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Hedcor makes history on Asset Management in Ph,

Best practices and challenges in hydropower opera-
tions, Optimizing the power that flows, The ‘life exten-
sion’ of hydropower plants, WESM 101, Project Eagle
takes off, Hedcor pushes for industry and academe

2nd Issue 2017 1

Change, from the ground up

The power industry is evolving. It continues to break norms and

adapt practices that seemed impossible before. It has its own
surprises that comes very often. Anticipating this to mind, fear
can easily replace the confidence of work—but that is reserved
for the amateurs.

Hedcor has survived every up and downs the industry has faced.
And with every moment where we rise as a better organization,
we subsequently leave the elements that dragged us down,
allowing us an opportunity to adapt to things that work.

In the three consecutive issues of the Pulse, we boldly attempt to apprise the organization of what has come our way
in the almost 40 years we are in this industry. We ask: How have we behaved and acted in every struggle we are faced
with? Our ‘why’ when we started resounds in the exact way to this very day. It may be phrased differently, but our idea
is the same: Advancing Business and Communities.

Raising what our organization is all about which is from ground breaking to development, your editorial board wishes
to show the progress and process that surround the Hedcor community: This issue will talk about the Business, our
next issue will be on Culture, then the Team, eventually culminating with the Self.

In the past months, we have noticed bold changes in our organization. It’s an exciting time in Hedcor as it always has.
Projects are along the pipeline as we aggressively propel for the renewable energy future.

Go ahead: rediscover Hedcor.

Darlene Arguelles
Editor-in-Chief, Hedcor Pulse
VP for Corporate and Regulatory Affairs

3 CBS: What’s in store for us? 12 Criscrossing through digital 24 Eco Market Day efforts against bottle
4-5 Taking new roles age with AGORA pollution
LIVING THE PASSION 13 PhilHydro Summit 25 Helping communities reinforce RA 9003
6 GPJ: The Brave Man is a Boy Environmental Summit STAKEHOLDER ENGAGEMENT
7 Retirees 14 Weaving a vibrant culture into the 26 Atty. Joel Ray Lopez Message
8 Bineng Combined Hydro hems of legacy 27 Nestor Fongwan Message
ADVANCING THE BUSINESS 15 Host communities benefit from KABISIG CORNER
9 Andritz Hydro hits 80% in Hedcor’s medical missions 28-29 Promotions
MF Hydro electro works ADVANCING COMMUNITIES 30-32 Awards
10 Bineng Communities, Gaining 16-17 Sustainable community progress 33 HEDCOR ROLES
Relationship from an educational foundation
11 Hedcor’s best practices merit 18-23 RBR: In honor of our Captain
highest awards

2 hedcorpulse


F or Hedcor, the future is changing.

We are definitely evolving in
Luzon and Mindanao. To survive,
we need to grow, change, explore,
and reinvent what we do and who
never lost a project because it’s
technically not possible. Hedcor can
do anything. Every single project that
we in Hedcor worked at has been
100% possible because of permitting
We need to find to find better ways to
develop and make projects cheaper
and to find more innovative ways of
selling electricity.

we are. and stakeholders management. We are still a hydro development and

And it will be an area to be a huge operating company. Let’s continue
Back in the old days, developing determinant of a success as a hydro to encourage Operations Excellence
a hydropower used to be easy. developer company. to make revenue. Also, we will be
In fact, the difficult thing was the looking at engineering opportunities
technical challenge on building a Everything we do is about risk, across AboitizPower, which means
hydro. These days, it’s the opposite. assessing risk, and taking risk. contracting out our expertise. The
Building a hydro is the easy thing. Whether it’s construction, 1AP is trying to bring the organizations
What is difficult is getting them development, permitting, financing, together and leverage resources
developed, getting the permits, or operations, it’s all risk mitigation. from everyone into a common good
making stakeholders understand, We will continue to look at, work of AboitizPower.
negotiating MOAs, negotiating closely, and integrate things to
shares, dealing with the DOE, NCIP. mitigate risks. There are changes in the structure
It’s all people. It’s all stakeholders. and roles of some people within
Moreover, the environment here in Hedcor to align more closely with
Moving forward, our huge focus has the Philippines is changing. We’ve my style but, fundamentally Hedcor
to be for stakeholder engagement, developed for the last number of is not changing. We still have the
community and government years because of FIT—because we’ve same values of integrity, teamwork,
relations. We need to have the best got a very good rate with FIT. And, innovation, and responsibility. We
people in most difficult area during that rule is maybe changing. There’s are still all a part of 1AP and (if you
the most difficult tasks. a lot of rumors that FIT will not remember) our why is still ‘driving
continue beyond this year. We are change for a better world’.
Apparently, we’ve never lost a project trying very hard to have the hydro FIT
because we can’t design. We’ve extended beyond 2017.

2nd Issue 2017 3


Paving a path for passion and potential
Being in the operation and maintenance (O&M) of Hedcor
for more than 30 years, Chris Fernando Faelnar assumes

a new role in the organization as he frontlines together
with his team in the newly minted department, Business,
Community and Government Relations.

An innate charmer, Chris or CFF to his Kabisigs, always

goes beyond his responsibilities in O&M and extends to
managing the stakeholders. His numerous engagements
with government agencies, local government units
and communities, earned him to spearhead Business,

Community and Government Relations (BCGR), the newly-
organized team who leads in the overall stakeholder
engagement management of the company.

There are a lot of stakeholder engagements to be done. My time in Hedcor has a limit and
somebody has got to do the job in the future. With this, my objective is to be able to really train
my team to negotiate on their own with the stakeholders.

One of the challenges ahead is for us to expand, to grow. And to be able to expand is to improve in
our stakeholder relationship, so that we will be accepted by the communities and we are assured
of continuous operations of our plants.

In BCGR, we are trying to be as flexible as we can. As the relationship is getting closer, we are also
trying to maximize our resources, trying to maximize their potentials.

