.8 million, including the
Then Sink lied a second time And Scott told reporters on our FAQ page at initiative. Soros donation. Those opposed to
when she told MSNBC’s Tuesday morning: “She wants to content-only/faq.php "Just as the process of repealing it have raised about $300,000.
“Hardball” host John Matthews attack me all the time, and then Five Filters featured article: national alcohol prohibition began This entry passed through the
on Tuesday that she “ignored” the she doesn’t follow the rules. And Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- with individual states repealing Full-Text RSS service — if this is
message. that’s a pretty simple rule to Reporting of Falluja's Cancer their own prohibition laws, so your content and you're reading it
“I don’t know who this message is follow. This is like everything Catastrophe. individual states must now take on someone else's site, please read
from,” Sink said. “I glanced at it. I she’s done — she never takes the initiative with respect to our FAQ page at
didn’t understand even what it responsibility.” repealing marijuana prohibition content-only/faq.php
was. And I just ignored it.” The Scott campaign produced a laws," Soros wrote in an op-ed Five Filters featured article:
But the cameras continued to radio ad mocking Sink over the piece Tuesday in the Wall Street Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
record during the commercial cell phone flap and noting that, as Journal. The liberal financier and Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
break, and King released tape on Florida’s chief financial officer, philanthropist was also a backer Catastrophe.
of the 1996 measure that legalized

Pence Mulls Leaving Chair to Run for Prez or Gov

(Newsmax - Inside Cover) governor in 2012, sources tell focus remains on winning back your content and you're reading it
Submitted at 10/27/2010 5:57:44 AM Politico. the majority in Congress, and he on someone else's site, please read
The conservative Pence doesn’t believes that speculating about our FAQ page at
Wednesday, 27 Oct 2010 10:57 want to stay in the job if he can’t who will occupy what leadership content-only/faq.php
AM commit to a two-year term. He position in the next Congress is Five Filters featured article:
Preparations for the 2012 wants to stay loyal to his House 'looking past the playoffs’ and out Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
presidential race are moving colleagues – and attract their of place,” says the congressman’s Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
apace. House Republican support if he indeed runs for spokesman Matt Lloyd. Catastrophe.
Conference Chairman Mike Pence president. © Newsmax. All rights reserved.
of Indiana may quit that post to Pence also sees himself as a more conservatism if he isn’t burdened This entry passed through the
ready a campaign for president or powerful advocate for by his leadership role. His “sole Full-Text RSS service — if this is
E-reader News Edition Politics/ 73

Podcast: Reid Wilson and Palin Slated to Stump for

Aaron Blake on Elections; Miller in Alaska
Jim Tusty on George Shultz (Newsmax - Inside Cover)
Submitted at 10/27/2010 6:22:12 AM
Matt Lewis (Politics Daily)
Submitted at 10/27/2010 11:45:00 AM
Wednesday, 27 Oct 2010 11:22
Columnist On today's podcast, The right is doing its part for
we welcome two top political Alaska GOP Senate candidate Joe
analysts to the show: The Miller. Former Alaska Gov. Sarah
Hotline's Reid Wilson and The Palin is slated to attend a
Washington Post's Aaron Blake campaign rally for him Thursday,
handicap Tuesday's elections. The Hill reports. And other
Want to know what to expect conservative Republican leaders
Tuesday night? Wilson and Blake will appear on video. Bachmann of Minnesota, Sen. Jim
agree Republicans will win The appearance by Palin would DeMint of South Carolina and
somewhere around 50 House seats be the first on behalf of Miller. Sen. James Inhofe of Oklahoma.
(Wilson says 52 and Blake says recent PBS documentary on She endorsed him in June when © Newsmax. All rights reserved.
48). And on the Senate front, if Shultz's life.) he was an obscure candidate This entry passed through the
you're interested in who will win Check out the podcast! backed by the tea party movement Full-Text RSS service — if this is
in states like West Virginia, Subscribe to "The Matt Lewis against incumbent Republican your content and you're reading it
Pennsylvania, Washington, and Show" on iTunes! Lisa Murkowski. on someone else's site, please read
Colorado -- then this podcast is This entry passed through the The event is called the "Change our FAQ page at
for you. Full-Text RSS service — if this is D.C." rally. A description of it on
Later in the podcast, filmmaker your content and you're reading it Miller's campaign web site says Five Filters featured article:
James Tusty, who helped produce on someone else's site, please read both Sarah and Todd Palin, her Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
a new book authored by former our FAQ page at husband, are expected to make it. Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
Reagan Secretary of State George content-only/faq.php Among those appearing on video Catastrophe.
Shultz, called,"Ideas & Action," Five Filters featured article: are former Arkansas Gov. Mike
chats with us. (If you're interested Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- H u c k a b e e , R e p . M i c h e l e
in Shultz, be sure to also check Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
out our recent interview with Catastrophe.
David DeVries, who directed a
74 Politics/ Science/ E-reader News Edition

Democratic Veterans
Headed for the Exits
(Newsmax - Inside Cover)
Submitted at 10/27/2010 5:46:34 AM

Wednesday, 27 Oct 2010 10:46

AM FYI: Could We Use
It’s not a good time to be a long-
serving Democrat in Congress. Retired Space Shuttles
Many of them face major beat- as Space Stations?
downs by their Republican
Bjorn Carey (Popular Science -
opponents, according to a poll by New Technology, Science
The Hill. News, The Future Now)
Budget Committee Chairman
Submitted at 10/27/2010 10:02:04 AM
John Spratt, D-S.C.(pictured), is serving incumbents’ districts said
Shuttle Atlantis Shuttle Atlantis
10 percentage points behind; Rep. it was a reason to vote against the
launches September 9, 2006. Ben
Allen Boyd, D-Fla., is 12 points
behind, as is Chet Edwards, D-
© Newsmax. All rights reserved.
Video: Creepy Japanese Expression Cooper
It seems like a good idea; after
Texas. Rep. Paul Kanjorski of
Pennsylvania trails by five
This entry passed through the
Full-Text RSS service — if this is
-Mimicking Robot Hangs Out In all, not many vessels are capable
of sustaining life in space, so why
percentage points. Spratt has
served in Congress for 28 years,
your content and you're reading it
on someone else's site, please read
Hospitals, "Comforting" Patients not recycle what we've got?
Boyd for 13 years, Edwards for our FAQ page at Julie Beck (Popular Science - jerky enough to make a mockery Unfortunately, the current fleet
20 years and Kanjorski for 26 New Technology, Science of your pain. Some lucky patients just isn't cut out for long-term
content-only/faq.php News, The Future Now)
years. Five Filters featured article: i n J a p a n w i l l n o w g e t t o habitation. When NASA retires
To show just how Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- Submitted at 10/27/2010 10:43:53 AM experience this haunting scenario, the three remaining space shuttles
disadvantageous it is to be an Reporting of Falluja's Cancer The Actroid-F Doing Its Best To as the latest version of Geminoid next year, the craft will be sent to
incumbent this year, a majority of Catastrophe. Approximate Human Expression is installed in hospitals to act as museums.
those polled in the four longest- As if being laid up in the hospital an observer and "gauge patient The main problem is power. Each
wasn't traumatic enough already, reactions." shuttle has three fuel cells that
imagine having a humanoid robot The only good news is that the mix liquid hydrogen and liquid
coming to visit you and eerily bot's legs don't work, though this o x y g e n , a n d t h a t r e a c t i o n
mimicking your facial expressions i s l i k e l y s m a l l c o m f o r t t o generates all the crew's electricity
- its pink-sleeved arms resting bedridden patients with little hope (as well as its clean drinking
primly in its lap, its hair pinned for escape. Watch the horror: water). But the shuttle stocks only
back with a bobby pin (as if [ Engadget] enough oxygen and hydrogen to
having hair in its face would keep the fuel cells running for 14
bother it), its head movements just days. After that, the shuttle would
go completely dark. It wouldn't be
able to maneuver or send radio
transmissions, and lifesupport
systems would shut down. "You
FYI: page 76
E-reader News Edition Science/ 75

Live Video: Watch NASA's Newest Mars Rover

Being Built, Piece by Piece
Rebecca Boyle (Popular
Science - New Technology,
Science News, The Future
Submitted at 10/27/2010 9:15:17 AM
Curiosity Being Built The view
isn't quite this good -- as
evidenced by the webcam's
location -- but still, it's not every
day you get to watch spacecraft
being born. NASA
Okay, so it's not as warm and
fuzzy as the Smithsonian National
Zoo's lion cub cam. But NASA's
new webcam is pretty neat - you
can watch a spacecraft being born.
NASA's Mars Science
Laboratory, or Curiosity to its set up a webcam, albeit without Opportunity, and its instruments a different area where it can't be
friends, is taking shape inside a audio, from a viewing gallery will hunt for signs of life. seen, and NASA warns that the
clean room at the Jet Propulsion above the clean room floor. The car-sized rover is scheduled webcam might shut off
Laboratory. NASA engineers Viewers can watch as new pieces to launch from Kennedy Space occasionally. But the camera has a
want the public to see their are added - on Oct. 26, workers Center a little more than a year pretty wide view, so odds are
handiwork as they assemble the attached Curiosity's 7-foot-long from now, and it will arrive on you'll be able to watch as
most ambitious interplanetary robotic arm. Mars in August 2012, according engineers do who-knows-what.
explorer ever designed. Watch it Every so often, Curiosity to NASA. Lots more work must [ Jet Propulsion Laboratory]
here on Ustream. engineers will host live web chats be done before that - to that end,
We already watched as Curiosity to answer questions about the bunny-suited engineers start
took its first baby steps this rover and its science instruments, working in the clean room at 8
summer; now you can follow according to JPL. Curiosity is a.m. Pacific time Monday through
along live as it is put together, designed to go farther than its Friday.
piece by piece. Last week, NASA predecessors, Spirit and Sometimes the rover might be in
76 Science/ Health/ E-reader News Edition

Video: DARPA and Boeing's DiscRotor Retractable-

Blade Heliplane
Dan Nosowitz (Popular Science in turn be used as another wing
- New Technology, Science when the craft is flying like a
News, The Future Now) plane. At that point, it's powered
Submitted at 10/27/2010 11:40:53 AM by two traditional turbo-shaft
Boeing/DARPA DiscRotor engines underneath each wing,
Heliplane AviationWeek Torn
between a high-speed plane and a
and flies more or less like a
typical plane. The main problem
hovering helicopter? Why should
you have to choose?
is that the vehicle needs to be able
to transition from plane mode to
The CSAR DiscRotor, a
collaboration between Boeing and
helicopter mode reliably and
smoothly while in the air, and the Doesn't Work
DARPA, was approved back in in-air forces make that pretty (
2008. It's taken two years to get difficult. A Boeing rep notes that Submitted at 10/27/2010 2:00:00 AM
an animated video of the insane that is only one of "several large
retractable-wing heliplane, but all technical challenges." by Karen Asp| Print Article|
that time and money has clearly The DiscRotor is in phase 1b of Email to Friend
been worth it, because this thing can get places a plane can't (the F- "provides survivability, mobility, DARPA's testing; a model will There are numerous surgical
looks awesome. 35 notwithstanding), since it and responsiveness for troop and undergo wind tunnel testing in options out there for people who
The DiscRotor combines the doesn't need a landing strip or cargo insertion." But blades are 2011. need to lose lots of weight, such
hovering ability and landing particularly smooth terrain, but fragile and create unwanted drag, [ AviationWeek and DARPA] as gastric bypass or Lap-Band.
control of a helicopter with the even high-speed(or record- which is why we haven't just But if you're just looking for a nip
high-speed, high-altitude flight breaking!) helicopters are much stuck a helicopter blade onto an or tuck, there are other ways to
capabilities of a plane, something slower and more vulnerable in the airplane and called it a day. get it. Here are four of the newest.
that could be of use especially in air. The blades of the DiscRotor VASER HI-DEF
military situations. A helicopter DARPA says this kind of vehicle retract into a flat disc, which can LIPOSCULPTURE
FYI: How it's done: Doctors use a
continued from page 74 variation of the same ultrasound
technology pregnant women use
couldn't even cook breakfast," around the energy issue by using loss. They don't have individual up, it would just float and collect
to see their baby, but it's tweaked
says Michael Curie, a its giant solar panels to charge its bedroom compartments like the around the outside of the station."
to dissolve the fat surrounding
spokesperson for NASA space batteries. Outfitting the shuttles ISS does; to get some shuteye, Have a science question you've
specific muscle groups (your body
operations. "You wouldn't be able with a similar system would take astronauts instead zip themselves always wondered about? Send a
gradually absorbs and passes the
to return to Earth. Basically, the quite a bit of engineering. "At that in sleeping bags and Velcro tweet to@PopSciFYIGuy or email
"melted" fat). "We use your
shuttle would be space junk." point," Curie says, "it would make themselves to a wall. They don't to
muscle structure as a template to
You could restock the fuel tanks, more sense to start from scratch." even have a garbage chute.
sculpt your new shape," says John
of course, but the shuttles But what really makes a shuttle "They'd have to figure out some
A. Millard, M.D., a Denver plastic
themselves have served as station a bad idea is the lack of way to bundle up waste-human
surgeon and founder of the
NASA's biggest orbital delivery amenities. The shuttles don't have waste included-and toss it out a
Advanced Body Sculpting
trucks, and no appropriate room for all the exercise hatch," Curie says. "And because
Institute. The torso takes about
replacement is in the works. The equipment that astronauts need to there isn't a launcher to shoot the
four hours, arms or legs will only
International Space Station gets stave off rapid bone and muscle waste into the atmosphere to burn
WHEN page 78
E-reader News Edition Health/ Social Media/ 77

