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r 4 oY 4 small scale 3 CREATIVE SOLUTIONS FOR BETTER CITY LIVING | | > Revitalizing, vegetative suburban structures ECOSISTEMA URBANO ARQUITECTOS: ECOBOULEVARD VALLECAS, SPAIN Program Vallecas, Spain, is a poorly planned sub- urban neighborhood. The Ecoboulevard competition was organized with two objec- tives: to generate social activity in the neighborhood and to make a bioclimatic outdoor space. Public spaces belong to everyone, and they should support a variety of activities and events, allowing people to act freely and spontaneously. 42 Solution Ecosistema Urbano Arquitectos proposed Ecoboulevard to make up for the lack of social activity in Vallecas due to irresponsi- ble planning, The firm believed that the best adaptation for a public space would be to add thick, solid trees, but these would take fifteen or twenty years to grow large enough to make an impact. Instead, the architects created an “emergency” intervention that could operate immediately in the same way that trees would in the future. The firm opted for a strategy of concentration that acts on and adapts specific parts of the neighbor- hood, making these areas the seeds of a public-space regeneration process. SeavICE