As a leader, CFF firmly believes that it all starts in empowering his team member. “I never stop to
challenge, motivate and basically support them to achieve their goals. Because once they achieve
these goals, they are happy and they feel supported. They develop their confidence and they will
want more responsibilities.”
Tudaya Hydro 2 in Davao del Sur

4 hedcorpulse

Hedcor’s Haboc against havoc Coaching. Creating. Carlos

Bill Haboc or SDH started with Hedcor 32 years Carlos Aboitiz, who prefers to be called by his first
ago when he was hired as a survey aide in October name, is one of the leaders embracing a new niche
1986. in the Hedcor family. Oblivious to the terms of
formalities and all the traditional layers that defines
From Hedcor’s pioneering Benguet plants in the a business’ standards, Carlos is the type to adhere
north and Davao plants in the south, SDH was to essence and excellence.
part of the team who conducted the feasibility,
exploration, survey, design and construction As the lead of the Sablan project, his main role
management of these plants. involves the steering of the rudder for the success
of the team. He relentlessly builds up the team
From these vast experiences and expertise in for effective execution of the work on hand,
engineering and construction throughout his consequently bolstering their experiences for their
Hedcor career, SDH is now taking a big leap future roles in the organization.
forward as he assumed his seat as the Assistant
Vice President for Business, Community and Taking this new leadership role has challenges that
are similar in nature across organizations.
Government Relations of Hedcor.
“Getting intimate with the new culture,
“It’s tougher than I thought. I did purely technical
understanding the critical networks of stakeholders
jobs for the past 32 years of my life in the
that go beyond the internal organizational structure
company, dealing mostly with fellow engineers,
and the customer list, identifying the critical people,
team members and peers. Now, I’m with a new and learning about its unique business problems
team, we are still adjusting with each other, and are some of the challenges I face in Hedcor.
we deal with stakeholders who mostly we do not
know and also do not know us. In my experience, the only way to create allies
around your ideas and goals is to spend time
But I believe I have a great team. With their engaging with others and to make them share
invaluable experiences, we can lead our team ideas and goals. The beauty about ideas is that the
to accomplish and deliver our support to the more people that support or share them, the more
company’s purpose of advancing business and importance they have and impact they create.”
Integrity, passion, and a sense of play are essential
in a team I’m working with.
2nd Issue 2017 5

GPJ: 31 years of remarkable leadership
Gregorio P. Jabonillo, more fondly called Boy by his peers
and colleagues, joined Hedcor on January 18, 1986. He was
a purchaser, before becoming an Administrative Officer
to Assistant-VP for Administration. Eventually, for all the
dedication and determination, he rose as Vice President for
Business Development.

To everyone in Hedcor, Boy is a trailblazer. For 31 years,

Boy had shown qualities of leadership that only a true
leader would know: he practiced what he preached. He was
consistently the front-runner in strategizing steps to win the
trust of a stakeholder, to get the “yes” of the community, to
resolve issues and secure approval of permits—delivering
plants ready for ground breaking. Boy helped in expanding
the institution that is now Hedcor.

His versatility is defined even more by the attitude and

confidence he brings in representing Hedcor in talks with
sometimes formidable freedom-fighters in remote areas—
even if it means risking his life.

Talking with his team members, we find that Boy makes

them feel empowered because he exudes trust for each of
them. There is a fatherly quality in Boy that many Hedcor
employees admired: He may not always have answers to all
life’s questions, but you are assured that things you say found
a safe and concerned port. At the end of every successful undertaking, he was that kind of a leader who pats
your back and says “Thank you… That was a job well done”.It is of no surprise that Boy is someone they look
up to.

Thereby, Boy exemplified that a good leader is a good listener. Even tribal leaders from different host
communities appreciated how Boy, despite his rank, valued their opinions and insights. His down-to-earth
disposition heralded Boy as a respected and adopted member of the Bagobo-Tagabawa Tribe and conferred
the status of a “Datu” by its tribal council, a very rare and astounding feat.

He also looked after the welfare of the focus communities by ensuring they receive a just share of the
profits from Hedcor’s projects even beyond what the law requires. In fact, Hedcor’s policies and preferential
treatment for the welfare of communities developed under Boy’s leadership became the benchmark for
future developers in the Province of Bukidnon.

A friend, a teammate, a mentor, the tag never ends about Boy. He is a leader whose courage endured, whose
passion fervent, and his love for man and work paramount.

Thank you, Boy!

6 hedcorpulse

Re t i re e s
Rodrigo U. Ellamar
Fabrication Shop Leadman

27 years of service
February 1, 1990 - April 16, 2017

Doro G. Guilao
Plant Operator

27 years of service:
January 23, 1990 - April 22, 2017

Rizal P. Buna

26 years of service:
August 10, 1990 - February 6, 2017

Alberto B. Camingawan

25 years of service:
June 09, 1992 - June 15, 2017

Sabado A. Salbino

25 years of service:
June 16, 1992 - December 7, 2017

Haribelo M. Abratique
Operations Supervisor

7.34 years of service:

