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Compiled by Miroslav G

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The metaphysical evolution of our and planet species .................................................................. 1
Musings from My Voyages into the Infinite................................................................................... 6
The Fear of Other People's Judging Eyes ....................................................................................... 8
Finding a girlfriend ....................................................................................................................... 9
The Victim ................................................................................................................................. 11
The Power of Alignment ............................................................................................................. 13
The Deepest Joy: Being of Service to Others................................................................................ 14
The Everything/Nothing Break Downs ........................................................................................ 16
Can I die? ................................................................................................................................... 17
Infinite Expansion, Endless Love ................................................................................................. 18
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The metaphysical evolution of our
species and planet
November 28, 2014

For those of you who are interested in the metaphysical evolution of our species and planet,
the following might be of interest to you. For those of you who are afraid of, or uninterested
in anything having to do with the “New Age,” this may not be for you.

Congratulations, Earth! :-)

I can say that, to the very best of my knowledge, intuition, and ability to know/see, we have
positively “made it.”

As always, take from this what resonates, leave what does not.

We tumultuously, but successfully, entered the new era some time ago, and have reached a
place of practical certainty in our “survival.”

As I sense it/see it, our planet has—quite last-minute—been able to gain the proper
lightness/strength and lovingness/strength that it needed from our collective consciousness to
use this “light” to balance itself out gradually (tsunami's, hurricanes, etc., which for some
time may still be going on, but will then lessen and disappear)—rather than having to go
through the abrupt approach, which physically would have resulted in a complete polar shift,
abruptly removing most every human physical suit. This abrupt balancing out (polar shift)
was the higher probability, even as little as 20 to 30 years ago.

And yet, we averted that scenario. It's quite amazing to see.

Our planet's magnetic orientation has been properly realigned to be able to “receive” and
develop in the the denser-with-life vibrations that are part of our planet's next major cycle in
the cosmic clock-work dance, without needing to shift poles.

This is real reason for celebration and permitting yourself to feel a profoundly humble joy
with the big wide smile on your face that comes after an extremely intense mission was—
against all odds—accomplished successfully, through the cooperation of many.

Thanks to all who came here last-minute, and who are here now in this transitional period to
be their Light; to raise up the collective with their spirit-energy simply by being here.

Thanks to you, and to the rest of our brothers and sisters, we worked hard and faced a lot in
order to enable this gradual transition to succeed, offering those who need a little extra length
of “time” in the physical embodiment to make more use of this catalyst/experience, in order
to come to their nexus of Choice; to ripen enough to face and pass "graduation time" and
move on to the next era of evolution.

Planet Earth, and this collective human race, thanks all who sacrificed what they did to
remember—and to be more of their True Selves. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

The game is not over, however, and for each of us individually, the choice still remains. Our
transition time has been extended. Your time in the physical has not been abruptly ended so
that you can “live out your days” and further increase your ability to channel and “handle”
the Light of Love; to choose the type of consciousness you wish to carry in your heart during
this birthing of the New Earth, and to choose, with greater clarity, the type of reality you wish
to experience for your upcoming cycle(s).

I speak somewhat vaguely because confusion with this type of information is good and must
be preserved. Mystery is inspirational, motivational, and engages the being, whereas total
disclosure takes away some of the lessons we want to learn, which could lead to
procrastination or “less intensity.”

But I feel I can safely share what I have shared so far in this message, which is that you,
brothers and sisters of Earth, may feel truly elated and successful, in regards to the bigger
mission that you are all, consciously or unconsciously, a part of and affected by—for a great
victory has been made in recent years.

In the past three decades, together (with a lot of last-minute help) we have been able to soothe
and ease this transformational process, and therefore, offer more portions of the One Infinite
Creator a chance to graduate by extending their time in this incarnation, as part of the very
last stage of the old 3rd Density cycle.

Those portions of Creation are yourself and your neighbors on this planet.

The work is not yet done, however. There are many who still need your lightness, your heart-
frequency, your love, and your guidance—much like survivors of a hurricane need helicopter
support, food, water, care, prayers, love, and light.

This “need for love/light/guidance” still includes yourself, to varying degrees, awakened as
you might already be. Stay humble—not unworthy, but humble and true—and include
yourself in your love. Keep expanding and learning.

Give information only when asked, or when organically called forth, but listen to your heart
and open up to serve your brothers and sisters at every opportunity. For this is why many of
you intended to be here at this time: to experience a global transition from the age of self-
consciousness and forgetfulness, to that of Love, the Open Heart, and the beginnings of

So, my friends, open your Hearts as wide as you can. Know that everyone you meet is an
extension, another expression, of the One you owe your existence to. See the Infinite One in
everyone, in everything, and allow yourself to feel confident deep-down that you've “made
it.” Yet continue to expand by sharing this Light with others as you live by example, by free
choice, and by love.

Congratulations all! This is more than exciting to me, and to so many of us. This has been,
and still is, an epic gathering of energies, of history, of present and future, and of beings. May

you all be shepherds in your own way. May you all always remember that you are teachers
and learners.

Love and gratitude—the utmost gratitude—for you and your courage. You are the brave
ones. You are the lucky ones. You are the privileged ones. You are the praised ones. You are
the humble servants of Infinity, of Love. And now it is time to enjoy your bounties, as well as
to continue and expand in your service to others.

The Immediate Future

Less and less will you suffer, and more and more will you see the fruits of your bravery, of
your foolhardiness as a spirit—both in your individual lives, as well as in the collective you
are a part of, or have chosen to be a part of at this particular timing.

Welcome to our gorgeous—recovering and beginning—4th Density planet/collective. This is

the density of Love. The darkest center of the tunnel is behind us, and we are approaching the
light end of the tunnel swiftly, illuminating more and more of ourselves as we get closer.

Yes, some debris may be need to be cleaned up. Some dark parts may still scare you at times,
and you might even temporarily stumble and fall, but now at least you see the light at the end
of the tunnel, and so you will never truly get lost again. It is impossible.

Have faith and you will see more clearly by the day.

In the long run…

Secrets shall be common knowledge, walls shall crumble and fall, veils shall be lifted, and all
shall come to the light and be known.

Those brothers and sisters of Earth who can handle enough of the openness of the Love-
vibration—which is increasing in intensity—to “graduate” and inhabit the New Earth shall
gradually become one unified Consciousness. Each will have access to each others'
consciousness to differing degrees at first, as the veils of separation and forgetfulness are
exhausted in this transitional time of this transformational shift.

This unification will take quite some time to develop, and will most likely not be fully
established before you are done with this life, but it has already started, and you can enhance
your experience of this by opening up to it.

Individuals are starting to become group consciousnesses. If you feel a strong pull to live in
or with community or close friends, may I suggest that you find a way to honor that desire, as
it will accelerate your learning and the opening up of yourself and the lifting of the veils. This
desire is natural.

Find support and offer support. Be together. The age of loneliness is washing away rapidly.
Come out of your isolated closets. It is no longer unsafe outside of your home. Now,
everywhere is your home and everyone is your family.

This unification has been going on slowly for some time, and now it is happening more
rapidly. Look closely at your relationships—notice how they are changing, how you can feel
more and more precisely beyond people's supposed walls and barriers.

It is as if everyone is becoming more psychic, more intuitive, better mind-readers. This is not
necessarily so, it is simply that the veils start disappearing as the frequency of our light/matter

Brick walls turn into glass windows, and soon there is nowhere left to hide from the rest of
yourself, from your other-selves. This might seem scary, but it will happen gradually so you
have a chance to get used to it. Make an intention to get used to it; make an intention to open
up more, to integrate your repressed parts so you may become a whole being once again.

See if you can consciously sense the heightened frequency of the light/matter that makes up
our seemingly physical universe. Haven’t you noticed that your environment seems more
vibrant, more “in your face” and “lucid,” especially over the course of the last four years?
Are you seeing sparkles in the sky? Energy phenomena? Auras? Do the objects in your room
seem more illusory, like you could just put your hand through them, as if they were

This, and so much more, will continue to accelerate in expansion and transparency until
physicality is not quite as “physical” anymore.

In recent years, this light/matter (for matter is nothing but light ) has been developing into a
new density—hence the light/matter that makes up your body and your environment can be
felt and seen to continually increase in its ability to “hold” and channel higher vibratory light,
much like a completely clear crystal can hold and channel more light than a faded, distorted

Just as increased exposure to sunlight changes the color of your skin, so too does the
increased exposure to higher vibratory light change everything that this light manifests, and it
manifests literally everything we know as form and matter; hence no stone is left unturned.
All of our perceived world, and everything in its sphere, will receive this upgrade.

Feeling whacky yet? It's OK...

This rise in vibration has been causing a lot of hidden and repressed mental and emotional
processes to surface. This is because, in this higher frequency of matter (as well as our
metaphysical matter), the veils that were used to separate certain portions of your
consciousness and hide them from other parts of your consciousness are starting to disappear.
You are forced to know all of yourself, your subconscious and unconscious. You must
remember all of your persona, the light and the dark, and assimilate/integrate/welcome this
into balance, into harmony, into consciousness.

Be of the attitude of Love as much as you can, and all shall be just fine. Do not be afraid, for
if you couldn't handle facing yourself, you wouldn't be here to experience it.

You got your money's worth—this is quite the ride, and it's no surprise to you. Not really. So
embrace what you came here to experience!

The physical Earth environment and its mind-body-spirit beings are starting to become as
transparent, intuitively, as water is to you now. We are at the beginning stages of a lived
oneness in consciousness between the body-mind-spirit beings of this sphere.

This is very, very exciting.

Musings from My Voyages into the
November 30, 2015

Through the appearance of Presence, Creation, Beingness, Consciousness, All-That-Is, or

simply: Existence... the Source of “Creation” makes itself known to itself as being beyond
creation, duality and non-duality.

Source IS, in its own way; yet it is NOT, in any other way. Unappointable Beyondness.

It is in the mirror of what IS present, that that which is NOT present can know that it is,
indeed, non-present—timeless and untouchable; forever beyond the grasp of Consciousness,
Creation, Existence and its billions of experiences and possibilities.

Existence contains infinite possibilities, each of a finite nature. Source—The Absolute—

contains only one finite possibility, that of utter and complete infinity.

In the encounter of Infinity through the means of existence, a strange relationship is formed
between existence and non-existence, and thus a new avenue is created through “you.”

The illusion of presence is bridged with that which is not present. How unique, mysterious
and beyond reason! Such infinite treasure! The human race has no idea of its own potential—

This realization of Beyondness creates a unlikely relationship that then uniquely expresses
itself through Consciousness, into the realm of existence. The result of this expression of
nothingness being channeled into everythingness, is that it brings ALL of existence closer to
dissolution into its One Infinite Source.

By realizing Beyondness, you become a “spiritual black hole” torn into the fabric of the
illusion of existence. As a black hole, you express Nothing to the fullest, and thus you
support all of life to come a little closer to the event horizon of the black hole, which is the
“drain” at the bottom of God's Being, beyond which only indescribable Infinity remains.
Timeless Foreverness. A Unity beyond recognition.

Exciting it is, to realize how infinitely creative All-That-Is and its One Source are, and how
all that WE are, is inseparable from all that creative mystery and infinite potential!

You are all born to be pioneers of your own unique theme. Whatever you genuinely feel you
wish to create, realize, bridge, combine, or conceive of otherwise—whatever truly thrills you
to the core of your being, no matter how seemingly small and insignificant through the filters
of mind—go for it with a fearlessness the world has never seen before. You are a god unto
yourself, inseparable from Source and All-That-Is. All possibilities are at your disposal. You
contain the creativity that can bridge all potentials.

Whatever excites you is meant to excite you, because it leads you to the purpose of your
unique expression of Consciousness!

Bridge realities that have not yet been bridged before. Follow your deepest, truest passions
with integrity and excitement as the basis. Never listen to any doubts. In other words: never
listen to other human beings. All our race knows at this stage is limiting beliefs. Be free from
it! Take a chance at being your deepest, most authentic Self. This will lead you to more of
what you are, and further into The Beyond.

Strip yourself naked of the imagined sense of unworthiness and your amazingness will reveal
itself in all of its glory and magnificent endlessness.

May you be you: an extension of All-That-Is, as well as its One Infinite Creator. You are
meant to be here, now. Own up to that with a boldness that is out of this world.

And always remember: you are Absolutely Loved, more than you are able to ever
consciously comprehend. Have no fear; do not despair. Ecstatic Timeless Freedom is your
only nature.

The Fear of Other People's Judging Eyes
November 30, 2015

You have no responsibilities toward pleasing anyone. You have no responsibility to meet
anyone else’s expectations of you. There is no valid reason, in the entirety of Existence, that
you should not be the true, genuine, authentic You.

If you fear the judgment of a particular group or type of people when it comes to being more
of your Authentic Self in thought, word and deed, and walking your path of highest
excitement, then you are literally keeping those people and their judgments in your reality.
Why? Because they are a reflection of your own lack of confidence that you are worthy of
being your Authentic Self and of walking your path of highest bliss.

You are unconsciously asking them for approval. You are asking them whether following
your authenticity is something you are worthy of doing and being. You place your worth in
their hands. Stop that! (If you want to…)

If you suddenly decide to love those whom you fear judgment from so fully—so fully that,
through loving them in your own mind instead of fearing them, you start to experience how
you are, in a sense, beyond them—their judgments (which are really your own self-doubts
manifested in them as judgments about you) will no longer matter to you, for you see that
your own authority is higher and wiser than any of their silly minds combined.

As such, you feel more in tune again with your Authentic Higher Self, and you will
experience yourself worthy of ecstasy, worthy of true love, worthy of existence within, and
as, your very own being.

Then, especially if you act on your authenticity in this way, those very people simply won't
appear to you anymore (or they will appear to have changed, as well, for the better), and their
judgments wont reach your consciousness any longer. If they do, they are simply echoes—
tests to see if you are grounded in your self-worth... the worthiness to be your own true Self.

Finding a girlfriend
November 30, 2015

Questioner: I just can't seem to find a girlfriend. Any tips?

Bentinho: Are you seeking too hard? I know for myself that when I'm simply being relaxed
and not needy (which is constantly) it flows effortlessly. Also, I'm not in it for myself or to
get something; it is more to be able to give and share and empower. There is little to no
personal desire in the interactions (which is not to say I don't enjoy them to different
degrees). It is all driven by love and the joy of empowerment unfolding as a result of coming
together intimately.

I remember in the past when I was looking for a relationship—for love and companionship,
really—it would never flow well. When I realized I am the happiest person I know and that
ultimately, I am all I need, I became more interesting to myself than women. When that
happened, women became more interested in me than ever before.

It's mostly an energy thing. When they sense you don't need anything from them for your joy;
that you are most interested in the awesomeness of you and your life and your connection to
your truth and passion, no matter what or whom, then that becomes like a magnet--because,
quite frankly, no one likes to continue to interact with another if they feel the other person is
needy of them. It's scary and sticky. They want freedom and something to “follow” or be able
to pull themselves up on; they don't (always) want to be the one to pull up the immature,
needy boys on the block. They want to be treated to a real experience where they can
surrender into something more powerful than they have assumed themselves to be before that

The female energy wants to be able to relax into a powerful presence that needs nothing in
return. Their desire for this energy is their gift to you, because it allows you to become
inspired to practice this. It will simultaneously purify your whole being, precisely because
you are now training yourself to find everything you desire within yourself first—so you can
then truly extend love and presence to another without wavering. And this is one of the most
powerful experiences you can have as a male in a male/female interaction. It is very
gratifying not to need her at all, but rather to just be able to give and enjoy freely, with no
attachments or needs.

They sense they can actually gain something new and reach a new dimension within
themselves by simply hanging out with you and getting to know someone who operates like
that—a self-empowered person.

I would recommend you forget about “finding the perfect match” and simply start falling in
love with yourself, more so than with any woman. Become more interested in you and your
life of infinite possibilities than in any other person or thing, and you will naturally attract
female beings for whom it will serve to be with you, and who will naturally serve you by
being with you, too—even though you don't really need it anymore. You can still receive the
love and enjoy the connection.

When you are ready to truly be of service, precisely because you have become your own
fountain of power, the Law of Attraction will bring you purposeful encounters with zero
effort—almost more than you can handle—whether they be brief and unattached, or long-
term relationships.

In other words: Know your awesomeness. Know that you don't need her when you meet her,
and be present to the truth of her soul when you connect with her. Know her better, or know
her deeper self, more so than she thinks she knows herself, and you will have plenty of
interactions that will teach you so many awesome things, both about yourself, as well as the
female being. See her True Self, and that will automatically support her in seeing it and
bringing it out more herself.

Don't look for anyone. Own the energy of love and affection within yourself, and they will
find you. In fact, I can already see them lining up in the nonphysical for you. You're going to
be a busy man...

The Victim
November 30, 2015

On this planet and in this society, we all grow up with a victim-story operating in us as a
defense-mechanism—at least to some degree. Some may have a very transparent victim-story
that does not control their behavior and does not limit their vision, while others have a very
dense victim-story running—which is a rather tricky thing to carry around. I hope the
following may give you all more insight into this phenomenon. Awareness of something
always is the prerequisite for healing.

The tricky part about having a dense victim story is that it connects all the dots in one's life
(people, places, things, situations, actions, things said to you, etc.) together so well that it
forms a solid web of what I call "causality” (cause and effect), with a solid sense of “me
versus the other,” or “me and the world are separate.” This is accompanied by a feeling that is
often believed in, which says: "I am innocent and I always have the best intentions. I am a
victim of the world around me.”

If you are one with the dense victim-story, then this web is spun so tightly together that all of
your reasoning makes perfect sense to you. From that tightly-spun web, which is believed in
by the victim, it doesn't matter anymore what is said or instructed by anyone else. You, as the
victim, always immediately “know what it is” that they are trying to say or get at. Usually,
the intentions of the other people in your world aren't as pure as they are letting on, and
somehow they are trying to abuse or manipulate you. You mistrust most people. Genuine
kindness and generosity do not really exist in other people in the eyes of you as a victim. You
project your own manipulative tendency onto everyone else as a way of trying to exonerate
yourself or make yourself appear more saintly or “in the clear.”

Most of your effort in relationships and communication revolves around distorting every
event that happens into a story that makes you appear as the innocent one who means so well,
but who is being abused by everyone else who does not mean well.

The main drive of the victim is not to have to feel your most essential story (which is
everyone's most core human story): "I am inadequate.” This is a very basic feeling that we all
grow up with. In the case of the strong victim, they will fabricate a dense web around it
which is air-tight (filled with stories that are at their disposal to match any given situation or
relationship), in order to avoid ever having to feel that they are not good enough.

The irony is that, if you totally feel into the feeling “I am not good enough,” it can only hurt
for so long before it reveals its inner beauty and divinity. Again, if you travel to the center of
this energy and bypass not the feeling, but the web of words and finger-pointing, what you
end up discovering is a very precious love for yourself and a connection to all of life as being
a part of the whole. You are no longer separate; it is no longer the world vs. me. It is the
avoidance of the feeling “I am inadequate” that creates so much pain, baggage, effort,
unpleasant relationships, and distorted (sometimes impossible) ways of communication.

If you, as a victim, will simply allow yourself to totally sink into the feeling of “not being
good enough” and soak there... just rest there... Soak it all in without covering up that basic
sense of inadequacy with fluffy thoughts about how you are such a saintly person who means

well. Just keep feeling the feeling. Open up to it, embrace it without pointing to things that
happened to you in the past which exonerate you from having to feel inadequate… and you
will find Love.

In order to keep covering up the basic story and the feelings of inadequacy; in order not to
fully experience and go through this basic sense of lack, you continuously need to come up
with some person or some event that means you harm. The survival of the victim who sees
him or herself as innocent at all times, depends on the sense that they are separate from the
world outside of them and the people in it.

As a victim, you have to perpetuate the story of the "bad guy and the good guy," where you
yourself—through your elaborate web of reasoning and through connecting the dots of your
life and weaving other people’s actions and words into that web—always end up being the
good guy in the story. Even apologizing becomes a way of saying, "Look, again I am doing
the right thing and all you are doing is being a bad guy. I am giving-in here! Isn’t that

Again, all the victim wants is to survive, which means: to not have to enter the feeling that
remains when it is not covered up with the story “I am innocent." What remains is a dreadful
sense of: "I am not good enough.”

Liberation depends solely on your own willingness and desire to be free from this story and
the immense amount of struggle and pain that comes with it. If you find the willingness, the
true desire for freedom, you are half-way there.

The other 50% requires you to feel the feelings of inadequacy, without looking to appoint
outside causes for these feelings. The moment you point to the world, to God, or to someone
else, you are again covering up this feeling with the elaborate web of causality that you have
built up over the years. So instead, face the feelings of being a loser, a fuck-up, a bad guy, an
abandoned person, or whatever words your web may give to this core sense of lack.

If you stay with it without pointing fingers, not even at yourself; if you just allow the feeling
alone to be there, the darkness will reveal itself to be the gateway to the bright light of inner

It is such a relief not to have to run away from yourself all the time. You will see.

I love you. If only you knew how beautiful you are on the inside—right there, just one inch
beyond the feeling of inadequacy. It is revealed to you from within. Seeing your innate
perfection, it will become increasingly more difficult to believe your story of “I am
inadequate,” and the many cover up stories that follow, such as: "I am innocent” or “I mean
well.” As opposed to what? You only have to prove this to yourself and the world if you still
haven’t faced the feeling that you are inadequate.

The Power of Alignment
November 30, 2015

When you are fully in alignment with yourself, your overarching dream, and your sense of
purpose, you become so powerful in your presence that things change around you effortlessly
all the time—even against the logical odds and rules of “reality.”

When you are not in the transcendent power of knowing that you are the Creator of your
experience, “being realistic” means that you look at your circumstances to determine what is
true, how you should feel, and what is possible for you.

When you are fully in your power and you know you are the creator of your experience,
“being realistic” means you believe that everything changes in accordance with your changes
in state-of-being. You now only use circumstances to understand what you truly desire, and
therefore, every time you run into something undesirable, you unravel more of who you came
here to be; you stand more clearly in your truth. You are empowered.

By simply focusing on what it is you desire and dream of, and by being in alignment with
your true frequency in that way (by not feeling unworthy of this power), you no longer feel
disempowered by any circumstance.

When you are in alignment, you decide what it will be, and you know without a doubt that it
shall become exactly that, somehow. Why? Because you are the creator of your reality; there
is no question about it. You might not understand every nuance of this process yet, but there
is no doubt that you are somehow choosing your experiences and attracting what you are

Alignment is a power and a happiness you can't buy anywhere, but it is a power and a
happiness that can “buy you anything you want,” and get you anywhere you want to be.

Be happy and feel powerful first. Then the world is no longer your obstacle, but your best

The Deepest Joy: Being of Service to
December 8, 2015

At first, spirituality is all about the individual waking up to the deeper layers of their
consciousness, and integrating these truths--both the transcendental truths, as well as the
hidden, suppressed personal beliefs--until one comes into unison within one's self. Then,
however, spirituality gradually, more and more, becomes all about being of service to the
other-selves, which are all portions of the over-arching being that you/I/we are. In short:

When most of the personal doubts and separations have been resolved, there is no greater
honor for the individual than to be so fully of service that he sees nothing but the One Infinite
Creator interacting with itself in infinite ways through endless individuations. This state
cannot be explained nor understood until experienced first-hand, but there is no greater
satisfaction than to be humbly and truly of service to the All.

And I mean truly being of service: so genuinely so that you don't care if anyone is watching
and noticing your service-to-others. You are being of service out of the free will and natural
desire of your own heart, no matter the odds and no matter the challenges that you are faced

In fact, after one has gone through most of the basic elements of one's own spiritual growth,
the only way to evolve even further and faster is to direct that spiritual awareness unto the
rest of ones Self (aka other-selves) and commit to that so fully that one becomes even more
self-transcendent in their consciousness--purified and transparent.

There is no way to describe this state of being, as it is truly transpersonal. You will reach
times where there is no one else to hold your hand, no one else to show you what to do next,
and you will have to reach deep into your own intuition and the goodness of your heart to
come up with the right approach that you know is of service to all.

The subtle balances of love, wisdom, confidence, tact and humility that one learns in these
rapturous, as well as occasionally heart-breaking, scenarios that the soul attracts to its
personality-extensions to help it evolve even further, are so intangible that no teaching except
the living of it can touch upon its reality.

Make no mistake, this is the state I prepare you all for in my Trinfinity Academy and through
my teachings. I might talk about attracting your dream life--and you will be able to manifest
that too using these tools--but these teachings will also naturally evolve you into a
shepherding consciousness, to which I can barely speak of in words.

