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Active one in the narrative

only becomes aware of oak

bar by way of the
memorable "he feels
interested and seeks to
know it's source going down
that rabbit hole leads him to
the discovery of the
encyclopedia Who wanted
to create this this new world
book bar so the world that or
has effective author
eventually ended up
discovering what he was
seeking to discover is the
same thing that prompted
his investigation to begin
with so it's a cyclical return
back to the beginning so in
this way the impertinent
isolation again situate or has
the fictive author in the
beginning to start an
endeavor that all the
meanwhile Continues to
create itself these poetic
objects start to form an
existence in reality in the
same way that in Thomas
Moore's or at least in the
Ponz to begin with in the
exorcistic utopia is
formulating her own
conception of the origin
story that she has so in that
origin story that utopia is
showing it's a demonstration
of this aesthetics this this
static of honest deception
as I am as I wanted to argue
or at least I wanted to show
that it was a bit of a catch
hands That her argument
about the aesthetic of
honest deception is the one
where we can apply it not
only to the a piss hole from
where the channels but also
to the earliest potential
items as well such as the
exorcistic and as it was with
you again and he was can
you tell whoever argued that
the aesthetic of Anna's
assumption is also present
and working in the alphabet
and the quatrain along that's
also a damn Ration of the
honest the aesthetic of
honest Assumption as well
so the earliest examples of
these pair textual items to
occurred in the first addition
the hexes 30 alpha bet the
quad train all of these are
participating in the aesthetic
of minus exception just as
much as the map is so
Elizabeth McCutchen was
certainly hitting it right on
the head to suggest that the
aesthetic of Aalyssa
separation is most compact
Celine and concentrated in
the pencils but it's it's it's
carrying it weight
throughout the all of those
pre-luteal parataxis up you
prefer deal with respect to
where the appraisal is as
well so that that that
aesthetic about Sampson is
constantly playing with the
entirety of the preparatory
materials I want to say and
he becomes even the
access that has a certain
degree of stability in this
dynamic that is interesting
to know so will just all
believe that is it is a
superscript know or foot but
as we progress in to the later
additions like the second
edition Thomas more there's
another appraisal from
Thomas more to Peter Giles
that even further
strengthens this is that a
good honest deception to a
certain degree then and I'm
just talking about like the
language to send agreed
that I will reinforce by way of
the para text the narrative In
the main body text to the
aesthetic of Anna Sampson
is still a plate it's just shifting
in its format because the
physical contacts the
materiality of this
commodified book the
second vision sort of
situated to be this little and
Kylie Radion of critical
reading the entire Radion in
so far as it's a little tiny
handbook it's a much
smaller in size as compared
to its first addition and a
model for reading critically
we can see in the physical
placement of the book this
second episode is placed as
a post Ludo para tax And the
content of this of his soul it
is so obviously rain out at
didactic structure know how
to manual of being a Oclg
HQ a kiss a short sighted
reader and yet in and in
advocating for this sharp
sided reader this person
who can read with great
critical thinking in slow and
careful attention you know
more is also doing this is
that iguana section where he
is By all of the ornate and
Austin tacious displays of
print the book is very big it's
got a lot of a lot of reading
aids we also have to take
into consideration that by
this time I'm Thomas Moore
Zootopia at Thomas Moore
is all the function has it
made up considerable name
for itself within its readership
of the European readers so
it's it's already making me
get a splash if Robert is able
to exploit the market in that
regard and reprint an
additional That under the
direction of Erasmus and to
arrest Mrs hope will Gardner
Thomas more even more of
a good reputation as a
literary scholar even though
he already had a reputation
as a poet he was working in
the Tutor court he was a
lawyer seems already very
well established person but
Erasmus want to get a good
shit out within the context of
Froben as a printer because
he and Freeman retired and
program word but but he at
least for a few years at this
point because this is what
1518 is adding on those
additional epigrams on the
third and fourth Is another
piece of the pair text to
mediate the balance
between inner outer real and
fake and it does so by plane
with authorship in the
program last year program
that's my top brother we
have Thomas Moore and
William Lily no more is
Thomas more operating
under the role as an author
with affective or a Storico as
he was in a in in the earlier
part attacks the apostles
arguably the pomes maybe
Whatever annotations your
hand in the man by tax now
he is functioning as a
translator just the translator
of these at the gram is that
come from the recently
printed Palatine in anthology
printed in 1497 in Italy I think
it's 4097 and Italy is the first
time that Greek and the
elegy was printed put in for
print in the book but it did
not include the translation
exercises that sort of