September 3, 2009 - July 8, 2017

2nd Issue 2017 7


Bineng Combined: A Testament to the

Full Power of the Balili River
ne glance of the Balili Last 2015, Hedcor, with its new Mayor Romeo Salda of La Trinidad
River, and one could easily generation of engineers, initiated a welcomed the project during
dismiss that this resource feasibility study for the possibility the Memorandum of Agreement
in La Trinidad, Benguet has limited of expanding the capacity of Bineng signing. “We are positive that this
potential. The Balili River, in reality, minis. The study showed that the development will have great impact
has more to it than just a few river can actually produce 19-MW on the municipality’s growth,”
kilometers of running water—it can of clean and renewable energy he said. “The local government will
run five mini-hydropower plants at a following a new scheme. Therefore, play an active role in making this
total capacity of 5.8-megawatt. Even by 2015, Hedcor started the bid to project a success.”
more interestingly so, at 19-MW. get the consent of the Barangays, the
Municipality, and the Province for the In 2016, the La Trinidad local
True enough, big things come in small Bineng Combined Project. government unit received about
packaging. Php 77 million as its barangay and
As one of the pioneer plants that municipal share from the operation
Looking back 20 years ago, the Hedcor built, the Bineng mini hydros of the hydropower plants. Moreover,
Municipality of La Trinidad accepted hold a special place in the heart of the Hedcor’s business tax, real property
Hedcor to construct mini-hydropower organization and of the stakeholders, tax, and national wealth tax in 2016
plants in Bineng. During that time especially that of the senior staff reached Php 67 million.
the team had to build the plants with who saw to the hydropower plants’
less sophistication, but with more establishment from the ground up. The municipality of La Trinidad
practicality and resourcefulness in mind. Even the communities have a lot of has also received corporate social
memories to share. Each household has responsibility (CSR) projects worth
The team before had to grapple with a story to tell about the Bineng Hydros. Php 13 million to date. These
less resources: no high-end, intricate projects include farm-to-market
construction machines, but their hard With the increased capacity through roads, school buildings, and loans
work resulted to not just one, but five Bineng Combined, the benefits the to cooperatives involved in the cut
mini hydropower plants in La Trinidad. community will reap follows to increase. flower business.

8 hedcorpulse

Manolo Fortich Hydro 2

Ad ri t z Hyd ro h it s 80%
i n MF Hyd ro e le c t ro wo rks

ndritz Hydro is halfway through the completion of the installation of turbine units
for the 68.8-MW Manolo Fortich Hydropower Plant of Hedcor in Bukidnon.

The Manolo Fortich Hydro 1 will have a combination commissioning of this project is expected within the
of Francis and Pelton turbines with two units for each fourth quarter of this year.
type. This will generate 43.4 MW of renewable energy.
On the other hand, the 25.4-MW Manolo Fortich Hedcor Bukidnon is noted for a record 3 million man-
Hydro 2 has four Francis turbines. hours with no lost time incident within the workplace.

Andritz was awarded fifteen million Eurodollar worth-

of-contract to complete the electromechanical works Manolo Fortich Hydro 1
of Hedcor’s newest two power plants. This hydro
project of Hedcor in Bukidnon is enough to provide
clean energy to approximately 70,000 households in
the island of Mindanao.
“Aside from installing the electromechanical
equipment, Andritz ensures quality control of the
entire hydro system such as analysis, target points,
alignment,” explained Rolando Pacquiao, Vice
President for Operations.
“It ensures that the hydro plant will soon generate
power efficiently,” Pacquiao said as he added that the

2nd Issue 2017 9


B ui l di n g
C o mm u n i t i e s ,
G a i ni n g
R el at i on s h i ps

A ge is not all that defining:

sometimes, greatness can
happen at an onset.

Sometime this year, an announcement was made about the creation of a new team in the organization.
The Business, Community and Government Relations or BCGR team, was then inducted to the portals
of Hedcor. The division’s name gives a hint of what will be its composition and core responsibilities.
BCGR is composed of Business Development, Environmental and Liaison sections

Role and Function

The Business Development Team deals with the majority of the stakeholders and the rest is spread
across Hedcor. In every new project, the team is busy in the acquisition of various permits needed prior
to construction. This also involves a lot of verbal negotiations, and meeting with government agencies,
local government units, indigenous people as well as private groups, individuals and landowners. They
establish and maintain these relationships from the local up to the national level.

The Liaison Team comes in the picture once the hydro plant is already operational. They are responsible
in the renewal of necessary permits for all existing plants and to sustain the relationships established
with our stakeholders. The team also assists in the implementation of the activities and programs on
Community Relations and Corporate Social Responsibility.

Our Environmental Team intensifies our solid commitment in protecting the environment. The section
provides support to Business Development and Liaison by engaging with the different government
agencies and ensuring compliance with all environmental laws and ordinances.

Business Development, Liaison, and Environmental now form a bigger group in advancing not only the
business but also the stakeholders’ welfare.

Our relationship with our communities, government agencies, and local government units play a vital
role in our existence. Thanks to these people who are our front liners in our stakeholder engagement.

10 hedcorpulse

Hedcor’s best practices merit highest awards

Grand KAPATID Best Renewable

Awardee Energy Deal
Hedcor was recognized and awarded as the Hedcor Sibulan’s project costing P4.1 billion pesos
Grand Award winner of the Kapatiran sa notes facility has been recognized by the Asset Triple
Industriya (KAPATID) Awards by the Employers A Award as the Renewable Energy Deal of the Year for
Confederation of the Philippines. the hydro category in the Philippines.

The KAPATID Award has given recognition to This project will be used to finance the redemption
companies with track records of amicable of a portion of preferred shares, in line with its capital
collaboration with that of their employees and management program to pay issue-related expenses
staff, making them model organizations that and for general corporate purposes.
embody strong partnership between labor and
management. TheP4.1-BSECregistration-exemptPesoDenominated
Fixed Rates issuance was also evaluated by the
This award shows Hedcor’s outstanding results Philippine Rating Services Corporation (PhilRatings).
from carrying out initiatives that promote social It received a credit rating of PRS Aa+, indicating that
accountability, industrial peace and harmony, Hedcor’s obligations are no less of high-quality and is
productivity and quality, strategic visioning subject to a very low credit risk.
and partnerships for business growth and job
This is the second to the highest credit rating with
stable outlook from PhilRatings, and the first in First
“Hedcor keeps an open and good communication
Metro Investment Corporation to structure this type
with us, the union members,” Martin Bautista,
of fund-raising. It is also the first for AboitizPower to
Vice President of Hedcor’s Employees Union
shared. “This is why we resolve issues refinance through fixed rate notes offered to Primary
peacefully and have maintained a harmonious Institutional Lenders in accordance with the Securities
relationship.” Regulation Code.

2nd Issue 2017 11


is now Cr issc ro ssin g
online. t h ro u g h t h e
d ig ital a ge
wit h A go ra

C ommunication is an integral element in every workplace. The success of an organization

is directly influenced by the quality of its communication channels and feedback.