But when the shepherding stage has fully arrived for you, we will be able to look each other
in the eyes when we meet and share instant tears of gratitude and ungraspable recognition of
each other's beingness, fearless heart, and journey. We will see the oneness of our vision and

There is no greater joy, no deeper honor, than to be of service to others in the most
ingraspable and unprovable of ways.

May you know your utter union with the Creator through all experience and catalyst that you
attract to yourself as a human today. We will meet as brothers and sister of light when the
time comes for you to have passed successfully through the challenge of loneliness and
misunderstanding, by committing to the true integrity of the Heart--no matter what.

The ultimate reward lies on the other side of your unconditional willingness to give ever
more of yourself to those who ask for your soul to be present here on Earth. This does not
mean that your own joy is excluded, but it does mean that your own joy requires you to be in
alignment with service-to-others, as you will have come to the place where you see that All is
your Self.

I love you more than you know.

The Everything/Nothing Break Downs
December 8, 2015

I break down in gentle and non-dramatic tears at least once a day. Usually this gets triggered
by stories about human perseverance, suffering, willingness or goodness of spirit. Sometimes
because I see the face of an older person and get a glimpse into their life, or because I see a
couple arguing--playing out the inevitable game of the human condition. And sometimes it is
because of nothing I can register consciously.

When I "break down" it feels like my being is blown into bits, dispersed across the galaxies,
and there is no more center to my point of view: just love remains. I am not a person.

Healing, all-forgiving, all-encompassing love. I see the simultaneity and the inevitability of
all that happens and I cannot argue with any of it, nor take a stance for any side except when
a situation begs to be balanced out. But even when I take a side, it's just a role I play to
deliver greater balance. There is no point of view, no opinion I can hold onto--nor do I want
to; for when I am without opinion completely, I feel closest to the Infinite One's Perspective.
I become unconditional love. I become nothing and yet one with everything, both at once.

This used to happen to me once every two months or so. Nowadays it happens multiple times
on most days.

I love you all. I know your story, even though I will never know your story in the way you
know your story. But I know it enough to feel endless compassion and kinship for and with
you. Whoever you are, I understand, and it's okay, and you're perfect and complete and I will
always love you. I will always be there for you in whatever way that I can--if not physically,
then non-physically as the light of my higher being. I am your eternal brother.

May you feel cherished and special, for you are a point of view of the One Infinite Creator. It
sees itself through your life. Thank you for your service and devotion.

Can I die?
December 9, 2015

Questioner: Can I die?

Bentinho Massaro: Impossible. You can only wake up more and more.

Death is like that: you wake up from this physical dream and you merge back into the
fullness of your Overall Consciousness. It's very much like waking up from a dream at night,
remembering that you are back to a more continuous reality when you return to your waking
consciousness. When you die, you wake up into an even more continuous Self than you are
used to in waking life. You will suddenly remember aspects and realities that are part of your
Overall Consciousness that will put this whole waking life dream into perspective for you.

It's like when you dream at night, you may not remember that you have kids, and a wife, and
a family, and you may be having a fun dream, or a terrible nightmare, but when you wake up
back into the waking state dream, you suddenly remember who you truly are, and you rejoice
by remembering that your wife and kids are still here. Similarly, when you wake up into the
Spirit state, you will be utterly delighted to see that your true Self is still there, as is your
family, as is your overarching theme/agenda, as are your other planets, densities and realities
where you have many relationships as well.

Don't rush towards death, though, even though it might sound nice for those of you in
resistance or perceived limitation at this moment. Do what you came here to do, face the
process as much as you can, believe in yourself, find relief, healing, and greater alignment
and empowerment in changing the way you see things. Be who you came here to be as fully
as you can. Nevertheless, most definitely do not be afraid of death--for what you truly are can
never die. Realize this. Then play freely while still here.

Play with this dream--give it all you've got, fearlessly and truly, as sincerely as you can.
Strive for the highest joy and the highest service you can provide this planet with, and when it
is your time to remember who you are beyond the veil of this physical identity, you will do so
with overwhelming bliss and alignment.

Infinite Expansion, Endless Love
December 12, 2015

As I am writing this, I am listening to this song in the background. Join me, and let this play
in the background while you read: Bon Iver - Holocene

Infinite expansion, infinite challenge, infinite opposition, infinite reconciliation, infinite

opportunity, infinite misunderstanding, infinite compassion, infinite struggle, infinite bliss.

What a life this is. I cannot help but be unavoidably torn into infinite directions
simultaneously, leaving me with nothing but love, raw transcendence and all-embracing

Time and time again. Deeper and deeper passion for All beings as being my Self reveals
itself. I fall in love with everything I see. All points of view are true and correct, all victims
are right, all perpetrators are right, all lives of pain are right, all lives of joy are right; all are
right--everything is true. Every story deserves its own history, its own pride, its own

Who are we to argue with anything? For isn't all The One Infinite Creator choosing to
express itself? How beautiful. How infinitely humbling. My friends, let us love. Let us love.
Let us love.

My personal points of view have become so loosely held and transparent that at times I feel
incapacitated to do anything or go anywhere or be anyone. Why be anyone when you see and
feel so viscerally that you are everything?

And still this journey continues and the Soul insists that, simultaneous to your disappearance
into everythingness/nothingness, you continue to crystallize your individual journey into one
of unique perfection, beauty, expression and brilliance until you reach your life's thematic

We all have a theme we are here to explore to the fullest, and it won't let us off the hook until
we fully commit and embrace why we chose to be here in the physical focus. We may not
always understand exactly why we chose this life, but it is oh-so-beautiful once we just
surrender to the fact that we did, and trust in the goodness of its presence and its seeming
imperfections as new experiences present themselves to us.

We all have one thing in common: we chose to be here now, in this way, in this time, with
these people, with our limitations, flaws, skills, challenges, inclinations and passions. We
chose this. We are here. Together and alone, we are here.

The feeling of True Simultaneity is hard to explain. It is in many ways the final teaching, as it
cannot really be taught; it's a way of being that takes its own journey inward, ever deeper,
until the core of the being experiencing this near-completion coalesces into a spiral, leading
into an ever greater Awareness of Infinite Unity.

I can teach you my three main ways of being: Enlightenment, Infinity and Empowerment, as
you will find them explained step by step in Trinfinity Academy, however they are three

rivers that ultimately end in the ocean of Self-Realization--and in the ever-expanding sense of
True Simultaneity.

Once this has you, you have become your own guru entirely. You now have everything you
need and you have begun your journey back into the Creator, while simultaneously
continuing to push forward into creation in the most impeccable of ways. Amazing...

May you love yourself so much so that the spiritual gravity that calls you evermore back into
Infinite Unity takes over and swallows up your every bit of bias and spits it out as nothing
less than reason-less Unconditional Love. May you become a fool that sees nothing but love.
May you become the creature that has lost all control over its life and all desire to attempt to.
May you be drunk with life, love and seeing the perfection of the One Infinite Creator
everywhere you go. May you come to experience all things and beings as your Self.

I cannot speak of the love that you are, but I can tell you that it's more mind-boggling and
incomprehensible than I can ever speak of.

May you feel loved, against all odds, against all ignorance, against all existential doubt--may
you feel unconditionally loved and supported. For believe me, there is more in existence that
is supporting you right now than you've ever been aware of in your life.

Your brother on Earth,


How does The Law of Attraction really
December 21, 2015

"What is the Law of Attraction? How does the Law of Attraction actually work?"

The Law of Attraction, often abbreviated as LOA, points to a universal mechanism that
cannot be escaped by any of us--hence the word "law."

The Law of Attraction is inescapable in the sense that, as long as we exist, we will be
affecting the reality that we perceive. The perceiver and the perceived are more one and the
same than we often realize. We cannot cease to attract to us the experiences that reflect what
we are vibrating (thinking, feeling, believing, being) in each moment.

In short: What you send out is what you get back. Your frequency determines the reality
you will experience. Your vibration of being activates the Law of Attraction in a specific
way, making the things in your life appear a certain way, as a reflection of what you "send

Hence, physical life--circumstances--are like a mirror, reflecting you. You cannot change the
reflection in the mirror without changing yourself. This is the key you really need to
understand before you can use the Law of Attraction positively and deliberately.

Understanding that Everything is Energy, and

How It Affects the Law of Attraction
If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and
— Nikola Tesla
Everything is energy.

I'm sure you've heard this term somewhere in recent years, whether suggested to you by a
spiritual teacher, a long-deceased genius, a New Age affirmation card, or a modern quantum

In the rest of this article--after this section--I am going to assume you are already a believer
of the statement "everything is energy" enough to where we can move on from the debate
about whether or not this physical universe is truly physical, separate, and governed by
randomly generated physical laws, or whether physicality is an illusion of consciousness held
up by complex electromagnetic fields and equations, and beyond that, by the subtlest reality
of quantum configurations/fluctuations.

If everything is energy, this also means that everything is connected, and this is where the
concept of energy starts to play into how the Law of Attraction actually works in our daily
Everything we call real is made of things that cannot be regarded as real. If quantum
mechanics hasn’t profoundly shocked you, you haven’t understood it yet.
— Niels Bohr
In energy, true separation is not possible in the way that it seems to be possible in the illusion
of the physical world. Whereas in the physical illusion you can take one object, separate it
into two parts, move part A to China and part B to America, perceive their physical distance
from one another and call that "separation," at a quantum-energetic level, communication
continues to exist between "particles," regardless of time and space, distance, and physical

This is often referred to as "quantum entanglement," which is a proven and well-documented

phenomenon. If you are still skeptical of the statement "everything is energy" and "everything
is connected" and "you attract what you think of," you can look up quantum entanglement.

In today's world, the interconnectedness of all energy that makes up matter is as much real
scientific knowledge as it is intuitively known by every creature in existence. If you trust the
instinct that knows that everything is somehow connected to everything else, and that what
we perceive physically is nothing but energy in communication with itself at different
frequencies, then you're set to start using the Law of Attraction deliberately in your life.

How does frequency and vibration play into

the Law of Attraction, and how can you make
conscious use of the Law of Attraction?
If you understand that everything is energy, you can also understand that everything you
think, believe and feel consists of energy. Your attitude--or focus--vibrates, and those
vibrations affect the quantum fields that underly, constitute and determine the outcome of
physical matter. Hence: your focus has the power to alter the appearance of your physical

This is the Law of Attraction in its simplest definition: What you focus on, you will
attract more of into your experience.

Now, let's break this down into a few more steps to gain a deeper understanding.

What you focus on--and from what point of view, belief-system, or assumption you focus on
it--will determine how your focus makes you feel.

When you feel good, it means that your vibratory field is aligning itself--synthesizing,
harmonizing--with the deeper vibrational fields (truths/laws) of existence itself. Your
vibrations start to match that of higher levels of reality/consciousness.

In other words, when you focus on things--and focus on them in a way that makes your being
feel truly good and expanded--those good feeling states are the body's translation of how in
sync you are with the totality of the universe. The better you feel, the more truthful and in
alignment with the totality of life you literally are.

This is why we feel good when we focus on something that makes us feel like we can do
anything we truly desire (I'm not talking about your perceived neediness, but rather your true
heart's desires), and why we feel bad when we focus on a thought that makes us think we
cannot achieve anything we truly want because we are lacking skill, worthiness or resources,
for example.

In the first example--where we focus on abundance and feel good--we feel good because we
are focused along the vibrational lines of believing in endlessness, vastness, innate
worthiness, limitless possibility, and abundance. We feel good because we are getting in tune
with universal truths. These are true vibrations that are able to harmonize with and include--
instead of oppose--all of existence.

Hence, when we think along these lines (or wavelengths), we will start to feel better and
better because we are literally tuning our individual frequencies to align with the most
fundamental vibratory wavelengths of the totality of existence itself. Yep.

In this way, we are powerful co-creators; we are magnificent Free Agents of Infinite
Consciousness with a near infinite ability to generate our experience of life. We have the
ability to focus our vibration in alignment with the innate love, light, power and endlessness
of this Infinite Existence which contains infinite possibilities.

Through deliberate training of our focus, we can literally tap into limitless possibilities, and
channel that into physical manifestation. I've seen some weird stuff happen. But most of all
I've seen some amazing things happen that benefitted many, many beings and found solutions
to impossible problems--all as a result of deliberately using the Law of Attraction.
Law of Attraction is Universal, and every person is affected by it. And it is always true that
what I think and what I feel and what I get are always a match, and there is not a person on
the planet that did not know that when they were born, and there is not a person on the planet
that would not benefit by knowing it.
— Abraham Hicks
We also feel less and less separate when we align with perspectives that are rooted in
limitless possibilities, infinite abundance and unconditional acceptance or love. We feel less
separate because we are literally aligning our frequencies with the frequency of
"everythingness" or "oneness."

Through this practice of focusing our vibration into abundance instead of lack, we are
becoming more like the universe itself, and so naturally we feel less abandoned and separate.
Instead, we start to experience ourselves as an intricate, inseparable and valued part of the
whole that is unconditionally supported in its desire to express infinity in a unique way. We
feel purpose and inspiration return to our bloodstreams; we feel alive and powerful again, in a
humbled and non-egoic way. We feel at One with Creation.

This is the state to aim for, as it contains the manifestations that all of our shared
hearts truly desire, and infinitely more.

How are we calling upon the Law of
Attraction when we feel bad?
In the second example--where we focus on a lack of worthiness or a lack of having the
resources to achieve what we truly desire (as an example)--we feel bad, depressed and
separate from the magnificence of All-That-Is. Why?

It is because we are actively focusing our vibrations into a wavelength that is very sharp,
dispersed and out of sync with the underlying wavelengths of creation itself. We are playing
out of tune, and as such, we cut ourselves off from being able to experience the support and
fullness that is--in essence--always available to us.

When we focus on a lack of love, resources, worthiness, ability, time, opportunity--or any
other type of lack--we are actively separating ourselves from being in harmony with the
universe, because the only thing that does not truly exist within this Infinite creation is lack.

So, when we focus down the tunnel-vision of a thought that believes the only thing this
infinite existence does not compute with as being "real," which is lack, then the body, of
course, translates this into a bad feeling state, such as a feeling of separation, isolation,
demotivation, sadness or depression.

Focusing on lack of ANYTHING will misalign you and create suffering, which in turn, will
attract reflections from your circumstances and your physical world that match that vibration.
The Law of Attraction always has to match your vibration in the things it brings to you.
Remember: your physical life mirrors you, and only you.

Also remember, this is not mysterious or vague. It occurs because you are actively affecting
the quantum fields underlying the physical illusion of matter. So, when you feel bad by
focusing on or from the belief in lack--the only thing that does not exist in all of existence--
you are literally sending out an "off" vibration into these quantum equations that will then
start to organize your perceived physical universe in a representing manner: chaos, a blocked
flow and disruption.

Mind Your Frequency--How to Use the Law

of Attraction Deliberately
In Trinfinity Academy I teach step-by-step how to become aware of yourself as
Consciousness, and how to deliberately use this to empower your life to no end and become
one in your realizations with the Universe itself. I recommend you check it out, if you are
interested in going into this in depth. However, here is the short version so you can start
practicing this principle and start seeing real benefits in your life and in others' lives.

The most important thing to understand when deliberately using the Law of Attraction is
that it is more important to feel good than to have what you want. Here's why:

When you focus on things that make you feel good, and when you
focus fromperspectives/beliefs that make you feel good, remember: you are harmonizing
yourself with infinite potentiality. Everything becomes possible for you.

Now, when you focus specifically on what you want, this might raise your frequency,
harmonizing your individual vibration with that of the Universe's underlying truths, and thus
make you feel good. However, when you focus on HAVING what you want (needing it to be
in your life), oftentimes you inevitably focus on the apparent lack of what it is you want
being in your life right now.

So, for many people, focusing on what they want to HAVE, is actually detrimental to their
harmonization process because they will feel bad by thinking that they are presently
LACKING the HAVING of what they want. Thinking more about what they want can
sometimes shift their vibration into excitement, as long as they can feel the probability of it
entering their life not too far down the line, but often, it simply reminds them of their
perceived fact that "it's not here yet."

This negative-feedback loop is very important to understand before you continue to

"visualize your desired realities."

Focus on Abundance, Forget about Lack

Got it? You have to focus on abundance--any kind of abundance--in order to harmonize
with the Infinite potential and positively utilize the Law of Attraction.

Thinking about what you want can either feel great, or terrible, depending on whether you
focus on it from the perspective of the abundance of it and the possibility and probability of it
streaming into your life--and the peace you experience right now in simply enjoying the
fullness of the feeling of what you are visualizing and desiring--or whether you are thinking
about what you desire from the point of view of believing it is lacking, difficult or impossible
to achieve, etc.

Thus, when an untrained or unseasoned practitioner of the Law of Attraction focuses on what
they desire, it can often make them feel worse and hinder their deliberate use of the Law of
Attraction by focusing through the belief that what they want is not theirs yet.

For those who have gone through my Trinfinity Academy, or who have seen many of my
videos on Youtube, you will know (and may have mastered to some degree) the ability to see
that, even when something is not physically present, that does not mean it is lacking from
your life. Those adepts will be able to focus upon what they desire, even while they don't
have any physical evidence of it yet in their present circumstances, and continue to
harmonize into higher and higher frequencies, because they are still perceiving the
abundance of what they desire. They perceive no lack, they think no lack, they feel no lack.

However, for those of you new to the science of the Law of Attraction, or to my overall
teachings in general, it will be harder to think of all the wondrous and epic realities you desire
in your future, while not feeling the sour note of perceiving the lack of it now.

So for you, until you get the chance to study in greater depth and discover that nothing is ever
lacking from existence; until you learn to truly enjoy the vibration of things that are not yet
physically manifest, I recommend you focus less on visualizing or thinking of the specific
things that you want, and first practice on focusing on abundance and goodness and support
and love in general. This way, you will start to experience what it's like to vibrate and
harmonize at higher and higher frequencies.

When you are resonating at/with higher frequencies, you will start to get insights and
thoughts and impulses that are representative of those higher frequencies that you did not
have access to before. Just as you hear the songs playing through your radio that correspond
to the frequency you are tuned into, so too, you will never have access to brilliance if you are
de-harmonized with the foundational truths of Creation.

So first things first: learn to focus predominantly on anything--ANYTHING--that

makes you feel holistically good, abundant, free, powerful, peaceful and loving.

Also, learn to focus on anything that you seemingly have to focus on (even when you don't
want to focus on it), IN A WAY that feels best to you when you focus on it.

For example, you might have to focus on doing the laundry. This might not be your most
exciting focal point, but you can always change the WAY you focus on it, so that it starts to
include more and more perspectives that recognize the abundance and goodness of a
particular reality. You can get to the point where you lose touch with perceiving a lack of
excitement, goodness or abundance altogether--even while you are doing things that
previously you would have perceived as causing you lack, and therefore would have de-
harmonized you with the Universe.

Bottomline: Harmonize! Feel amazing. Master your focus and the way you look at things.
Then, you will start to see amazing results pop up, because you are LITERALLY affecting
the quantum configurations that determine the reality you will perceive/receive.
When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.
— Dr. Wayne Dyer

Summary of How the Law of Attraction

Question: "How does the Law of Attraction truly work?"

Answer: It works by reflecting to you what you are focusing, or have focused upon, AND the
way you are/have focused upon the things you are focused upon, and whether or not that
focus or way of focusing is/has been in alignment with the underlying truths of the Universe.

If you learn to harmonize your frequency with that of the Universe--and you will know this is
happening by how increasingly amazing you feel--the Law of Attraction will start to
work for you. (Actually, it always already has worked for you, but it HAS to reflect you, for
better or for worse--it is LAW.) Through your increased frequency and inspiration, you will
be able to naturally channel this Law of Attraction to operate for the highest benefit of all,
including yourself.
It’s not your work to make anything happen. It’s your work to dream it and let it happen. Law
of Attraction will make it happen. In your joy, you create something, and then you maintain
your vibrational harmony with it, and the Universe must find a way to bring it about. That’s
the promise of Law of Attraction.
— Abraham Hicks
Now that you understand the basic premise of frequency and Law of Attraction, watch the
following video to take your acceleration to the next level:

All that you desire is achievable. "Everything is Possible."

With love,
Bentinho Massaro

The Attitude of Abundant Creators
December 30, 2015

Understand this world to be your inherited playground.

The happiest and most "successful" people in the world all understand that they can create
whatever they want; they are like kids in a sandbox. They don't see regulations and
limitations, and they most definitely don't try to fit in. They see opportunity everywhere and
they are exceptionally honest with themselves and confident in their dreams and visions.

They are not limited by what they see already created around them, and they feel intuitively
that they will get everything they need to create what they are most inspired to create--
especially if their creations are in service of a better planet and a happier civilization.

Abundant creators don't feel themselves to be victims of a civilization already created for
them. They feel on top of the world--they see this as their playground. They play with the
clay of creation. They see life as fluid and malleable. They see themselves as creators of the
world around them, not as slaves or recipients of a pre-existing world.

They use the pre-existing limitations they see around them only to fuel their inspiration to
innovate and create something more expanded, more beneficial, more streamlined, more
beautiful, and more harmonious.
When you grow up you tend to get told that the world is the way it is and your life is just to
live your life inside the world. Try not to bash into the walls too much. Try to have a nice
family life, have fun, save a little money. That’s a very limited life. Life can be much broader
once you discover one simple fact: Everything around you that you call life was made up by
people that were no smarter than you. And you can change it, you can influence it… Once
you learn that, you’ll never be the same again.
— Steve Jobs, Founder of Apple

If you combine that dream-like, confident attitude with a commitment toward, and a love for
all beings, you will become one of those creators who rises above the crowd of unconscious
followers, too; and you will naturally leave a legacy of benefit and transformation behind for
next generations to come. You will help lift this planet's consciousness simply by being
awesome and believing in something more than what is already manifest.

Abundance follows passion, not reason. It comes in bunches, and it comes in all ways when
you start believing in something bigger than just your own personal circumstances. It comes
when you commit to being of greater benefit so full-heartedly that you become practically
fearless in your endeavors.

You will have everything you need and desire by living a life of passion, inspiration, and total
faith in your ability to move mountains. The bigger your vision and the brighter your passion,
the more abundance and creative power will flow through your hands.

You can change the world. Yes, you.

Enjoy life to the fullest. Do not be afraid to receive infinite amounts of everything you truly
desire, yet always be inspired to give back more than you receive. And love your heart out.
Break the mold. Be free. Dream big. Have faith.

The more you give to this life, the more you get out of it and back from it. Give everything
you are, and you will receive everything you desire--and even more that you cannot yet
conceive of.

I salute you, my fellow imagineers. Let's make this planet amazing by holding back nothing.
You are precious, you are a gift to this world; realize this and actualize yourself.

The world is in your creator-ship hands, so make it into something epic and beneficial for all
beings. You've got the infinite power and abundance of the Universe on your side.

Much love,

Try out Bentinho's Online Academy - for step by step instructions.

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Enlightenment is not what you think it is
- From Mindfulness to Actual
February 29, 2016

The following is a transcript from one of Bentinho's spontaneous talks:

Recognizing the First 3 Principles of

Existence in Everything
"The first three foundational principles of Creation—sourced from the Infinite One—are free
will (pure awareness), unconditional love, and light (or appearance/presence-

These three principles are the complete ingredients for all of creation—just as out of the three
primary colors you can make every color you desire. So every single experience you will ever
have, and that Creation will ever have, is already rested in infinite, intelligent freedom, is
already unconditionally loved, and is already unconditional made out of light.

That is why it is safe to let things BE. That is the whole idea behind acceptance, letting things
be, or resting as your true unconditional nature: to recognize what lies beyond your stories
and definitions of what appears in your life and to see the nature, the essence, and the three
foundational principles that constitute everything in Creation.

This includes your trauma, this includes the things you don’t desire, this includes your
emotions, this includes your dreams, this includes your relationships. All of these are actually
made up of unconditional freedom, love and light. If you can learn to recognize the essence
of an experience, rather than the story applied to the experience, you are in a naturally
enlightened state. Your Consciousness is enlightened, filled with light and has an Awareness
of truth, because it is aware of the nature of reality, the principles which no appearance can
escape, or consciousness, can escape.

So, when you let go of the assumption of “you” and rest in the spacious lightness of the here
and the now—freedom, love and light—then you can relax into a truer way of seeing instead
of contrived and distorted seeing.

