My Canadian Dream by Felix Constantinescu My Canadian Dream is a human dream.

Is a dream from the Eskimo, our brethren, to the Indian, our brothers, to me and to every man that walked on this Earth. A dream of peace and faith, a dream of truth and love, my dream is big just as Canada is. In my dream the oceans play an old melody, a tune of Nature and Man fishing in their waters, with the Children of Man looking on the shores for curious shells, just like Isaac Newton. My Canadian dream is a dream about compassion between the compassionate, honest work between the honest and the workers, friendship between friends, brotherhood between brothers. My Canadian Dream is a dream of poems published in books in time enough to get to their readers, of discovered beauty, of short-stories wanting to inspire effort and humanity. My Canadian Dream is about a home, about a family or a family of God, about a church in which you can say your prayers, where to cry for your sins before God the Christ, where you can be happy. My Canadian Dream is about a little peaceful town, about a community reaching out in charity and Christian love to everybody who needs the need of God. My Canadian dream is about going to poor, old or ill people with a bowl of chicken soup, with a sincere smile, a word from the Bible and an open heart, is about making friends with old people just to hear their stories and their lives and try to pass on the comfort of Jesus Christ. My Canadian Dream is a human dream. I will never forget it. But also it is also a dream of the pilgrim. We have to walk from one star to another because the earth doesn’t belong to us, because we

about being honest and about helping something grow. he belongs to every rock and every unpolluted pine-tree around him. A dream of honoring the Grandmother as God’s chosen for society. work. serene and immanent under the universe. It is a dream of the pilgrim because when the pilgrim arrives on the peaceful shore. A dream of a nation peaceful as its mountains. A dream of study. because he belongs to the God hidden in the skies above him. free. and a smile. . for everybody. My Canadian Dream is a Canadian Dream. My Canadian Dream is a dream of bread and milk and blackberries for supper. a Farewell and a Welcome.belong to the earth. My Dream of Canada is about Canada. creation. like a big red leaf breathing for us. A dream of respect for the ones who had none. My Canadian Dream is a Good-by and a Hello. like the chrysanthemum flower. because he belongs to himself just to give and offer himself up. My Canadian Dream is a tear washing away. peace and civility.

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