Agora is now the medium we have in the organization to advance the communication
among our team members. Agora is our digital home.

Agora is envisioned to be a fast and reliable tool in organizational communication. It

enables and inspires internal stakeholders with relevant information anywhere, anytime.

Agora is the best medium for information, with business units (BUs) at the touch of a button.
If you are looking for relevant and up-to-date company information and announcements
from the different BUs, Agora can provide the fundamental information as it houses
various information, updates, and activities of all BUs for an easy browsing and checking.

Secondly, Agora is interactive. Just like the interface available in Facebook or Instagram
posts, contents uploaded can be “liked” or commented upon by employees. The AP
Community page allows team members to create their own groups which promote
collaboration among teams, while fostering a warm and caring atmosphere online.

Agora is also inspirational. All in a day is work, but it gets inspired and motivated when
you start it right. Agora is one click away. It features messages from the management,
our corporate social efforts, stories and photos that document company activities, and
personal features from team members.

In the long run, Agora will help us create 1AP through stronger and more meaningful
communication with each other by providing an informative, interactive, and inspirational
meeting place for all team members.

Who said the virtual life is just causing a divide in our community? Agora is an experience
of a digital home that disproves that.

12 hedcorpulse
Visions and Convictions: Highlights from the
PhilHydro Summit
PhilHydro, the organization of hydropower businesses in the
country held its 2nd Hydropower Summit and Exhibition at
Makati Diamond Residences. This year’s theme, “Initiate
Change, Integrate Actions, Innovate Measures to Advance
Hydropower Development in the Philippines” provided a
springboard on the visions of the hydropower industry, as
well as major issues and topics, including Latest technologies,
Improved Designs, Advances in Engineering; Addressing
Financing Challenges; Unravelling Permitting Challenges; and
Initiating Change Towards Sustainability, among others.
An Expanding Industry
Senator Sherwin Gatchalian, Chairman of Senate Committee on Energy stressed about the status of our
county’s renewable resources. Evaluation of the country’s resources show that hydropower can still be
Micro, mini, and run-of-river plants in off-grid areas are essential not only ensuring security of electricity
supply in these areas but also in reducing the subsidy shouldered by the consumers in the main grid. The
committee hopes that expansion of hydropower will further contribute to the sustainability and stability
of energy supply in the country and to saving of the average consumer.
Senator Gatchalian has filed a measure on electronic virtual one-stop shop which, when passed, can cut
the usual processing time by more than 70%.
Stakeholders As Important Agents to Success
Hedcor’s Chris Sangster spoke to the crowd during the first plenary session, Hydro Vision for the
He emphasized on major points, saying that to streamline the permits process would fundamentally
change the viability of hydro developments as permitting is the biggest constraint to the project pipeline
of the company and other hydro developers.
“Stakeholder engagement and true understanding of the interactions with the project stakeholders will
be the most important determinant of a project’s success.”
“We need to genuinely partner with stakeholders and offer real improvement in host communities for
their acceptance.
“We need to create solutions that motivate communities to seek development in these areas. The
age of hydro being only about technology and engineering solutions are gone. In order to prosper and
move forward, developers would need to focus on communities and stakeholders and the effective
engagement and partnering with them.”

Hedcor’s best solid waste practices

featured in envi summit
Hedcor, led by its Environmental Team, was featured
in the two-day solid waste management exhibit during
the 2nd Environmental Summit in the Cordillera

Targeted to unify and enhance the capacity of various

sectors on solid waste management, one of the
highlights of the summit is the launching of exhibits
that showcased the best practices of various partners
and stakeholders, putting an emphasis on efforts done
in conserving and promoting sustainable environment.

Hedcor, with all its efforts aligned in these visions and objectives, was invited and featured in the exhibit.
Hedcor highlighted its vermi-composting and materials recovery facilities in its offices and hydro plants, on
top of the river clean-ups and eco-market days conducted for and in collaboration with its host communities.
With all these projects, and the many more to come, the solid waste management practices of Hedcor
radiate to the areas where the plants operate, allowing these host communities to adapt to these practices
in improving their waste management efforts.
2 Issue 2017

Weaving a Vibrant Culture into the Hems of Legacy

community produces art more material productions that Just recently, they have finished
and other manifestations will gradually recover the fading another set of tubao, upper tribal
of its peoples’ intellectual culture. costumes for men and women,
achievement. This is called culture. belts and accessories that will
It is also colorful. It is sublime. It is Aside from the equipment, approximately make a total of
rich. women were also given capacity- 28,000 Php earning.
building training in partnership
The Bagobo-Tagabawa’s colorful with the Provincial Agri-Industrial “We made a right decision
clothing will continue to see the Center, Sta. Cruz Investment to welcome Hedcor in our
witness of men, representing Promotion and Tourism Office, and community because they did not
their rich culture, especially after Department of Trade and Industry. just help improve our living, but
Hedcor supplied the tribe with Through this, they will not just they are helping us preserve our
sewing equipment that will help preserve their tribal costume culture and tradition,” expressed
them in creating, celebrating, but will also make a sustainable Datu Gideon Tolentino, the tribal
and ultimately preserving their livelihood. chieftain of Brgy. Sibulan.
traditional costume.
In fact, a month after receiving
Hedcor turned over starter sewing the supplies, 60 pieces of tubao,
kits, cloth, cabinets for storage, a headdress for males, worth 500
single needle lockstitch machine, pesos each were immediately sold.
3-thread overlock machine, and They also have already traded
flat iron to the recipients who 50 upper tribal costumes for 700
will us these to come up with pesos each.

14 hedcorpulse
Host communities
benefit from Hedcor’s
medical missions
Health care is one of the priorities of
Hedcor. Part of this is the promotion
and awareness of the citizens of its host
communities about oral health care. The
hydropower company delivered a series of
medical and dental missions in Benguet,
Ilocos Sur and Mt. Province, among others.