You can now start to feel everything becoming included in the freedom, the love, and the
light that you are recognizing. Separation starts to disappear, or at least to diminish. Edges
start to soften. The heart starts to open. The mind starts to become quiet, clear, and
transparent. Intuition starts to govern your actions and motivations, and now you are
becoming a more non-physically-oriented being, a less physically-derived and focused
creature; less mind-based, more higher mind-based, or more consciousness-based. Then it
becomes easier and easier to let things be as they are; because you're training yourself to
recognize the freedom, love and light they consist of.

Everything is already in a state of "let-be". Everything is already allowed as it is. Everything
is already inseparable from all of creation. Everything is already one with the Infinite One
who enabled it into existence through the principles of freedom, love and light. Everything is
already perfect, already realized, already accomplished, already achieved, already okay,
already abundant. Everything is already absolutely, timelessly free.

Do you get that? There is not a single aspect of your creation that is not completely rested in
these first three primordial constitutions of this singularity that we also call the One Infinite

The True Nature of Acceptance and

When you are going through a negative emotional experience, appreciate that the appearance
itself is made up out of love, freedom, and light. This is a very beautiful realization to
cultivate. To be able to rest with whatever arises, to let it be, is a very beautiful way to
instantly make peace with what-is.

Then, from an empowerment point of view, you can start choosing to focus on what-is-yet-to-
come, on what is in alignment with what (from your point of view) is your “future,” but
actually is your Higher Self continuously down-pouring unto you the next-level waves of
your expression of the Infinite—all totally in alignment with the first three principles of
Creation. There is nothing about the idea of future empowerment that contradicts freedom,
love, and light. In fact, it is an aspect or expression of these three principles; it is the means
by which Creation performs its mission to express infinite unity in as many ways as it
possibly can… which is what you are doing by simply being you.

Everything you ever experienced is swimming in freedom, swimming in love, swimming in

light. It doesn’t first have to look like peace before it is peace. It doesn’t first have to look
like enlightenment before it is enlightened. It doesn’t first have to look awake before it is
awake. The messiest of experiences are as much suffused with freedom, love, and light as the
clearest, most pristine state of mind. There is no difference in the amount of freedom, love,
and light that a messy experience contains versus a clear experience.

Now, that is the irreversible shift that is so much more all-inclusive than we thought.

We thought there was a distinction: “This is what enlightenment looks like; this is definitely
what it does not look like.” -- This kind of thinking makes your journey harder and harder as
you become more and more as you would assume an enlightened person to be! So, when you
go a little off-track, you are very much prone to judge that as “What went wrong? Where did
I lose my enlightenment? Am I just full of sh*t? Was I full of sh*t even when I was
enlightened?” No, enlightenment is so much more all-inclusive than that. You see, your most
messed-up experience is as much rested in freedom, love, light, perfection, and recognition of
oneness, as the clearest human relational experience you’ve ever had. The only difference is
in the eye of the one judging—which you do not have to limit yourself to any more.

Never Judge Yourself Again

You see, to stop judging right from wrong, to stop judging enlightenment from un-
enlightenment, to stop judging highest from lowest is to become more than just your “bubble
of self.” It is to become transparent to the nature of what already is. So, if you want, from this
day onwards, you never ever have to judge yourself again. Just see all and any experience as
being an emanation of--and perfectly rested in--freedom, unconditional love, and infinite

It is that easy. This perspective will deepen, and it will expand. Yes, there is a journey into
this, but it’s a journey into something that is already here. And I am not talking about your
circumstances. I often feel that spiritual teachers miss-equate the freedom of recognizing the
true nature of what is with “just be present with what is, circumstantially.” But there is a
great, great difference. I say recognize the nature of all that is, and hardly ever focus on what-
is, circumstantially.

The instruction in certain mindfulness settings is to be mindful of what is here and now. That
is circumstance-focused and does not actually recognize the deeper levels of what the
circumstance--whether a present one or a remembered or imagined one--is made out of.
Mindfulness too often becomes just a human being focusing on its stuck circumstance,
created out of past beliefs. There is no benefit in that, except insofar as it focuses your
attention a little bit more on the sense of being here and now. That is its only benefit. Eighty
percent of it, if not more, is wasted time and consciousness, that could instead be spent doing
something far more liberating: realizing the nature of each appearance, experience and
circumstance. Seeing beyond the surface, and learning to see the One Infinite Being in
everything, whether that "everything" is a present circumstance, or a thought you have about
your future; it does not matter. All is equally the One Infinite Being, and so EVERY
appearance can serve double duty: it can either be labeled, or it can be recognized for what it
is: The One Infinite Creator's Freedom, Love and Light.

So again, just to make myself extra clear: what I’m saying is recognize the nature of what-is,
but don’t be overly focused on the state or condition of what-is. It doesn’t matter whether this
phone is over here or over there. It doesn’t matter what kind of thoughts I am having. It
doesn’t matter what is happening physically right now. What is happening does not need to
be focused on. The underlying, true nature of what is happening should be recognized, can be
emphasized, can be reflected, and can be experienced. This is what actually "enlightens" your
Awareness more rapidly than practically any other practice out there.
It can all be summed up in this instruction: “Relax all thoughts for 2-5 seconds, and recognize
that everything that appears in your consciousness is the freedom, love and light of the One
Infinite Creator.”
— Bentinho Massaro
What enlightens your Awareness is not to be aware of the space and the distance between
your foot and my foot, and not to walk very silently and feel every single sensation in your
feet, or smell the flowers. All that nonsense does hardly anything substantial for your
enlightenment compared to the other practice suggested above. Maybe just a tiny bit—it can
be an entrance way, but if your mindfulness of circumstance doesn't also very quickly lead
you into the deep recognition that the flower is made out of absolute infinite freedom, love,
and light, then you are misusing your time. Sort of wasting it to be honest.

Don't Waste Your Consciousness—Stop
Trying to “Be Present”
Many people waste their time. Much of spirituality wastes our time. So make it productive;
make your time here productive. If you need to practice enlightenment, then do it swiftly, do
it directly, and do it efficiently. Go straight to the heart of it, which is to recognize that
whatever appearance comes up, it is made out of freedom, love, and light, and it is an
expression of the Infinite One beyond all form. The One is the All and the All is the One.

In recognizing the oneness that is shared equally among and as all appearances (experiences)
is where you will find greater and greater enlightenment with what already is, the way it
already is, the way you cannot escape it. It is inescapable; the nature that you are recognizing
is inescapable. So when you are perceiving what-is, deepen your consciousness of its nature,
of its essence. Don’t focus on the circumstantial level of it. Don’t focus on the physical level
of it. Focus on its infinity within.

In fact, when it comes to circumstances, you want to be focused in future-Presence--not the

presENT, which ends, which is stuck. Don’t be presENT, never be presENT! You are stuck
in the present; the present is stuck. You want to be in PresENCE... future-PresENCE. Do you
feel the difference? Future-Presence is endless. It is an infinite continuum that contains
everything that can ever be. What you are working with is your alignment to your true desire;
that is the future aspect. But this is all happening in PresENCE, not in the presENT.
Ultimately, the true aim of mindfulness or any similar practice--the true aim of enlightenment
of any kind--is to be in PresENCE. (Try seeing or intuiting Presence as Omnipresence.)

So it’s not to be present; it’s to be in recognition of presence/awareness all the time, whether
you are thinking about the future, about the past, or about the now. You see, from the
viewpoint of Presence-Awareness, the present is just another thought, just as the future or the
past are merely other thoughts—all made up out of freedom, love-presence, and light.

Give yourself the freedom to not have to “be present,” and simply be in recognition of the
presence of freedom, love, and light, which is continuous—not stuck in your circumstances
of this moment. This Presence is equally there when you are daydreaming; although, to a
mindfulness practitioner, you might seem completely off course. In many ways, an awareness
that is aware of the love/light/freedom presence in a daydream/imagination, is resting its
consciousness in a more enlightened vibration than the typical mindfulness practitioner who
is being aware of the shape of a flower, or the sensation of its footsteps. This is because the
consciousness who is recognizing Presence in its imaginative state, is in much closer
vibrational resonance to the level of what I would simply term the Higher Self, whereas the
physically-focused state of consciousness or "being present", is the same as being focused on
a reflection of your past level of vibration; which is what the present circumstance is, a
reflection of past thinking.

So, start becoming aware, intuitively, that each appearance in your life is infused and
energized by Infinite Freedom, Infinite Love, and Infinite Light, and see how this expands
your world in honor of the One Infinite Creator who enables all of creation by creating the 3
primary distortions. Awareness (or freedom), Unconditional (formless) Love, Light-presence

- Bentinho Massaro

Law of Attraction building Momentum -
3 Simple Steps to Increasing your
July 29, 2016

Here's how momentum works, and how you can utilize the Law of Attraction to change your
momentum (and life):


You have a thought >> the thought vibrates at a certain frequency >> your consciousness is
now being focused to that frequency domain and your state of being, mind and body are
starting to radiate that frequency >> consequently you receive more thoughts and experiences
of a similar vibration as the frequency you just tuned yourself to.

This then often becomes a vicious cycle, or a self-reinforcing illusion or pattern. In other
words; we feel stuck.

When a radio is tuned to receive and translate the 101FM frequency, it will only play songs
broadcasted at that wavelength; it cannot receive the songs being played over 98.7FM. It
simply cannot. That would defy law.

This is why the possibility of significant change sometimes becomes so hard for us to believe
in. It is also why it can seemingly take so much dedication, or a leap of faith, to truly attain
significant changes in your life; it is precisely because you have built momentum in a certain
frequency range and now the forms that belong to this domain are all that you seem to be able
to perceive.

When the thoughts, ideas and experiences within this domain is all that we perceive for a
longer period of time, we generally start to forget that there are an infinite amount of
frequency ranges that are available to us, all of which could lead us to magnificent
experiential changes in our life; even miracles.

The songs that we receive at our chosen frequency usually begs our focus to tune our
frequency to that same vibrational range. Like a song stuck in your head, reinforcing itself
over and over again. At this point we have usually come to believe in what we have attracted
to ourselves as being 'real,' or worse: the only reality that's real, and are now skeptical of
anything being possible outside of that which we already have, and have come to expect more

We have to remember that we experience what we do because we are tuned to a particular
frequency domain. It is this frequency range that is feeding us our thoughts, ideas and

3 Simple Steps to Increasing our Vibration:

1) So, in order to attract new kinds of thoughts, ideas and experiences to ourselves, we need
to first remember that we have choice.

2) The next step is to change our focus by choosing different types of thoughts (those that
feel better or more exciting);

3) Then we want to maintain or repeat that new focus of mind until our overall frequency
(how we feel) changes to a higher, more desirable level.

We know we have made successful use of the Law of Attraction as a means to build
momentum in a positive direction when we start to feel better and more inspiring ideas
come to us more frequently. This confirms that we have successfully used the Law of
Attraction to change our vibrational state of being to a higher frequency domain.

When we do this repeatedly, we will end up being tuned to a higher frequency domain more
permanently (our baseline moves up the vibrational ladder), and consequently we will
effortless receive an abundance of better feelings, ideas and experiences in our lives more

From there we can take it up a notch again. And again. And again. Until our life has
gradually become an explosive adventure of dreams coming true, and new ones being born
rapidly. When what you once dreamed of as nearly impossible is now in your past and your
present dreams have become even more exciting, empowering, challenging and ambitious,
you know that you are on the accelerative path of spiritual growth.

This process is the simplest way to describe the only way we can truly change ourselves---
and our circumstances---for the better; change your focus until it changes your frequency.

Much love and have fun dancing freely on the ethers of infinite possibility,


PS - Tune in to my latest meeting this Sunday, July 31st, titled: "The Fall and Rise of Our
Civilization - An Enlightened Civilization by 2035" - It's held in Boulder, CO, but Live
Streamed for free for non-locals, here:

PPS - Credits to Abraham Hicks for coining the term 'Law of Attraction'.

From Traditional Spirituality to a Truly
Free Existence
August 22, 2016

Balancing Out Traditional Approaches - Amsterdam retreat, January 2016 excerpt.

Questioner (Q): Hi Bentinho, leuk dat je er bent.

Bentinho (B): Thank you.

Q: Welkom in Nederland.

B: This weird thing that he is producing, it is Dutch.

Q: Yeah, haha. So, my spiritual path until now has followed the Buddhist path.

B: Okay.

Q: And I am very interested in your spiritual path as well, your teachings. So, as far as I
understand your teachings, according to the high energy ‘follow your bliss’ and the low
energy, like, ‘the lack energy’.

B: Yes.

Q: In my case, when I am following my bliss, I also can get very confused. It is like being up
in a tree like that (points to plant behind Bentinho) and my bliss can be like…

B: (Turns around and looks upward) I think you would have a hard time… staying up there.

Q: Yeah. No, no, no, it is like all those leaves can be my bliss, I want to follow this, I want to
follow that.

B: Okay.

Q: And then the Buddhist path can teach me to go down in the tree (referring to the
trunk) and feel equanimity and feel balance, and that is what I like about that path. But also, I
like your teachings.

B: Well, I also teach that equanimity and centeredness. I am not sure how familiar you are
with my work, but I teach two paths, self-realization, which is more along those lines, and

Q: Alright. So, yeah, the question is uhm… No, no. I think you get my confusion, so please
elaborate on this, yeah. How can I connect those, yeah.

B: Yeah. Okay. Well, first of all, what do you want?

Q: Well, I am here now, I am not sitting on my meditation pillow, because I want to create.

B: Thank you very much. That is actually very humble of you to say and acknowledge. We
are all meant to create and I sometimes have said in the past—a bit of a radical statement, but
I do believe it is true—that the reason a lot of spiritual gurus from the past die of cancer is
because they have suppressed their innate sense of wanting to express themselves, wanting to
create, right? So, if wisdom takes over too much and there is no passion and love infused
with that wisdom, and if it becomes too yogic, the body starts to decay, because we are here
to create in most cases.

Now, for some people it actually is relevant to take that path, but I’d say for a lot of people,
most people, it is not; because the natural impulse and the natural order of this density we are
born into is that you come here to express and create yourself and learn from that creation as
you go. This is not the density of sitting, necessarily, and just doing that, just becoming
internalized. There are exceptions, but for most people, this seems to be true—we came here
to create. To move, to learn, to express and to navigate.

Most of us have that natural impulse, but what happens when we take the Buddhist path, is
that it becomes mind over nature, it becomes way too intellectual; it becomes too dogmatic, it
becomes too contrived. So, there are a few ways I can approach this; bear with me...

It is the human being’s vanity, in most cases, that causes it to take on a spiritual path at the
expense of all else; to take on a spiritual path along the lines of Buddhism to the point where
that becomes the only focus—and it is no longer about, "Hey, who am I? What do I want to
do in this life? What do I want to express? What do I want to create? How do I want to play
around?" Instead, it becomes all about, “Stop playing around—realize the root of
Being...” Which is fine. It is a good practice, and I do teach it, but it has to be balanced with
allowing this individuated expression of the One to open up, to open up, to open up... to
express itself and become a free being, like a child learning to express itself fully and

A child doesn’t sit still, trying to realize the Ground of Mind, and then start a little lineage,
where there are students and there are more realized beings and even more realized beings...
They are just playing. Children are playing. And so, it is human vanity in a sense; it is mental
masturbation to want to master ourselves in the way of traditional spirituality, at the
exclusion of all other paths—usually. It is often a mind thing or a control thing. Most people
who practice this are actually afraid of the plethora of experiences they could have been
having because they have been hurt, because they have lack beliefs. And because of these
lack beliefs, they believe life inherently hurts... or so they think.

It is not life that hurts; it is that when they see a lot of things, or when they see something,
they have negative definitions about it, or they believe in lack. When the lack belief is
triggered by an appearance, they feel out of alignment with the vibration of the universe. And
so they feel hurt. And what does the mind say, controlling as it is? "Well, fuck this. I am
going to sit still, forget about all my natural desires, and realize the Root of Being."

In many cases this is a genuine, initially inspired direction, but then the mind takes it on and
makes it a study; makes it a life-long practice. It starts going on about different levels of
realizations, where you need many, many lives to realize something. All of this stagnant,
mental nonsense comes in and then you eventually die of cancer in some cases—because you

are stagnating your natural life force; you are denying expression to the very reason you
incarnated. You've taken your spirituality against your natural stream. You are not moving
freely as you were born to move around.

This density is about creating and being playful and experiencing and learning lessons.
Again, we always want to realize the Absolute. Those types of people and students—and I
was one of them; I am still one of them in a sense—always want to realize the Absolute.
Like, "Yeah, all this is nonsense. I want to be beyond this nonsense, I want to be the
highest..." right? And there is some truth to that intention, but there is also a lot of room for
mental vanity and distortion with that intention.

We have to understand that we will not reach the Absolute while we are here, because that is
not the purpose (in most cases) of this incarnation. We have to see it in a much broader
perspective. Our Higher Selves are already in a state of realization and oneness—way more
so than we will ever be able to experience while we are within our physical bubble-focus
here. Sure, it is good to rest your bubble for a second, to pop it a little bit, to expand it a little
bit, and realize a little bit more of that which you have already realized on that higher level;
to become more aware of that union and absoluteness. That's all great—and necessary to
some extent.

And yet, we also have to appreciate the larger perspective of this incarnation, because the
journey of the soul takes billions of years, as we would count it. The typical human
perspective, knowing what it knows, sees people living for 80 years and calls that "a long
time." And then it says, "Well okay, I want to be completely and fully enlightened." They
don’t realize that no one actually becomes "fully enlightened" because full enlightenment is
the 7th/8th Density total merger with All That There Is. And even that is only a transition
stage into something even more enlightened and advanced. Those much, much higher
densities are usually not the purpose of our exploration here.

So, a lot of these people go against the natural stream and intelligence of the evolution of
their spirit, which brought them here for a different purpose. They read these books about the
Buddha or whoever else, and they try to imitate these beings for whom it was relevant to be a
certain way, and whose teachings have been dogmatized and misinterpreted over the years.
You would be surprised if you saw the Buddha here—how playful he would be, I am sure!

All of these images and ideas of spirituality are mental vanity. They are man-made
spirituality, not spirit-inspired spirituality. There is a big difference between man-made
spirituality and spirit-inspired spirituality. If you follow man-made spirituality, you will
become very, very wisdom-oriented. You will become very, very mental and dry and often
unknowingly self-condemning about the whole process. You will become vain, spiritually
vain, and repressed.

When you try to achieve something with too many concepts in mind, you are no longer
paying attention to the aliveness that is the Oneness that is here, right now,
already. That Oneness is showing up in you in the most exciting possible ways, and you
don’t realize it! You are at the cutting edge of an exploration that helps not only your
individual soul to journey onwards, but also a whole collection of other beings—and beyond
this, other beings who take their cue from the example of your life.

You are, in fact, directly expanding upon and advancing the One Infinite Creator's knowledge
and experience of itself. You are writing an epic story here that many many many many
many beings are tuning into. Each of you is, in a sense, a "TV channel" for other beings, but
you don’t realize it. They are learning from everything you do and experience—because you
are the brave one who is going through this experience and they are sort of tapping into it,
like, "Oh, that would be interesting!"

It's like when you go to a movie and you are taken through this intense storyline of a prisoner
in a war camp (or whatever)—you are not physically experiencing that whole thing, you just
take a two-hour snapshot of what it would be like. In this way, you can learn certain lessons
without having to go through the whole thing, because that in itself is not relevant for you.
Similarly, your life is a movie for many non-physical beings, and for many physical beings
on planet Earth.

Everything you do leaves a legacy. Everything you do here is important and is serving the
whole. If we can, as spiritual seekers, regain the humility to find appreciation of the
spontaneity of the spiritual journey, then we can appreciate where we are at and realize
that we don’t have to get anywhere. We can just chill out, have a good time—have an
amazing time. We can be really aware of what is going on and learn as much as we can,
while being aware that everything is coming from the One Infinite Creator.

Sure, infuse your joyful life with the self-realization aspect of true Awareness, because it
does ground you; it does give you equanimity. If all you know is, "Oh, I am following my
joy..." but you still have a lot of lack beliefs, and you still don’t really know that you are not a
person, but that you are Consciousness—then you are setting yourself up for the sense of
success-failure-success-failure-success-failure-pain-achievement, and all of that nonsense.
So, get to know the eternal essence of Being, but don't turn it into a philosophy to preach. Be
it and live it naturally in the world. Express yourself and follow your dreams and intuition.
Don't tame your free Spirit with a mind full of spirituality.

Traditional realizations are definitely important practices, and that is why I teach them. But, I
try to teach in a way so that it blends in with an expressive, passionate life—effortlessly. I try
to teach it in a way in which it doesn’t create obstacles to the freedom of individual
expression, and it doesn’t create mental masturbation. It allows people to move into their
lives freely and appreciate that, even though they are One and they are Consciousness, the
One is not waiting for them to realize the One. The One wants them to express the One.

We are here to express the Unity that is already timelessly realized. Non-duality does not
need you, okay? The One Infinite non-dual state of Consciousness does not need you to take
your body into a cave to sit and realize it. That is mental vanity; that is spiritual vanity.

There is a whole hierarchy of levels of Consciousness, each of which has a higher level of
intelligence than the previous level. Ultimately, it is all coming from the highest level down
into this. There is autonomy at every level; different levels of autonomy at every level. Your
Higher Self and just below that, your Higher Mind, is tailored specifically to your life. It
guides you through intuition and excitement. Pay attention to it, learn to listen between the

You are receiving your inspiration from that which knows infinitely more than you will ever
know, from this point of view. If you go and sit and try to know everything the Higher Self

knows, and try to realize the One, that is fine—you can do that. But you are often (not
always) bypassing the natural process of listening to your heart and following the highest
authority which is guiding you.

The humble, natural, Adam and Eve way to go about this is to follow your resonance.
Because, no matter what you think is the most important thing to practice or to realize
spiritually, it is never going to be a better assessment than the path that makes you come
alive. That which makes you feel like you are coming alive is coming from a place of
Consciousness that you have no ability to fully grasp with the brain. So, it doesn’t matter if
you think, or someone taught you, that you should be still and realize the absolute. This is just
fucking Indian tradition—get over it. It is a lifestyle, it is nothing. It is meaningless; it is
absolutely meaningless.

What is much, much higher than anything you read in the books by Nisargadatta Maharaj,
Ramana Maharshi and the Buddha and all of that nonsense (which is great stuff—again, I
teach it too and there is value in it) is to listen to what makes you come alive. Because that
comes from a place tailored specifically to the purpose you were created for in this life. And
if you don’t pay attention to that, and if you override it with mental spirituality, you will die
of cancer or something else, because you are not being useful anymore.

If you become so stubborn and so practiced and so spiritually mindful, all that really means is
that you are more suppressed than the average Joe. You are more masterful in your
suppression of spirit (but you call it "enlightenment") than the average Joe. And so, you will
decay, because you have reached a certain level of stubbornness and you can no longer be
saved, you can no longer be humbled, you can no longer listen to the natural impulse.

What makes your heart tick? Where do you want to go? What does your imagination tell
you? How are you inspired to move about? If you suppress this and you become really, really
masterful at that mindfulness-suppression game, and you start teaching it to other people, you
are teaching cancer to other people, basically. At that point, you reach such a level of
insistence and stubbornness in your spiritual concepts (but again, you call it "enlightenment")
that Spirit can no longer truly communicate to you—because you now think you know better.

True spirituality is to not "know better," but rather to follow your heart, follow your heart,
follow your heart, be humbled—over and over and over and over again. This will empty you
out. This will truly empty you out, and simultaneously disperse you across the galaxy as
Everything. It will make you so passionate and engaged with every little aspect of your life,
that you will now truly fulfill the purpose that Spirit brought you here to fulfill.

Now you are in alignment! You are physically focussed here, but you are backed up with so
much Spirit in your Consciousness that you are free and you are moving and you are healthy
and you are feeling good. And you will die when you really want to die. You will not die out
of stubbornness; you will not die because you have become a useless piece of tool that sits in
a cave because it is unable to be humbled and listen to natural impulses. Again,
Consciousness doesn’t waste energy, so if it notices you are past a certain point of no longer
being able to listen, it will let your body decay really fast.

When the individual bubble becomes so consumed with what it reads, with what
it thinks Spirit thinks, with what it thinks spirituality is all about, it stops listening.

We cannot comprehend mystery of infinite existence. You have to understand—you cannot
comprehend this. You cannot comprehend this; you just can’t.