problem as my type format
that was established or so to
put forth in a program last
month so there's the
residual tradition that time
That's more is appropriating
because the progress my
time was a rhetorical
exercise that existed in a
long tradition before hand it
was recently printed within
the last 15 years since it is at
this point of the new
juncture with the new
printing strategies and
Thomas Moore along with
ProBan Rasmus or very well
but we were very pretty to
how to use this medium in
order to do what they
wanted to do with it so
Thomas more adopts his
tradition appropriates the
Apple campus addition and
makes up his own but only in
the fall The translator is not
creating at this point is
merely verbatim he is merely
doing the act of a translator
which of course in itself is a
lovely and awesome
experience but just as a
translator or direct
correspondence and a
comparison between his and
Lillys to gauge whether
someone got closer at fun
tennis or who knows what
principle of translation is put
forth at this point whether
Lily and more we're trying to
translate for the sake of
returning to the source at
this point based on the
argument of translation in
the alphabet This active
translation is it is clearly just
an active translation but it's
a motivations are in clear the
principles on which it
functions are unclear where
a bit of an obfuscated pro
right now thereby once
again blurring the distinction
between Anna and the outer
the original and ancient are
you at DP innovative and
what is just imitated but we
noticed that at least I think
it's the problem is mine at 12
and 18 or something of
original epigrams translation
exercises nonetheless just
eat steak of course but the
authorship attribution that's
present in the third and
fourth additions in a
program as my tire is
apparently when compared
to Ology much different so
those authority or attribution
discrepancies amount to
another degree weather it
was intentional or not of
liked Thomas more morning
A revision whether or not it
was Thomas Moore who did
this is kind of out of the
question or at least
something that we can't
discern or we can say is that
because Thomas Moore is
author function the slats
right to top the epigram but
the problem is my list that
people are going to
associate Thomas for his
name with added the
changes that they noticed
between the anthology and
the epigrams and the
program or just put the
presentation in the Poconos
my time as it is and short
translations of the
translations even though
there was this discrepancy
in a 3B mission on account
of an account for him
Perhaps if we can entertain
for a second that it wasn't an
accident and Thomas more
intentionally broke tradition
of a boreal attribution of
accurate of the real
education we can perhaps
and say that it's it's a get a
foreshadowing of the
transition that is to come for
what precedes the program
that's my tie the epigrams
and during which drains are
in epigrams will notice that
transition from translator to
poet and the movement
across the threshold from
the translator and a poet is
one that is done by imitation
so this movement from
translator Greek anthology
of those epigrams that
occurs when there is a
single up a gram that takes
place in the epic them onto
them so when this is
presently by itself that's just
as we understand it Thomas
Moore placing the epigrams
from the Greek anthology
into a new context of the
app is on the programs and
of course there's also took
different contacts because
Thomas Moore did not
create all of these epigrams
at once for the purpose of
utopia but they were rather a
collection of times unrelated
writing project We don't
have too much information
on that but we know from
the correspondences
between Moore and the
restless and then harassed
us in general some of it
located in his letter to
program and in other places
throughout the preparatory
letters that more had been
working on these epigrams
throughout his life so of
course they took various
contexts throughout their
textual life but now being
reformatted reconfigured I
think translation format is
what David Carlson Khalid
translation format from bed
internal life of the ephemeral
manuscript circulation to
The extern all printed form
for everyone to see where
everyone is now seeing the
Thomas Morris Avenue a
grams or Thomas Moore is
ever grams are not cricket
don't you have a grams of
the admittedly we do see
that it times the authority
electrocution will note from
the Greek it will at times also
know that it's from unknown
but again these attributions
are often incorrect not
Thomas more begins to
cross the threshold from
translator to poet by way of
imitation when she produces
multiple rib visions Same
home in different shades so
he is as Emily rentals as
making the same thing as
saying the different thing
without really changing the
sense imitation into in a
Bashan but it could be
difficult to say that he is
either translator or imitator
or innovator in the program
as my tack and Martha and
all the principles that are
sort of surrounding that with
respect imitation the
principles of imitation art are
a little suspect because we
don't know for trying to
imitate or translated based
on And the desire to return
add phone test to the source
of the classics because we
love the classics or whether
we should cast off the
classics the classical world
and try to train take her own
stance of appropriation in
aquarium authorship is in my
eye on this bitch and so that