In partnership with Aboitiz Foundation,

Inc., almost 2,000 residents were able to
receive medical and dental assistance.
The beneficiaries were able to avail of
free medicines, medical checkup and
consultation, dental extraction, optical check-up, and circumcision. The series of missions were
conducted in seven municipalities: Bakun, La Trinidad, Sablan and Tuba in Benguet; Alilem and Vigan
in Ilocos Sur; and Sabangan in Mt. Province.
Aside from the medical and dental missions, Hedcor also distributed hygiene kits to some schools to
instill and foster in young people the importance of proper ​hygiene. Such activities give opportunities
to Hedcor employees to engage with the communities by volunteering and getting themselves
involved in the different corporate social responsibilities of the organization. These efforts are
focused, but not limited, to education, environment, enterprise development, and health care.

Hedcor’s effort of delivering free medical services to the Luzon communities was made possible with
support from the local government units, municipal and barangay health workers, Bethesda Optical
Clinic, Emergency Medical Services-Baguio Chapter, Ilocos Sur Medical Society, Philippine Dental
Association-Benguet and Vigan Chapters, Police Dental Team of Camp Bado Dangwa, Philippine
Nurses Association-Ilocos Sur Chapter and the Rotary Club- Baguio and Vigan Chapters.
In Mindanao, more than 250 residents of Barangay Kapatagan, Digos City
in Davao del Sur were able to receive medical attention from Hedcor in
partnership with Digos City Health Office, doctors, dentists, nurses and other
health workers from the area.

“On behalf of the people of Kapatagan, I’d like to thank you for conducting
medical and dental mission every year. The free check-ups and medicines
given to the patients and to the barangay’s health center are of great help
to the whole community especially during emergencies,” Kagawad Josephine
Manlabe, a Committee Member on Health, shared.

Hedcor also distributed high-energy biscuits to undernourished children of

Barangay Kapatagan.

2nd Issue 2017 15


Sustainable Community Progress

olunteerism is second skin over Technical-Vocational (Tech- schools in the area.
for Hedcor employees. It Voc) school buildings to Benguet
is a source of joy, a symbolNational High School – Bineng These allows for more room for
of gratitude, and a chance to help Annex, and to Sablan National these schools to accommodate new
change the world. For Hedcor High School – Balluay Extension. and returning pupils, allowing also
employees, it does all that, and A complete set of carpentry tools a chance for the children to a more
one more: the opportunity to and equipment was also awarded learning-conducive, more learning-
help transform the experiences to Pingad National High School ready environment, without the
of others, especially that of the in Sabangan, Mountain Province. tolls of an overcrowded classroom.
stakeholders. Whereas, carpentry tools and
dressmaking materials were turned Before the school opening, Hedcor
Since the Department of over to Benguet National High also assisted in the Brigada Eskwela
Education’s implementation of School-Bineng Annex. activities of host schools to prepare
the K+12 program, schools were these venues of learning. Hedcor
faced with the need for additional Sparking new hope to one of the team members volunteered in
classrooms and school buildings IP communities in North Sta. Cruz, repainting classrooms, repairing
that can accommodate an Davao del Sur, Hedcor turned ceilings, tables and chairs, replacing
increase of students in the basic over a brand new classroom to busted bulbs, concreting of school
education program. Ready to Don Amancio Bendigo Elementary pathways, fencing of school
assist in this need, Hedcor turned School, one of the hinterland perimeters, pulling out of weeds,
16 hedcorpulse

from an Educational Foundation

and all the other assistance needed Cruz, Davao del Sur will no find venues makes it the community’s
by the school to get the schools no need to go home during lunch partner to quality education and
ready for the school year. Hedcor breaks because they can now bring the children’s well-being.
joined parents and teachers in their own ‘baon’ to school, thanks
Alilem, Ilocos Sur; Bakun, Benguet; to the distribution of lunch boxes.
Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon;
Sabangan and Bauko, Mountain With the turnover of a school clinic
Province; and, Sta. Cruz, Davao deland the needed equipment to
Sur. Gilbert Semon Elementary School
in Tuba, Benguet, pupils can be
Welcomed by bright smiles from given immediate health attention.
pupils, school supplies were
also distributed to Otucan Norte Education is one of the major
Elementary School and Otucan goals targeted by Hedcor, Inc. in
Sur Elementary School in Bauko, advancing the quality of life in its
Mountain Province during the host communities. Believing that
school opening for a more creative changing the world can happen by
school term. changing one student after another,
Hedcor’s dedication to provide
Pupils from host schools in Sta. healthy and comfortable learning
2nd Issue 2017 17

In honor of our

18 hedcorpulse
Until this day, There’s only one Hedcor in the country.

This, therefore is our one dream to this date…to help

in nation building through the development of small
hydros while making sure that in doing so we are
always taking care of the community first.

A team that understands our responsibility to make

sure the host communities are well taken cared of.
Not for mere compliance. Not a mere check on a list
of things to do. It is something we believe in deep in
our hearts.

Never satisfied in doing things this way or that just

because that’s how it has been done before. We are
all here to be the best we can be—always thinking
on how you can be better, faster, more efficient, and
safer tomorrow.

2016 Recognition Night

A safe working environment can only be achieved

if there is a collective effort from our team. And,
this is now the result [3.7 million man-hours with
no time lost on incidents resulting in injuries of
personnel in Hedcor Bukidnon]. Our team has
shown a strong regard to our commitments to
health, environment, and safety.

October 2016

2nd Issue 2017 19

We are committed in helping HEDCOR has come a long way but there are more
our host communities either by challenges ahead. As we look at these challenges we also
ourselves or in partnership with look forward to working with the people of Baguio and
other interested groups. Benguet, to develop Benguet’s vast hydro power resources
and at the same timeimprove the quality of life of our host
December 2002 communities- especially the children.