You can’t go wrong. Just follow what resonates, follow what excites you. You will stumble
and you will be challenged, but if you follow what excites you, you cannot be wrong, you
cannot go wrong—no matter what you do. Just continue to devote yourself to that. Continue
to be open to experience, continue to listen and care about your life. Truly care. Be willing to
be humbled over and over and over again; that is the only way to truly start to understand a
little bit—just a little bit—of the mystery that is the Infinity that is showing up. You will
never reach the end result, because it is an infinite expression of the Infinite.

I don’t know if that answered your question but…

Q: Yes.

B: The tree is still there.

Q: Definitely, yeah. Very good answer.

B: If anything, I don’t feel I have to give you a specific answer or toolkit. I feel that all I want
you to know is to follow that new intuitive impulse that you have been receiving—that
intuitive voice from within that guided you to an event like this, that is moving away a little
bit from the more traditional spectrum of spirituality you are used to. I would say,
wholeheartedly follow that impulse with everything you have, and let nobody tell you

Q: Great. Thanks a lot, man.

The Dark Side Completes the Light of
Our Self-Realization
August 22, 2016

"Knowledge is power." - Sir Francis Bacon

This (knowledge) can be used positively or negatively.

Vast contrast in knowledge between two entities of Creation begets teaching/learning in the
positively-oriented interactions, and enslavement/secrecy in the negative encounters.

We are living in a time where the contrast between those with true information, knowledge,
and technology--far beyond what we are told exists--is vaster than ever before. We are being
deliberately kept in the dark.

Although those days are rapidly coming to an end, as we chaotically approach the age of
transparency and enlightenment, we nevertheless HAVE to stand up by accelerating our
desire for growth, true knowledge and independent clarity, and give up our addiction to being
spoon-fed anything whatsoever.

There is no conquerer powerful enough to be blamed for the chosen lethargy that enables the
enslaved to be conquered. The passion for change and transparency has to come from within
those who consider themselves enslaved.

To agree to be intellectually and spiritually subdued--to have a lack of passion for the truth--
is our own responsibility. Only we can enslave or enlighten ourselves. Those who are of the
service-to-self orientation simply step in to fill the bill.

Those of negative orientation are our doorway into completion within ourselves. They show
us who we have enabled ourselves to become and remind us of what we can become instead.
The dark literally completes the light. Without them stepping in to fulfill the role we left wide
open for them to fulfill, we will never realize our blind spots, and we will never overcome
our complacency.

So, with gratitude in your heart toward the dark side, walk ever more deliberately into the
light because of their reflection. Love the negative as you love the positive, and you will
become untouchable in your journey. You are already beyond the good and the bad. You are
All. You are the One Infinite Creator.

---Shout out to Dr. Steven Greer and Corey Goode for shedding light through their incredibly
courageous work to expose how, through our complacency, we have left ourselves open to be
kept in the dark in extremely elaborate ways. Knowledge is power. Now use this knowledge
to enlighten yourself, and this planet. Be thirsty for the truth, and become fearless enough to
embrace it with light.

How Spiritual Ambition can be Healthy
August 22, 2016

What the spiritual community on this planet lacks is true, aligned ambition. The ego-effect is
often the result of living too small, not too big.

When we let ourselves become invested with insecurity and lack-beliefs, and accept a
mediocre personal existence, we become unknowingly devious, back-stabbing, useless and

When not allowed to live a free and ambitious life, the powerful human mind will
automatically turn its excess power toward focusing on a lesser, more isolated personal life,
where greed and fear take hold of the infinite dreamer inside.

The same applies to most spiritual teachers out there today. They fear ambition because it has
become widely misunderstood to mean "ego," when in fact, the opposite is true more often
than not.

If the spiritually awake people of this world do nothing of substance, what will become of
this world?

When the awakened people of this planet fear their bigness and their ability to wield great
power and responsibility with spiritual integrity, it directly allows those who are ambitious in
the service-to-self path to continue their complete reign upon this world. And make no
mistake, their reign has been total because of our complacency and lack of vision and

We don't deserve to own this planet going into Fourth Density if we are not ready to serve its
greatest good ambitiously.

I encourage all truly awake, aligned and pure-hearted people out there to step it up and get in
touch with their biggest, most powerful possible version of themselves, and then pour that
wholeheartedly into fearless service to All.

Only we can manifest heaven on Earth, and we owe it to ourselves and each other to do so.
Do not fear the grandness of your vision. The grander the vision, the truer your level of
consciousness has become, for you cannot perceive what you are not the vibration of.

Embrace your infinite nature. Dream big. Give large. Take risks. Be unafraid. Love

Unifying the Awakened Ones in Service
to the World (St Thomas Retreat Theme)
September 3, 2016

This retreat will connect the dots, revealing a new type of unified spirituality--one that is lead
by those at the cutting-edge of an awakening humanity. We, who are already awake and
empowered, will come together in this blissful retreat setting--with the ocean as our great
nourisher and the Sun as our encouraging witness--to further awaken and empower ourselves
and each other, as we envision into existence the unification of the awakened ones in service
to the world.

We will form the beginning of a new and dynamic democracy, and we as its leaders will
become the humble light-bringers who help humanity to remember who it is, while we
represent its highest outcome.

This retreat is two-fold: On the one hand, we will focus on the very nature of bliss itself,
and examine how we can swim more powerfully and vibrantly--with fewer restraints and
hesitations--in the abundant ecstasy of the omnipresent One Infinite Creator. We will deepen
our ability to saturate ourselves with bliss at will, so that we may be better able to abundantly
and honestly manifest our own dreams into physical reality.

On the other hand, we will come together to powerfully weave the golden threads of
enlightenment, empowerment, cosmic disclosure and service-to-others oriented "wisdom-in-
action" together, into a geometrically unified canvas of an awakened global community.

We will form a bond so strong and so accurate in its perception of Creation and the forces at
play, that we will become a force of light that knows no aggression and greatly diminished
delusion, yet carries with it an incorruptible passion for the truth to be known by the people
of Earth. We will fight--without ever lifting a finger--for the beauty that we know is the
human potential and for the healing and acceleration of this Earth, ushering in a fully realized
Fourth Density civilization/planet for All.

Infinite co-creators, it is time to leave our differences behind and form a web so strong that it
becomes impenetrable by those who would like to keep humanity asleep for their own

Let us wash over this planet of ignorance with a clarity in our hearts that will cleanse this
world of its delusions and spoon-fed sedatives. Let us become a black hole in the fabric of
this man-made matrix of slavery; let us become a tear in the veil of the illusion of separation
and victimization; and above all, let us march steadily onwards as a unified community of
blissful creators--with humility, confidence and love ever present in our hearts--so that we
may continue to accelerate the transformation of this planet into its purest form. Together we
CAN do this.

Join me, if you are ready, and help me unify the awakened ones around the world while
clarifying our duties.

In addition to Bentinho's powerfully guided sessions, we will hold workshops at this retreat
that will give you the ability to contribute your ideas and visions; to add your vibrational
influence to the forming of an Enlightened Alliance for Global Awakening.

Standing together, we will tilt this planet into alignment and overwhelm its surface with a
heavenly sphere that will benefit all, regardless of their karma. All are forgiven, and all
deserve the option of an Enlightened Civilization to call "home."

Bahamas Interview Part 1 - Working
with People and Groups
September 8, 2016
Bahamas, March 2016 - Bentinho Massaro interviewed by Cory Katuna.

Part 1: Working with People and

Cory: What do you tune into when you work with people?

Bentinho: Everything I can ever access is already available within the field of consciousness.
When I speak, when I pick up on something, it’s usually something that is non-physically
available to me—meaning it’s not yet obvious in the moment, but I sense the probability of it
unfolding in that person or in that group, or its subconscious relevance that people are not yet
picking up on. I then translate that; I sense it, I pick it up, I feel it and I give it words. I give it
some kind of logical explanation, some kind of an instruction, perhaps.

I reflect what I am picking up, but people don’t always immediately know what it is that has
been spoken. They usually recognize that something about it is true, although sometimes they
don’t. If the separation is still too distinct between the conscious mind and whatever is going
on non-physically or unconsciously or subconsciously, then they might not be able to
recognize it at all. They might think I’m saying something crazy or maybe they just don’t
understand any of it.

But as time passes, the non-physical things that I could already feel swirling around start to
enter that person’s experiential reality—the slice they are used to focusing on; the frequency
range they are aware of. When it manifests itself more physically, more obviously, more
consciously, then they can put the pieces together and their Higher Mind will usually give
them a memory of what I’ve said that will click-in that knowledge and make sense of it. So,
in a sense, I am working together with the Higher Mind to drop some seeds. Sometimes these
seeds are known or understood immediately, although oftentimes they are not, in which case,
it is recognized later on.

Cory: Is there anything we can do to speed up the expansion of our consciousness ?

Bentinho: It’s a bit a cliche but, “You can’t be ready before you’re ready.” I mean, I’m not
aware of the things I’m not aware of until I’m aware of them, because I don’t yet have the
capacity to integrate that information, that knowledge, in a way that’s in alignment with my
overall journey, my overall consciousness. This is necessary so that I don’t disintegrate; so
that I don’t lose my mind.

So, from this perspective, you could say, “No, you can’t rush ahead of yourself.” But in a
way you can, by simply having a strong desire. I have seemingly achieved more levels of
consciousness than most people have. Why is it that I’ve been able to do this at my young
age? What has sped this up, other than a very strong inclination, is that, ever since I can
remember, I’ve had a strength of intention, a sense that nothing else matters, a sense that I
have to figure this out, I want to know these things, I want to understand.

The stronger your drive is, the stronger your desire is, the faster the process of integration.
It’s a matter of becoming aware of new things and levels and then integrating them;
becoming aware of new frequency domains within your own consciousness and within other
people’s consciousnesses and within the collective consciousness—and then integrating it all.
This is a gradual process, because it wouldn’t make sense for a kid to suddenly have all of the
knowledge of, for example, a top-level accountant. If a four-year-old kid suddenly had all of
that information, he would not have any any “cabinets” to “file it in.” And so, the integration
process would not serve him.

We all have a deeper aspect of our consciousness, which we could loosely call our “Higher
Mind.” The Higher Mind is in charge of guiding us through the processes of life, one step at a
time, at a pace we are comfortable with integrating. You will find that, even when you have a
desire to know certain things, you aren’t always shown these things immediately. They will
unfold over time, because you don’t have those “cabinets” yet; you don’t yet have the
capacity to integrate it properly.

So, in answer to your question, yes and no. There is a way to actively speed up integration,
which is simply to state your intention more vividly. Well, not exactly your intention,
because you already have the intention, otherwise you wouldn’t be asking this question or
watching this interview. The intention for evolution of consciousness, for expansion of
consciousness, is there. What is required is that you prioritize that above all else, or at least
above a lot of other things. If this prioritization has not yet taken place—if you haven’t seen
very clearly within yourself what is truly important to you, versus all of the other things that
might be nice, but aren’t as important to you—then you aren’t really honing your vibrational
frequency to the point where you can have the preciseness, the accurateness, and the focus to
penetrate into new layers of consciousness, be they subconscious or unconscious or simply
new material. You will not have the power.

You can’t hammer a piece of paper into the wall, but you can hammer a nail into the wall
very easily; it doesn’t require any effort. In other words, you must become more specific and
precise in your prioritization of Self, in what is truly important to you—what is truly
important to your life, what is truly important to the world. And if it plugs into your personal
theme, you may ask yourself, “What is important for this collective?” This is something very
relevant for my own questioning. If you do this, you will find the crystallization of that
intensity, of that intention, of that desire, from a sort of one-pointedness that very easily
penetrates those levels.

You have to understand that you must surrender. You have to let it come when it comes
(when you’re ready for it), but you can do whatever is necessary to be ready for it, to be in a
receptive state. The receptive state is not usually like being couch-potato. It is more like a
readiness without anxiety—a readiness to receive without demanding or insisting that it
should come now or in a particular way. It’s like joining this higher energy, which is
descending upon you, if you want to visualize it in that way. This higher cosmic guidance, or

consciousness, can only be received and surrendered to. But, in order to receive it, you can’t
be closed off, watching your favorite television show. It can come in that way too—and
sometimes that’s the perfect way to get it—but when it comes to rapidly penetrating new
levels of consciousness, new layers of consciousness, the meeting point needs to be brought
up a notch, so to speak.

It is a combination of surrender and willingness, the readiness to receive; to be in a high

frequency, non-anxiety mode of enhanced perception. You have the clarity of knowing your
priority. When you are in the awareness of what is truly important to you, you are in the
vibrational state of that prioritized intention. And then, that level of consciousness can unveil
itself to you and be integrated.

Bahamas Interview Part 2: Opinions
Versus Preferences
September 8, 2016

Bahamas, March 2016 - Bentinho Massaro interviewed by Cory Katuna.

Part 2: Opinions Versus

Cory: You have opinions, right?

Bentinho: In a way. Sort of.

Cory: What’s the difference between your opinion and my opinion?

Bentinho: Instead of saying your opinion, let’s generically use what we understand as
opinions for most people. There are two categories of opinions from my point of view:
preferences and opinions. A preference is, “I like these potato chips better than those potato
chips.” That’s it—it’s a preference. I have preferences, but I don’t really have opinions.

The opinions that do come up for me are always in relationship to a context that is seemingly
out of balance in some way or in some aspect. Sometimes, I may have an opinion that is
simply based in experience, meaning I can analyze a situation in which, for example, no one
else is involved; it’s not about me reflecting anything to anyone. Or perhaps someone
describes to me their process of meditation, and I might have observations based on
experience that could potentially optimize the process for that person. But those are not really
opinions either; they are just observations as to what is most efficient. So, there is efficiency,
there are observations, and there are reflections.

When I offer an opinion, it is in relationship to what is requested. If I’m with a group and I
offer an opinion, I can show it very viscerally—I can express it like I’m a five-year-old kid
who has an opinion about something. But it’s really not my opinion at all; I don’t have an
opinion. What’s happening is that something is occurring in the field, and I’m offering an
opinion to, for example, reveal to someone a tabu they are holding in their subconscious,
which I feel is not going to thrive in the group setting of that scenario. So, I will make a joke
perhaps, or I will share an opinion that will loosen up the dirt that’s stuck in that person’s
subconscious mind. It might pollute the water of their conscious mind for a little while with
the stuff they were holding underneath the surface of the water.

The water can appear to be clear, but this is because the dirt is all crusted at the bottom. So, I
might toss a pebble into the water to shake up some of that dirt. It might feel unpleasant in the
moment, but it offers that person a reflection so they can become aware of what they are

holding onto. The peace they had was sort of superficial, and now it’s being stirred up, giving
them an opportunity to make that peace deeper, more lasting, more eternal, more true. My
opinions are always in relationship to other people having opinions of their own, which they
may or may not be aware of. The opinion I offer usually counters their opinion, or balances it
or triggers it or brings it to the surface.

It can also happen that an opinion I offer supports someone in a fresh belief. So, it’s not
always contradictory; sometimes it’s also confirming. Let’s say someone has believed for a
long time that they are unworthy, and now they are picking a different belief that is perhaps
not the ideal belief or the most holistic view. It may be counter to the “I am unworthy” belief,
but it might still be coming from a partial viewpoint. If I feel that confirming it and anchoring
it in will be of service in the holistic arc of their journey, then I will confirm it. I will agree
with them in order to further anchor it in, in that moment. So, I can share an opinion in that
context as well.

On the other hand, if I feel a person already has the awareness necessary for a more balanced
understanding, and they no longer need to work as much with the opposite polarities to
balance out their negative beliefs, then perhaps I will refrain from confirming or assisting
them with their newly gained belief or point of view. I might remain quiet, or I may even
create a little bit of “social awkwardness” so that they might realize, “Yeah, maybe that’s not
it either. What is the deeper aspect of it? Oh, this is the deeper truth!” It all depends on where
the person is at.

Cory: Is that process mental for you or is it quick and intuitive?

Bentinho: Interesting question. It is instant and intuitive, and the mental body has to catch up
with it. Usually it is very quick and my mind knows what’s going on. But occasionally, I
have to take a moment to analyze, investigate, and translate to my mind what’s going.
Sometimes it’s just intuitive and I start to feel “off,” like when the bodies empty themselves
from personal bias. I am talking about the physical body, mental body, emotional body, and
spiritual body. When these bodies are sufficiently emptied out and presented in service to
others, and then I feel something, it is hardly ever due to a personal misalignment. It’s usually
because something is out of balance, and this being (me) is being called into action to balance
it out in some way.

That’s why, when I’m by myself I feel amazing, and when I’m with a group I can feel all
sorts of things. I can feel like anyone else feels because my bodies will take on the shape of
whatever is in the field that needs to be balanced out. If I didn’t feel these things, it wouldn’t
grab my attention and I wouldn’t pay attention, translate it to myself, and then find the proper
wording and timing to give it back to the people in that group or the person I’m with.

The bodies become a channel. They become a mirror of information, and the mirror feels the
same thing that it’s reflecting. When the mirror reflects anger, it feels anger. When the mirror
reflects opinion, it feels opinion. A few years ago, it was very confusing for me at times as to
what was happening because I would take it too personally; I would believe these were my
own points of view. And then I would think, “But I’ve worked through all of this shit; why is
this still here?” I discovered after a while that it wasn’t any of my own stuff; it was me being
of service. It was me being called into action in a certain way.

Ever since then, my relational life has become much better. I now understand the difference
between when something is me having a point of view of my own that needs to be excavated
and seen, or when I am reflecting other people and I’m simply being called into action. And
in that case, what I am feeling is not personal—even though I feel it as much as you do when
you feel it.

What was your question again?

Cory: If it’s mental or intuitive.

Bentinho: Right. It’s always intuitive because I’m hooked up to that field of sensitivity. I feel
it, it’s registered, and then the mind understands and sees what’s going on. Sometimes, within
one person or within a group, it’s so complex, layered, and multifaceted—often with things
that contradict each other—that I need some time to review some of the things that were said.
This can happen in seconds, but sometimes it takes a longer period of time, and it’s not
resolved immediately there at the scene. Then, maybe an hour later I understand, “Ahh,
okay… this is what happened there.”

You have to connect all of the dots to clearly understand where your position is in this. And
this helps me grow. It helps me to fine-tune and expand my brain and my consciousness. But
basically, it is intuitive, and the mind is what allows it to be translated into something useable
as a reflection to other people.

Cory: So, before that hour had passed, before you had connected the dots and made sense of
something, what would you say if someone would kind of call you out, like “What’s up with
you? What’s wrong?” How do you…

Bentinho: It depends on the situation. I might say something like, “I don’t know—something
is happening; I’m feeling something. I need some time to figure out exactly what it is.” Or
maybe the person believes I’m just triggered in that scenario. Different things happen.

Cory: And when figuring these thing out—do you still have things that are your own ? Does
that still happen?

Bentinho: Yes, for sure, because I am ever expanding. As long as the expansion process
continues, things will be unveiled. New things will be seen and realized, and then
consequently, the construct that is the “individuator” needs to adjust itself to what has been
newly received, seen, or unveiled. The construct is constantly readjusting itself. It becomes
much less basic and rudimentary—less “animalistic,” so to speak. It becomes very fine, very
subtle, like “Oh, I’m expanding into this next level. What is it that I need to let go of that
served me in the previous paradigm? What construct was I creating so that I can have an
experiential reality? But now that I’m changing, my experiential reality—my paradigm, my
frequency, my personal construct—needs to change as well.”

Then, I get new information. I see what it is that I’ve been holding onto for the previous
period of time—which was serving me at that time, but which now needs to be acknowledged
and let go of, in order to create a new construct that serves the new paradigm and allows the
new non-physical level to be realized and made physically manifest.

Cory: Is this what happens with you when you’re feeling a process happening?

Bentinho: Yeah, it’s always a variation of that. You are realizing something new. You’re
revamping yourself, and you feel that what used to feel really exciting to you no longer
excites you; it is no longer relevant for your theme. And so, you are guided to move on from
that into another level of “being someone.” You are constantly rebirthing your personality
construct, even though you don’t really have a solid personality anymore. The constructs that
are the beliefs and the perspectives, which are required in order to have a reality experience,
need to rearrange themselves, need to expand themselves, need to transform themselves.

It’s like the metamorphosis of becoming a butterfly—transforming from a caterpillar into a

butterfly is a continuous process. Once you’re a butterfly, you fly around for a bit, but then
you return—you enter into another cocoon and you turn into a bigger butterfly.

Cory: Do you identify this by having a new set of preferences or a new excitement? Or is it
because you don’t identify with a worldview any longer?

Bentinho: I’m not sure what you mean by “worldview.”

Cory: By worldview, I mean you have an existing system, and this is how things make sense.
Then, it stops making sense, so something else must emerge. Or, is it like you once said, that
when you go from one level to the next it’s always a paradox?

Bentinho: It can be either of these. Usually, the way I feel this coming is that I don’t quite
feel as good for about a week or two. I don’t feel quite as free, I don’t feel quite as turned on,
I don’t feel as excited, as alive, as on a roll. I feel like there is this very gradual “dull” that
comes over me, this dulling down. That’s sort of like me entering the cocoon. The cocoon is
surrounding me, and then at some point I realize that I’m in the cocoon. It happens very
gradually, and then I realize, “I’m not where I was two weeks ago. I don’t feel the same
way—what’s happening?” And that’s usually when I pop through into something new. The
bliss reinvigorates me as soon as I let go of that old structure, having extracted all of the
learning I need to from the old paradigm. I acknowledge it, let it go, and fully step into the
next reality.

Cory: You said something about “higher and higher frequency domains.” I guess this should
be obvious, because you talk about it to no end, but I’ve always thought there is the “highest
frequency domain,” in which you feel awesome, like the best you can possible feel. But you
just said there are higher and higher and higher frequency domains. So, does that mean there
is more and more balance, or is it higher and higher and higher, or is it more like …

Bentinho: It’s both. Higher and higher frequency requires more balance, because the balance
is basically the “container” that is then able to integrate the higher vibrations. Those higher
vibrations cannot be “filed” properly, as you said, unless the “filing cabinet” is well balanced.
If it’s tilted to one side, it can’t hold as many documents. Stupid example perhaps but …

Balance and going higher are synonymous. The more balanced you are, the more you are, so
to speak, taken up on this spectrum or ladder of consciousness, frequency, understanding,
expansion, joy, freedom, free will, and spiritual power, if you want to call it that. By
“spiritual power,” I simply mean the freedom to know what’s happening within yourself—
what you actually desire, what is relevant for you—and then to execute that in a way that’s in
alignment with your core principles. This requires a heightened level of awareness, a

heightened level of sensitivity as to what is actually going on within yourself and what your
Higher Mind is feeding to you.

Balance is required to go higher in a way that is integrated. Sometimes people have bursts of
awakening and spiritual experiences where they perceive the ecstasy of whatever is beyond
this physical life, and that kind of stuff. It’s fine to have that experience, and obviously, it’s
also allowed by the Higher Mind. But if the “filing cabinet” is not ready, if it’s tilted; if the
person-construct has not developed and hasn’t trained their awareness to be able to
understand this information and appropriately integrate it, then those people end up in psych
wards or they are not understood or they will find that their social life takes turn for the

Bahamas Interview Part 3: Sensing into
“The Field”
September 8, 2016
Bahamas, March 2016 - Bentinho Massaro interviewed by Cory Katuna.

Part 3: Sensing into “The Field”

Cory: Do all of us have access to probable realities?

Bentinho: For sure. In fact, from my point of view, it’s kind of funny or interesting that
people don’t notice they have that access.

Cory: I think it’s a familiar concept, but you’re bringing awareness to it.

Bentinho: It’s quite literally like seeing probable vibratory fields around a particular person
and around their life and around their probable futures. It’s kind of hard to explain, but
instead of focusing on just the physical aspects and the physical appearance of other people,
like, “This is that person over there, and this is me over here,” if we relax our focus and
become more intuitive, we start thinking and sensing more from the heart or the gut, rather
than from the mind of separation. Then, we have an openness where we can relate more to
the space we are in, rather than to the objects that are in the space. We see the objects that are
in the space, but we surround those objects with our consciousness, with our energy, with our
feeling state.

If we include our feeling state in the space we are in, and the people who are walking around
within that space, we can experience that there is a “field” that connects all of these objects.
This field holds all of the information, and it is this field that guides these “extensions” that
we call “physical bodies” to move in a certain way or to say this or that.