is the attention that I see you
Tokyo straddling this I think
it can be articulated within
the context of text to Audi
We usually are able to use
Jeanettes language of para
text to describe the
organization of texting you
know what is Texan what's
round tax that's it and doing
so we take for granted that
it's hierarchical I think utopia
is strongly inverse of that as
I've sort of tried to show the
aesthetic of honest
deception that exists that
occurs in the Hecks
aesthetic Alpha but the quad
train pass so even though
the aesthetic of Anna's
exception is sort of changing
from a first second third and
fourth edition it's still
present and it still working
even when we get to the
third fourth edition one is
that a Kiwanis exception is
playing more with the game
off the ship and what kind of
author is so cool person
Thomas Moore is this an
author and so far is is only
appropriate and things in the
passing lane to be as they
are or is he an offer in so far
as he's able to not be the
translator I am going
through that little threshold
of invitation places it in the
blurred speaker again so
that that porous so with the
text then it's really difficult to
say which is subordinated if
the parataxis in all cases
with its aesthetic about
assumption is always going
to take a backseat to the
main body text him And
body text as it's interacting
with the para text because if
we do the aesthetic
pharmacist absent in the
para tax it seems to have a
more porous structure
between text para text so
this dynamic is rather fluid
this is shown because we
see in the main by text that
the issue of who the fuck do
we believe a near raider the
author all of that Is that the
narrative only works if we
pre-suppose one of the
other right the entire
narrative of both one and
two needs to do with all that
shit so bullshit and book one
and two because Thomas
was at the port author who
is only a reporter for the
game falls starts to move
into some slippery slippery
ice when dealing with all the
shipping box wanted to sell
all of that is sort of
contingent or that sort of
thing is the foundation upon
which the narrative of book
wanted to progress because
you need to at least be able
to except Sake of the
storytelling that there is an
author but there is a reporter
and that we see on the page
or as they are just except it
for the fucking moment
everything that proceeds
and book one into about
utopia is it is really
contingent upon that first
principle of authorship never
return ship reporters so that
is the best seems to be the
critical issue which
circumscribes is the Though
the text will life of utopia and
within this circumscribed to
text while life of utopia is not
a hierarchical displacement
of text to pair text
relationship but rather a
porous fluid into her
dynamic text into text text
para text text text text Ed
Lee text all of that is more
porous and anything and
now we get to go to Toronto
and all that good Well then
seems that the the anti-
humus additions of utopia in
those first five additions
were situated in something if
we're just trying to tell a
literary merit just trying to
tell a narrative about history
which was so often I want to
do then we can describe the
production of the
composition and
dissemination of utopia in
the infamous. As something
similar to the tie bar or be
negative one Waze And how
it deals with the Santa bees
the pertinent oscillations
that are occurring in the
aesthetic of Aalyssa
Sampson as I talked about in
the exorcistic that at least I
don't know if it occurs be on
the exorcistic oscillations
also occurs in Thomas Topia
through the seemingly
occurs with whatever the
fuck they're called the
intellectual society Electro
society wants to create this
fictional world so they
gather together and then I
gather together in a loose
term grab something similar
to the arrest me and circle
sending correspondences to
one another maintaining the
fictional narrative of utopia
in it and he was additions for
the sake of tricking people in
it in this context of utopia
where is in and he was
pretty good bar I don't
member why but the
intellectuals formed a
hereditary tradition Where
the generations to follow
would continue piecing
together the fictional
narrative to put in the form
of a encyclopedias right side
it's not a travel log like
Thomas Moore is a utopia
it's got a different sense of
believability that rests upon
the air of Solomon
Cyclopedia demand it it's
own authority and respect at
the time where is the travel
logs in utopia as a genre it
what is not entirely new with
respect Contacts you know
product of the times
because the New World
exploration was occurring
within the half century
before I in in its various
forms of conversation
however small or large this
colonization and Deavors
the boys productions were
also coming out of travel
logs and not only with the
travel logs retellings in the
form of verbal narrative of
the rematch rematch cities
this new world that people
were looking bad and there's
this new expiration was it
was fucking puppet show
was nothing Cyclopedia the
Thomas Moore was able to
rest easy on as Source of
credibility for the veracity of
his narrative it's it's better to
travel logs. It's that he's able
to to rest and that's the
credibility there in lies the at
least the contextual framing
to add veracity to his
narrative and so with his
intellectual society him and
Tori and they create this
world to operate under the
principles of subjective
idealism so all of the things