Success Story: Kirk Myers Eventbrite iPhone App

Submitted at 10/27/2010 4:00:00 AM
Those bad habits followed Myers
to college at the University of of
Missouri, and they might have
earned a degree, moved to NYC,
and—having learned so much
from his own experience with
Gains Barcode-Scanning
by Dean Stattmann| Print Article| done him in were it not for a
Email to Friend medical scare during his
getting fit—became a personal
trainer. (One of his first clients Support
KIRK MYERS sophomore year. Convinced his was a man whom he helped to Christina Warren (Mashable!)
Hometown: Kansas City, Mo. lethargy and lack of energy was lose 85 pounds in six months.) At Submitted at 10/27/2010 10:01:23 AM
Age: 31 the result of mononucleosis, his 172 pounds, Myers is also proud
Height: 5'7" stepmother drove him to the local to be in the best shape of his life. Event ticketing company
Weight Before: 297 lbs ER. "The doctors did a chest X- "I'm the happiest and healthiest Eventbrite has just released a new
Weight After: 172 lbs ray and saw my heart was I've ever been," he says. "I'm truly version of its free iPhone app,
Growing up, Kirk Myers lived enlarged," Myers says. He was living my dream." Eventbrite Easy Entry. The
with the nickname "Chunk." The told he had congestive heart Kirk's Tip: Never Give Up app[iTunes link] now allows
shy teen was nearly 300 pounds, failure and was immediately sent "It's all about preparation. I didn't event organizers to check in
had few friends, and spent most of to the ICU, He was 21. leave myself many options in the attendees by scanning a 2D
h i s f r e e t i m e a l o n e i n h i s It took nine prescriptions and two fridge, so if I wanted a candy bar, barcode on Eventbrite tickets
bedroom. He did use his size to years of hard work, but Myers I had to get up and go to the store directly from their iPhones.
earn a place on the high school slowly changed his lifestyle. Junk to get it. Instead, I always have This eliminates some of the
football team—but he still never food was the first to go; doctors good food around me, whether it's • A new checkin interface that
hassle involved in the event
really fit in, struggling to keep up ordered him to load up on green at work, at school, in the gym or makes it easier to switch between
checkin process. Eventbrite is
with his teammates in games and vegetables and avoid sodium and wherever." Related articles: search, list and scan options
using barcode-scanning
practices. "I would always throw extra sugars. He began with Success Story: John Hillesland • E-mail, ticket type and payment
technology powered by
up," Myers remembers. "After we o a t m e a l a n d a l m o n d s f o r Success Story: Matt Browne info are displayed under an
Quickmark to make it easier to get
finished a game, I'd lie down and breakfast, and introduced eggs, Success Story: Jim Murphy attendee’s name.
attendee data into the system.
pretty much pass out." chicken, spinach, and protein [on Facebook, Digg, Reddit and The iPhone app works by
But the emotional toll he was shakes into his daily meals. more] Event planners — how do you
connecting to a guest list from
suffering may have been even Along with his new diet came This entry passed through the manage checkins and ticketing?
Eventbrite’s servers. Event staff
worse than the physical one. "I new energy, so Myers started Full-Text RSS service — if this is Let us know.
can then check in attendees by
was unhappy a lot," he says. "I taking daily walks. He was soon your content and you're reading it Disclosure: Mashable’s events
scanning a barcode, looking up
didn't feel good about myself." in the gym, where he worked two on someone else's site, please read staff use Eventbrite for ticket
their names or browsing a list.
Myers turned to high-calorie junk body parts a day, four days a our FAQ page at sales for our events.
What makes the system awesome
food in an attempt to improve his week. Each workout included an content-only/faq.php More About: barcode scanning,
is that checkins are synced across
mood. In addition to regular fast- hour on the treadmill at a low Five Filters featured article: event tickets, eventbrite, iphone,
multiple devices. That means
food runs and a steady supply of speed and high incline. "As I got Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- iphone apps
events can have staff members at
cookies and candy bars, he had a i n b e t t e r s h a p e , I g a i n e d Reporting of Falluja's Cancer For more Mobile coverage:
multiple entrance points without
serious taste for chocolate milk, confidence and pushed harder." Catastrophe. • Follow Mashable Mobile on
having to worry about having
pounding up to two gallons every A decade later, Myers has lost Twitter
incomplete or unsynchronized
day. 125 pounds and kept it off. He's • Become a Fan on Facebook
• Subscribe to the Mobile channel
Other new features of the app
• Download our free apps for
iPhone and iPad
• Support for repeating events
and customized sync settings
78 Social Media/ E-reader News Edition
continued from page 76

take about two hours. ZELTIQ experimental and haven't been

The Empire State
Cost:$2,500-$5,000 for arms or
legs, $7,500-$15,000 for the core.
How it's done: Fat cells are
chilled with a specialized
well tested.
• Results may not be permanent. Building Is Now on
Recovery time: Two to three transducer and subsequently die • There's a risk for side effects,
days, but you'll generally be out
of the gym for two to three weeks,
from the cold. Over time, the
body flushes them out through
including everything from
temporary nerve damage with
Twitter (and Facebook)
minimum. Bruising and pain are normal metabolic processes. The Zeltiq to skin burns with VASER Jennifer Van Grove (Mashable!)
minor, though. In fact, Millard procedure generally takes about Hi-Def. And if your doctor isn't Submitted at 10/27/2010 11:18:15 AM
says the discomfort is no more an hour and one treatment. highly skilled, procedures
than what you might experience Cost:$500-$700 per body area. involving any type of sculpting New York City’s landmark
following an intense workout. Recovery time: Less than a day. may not look entirely lifelike. skyscraper, the Empire State
VELASHAPE "Most patients are in and out with Building, is now a part of the
How it's done: A combination of minimal downtime," says Jason Interesting fact: Americans spent social media revolution with a
radio waves and infrared light Pozner, M.D., medical director of $10 billion on plastic surgery last newly launched Twitter account
beams shrink fat cells and tighten the Sanctuary Medical Aesthetic year, down 3% from 2008. and Facebook Page.
the skin. "Most people say it feels Center in Boca Raton, Fla. Related articles: The Empire State Building
like a warm massage," says Yan Wondering if these procedures 101 Ways to Lose Your Gut C ompany is behind the
Trokel, M.D., a New York City are right for you? We asked Three Easy Tricks to Tame Your ESBObservatory Twitter and
cosmetic surgeon and founder of Richard A. Baxter, M.D., a Appetite Facebook accounts. The accounts
channels certainly speaks volumes
the YAN Center for Corrective spokesperson for the American Diet Screwups: How to bounce will be used to post photos, share to how pervasive social media has
and Cosmetic Surgery. You may Society of Plastic Surgeons, what back from overindulging building information, highlight
see results after only four you should keep in mind before [on Facebook, Digg, Reddit and pop culture tidbits and update fans Image courtesy of Flickr, Magnus
treatments, says Trokel. signing up. more] on fun factoids about the famous
Cost:$500 per session per body PROS: This entry passed through the office building. More About: empire state
area Full-Text RSS service — if this is The building is also fast-
building, facebook, social media,
Recovery time: None • With the exception of VASER your content and you're reading it approaching its 80th anniversary, twitter
CARBOXYTHERAPY Hi-Def, most procedures are on someone else's site, please read so the accounts will post updates For more Social Media coverage:
How it's done: Your skin is minimally invasive. our FAQ page at in anticipation of the monumental • Follow Mashable Social Media
injected with CO2, triggering the • Relatively quick recovery. content-only/faq.php day.
on Twitter
body's production of collagen, • Treatments may help you lose Five Filters featured article: There’s something to be said for • Become a Fan on Facebook
which aids in removing the fat in areas that you haven't been Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- such a famous building having a • Subscribe to the Social Media
cellulite. Trokel recommends able to hit through diet and Reporting of Falluja's Cancer social media presence, even channel
between four and 12 treatments, exercise. Catastrophe. though it isn’t necessarily
• Download our free apps for
each one 20 to 60 minutes long. breaking new ground here. The
iPhone and iPad
Cost:$200 per session per body CONS: building company’s recognition
area. of social media as important
Recovery time: None • Some of the procedures are distribution and fan engagement
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Can Exercise Help Curb Your White iPhone 4 Delayed

Appetite? Until Spring 2011
( Blake Robinson (Mashable!)
Submitted at 10/27/2010 5:00:00 AM Submitted at 10/27/2010 10:15:17 AM

by Lisa Freedman| Print Article| Apple confirmed Wednesday that

Email to Friend the long-awaited white iPhone 4
Pharmaceutical companies and won’t be available until spring.
scientists have been working for “We’re sorry to disappoint
decades to find a magic pill to customers waiting for the white
make us feel more satisfied and iPhone yet again, but we’ve
eat less. Fortunately, researchers decided to delay its release until
at the University of Campinas in this spring,” said Apple
Brazil may have found a link to spokeswoman Trudy Miller.
making us feel full—without the such as swimming and running on to reorganize the set point of Apple had previously stated that
a treadmill. Their eating habits nutritional balance and, therefore, the white iPhone 4 would “not be For more Tech coverage:
use of drugs.
were also closely monitored aid in counteracting the energy available until later this year.” • Follow Mashable Tech on
Some of our eating
before and after the exercise i m b a l a n c e i n d u c e d b y This latest statement comes one Twitter
habits—particularly if they
routines. overnutrition-related obesity," day after we reported that the • Become a Fan on Facebook
involve a lot of fatty foods like
The results: The obese rats that Carvalheira noted in the study. white version of the iPhone 4 had • Subscribe to the Tech channel
fries and pizza—may cause us to
used to eat a lot before they were However, the study did not find appeared in the Apple Store. • Download our free apps for
lose the ability to know when
subjected to regular exercise any concrete proof to link the [via CNN] iPhone and iPad
we're full. Some research suggests
that eating excessive amount of started eating less after engaging results with weight loss. Related More About: apple, Apple Store,
fat creates failures in the brain's in physical activity. articles: iphone 4, white iphone
signals that control satiety in the "In obese animals, exercise Lose Weight at Work
hypothalamus (the area of the increased protein levels in the Put an End to Mindless Snacking
brain that manages hunger). These h y p o t h a l a m u s , a n d t h e s e Tips For Keeping Your Weight-
failures can lead to uncontrollable molecules were crucial for loss Plan on Target
food intake and, thus, obesity. increasing the sensitivity of the [on Facebook, Digg, Reddit and
Brazilian researchers, led by Jose most important hormones, insulin more]
Barreto C. Carvalheira, set out to a n d l e p t i n , w h i c h c o n t r o l This entry passed through the
determine if exercising obese appetite," Carvalheira explained. Full-Text RSS service — if this is
rodents could restore satiety and Obviously, physical activity your content and you're reading it
decreased food intake. increases energy expenditure and on someone else's site, please read
The set-up: The researchers burns calories, but this study our FAQ page at
studied a group of rats—half of found that exercise also adjusts content-only/faq.php
which were of normal weight, the signals of satiety and reduces Five Filters featured article:
while the other half were food intake. Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
considered obese. Both groups This chemical change suggests Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
were put under physical exercises that physical activity "could help Catastrophe.
80 Religion/ E-reader News Edition