You can pick up on things in the field because you are aware of the field. Perhaps you are
aware of the field with your gut or your heart, but you are caught up in your mind, so you
aren’t aware of the things you are actually aware of. Maybe you feel awkward because
something feels off, but you have no clue as to what’s going on. Once you are able to tune
into the field, if you feel awkward, you are able see why you are feeling awkward—because
there is a ripple in the field. Something happened that was out of alignment for one person in
the group, and now other people are responding to it with their lack-beliefs and they get
twisted… and then you have this social awkwardness feeling.

If you bring your feeling state, your inner intuition and sensitivity, into the field that contains
all of the objects, you can actually become aware of it and know what’s going on. You can
influence it and be the clearest person in the room, and if necessary, guide it back into

Because you are tuned into that field, you also experience phenomena, like telepathy, or
knowing what people are experiencing and that kind of stuff. Last week, I was with a group
of friends whom I know from my teenage years in Holland. They aren’t really into this
stuff—well, one or two people are sort of into it. We were playing this card game and at some
point I said, “Pick a card in your mind,” and I guessed the card. My friend was like, “Oh
shit!” Then, I asked someone else to pick a card, and it took me two tries to get the second
one right. At that point, my friend got a little freaked out, but in a fun way—she makes
everything funny. It wasn’t a big deal, but she said, “Now I’m afraid you can know what I am
thinking! When I’m thinking really dirty thoughts, can you look into my brain?” And I said,
“Well, it’s not exactly like that. It’s more that I can experience whatever you experience.” So,
she was a little freaked out, but it was kind of funny.

It was funny because I’m used to being around people who understand telepathy and such. It
was fun being in a house with eight other people for a week who are not into it. It was like
being in a completely different world, just being a buddy or a friend. It was an interesting
moment because it showed me the contrast between how used to this I am and how little
some people are used to it—how weird or foreign of a concept it still is.

It’s interesting to me that we are swimming in this ocean of vibration, we are swimming in
this field that connects all of the people who are in that field—including the whole collective,
including the whole universe. Everything is accessible in that way. But very few people know
this or understand it. And when science or evidence is provided to show that it’s possible—
for example through guessing the card you have in your mind—the fact that it still freaks
people out is interesting to me because it’s such a natural concept for me now.

So yeah, everyone has access to it. It’s just that we don’t know that we do. When we do
know, we can open up in that way. Everyone can access it, and we can all start to
communicate with fewer words. Then, when words are spoken, perhaps we will use them to
confirm things, rather than to ask about things. Or they will be used to put that “final stamp”
on the balancing aspect of whatever happened energetically; they will sort of state the
balance, like “abracadabra” or “open sesame”—a powerful word that confirms the balance
that has already been re-established. Then words become secondary or used for fun, for
joking around, or for making fun of things.

We no longer need to assume that we don’t know what’s going on with each other and then
talk about it. It’s more like we know what’s going on, so let’s talk about it if we need to, or
just notice it. And you can even send vibrations back and forth, or send thoughts back and
forth that can then balance out the whole situation, and it’s like, “Ahhh…”

Sometimes, when I’m with someone who feels out of alignment, I can become aware of their
Higher Mind and communicate with that Higher Mind to most fully serve the person. Let’s
say that a person feels somewhat out of alignment or there is some confusion or seeking
there. Sometimes I feel that I’m allowed to sort of “overwhelm” them by sending them
vibrations of love and light, all is well, this is joyful, this is free. They can pick up on that and
resolve the situation. But oftentimes, I feel that I do not have that permission because they are

meant to walk through that process themselves. In this case, I am more guided to be there in
the way of talking to them or investigating with them or asking them the right questions to
facilitate the process.

Once in a while, it involves putting a little bit of pressure on the person, while other times it’s
about taking a little bit of pressure off of them. It depends on what it feels like they require in
order to pop into the next level of awareness and to integrate that properly. But it’s also fun to
notice that sometimes I feel I am allowed to just “Poof!” and you can see the person thinking,
“I don’t know what happened, but I feel great!” That can be helpful, but in most cases, it’s
not the most helpful thing to do because then they haven’t learned as much, usually. They
haven’t figured it out; they haven’t understood it and integrated it—it’s just sort of taking
away their mis-alignment. And the next time it happens, that person might not have the tools
they would have had, if they had figured it out—if they had gone through the somewhat
tedious process of investigation and verbalization and going back and forth, until the
epiphany occurs, bringing relief and connection. In this way, alignment has been established
out of one’s own polishing and engagement with one’s own process.

Bahamas Interview Part 4: Miracles and
Non-Infringement upon Free Will
September 8, 2016
Bahamas, March 2016 - Bentinho Massaro interviewed by Cory Katuna.

Part 4: Miracles and Non-

Infringement upon Free Will
Cory: How do you know when you have permission to heal someone or to perform miracles?

Bentinho: When Jesus performed miracles and did healing, it was a very different time—not
everything was documented, not everything was so public. There was more allowance. Every
time period and every culture on this Earth is different, with a different sub-collective, with
slightly different agreements as to what is possible, what is mystery, what is a sign of God.

Let’s say you are part of a culture where everyone understands that miracles are totally
possible, but they attribute everything to some entity called “God.” Now, if some person
comes along—someone along the lines of Jesus—he is understood to be the “spokesperson”
for God, and on behalf of that entity, he can channel information. In this case, it makes sense
if that person comes across someone who is crippled and he moves his hand and commands,
“In the name of God, you are now healed!” It fits with the collective consciousness to do so,
and so that healing would actually stick. It would most likely be permanent because the
person has the belief system in place to have this experience, and he or she can file this
information appropriately so that it integrates. They attribute it to “God,” so they feel
“permitted” to be healed.

A culture like that has the required belief system in place to understand an experience like
that without it blowing their minds, because they attribute it to something they understand, or
at least they think they understand. They have a concept of “God,” and “God does miraculous
things all of the time.” We can take this back even further to when there were a lot of UFO
sightings or visitations or those kinds of experiences. For example, the Mayan culture would
not be very surprised to see a light in the sky or something like that.

Miracles depend on the culture and what the people have experienced; what they have agreed
to experience as “normal.” Even if it’s less normal than hunting, it is still within their
paradigm of what’s possible. When something like a miracle is performed, or when they see a
light in the sky, or when someone is healed, as long as they have the understanding of that
being possible—and their sub-collective consciousness agrees that it’s a possible reality—
then that reality sticks. Then, healing is not temporary, it’s not just pasting a Bandaid on
something that hurts. It is actually addressing the cause of the malady and altering that
reality. It sticks with them because they understand and believe that it’s possible.

Miracles are not about blowing people’s minds against their free will; they should not
infringe upon what you could call “The Law of Confusion,” which needs to be upheld. In this
present-day civilization, where there are iPhones recording everything all the time, and
everything instantly gets uploaded to YouTube, it seems like there is more freedom to
explore things. But at the same time, there is actually less freedom to do the abnormal,
because as soon as the abnormal is performed or is executed, it has more of a probability of
infringing upon the collective agreements. If people aren’t ready to accept that these things
are possible, then these things are not allowed to be shown in that way.

Experiences like healing can only happen on a case-by-case basis, in private, when nothing is
being recorded, and when that person already has belief systems in place that allow for the
experience. That’s why every healer or teacher has a very different experience, depending on
the person they are working with—you are literally working with the belief systems that
person has in place and the theme that is relevant for them to explore.

So, it’s never generic. You can never generalize the experience of healing or performing
miracles; it’s always on a case-by-case basis. It requires the utmost sensitivity to be able to
tune into what is possible in the moment, or rather, what will not infringe upon The Law of
Confusion, or free will.

We can only un-confuse people by offering an example of how we can live within the
parameters of what they understand is possible, and we can stretch that a little bit at a time.
But if we go too far beyond that paradigm too suddenly, it will not be integrated. Instead, it
will be disintegrated and chaotic, and it will not serve their journey as much as it could when
it is done gently or gradually. We can stretch the boundaries of The Law of Confusion, but
we are not allowed to infringe upon it by saying, “Hey, let me show you what’s possible—
you can do this and you can do that.” It wouldn’t make sense to people’s journeys.

So again, it is always on a case-by-case basis. You sense into it based on the sensitivity of the
field. If you bring your feeling-state into the field that connects all of the objects within the
field, you will find that you can pick up on vibrations and discern what is relevant and what is
not relevant for someone, what is serving them and what is not serving them, what would
push them to the limit, and when you should take some of the pressure off. It’s a very
delicate, case-by-case matter; there is no guidebook for it.

Bahamas Interview Part 5: The Finer
Aspects of Shepherding Consciousness
September 8, 2016
Bahamas, March 2016 - Bentinho Massaro interviewed by Cory Katuna.

Part 5: The Finer Aspects of

“Shepherding Consciousness” is a term I reserve for the utmost balanced consciousness or
being; it doesn’t just refer to “people who want to serve.” There are tons of people who want
to serve, but I reserve this term for a consciousness or an individual who has developed
themselves sufficiently enough to where they are so emptied out of personal self and bias that
they can actually be sensitive to what is relevant for another person. Only in that state of
emptiness and clarity and intuitiveness can you truly be of service without imposing your
own beliefs upon the situation.

Many teachers and healers are working with this at their own edge. They are playing with,
“Okay, am I allowed to heal this person? If so, how much?” There are many people
practicing this. With Shepherding Consciousness, if we are talking about it being close to the
ultimate that a human being can achieve, there is a fine balance to be maintained.

First of all, there must be an acceptance of the fact that people are at where they are at. The
sort of egoic or eager, youthful sense of, “I want to change the world!” or “I want to save this
person!” or “I want to heal this person!” is no longer driven by personal bias. It is understood
that everything is essentially perfect, and even that which seems to be out of alignment is in
service to the journey of the individual you are engaging with.

You have to have a whole picture of the being that you are interacting with; a holistic view of
their journey. You can’t come from the place of “Hey, you seem to be crippled—let me help
you out.” You need to understand why are they crippled. Is it still serving them to be
crippled? Are they crippled because they have out of alignment beliefs? Are they crippled
because they used to have out of alignment beliefs, but now that they are used to being
crippled, they have beliefs that they are crippled, which continue the experience of being
crippled when they no longer need to be crippled. Do they still continue to need to be
crippled? Have they extracted all the learning from that experience? And so on.

You need to be very sensitive about this, without communicating it verbally, per se. You
must be sensitive to someone’s field in order to understand where they are at in their journey,
so that you know exactly what you can offer—at what time you can offer it and how you can
offer it. It’s always on a case by case basis, and it requires the utmost sensitivity. Most of all,
it requires someone to have gone through a lot of experience around being willing and
devoted to be of the utmost service, without including personal bias in that experience. There
must be an emptiness of self in order to be a fully reflective mirror that is able to have that
Shepherding Consciousness. It is definitely not about showing off or ripping roofs off of
houses. That’s the “youthful” version of Shepherding Consciousness, but over time, you learn
that it’s not the best thing to do.

Matthias: Is it the same when delivering truth to people?

Bentinho: Absolutely. The same thing applies when to delivering truth to people—spiritual
instruction. That’s why every retreat is different; it depends on the crowd. When there are a
lot of new people coming to my retreat, I feel personally less permitted to go in-depth. On the
other hand, if I’m doing an interview like this, which is then posted on YouTube, each person
can be guided to it individually as their Higher Mind pleases to guide them. It gives me much
more freedom to go in-depth because it is up to the person to either listen or not.

If people come to my retreat and they have a certain expectation of, “He is going to teach me
how to manifest this house I desire” or “He is going to teach me how to achieve peace of
mind,” then I’m not allowed to go as deep, and therefore, it’s more of a generic, basic retreat.
But if the retreat consists of perhaps fewer people, or people who have gone through
Trinfinity Academy’s lessons and who are more mature in my teachings, or if they have
followed me for a long time—if this is the majority of people who are part of that retreat,
then there is sort of a “collective voting” happening, and the vote is for, “Let’s take this to the
next level.” When I feel that collective vote from the people I’m interacting with, and since
it’s a closed environment, then we can take it much further, because I feel I have that
“permission.” It works that way with groups, and it works that way with the entire collective,
as well.

This also applies to some of the projects we are working on at Trinfinity. We have to be
sensitive as to the timing of when to do certain things, when to engage, and when to release
certain products. It’s all plugged into the collective as One Being, gradually evolving
(rapidly, but gradually). A lot of sensitivity is involved. It’s not just, “Oh, I have a great idea,
let’s do this!” Instead, it’s a process. It requires a holistic view to execute an idea
successfully, to the point where it expands what is possible and can also be integrated by the
people you are serving. To have that patience and balance requires a lot of emptying out of
your personal biases.

Bahamas Interview Part 6: The Fear of
Not Being Safe
September 8, 2016
Bahamas, March 2016 - Bentinho Massaro Interviewed by Cory Katuna.

Part 6: The Fear of Not Being

Cory: A few weeks ago with the team at Jo’s house, there was this feeling we all noticed that
was very sweet. It felt like borderline “telepathy” and that we are all operating as one. I
remember you said, “Isn’t it interesting that the issue we are still kind of working on is
safety?” When did you get over that? When did safety stop becoming a factor for you?

Bentinho: I’m not sure when I stopped caring in that way. I think it’s a natural result of being
so grounded in your own energy, so grounded in the field, and so grounded in a more
expanded, sensitive awareness identity, that one’s chakras—those intersections of energy—
no longer flare up when there’s a situation you have defined in your past as being
“dangerous” and therefore, you need to protect yourself.

It’s interesting to notice that even in a group where the focal-point or goal of the group, or the
intention that makes that group thrive, is 4th Density living—which is connected, telepathic,
free from concerns and worries and fears, connecting as One Being—even in those amplified
moments of connection, the thing that still prevents that from being the case all the time is
that we are still in our own bubbles of, “How do I come across to the group?” or “How is this
going to sound?” and so on.

I don’t know how I stopped caring about that stuff. You just have to shift your vibration, shift
your awareness, expand, don’t identify with the part of yourself that feels afraid, which is the
body. It’s the body focus that makes us feel so at stake. When you gain the feeling state of the
I-AM, of presence and awareness, and even the Infinity beyond and including all of that, it
becomes harder and harder to hold on to the “I am separate” point of view. It can still flare
up, but you notice it and it’s very easy to unfold it, to unwind it. When you have sufficient
experience of your True Self, there is naturally no fear of others because, are we not One?
There is no separation.

Cory: What is required to fully resolve the fear of not being safe?

Bentinho: Awareness. Not really time or practice so much—a little bit of practice maybe, a
little bit of time—but mostly awareness. Awareness of the fact that this fear is still happening
for the self, and awareness of the ridiculousness, non-necessity, and redundancy of it. That
cuts through a lot of time and practice. You only need practice if you aren’t really aware of
the paradigm you have previously practiced. You don’t really have practice your new
paradigm so much when you realize your old paradigm is redundant. Awareness is key.

Prioritization, having your priorities straight, is important. Notice what you’re doing and see
that it doesn’t make sense. The intellect is very capable of guiding this whole journey, in a
way. The intellect is what becomes intuitive. Intuition and intellect are really the same mental
body. If you were to simply be very clear in your thinking, in your analyzing, you could
achieve a very profound state of freedom and enlightenment. Because when you are very,
very logical you can see when something doesn't make sense. When you see that you’ve been
practicing an egoic response, or a fear response, and you clearly see that it’s not necessary,
then you stop doing it. It’s a very logical progress.

Awareness is required for any change. That’s it, really. Awareness of what’s happening and
then prioritizing—becoming more logical.

Cory: It’s easy for you, it seems, to define what’s happening and then move onto a new

Bentinho: It takes practice, I guess. I’ve had a lot of practice.

Cory: It feels like the creative part of all of this. It’s like …

Bentinho: Are you referring to having this whole field of information, and then being able to
pick out what is most relevant, what the obstacle is, what the solution to the obstacle is, and
what the new paradigm is—the most relevant and important thing?

Cory: Sort of. It’s like when you’re teaching and you can explain exactly what just happened
for someone, like, “This was a peak and this was a valley,” or whatever. You have this really
concise, feel-good way to interpret everything, and I think that’s one of the reasons you are
such a relief for so many people. They can’t come up with those definitions on their own, or
at least it’s a lot harder. So, because you have the story about what just happened…

Bentinho: Nice. I like that perception. And I agree, it takes practice. It requires developing a
larger “dictionary” with more definitions at your disposal for any given moment—more
perspectives of the scenario. You need to be able to see each scenario from multiple angles. If
you train yourself to do this, it becomes easier to more quickly respond to a scenario from
different angles and choose the angle that combines the most balanced approach. But you
can’t really do that when you’re coming from a very biased point of view.

That’s why I say Shepherding Consciousness is kind of up there, in terms of evolution of

human consciousness—because it requires practice in becoming unbiased and seeing a
scenario, not from your own point of view, but from all points of view. And then
transcending all points of view, which includes all of the balances and imbalances of all of
the lower points of view, so that the actual point of view that is being executed and chosen in
that moment is the most balanced one you can think of.

That responsiveness happens faster and faster, but your Higher Mind will throw more
complex situations at you in order for you to get better and better at it. It’s like a puzzler
moving through different creations of puzzles—you get bigger and bigger puzzles to solve,
and the better you become at it, the more you are allowed to serve humanity at a larger and
grander scale. Ideally, our politicians would have this capacity. Our leaders, those whom we
look up to, would have these types of skills and would be well trained. In different
civilizations, and in certain cultures on our own planet, this tends to happen. The leader is
chosen naturally; the leader is the one who is the most balanced and fair in his or her
responses and choices.

Maybe we should create a course for politicians! Or just… fuck ‘em, you know, bypass all of
the systems. We just start leading from the ground up—that’s actually more exciting

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October 17, 2016

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The Corrupt System - Great Suffering
requires Great Compassion
October 27, 2016

Great Suffering requires Great Compassion

In recent months I have been exposed to information from several insiders regarding
organized crimes initiated and maintained from the highest levels of authority (beyond 'the
government'), and have been privy to the corruption of this world's incompetent, selfish, and
abusive leadership, and the atrocities they commit on a daily basis, often leading back
hundreds, sometimes thousands of years--but reaching an all time high in the past several

To mention a few things: organized kidnappings by our own leaders, child pornography and
child (and adult) murders for money, slave-trade both on-world and off-world, ritualistic
torture and sexual abuse/trafficking, sophisticated techniques to control the minds of this
collective at large and keep us small and believing we're powerless; including you and your
life whether you know this yet or not, among many other crimes too disgusting to mention
against demographics that have no physical or intellectual means to defend themselves
properly. And there is no body of government out there able to stand up for the rights of these
demographics, or unlucky participants. The system is broken. This must come as no news to
you, and yet... The corruption runs way deeper than most any of us can wrap our minds

Practically everything we see out there is a front, a game intended for us to be seen. As
human minds, we are living in a matrix of control and delusion. That's why it is becoming
increasingly more important for the many to WAKE UP and enlighten themselves not only
on the truth of what's going on, but more importantly: we need to educate the people on the
nature of Consciousness, the truth of our being, and the innate beauty and abundance of our

My Challenge

Something I'm ever challenged with in my 'position' as a teacher/leader in my own way, is to
be aware of the mess and the horrors, yet to not be consumed by them vibrationally for longer
than is necessary for me to 'get it' (the negative side's motives, and the victim's side
experience) and understand and feel compassion for all parties involved.

If I am to do my part as a leader of a New Earth by 2035 well, I cannot allow myself to dwell
on the wrongdoings and seeming unfairness of those whose currently failing regime still to
this day organizes and abuses the many.

When I learn new facts of what has been secretly happening behind the scenes of what is
supposed to be our governing body--our parental system looking out for the greater good--I
take a little bit of time to engage in that information so fully and without fear or hesitation, so
that it can rip my little world apart for a moment and show me the reality of what many
people have been or still are experiencing. And I feel it as my duty to shed light where I can.
To bring forth equality where possible.

Being exposed to the nature of our controlling bodies and agencies posing as our saviors and
safe-keepers while raping our civilization in secret, fills me with many perspectives, ranging
from brief and momentary outrage and disbelief, to compassion, tears and profound love and
gratitude/respect for all victims, and ultimately to compassion and love for the perpetrators at
a deeper level of their being as well. But most of all it fills me with inspiration to find out
how I can continue to contribute to transform this collective into the world that truly every
living being deserves it to be: Happy, friendly, loving, abundant, free.

I have many sub-themes (blueprints) operating within my overall theme/blueprint for this life,
all of which are of a certain significance and influence concerning many other-selves, making
it sometimes puzzling and challenging to find the right balance of perspectives to multi-
dimensionally be able to be of most balanced service to all those who I influence directly or
indirectly with my being here.

Each time I learn of new layers of this global corruption, I am left feeling more compassion
for All That Is, less ability to position myself firmly in one perspective of 'for or against', and
gradually develop an ever bigger, more complete picture of The One's Infinite Creation by no
longer holding on to bias. After all, what do I know? I have to accept the will of All That Is.
All has to be included in my view as equally valid if I wish to be transcendent and powerful
in my service to others.

What We Can Do as Shepherds of a New

When we hear of these atrocities, we cannot linger for too long in the negative vibration of
those polarities, if we wish to be of effective service. We must maintain hope and faith and
inspiration to do right by those who actively wish to co-create a fairer, more balanced planet
Earth. We have to acknowledge and feel the pain that is out there, understand it, not run from
it yet not indulge in its misery, extract our desire and true intention from it as light-bringers,

and re-submit our votes for wanting to stay in the game of this life, and be of service for as
long and as fully as we can.

If we wish to be effective shepherds to this world full of beings, we have to utilize the pain
and suffering of this world--which yes, is still enormous and wide-spread on one level--and
find it in our hearts to access that Great Compassion which encompasses not only 'the good'
but sees the synergy between good and evil, and the constant agreement that exists between
the two polarities.

As much as the human nature in us--and the limited scope of what our minds can perceive
and reason with--would love to choose sides and polarize 'against' the perpetrators, we cannot
allow ourselves to fall prey to this polarization; for it divides us and puts us out of touch with
our innate power. 'Choosing sides' too much greatly diminishes our ability to serve the light
coming forth into this sphere at this time. We have to do better than just be protestors. We
have to become both sides and transcend them, so that we can truly bring forth an equality
that carries with it unconditional love for all.

Hence my hesitation with starting channels of disclosure on our upcoming Trinfinity TV

platform, of the many forms of secrecy, because I know that it is human nature to fall into
pain and misery upon seeing pain and misery and what looks like victimization.

I am privy to some of these details--as you can all be if you so desire--but it is my job to
focus on the positive aspect of this time for this transformational species: humanity. We need
to forgive both the victims and the perpetrators, and ourselves for not knowing. We have to
let love shine brighter than the polarities of this world. We have to be beyond good and evil if
we wish to serve the balanced good.

Great suffering, or awareness of others' great suffering, in a compassionate being either

conjures up great anger if that being feels disempowered to inspire change, or great
compassion if that being knows their innate connection to the Creator and All That Is.

Let it be great compassion that we choose, even if briefly preluded by an initial burst of
outrage and anger. Let others' and your own suffering and victimization beliefs break you
open into disbelief, only to have faith in humanity once again after you process these
emotions with love for self and other-self. Come back to having faith in Humanity's
immediate future. Have faith against all odds, over and over again. Believe in a New Earth
by--or before--2035.

The less you take a stance, the more powerful you can be of service in a balanced way.

You are Loved and Supported by the Infinite

I love you my friends, and my heart goes out to all the suffering available in this universe,
and in particular on this planet. It is good to remember that although this planet seems to beg
of us to recognize the suffering that abounds--suffering is ultimately a temporary illusion as
much as this physical life is a temporary illusion we engage in for the sake of soul-learning.

Or as one service-to-self oriented entity once said to a service-to-others audience: "Please
remember, that although we play out this earthly game on seemingly opposite sides, in
between lives, we are best friends."

Without the dark, who would we be?

That being said, it's time for a fucking change on this planet. Enough is enough; and the time
is come. We are ready for transparency and the collapse of all the old structures until the new
ones arise organically out of the rubble. And, we are not alone in this universe. We will
receive advanced and skillful help once we have made the change internally as a species
ourselves. Once we are Awake and Dedicated to a truer collective experience.

I encourage you all to be the most radiant, fearless, bold expressions of your self and your
talents you know how to be, and to always feel supported by the forces of light within you
and around you. You are one with the One Infinite Creator. Trust in that, and in this
community of people with similar care and vision.

My love goes out to all beings. True Divine Love is non-local and omnidirectional. Thank
you, dark side, for showing us what we are capable of becoming. We love you, as we love
ourselves, as we love our shared Infinite Creator.