May 12, 2000, Baguio Country Club

This, therefore is our one dream to
this date…to help in nation building
through the development of small The minis cause the least impact to the community & the
hydros while making sure that in environment. Since they are mostly in remote areas and
doing so we are always taking care remote areas are mostly underdeveloped, it can be argued
of the community first. that the beneficial impact of mini hydros—w/o any of the
adverse impacts of larger projects—are proportionately
On developing mini-hydropower larger than large hydro projects.
plants, Recognition Night May 2016
On developing mini-hydropower plants, Recognition Night
May 2016

As we look beyond our 20 years, let

We now complete the cycle. We started in Davao when
us always remember the lessons
we took over the operation of the Talomo plants. We then
we learned and all the fun we had,”
moved to Benguet in 1985 to rehabilitate and operate the
said Hedcor President and Chief
Asin plants. And we now go back to Davao, with all the
Operating Officer Rene Ronquillo
experience we gained in Benguet, to take ownership of the
during the anniversary party
Talomo plants.
withthe team.
On Talomo Turnover, March 2005
June 2005

I guess we have been through enough to instantly know

This shows an agreement can what needs to be done to get the plants back on stream.
always be reached when both sides We have been through enough landslides and floods to
consider what is good for all and know we will recover with an even better system.
negotiate in good faith.
On typhoon Peping which severly damaged Ampohaw plant
On CBA signing, September 2003 and caused damage to other plants, 2009, Christmas Party

20 hedcorpulse
2nd Issue 2017 21
4/14/15, Zero Defect Jan 27, 2017

Thank you very much for your DCA & team,

cooperation. pls keep it up.
I appreciate you managed to get full
coverage of the Bineng signing. All the
national papers for such a small plant.
Including a picture in the Star! Impressive!
10/27/16, Relief Operation And thank you.
Typhoon Lawin

To all who helped in delivering

the relief goods to those who To Irene Pailagao, On pregnancy
needed it very much, THANK
YOU VERY MUCH. How are you na? Are you on d way again?
5 mos! Wow you’ve been busy. You could say
We don’t always get a chance I’m back from d dead & started reporting
to help others. We should this week but half day lang for now. Have
therefore take advantage of to recover my strength pa. Slowly, one step
every opportunity we get. I’m at a time. Take care of the baby.
glad you did.

To Ones on PAWD Golf Tournament

To Josiah Piola:
Have fun guys, make sure you don’t win too
Don’t need him (the driver). I’ll many raffle prizes.
just walk to NAC. I hope you’re
not eating pancit again.

To Kabisigs, Aileen/Connie,
I have 2 aquariums in the During the inauguration of our new
office right now. I don’t plan classrooms, one thing was evident... while
to bring them to Ponciano. If a new classroom was obviously welcome,
anyone is interested in them, the old ones were in terrible shape.
pls submit your bid to Aileen
Mabanding by Nov. 23. For kinder students for example, they
had dilapidated classrooms for their next
The entire proceeds of the bid years. So I’m wondering, should we stop
will go to LMC’s Christmas gift- building new ones for 2015 & focus instead
giving project. on repairing and refurbishing old ones.

To Josiah Piola:

No problem, Iah. My mistake, forgot you’re in Korea. Enjoy.

22 hedcorpulse
Rody/Bill/Rene, 12/9/16, On Asset Management Stage 1 Audit
Inspired by this article... its
a very good avenue to help Hey guys. This is indeed amazing news.
the locals AND help our team What makes it even more impressive is
as well. “no observation or area of concern was
How many such suppliers do
we have at site? How can As Cindy said... we’re again raising the bar
we help them render better for the group to follow. Truly proud of
service? if they can render everyone.
better service {better food,
more options, more sanitary
conditions (safer for our
team)} they’ll make more 2010 on Bird’s Show & Gift-giving
money & our team will get all
the benefits. win-win. Guys,
SO how can we help? water I’m sure the kids enjoyed it. Great idea
supply? concrete their giving the uniforms. I would have never
flooring? tile their kitchen? tought about it. Keep it up. Thanks!
refrigerators? build better

pls discuss & revert w/ your




2nd Issue 2017 23


Eco-Market Day efforts against bottle pollution

n an effort to battle bottle wastes from destroying natural
congestion in local water resources, Hedcor continues
resources, Hedcor and host the implementation of the
communities intercepted more quarterly-done environmental
than 600 pieces of waste bottles activity dubbed as Eco-Market
from threatening the aquatic Day. Through this, these bottles
environment during the recent that can potentially choke
Eco-Market Days. landfill sites and contaminate
seas are collected and sold to
Researches reveal that there is local junk shops for recycling.
a surge in the usage of bottles Some of the bottles collected
and, consequently, a surge in were plastic bottles of soft drinks
the possibility of these ending and water that were made from
up on landfills or the oceans, as polyethylene terephthalate, a
well. In fact, in an international highly recyclable material; while
study on pollution published most of it are glass bottles,
by The Guardian, humans have which are 100% recyclable.
made enough plastic since
World War II to coat the entire
Host communities from Sitio
world in a plastic wrap. This Pogpog, Barangays Kapatagan,
confirms what scientists have Sibulan, and Catalunan Pequeño
always been saying: that humandirectly contributed to the
activities are now having a intent of the activity to dampen
malignant impact on our world.the negative impact of these
unattended wastes by gathering
To do its share in preventing and bringing these themselves to Hedcor during eco-market
days. Most of the time, these
collections are purposely
conducted inside schools to
engage and involve young
ones in the protection of the
environment for sustainability.

Other than bottles, Hedcor, with

the help of its host communities,
also collected pieces of carton,
steel, alloy, and other solid
recyclable, putting additional
432.05 kg of recyclable wastes
to good use. This is in support
to the global efforts to refrain
such wastes from worsening
environmental degradation.
24 hedcorpulse

Hel pi ng
co mm u n i t i e s
re inforce
RA 9 00 3
A Better Future, A Better World . . .
These are the aspirations of

In achieving these, one of the

areas that Hedcor has been
focusing throughout its decades
of operation is involving its
communities in its quest for
environmental sustainability.
Hedcor believes that sustainability
grows from the ground up, the RA 9003 has been reinforced.
therefore paying attention on the Our people will be ready to turn
small communities that make up over their recyclables in times of
the bigger picture. activities like Eco-Market Day,” said
Ma. Gorretti Salise, Brgy. Captain,
Disposal of waste remains to Brgy. Maluko, Manolo Fortich,
be a headache to this day, next Bukidnon.
to waste generation. Garbage
clean-ups and eco-market days Even Hedcor practices the three-
are mostly, remedies. The more bin system inside its plants and
relevant in this modern time is offices. Solid wastes are segregated
the constant education of all to into biodegradable, residual
be environmentally conscious and wastes, and recyclables.
When everyone applies learnings,
Hedcor helps the local government it ensures recycling and proper
units in the reinforcing the waste disposal, thereby reducing
implementation of the law the use of resources and the
through re-education, focusing garbage that we send to landfills.
on the mandatory segregation of
solid wastes from households.