Watching the jihad watchers

Mollie (GetReligion) religion beat. Editors can’t devote Emerson’s for-profit company —
Submitted at 10/27/2010 9:22:55 AM the resources necessary to run an Washington-based SAE
investigative project and Productions — collected in 2008
Ever since Muslim extremists journalists face more and more for researching alleged ties
commandeered passenger aircraft demands on their time. between American Muslims and
and crashed them into the World There’s one journalist who really overseas terrorism. The payment
Trade Center towers and the bucks this trend: Steve Emerson. came from the Investigative
Pentagon — with another plane An award-winning journalist who Project on Terrorism Foundation,
missing its target only because its began writing about Muslim a nonprofit charity Emerson also
p a s s e n g e r s f o u g h t b a c k — terrorism decades before most of founded, which solicits money by
A m e r i c a n s h a v e b e e n v e r y us even realized it was a topic telling donors they’re in imminent
interested in Muslim extremism. worth writing about, he’s been danger from Muslims.
Each terror attack committed by connecting dots and explaining Emerson is a leading member of
Muslim extremists since then has ties between Muslim extremists a multimillion-dollar industry of
only fueled the curiosity and thirst here and in other countries for self-proclaimed experts who
for knowledge more. years. spread hate toward Muslims in
And yet it’s really hard to find in In part because he’s really the books and movies, on websites
t h e m e d i a m u c h h e l p f u l only journalist devoting himself to and through speaking
information connecting the dots or this work, he’s got a target on his appearances. Leaders of the so-
explaining different varieties of back. Though his own journalistic called “anti-jihad” movement
Islam. Yes, there have been background includes The New portray themselves as patriots,
stories here and there. But Republic and PBS, some partisans defending America against radical
considering that we’re almost 10 have long disliked his work Islam. And they’ve found an
years out from the carnage of 9/ because of its implicit or explicit eager audience in ultra-
11, I’m wondering how much support for war in Iraq (which I conservative Christians and
longer we’ll have to wait for good and others opposed). Prior to mosque opponents in Middle
investigative pieces of current 2001, they said his warnings Tennessee. One national
threats. Of course, The New York about terrorism on American soil consultant testified in an ongoing
Times and Washington Post were w e r e s c a r e m o n g e r i n g o r lawsuit aimed at stopping a new
praising radical Muslim cleric Islamophobia. The critiques Murfreesboro mosque.
Anwar Al-Awlaki as a moderate continue. But his Investigative Yeah. Kind of don’t even know
in the first few months after 9/11. Project on Terrorism remains one how to respond to a lede like that.
The lesson isn’t that these papers of the only places where you can There’s so much to say about it.
were apologists for radical Islam find any information about For one thing, there’s no
so much as that exploring the ties terrorists or accused radicals. substantiation (here or later in the
and connections and people I wish that more mainstream article) for the charge that
involved in terror attempts against m e d i a w o u l d e m u l a t e a n d Emerson’s group tells donors
the United States is really tough improve upon his difficult and they’re in imminent danger from
w o r k . I t ’ s a l s o p o l i t i c a l l y dangerous work. Muslims, which implies ALL
incorrect and dangerous. Instead they’ve decided to Muslims, a charge the group
And the newspaper industry is investigate — him. Or at least one one thing you won’t think, after facts: denies. And to accuse Emerson of
collapsing upon itself. We all newspaper did. Let’s look at the reading this lede, is that the Steven Emerson has 3,390,000 “spreading hate” toward Muslims
know reporters who have been w a y t h a t T h e N a s h v i l l e newspaper’s editors have any reasons to fear Muslims.
laid off or removed from the Tennessean begins its piece. The interest in simply sticking to the That’s how many dollars WATCHING page 81
E-reader News Edition 81
continued from page 80

— again, no attempt to deal with he runs this IPT project which project deal with on a day-to-day a whole has also been threatened. story she would get carried away
the complex spectrum of beliefs gives money to SAE. Tax and non basis. All of this was approved by our and convinced of a company’s
and practices within Islam — is -profit law isn’t exactly the most The fact is that this was the angle outside legal and accounting guilt. She needed to make sure
outrageous. Emerson definitely is exciting stuff out there, but the I was most interested in, as experts.” she didn’t miss anything obvious
a tough critic of Muslim reporter does his best by talking to someone who has done Now, maybe there is something that would blow her entire story.
extremism. And he has his critics, a group that oversees charities investigative reporting. I’ve to report in these financial A quick note about what I
particularly those American that says this does not sound spoken with journalists who have arrangements. Like the nerd who mentioned before, the drifting
groups with ties to the Muslim good. Here: been to their top secret bunker and studied economics I am, I’ve had back and forth between the work
Brotherhood and Hamas. Because of its unusual have been told all sorts of stories fun digging through financial of IPT and other groups that fight
But unless you believe that all arrangement with Emerson’s about how hard they work to keep records for investigative stories. I Muslim extremists. Instead of
Muslims are extremists, the company, the Investigative their location a secret. Like, can totally see where this speaking with an accountant or
charge that he spreads hate of Project’s tax returns show no you’re literally blindfolded on financial arrangement would have lawyer or security expert about
Muslims an unwise one. It is details, such as salaries of staff. your way there. Why? No one seemed like a dramatic “gotcha” why the foundation structures
through his Investigative Project [SAE spokesman Ray] Locker ever needed to spell it out for me, against IPT. Had I not known how itself the way it does, the reporter
on Terrorism that I’ve learned, for said the approach was vetted by but I figured it was because they much the group and its staff had instead writes:
instance, about the travails of the group’s lawyers and is legal. were afraid of being targeted by been threatened and had to work But Rebecca Bynum, editor of
peace-loving Muslims who fight He said that Emerson takes no Muslim extremists. to keep their cover protected, the New English Review, a
extremism in their midst. He is profits from SAE Productions and And so I assumed, when I first maybe it would have seemed like Nashville-based online magazine
often critical of some Muslims in therefore the Investigative Project read this story, that the reason the perfect way to frame the story. that’s critical of Islam, said she
order to defend the activities of is a nonprofit. why they use this financial Unfortunately, that seems like it has no problem with Emerson’s
other Muslims. That doesn’t fly, said Charity arrangement had something to do was a mistake in this case. To big take. Her nonprofit took in
And the general language used is Navigator’s Berger. Berger said with these very serious security drift past the very real security $30,000 in 2008 and has no paid
just over the top. It’s simplistic, to tax-exempt nonprofits must be concerns. The word “security” is concerns and to fail to find employees.
say the least. A good rule of transparent and disclose how they mentioned once, early on, as a anyone to defend the accounting “I know that (Emerson) does great
thumb — in reporting and spend money and how much they reason, but it’s not gone into. and legal structure when such work,” Bynum said. “They
otherwise — is to avoid pay their staff. Emerson’s group In a response from the IPT, the people are more than plentiful and investigate very thoroughly. You
pontificating on the motivations appears to be trying to skirt these group says that The Tennessean to also accuse the group of having can always count on what they
of other people. The phrases “fear rules, he said. did a very bad job reporting on spread hatred without evidence say.”
Muslims” and “spread hate “It really undermines the trust in the matter. And yes, it’s all about makes for some serious problems. The message anti-Islam authors
toward Muslims” may indicate nonprofits,” he said. “This is security. They say The A Pulitzer Prize-winning and groups disseminate isn’t
something about the views of the really off the grid.” Tennessean misunderstood the investigative reporter once gave always accurate.
newsroom. But particularly when The Frist Foundation’s Bird said IRS form, which they explain. me some very helpful tips on how The article then goes on to
attempting to accuse a respected the discrepancy between the They quote a man who spent 20 to have the best story possible. present a one-sided argument
journalist of lying and breaking Investigative Project’s application years with the IRS who advised One of the things she advocated where a history professor
tax law, the language should be to the IRS and its practices is them as part of a team of was collecting all of your disagrees with things that some
more measured. In general, the troubling. accountants and lawyers. They “gotcha” research and then other people have written about
entire article uses weasel words “It looks like they told the say that the reporter ignored what presenting it to the target of your Shariah. They are not given a
and jumps back and forth between government one thing and did they told him about the investigation and asking them to chance to defend their work. But
Emerson and other anti-Muslim another,” he said. structuring of the relationship respond within a week or so. I that’s not the point. Note the
extremist groups without making Now, early on in the story, we’re between the foundation and SAE remarked that this seemed very transition between the last two
it clear which groups are accused told that SAE says they use this which was “done to provide a charitable to the target of the lines and that the Shariah
of what. arrangement for security reasons. layer of security for our investigation and she replied that disagreement has absolutely
I don’t want to quote the whole I figured at some point we’d learn employees. Emerson has been the she didn’t do it for them so much nothing to do with anything put
thing, but the piece accuses about the unbelievable security subject of death threats because of as for her own sake. Sometimes WATCHING page 82
Emerson of wrongdoing because concerns the researchers for this his work, and our organization as when she would get a tip on a
82 Religion/ E-reader News Edition
Conjecture, caveats and gay Mormons continued from page 81

out by IPT.
Bobby (GetReligion) family is deeply woven into individuals experience can lead to death for LBGT youth. Utah’s Perhaps the trouble is that The
Submitted at 10/26/2010 4:23:23 PM theology and where there is suicide. Anecdotes about the suicide rates — 34.5 suicide Tennessean has two stories here.
seemingly no line between suicides of gay Mormons from deaths for every 100,000 persons On the one hand they have a story
Amid a barrage of recent religion and culture, the potential Affirmation’s website, posts on in 2008 — are among the highest about disagreements over what is
headlines concerning religion and losses for LGBT Mormons who the PrideinUtah blog and other in the nation, particularly among and what is not Shariah and how
g a y s u i c i d e s , t h e M o r m o n come out can be devastating, sites seem to support the young men between the ages of much Muslim extremism should
c h u r c h ’ s p o s i t i o n o n Jarvis and others say. contention. 18 and 24. concern Americans. On the other
homosexuality has received its “There are so many great things “It’s an enormous problem, No hard data. A survey in which hand, they have a story about IPT
share of scrutiny, from Politics about Mormon culture and the especially in Utah,”said Eric Mormons may or may not have and its tax structure. These stories
Daily to the Salt Lake Tribune. LDS church, but it is not a safe Ethington, who runs the been polled. A vague reference to could probably work much better
An Associated Press story out of place for gay and lesbian people,” PrideinUtah blog. Utah suicide rates as “among the separately. Written by: Mollie on
Salt Lake City this week makes said Jarvis, 42, a seventh- OK, the story claims anecdotal highest in the nation,” but with no October 27, 2010.
the case— or at least attempts to generation Mormon who came out evidence concerning the suicides specific link to gay Mormons. This entry passed through the
— that gay Mormons are killing in 1993 and has since left the of gay Mormons. But guess how That’s all interesting, but guess Full-Text RSS service — if this is
t h e m s e l v e s b e c a u s e o f t h e church. many specific cases of gay how much concrete evidence the your content and you're reading it
c h u r c h ’ s t r e a t m e n t o f Did you catch that big number (is Mormons killing themselves are story provides to back up its on someone else's site, please read
homosexuals. it a guess-timate?) in the second cited? thesis? our FAQ page at
Here’s the top of the story: paragraph? As many as 3,000 Zero. Zero. content-only/faq.php
SALT LAKE CITY— Ben Jarvis people. “Evidence” such as this is I don’t know if gay Mormons are Five Filters featured article:
has heard a lot of coming out Guess how many of that number provided: killing themselves or not. If they Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
stories. are quoted in this story? Zero. Although there’s no hard data are — and are doing so at a rate Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
For the past 15 years, the The entire story relies on talking directly linking faith and suicide, higher than other segments of Catastrophe.
southern California-based urban heads. Readers hear from gay a survey by the Public Religion society — then that’s certainly a
planner has been answering a r i g h t s a c t i v i s t s , c h u r c h Research Institute conducted with newsworthy story.
hotline number for Mormons spokespeople and a few other the Religion News Service found But all this story provides is
struggling with their sexual “experts.” But no real people — that 65 percent of 1,010 conjecture. And caveats. Written
identity. Jarvis, a volunteer for no real cases to back up the respondents believe messages by: Bobby on October 26, 2010.
Affirmation, a support group for claims of Mormon suicides — from the pulpits of American This entry passed through the
l e s b i a n , g a y , b i s e x u a l a n d ever make an appearance. churches contribute. Full-Text RSS service — if this is
transgender Mormons, estimates In fact, the story seems to contain The survey, conducted Oct. 14- your content and you're reading it
he’s talked to as many as 3,000 more caveats than concrete facts. 17, has margin of error of 3 on someone else's site, please read
people. For example, there’s this: percentage points. Survey data our FAQ page at
Many of them are “deathly The (Rutgers student who killed posted on the institute website did content-only/faq.php
afraid,” their secret will be himself) was not Mormon, but not specify denominations, nor Five Filters featured article:
discovered by friends, family, or Utah’s gay rights activists, some indicate whether Mormons were Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
members of their Church of Jesus with roots in Mormonism, were polled. Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
Christ of Latter-day Saints quick to draw a connection to The Massachusetts based Suicide Catastrophe.
congregations, he said. their own situation. They say the Prevention Resource Center cites
In a faith where the traditional painful isolation that some LGBT suicide as the leading cause of
E-reader News Edition Politics-Right/ 83

