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Miscellaneous problems in

research problems

1.Parental attitude
Parental attitude is a main problem in research
work a large numbers of parents do not take
interest in children studies especially in their girls
education. They ignore their daughters to help
out in their research study mostly parents do not
encourage them and they discourage them in
field of research but we see in our area the
parents do hard work for thir son’s study and
support them in every way so the female can not
do it batter way at thesis level research mostly
female got marriage so they cant they do
research properly
2. Gender Discrimination
Gender discrimination is also a big issue in
research mostly female do not do their research
work properly especially in under developing
countries there is graph of gender
discrimination more higher than Europeans
countries females have to face many social
hurdles because of their race. in our country we
see male are doing their research work with out
any hesitation they can meet every person of
society but our noble society disallowed to
women. our women researchers have to face
problem in data collection.
3 .Issue of institutional accountability
In this topic we will discuss the role of boards of
directors in light of institutional contingencies and
governs guidelines and regulations. The role of
independent directors across countries and
implication for corporate govern archers face a lot
numbers of problems innovation. It concludes by
posing question about recent corporate
governance transformation and providing
suggestions for future research (RUTH v Aguilera.
Journal of management 16,539,553,2005) so the
weak institution accountability is also a major
problem in research

4.Pay per view

The researchers would be encoring when they search a
new topic or giving solution of problems.when budget
remain stable or increase they may not keep with
escalating cost of subscription form various publishers
in the face of potential journal cancellations so libraries
are turning to pay per view as an alternative methods
of providing of access to martial demanded by patrons
(key words PPV )

Research supports offices

In research supports section you will find the link of the

many services provided to support our researchers .but
there is lake of supports offices in our institutes creates
problems among the researchers .due to lake of research
support offices the researchers have to face many

Research supports team

Research support teams are services part of research
well trained people are include in the research support
team they help and guide the researchers in any time
and any issue of research but in under developing
countries there is lake of that kinds of team so it is a
problem in research