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Drugs Found In Impact on System

Cocaine Coca Leaves Aggravations in heart rhythm

and heart attacks,
Cocaine-related passings are
regularly an aftereffect of
heart failure or seizures,
harms the lungs and can
worsen asthma, Chest torment
that feels like a heart attack is
normal and sends numerous
cocaine users to the ER,
Cocaine use is connected with
increase danger of stroke, just
as irritation of the heart
muscle, disintegration of the
capacity of the heart to
contract, and aortic bursts

Marijuana A hemp plant, usually picked Individuals with built up

to use from the flowers, coronary illness who are
commonly called ‘buds.’ under stress create chest pain
more rapidly if they have
been smoking cannabis than
they would have otherwise,
raising heart rate, enlarging
blood vessels, and making the
heart pump harder, danger of
heart attacks is several times
higher in the hour in the wake
of smoking pot than it would
be regularly, connections to a
higher danger of atrial
fibrillation or ischemic stroke
quickly following weed use,
weed smoking may expand
the long haul passing rate
among heart attack survivors.

Cigarettes Dried tobacco leaves usually Damages the lining of your

made up of thousands of arteries, reduces the amount
chemicals, many that are of oxygen in your body,
known to cause cancer. stimulates your body to
produce adrenaline, which
makes your heart beat faster
and raises your blood
pressure, making your heart
work harder; your blood is
more likely to clot, increasing
your risk of having a heart

Amphetamine Prescription Drug Elevated blood pressure and

heart rate in short and long
term that contribute to later
cardiovascular morbidity.

Aspirin OTC Lowers the risk of heart


Statins Rx Lowers low-density

lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol
in the blood; draws
cholesterol out of plaque and
stabilizes plaque.

Beta Blockers OTB / Rx Improves the heart’s ability to

relax, decrease the production
of harmful substances the
body makes in response to
heart failure, slows down
heart rate, improves heart’s
pumping ability over time.

ACE Inhibitors Rx Dilate blood vessels,

increasing the amount of
blood the heart pumps and
lowers blood pressure; raises
blood flow which helps lower
the heart’s workload.

Clopidogrel Rx Blocks the action of platelets,

reducing the chance of blood
clots; reduces heart attacks,
strokes, and death with heart
diseases and strokes.