Marrakech Journal, Part III

Submitted at 10/27/2010 5:07:28 AM
touchy economically, culturally, it, “Economic issues and cultural of this not-barking is beautiful. they admire your ambition, and be
psychologically, and even issues get blended. You can’t Real problems are discussed pleased for your success? More
D o you need to, or would you spiritually. Also, our moderator, separate them.” honestly. There is no blaming than a few who have left home
like to, get up to speed? My in his introduction, mentions that An Egyptian woman left many Israel, no blaming the U.S. The carry a trace of guilt.
pleasure. For the first two parts of half the population in this region years ago for the U.S. She was Great Satan and the Little Satan Earlier in the week, I had a very
this journal from Marrakech, go is left sort of idling: He is pursuing “my American dream,” aren’t mentioned at all, at least smart and affecting guide, a
here and here. speaking of women, of course. as she says. About 20 years later, that I can pick up. Instead, people youngish Moroccan who showed
So, the meeting has started: the The moderator passes the she had another dream: “my are wrestling honestly with me a bit of Marrakech. He
“World Economic Forum on the microphone to a man from the Egyptian dream.” She wanted to problems as they are. A beautiful, confided to me, very soberly --
Middle East and North Africa,” to Gulf. He speaks of living in a return to her native country and refreshing, and necessary thing. even anxiously -- that he had a
give the formal name. This region society that is both “very “make a difference.” She had One more statement, from one friend -- or perhaps it was a
is known as “MENA,” for the conservative” and “very made some money in the West (I more participant: “The problem is relative -- in Vancouver, who was
“Middle East and North Africa.” religious.” There are advantages assume). And now it was time to our culture.” That is an “ouch” of suggesting he immigrate there. He
Yet it’s hard not to say, simply, and disadvantages to such a do something more idealistic, a statement. “We all know it. We is considering it. Yet he is deeply
the “Middle East,” geographically society, he says. Here is a patriotic, fulfilling . . . favor men over women, older men attached to where he lives, and all
sloppy though that term is. One disadvantage: There is too much She has a couple of teenagers, over younger men, certain the people around him. What a
could speak of the “Arab world” - rote learning going on. Too much and wonders what they will do, nationalities over other dilemma.
- but you have Turkey and Iran to mere “studying,” as opposed to what their opportunities will be in nationalities, certain names over #page#It has been a joy, in recent
consider. One might even want to genuine learning. To succeed in the Middle East. other names . . .” years, to watch the rise of India.
say “Muslim world” -- but what the business world, you need Another participant says, “You I’m going to make a few Time was, most any Indian with a
about the Copts, etc.? Anyway . . . imagination, inquisitiveness, know another thing about coming observations my own bad self -- burning spark contrived to go
#ad#I attend a lunch -- an broadness. back?” He means, about returning to you, I mean. Observations abroad. Go into any hospital in
“interactive lunch,” with featured He further says that businesses in from the West to the Middle East about this matter of striking out America. Look at the doctors’
speakers and general participation the region need to decentralize. (which is what he did). His from home to make your fortune directory, under “P.” Count the
-- on the subject of talent. And they need to allow people to answer: You’re a big fish in a elsewhere. Like you, probably, I Patels. Go to “S,” and count the
Specifically, on the subject of the take risks. “We learn from our small pond. He doesn’t put it believe in freedom of movement. Singhs.
“talent deficit”: a deficit that this failures,” he says. Yet “in our exactly like that, but that is his I think people ought to be allowed Now, achieving Indians, or
region suffers from. For years, society, it’s a calamity to fail. You meaning. “In the West, to vote with their feet, so to speak, Indians who would achieve, tend
people with wit and ambition are brushed aside, banished to the investment bankers are a dime a in pursuing their destinies. Every to stay home. At least, there are
have left, in pursuit of a better sidelines. You are damaged dozen.” In the Middle East, no. land ought to be a land of many more opportunities at home
life. They have gone to America, goods. And you can’t come Someone else addresses a big, opportunity. You certainly want than before.
Europe, maybe the Far East. How back.” That is nonsense, the man big issue here in this region: your own to be! What if it’s not? #ad#I think I mentioned the
to stop this “brain drain”? How to says: a nonsense that needs to be nepotism. The inability to get a That is how America got built, of following in Impromptus a few
keep the young people at home corrected. job unless you have a family course: So many people, denied years ago: I saw, for the first time
and maybe entice back those who Midway through this lunch, a connection. Everyone in the opportunity where they lived. So -- it was in Florence -- Indian
have left? woman, also from the Gulf, says, Middle East recognizes this is a many people, with so much to tourists in Europe. I had never, in
(“How do you keep them down on “We’ve been talking about fancy colossal problem. Very few in the offer: and stifled from offering it all my life, seen Indian tourists,
the farm, once they’ve seen the skills”: skills that are acquired at West, it is my impression, know at home. Indian tour groups. That signaled
lights of Paris?” goes the old the top universities and institutes. about it. They’re apt to say, “Gee, But there can be a great the growth of the middle class.
saying. How do you keep them “How about soft skills, like it must be some Israeli settlements psychological load to carry, when These people weren’t in Italy to
down on the farm when there is showing up on time? How about that keep Arabs down.” you leave. Are you a traitor (to work or live. They were just
not much of a farm and there may showing up on time for work?” Yeah, right. put it bluntly)? Will others regard checking out the Duomo, the
be chances elsewhere?) A fascinating comment. And Throughout this lunch, I hear a you as a traitor? Will they be
This is a very touchy subject. It is someone else says, in response to dog not barking -- and the sound content with resenting you? Will MARRAKECH page 87
84 Politics-Right/ E-reader News Edition

Unindicted Coconspirators
Submitted at 10/27/2010 3:00:44 AM
North American Islamic Trust) -- destruction to be a divine calling. to charge them yet, and something of a misnomer, since at
on a list of unindicted The Brotherhood is a global sometimes it has enough evidence least some of the people and
The issue isn’t the coconspirator coconspirators provided to the organization that -- with Saudi but hasn’t charged them publicly entities on it may actually be
list, it’s the evidence. judge and defense counsel prior to financial backing -- has spent over for various strategic reasons (e.g., innocent -- because the
M uch has been made of an a 2007 trial. half a century building an Islamist they’re likely to go on the lam if government hasn’t charged them,
appeals-court decision to expunge The inaccurate reports about the infrastructure in the United States. they learn they are suspected). they haven’t been formally
references to several U.S. Muslim appeals-court ruling prompted Once Hamas was created in 1989, The existence of these unindicted accused and don’t have an
groups from a list of unindicted co consternation from commentators at the start of the Intifada, support coconspirators is important. Let’s opportunity to clear their names.
-conspirators in a terrorism- who, for years, had been citing the for its jihad against Israel became say one of them told an That seems awfully unfair, for
financing case. Too much, in fact. Justice Department designation. a top Brotherhood priority. undercover agent that the the same reasons that cause DOJ
It was never about the list. It was Though it was useful for attacking Consequently, it mobilized its defendant was involved in the to refrain from mentioning the
a b o u t w h a t e v i d e n c e the groups -- a worthy end -- the tentacles in the United States to plot. That statement is admissible names in the indictment. But
u n m i s t a k a b l y t e l l s u s : T h e commentators had obviously done back Hamas financially and in the under evidentiary rules. That is, a there’s a salient difference:
Muslim Brotherhood and its that without really understanding court of public opinion. defendant can be convicted of Indictments must be publicly
American satellites are working to what the list was and, more To make a long story short, the conspiracy based on the disclosed once arrests are made;
undermine the United States from significant, what the Islamist Brotherhood set up an ostensible statements of a coconspirator, coconspirator lists should not be
within and to destroy Israel by organizations had done to merit Muslim charity in Indiana, the even if that coconspirator has not disclosed. The point of them is
any possible means, including being listed. The label “unindicted Holy Land Foundation for Relief been charged in the case. not to smear people as evildoers.
terrorism. The Brotherhood can coconspirator” had always been and Development (HLF), to But who are the coconspirators? It is strictly to alert defense
hide the list. After all, we should good enough for them -- but what funnel money to Hamas, primarily It is often not possible to tell by counsel about what evidence they
never have seen it in the first to say now that it has been in Gaza. Over the years, HLF duly reading the indictment. may have to confront once the
place. They can’t hide the purged? channeled millions of dollars. #page#To avoid tainting people trial starts. So the lists are usually
evidence -- no matter how much Everyone ought to relax. The Finally, the Bush Justice whom DOJ is not ready to charge exchanged informally, in a non-
help they get from their friends in ruling didn’t actually expunge Department indicted top HLF with a crime, the department’s public letter from the prosecutor
and out of government. That bell anything, and the list -- however officials for a massive conspiracy guidelines forbid identifying to the defense lawyers or in a
can’t be unrung. useful it may have been -- was to provide material support to a uncharged coconspirators by sealed court filing.
#ad#That is the main takeaway never important. In fact, its terrorist organization. name in a publicly filed In the HLF case, the Justice
from a federal appeals-court contents should never have been In conspiracy cases, courts order indictment. (That’s why you often Department goofed -- big time.
ruling last week that has caused disclosed in the first place; CAIR the government to give the see oddities like “coconspirator Prosecutors filed the
plenty of confusion. Sympathizers & Co. are actually right about defense a list of unindicted A” or “company B” in coconspirator list publicly, as an
of various Islamist groups were that. But it is the only thing they coconspirators. The reasons for indictments or arrest complaints.) appendix to a pretrial submission
quick to claim, falsely, that a Fifth and their apologists have been this have to do with the rules of #ad#That’s all well and good, but that explained the theory of the
Circuit panel had ordered the right about and, despite what evidence and the Justice it does not help a defense lawyer case to the court and addressed
expunging of all references to they’d have you think, it is nearly Department’s guidelines for prepare for trial -- he must know some legal issues. As a result, it
those organizations as “unindicted irrelevant at this stage of the drafting charges. the names of people whose became publicly known that the
coconspirators” in an important game. Usually, big conspiracies involve statements might be used to prove Muslim Brotherhood was the hub
terrorism-financing case. The A little background is in order. many more people and entities his client’s guilt. To solve this of the terrorism-financing scheme
label had first been applied to As its charter brays, the terrorist than the handful of defendants dilemma, the court directs the and that it claimed as its
them by the Justice Department, o r g a n i z a t i o n H a m a s i s t h e who are standing trial on the prosecutor to tell the defense confederates several well-known
which had placed the groups -- Palestinian branch of the Muslim indictment. Sometimes the lawyers the names of all the Islamist groups -- some of which
including CAIR (the Council on B r o t h e r h o o d . L i k e t h e prosecution does not know who coconspirators about whom the were alleged to have advanced the
American-Islamic Relations), Brotherhood, Hamas denies all of the bad actors are, government anticipates offering scheme in various ways. Among
ISNA (the Islamic Society of I s r a e l ’ s r i g h t t o e x i s t a n d sometimes it knows them but evidence. It’s called a
North America), and NAIT (the considers the Jewish state’s hasn’t gathered enough evidence “coconspirator list,” though that is UNINDICTED page 93
E-reader News Edition Politics-Right/ 85

Disclosing a Dem Double Standard

Submitted at 10/27/2010 3:00:52 AM
truthfulness or judging merit.” As airwaves with negative ads. And consultant) devised a group -- and ripped Dean’s lack of military
for Bauer, he had no time for such they don’t have the courage to dubbed the Consumers Organized or foreign-policy experience. The
Releasing details on political nonsense. “An argument is fully stand up and disclose the identity for Reliable Electricity -- to group declined to reveal its
d o n o r s w a s n ’ t a l w a y s s o open to evaluation without of the donors. They could be communicate Commonwealth donors until after the Iowa caucus
i m p o r t a n t t o T e a m O b a m a . attention to the person making it,” insurance companies. They could Edison’s view favoring a rate in 2004, near the end of the road
A mysterious ad attacked a he blogged in March 2007. “In be Wall Street banks. We don’t increase to Illinois residents, for the damaged Dean campaign.
federal candidate with blistering fact, this is evaluation on the know. We don’t know who it is.” warning of a “California-style #ad#This situational ethics on
ferocity, ominously distorting the merits; it is precisely to keep the As it turns out, Bauer addressed energy crisis” if the rate increase disclosure is not unique to
office holder’s record. Shocked argument focused on the merits, this claim back in 2007. “Then wasn’t approved. But, breathe a Democratic incumbents.
observers issued stark warnings not judged by the appeal or there is the excuse that we need to sigh of relief: Political opponents “All these ads, these 527s, with
that the backers of the ad must be reputation of the author, that some hold ‘negative’ speech found out and made great hay billionaires funding campaigns,
outed. One “made the surprising authors choose not to reveal accountable,” Bauer wrote in the with the true source of the ought to be gone,” said Karl
remark that disclosure protects us themselves. It has always been blog post, titled “1984.” “Would advertisements (because Rove, then an adviser to Pres.
against the risk of foreign interest remarkable that proponents of there have been such a stir, and a apparently it would have surprised George W. Bush, in a Fox News
influence over our elections,” ‘deliberative democracy,’ with hunt for the author, if the ad had Illinoisans to learn that the utility interview with Bill O’Reilly in
according to an account by White their emphasis on reasoned been a wholly positive piece company wanted to collect more 2004. Bush was running for re-
House general counsel Bob debate, will favor a style of about Obama? Of course not: it money). election against Sen. John Kerry
Bauer. argument that forces reason into was ‘negative,’ an ‘attack,’ #page# (D., Mass.), and the White House
Was Bauer writing about the the background while propelling requiring the malefactors “They say, trust us, trust us, sought to crack down on groups
2010 campaign cycle and the p e r s o n a l a u t h o r s h i p t o t h e responsible for it to answer for everything is cool, everything is using “less stringent disclosure
“secret” funds gushing from the f o r e g r o u n d . ” themselves. Of course, one kosher, don’t worry about it, but requirements than before
coffers of the U.S. Chamber of That was 2007, as the Democrats person’s criticism is another’s we’re not going to disclose. Let campaign laws were overhauled
C o m m e r c e o r A m e r i c a n built momentum after taking over ‘attack.’ But no matter: by playing me tell you something, [if] people [in McCain-Feingold],” as the
Crossroads? the Congress and Bauer’s client, a on the disapproval of ‘attacks’ -- don’t disclose, there’s a reason,” liberal blog ThinkProgress
#ad#No. Bauer, then the head of fresh-faced U.S. senator from on the perception that a critic who Axelrod said on CNN’s State of gleefully noted last week. Rove
the political-law practice at the Illinois, sought the presidency. In does not speak openly is a coward the Union in mid-October. now advises American Crossroads
P e r k i n s C o i e f i r m , w h i c h 2010, as Democrats face heavy who evades responsibility -- the A week earlier, White House and its affiliate, Crossroads
represents mainly Democrats and losses in the House and Senate, proponent of disclosure hopes to press secretary Robert Gibbs Grassroots Policy Strategies, two
liberal groups, was describing a the White House and Democratic make the case.” blasted political groups that of the most active GOP-leaning
parody of Apple’s famous 1984 leaders sport a different playbook. What a difference an election declined to reveal their donors to groups this cycle.
ad-- a parody that lambasted then- “Everything was going great and cycle makes. No longer in the the government and their political Broad consensus exists that large
presidential-candidate Hillary all of a sudden secret money from position of challengers to the opponents. “Simply tell us who contributions to candidates should
Clinton as an authoritarian-in- God knows where -- because they throne, the administration’s key you are,” Gibbs demanded at his be disclosed. But when the
waiting. won’t disclose it -- is pouring in,” operatives today argue that daily press briefing. government seeks to mandate
“Some had to know, then, who said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi disclosure of donors is essential to But, as the Daily Caller recently disclosure of independent political
created this ad,” Bauer wrote on at a fundraiser with President the republic. Indeed, at an early reported, Gibbs flacked for a activity, the burdensome costs
h i s n o w - d e f u n c t b l o g . H e Obama in Minnesota on Saturday. October campaign rally in liberal advocacy group in the must be weighed along with the
e x p l a i n e d t h a t s e l f - s t y l e d “Right now, the same special Maryland, President Obama went 2004 presidential cycle. His outfit, modest informational benefits.
campaign-finance reformers interests who would profit from as far as to call undisclosed Americans for Jobs, Health Care “Disclosure is a mostly
supported disclosure of the the other side’s agenda, they are political spending “a threat to our & Progressive Values, blasted unquestioned virtue deserving to
i d e n t i t y o f p o l i t i c a l fighting back hard,” President democracy.” then-presidential candidate be questioned,” Bauer, now the
communications because they Obama recently charged at a rally That was apparently not the case Howard Dean with an attack ad in top White House lawyer, wrote in
claimed that “this knowledge is in Seattle for Sen. Patty Murray in 2006, when key Obama adviser late 2003. The ad zoomed in on a
u s e f u l i n e v a l u a t i n g i t s (D., Wash.). “Just flooding the David Axelrod (then a political photograph of Osama bin Laden DISCLOSING page 87
86 Politics-Right/ E-reader News Edition