“Thanks to the assistance from

Hedcor, our implementation of
2nd Issue 2017 25
Mayor Lopez: “The development of the environment-
friendly business…is needed by our country now.”
In a message with Pulse, Mayor Joel Ray Lopez talks about businesses that put the environment in an important
position, turning it into a resource and advocacy. He talked about Hedcor being a pivotal force in this revolution,
and the organization’s contributions to the community and stakeholders. Here is the message in its entirety,
minimally edited for clarity.

Hedcor has contributed a lot of things for the development of Sta. Cruz. The company is instrumental in developing
the upland communities of Sta. Cruz particularly the communities within the Mt. Apo area.

For example, the communities of Tibolo and Sitio Tudaya in Brgy. Sibulan were not accessible by vehicles until Hedcor
entered. It was the development of Hedcor’s hydropower plants that paved way not only for transportation but also
for the developments in the communities. Our farmers can now easily deliver their products because of farm-to-
market roads which were developed greatly through the help of Hedcor. It is to say though it should have been the
duty of the government.

Hedcor also contributes educational assistance and scholarships. Hedcor even waived their Tax Holiday during my
time, which already reached millions of pesos. They could have availed of that incentive but they did not. That is
something that really helped the LGU, the municipality, the province, and the barangays.

I was also present when Hedcor inaugurated their classrooms there. The classrooms are very beautifully built to
accommodate more elementary and high school students. There were a lot of school buildings built through the
efforts of Hedcor.

Of course, there is always a wise and responsible way of utilizing the natural resources. The Tudaya
Falls was used, but it was used in a way served a form of good stewardship. We still have the falls
there, and one can see that it is still sustained well. The water that could have gotten wasted was
used by Hedcor for a very noble purpose, which is to turn it into electricity and power.

Employment, taxes of the government, economic activity, and farmers were given the
opportunity to transport their products with convenience to the market… I am very sure
that the lives of our people there greatly improved.

In my term, Hedcor was also active in Sta. Cruz Business Council. It is a group of investors,
LGU and other stakeholders, where we can discuss good things—things the
business group can do for our municipality. I think there was
a time that Rolly Pacquiao, Hedcor’s VP for Operations and
Maintenance, sat there as the president of the council. So it
was really a friendly and harmonious relationship with Hedcor. I am
sure that it is still continuing—until today.

I hope that Hedcor continues the good work and the corporate social
responsibility projects that they have extended to us and to our people
in Sta. Cruz. More power! The development of the environment-
friendly business like yours is really one of the things that are needed
by our country now. Continue the commitments you founded, and
the fulfilment and realization of those commitments. I am sure that
our local government and our people will be very supportive and will
always pray for the success of Hedcor.

26 hedcorpulse

Progress in Permanence:
The ‘Action Man’ speaks in Phil Hydro Summit
Former Benguet Governor Nestor Fongwan graced the Second Phil Hydro Summit and Exhibition at Makati
Diamond Residences in July.

Dubbed the ‘Action Man’ for his strong and unwavering personality and reputation as leader, the governor
charmed the audience comprised of local and international hydropower developers and suppliers and
government agencies about the success and struggles of hydropower development in Benguet.

Back in the ‘90s, as recounted by Fongwan, the concept of hydropower is an unwelcomed idea to the people
of Benguet. This resounds with the organization’s past experiences with some natives in various localities,
regarding the concept of hydros. It was filled with fear of flooding and displacement.

“Hedcor entered the scene, and I thought, as one of the councilors of La Trinidad [that] this is a good
investment. But there is too much work we need to do if we push the project; we need to convince the locals
that run-of-rivers will not cause massive floods and nobody will be displaced,” the governor said.

It took time for the community to accept the idea. Through careful and extensive consultations, information
drive, and other efforts aimed at the education of the locals, the task proved to be a difficult but productive
task. These efforts paved the way for the community to understand the nature of run-of-river hydropower
that eventually led to their support for the projects. A clear result of this effort is the erection of the Bineng
Hydros, symbolically constructed just behind the Benguet Provincial Capitol.

Once in awhile, the governor would crack a joke leaving that would render the crowd in laughter.
“During the course of negotiation, there [were] even threats coming from the people that
they will no longer vote for me as councilor. And I said, I don’t care, I won’t be running
for councilor anyway, I’ll be running for Mayor. And I did won,” he surmised.

Governor Fongwan relates the vast experience of Benguet in hydropower development.

At present, the Province of Benguet is hosting 11 run-of-river hydropower plants,
most of which were built in 90s.
“One could just imagine the hardship, but it opened development in the host
communities—the construction generated jobs for the locals. ”

“I only asked for one thing: that the people would benefit from
the project. From the shares, jobs and taxes.”
Stakeholders are fully aware that the success of Hedcor
relied on the partnership the organization have with
them. Without their support, not one plant could
have been built. It is with their perseverance to
push development in their area that fueled
the construction of these plants. In the
end, as the “Action Man” himself have
become, it was not only productive—it
was progress in permanence.

