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rnox'a IIrDtm xtwlr National News Thursday, March 21 , 2019

President will end lengthy budget impasse - solon

::ii l:i:lliit!4!a!isq&Oq!d;ii.l|ii:ii!t "The Minority reiterates the is required ofthem by the November tlfe President to tell them, 'Submit applied on the bill wholesale.
importance of the approval and en- 2013 Supreme Court (SC) decision. the budget and I will exercise by "Sa tingin ko sa lalong hadaling
ouse Minority Leader, actment of this budget to address that declared pork barrel or discre- power to veto if I find something un- panahon (I think, in the soonest time
Quezon 3rd district Rep. the current needs of the people. We tionary funds illegal. constitutional there)." said Garbin, possible), the President will call lon
Danilo Suarez expects repeat our call for its immediate Leaders from both chambers took who is a Senior Deputy Minority the House and Senate leadershipl,
President Duterte to fi- passage. We urge our fellow lawmak- part in a meeting in Malacaiang Leader. and make a strong pronouncement,,'
ally put his foot down in orderto end ers to look at the bigger picture and earlier this month for the purpose The GAB is unique in that indi- Garbin said.
re lengthy impasse on the proposed ccinsider the long-term effects of this of ending the budget row. In the end, vidual lines of the proposed law can The Philippine government hasl
3.?5?-trillion national btdg;t be- re-enacted budget," Suarez said, add- Presidenl Duterte basically told be vetoed by the President; with been running on a reenacted 2018
treen the House and the Senate. ing that the delivery of serviees in them l.o work out their differences other pieces oflegislation, the veto is budEet since Januarv
'At the end of the day mapipilitan the sectors of public education and togetlpr.
a siyang (Duterte) mag-aksyon dito health have been suffering as a result "Siguro inasahan niya na tt
ahil hindi pwedeng ganito na katagal
lngimpasse (He will be forcedto act
of the stalemate.
The Senate, specifically Senate
magkakaroon ng meeting of tr\qt -""
the minds (I thinkhe expect-
gssx5s the impasse can't last this President Vicente Sotto III and Sena- ed a meeting of the minds to
Ing)," Suarez said in the Minority tor Pdnfilo Lacson, are opposing the occur)," Suarez said.
loc's weekly press conference at the amendments' hat House members With such scinario look-
ouse of Represextatives. did to the cAB after it was ratified, ing improbable, AKO-Bicol
The two chambers ofCongress have calling the move unconstitutional. Party-list Rep. Alfredo Garb-
)en buttihg heads over the delayed But congressmen have shown , in Jr. said that all hopes on
lactment of the 20lg General Appro- that all they did post-ratification was the GAB's passage is pinned
iations Bill (cAB) despite themjoinfly to il,emize the lump-sum realign- on the President.
Ltifying it last February B. ments in thE budget. something that I "Tingin ko ang pag-asa
dyan pag sinabihan sila
ng Presidente,'I-submit
niyo, ako i-exercise ko yung
power ko to Veto kapag mdy-
rolts unconstitutional dvan'
{f-iffnli ttt" only hope is'for