France Fries
Arnold Ahlert (FrontPage piles of uncollected trash, closed within the realm of imagination to
Magazine » FrontPage) schools and under-staffed envision a coalition of unionists,
Submitted at 10/26/2010 11:35:27 PM hospitals as public sector workers community organizers, racial
strike. Half of all train service arsonists and assorted
Anyone wondering where the and an equal percentage of flights communists, socialists and other
Euro-style socialism endorsed by are grounded as well. left-wing organizations marching
American progressives will lead All for what? ”We are here to on Washington, D.C. demanding
us, need only cast their eyes defend our pensions,” a youth “social justice.” Doubtless they
towards France. That country is named Quentin, 15, said. “People would also be embracing self-
in virtual shut-down mode, led by shouldn’t have to retire at 70, entitlement without regard to
gangs of youths for whom car especially when they have had to fiscal reality. And doubtless
burning has become a national do difficult, manual jobs all their much of it would resonate as
sport. What has mobilized the lives.” ”If the old work for two much here as it does in Europe.
descendants of those who more years before retiring then Unfortunately, reality eventually
overthrew an out-of-touch, self- there’ll be fewer jobs for the prevails regardless, and at some
entitled aristocracy beginning in young,” said an 18-year-old girl point America is going to be
1789? A remarkably similar sense named Maeva. “And there’s forced to have a serious national
of aristocratic self-entitlement: enough youth unemployment in conversation about such reality.
they are protesting government’s France as it is. I probably won’t To wit:
intention to raise the retirement get a job until I’m 30.” Maeva –Life expectancy
age–from 60 to 62. had something far more revealing is increasing inexorably. If one
When one suffers from such a to say as well: ”It was wishes to trace the root cause for
deep-seated sense of entitlement, unbelievably easy to cause all this almost every fiscal problem this
reality is the first casualty. Thus, chaos. It took no time at all.” nation faces, people living longer
the fact that France is raising the No doubt. When one has been will eventually rear its head. It
retirement age a mere two raised to believe government is doesn’t take a genius to figure
years–because they have a 32 the dispenser of all things out that the same Social Security
billion dollar shortfall in their necessary, it becomes almost System which worked when
budget–means nothing. So unimaginable to discover that people retired at 65 and, on
apparently does the fact that life such dispensation has fiscal average, died a year-and-a-half
expectancy in France is now limits, or that France is, as later, is unsustainable when
nearly 82 years of age, which Margaret Thatcher once elegantly people now live, on average,
means every retiree will collect expressed, ”running out of other fourteen years longer. Chances
health and welfare payments a people’s money” to spend. for serious reform? They don’t
minimum of fifteen years on France is not alone. England’s call Soc Sec the “third rail of
average. Chancellor George Osborne has much like their French fellow direction? With regard to our politics” for nothing. What
Not nothing, exactly. It means announced a plan which would be travelers, cannot see past their national economy, it is separates it from the other
it’s time to burn cars, loot stores, the biggest spending cuts enacted self-interest and grasp the reality indisputable. The bipartisan entitlement plans is that
and clash with police. It means in the United Kingdom since the that the treasury in Great Britain effort to make government “all Americans directly contribute to
angry marches and blocking end of WWll. Up to 500,000 is also running on empty. And things to all people” in which it, via their paychecks. Thus,
petrol distribution sites to the public sector jobs could be both countries are echoes of Republicans abandoned their even those Americans who yearn
point where over 3000 of the eliminated. And just like France, similar uprisings in Greece earlier principles and Democrats for fiscal sanity draw a line using
nation’s 13,000 petrol stations England is bracing for protests led this year. embraced theirs, has led us to the
have run out of fuel. It means by public sector unionists who, Is America headed in the same fiscal abyss. And it is completely FRANCE page 93
E-reader News Edition Politics-Right/ 87
After November 2 continued from page 85

a 2006 post.
Submitted at 10/27/2010 3:00:46 AM
levels. But by 2008, spending was During an election campaign, it is Defense now accounts for nearly So why is the White House
already out of control. Moreover, perhaps understandable if 23 percent of all federal spending seeking to intimidate conservative
If Republicans want to keep the pledge does not specify candidates avoid specifics when and more than half of all donors into revealing their names
power, they are going to have to e x a c t l y w h i c h p r o g r a m s talking budget cuts. After all, discretionary spending. The this time around?
show the courage to make some R e p u b l i c a n s p l a n t o c u t . every program has a constituency Pentagon should be subject to the “Since few aspiring censors will
very, very tough decisions. Unfortunately, budgets have to be that would be alienated by same scrutiny as any other admit openly to their purposes,
A lthough the polls are still in b a l a n c e d o n s p e c i f i c s , n o t proposals to cut it. But when government agency. This will the appeal to ‘disclosure’ has
flux, it looks increasingly likely g e n e r a l i t i e s . Republicans turn from require a thorough review of given them the moral authority, in
that Republicans will win a big To show just how tough campaigning to governing, they America’s commitments around public argument, that they need,”
victory next Tuesday. But that balancing the budget will be, are going to have to make cuts the world. Slashing spending Bauer wrote in 2007. “This is
doesn’t mean that Americans have consider an analysis by the that will offend powerful voter while continuing our current because ‘disclosure’ is a
fallen in love with them. National Taxpayers Union groups. Cuts of the size necessary policies risks leaving our troops regulatory tool; it is meant to
In fact, even as voters prepare to Foundation of the budgetary to balance the budget are going to stretched far too thin or without serve the government’s purposes,
put Republicans in charge of the proposals of four Republican hurt -- simply cutting the usual the equipment they need. But at a not only or even primarily those
House and possibly even the c a n d i d a t e s : P a t T o o m e y i n “waste, fraud, and abuse” isn’t time of massive debt, should we of individual citizens in need of
Senate, polls show the Republican Pennsylvania, Carly Fiorina in going to get there. not be asking whether the U.S. information.#...#This is a large
party to be only slightly more California, Marco Rubio in For example, no serious budget really needs to keep troops part of disclosure’s work: to force
popular than used-car salesmen. A Florida, and Mark Kirk in Illinois. cutting can take place without deployed in 135 countries? Can outcomes, not principally to
recent Pew poll showed that only Most of their calls for spending addressing entitlements. Some we afford to fight two wars inform free voter choice.”
24 percent of voters approve of cuts (or increases) were too vague Republican candidates, including indefinitely? Shouldn’t countries Now they tell us.
Republicans in Congress. to be fully costed out. But once Toomey, Rubio, Ron Johnson in such as Japan, Germany, and -- Allison Hayward is the vice
#ad#Therefore, if this election is the budget proposals that could be Wisconsin, Joe Miller in Alaska, South Korea be asked to pick up president of policy at the Center
going to be the start of a long- assigned a price tag were added Rand Paul in Kentucky, and more of the cost of their own for Competitive Politics, a
term trend and not a one-time up, Fiorina was the champion cost Sharron Angle in Nevada, have defense? nonpartisan, nonprofit group
b l i p , t h e n e w R e p u b l i c a n - cutter, calling for a net reduction shown a willingness to consider If Republicans win this election, dedicated to protecting First
dominated Congress is going to in government spending of $155 some creative ideas for it will be because voters recoiled Amendment political rights.
have to deliver. In particular, billion. Rubio was close behind entitlement reform. But the from the big-government, big- Allison Hayward
Republicans are going to have to with $153 billion. Most of Pat Republican leadership in spending, big-deficit policies of
follow through on their promises Toomey’s proposals could not be Washington has not been as the Obama administration and
to reduce government spending scored, but the cuts that could brave. The Pledge to America congressional Democrats. That
and the deficit. Nothing was more netted just $2.5 billion in savings. exempts programs for the elderly was enough for Republicans to
central to Republican campaigns And Mark Kirk would actually from the proposed cuts, and gain power this year. If they want MARRAKECH
this year, and it was a critical i n c r e a s e s p e n d i n g b y $ 7 3 4 continued from page 83
congressional Republicans spent to keep it, they are going to have
issue to the economically million. much of the debate over health- to show the courage to make some Uffizi -- just touring. In fact, I
conservative, socially moderate To be sure, this is a lot better than care reform posing as defenders very, very tough decisions. saw them in Piazzale
suburban voters who backed t h e i r o p p o n e n t s . T o o m e y ’ s of the elderly from Medicare cuts. — Michael Tanner is a senior Michelangelo. And I thought,
Democrats in 2006 and 2008 but o p p o n e n t , J o e S e s t a k , f o r They are going to have to do a lot fellow at the Cato Institute and “Wow -- this is something new
switched to Republicans this year. example, has proposed spending better than that. author of Leviathan on the Right: under the sun.”
But promises of balanced budgets increases of more than $100 The Pledge also keeps defense How Big-Government You can bet your behind their
may prove much easier than billion. But in the face of a $3.55 spending away from the budget Conservatism Brought Down the parents never went to Italy.
actual budget cutting. trillion federal budget and a $1.3 knife. But if Republicans are Republican Revolution. Michael And let me tell you one of my
Of course, the Pledge to America trillion deficit, it’s going to take really serious about balancing the Tanner favorite stories of all time: It
c a l l s f o r r e t u r n i n g s o m e much bigger cuts than have so far budget, the defense budget is
discretionary spending to 2008 been proposed. going to have to be on the table. MARRAKECH page 89
88 Politics-Right/ E-reader News Edition

Morning Bell: Red Tape Rising The Politics

Conn Carroll (The Foundry:
Conservative Policy News.)
collected last year. Adding to this
burden, federal agencies
promulgated 43 new rules during
certainly much higher. First, the
cost of non-economically
significant rules—rules deemed
implementing, for the first time in
the history of the internet,“net
neutrality” regulations that will
of Fear
Submitted at 10/27/2010 8:13:56 AM
Israel Ortega (The Foundry:
the fiscal year ending September not likely to have an annual undermine investment incentives, Conservative Policy News.)
Posted October 27th, 2010 at 30, 2010. The total cost of these impact of $100 million or thereby robbing the nation of
9:13am in Enterprise and Free rules, each one individually more—is not calculated. Second, much-needed broadband Submitted at 10/27/2010 11:00:22 AM

