Infantry Rocket-Assisted Flamethrower

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Calibre, mm Length, mm Range of fire, m: maximum aiming minimum Weight, kg 1000 600 25 12 93 920

The flamethrower can be fired from standing, kneeling and prone position. Two flamethrowers can be carried by one infantryman in his hands or on his shoulder packed by two pieces or unpacked. The flamethrower is easy-to-use: it is enough to study an instruction label attached to the flamethrower.

Infantry rocket-assisted flamethrower is a powerful assault weapon using three types of rounds:

RPO-A (air-fuel explosive round) — used to destroy covered fire units in urban, field and mountain environment as well as fortifications, trucks and lightly armoured vehicles;

RPO-D (smoke round) — used to produce smocke screen that disables the crews of fire emplacements and to create intolerable conditions for the personnel in different shelters;

RPO-Z (incendiary round) — used to make fire on the ground, in buildings, constructions and fuel storage depots.

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