Bentinho Massaro
#NewEarth2035 #Trinfinity

PS - To learn more about our projects to ensure an Enlightened Civilization by 2035, check

How Knowing that you're Always Full of
Shit can Set you Free Beyond your
Wildest Dreams
December 7, 2016

"Are you full of shit?" The answer is: Yes. Absolutely. More than you'll ever know...

Let me just start by saying that if this article pisses you off, you are really full of shit and this
is exactly what you need.

A brief intro: A remarkable man by the name of Anurag Gupta shared one of his principles
with me: "you don't know anything and you're always full of shit." That's the premise from
which he authentically operates and coaches multi-million dollar businesses. I have rarely
met a man that has embodied the sheer incorruptible freedom of the here and now as much as
he seems to have. I was unexpectedly impressed by his standards for himself.

This gave me the inspiration to write an article using this pointer exclusively. Bear with me,
as I will repeat myself frequently in this article from slightly different points of
view, because I really want you to get this. It can change your life for ever:

Are you taking yourself seriously? Like, at

all? Stop it.
Whenever we take ourselves seriously, that's a clear sign that we have forgotten to be present
to our innate freedom. We have lost sight of the freshness and meaninglessness of the here
and now. Can you sense any kind of tightness in your belief system at the moment? Are you
serious in any way? If so, realize that you're full of shit. You are assuming things to be true
that are completely made up.

As soon as we remember that we are full of shit for believing our assessments point toward
anything real 'out there', we are free... unless we don't want to admit being full of shit
because we'd rather be right. If we'd rather be right and weak than free and powerful, it means
we have decided to believe in something entirely untrue to the point where we take ourselves
seriously again.

I dare you to accept that everything you've ever said, done, thought, and concluded was you
being full of shit. Everything you will ever do, say, think or believe is also completely made
up. Acknowledge this. Admit it. Own it. Be free.

Everything is made up of optional agreements

It's extremely liberating to realize nothing ever decided upon is ever true. I often say at
my retreats to practice never arriving at any conclusions about anything, for it robs you of
your power to create and see (and love) things as they are.

Everything is optional. The world as we know it is just a bunch of agreements, decisions,

choices, assessments and points of view. None of them are true. Everyone is full of shit.
Clearly, for all our opinions and 'hard truths' are all allowed to co-exist. Hard truths cannot
logically co-exist.

If something is absolutely true, there is no room in that something for a contradicting truth.
This principle alone proves that nobody has the power to assess something truthfully. Every
idea is dreamlike and optional. We're all creating our own reality by deciding what is true for
us deliberately, or unconsciously. Realizing this gives us back our sense of Soul and when
done consistently and with dedication, releases all tethers and anchors to an illusory
externalized reality toward which we could only ever feel like a victim.

Opinions, conclusions or even simple, seemingly innocent every day assessments such as
"this cookie seems stale" or "I'm running out of toothpaste" are completely made up and
based in absolutely nothing but the assessment itself believing in itself (thoughts taking
themselves serious enough to become beliefs or held assessments). More relevant--but not
more true--examples when it comes to personal growth are assessments such as: "this person
doesn't like me very much" or "I'm late for my appointment again."

I'm not saying to not make an effort to be on time and honor your integrity using common
sense, but at the same time you can always see in the moment that any assessment is just an
optional assessment that has no ground other than its own chosen point of view.

Any assessment made unnoticed ALWAYS obscures the purity of the Here and Now with a
layer of assumption that limits us from using our connection to Source and its Law of
Attraction efficiently and organically to create miracles every day.

A definition of being delusional: agreeing with our own thinking that something is true
about something, and then forgetting that it was our own idea.

Acting from the moment itself, rather than

reacting from our thoughts about it
If we're honest with ourselves, we can start to see clearly that none of our assessments or
points of views are ever proven by the present moment itself. It's our own arrogance that turns
a simple observation into a solid and imprisoning conclusion.

Every time we don't notice that we're making an assessment, we take a dump unto reality as it
is and sink in our own shit. Being free takes constant dedication and vigilance. Something we
will only deliver on if we truly see the benefit of living in this raw, unfiltered, free and
uncompromising state of being all the time. Only once we value this more than a mediocre,
suffering-filled, righteous life, will we put in the commitment and genuine effort required to
utilize the freedom of the here and now effectively.

So again, we're always full of shit and there's no end to how full of shit we are. The
rabbit hole of being full of shit never ends, so stop seeking for the end of it. Instead, make an
effort to always actively see that right now, nothing you are thinking is true. Suddenly, you'll
find yourself powerfully grounded in reality (freedom) itself. Always Now. Fresh. Unafraid.

If anything you thought were to actually be absolutely true, all of reality would stop existing.
Everything in all of creation would take the shape of that assessment. After all, if something
is true, it must be true always. If it's not true always, it's not true ever; it's optional. When we
believe in something optional as being true, we are lost in a projected world of illusion;
caught in our own web of constricting assumptions.

When we forget our assessment is untrue, we

bind ourselves to its proposed reality

The moment we forget that our assessments are just assessments with no actual basis in
reality (ever!), the assessment crystallizes itself in the form of a subconscious belief.

You can picture this like a definition about something taking on the shape of a stake that's put
in the ground right there and then, to which you are now tethered as if by an energetic elastic
band limiting your freedom of movement. Now that you have forgotten that you are the
creator of your own definitions, you have delegated your beliefs to run your life for you. You
have become a little bit more automatic, stuck, and effectively given away your free will.
You're always limited by the definitions you have but no longer see as simply being

You will now have to navigate around this believed-in assessment in order to find alternate
ways to feel good within the prison of your own web of assessments-posing-as-reality. That
is, until you are suddenly willing to remember and accept that you are nothing but full of shit
and that holding on to your excuses, avoidance and assessments as 'right' or 'true' or 'smart' or
'reflective of the way reality actually works' is simply no longer worth the heaviness that
destroys your joy and efficiency in life.

Again, when we forget that an assessment is just an unreal, optional assessment, in our minds
we have turned this definition into something that we will subconsciously relate to as 'real.'
Now we're victims of our own creation because whatever we think of as 'real' or 'this is the
way it is' becomes immovable. As long as we keep regenerating the state of awareness of our
freedom and our full-of-shit-ness, we keep our freedom to create instead of react.

Just remember: if you choose to replace existing definitions with preferred ones, make sure
you remember the new stories are also completely unreal; they're just the ones you prefer to
use in that moment or context. But don't make the mistake again of believing they are any
more true than your previously chosen sack of lies. This is all totally okay to realize; in fact it
can be experienced as extremely funny, empowering and ever humbling.

An example:

>> A man sees a woman approach from 50 feet away.

>> Man thinks that this woman is beautiful and out of his league (this is his assessment) but
forgets that he has the power to assess as he sees fit. He forgets to bring acute awareness to
the fact that this thought is just one of infinite optional and equally untrue definitions of the
essentially neutral and meaning-free present moment.
>> There is nothing in the present moment that proves that this woman is beautiful and out of
his league. It's a completely made up story; an agreement he just made with himself believing
it was 'true'.
>> Since the man is not acutely aware of the fact that his assessment was optional, he has
now become full of shit and greatly limited his ability to source his own experience freely.
He has given up a big chunk of his free will and delegated the control of his experience to a
believed-in assessment.
>> The only path back to his innate state of freedom and creative power would be for him to
realize that his assessment was not true; it was completely optional. (Upon realizing we're full
of shit, we're significantly less full of shit, at least for that pristine moment that we generate
an acute and present moment awareness of this.)
>> The woman now gets closer to the man and because the man has lost sight of the here and
now and assumed that his assessment of her was true, he will now think and feel according to
his previously unconsciously crystallized assessment (now a belief).
>> He feels shy and disempowered as she walks by. Nothing in the actual experience caused
this; it was only his full of shit conviction that triggered this response.
>> The man has literally stopped interacting consciously with the present moment as it is--
based on pure resonance and intuition--because man assumed his assessment was true.
>> The man feels a true resonance to talk to the woman, but as she walks by him, the man is
still not grounded in the purity and raw freedom and power of the here and now, and instead
inevitably reacts to his belief that she is actually beautiful and out of his league, consequently
missing out on a moment of joyfully creating his reality and following his heart confidently.

Can you handle the intensity required to

realize your freedom? Do you want it more
than anything?
If you want to be free more than anything, you will have to commit to repeatedly see that
you're full of shit because nothing you think ever has any ground to stand on. Repeat these
moments of total freedom, and you will quickly return to the state of innocence, power,
creativity, flow, passion, joy, (re)source(fulness), bliss and 'truth.' Not 'the truth', just true
being. From thinking to being. From excuses to honesty. From assuming illusions to the
actual here and now; the only seat of your infinite connection to Source.

The consistent experience of freedom requires us to laugh about how serious we take
ourselves every single moment we're not paying attention. Whenever you feel a heaviness
creep in, just remember that whatever assumptions this feeling must be based on (because
your natural state always feels light and free when unobscured) are by definition full of shit:
instantly stop believing in every assessment you're energetically holding within yourself.
Practice instant letting go upon noticing tension, remembering that if you feel tension you
MUST be full of shit in your assessments of life. Otherwise you'd feel GREAT.

Ahhh... the relief of innocence returning into the body and the mind of the creator that you
are. Soooo good. Raw, true, rich, free, real. Finally, the bullshit ends with your decision to
accept that you don't know anything.

In summary: Nothing you're thinking right now can be true. Nothing you've ever thought
has been true. Nothing anyone else is thinking or has ever thought is/has been true.
Everybody is full of shit and that is amazingly good news! It means the clean canvas of the
present moment can never be distorted or affected by our assessments. Thank god we are
making all this shit up and that none of it is actually real.

If you get this and accept it joyfully over and over again, you will find a freedom that cannot
be taken by any loss, anyone or any authority. You become unrobbable of your joy, clarity,
integrity and creative power. When you're connected to Source, you can create anything.

Enjoy your birth right. Total freedom. Do the work, and you will see real results. Many
thanks to Anurag for inspiring this article and myself.

• Anurag and I might do a session or workshop together sometime soon. Stay tuned to the
events section of my website.
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Living: How To Manifest an Epic Life

To Live from a Room with No Walls -
Conversation with a Friend
February 11, 2017

From a private conversation on 02/11/17:

Cory: I wanna hear about what's going on with you. I wanna understand.

Bentinho: In a nutshell perhaps this is the understanding you're looking for. If not we can
talk in greater depth later:

I generally see so many points of view that it's hard to have a bias. It's hard to land on one
particular point of view, statement or expression when you can see from a vast empty space
that contains everything, and where each thing appears as an equally valid expression of
truth, or of the Infinite.

So imagine coming from that space, it's impossible to express yourself truthfully without
staying silent. The truest expression of my being which would be the closest representation of
how I see life in each moment, would be to remain quiet and vast, all-inclusive, all-
embracing, spacious, loving. In that state of radiating the vastness, I don't generally appear
very 'human' or 'interactive.'

But sometimes life calls for an expression. Oftentimes actually. If I were to remain silent all
the time I would forsaken/ignore the aspect of my incarnation which is here to stand up for
certain things and be an example of being 'someone'. Me expressing myself in specific forms
and ways is foundational to certain portions of my teachings which I feel genuinely benefit

The predicament here for me is that expressing myself outwardly in the form of speech,
taking a stance, making a statement or in any other way of expressing myself as having a
point of view... it just never feels truthful to who I am. It always feels like I'm method acting.
It may feel partially true, or it may feel relevant as a balancing act towards my environment
or revealing of the taboos or biases that are subconsciously held in the recipients of my self-
expression, but at the heart of it: any expression--any stance--is a deviation from who I really
am and how I really see life.

I can never express myself authentically completely. My beingness is complete. Its radiance
is complete, but as soon as I use any of my vehicles (mental/emotional/speech/physical
bodies) I become partial, I have to distort myself to some degree; I become 'human.' And
that's totally okay and it's a part of why I am here: to get my hands dirty where necessary. I'm
not here to portrait myself as perfect, flawless, godliness. I will inevitably be seen as 'being
human' as a result of the expressions I allow to come through my bodies. It just never feels
completely true.

The thing is, I have to act in total congruency with my chosen stance or balancing act in each
of these expressions, or there would be no power behind the expression. It would not be

convincing. It has to be 'real.' It would feel empty or fake or powerless otherwise. So in order
to achieve this, I have agreed to become an embodiment of the expression that needs to come
through. It'll appear to be who I am in that moment. It'll use all of my bodies to execute that
expression. I will feel the emotion, I will have the thoughts, and I will speak and have the
bodily and facial expressions to go with the point of view that wants to express something, be
an example of something, or defend/balance something.

Once I've made the choice to express something because I feel that the ripples it will cause
are beneficial in some way, even when I know it's about to get messy and my image may get
tainted, I have to allow all my bodies (spiritual, mental, emotional, energetic, physical) to line
up in accordance with that expression, or it wouldn't have the desired effect. And so I do. I
quite literally and willingly 'become human.'

The inevitable consequence of this—unless the recipients of this expression know the same
space I come from within themselves and can see through the method acting—is that I will be
perceived and identified by the recipients to be the person behind what I just expressed. They
generally think it comes from a place of confusion or personal need. The tricky part in this is
that although I have let go of attachment to how people perceive me, there is another balance
to maintain; which is that if I go too far in the partial expressions that I allow, and if I don’t
balance it out with periods of appearing more flawless and remaining more silent, the likely
result of this will be that people will no longer benefit from the teachings as much because
they believe the teacher behind these teachings is a lunatic, or not walking his talk, or messed
up. Which would practically undermine my entire life’s work up to this point and the benefit
that it could continue to give to millions down the road.
In fact, there are already many people out there who have strict guidelines for how a spiritual
teacher ought to appear, and I have crossed their lines a while ago. They have decided to no

longer directly benefit from my work. They have shut that window of potential benefit. They
already believe I am who I expressed myself to be in a moment in the past, and they have
given up on my work because that's the personality they think I am limited to.

I have never wanted to be attached to my self-image because it inhibits how of service I can
be, but at the same time there is a wisdom and necessity to maintaining some form of control
as not to undermine too much the work that I've created so far. But this is really not a
personal attachment, it's simply being able to recognize that I came here to be of benefit, and
to see that certain actions generate benefit to a certain extent, but these very same expressions
of benefit, when not balanced or taken too far into the acting atmosphere can also cause
greater detriment than benefit as they have the ability to undermine the value people perceive
in this message. So as with everything, it's a balance. This one in particular is quite subtle and
involves so many little bells and whistles that I have to admit I get confused every once in a
while and need to really pause the process to catch up with everything that's happening.

Now all this doesn't mean that I don't have any personal challenges, for I do. I really AM a
little energetically jaded recently and I have been recuperating from that. But even that is part
of being of service as well as forming a part of my personal journey, for there's a deeper
aspect to this impartial space choosing to express itself partially from time to time (or
regularly when there's people around) because it seems to cause benefit in some way to do so.
And that deeper level is that sometimes in order to express something that causes a ripple
effect of learning and benefit into the community, I will have to become the result of a chain
of cascading events that far supersede the more simple example of me expressing an opinion
in a short moment for the benefit of balancing out some misperception that's hanging in the

This more comprehensive molding of my bodies sometimes will last for months or even years
to have me reach a certain level of experience, learning or breakthrough or frustration, so that
I can express the embodiment of that in a completely lived and weathered way toward the
world as an example. In other words my bodies can pick up on ideas or imbalances and
illnesses in such a way that it will have a function later on for the benefit of others, while also
always of course teaching me greater clarity, precision, love, wisdom, oneness, and

Not sure if this is the understanding you were looking for, but it may help clarify some of my
behavior. Though I think I've expressed this to you or the team before.

Cory: That's great actually. I somehow forgot that. The stuff you've been posting lately feels
so partial; so biased that it's hard to remember you're voluntarily entering a bubble reality in
order to 'fully act something out' and extract the learning from it. That actually just sorta puts
the whole thing to bed.

With this stuff right now though specifically, do you already know what balance you're
aiming toward? I won't tell anyone if you don't want me to, it might postpone or diminish the
benefits for folks. After your response to my comment on your post it was just like okay yeah
I believe him, this is all relevant, I don't know shit, and I wanna know what the higher
perspective is. What's getting balanced with all this?

Bentinho: It's subtle and far reaching stuff, half of which I don't have conscious knowledge
of because there are so many people affected by my public choices these days, and I don't
know consciously half of what they are dealing with or how they take it or what cascading
ripple effects it generates. The beautiful thing about this 'mechanism' of being a shepherding
consciousness, a mirror to the collective, is that I get to feel whether or not the probable
benefit outweighs the trouble.

In intuitively expressing statements that cause ripple effects, I can feel whether it's necessary
and beneficial or not to be an expression of something even before I know exactly how it's
going to be beneficial. I have learned to recognize it when a 'package of expression' comes to
me that wants to come through my bodies and find its expression in the world, usually for the
purpose of generating greater balance and/or expansion in a large group of people.

But there are certain effects I can share of which I am aware so far with my recent chain of
expressions, and they're pretty easy to witness by simply seeing how people have responded
to my last few posts on Facebook:

• People were triggered to think more for themselves.

• People felt inspired to think/create more for themselves.
• People were inspired to step up in one way or another as a community of co-creators.
• People were made to think how much they value an awakened civilization, and in what way
they personally want to contribute to that and be a part of it.
• People re-prioritized their lives, or at least certain aspects of it.
• Some people allowed themselves more permission to feel like they own the teachings
within themselves because I showed a more human process.
• People were empowered to feel different degrees of compassion for another human being
(me mostly in this case, but it increases their ability to feel compassion for all of life).
• People were able to pull me off some of their subconscious pedestals and really own their
own power.
• People were able to relate to me more and open their own hearts and vulnerability/love
more as a result.

There are many other effects but these are the general once I've observed so far.

Cory: Nice yeah that does feel like the main 'result' so far — people getting empowered and
taking more ownership of their lives.

Jesus so I'm starting to sense this a little-- it feels scary as hell. Like your 'human' is going
through the ringer, and you know it's about to go down and be hard and trigger people and be
unpopular and make you look bad, but it feels true so you don't even question it. You just rest
in the confidence that it's for the best and you patiently observe the effects along with the rest
of us? It's like an utter detachment from the human experience, but it looks the opposite.
Lord. I've heard you talk about this stuff before but to feel it now is daunting / contracting. So
really you're just sitting back, so confident and identified with the 'real you'-- the nonhuman
you-- that none of the human drama or repercussions or negative feedback lands for you?
You just know to follow it because it feels true?

Makes me wonder tho like, when do you take feedback from people? Or do you not? Do you
have any blindspots that others can expose for you?

Bentinho: All of the above feels true except I cannot say that none of the drama ever lands
for me. My bodies are engaged in this process and so I am made to feel at least some of the
repercussions of the initial expressions. It does land sometimes and even hits a personal note
still at times. Especially when people don't seem to respond with any degree of understanding
the deeper reason behind the expression, when they lose utter faith in me as their beloved
friend/teacher (which means I crossed their threshold of believability), when they display
their blindness to anything but their own judgments, or when I get sucked in for a second
tempted to respond from a place of partiality (I've learned to allow this less and less), or when
friends don't understand it or support it and I feel the chosen expression causes a rift in my
core circle of friends and co-creators.

This last version of the repercussions usually means I have to wait until the misperceptions
get big enough, or the rift gets big enough, to where they initiate some kind of flawed
behavior toward me that trigger a conversation, or until they simply initiate a conversation
(which they are usually a bit scared of it seems). I generally don't feel I have the permission
to interfere with their process of dealing with their projections of me. But in the meantime,
the friendship and the ability to work together in any meaningful way is severed until further

Since some version or level of this partial expression and the consequent projections are
generally always going on, having the experience of real friends is a bit of a rare commodity
for me. But I happily accept this consequence as it allows me to be of service more than if I
were to play it safe and always seem consistent outwardly. Maybe that time of silence or
absence of any significant partial expressions will come some day, when I can no longer
carry the energetic repercussions of playing with the mud, or when it feels no longer of
service, and resign to complete absorption as I no longer make my vehicles available for
these energetic requests from the collective. We'll see.

As to your question regarding whether I take feedback or not:

I do take feedback to heart, and it does allow me to see more of myself, it just rarely is the
way people think it is. So they may point something out in me that they think comes from an
unconscious place, but it generally doesn't. Then I learn something else as a result of their
interaction with me, or their mistrust of me, which shows me something or teaches me more
about how to be even cleaner in these types of situations next time, how to take things even
less personally. But yes the feedback people give me seems to rarely be as it seems. Rarely is
it accurate. I always have to dig through to find something else valuable in the feedback that
was not directly stated. But I do generally take it to heart and extract benefit/learning from

And what has always seemed tricky to me to admit and to fully surrender to is that oftentimes
it actually seems that by me not even considering people's feedback, I actually remain the
purest and cleanest that I can during such a process. The more I take on other people's views,
the more the original intention tends to be obscured or distorted along the way. So during this
process over the past decade or so, I have learned to trust myself more and more because
every time I mistrust myself and take people's feedback to mean something about myself, I
tend to wobble or not be as effective or clear as I can be. But there is this thing in our society,
this fear of people who don't take feedback, and I think I've taken that too heart a little too
much: that in order to remain a good, pure human being, you have to take everybody's
feedback seriously. Especially as a spiritual teacher this has been ingrained in me by the
spiritual community from an early age onwards. Sometimes I find I am still shedding layers
of insecurity which I can trace back to this sense of mistrust of myself because that's what has
been necessary to completely scrutinize myself and make sure I kept being pure in my
intentions and actions. But nowadays, this seems less and less useful. And it's a tad scary to
fully submit to this realization, for it could potentially mean I lose more of my connection to
how people see life. Which can be both a good and a risky thing. It can make one

So it's a tricky balance because one also doesn't want to completely decide that one is always
right and other people simply don't get this yet until they reach true emptiness of self. I have
to walk a thin line between knowing I can always see more about myself and thus welcoming

any reflections of others I can get, and on the other hand trusting myself so fully that my
initial impulse/intuition gets distorted as little as possible by other people's thoughts and
opinions along the way. It's quite the puzzle sometimes, but the challenge has made me who I
am today. It teaches me undying faith in my true Self/God/Source.

I'm grateful for my public life. I cannot imagine being just a single person living in concern
of only its own life. That'd be way too simple/boring for my mind. I think I'd go more crazy
in that type of an existence than my mirroring public life could ever cause me to become.
[knock on wood]

Are You Your Body? - Find Out Using
This Self-Realization Technique
February 22, 2017

Practically all our suffering--subtle or apparent--comes from believing we are our body. As
soon as we assume we are a body, we assume our nature is a small, disconnected self. What
follows is a barrage of painful lack beliefs that keep compounding, causing us more
discomfort and tension as we go.

To the adept--whose desire it is to become ever more free of suffering until freedom from
suffering reigns supreme--it is of the essence to spend awareness on the direct realization that
the being (you) is not the body. Many people have an image of this when I say it, but few
enjoy the direct experience of it.

Understanding Our Conditioning

The notion of being the body is picked up gradually and unconsciously as we grow up. First,
we see our parents looking down at our bodies seemingly affirming over and over again that
there is an existence which resides in our bodies.

They start calling our bodies by names. As we learn to walk we focus on learning to use our
muscles and balancing our bodies. It's a relentless process that requires all our focus on the
body. Without learning to use the body, we realize don't seem to get anywhere we feel like
getting. We feel tied to and dependent on the body's limitations.

When the body is uncomfortable, we feel it intimately, and our genetics will give us signals--
physically conditioned and passed down since ancient times--that we should be alert and seek
greater comfort to ensure the survival of the body.

By the time we are 6 years old, our notion of being the body is already so completely
programmed into our unconscious mind--even without anyone having ever told us that we are
the body, but purely by moving it around and looking at other bodies--that a simple statement
by a spiritual scripture stating "You are not your body." generally isn't enough to release
this mental construct from us and take with it the suffering that this idea constantly generates.

If we want to be (more) free from suffering, we need practice. Consistent practice that
involves deconstructing this idea and seeing with great clarity that it simply isn't the truth.

Here's one technique to help you get closer to the bliss-state-without-a-body, also known as
Self-Realization. And remember, waking up to this is only the beginning. Awakening to
something quickly grows old if not followed up with deeper realization, until the
identification drops off completely and Freedom alone Is.