Markets Print This Post calculated by the Obama no costs were given for 12 of the upgrades.
Next January the Environmental Posted October 27th, 2010 at
administration itself, was $28 rules that were deemed The left likes to peddle the myth
Protection Agency (EPA) is set to 12:00pm in First Principles Print
billion. Only two of these new economically significant. But that President George Bush
issue new regulations on This Post
rules reduced regulatory costs, most importantly, the costs that deregulated much of the U.S.
emissions from boilers used in Back in 2004, then Senate
and then by only $1.5 billion. On were given are likely minimized economy. But this is just plain
facilities like oil refineries, paper candidate Barack Obama
net, the Obama administration because the regulators are allowed false. By every objectively
mills, and shopping malls. The delivered a powerful speech on
inflicted $26.5 billion in new to make up the cost of their own measurable metric, the size and
EPA claims their new regulations the floor of the Democratic
regulatory costs on the economy regulations. A 2005 Office of scope of the regulatory state grew
will only cost the economy $9.5 Convention challenging our
last year. The biggest costs last Management and Budget Report significantly under his tenure. But
billion by 2013. But the American country to shatter the idea that we
year all came from the EPA to Congress found that regulators President Obama’s regulatory
Chemistry Council says the cost are a divided people. Obama
including: underestimated the costs of their regime is currently rising at more
will surpass $20 billion and kill went on to say that this country is
• Fuel economy and emission rules 34% of the time. than twice the rate as President
800,000 jobs. Who is right? We not a country of Black America,
standards for passenger cars, light As bad as last year’s rising tide of Bush’s did. No wonder our
don’t know. But what we do or Hispanic America or White
-duty trucks, and medium-duty red tape was it does not hold a nation’s job creators can’t help us
know is that if you total up all of America, but a United States of
passenger vehicles. Annual cost: candle to the tsunami of escape near double digit
the new regulations already America. “ We are one America,”
$10.8 billion. regulation the Obama unemployment.
passed by the Obama Obama would go on to say
• Mandated quotas for renewable administration is planning to Quick Hits:
administration last year, using culminating a speech that would
fuels. Annual cost: $7.8 billion. inflict on the U.S. economy This entry passed through the
their own cost estimates, fiscal go on to eventually propel him as
• Efficiency standards for during their final two years in Full-Text RSS service — if this is
2010 saw the largest increase in the Democratic candidate for the
residential water heaters, heating office. The 2,319 page financial your content and you're reading it
regulatory burdens placed on the Presidency in 2008.
equipment, and pool heaters. regulation bill requires 243 new on someone else's site, please read
U.S. economy in the nation’s Six years after that stirring
Annual cost: $1.3 billion. formal rule-makings by 11 our FAQ page at
recorded regulatory history. speech, now President Obama has
• Limits on “effluent” discharges different federal agencies. The content-only/faq.php
According to a report released replaced the lofty rhetoric of hope
from construction sites imposed 2,700 page Obamacare bill Five Filters featured article:
last month by the Small Business and unity with fear and
by the EPA. Annual cost: $810.8 contains more than 1,000 Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
Administration, existing total divisiveness. With his political
million. instances where Congress Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
regulatory costs already amount to party facing the prospect of a
instructed HHS Secretary Catastrophe.
about$1.75 trillion annually. This receiving a resounding thumping
As high as this $26.5 billion total Kathleen Sebelius to regulate the
“hidden tax” on the economy is in the upcoming midterm
is, as the above boiler example health care industry. And the
nearly twice as large as the sum of elections, President Obama has
shows, the actual costs of all these Federal Communications
all individual income taxes resorted to name calling as a last
new regulations is almost Commission is considering
ditch effort to sway the outcome.
Appearing on a popular morning
Univision radio broadcast called
“Piolin por la Mañana,” hosted by
Eddie “Piolin” Sotelo, President
Obama urged Hispanic listeners to
POLITICS page 91
E-reader News Edition Politics-Right/ 89
The Very Real Threat of Terrorist EMP Attack continued from page 87

comes from the late Philip Uzielli,

Conn Carroll (The Foundry: If Iran has one missile and
Conservative Policy News.) a close friend of my National
nuclear weapon, it might have Review colleague David Pryce-
Submitted at 10/27/2010 12:00:04 PM two. It could detonate one over Jones. Uzielli was James Baker’s
New York in a low-altitude air roommate at Princeton, I believe -
Posted October 27th, 2010 at burst that would kill up to a half- - anyway, a friend. And Baker
1:00pm in Protect America Print million and cripple Manhattan hosted this lunch as secretary of
This Post forever. state. It was in that fabled dining
The USA Today has a much Iran could fire a second at high room, in the State Department.
needed article out today on the altitude over the mid-Atlantic The lunch was for Francesco
vulnerability of our nation to states, creating an electro- Cossiga, I believe -- the president
Electromagnetic pulses (EMP). magnetic pulse that would take of Italy. And Baker had Phil there.
Unfortunately the author doesn’t down a large portion of the Phil -- “Uzi” -- was an Italian
seem to understand the limitations national grid and plunge American. And he was seated
of deterrence against a terrorist Washington, D.C., into permanent next to Gianni De Michelis, the
EMP attack. The USA Today darkness. foreign minister.
reports: Why on earth should America’s I may be off on a few of the
In the nuclear scenario, the everyday. The Heritage atmosphere over the United States leaders leave our country open to details. But I believe the
detonation of an atomic bomb Foundation’s Jena Baker McNeil without warning. this kind of threat? A better following took place: De Michelis
anywhere from 25 to 500 miles explains: Heritage’s James Carafano solution would be to require the says, “I can tell you’re a Tuscan. I
high electrifies, or ionizes, the For countries less dependent on sketches out how a Navy to develop a test program can tell by your Italian. Tell me,
atmosphere about 25 miles up, modern technol-ogies and coordinated“Scud in a bucket” for sea-based interceptors with the why did you leave Italy? It’s
triggering a series of electronics, including both rogue attack might unfold: capability to intercept and destroy people like you who have brought
electromagnetic pulses. The states like Iran and North Korea Iran’s Shahab-3, an advanced ballistic missiles carrying EMP our country down. It’s people like
pulse’s reach varies with the size as well as stateless terrorist Scud variant, seems capable of weapons prior to detonation. you who have made our country
of the bomb, the height of its blast groups, EMP provides a potential traveling 1,000 kilometers and Our nation’s infrastructure is also weaker, by abandoning us.”
and design. way to attack the United States carrying as much as a 10-kiloton in need of hardening to minimize Uzielli said, “You want to know
… through asymmetric means. EMPs warhead. It couldn’t reach the damage from natural EMPs why we left Italy? I’ll tell you.
One complication for rogue could be used to circumvent Washington from Tehran, but from the sun, but there is no My father was mayor of our town.
nations or terrorists contemplating America’s superior con-ventional then, it wouldn’t have to. Iran reason we should leave ourselves And Mussolini’s education
a high-altitude nuclear blast is that military power while reducing could easily extend the missile’s vulnerable to man made disaster’s minister told him that, from now
such an attack requires a missile vulnerabil-ity to retaliation in reach simply by moving it to a as well. Watch 33 Minutes to on, no Jewish child would ever set
to take the weapon at least 25 kind. It would certainly not be commercial freighter and firing it learn how we can better protect foot in an Italian school -- if the
miles high to trigger the impossible for a terrorist from nearby using an improvised American in the missile age. child was lucky enough to live
electromagnetic pulse. For organization, especially if state- vertical launch tube disguised as This entry passed through the until school age.”
nations, such a launch would sponsored, to acquire or construct cargo. Full-Text RSS service — if this is De Michelis blanched. Baker,
invite massive nuclear retaliation an unso-phisticated ballistic In many ways, Scud in a bucket your content and you're reading it sitting with Cossiga, could tell
from the USA’s current stockpile missile (non-working Scuds are is the ultimate weapon. It could on someone else's site, please read that something was wrong. He
of 5,000 warheads, many of them reportedly available on the open sail close to U.S. waters without our FAQ page at shot a questioning look to Phil.
riding in submarines far from any market for $100,000) and use it in being subject to inspection by the content-only/faq.php Phil signaled, “It’s okay, Jimmy.
pulse effects. an EMP attack against Amer-ica. Coast Guard or Customs. The Five Filters featured article: No big deal. Everything’s under
But who would the U.S. retaliate Such a missile could be launched enemy could fire the missile and Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- control.”
against? And the technological from a freighter in international scuttle the ship, leaving no record Reporting of Falluja's Cancer I asked Phil whether De Michelis
barriers to producing an effective waters and detonated in the of who launched the attack. Catastrophe.
EMP attack are shrinking MARRAKECH page 93
90 Politics-Right/ E-reader News Edition

Netanyahu’s Jewish-State Strategy

P. David Hornik (FrontPage without demanding that these equivalent for their prospective
Magazine » FrontPage) countries formally recognize state, would appear to be the soul
Submitted at 10/26/2010 11:40:38 PM Israel as a Jewish state. of fairness and reciprocity. In
Palestinians also say that they consistently, bluntly rejecting the
In Prime Minister Benjamin already “recognized Israel” at the request—Palestinian Authority
Netanyahu’s speech at Bar-Ilan start of the Oslo process in president Mahmoud Abbas, for
University on June 14 last year, in 1993—which means only that instance, said just the other day
which he broke with his own and they recognized its existence as a that “We’ll never sign a deal
his Likud Party’s ideological fact, a “recognition” that is demanding recognition of Israel
background by accepting the without normative content. as a Jewish state”—Palestinian
principle of a Palestinian state They also point out that Israel, leaders end up putting themselves
between the Jordan River and the off and on, has been negotiating in a light that seemingly, to any
Mediterranean, he laid down two with the Palestinians since 1993 fair-minded spectator, is not
conditions for that acceptance. w i t h o u t t h e J e w i s h - s t a t e favorable.
One was that the Palestinian state recognition. But these Palestinian Is it having an effect? To some
be effectively demilitarized. The o b j e c t i o n s t o N e t a n y a h u ’ s meaningful extent, yes. Just this
other was that “the Palestinians demand can easily be turned month, pro-Israel observers like
recognize Israel as the State of the a r o u n d b y a s k i n g w h y t h e Douglas Feith, Frida Ghitis, and
Jewish people.” recognition should be so hard to Jeff Jacoby have written columns
Netanyahu has reiterated the grant in the first place—especially explaining and endorsing the
Jewish-state theme more than when Netanyahu, the Likud Jewish-state theme. Pro-Israel
once this month, most notably in leader, has explicitly accepted the congresswoman Ileana Ros-
offering to extend the freeze on Palestinian-state principle. Lehtinen (R-FL) was seeking to
Jewish home-building in the West Is Netanyahu’s Jewish-state introduce a bipartisan resolution
Bank in return for that same strategy working, then? Now that calling on the Palestinians to
recognition that the Palestinians, it has been in place for almost a administration particularly on the governments since 1967 wouldn’t recognize Israel as a Jewish
of course, continue to refuse to year and a half, one can start to settlement issue, expressed in play. Instead they came up with a state—an effort that appears to
grant. In other words, what assess what it is trying to achieve harsh public statements that the c o u n t e r - d e m a n d o n t h e have slowed thanks to the
Netanyahu was articulating back a n d t o w h a t e x t e n t i t i s settlements were allegedly Palestinians. upcoming elections. The
on June 14, 2009, was a strategy, s u c c e e d i n g . “illegitimate.” Netanyahu and his It is not too early to say that N e t a n y a h u g o v e r n m e n t h a s
one he keeps pursuing and will First, the strategy is clearly aimed close advisers appear to have whoever came up with the idea succeeded in giving the Jewish-
likely continue to pursue. at taking Israel off the defensive. assessed, for better or worse, that can be credited with brilliance. state principle currency and
Palestinians have noted in reply Netanyahu’s Bar-Ilan speech trying to defend the settlement A s k i n g t h e P a l e s t i n i a n s t o redirecting some of the heat
that Israel has signed peace came in response to severe policy pursued—to varying recognize Israel as a Jewish state, directed at Israel.
treaties with Egypt and Jordan p r e s s u r e f r o m t h e O b a m a extents—by all Israeli after Netanyahu had done the
E-reader News Edition Politics-Right/ 91
The Demonization of Pamela Geller continued from page 88