that exist are merely reactive
objects reactive
manifestations of what
someone is thinking Write
something similar to
Barclays subjective idealism
and that's all of cystic
empiricism I think it's that
whole line whatever is the
reduplicate word this
fictional existence operates
with her principles of
subjective idealism teacher
is something that crosses
over the threshold from the
inner world of fictionality into
the X tear your world of
reality because locations
start popping up in the real
world according to this
effect Or has or has I think
her through the grapevine of
one of the first inaugural
patient into the external
world in the architecture
archaeological excavation in
the second father was
present for the second
crossing from the internal to
the external manifestation of
physical realization with the
queens in the cold towards
the end of this narrative or
has affective Arthur is telling
us that are yummy So it
goes from entirely different
world from from the external
world into the internal world
vice versa by way of
imitation and all the
meanwhile playing with the
game of them permanent
oscillations that read direct
the cyclical pattern of
production so in the case of
utopia pattern of production
takes the form of the
parents actual duplications
Very Asians in different
languages of a different pair
text so different additions in
the English for example with
Robinson in those 19 1515
additions I have a different
ways to strengthen or
challenge the negative that
is present or is really just
present in all four of those
early lead additions one of
the funny ways in which
route Robinson further
carries out the joke of utopia
is through the marginal note
it is translation of the bishop
When he says that a bishop
we actually designate an
identity to this anonymous
Bishop Moore's pencils so
there is there's a funny way
in which the world that
exists internally in the fiction
of you Topia sort of crosses
over the threshold into the
external world because the
bishop supposedly was
seeking for the utopia want
to be the best above you go
get whatever and that's just
a literary joke right so I'm
saying is crossing from the
internal to the X ternal but
because It's only existing in
its literary game despite the
fact that it's crossing over
multiple revisions it's it's the
self contained within its
literary that's within a text
well the guy should say so
it's self contained game in
the punctuality is always
bleeding now externally and
all the meanwhile in its X
internal circumscribed life or
text Valatie is regenerating
paired texts through new
additions new pair tax in a
new languages have a new
context in there for new
meanings What time and
that's not to say that it is
constantly filling up and
always take it in but it's also
you know with the
prospective addition letting
go of some of this I don't
know some of the previous
printers residual signature
rate so that may sort of still
be present because I don't
know if any of those first
four printers included
updated and a Tatian or a
correction And under the
direction of whatever it takes
for critic all the subsequent
additions adopted the new
spelling band of the residual
of the previous editor and
printer will sort of still kind of
be present on the steps
conditions that have
adopted that seems weird
spelling and then of course
needless to say also will
carry the residual of
whoever originally wrote that
what is at stake As I
understand it is not just
standard understanding of
Texan Texan reality but also
authorship authorship
cannot really have a stable
or firm we can't fix any
stable principles at least
when considering it within
the context of these early
days of printing then again
for utopia what's at stake for
Topia is that it's not exactly
written by Thomas more of a
first to say that I mean No
doubt great big day out on
everything else that is not
called out to credit given to
him as an author fusing
small to medium doubt when
considering his status as an
author/translator but all that
to say he had a really big
hand in those pieces
mentioned alone And of
course maybe some other
other but we cannot leave
out nor can we go to Ross
with it be remiss to forget
and I think we have our best
and have been to relegate
the remaining authors not
just to the sidelines maybe I
can say we really get it their
responsibility the roles of
the sideline of the role we
relegated our analysis of
their role to the sidelines for
like 500 years and as a
result letters In the status of
authorship are you Topia and
I'm not saying we take
anything away from Thomas
more I'm just saying if there
is enough room at the table
and always has been for all
of the other offers to come
and sit down with Thomas
more when discussing
utopia saying I had a hand in
that as well Thomas Moore
can you pass a little bit of
this Thomas was like yeah
well I don't mean body text
one and two and a route is a
pencil and Ralph Robinson is
like yeah bitch but you didn't
even do it in English I had to
wait until that Henri ass
bitch with dad that his butt
Until I can translate into a
language that was being
standardized and it's own
country yeah and all the
other offers by the way did
you say I did just turn a
translator into author I was
also including all the other
authors as the people who
wrote poetry in those first
few additions printers as
well I can consider them an
out toward great I am a Man
I so want to steak is it text
Roni all the shit and then
with the Topia Comb