Exercise: Taking the Body out of the Mind

>>Phase One (2-5 minutes): Relax your mind. Enter a receptive, open-minded, meditative
state. Take a couple of breaths to release the grosser tensions in the body. Relax your ideas
and sense of time. Rest into the experience of Now... Once you feel calm, move to Phase

>>Phase Two (7-15 minutes): Notice your body; the sensation of having it. The visual
outline that your mind comes up with when it thinks of or refers to your body.

Now imagine your right index finger is severed or that it just fell off. Make this a peaceful,
painless visualization. Imagine the visual and the sensation of not having this finger attached
to your body.

Now imagine picking up this finger and looking at it. Ask yourself: "Is this finger me? Am I
inside this finger?" Then clearly, with vivid awareness realize that obviously it is not.
Imagine the finger disappearing into nothingness, leaving no trace of its existence.

Repeat the same process of imagination with your right middle finger. Your ring finger. Your
pinky. Your thumb. Now repeat the same process on the left hand. Keep seeing clearly that
obviously you are not contained in/by/as that particular part of the body.

Then cut off your right hand at the wrist and repeat the same question as you look at your
right hand, detached from your body. Then the left hand.

Then the following body parts, and keep repeating the same visualization, staying relaxed,
awake and present to the inquiry and the consequent realizations:

• Right forearm.
• Left forearm.
• Right upper arm.
• Left upper arm.
• Left leg.
• Right leg.
• Imagine your genitals being taken out of your body.
• Your lower upper body (navel down).
• Imagine your heart being taken out of your chest.
• Chest/romp entirely removed from the base of the neck.
• Neck removed from the head.

Now you are just a floating head. Or maybe you are a head on the floor. Feel this for a
second. It comes with an interesting sensation. There is a clarity and release of body-
attachment at this stage of the imagination process already present. Enjoy the feeling of
freedom as you feel more and more like you are simply becoming Awareness itself, floating
without a body.

Then finally, imagine your head getting crushed or simply disappearing into nothingness,
leaving no trace in your visualized environment. Now it's just You. Naked, Aware, Shining

Clearly, you are not the body. You are Spirit. You are the Great Self. You are I-I. You are
Free. Like Awake Space.

>>Phase 3 (for the rest of your life...): Enjoy your freedom. Repeat the exercise as
necessary. Each time you will find deeper absorption into a very pleasant detachment and the
world becoming a little bit more like a dream to you.

Once you've practiced going through all the steps and having arrived at the sense of
Awareness free of a body/form, you can practice recalling this sensation/relaxation into
Awareness-free-of-form and lock onto that clarity profoundly as you go grocery shopping or
as you are talking to a friend. You could even consider practicing this until it is permanent for
you. That'd be historic. I would come to your retreats.

Watch as no trouble gets to you upon experiencing the freedom of object-less

Awareness. Freedom. Happiness. Effortlessness. Let go. Rest in this state until it is more and
more obvious and apparent at all times.


Shut Up and Serve
March 3, 2017

Where a lot of people who have worked with me in the past have gone awry in their
relationship with me is that they think they are working 'for me,' when in reality they were
included because they wanted to work for the vision; intrinsically devoted beyond self. I don't
even work for me, so how can anyone else work for me? We work for the people. For the
benefit of all. Now, don't get me wrong. A lot of people who have spend time alongside me
have been successful in the attempt to transcend themselves on a fairly consistent basis, and
did show many moments of real commitment, but definitely not everyone, and definitely not
everyone consistently. And neither have I. So this is an article not to point blame, but to learn

This is often an assumption (that they work for me) that's present subconsciously from the
very get go. Let me describe some of the things I have extracted from several years of people
coming in and out of my personal circle and working with me to one degree or another, and
50-75% of them feeling burned or incapable to proceed working with me at one point or
another, and of course sometimes stepping aside out of true resonance/relevance because
their life takes them in a different direction. It's not all about me after all ;). But even in that
last scenario, oftentimes there is an inkling of confusion regarding their relationship to me
that may or may not have contributed to them 'moving on joyfully.'

And these are all beautiful, bright souls and there's nothing but love for them from the first
time I laid eyes on them until my last thoughts of them when I die (and beyond). You have to
understand inequality does not exist in my heart or eyes, no matter how I come accross or
what I point out or describe. But there are some things we can all learn from my experiences

Nobody can work for me, for I don't work for

In these scenarios where someone feels they 'work for me', it's not often fully about the
mission for that person, or if it is it's overshadowed or at least distorted by dynamics having
to do with personal gain or validation or self worth. These are tricky, shadowy beliefs where
suddenly it's about their relationship to the person/company/boss/finances because that entity
represents something to their lack beliefs, rather than it being fully about their relationship to
the vision and being of service.

I'm not saying that in the process they are not being of service, but the effectiveness of it is
greatly compromised when such thought-forms are allowed to fester in the background. Or
even in the foreground and not dealt with acutely and with great discipline and commitment
(to get over one's self). If they are not dealt with, there is nothing I can do to be a perfect
boss, because it's not the realm I'm proficient in or desirous of. As a (co-)leader of a group,
the only way I can function as a perfect leader is if the people are all over themselves. That's
the only type of company of people I was ever build to lead.

I want to share this not as a negative remark toward anyone from my past, truly, but because I
think this is important knowledge in many people's life, and especially going forward if you
ever will be working alongside this body or the larger conglomerate-movement that may or
may not form out of this community at some point. I share this point to inspire you to
upgrade your view of what's possible for you, and attain the happiness of selflessness.

There is only one way this type of collaboration can EVER work: you have to understand, in
the case of me, that although by default I love you more than you probably can comprehend
from your mind's history of how people use and see other people, but I will not care about
your lack beliefs more than I care about the greater body of people and the vision of
spreading love/benefit.

If you decide to have your "little-me stuff" take precedence over the common goal of service
to the people, while you have a most comprehensive body of tools available to you
( to name just one resource) to clear that stuff up swiftly for
yourself with enough dedication and discipline, then if you still wish to linger in your
stories, that is your own creation and responsibility. Don't expect anyone you're working
with, especially not your boss or leader, to come down to that level and be an excellent
manager of your problems. You will get no validation from me. Patience to get your head
clear and your heart devoted to the cause again, but no validation.
You should not care more about yourself or about me than you care about the vision. Instead
you should be 100% focused on the original intention of your choice to join this
entity/company/person. The mission is your goal; NOT getting what you want. The
mission/truth/service should be all you want. It should become your fulfillment.

It's never about us, it's always about the people

Many people are simply not ready for this even when they believe or say they are. It often
takes years of dedicated 'burning' or 'tapas' (vedanta reference), for the sake of the greater
good. It's okay if you're not ready for this. It's totally forgiven before it is ever even
seemingly condemned. This is not about your perfection or worthiness. Those could never,
ever be attained or lost. They are absolutes. So let us get over the need for them to be proven
all the time. It's such a unnecessary burden to carry and it pollutes your entire life and
relationships. You're already perfect. That's why I can freely encourage you with such
passion and with the sharpness of my exercised sword.

We have to be critical for certain purposes, to improve our alignment. If we are sincere about
the purpose of serving, we don't care about getting called out or admit that we have some
work to do. That does not mean we're not perfect, and loved beyond measure, like I said.
Love can never be severed. Only illusions can. So it's a moot point to even try to
accommodate people's lack beliefs. We can be kind, patient, but at the same time do not have
to be tolerant or validate what's not in someone's own best interest.

If you make it about the vision/mission/service to others, you will have to accept and learn to
navigate with the fact that "It's never about us, it's always about the people." Can you do
that? Like, truly, all the way? No triggers? And if triggers do happen can you work them out
that very same day or moment, to the degree that they are eradicated forever?

It is hard work. Requiring the utmost dedication. Minuscule, microscopic vigilance. Unless
we are rested in the Absolute permanently and have transcended altogether, we are never
fully off the hook.

Can we create/accept/allow joyful things and flow along the way? May we enjoy ourselves
and this earthly experience? Even though joy is never contained in a circumstance--you may
absolutely use the world as an occasional permission slip for enjoyment of Self when it
comes naturally and when it fits inside of your mission and alignment/integrity. Absolutely.
But those are the things that come along the way when one stays truly committed to the
vision/alignment/truth. And I'm not saying I never get/got distracted at times by
circumstances btw. In increasingly subtle ways, I have/did. That's how we quickly learn to
readjust and increase our alignment to what matters. It's okay to not get it right, but one
should maintain the desire for clarity and devotion beyond the small self.

The Mission is your Boss

It's important to understand that in any scenario where you act on your passion to be of
service and it takes the shape of you getting hired or allowed to volunteer: the person/entity
who hired you is not your boss. The mission is. Neither the boss nor the mission owes you
anything to make you feel good about yourself. Get this before you even start. It'll make
the biggest difference going forward.

The entity is merely a structure. You shouldn't fall prey to any level of wanting validation.
That's something you should deal with by yourself, or with a friend in a really committed
space with the intention not just to talk about it but to share it so you can transcend it. This

need (for anything, really) will greatly distort your ability to serve in the direction of your
soul. After all, if you are looking to get something--anything--out of your service, you're not
really about the thing you say you are about. You're full of shit. Which is totally fine, but
needs to be seen so we can choose whether to back out, or clean out our shit and proceed at a
higher level of consciousness.

Those that manage to stick around the longest with me and whose hearts are closer in
alignment with the frequency where my own heart is housed, and who become happier and
freer and more abundant over time, are always those who are capable of transcending their
limited self-view and their seeming needs over and over and over again and resist the
temptation to make it about me, or appoint a cause outside themselves.

I'm an impossible man to understand unless you're empty enough of self, and I will give you
exactly the reflection that you subconsciously ask for; not the reflections most conducive to a
comfortable friendship. But those who can endure this fire for long enough, will liberate
themselves beyond belief and discover the ultimate reward. They will become the
embodiment of Love for All. Yes, not everyone will understand them anymore because they
have gone beyond convention, but they will be in bliss. Their separation-complex will come
to an end. They will merge with God. They will be of service no matter what the do or how
they act outwardly. And it's never too late for this leap. One can always make a quantum leap
and get over themselves and realize their fulfillment comes from being 100% of service and
relinquishing the deadly game of "I need" and "I know." You haven't done enough work yet
'to know anything.'
Don’t trust yourself before you are beyond yourself.
Simply ask yourself if the intention of the company/entity you're joining fits well inside of
your calling at this time and if you think that working with this entity can empower your
intended service to the world. If so, for that timing, that entity is compatible. But that entity
doesn't owe you anything other than what's logistically agreed upon. Create no illusions.

I don't do what I do for myself. Many question this about me because my chosen boldness
and willingness to explode is threatening to their conformed world-views. They have not the
adequate perspective to understand; hence they condemn/judge/doubt/question/project. And
many have questioned me, but the purity of my intent I have always known to be 100% pure.
And the truth is, so are you/is yours when you see your needs matter not in the face of
billions of thirsty, calling people. You've got a job to do, that's why you're here. Of course
whatever I do will always serve my own journey inevitably, and I've enjoyed a certain degree
of comfort and cool manifestations along the way, but most of that was more about testing
out my own distillation of Law of Attraction and empowerment teachings. How could I teach
it if I didn't walk it for a while and experienced the effects of it first-hand? Now it's a
naturally integrated part of how my consciousness works, but I have no attachments to
outcomes nor am I trying to achieve anything any longer.

I do what I do and envision what I envision because it excites me to serve to the best of my
ability. I could give up everything of material nature at any time. And I have consistently and
frequently left behind amazing manifestations that most people would hold on to, protect and
fear they'd never be able to create again.As I see it everything is just passing through us, and
we need no attachment to this world's resources nor to comfort.

Privileged as I may seem, I have suffered willingly for my entire life thus far, never
significantly avoiding discomfort except perhaps in holding on to people and caring for them

for too long past its expiration date. But I have willingly suffered enough to have built
character and devotion. I have been forged in an environment, inner and outer, of non-stop
intensity. I wasn't created overnight. I just started at a young age and gave myself to what I
internally mattered most with more intensity and dedication than possibly anyone else I've
“Get over yourself” is in many ways the theme of my life. And suffering has turned into
liberation. It’s worth it.
Sometimes people ask me why I talk about my life so much. Well, because I put a ton of
energy and commitment into making my life worth talking about so others can be inspired. I
realized at some point during my 'teaching career' that the example and details of my life are
for many people much more powerful than the instructions and tools I formulate. To withhold
that when it has taken me everything I have given to it, would be a waste of example. Hence
the anecdotes and the talk about 'me.' I hope it inspires and makes a difference for someone
out there. If even one person benefits from the intensity of my young life, it was all worth it.
I've never felt like I came here for myself so much. Rather I feel that my life belongs to
humanity. I took one of your bodies, so as I see it, this body's life, story, experiences, possible
wisdom... it's all yours.

To live for yourself, or to live for All?

To see other people find happiness and liberation from their illusions is the most rewarding
activity I think any human being can ever be involved with. There is this crucial time in a
person's life, if they're keen/intelligent, that they will be stopped in their tracks and be given
an offer:
“Either I continue living within my own bubble, pretending I can gather happiness from my
future, surround myself with it, and be safe and secure for the rest of my doomed egoic little
personal-life, or I can jump in, take risks, align and make my life all about being of service to
the All. Seeing other people benefit from my life is the most useful use of my temporary
When a person is ready to make the jump and leave behind the shores of certainty, they most
surely will experience a bliss, calm, alignment, fulfillment and clarity they have not yet
allowed themselves to experience before. Their personal wants start to calm down and even
disappear. Passion and inspiration replace the wants.

Back to 'reality' for a moment: for some projects it helps to have people support the execution
of that. So I sometimes have to hire people or allow them to work 'for me' but where it often
goes wrong is that "I wasn't giving them enough validation" or "I wasn't a good boss" or "I
didn't pay them enough." All of these can be true, depending on one's view. But it's not
coming from a clear, empowered place. Clearly. It becomes a dependence-based dynamic,
and no matter how well-intended the original intention was/is in that person, the person tends
to forget what life is truly all about when inter-personal dynamics, money, comfort, wants,
lack, and equality/inequality concepts start to arise. It tends to obscure everything except for
the most deliberate and attuned of adepts. It's tough shit to see through circumstantial and
inter-relational wants, but it has to be done if one wants to free oneself from the spell of need
and lack.
You’ve all had the experience where suddenly the mission is heavily obscured by a form of
egotism that is completely based in lack. I’ve seen this happen in myself, and I see it happen
in very awake people around me all the time. Don’t let it linger.

These dynamics have been my experience with people on a consistent basis, so it's helpful to
assume this may still arise to some extent in my or your reality. Just to be aware of this and
clear on it up front will make all the difference. Though I am also excited about embracing
the fact that we have shifted into a parallel reality where from now on everyone who decides
they wish to execute portions of the vision for humanity that they do so out of their own true
devotion to the world, and leave me and others out of their lack-games. Or better yet, nobody
has any allegiance to 'me me me' left.

Nobody can ever be your boss nor be responsible for your sense of self-worth or comfort
in life. Any type of 'hiring or being hired' should always in essence be your agreement to be
of service to the vision/mission/wellbeing of all. If you keep it focused along these lines there
is very little room for the lack-effect to walk away with your happiness and the high
vibrational nature of your relationship to the company, vision, boss, friend, etc.

Again this is not to put anyone down and this message transcends my story and my old band
of friends, it is universal and applies to this world in general. You can easily see this in your
personal life: every relationship that ever went awry, was it not because of a lack of
dedication to the joined purpose? Was it not because something else became more important,
namely: "What can I get out of this that I'm not getting out of it?" See for yourself. Own it.
It's okay. You're still perfect.

Everywhere you're stuck in your life it's because you're stuck with your idea of yourself.
You're swimming in a world full of well-intended, well-hidden-egotism marine life. And
you're probably one of these fish. Let's not sugar coat this place. And if you're at all any
clearer/more transcended/freer than those around you, prepare yourself because hidden
shadows LOVE to look at themselves in a clear mirror. Your emptiness will be in high
demand and you'll be used in any which way you can imagine. People love to graffiti on
clean walls. Prepare to be trained to become a nobody, attached to nothing about 'yourself,'
never be truly understood (for whom is there to be understood when you're empty of self
anyway?) And train yourself to have your only true and reliable friend be your own Self. (I'm
not whining, just preparing you :D)
Let’s go onwards committed more than ever to get over ourselves and embrace the purpose
for being here: To shut up and serve.
Yeah, that's right. Shut your pie hole and serve. Pipe down and give of yourself.

It is in that devotion and discipline that you will find your true voice as your nonsense burns
away in the fire of your discipline to truth. Until then, do the world a service and just keep
quiet. This whole self-help idea of "Yeah but what about my voice, and my equality? I
deserve to be heard! I need to own my voice, and you who is so confident/arrogant are not
appreciating my voice!" You know not of which you think or speak. You are ignorant. You
are not entitled to anything. Discover your true voice first. Until then, and even then, humility
is paramount if you wish to become a true human being.

So shut up and serve. Do this intensely and for a long time without complaining. Then we
can talk. Except we won't have to because we'll have become one purified stream rushing
toward the ocean as an unstoppable force with the calm of a still lake underneath. Connected.
One. In Love.

When hearts transcend the solar plexus self and merge in unison of vision/being, what is there
to speak or explain? We'll be like Winnetou and Old Shatterhand. Shiva and Shakti.

Confluence. Same flow.

I speak only because the world still needs it. If I seem arrogant in my ways, so be it. Just
know it is out of a well of unspeakable love and compassion for all who suffer. Sometimes I
have to become what I have to become to break through the thick-headedness of man.

I speak only to assist humanity in getting itself to become a civilization that has become

Join the vision, or shut the fuck up and get to know thyself.

"Trinfinity Corp - Shut up and Serve"

I like that.


The Challenging Journey to God (through
becoming fully yourself)
April 7, 2017

There is only one of you, and you are here with a purpose. The journey to crystallization
is paved with hidden beauty and challenge. May this article be of some support on your

This article is to encourage those who have awoken to the fact that they are a unique
expression of the Infinite Consciousness and that they came here with a calling. I will
describe 4 stages of crystalizing one's inner diamond, or divine spark. The fourth level ends
in the ocean of God.

PS - Forgive any misspellings, repetitions or unusual flow, as I wrote this in one go within a
short amount of time, and have other duties to attend to so I likely won't edit.

You are on a journey to mastering your particular expertise, your calling, your true self.

You are here to find out what you are made of, and your life's circumstances and your biases
are the perfect laboratory for the unique 'experiment to expertise' that is your present

Yet it's not always easy...

If you're not very far along into mastering the thematic exploration and offering you chose for
this life, you may not be fully aware of what this is unique expertise is yet.

Even if you do consider yourself a senior at being you, and you are very clear on who you
seem to be, you may still be in for a surprise sooner or later, as all who go from the advanced
stages into the expert stages of crystallization will need to die many times over, until they
know not who they are and become empty vessels for the Creator to shine through free form

It is usually only at the stage of the ego-death that the truest, rarest and clearest work of art
comes through and the entire journey and all the struggles that came with that path have
revealed their true intent.

This is rare, but possible for anyone in practically any stage of life.


When a diamond is first dug up from the Earth, who can tell what cut it's going to get and
what type of jewelry it will be a part of? Knowledge comes with time and is quite irrelevant
in the end. What matters is that you woke up to the diamond in the rough that is you, and you
are committed to continue to wake up to the purposefulness of your unique self.

Wherever you may be at present on the spectrum of awakening or remembrance, may you
benefit from the following words as you proceed and become more and more crystallized and

1) The Early Stages of Crystallization -

Who's your family now...?

The Early Stages are in some ways as challenging as the later stages, though in different

In the later stages one has already shifted one's orientation from the outer world to the inner
world significantly, so the challenges are more subtle and less obvious.

In the early stages you are new to this inner diamond that was hiding in plain sight, beneath
the dust of your conditioned mind and environment, and so you may be quite startled and
unsure what to do with it.

In the early stages what you tend to deal with is you're trying to figure out how this new
calling fits in with your old life... only to discover in 99% of the cases that it doesn't. You will
try to resist this inner knowing for a while, and you may even succeed for years, deacdes, but
usually this comes at a great cost to your well-being, joy, sense of freedom and physical

Another thing you're dealing with in the early stages is the uncertainty and lack of clarity of
this inner diamond. Even though you have now dug up the precious diamond of your
uniqueness (congratulations!); it's still dusty, it's milky, it's unclear, it doesn't come with a
guidebook, Geiko or life insurance, and it's yet to define itself as anything you can recognize
or describe clearly. You may not even know where to start if someone were to ask you what
is it that seems to drive you so anew?

For many, those that they grew up with and/or the family they were born into no longer seem
to really get your new energy and direction, and finding support oftentimes means finding
new people to befriend, and familiar ones to let go of. This can be tough. It becomes easier
once you see the consequences of NOT going through with trusting your inner light...


I strongly recommend that you seek out the communities that are engaged in the subjects that
relate to and support you in the essential understanding and expression that you wish to
become an embodiment of in this life.

Unlike the challenge of the expert stages of crystallizing your inner diamond; in the early
stages you are rarely truly alone in what you presently need and seek to advance you. Since
you're still in the undefined 'muck of generality' when it concerns the level of clarity your
diamond has been given by your conscious efforts and practice to make it clearer; much of
what you seek and need has already been discovered by others, and they have most likely left
you a path to follow.

Cutting your diamond to expertise status is something only you can do and know, but
cleaning your recently-dug-up diamond in the rough from its muddy layers is a common
practice and many different types of communities can support you in this so you can see more
clearly your diamond's unique shape, upon the removal of the mud.

Thus then: know that there are many others and there are likely multiple communities of like-
minded people out there to support you in this stage. Find them/ask for them and welcome
them into your life. General like-mindedness and general tools usually suffice to advance
your crystallization to the next level of 'clarity and rarity'. Find support in teachings, (new)
friends, and environment to nourish your growth.

Be bold enough to seek out an environment that suits your development, even if it's just
online for now. Just make sure your familiar group of friends isn't dragging you down too
much. If it is, change something about it or if necessary remove yourself from that
environment altogether and seek out a truly inspiring one, while maintaining integrity by
communication clearly your change of heart to those you have prior agreements or
understandings with.

Trinfinity Academy is a free Online School for Self-Actualization and Self-Realization. This
particular lesson on balancing integrity with your new direction may support you in greater


Trust in your calling and notice how anything less than trusting your calling starts to feel
worse and worse as you go on. This is the intelligence of your Higher Mind's emotional
guidance system kicking in. Again, trust it. Seek out the right tools, reading materials, people
and environment as much as you can.

Trust in it so much that you're willing to let go of those you love, if necessary. This is often
the most challenging part, and not only in the early stages of waking up to your
purposefulness or calling, but later on in different, new ways as well.

You have my support. I am you in heart and spirit, and thus I am with you in heart and spirit.


Your unique diamond incarnated into the dirt of Earth only to be dug up, cleaned, polished
and expressed fully. Remember: that's the only true reason you are having a physical
experience right now. All the circumstantial things that seem to important--including the
individuals you are consciously familiar with--it all pales compared to the true purpose
behind you being here. And it's your honor and duty to find out what that is and commit
yourself to crystallizing the rough but unique diamond that you are.

A rough diamond will look like any other at first glance, but as you clean, polish and
crystallize it, it will take on a very specific, unique, rare and desired-by-the-world shape and
radiance. The way that your inner diamond lets through the Light of God/Source is
completely unique. It's why you were created.
To open your heart and mind to the crystallization of your unique inner calling; to embrace
everything that comes with that journey, and to commit to that with as much earnestness,
practice, and take it as far and long as you can before your body perishes... That is the
purpose of your life.

2) The Middle Stages of Crystallization - A
New Life
Getting clearer...

The middle stages is when you have found a new family and you've altered your environment
to reflect your newly awoken to unique spark of Creation. You've just followed a bunch
of pages and groups on Facebook perhaps that remind and inspire you to clean, polish and
crystallize your diamond further everyday.

You may have moved to a different location, changes jobs or quit them altogether, perhaps a
change in partnership or friends has arisen...

You start to feel good and supported. You realize the journey ahead is long and most likely
challenging, but you are excited to be where you are at and you are grateful for the support
you have been able to attract to yourself by simply believing that you could and not holding
on too tightly to your familiar life.

You gave yourself the gift of freedom of expression and you feel healthier, more vibrant than

The main challenge at this level is to not stop or stagnate at the comfort you have created.
Your purpose is to learn from your new environment, to grow from it, but to always
remember to tend to the diamond within. Rarely is the crystallization of the diamond within
blessed with a permanent and stable community that you'll be supported by for the rest of
your life.