vote for his political party in the

Robert Spencer (FrontPage with‘a crack whore,’” without
Magazine » FrontPage) upcoming elections and punish
mentioning that in that post I was the enemies.“If Latinos sit out the
Submitted at 10/26/2010 11:28:25 PM making a point about unfair election instead of saying,‘We’re
journalists (like these Times going to punish our enemies and
Over the last year, as I have been writers), constructing a reductio we’re gonna reward our friends
working with Pamela Geller on ad absurdum about media bias. who stand with us on issues that
various initiatives in defense of This casual acquaintance with the are important to us,’ if they don’t
human rights against Islamic truth became a hallmark of the see that kind of upsurge in voting
supremacism, I have witnessed attacks against Geller, which in this election, then I think it’s
her rise to becoming one of began coming virtually every day going to be harder and that’s why
America’s foremost and most as her role solidified as the I think it’s so important that
prominent voices for freedom on national leader of the movement people focus on voting on
the scene today. In response, the against the Ground Zero mosque. November 2.”
Leftist media establishment has Oft-repeated were wholly false You don’t need to speak Spanish
mounted an all-out assault against claims that she supported white to discern that the President was
her, with hit pieces coming supremacists and neo-Nazis, clearly referring to conservatives
virtually every day, following which depended on willful as the enemy. President Obama
classic Alinskyite tactics. Her misreadings of what she had went on to remind the listeners
treatment in the media has been a actually written, along with not to forget who was on their
textbook case of how the Left Show and other Fox shows, as “ineffectually.” Ineffectual or not, previously constructed Leftist side come election day.
follows Rules for Radicals author well as on 60 Minutes, CNN, Joy however, some of the Media propaganda about various groups So much for there not being a
Saul Alinsky’s playbook to Behar’s show, and numerous Matters farrago was featured in or individuals about which she Hispanic America but a one
destroy its most formidable other Left-leaning media outlets that same Times piece, including had spoken favorably. Another people comprising the United
opponents. And the response from in the U.S. and Europe. She was material Geller herself remarked staple of the attack plan was the States of America…
the Right? Silence — raising the subject of a lavish but slyly upon in delineating the Times’ charge that she had declared Looking to blame others for his
larger questions of how such a contemptuous profile in the New spin-by-omission: Barack Obama to be the Administration’s ineptness ,
fractious group can ever achieve York Times. And as her notoriety Here is credentialed journalism: illegitimate son of Malcolm X; President Obama blamed
victory. grow amidst all this, she was they say without explanation that never repeated was the two-year- Republicans for inaction on a
“Pick the target,” Alinsky directs, picked as the target. I “posted doctored pictures of old disclaimer on Geller’s Atlas comprehensive immigration
“freeze it, personalize it, and First, the hard-Left self-styled Elena Kagan, the Supreme Court Shrugs website, explaining that reform bill despite the brutal
polarize it.” Because of her work media watchdog Media Matters justice, in a Nazi helmet.” They that claim was made as part of a reality that Democrats control
in raising awareness of Islamic drew up a dossier full of don’t bother to mention that the larger presentation written by both chambers of Congress and
honor killing and the death distortions, half-truths, and Kagan photoshop came after it someone else, which Geller The White House. Obama went
penalty for apostates, and above outright lies about Geller. They was revealed that Kagan had cited believed had merits aside from on to say that Republicans such as
all in opposing the Ground Zero directly and explicitly challenged in her thesis a German Marxist that claim, and moreover, wrote Senator John McCain, who
mega-mosque, Pamela Geller’s media outlets, as the Times profile who became a Nazi when Hitler Geller, “I do not believe that formerly supported an overhaul
public presence increased swiftly. noted, “to stop presenting her as took power. They claim that I said Barack Obama is Malcolm X’s but now are stressing border
She appeared on the Hannity an expert” – but they did so that “a young Barack Obama slept love child, and never did.” security and supporting strict
immigration laws like Arizona’s
anti-illegal immigration measure
“aren’t the kinds of folks who
represent our core American
POLITICS page 92
92 Politics-Right/ E-reader News Edition
300 Economists Counter White House continued from page 91

values.” of his own re-election race by

Claim on Taxes In other words, enforcing our
immigration laws is unpatriotic.
declaring,“I don’t know how
anyone of Hispanic heritage could
Camilo Rodriguez (The years. when it comes to governing. The irony is that if President be a Republican.” Liberals will
Foundry: Conservative Policy Then there is the 362,000- There isn’t unanimous agreement Obama really understood the have to confront the reality that
News.) member National Taxpayers on the Bush tax cuts among Hispanic community, he would Hispanic voters are not single-
Submitted at 10/27/2010 10:15:50 AM Union, which sent a letter to economists, nor is there likely to know that Hispanics are more issue voters and care about the
Posted October 27th, 2010 at Congress on last month signed by be. concerned about the economy and same issues of concern to the rest
11:15am in Entitlements Print 313 economists, including a Before members of Congress j o b s t h a n i m m i g r a t i o n a s of the country.
This Post Nobel laureate, in support of returned to their districts to confirmed by a recent Pew No one should be defined by race
According to a recent White extending all of the 2001 and campaign for re-election, there H i s p a n i c C e n t e r S u r v e y . alone. It’s too bad that President
House video explaining the 2003 the tax cuts. As Pete Sepp, w a s e n o u g h s u p p o r t f r o m Hispanics, like the rest of the Barack Obama has turned his
administration’s opposition to NTU’s executive vice president, objective economists and analysts country, are rightfully concerned back on his call to live in a
extending the 2001 and 2003 tax e x p l a i n e d a t T h e B l o g g e r s t o c o n v i n c e a n u m b e r o f with the direction of our country. country not divided along racial
cuts, Council of Economic Briefing: Democrats to break ranks with the It is painfully clear that President lines. The politics of fear are
Advisers Chairman Austan “The issue of extending taxpayer White House and come out in Obama’s reckless spending and alive and well thanks to President
Goolsbee claims: relief laws is not a fringe issue. … support of extending all the Bush failed economic policies are not Obama.
“If you ask objective economists There is a large body of the tax cuts. For all his discussion creating jobs or jump starting our This entry passed through the
and analysts around the country economic community saying this about widespread agreement, economy as evidenced with a Full-Text RSS service — if this is
about what is effective you will is your only option right now. that’s a point Goolsbee failed to national unemployment rate of your content and you're reading it
find that everyone agrees that This is by far your best option. appreciate: The only bipartisan nearly double digits, and closer to on someone else's site, please read
these giant tax cuts for very high Not doing it, even for some agreement that does exist is 12 percent for Hispanics. our FAQ page at
income people are the least i n d i v i d u a l s , i s w h a t t h e s e actually in disagreement with For liberals like President content-only/faq.php
effective thing that we can do to economists would call an anti- him. Obama, it is inconceivable to Five Filters featured article:
get the economy growing.” stimulus.” This entry passed through the think Hispanics could even think Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
Everyone agrees? Economists at The Heritage Full-Text RSS service — if this is disagreeing or doubting the merits Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
If your definition of objective Foundation’s Center for Data your content and you're reading it of a progressive agenda. In fact, Catastrophe.
economists is limited to the White Analysis estimated the effects of on someone else's site, please read it isn’t too long ago that current
House’s economic team, then the Obama tax hikes and reached our FAQ page at Senate Majority Leader Harry
perhaps this statement could be a s i m i l a r c o n c l u s i o n t h a t content-only/faq.php Reid (D-NV) made national
true. Unless you also count employment and growth of the Five Filters featured article: headlines when he articulated this
Obama’s former Office of economy cannot be made through Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- race-tinged sentiment in the heat
Management and Budget Director higher taxes. Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
Peter Orszag, who suggested The reality for Goolsbee is that Catastrophe.
extending what many refer to as seldom, if ever, does everyone
the Bush tax cuts for the next two agree about anything, especially
E-reader News Edition 93
continued from page 84 continued from page 86

the 200-plus names on the list The Brotherhood formed a did not seem as convinced as the the argument that, “I paid for it, wedlock birth rates in our
were CAIR, ISNA, and NAIT. Palestine Committee whose Justice Department that this faux I’m entitled to it.” nation’s history. Such is only
The organizations naturally cried mandate was to support Hamas. pas rises to the level of a Undeniably true–up to a point. possible when “alternative
foul, and they had a point. But it Palestine Committee members constitutional due-process Yet what does Social Security lifestyles” are championed, even
was a point of diminishing included HLF and, later, the violation. More significantly, become when the totality of what when those lifestyles virtually
returns. Due-process principles Brotherhood’s new creation, though, the Fifth Circuit declined one has contributed to it ensure that one will remain poor.
arguably give one a right not to be CAIR. Meantime, Brotherhood to expunge names from the list or (including the interest accrued) is De-stigmatizing such human
tarred by the government in a documents named ISNA and the the trial proof. All it agreed to do exceeded by that which one draws foibles as laziness or lack of
court filing that could easily be NAIT as partners in its “grand was unseal a lower court ruling. out of it? Perhaps telling ambition–or worse, telling people
kept under wraps. But a trial is jihad.” In fact, HLF was housed That, however, is a double-edged Americans the truth, as in the fact such traits are “someone else’s
another matter entirely. The trial for a time at ISNA’s Indiana sword for the Brotherhood that one’s retirement check just fault”–has produced precisely the
must be public. That is a big part offices, and checks were often satellites: Yes, the ruling says became a welfare check might same sense of self-entitlement
of why we have trials. A criminal routed to Hamas through a joint their Fifth Amendment rights make serious reform easier to currently tearing France apart.
trial is a demonstration of why ISNA/NAIT bank account. were violated -- a fact they implement. Americans are sick to death of
society should take away a That was what the prosecution’s obviously see as a PR coup -- but We can’t continue to obscure the seeing able-bodied fellow
person’s liberty. It must be public evidence showed. You can hide it also reportedly describes the difference the difference between Americans lining up for
so we can be assured of its the coconspirator list, but the proof of their ties to the helpless and hapless. There is no government handouts and
integrity. evidence doesn’t go away. That’s Brotherhood. (The lower-court country in the world more programs. Even more so, when
At a trial, a coconspirator is not why there are diminishing returns ruling has not yet been unsealed generous than America when it the country is going broke
entitled to be kept anonymous. for the Islamist groups in grousing but the Fifth Circuit decision comes to helping those who truly underwriting those quite capable
The jury and the public get to about the list. That only calls clues us in on what it says.) can’t help themselves. At the of underwriting themselves. As
learn the unabridged basis for the attention to the fact that the CAIR, ISNA, and NAIT do not same, time a government which I’ve said before, Americans have
government’s accusations. Thus, Justice Department cited them in have a branding problem. They has spent the last five decades no problem being their brother’s
at the Holy Land Foundation trial, the first place and then, critically, have a substance problem. They catering to the lowest common keeper. Being his enabler is
abundant evidence was introduced backed it up with evidence. may be able to falsely frame denominator has facilitated the unseemly–and unaffordable.
-- much of it in the form of In that light, the Fifth Circuit’s people as “Islamophobes.” It’s kind of moral corruption which
internal documents seized from ruling is mostly a non-event. The tough to frame facts. Andrew C. produces legions of Americans
Muslim Brotherhood officials -- court merely pointed out the McCarthy who consider themselves
proving that the Brotherhood sees government’s admission that it “victims.” It is a moral corruption
its mission in the United States as was wrong to file the evidenced, for example, by the
a “ grand jihad” to destroy the coconspirator list publicly -- highest percentage of out-of-
West from within by “sabotage.” although, interestingly, the judges
continued from page 89

said anything in return. He did. finance. Go-getters, world- Forum, gives his traditional country where you don’t need the laughter.
And it is greatly to De Michelis’s beaters. They all radiate wealth, welcoming speech. Schwab is like king’s, or the president’s, His phone played a snatch of the
credit that he said what he did -- confidence, health, drive, Dick Clark (haven’t I said that permission to have a meeting, famous Fugue in D minor by
he said, “Fortunato.” Meaning, imperturbability -- as though before?). He looks the same year even an international one. You Bach (the one that follows the
“You were lucky.” clouds never crossed their skies. I after year after year. know? famous Toccata). (Some people
#*#There are many masters of the find that, wherever they’re from, Extraordinary. As Schwab speaks, his cellphone say that Bach didn’t write this
universe here. “Masters of the they look the same, these masters He thanks the Moroccan king, goes off, loudly, and he makes an work, but we’re not going to get
universe” -- isn’t that Tom of the universe. There is a type. Mohammed VI, for “allowing” us amusing remark about it. I don’t into that dispute now.) In the cell
Wolfe’s phrase (one of his #*#Klaus Schwab, chairman and to hold the meeting here. I think quite catch it, but I know it’s
many)? Leaders of business and father of the World Economic how fortunate it is to live in a amusing. There is appreciative MARRAKECH page 95
94 Politics-Right/ E-reader News Edition

The Fall of Chicagoland?

Rich Trzupek (FrontPage style politics.
Magazine » FrontPage) It speaks volumes about the
Submitted at 10/26/2010 11:45:55 PM arrogance of the Chicago machine
that it would nominate and
In a year when the electorate is support the corruption-plagued
expected to repudiate the Giannoulias. Similarly, the
president’s policies at the polls, president’s unqualified,
there is a certain irony to the fact enthusiastic support for a
that this rejection may include not candidate who has so many
only Barack Obama’s home state, question marks on his resume
but his old Senate seat as well. makes it clear that Obama isn’t
Illinois has been a solidly blue any closer to abandoning his
state for over a decade now. This machine roots today than he was
is not so much because its in 2008. But this is the nature of
residents have abandoned politics in my home state. The
traditional Midwestern values as it word “brazen” doesn’t cover half
is because the Chicago machine’s of it. The Chicago cabal gave us a
corrupting influence has been so candidate for the highest office in
effective in keeping Democrats in the land who was pals with Bill
office for so long and in Ayers, whose spiritual mentor
suppressing opposition. Yet, even routinely spews hate and racism
with the machine’s tentacles Rasmussen polls, Democrats are worked so hard to make sure that from the pulpit, and who sat
extending into virtually every expected to hold at least forty it stays in Democratic hands, the quietly in the Illinois State Senate
level of state and local eight Senate seats in this election, loss of face would be too much to while one of the most corrupt and
government, it still stands a very with Republicans holding forty bear. Republican candidate Mark incompetent governors in the
good chance at losing the Senate six. That leaves six seats in the Kirk currently holds a four point nation’s history systematically
seat that Barack Obama himself “toss up” category. Illinois is one lead in the polls over his destroyed state government and
once occupied – the seat that of the swing states that the Democratic opponent, Alexi ruined the state’s economy. Once
disgraced ex-Governor Rod Democrats clearly don’t feel they Giannoulias, according to you’ve pulled off that coup,
Blagojevich wanted to auction off can afford to lose. There’s more Rasmussen. That’s hardly a you’ve got to figure that you can
– the seat that might ultimately than control of the Senate guarantee of GOP victory, but the get away with just about anything.
decide the balance of power in the involved here. For, if Democrats fact that this race is this close says
United States Senate. lose the president’s old seat, that even Illinois is starting to
According to the latest especially after Obama has wake up to the reality of Chicago-
E-reader News Edition Finance/ Social Media/ 95
continued from page 93

