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Description: The study is mainly intended to ascertain customer satisfaction and factors influencing

product selection. It is believed that such a study will throw light on the strength and weakness of the

dealer on one hand, its opportunity and threats on the other hand. The scope is mainly focused on

giving information to the company about what to do or what are the pitfalls or weakness that the

company is presently having. These weaknesses can be studied in detail and good remedies can be

taken to improve the company's well being. The scope also extents about to know what are people's

opinion about the company's service and product, their awareness, likes and dislikes and the company

can take into consideration the suggestion made by them if they compensate with company's view and

policies. And thus findings and other study may help the service provider to analyze the needs of the

people and bring before them what they needed and moreover to attain a competitive edge over its