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Contemporary Arts Production

Week 16: eLMS Assessment Part 3

Instruction: Read the question carefully and give what is asked. (1 item x
30 points)

1. How did our traditional art influence the contemporary art in the
country? Give at least three (3) points and support your answer with
pieces of evidence.

1. Influenced our culture and tradition in modern era:
Traditional art is still the foundation of our understanding nowadays.
We don't just leave them behind. It's either we go back or innovate our
traditional art. Some of our clothing are created and inspired by our
ancestors' art. The art of writing or our literature are still inspired and/or
connected to our history. Bayong is one of the example of traditional art that
influenced our contemporary art.

2. Influenced our performing arts such as music and dancing.

Music is art too. Our fondness for ballads can be traced to our
ancestors' music called kundiman. Also, if you will observe the media
nowadays, people enjoy dance performances with tribal theme. For musical
performances, we can still watch gigs and theatrical plays that are from the
country's traditional art. An example of a contemporary art that is inspired by
traditional art are street dances and those being performed on national

3. Influence on Youth's Visual Art and use of Technology

Millennial still treasure the gift of traditional art. The traditional art and
its concepts are still understood by the youth and they try their best not to
disrespect the culture, tradition, symbolism and art of our ancestors.
Examples Pictures:

 Comics such as Dead Balagtas: Mga Sayaw ng Dagat At Lupa

 Hear Them Pray, mural art by Archie Oclos for defending Lumad's ancestral lands,+mural+art+by+Ar
 Black Panther 2018 film were a bit inspired by a fusion of both African and
Filipino artifacts.


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