ring, the piece is in G minor, not #*#For eons, as you know, the
Stop Writing Checks! 5 New Ways To
in its D minor. Disconcerting.
Why do creators of cell rings put
French have dumped on
Americans for having, among Pay
things in the wrong keys? I have other things, ketchup -- that most (Financiallyfit on Shine) (see above).
noticed this a lot. There’s vulgar and offensive of Submitted at 10/27/2010 2:35:44 PM 5. Buying a House-- Whether
probably some technical reason. condiments. Ketchup is supposed your state puts your money in
#*#Young women serve as to be proof of our barbarism. no more checks When is the last escrow, or you show up at closing
assistants -- ushers and so on -- Anyway, the other night, I had time you wrote a check? Unless with multiple checks in hand,
throughout the Congress Center, some ketchup, and, boy, was it you live in a small town, it takes a many mortgage brokers are
the main gathering place here. I good: absolutely superb. Different plethora of photo ids, making the switch to digital.
think, “You know, it would be from the usual. I looked at the fingerprinting and a lie detector Wiring funds means the end of
nice, just for variety, if one of little container to see what brand test to pass a check in some writing checks with all those
them were plain -- just one. It this stuff was. The label said, s t o r e s . L u c k i l y , w i t h t h e technology, there are fewer and zeros. Landlords are getting
would show that those who hired simply, “Catsup.” And, in smaller proliferation of debit cards, it's fewer reasons to get the check in savvier as well, requiring a
the women weren’t going strictly print, it said, “Product of France.” rare that anyone is even carrying. your hand, before it winds up in regular monthly transfer of the
by looks.” But no: They’re all I said, “Ah!” More From The Stir: 6 Fixes For your account. 2. Donations-- Most rent.
Miss Morocco, more or less. On that ketchupy note -- see you Marital Money Problems
#*#Want a little anthropological for Part IV? non-profits have a system set up How often do you write a check?
While it may be a little sad that where they can either directly Image via Andres Rueda/Flickr
note? Okay, you got it. A small #JAYBOOK# Jay Nordlinger future generations will no longer deduct a payment from your Written by April Peveteaux for
point, but significant: The toilet know what a "hot check" is, and checking account, send you to CafeMom's blog, The Stir.
paper, next to the toilet -- on the most likely the phrase, "The check PayPal, or take credit cards. More from The Stir:
left. is in the mail," and my favorite, People under the age of 30 Is Teresa Giudice Headed For
Moving on . . . "Your mouth is writing a check probably don't even know what ' R e a l H o u s e w i v e s o f S a n
that your ass can't cash," will go the box at the top of the check is Q u e n t i n ' ?
HOW TO: Optimize the way of the dodo; trees, time for -- do you?
and money will be saved. More From The Stir: How To
Teen Girls Set Booby Trap
(Literally) To Rob ATM Users
So now is as good a time as any T e a c h Y o u r T e e n s A b o u t Are ALL of the Real Housewives
Your Social Media to shred your personal checks. F i n a n c i a l I n d e p e n d e n c e
Who needs 'em? Even doctor 3. Bank Statements-- Do you get
of New Jersey Broke?
Is Shoplifting A Right Of
Marketing Strategy offices are installing the swipers canceled checks in the mail every Passage?
to take your money instantly. month? Most banks are resorting This entry passed through the
Checks are practically obsolete in to photocopies, or nothing at all. Full-Text RSS service — if this is
Josh Peters (Mashable!)
most situations, and here are five Which cuts down on the bulk in your content and you're reading it
Submitted at 10/27/2010 12:00:13 PM
new ways you can skip those the "banking" file in your cabinet. on someone else's site, please read
Josh Peters is a social media and outdated, tree-killing, money 4. Taxes-- No accountant is our FAQ page at
Internet marketing consultant and changers. 1. Deposits-- Whether looking at canceled checks content-only/faq.php
the co-author of Twittfaced. He you use direct deposit (you anymore. If you have to produce Five Filters featured article:
blogs at Shuaism and can usually should, most companies pay them, find those photocopies the Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
be found hanging out on Twitter, direct deposit employees earlier bank sends with your statements Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
Facebook or LinkedIn. than others), or the new photo Catastrophe.
There’s nothing like the basics to
help bring things back into focus
when you feel lost. In “Marketing
101,” the acronym AIDA stands HOW page 96
96 E-reader News Edition
continued from page 95

for Awareness, Interest, Desire A few metrics you might want to straight to the competition. Your represent not only a shift in the to make it easy for people to share
and Action. This is the most measure around your brand are site makes a huge impression, and technology and methods that are your brand. Any hindrance to this
simple and rudimentary of sales conversation frequency, increased people will judge your company used to market, but the people — be it a bad website interface or
and marketing funnels and is still mentions and sentiment. Interest by it. behind it. Loyalty an anti-social company ethic —
incredibly relevant today when it Now that you have their Take the time to go through your How are you getting your will really discourage this
comes to social media and attention, you need to get site and optimize the presentation customers to buy from you again? extremely valuable source of
Internet marketing strategies. customers interested in your and the shopping cart experience. One very simple way to stave off traffic and interest.
Each section of AIDA represents product. You can bolster interest Testimonials gathered from any buyer’s remorse is to follow If it’s an option, I’m far more
a section of your sales and with offers and compelling linkable social profiles are a great up via the same social media you included to click on a “Tweet
marketing process and can help reasons why you’re better than the asset. used to get customers in the first This” or “Like” button than I am
you set your expectations, decide competition, and how you can Take the customer from interest place. If you know they purchased to take the link, shorten it in,
what to monitor, and visualize the solve customers’ problems. to desire with a clean, easy to via a link on Facebook, send them and post it to my various social
relationships between each part. Features and benefits weigh navigate, info rich, and functional a Facebook message saying networks. Remove any barriers to
Understanding the flow of the heavily in this level, and social site. Some of the metrics that “thanks,” and provide them with advocacy and then both encourage
tools and tactics will also help you media can help you kick their matter at this level are bounce your customer service contact and reward it. Some metrics to
get your measurements and interest into high gear. rate, time on site, pages viewed, info. look at here are mentions,
analytics in line with your goals. If you’re running a pay-per-click and incoming links. Action Perform customer service on conversations, and referrals. The
Here’s a closer look at the (PPC) campaign and have some Now that your customer is Twitter. Monitor the online problem with AIDA
breakdown of this marketing targeted landing pages set up for itching to buy your product and conversations around people who As you can see, the levels of our
funnel, some tips on how to apply your products or services, those their money is burning a hole in are already using your product old friend AIDA can get a bit
it to your social media strategy, are what you want to link to — their PayPal pocket, you need to and see if they have any questions muddy, especially when it comes
and a look at how the model is not your homepage. Even if seal the deal. At this point, your or problems that you can resolve to the areas of awareness and
evolving in the social media age. you’re not utilizing paid ads, the site is your number one tool, and quickly. You can build social interest. This has given birth
Awareness same strategy of linking to while social media can influence loyalty programs, and use the to dozens, probably even
Awareness is social media’s targeted pages through social the action through the previous communities you create to keep hundreds, of fresh interpretations.
bread and butter. Twitter, media is applicable. A few of the levels, it’s not going to have the customers coming back. This is The main thing to remember is
LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube metrics you will want to look at same influence here. You need to where CRM (Customer how the funnels flow, and to set
and other networks are built for here are CTR (click through rate), make it easy and obvious for your Relationship Management) can your measurement and
this. You can’t easily display your retweets (of deals and links), and customer to complete your desired play a leading role, and many expectations accordingly.
inventory via Twitter, set up a conversations about specific action (purchase, sign up, lead social CRM solutions are You also don’t need to live and
shopping cart on LinkedIn, or fill products. Desire form, etc.). emerging to fill that need. A few die by this funnel. People can
orders through YouTube. These Social media can help bolster The action is also where you can things you might want to monitor easily skip a level, or go through
networks are not going to be your desire through communication finally calculate some of your end here are repeat buyers, the use of multiple levels at once. It’s not a
point of sale. Instead, they are and engagement, but to fully metrics, like conversion rate and loyalty codes, sentiment of perfect model, but then nothing is.
your communication and outreach satisfy someone’s desire to buy, ROI. This is where you can see mentions post-purchase, and But keep AIDA in mind as you
tools — the spokes that lead back you need to have a site that is how everything is performing and sentiment of specific products. shape your social marketing
to your hub (sales page, blog, site, streamlined and optimized. the final impact your work is Advocacy strategy. It should help you focus
etc.) where you will be making Recently, I tried using a popular having. Often, these are the Advocacy is the dream of any and prioritize your goals for
your conversions. car rental site to make a metrics that your boss (and your marketer. It’s the “sweet spot,” success. More Business Resources
Awareness can take many forms, reservation, but it was so difficult boss’s boss) are looking for. New where your customers do your from Mashable:
but its main goal is getting people to navigate that I gave up, despite Additions to the Marketing marketing for you. It’s when - Social Media Marketing 101: In-
to know you exist and that you having a great discount code. The Funnel customers love your products, House Team, Agency or
can solve a problem they might unmanageable user interface Over the years, the traditional brand, services, and people so Consultant?
have. At this level, conversations, killed my desire in two minutes AIDA has evolved and added two much that they can’t help but talk HOW page 97
interaction and content are king. flat, and my business went extra levels. These levels about you. This is why you want
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Top 5 ways money can buy happiness

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6 Alternatives to Paying for Cable TV

(Financiallyfit on Shine) every month for the next ten are common finds. Best of all, it’s $600 annually compared to the Often, they also share the latest
Submitted at 10/27/2010 2:40:36 PM years, you’ll have $12,000 extra absolutely free, and even if you average monthly cable bill of $75. episodes of their shows – new and
in the bank. Not too shabby! And end up incurring an overdue fee, Check out Hulu or IMDB. old – for free. Plus, you’ll usually
By: Juliana Weiss-Roessler, after all, you’re only able to catch it’s usually much lower than the Without paying a dime, you can find a host of extras to check out, a few of the many shows that are rental fees at your local video watch your favorite on-air shows such as interviews, behind-the-
Save Money with Cable TV piped into your living room, so store, let alone their late fees. and also catch entire seasons of scenes features, webisodes and
Alternatives Nowadays, we have why pay for things you aren’t Buy it on iTunes. If you only old shows. But be aware that previews for next week’s episode.
literally hundreds of TV channels watching? Before renewing your watch a few shows, you may find many currently airing shows only Connect your computer to your
at our disposal, but do we really cable contract, consider these that it’s cheaper to simply keep their last few episodes up, so TV. Maybe you’re unwilling to
need them? Even if you’re a alternatives. subscribe to them on iTunes. A stay up-to-date to avoid missing give up the viewing experience on
couch potato, there are many Go to the public library. You may season can be as cheap as $15 - anything. Mess up and missed an your nice large-screen television.
alternatives to shelling out $75 to be surprised to learn that you can $30, and you’ll get to watch as the episode? No need to panic; just No problem! There are many
$100 a month for cable television check out many of your favorite episodes are released. If you purchase a single episode from ways to connect your PC so you
while still having access to your TV shows on DVD. In fact, the subscribe to 10 seasons at $30 iTunes for $2 and you’re caught can use your TV as your monitor.
favorite shows. HBO and Showtime shows that each over the course of the year, up! ALTERNATIVES page 99
Consider this: if you save $100 you pay premium dollars to watch you’ll spend $300, saving you Visit TV network websites.
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That way, you get the best of both If they’re not forthcoming or the switch. But be prepared to walk
worlds. Invest in composite AV deal isn’t as good as you were away if they aren’t willing to
cables for as low as $3 to $10 at hoping for, compare the packages work with you. It can be worth the
your local electronics store. that other cable providers in your trouble if you’re saving enough
Take advantage of Netflix area are offering. Be sure to take money in the long run.
Streaming. The cost of signing up into account the start-up deal as For more money-saving tips, plus
for the service is only $8.99 per well as the price once the special expert advice on your toughest
month and you’ll have access to a ends. A good way to see if it’s financial dilemmas, follow
wide TV library as well as worth making the switch is to Quizzle on Facebook and Twitter.
movies. With your Wii, PS3, or compare the amount that you’d Related articles:
Xbox 360, it’s easy to watch on pay for an entire year for both This entry passed through the
your television, but even if you services, including any Full-Text RSS service — if this is
don’t have any of these video cancellation fees you’d pay to your content and you're reading it
game systems, it’s available leave your current provider and on someone else's site, please read
through your computer too. any set-up fees from the new our FAQ page at
Still can’t get on board with the provider if you decided to make content-only/faq.php
idea of losing cable? Find ways to the switch. Five Filters featured article:
pay less for your current package. Once you know your options, call Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
It’s easier than you think. Simply up your current cable provider Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
give your current cable provider a again to cancel. Tell them why Catastrophe.
call and ask them if you can you are leaving and the number
negotiate a lower price since they’d have to match for you to
you’re a loyal customer. Most are stay. Often, they’ll find a way to
quick to work with you rather make it work and you’ll be able to
than risk losing your business. forgo the hassle of making the