2nd Issue 2017 27


P ro mo t io n s


has been promoted to Vice has been promoted to Assistant
President for Engineering and Vice President for Operations and
Construction from Assistant Vice- Maintenance from Plant Manager.
President for Project Development. Effective on July 6, 2017.
Effective on July 6, 2017.


has been promoted to Electrical has been promoted to Business
Manager from Electrical Supervisor. Process Assurance Manager from
Effective on July 6, 2017. BPA Supervisor. Effective on July 6,


has been promoted to Information
has been promoted to Liaison
Security Senior Specialist from
Supervisor from Liaison Assistant.
Senior Auditor. Effective on July 6,
Effective on July 6, 2017.


has been promoted to Corporate has been promoted to General
Communication Supervisor from Accounting Supervisor from
Corporate Communication Specialist. General Accounting Specialist.
Effective on July 6, 2017. Effective on July 6, 2017

has been promoted to Treasury
Services Senior Specialist from
Funds and Loans Management
Specialist. Effective on March 6,

28 hedcorpulse

P ro mo t io n s


has been promoted Water has been promoted to Project

Resources Senior Engineer II from Control Engineer II from Project
Water Resources Senior Engineer I. Control Engineer I. Effective on
Effective on July 6, 2017. July 6, 2017.


has been promoted to Draftsman- has been promoted to Designer
Engineer II from Draftsman- Engineer Engineer I from Design Staff
I. Effective on July 6, 2017. Engineer. Effective on July 6, 2017.


has been promoted to Geotechnical has been promoted to Machine
Engineer I from Geotechnical Staff Shop Leadman from Machinist
Engineer. Effective on July 6, 2017. Effective on July 6, 2017.


has been promoted to Electrical has been promoted to Plant
Supervisor from Instrumentation Engineer from Staff Engineer.
and Control Engineer. Effective on Effective on August 6, 2017
August 6, 2017.


has been promoted to Planning

and Cost Senior Engineer II from
Planning and Cost Senior Engineer
I. Effective on July 6, 2017

2nd Issue 2017 29



ariel christipher edelito feilner guergenia

l. salipan a. danio a. dalan a. sabado s. bacoweng

justin ryan oliver rocky terence

s. lee w. elis d. marquez c. piguro

1 5 Y EARS 20 YEA RS

christine merry gail justino raul

v. gumbaolibot c. velasco p. fernandez a. pepito

30 hedcorpulse

2 5 YEA RS

alberto alexander arthur calvin

b. camingawan l. sayyoc f. guray h. dilao

clark joseph elvin freddie james

l. calub b. lucas c. badol s. banglig

josue jun kenenth nemesio

t. patingan d. bayod s. balingan k. segundo

nilo omer rowel sabado

w. mablay b. bastida a. salbino

2nd Issue 2017 31



Driven to lead winner

Telemetry of rain gauge and water level
The Water Resource Management team, monitoring 18 rain
gauge and 10 stream flow stations for existing plants and potential
projects all over the country, addressed their problem on on-site
data gathering. The team introduced an in-house telemetry of
rain gauges and water level sensors that resulted to 70% cut on
cost (around Php 844,000) in data gathering.

Driven to excel winner

Sibulan grid asset management system
Hedcor Sibulan grid operation is asset intensive. The team
introduced Asset Management which optimizes asset
performance, and linking asset reports to financial reports
which results to more efficient cost management, generation
protection, improved availability and reliability, and manage risk
and improve competency.

Driven to serve winner

Lot rental payment automation
Thanks to the ATM Card introduced by the team, in place of checks,
landowners from Sibulan and Tudaya from the Unified Bagobo
Tagabawa Tribe can now receive their lot rental payments twice a year
in an easier and more accessible manner—resulting to less expense
on travel and loss of farming income. The team facilitated the scouting
of possible bank facilities, site orientation and consultation with the
landowners, and opening of ATM accounts by providing them with bank
requirements including the landowners’ TIN. 50% of landowners already
hold accounts, and 20% are currently on process.

32 hedcorpulse
HE D CO R RO L ES The official publication of Hedcor
2nd Issue 2017

Hedcor, Inc. is a renewable energy company.

Our mission is “Guided by our values,
Emmanuel Rubio we develop and operate efficient
Chief Operating Officer, AboitizPower
hydropower systems in a socially
responsible manner by protecting the
environment and improving the well-being
of our stakeholders.” Our vision, is “A Better
Future through Cleanergy.”
Chris Sangster
Executive Director, AboitizPower We are an ISO-certified company that
operates 22 hydropower plants with a total
installed capacity of 185 megawatts located
in Benguet, Mountain Province, Ilocos Sur,
Davao City and Davao del Sur.
Chris Faelnar
Senior Vice President Hedcor, Inc. is a subsidiary of the publicly-
Business, Community and Government Relations
listed Aboitiz Power Corporation (PSE: AP),
the holding company of all Aboitiz interests
in the power generation, power distribution,
Rolando Pacquiao and energy solutions industries.
Vice President
Operations and Maintenance
Darlene Arguelles

Darlene Arguelles
Jolly Bea Bernardez
Vice President
Corporate and Regulatory Affairs
Christine Joy Bajao
Claren Padinay
Raffy Macabiog Lloyd Revilla
Vice President Hazel Luy
Project Development

Chris Sangster
Carol Tuvera
Assistant Vice President
Human Resource and Quality
HedcorPulse is the official
publication of Hedcor.
Charisse Bacurio
Assistant Vice President For comments, suggestions, and
Finance contributions, contact:

Dan Ray Faelnar 214 Ambuclao Road, Beckel,
Assistant Vice President La Trinidad, Benguet
Admin, IT, and SCM T. +63 74 424 4606
F. +63 74 444 7944

2nd Issue 2017 33

Hedcor was recognized this year as the grand awardee
of the Kapatiran sa Industriya (KAPATID) Awards by the
Employers Confederation of the Philippines.

The Hedcor KAPATID Awards journey began when it

participated in 2011 and became one of the finalists. In
2013, Hedcor emerged as a winner for Industrial Peace
and Harmony. In 2015, Hedcor bagged three out of the
four citations, namely: Social Accountability, Industrial
Peace and Harmony, and Strategic Visioning and
Partnering for Business Growth and Job Generation.

34 hedcorpulse