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To the Public,

First, I would like to say thank you, to all our veterans who have served, are serving, suffered and even
died for our Country. Without their commitment and sacrifices we would not have this great Country
with all of its freedoms and opportunities.

Last night at the School Board meeting a U.S. Veteran asked to speak about a topic regarding a student.
Prior to coming to the stage to speak, she was informed that, “the Board would not allow the discussion
of any student, students family or discipline of any student.” This is to protect the right to privacy of
student of the Celina City Schools.

The speaker was recognized and indicated that she was “here tonight to speak up for a young man who
was disciplined…” At that time, I again informed her “The board is not allowed to publicly discuss this
matter, please leave the stage.” The speaker was never asked to leave the meeting.

The Celina City School Board has requested a “FERPA Release Form” be signed through the family’s
attorney to allow us to make a truthful and accurate statement about the situation. Until the school has
received that release, the Board and its agents will not be making any statement that violates the Family
Educational Rights and Privacy Act or a student’s general right to privacy.

Thank You,

Carl Huber
Celina City Schools
Board President