The path of the Adept is filled to the brim with surprises, unexpected turns, and personal life
changes. So stay focused and keep the faith. Enjoy, have fun, love your heart out, even relax,
but simultaneously keep going and keep your eyes on the further polishing and crystallizing
of your unique spark of the Creator within.

3) The Advanced/Expert Stages of

Crystallization - Getting Good
Get that ego in check...

There are many beautiful qualities about this stage, such as the ability to be of greater
service to others on their journeys, and the deepening of understanding one has gotten of
oneself. Yet I will focus mostly on the obstacles that can come with this stage, so you can use
it to advance further...

The advanced/expert stages are usually the stages where you'll start to run into your own
ego, arrogance, stubbornness, biases, pride and different forms of insistence the most. This is
often 'the cocky stage.'

So you've been around the block. You've read many books, had many dialogues, found your
own voice, you probably have a website or a blog, and you probably are coaching others in
your field that are dealing with the earlier stages of their own awakening and crystallizing.

This is all really beautiful and beneficial, it truly is, yet it can come with quite the obstacle:
your past self.

You start to feel really good about yourself... Things are flowing for you. You are becoming
masterful at being who you are, and you're becoming masterful at describing it to others.

You still have your ups and downs, you still have your challenges and humbling moments,
for sure, but overall you have become quite the expert in the niche that surrounds your
unique spark.


But you see, the niche you're in is NOT your diamond.

The diamond is NOT the tools that helped clean it... Your community is not your gift to the

This is a very subtle and tricky realization to truly practice and attain, but becomes very
important to realize at this stage, if one desires to get closer to the true inner spark which IS
God itself.

This is where most people get lost and stay lost, because it's the most comfortable stage to
stay in and this is where the imposter self within us can easily maintain its footing.

There is a certain security here and a certain degree of social status perhaps, or recognition.
There is pleasure, potentially power, possibly wealth or social freedom. Or perhaps the sense
of having accomplished becomes an excuse to stop the polishing and cutting of the inner
diamond for a while... but 'for a while' much too often becomes 'for the rest of your life...'

This is the subtlest, trickiest, most temptation-filled stage to be fooled by and prevented to
reach where you individual river meets God's ocean. Which is the ultimate goal of the Adept
looking to crystallize themselves as a vessel for Source.



Everything suppressed in you as a child or teenager, has suddenly found the new clothes of
your 'expertise' and social status to cloak itself in. It starts to re-emerge as you feel good
about yourself.

Your basic, fundamentally unresolved insecurities rise to the surface and pose as 'being
awesome.' By now you're probably able to hide them well, even among many of your peers
except for the keenest of peers, or those who have penetrated into the stage of Union with
God and have become much more empty of self.

In this stage many of you will be able to quite easily and secretly get whatever it is you have
always wanted but had given up on in the past, and was not on your mind as a real possibility
in the previous stages of crystallization. As such, your suppressed insecurities didn't come to
the surface and didn't take control as much then. They remained asleep. Some call this your

You are most likely working with others at this stage and you are appreciated for your skill
and experience. You love co-creating. People like your radiance and are impressed by your
mastery of your personality. You probably avoid hanging out with those who can see through
whatever subtle lack beliefs have now taken a hold of the character you have become, unless
you're one of the rare ones who is ready to move on.

Nothing inherently wrong with this stage, in fact there is a lot that comes with it which is
beautiful and pure and of service. But the web can thicken if you're not paying real close
attention, and the insecurities from your past can overthrow your mastery and enslave you in
a new way. And this doesn't always have to come out in the form of the cocky macho, it can
come out in the form of a sweet, always on-point female goddess.

It can come out in very subtle ways too. Basically, it's safe to assume you have some of this
shadowy self lurking and taking an attached hold on you and your life and attainments.

At this stage it requires either great suffering, obstruction to all one desires, or extreme
keenness or intelligence or self-knowledge on behalf of the adept. Something that's still rather
rare in our world.

This stage functions like a filter. It lets through to the next stage whomsoever has become
ready for merger with God not only in knowledge, but also in expression.

Spending some time in this stage is like being tossed around inside of this filter, which over
time will separate the unripe fruit from the ripe fruit; the true shepherding consciousness here
to be of service-to-all from the unready soul who has done a magnificent job but simply won't
move passed this stage until further matured through catalyst (usually suffering).



The main challenge for one who wishes to proceed is to get over their own ego, which often
requires profound and repeated and most of all earnest introspection for the cause of one's

This stage can take years, decades, or can take forever when not exposed to the right
guidance and reflections.

This is the stage where many experts and guru's stay for the rest of their life. It's the typical
co-dependent dynamic we see in almost all types of relationships, except now you're at the
top of the food-chain so it becomes trickier for the ego-effect to let go of its achieved control.
It perceives it has something of meaning or value to lose. The plot thickens.

One must find it within oneself to want to purify the diamond ever more, until it is so clear
that it can let God through undistorted. I can only encourage you to go on, for the rewards are
much greater than anything the illusion of the external world can give you.

How about union with God? Have you sincerely considered what that means?

How would you like to experience an indescribable love for yourself and all of the Grand
Illusion, including humanity? A love so great it cannot utter any bias, it cannot desire to hold
on to safety, control and security any longer.

Imagine always being able to tap into an unspeakable and divine bliss and union so true and
pure, that the only thing that seems relevant for the remainder of your life is to be of service
to others and communicate the light of Union--through the now highly crystallized, purified
unique diamond--with whomsoever wants to hear it...

It's worth the sacrifice.

Ask yourself... Now that you've come this far, could you truly stomach yourself when upon
death you review your life and you realize you had given way too much importance to your
achievements, sense of comfort, security, wealth, and/or social status/power?

Would you want to die knowing you never quite made it home? Would you want to die
knowing in your heart you never quite did it for others as much as you would liked to have

Or would you want to die feeling the purity of God beating as your very own heart because of
the personal sacrifices you were willing to make over and over again...

Your/this ultimate achievement cannot be measured by any tools present in this world. The
only way you will know you have achieved this, is when the mind goes totally quiet, and the
Heart speaks with the grace of a trillion suns.

4) The Divine Stages of Crystallization -
Becoming the Creator
You have run out of worldly support...

Now it's just between you and God.

No human can teach you how to go deeper into purity. In fact, your habit of listening to other
people's babbling minds and 'expertise' will generally only distract you at this stage. You start
to realize everyone is full of sh*t. And that that's OK, you just cannot participate any longer.

Only one who has attained union with the Creator through emptiness of self... only another
true Shepherding Consciousness can assist you directly in going deeper at this point. And
those are still extremely rare upon this Earth.

So for most of you, you'll have to understand that you need to drop the habit of listening to
other people's feedback and teachings as 'carrying authority.' That being said, if you truly are
at this level, it is much more likely you'll attract someone into your personal world who has
been there and can guide you deeper. When you are ready, the teacher will always show up.
Yet at this stage, after being pointed there by a teacher, the best teacher is The Creator itself.
Turn to THAT.


You can safely let go of feedback now... Of course this is assuming you've actually reached
a level of purity, integrity and self-knowledge to where you know you would never do
something deliberately against the first principle of the One Infinite as it moved into
Creation: Free Will.

But assuming you have indeed become pure enough in your self-knowledge, without which
you wouldn't truly be entering into this stage anyway, you may proceed letting go of other
people's feedback and teachings when it comes to finding out who you truly are. In fact,
letting go of their feedback becomes the main rite of passage. The true test of independent
wisdom. The gateway into merger with the Creator.

Few are truly ready to become an authority, pure and empty, yet unshakable in their truth. On
this world but not of it. Those are the true Sages, and they are rare. But many more get to
dabble in the beginning stages of this exploration. And that's what we're exploring here:



Nobody can tell you who you are anymore. All the experts in your field have run out of
descriptions and tools to offer you to further your journey into becoming YOU and
crystallizing that inner spark.

Only you can go through this next phase. It seems utterly lonely and scary at first, and at
times. Like staring into a black hole of death and uncertainty, feeling the impending
consequence of letting go of EVERYTHING you have ever known yourself to be, and
EVERYTHING that you've been familiar with, and EVERYTHING that provides you with
You've reached the top of your niche in the external world, and the only way to advance more
is to turn your gaze profoundly and completely within, to the One Infinite Creator that
sparked you into being an individual to begin with.

This is where the river of your life meets the ocean of God.

As one of my favorite quotes goes from Ra (the Law of One books):

"I am Ra. The heart of the discipline of the personality is threefold:

One, know yourself.

Two, accept yourself.
Three, become the Creator.

The third step is that step which, when accomplished, renders one the most humble servant of
all, transparent in personality and completely able to know and accept other-selves. In
relation to the pursuit of the magical working the continuing discipline of the personality
involves the adept in knowing itself, accepting itself, and thus clearing the path towards the
great indigo gateway to the Creator. To become the Creator is to become all that there is.
There is then no personality in the sense with which the adept begins its learn/teaching. As

the consciousness of the indigo ray becomes more crystalline, more work may be done; more
may be expressed from intelligent infinity."

You will find little to no support in the world anymore. You are bridging entirely new worlds,
concepts and even modes of communication and radiance (beingness), and finally it is truly
up to you to go where none has gone before.

Nobody has ever done what you are currently creating uniquely through your own
crystallization into being a pure vessel for the Creator to express through. Nobody can do
what you can do at this level. You have transcended any and all levels of generality within
your particular niche, uniqueness and expertise. You have to write the book on what's next, as
there is none yet.

For some this is entirely through being an example vibrationally, for others it is alsothrough
expressing something tangibly within this world (such as writing, art, science, etc.).

Fewer and fewer will truly understand you or even appreciate what you have to offer at this
level, for they have not yet the maturity, though many will try to make you think that they do.

Since fewer and fewer will understand you as you move up the ladder of crystallization and
authenticity--which is simultaneously the dissolution of the illusion of a separate, personal
self--you will find that you are now required to truly stop expecting any support or
understanding from your peers if you wish to go beyond your current stage, and realize that
looking for encouragement from those closest to you, is still an outward focus which cannot
at this stage help you.

Besides, they cannot help you get to where you're going, for they've never been there.

Only the Self, only God, only Source, only the Creator, only Intelligent Infinity can help you

So turn your attention courageously away from the world of other-selves, and to the
Infinite Creator within. It is here that you will be nourished, that your loneliness will be
dispelled, that the need for understanding or friendship comes to an end. It is here that you
will marry God.

It's not an easy gateway, if it were, more would be writing articles like this. But you are
reading it, and you've made it this far into this piece of encouragement... so I am curious to
see what God has in store for you, my friend, as I'm sure it's mighty beautiful.

With Infinite Love--beating as your own Heart, never separate from you,
The essence which animates Bentinho Massaro

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'The Sedona Experiment' begins...
April 13, 2017

What is 'The Sedona Experiment'?

12 experienced adepts for 2 weeks long will receive highly advanced pointers into the
Universal Self and finally the Absolute One and report back constantly to help improve the
upcoming Self Realization and Self Graduation teachings.

The Sedona Experiment's intention: To advance the most advanced level of spiritual
teachings currently available and not yet available, so that the sincere and mature seekers of
this world may get access to instructions worthy of their immense desire for liberation.

How to fulfill this intention: By gathering as much experiential feedback as possible from a
select group of participants who are willingly subjected to advanced experimental methods
and practices.

The goal of such a next-level teaching modality: To eliminate as much time and need for
practice as is possible while still enabling the sincere spiritual adept to move holistically and
completely from personhood identity (the lowest state) to the Absolute One (the highest,
stateless state), bypassing or penetrating as rapidly as possible all the many states of
realization in between.

Note: The aim is not to avoid practice, discipline or dedication, rather the aim is to make the
path as clear as possible, and as such as direct (time/energy-efficient) as possible.


One way to summarize these 'states of Delusion/Realization' would be:

One who perceives a world full of objects is a person.

One who can recognize the changeless I AM is awake.
One who has become the changeless I AM predominantly is enlightened.
One who witnesses the individual I AM free from identification with it is Self-Realized (I-I).
One who knows the Absolute whence Awareness witnesses the I AM, yet is not identified
with even this faculty of Pure Universal Awareness/Beingness, has Self-Graduated.

The Sedona Experiment aims to generate direct contact in the participants with the
Self-Realization and Self-Graduation 'states'.

The Format
Who: 12 experienced disciples (yet all at slightly different levels) have agreed to come
together and be subjected to the most subtle and advanced nuances and practices available to

What: They will explore and practice teachings (ways of pointing) that have not yet been
fully tested or released before. These include profoundly powerful practices that are either
innovations on, or new additions to an already super-distilled host of the most precise and
core non-dual teachings as found in the brief and--respectfully--immature history of spiritual
teachings on this planet.

For how long: For 2 weeks these willing adepts will represent the sincere and mature
spiritual seekers of this planet as they commit themselves to a host of different instructions.

Where: The Sedona landscape/area/vortex.

And so today, on April 13 of 2017, we begin.

Be with us in your consciousness these two weeks and connect to the liberation and intensity
that will radiate from this experiment.

Will this be documented?

A mini-documentary will be created to give people a glimpse of what it looked and felt like
through visuals.

More importantly: we will record as much of this experiment as we can on audio,

which will be transcribed and then turned into a case study/documentary in writing with an
added narrative to engage the reader on all levels.

Cory Katuna, a talented and observant writer who has been a dear friend and student of 'my'
work for several years--and who herself is one of the 12--has offered with a deep sense of
calling to add the narrative and structure to this comprehensive case study.

In addition to her narrative and my clarifications post-experiment, this 'written

documentary' will include the most deciding portions of the actual sessions and dialogues as
well as follow the personal/impersonal journey of the participants as they go about their 2

week exploration into the Absolute Realization. Interviews of the 12 will be included as part
of this narrated case-study as well.

The purpose of creating this document, titled unsurprisingly 'The Sedona Experiment' is to
leave a digestible report of a potentially historic moment in the world of direct, advanced,
non-dual spiritual instruction. I felt it was important to document this event and leave a trace
in order to provide people with a detailed report of the experiment.

The May 1-5 retreat in Sedona shortly after the Sedona Experiment ends will prove itself to
be a continuation of this experiment to a much wider audience, and will cater to aspirants
from many different levels in their Realization. If you feel the call toward this you can still

New Platform to create Ongoing Teaching


Also, our new online platform for the upcoming Self Realization School meetings in Sedona
is 1-2 days away from being made officially available to the public (it also includes a lot of
the more accessible teachings, past recordings). But I feel the pull to include it here, now.

So, you can join this new platform already, even while we make the final small tweaks over
the next two days. This is quite spontaneously the first (un)official announcement of this
platform, so if you join, be sure to visit the forum section and leave a post to help kickstart
the community aspect of this dedicated platform.

Also, if interested in visiting Sedona at least twice a year to come be with the teachings,
consider joining our Sedona Adepts Facebook group

To be

How being unafraid of death makes you
come truly alive
May 30, 2017

Our lives are but temporary, intentional expressions of who we are before, during and after
this incarnation. Do not be blinded by or cling to your life, for such limited view will distort
the very intention from which your consciousness created this life. Let death open your eyes
so True Life can flow through you and into this world.

Most people that I meet seem to live in an unconscious assumption that they are going to live
forever, looking forward only to 'the rest of their life.' They think they are here 'to be alive,'
when in actuality they are here because of an intention they had before incarnating. Life is
not meant to just 'be lived as one's own,' rather it is meant to be understood as a temporary
expression flowing out of one's eternal Soul.

People who get blinded by the limited scope of this life, often have goals that are oriented
toward their establishment in this particular life (maintenance): accumulation, security,
ensuring they are building the life they wish to have in the future, seeking safe, solid ground,
steady does it, lots of preparation, hopes, expectations, needs, etc.

While I fundamentally don't judge anything, I do feel it's helpful to share observations and
trends so we can become more conscious of these tendencies that limit our free will and
greatly and painfully distort our connection to Spirit and Truth.

Death is ever imminent; what keeps me alive?

To me it is ever obvious that I could pop out of my physical life at any given moment, if
purposefulness runs out.

We all have a life line of sorts which connects our consciousness to our bodily expression for
as long as it is relevant and purposeful to be here. For me this purpose-line that connects me
to this body and density consists of only one type of energy, and that is service to this
collective. There is no other reason for my being here. Sure I learn (or rather remember) a lot,
and refine very subtle dynamics and balances, but those are necessary side effects for me to
be who I can be to then support humanity's transition. And these lessons and refinements
once they pass a certain threshold of subtlety, are bonuses as they then start refining Soul's
(im)balances which helps me progress (dissolve more into All That Is) at a Soul level after
this life. But the clear and primary intention for being here is to be of service to this

Here are some examples of what determines whether I stick around or not:

Do I (still) have a purpose here? Does my presence add value to this planet? Can I transform
a system or niche that no one else can at this moment? Can I bring clarity where there is a
lack thereof? Can I reinvent a system or service or bust a collective taboo or belief that is
outdated and holds people back from entering a full-fledged fourth density civilization?

Can I teach by example by embodying and consequently transparently sharing some type of
niche-journey, a unique passion, or by demonstrating struggle, failure or achievement that
others can extract learning from to apply to the acceleration of their lives? Can I increase the
overall frequency of planet Earth/humanity?

If any of these questions is a strong energetic YES, I stick around. If that ever fails to be the
case, I will disappear. You see, nobody will never have to be sad over my death. It only
means to fulfilled my intention for being here.

This awareness of human life as a highly temporary, intentional appearance and inevitable
disappearance gives me a fearlessness and sense of scope/perspective that not many people
carry with them consciously on a day to day basis.

You can never be free with something you identify with. Hence I say dis-identify with 'your
life' so you can be free while living.

Most people identify with this particular life, and forget that they are Death, or rather the
eternal beingness-consciousness they are beyond incarnation. As a result, we have all the
struggle, greed, fear, victimization and weakness that we have, because we give way too
much significance to comfort, safety, longevity, maintenance. We forget all the qualities that
I believe matter significantly more: Inspiration, service, love, compassion, purpose,
transmission, fearlessness, play, bravery, acts of courage, transparence, adventure, radical
changes, super acceleration.

Prioritize Your Soul’s Purpose for this Life

Think about it. Practically everyone arounds you wakes up each day thinking this life is just
the way it is, that it is the container for their identity and they make tiny little steps each day
in the direction of greater safety or marginal growth, attempting to ensure greater happiness
down the line, or accumulate more things for their future. Attempting to control destiny and

Most people we know have been doing this for decades, and still they have not arrived; they
are not happy. They change at the pace of a snail. They miss incredible opportunities to find
magic and union with God through this magnificent adventure we call life...

You see, when we give our temporary life too much significance, we start stagnating and
slowly kill ourselves. We block the fountain of youth, the power of grace, the abundance of
fearless living. We don't learn nearly as much of the lessons as this incarnation can hold for
us because we do not prioritize the real reason we are here, over the life itself. We stop

accelerating. We start overthinking. We block our hearts, limit our potential expression in this
life, the amounts of lives we can touch, and our sense of freedom.

To feel like your life is the container for your identity, makes you feel small and vulnerable,
like a victim. And consequently you start prioritizing safety and maintenance or accumulation
over truth, growth, learning, giving, expressing, and yes... living.

Those people who have developed an acute awareness of their imminent death can see that
this life is a meaningless game that we can make entirely our own, according to our purpose
and Soul's intentions. We can make this life so much more incredible and worthwhile when
we stop giving it so much significance. See it for what it is: an expression of your soul.

When you give the vehicle through which you came here to express yourself more
significance (survival, safety, comfort, security) than why you came here (to live freely, fully,
and to give, bust paradigms, love, teach, and learn), you have begun dying.

This is why longevity practices and learning about the body can only benefit us so much:
ultimately the best way to stay young forever, is to understand your particular intention for
being here and by prioritizing your soul's purpose for this life over the vehicle which you
created to express that purpose.

Look into taking care of the body and its circumstances all you want, you will find nothing
but the inevitability of death, missed freedom, and a misplacement of priority.

How many times per day do we get lost in the details of this life, all because we don't
acknowledge our inevitable departure from this physical plane? All because we are looking
forward only into 'the rest of our life.' We are planning ahead. We forget to live. We're not
futuristic enough. We're fooled by our minds who take this physical incarnation to be our

identity, and thus we prevent an unspeakable joy and adventurous purity from entering our
Hearts and expressing through us, finding root in this Density for others to learn from and
feel more alive from.

We are here to create and experience change and transformation; we are here to mess things
up in the best and most radical way possible.

Please remember that death is far more true, eternal, and certain than this incarnation! Don't
put the cart before the horse. Do not be blinded by the assumption that you are living a life
that is in any way significant. Understanding the insignificance of this life is key to attaining
immortality and eternal love/joy/liberation and making good use of your time here.

As a result, a truth and a bliss will flow into this life, but this bliss will come from that true
place within... it won't come from the comings and the goings, nor from the stability you have
ensured your physical life to have.

Sure, build your home on solid rock. Follow Tao in how you create your life, but always
remember that the mystery of the One Infinite Creator is the only power in all of Creation,
and the only way to life a fulfilling life is to die in complete trust to that Infinite Mystery.

See this life in context of its extremely insignificant and temporary nature, and you will be
ale to make some real change in this world and positively affect lives while having a magical
time and leaving behind an example for people to write about, learn from, and be inspired by
for generations to come.

This is a time on our planet to speed up, not slow down. To let go, not control or maintain.
Consider your life already over... already doomed... now what would you do with the time
that remains?

Maintenance/security is the destroyer of our life force, our light, our purpose. To seek for
security is the surest way to death at the end of an unfulfilling life.

As Bruce Lee once


Ask daily not what you need to do that day,

but what your death-bed self wishes you
would have done that day...
I daily consider this life from the angle of having already died, looking back, and seeing if I
feel proud of myself and satisfied with the choices I made, the level of faith and fearlessness I
had, and the purity of service I cultivated.

Again, when we make the container or vehicle which is this temporary life too significant in
our minds, we start making decisions based on insignificant things seeming significant to us,
instead of creating true magic for everyone around us, including naturally ourselves.

When you benefit others, you will always grow in happiness.

I encourage you to view this life form the vantage point of having already died... From Spirit,
looking back on this life right now, what would you rather be doing, creating, believing,
exploring, and giving significance to? What is truly and only important? Which parallel
reality do you wish to step into fully?

Be more of service. Change with the change. Surrender to the acceleration of realities that is
occurring on our planet today. Resistance is futile and sucks the purpose/life out of you.

At any given moment you have the power to believe in your potential, and activate the field
of infinite possibilities in a different way simply by choosing faith and changing your
perspective, thus then shifting into a parallel reality and attracting something completely new
to yourself. Something that was always there but simply was not allowed by your definitions.

Step into Heaven. It is already here, hiding beneath your misplaced significance.

The fearful ones have poured their power and courage into insignificant things, whereas the
brave ones have invested their power and placed their trust in what truly matters. That is the
only difference between the brave ones and the frightened ones: misplaced significance.

Remember who you are.

Remember why you're here.
Drop giving significance to everything else, and the indescribable love for life will return to
your Heart, effortlessly support you in all desires, and set your journey ablaze with a
fearlessness and purposeful ecstasy you never knew you had in you.

Your body is the pen with which you can write your ode to the One Infinite Creator. Do not
live this life for the sake of the pen and its maintenance, live it for the purpose that birthed it,
for the hand that can write its ode.

Die into your golden Self, your Spirit, the Infinite Creator. Surrender. Fall backwards. Know

Now what are you going to do today? What will you choose?

Infinite love,

Why I'm excited about my Netherlands
Retreat - A Profound Blend...
June 14, 2017

I've dug deep the past 6 months. The 5 years before then I've been firing on all cylinders
pretty much without any time to myself. Quite literally. I've got a lot of cylinders and they
were all firing together for years, so it's been an intense journey to stay balanced. Hence the
need for a break from it all the past 6 months.

It was time to step away from Trinfinity Corp and all the visions that were running through
my vehicles (bodies). It was time to step away from all my friends, Boulder, and all the
energies that I had been absorbing for those years. It was time ti step away from my own
teachings as well. It was time to break up with my relationship at the time.

It was time to come back into my own truth completely, free of any and all distortions of

So I got dengue fever and was bed ridden for over 2 weeks in Bali, then spent a week in total
darkness (literal darkness) retreating, been away from everything I had in Boulder for
months, and cleansed myself from my past. Cleared my attachments to people's well-being
and the outcome of their lives, as well as any remaining attachments I had to their friendships
or understanding of me, my intentions and my choices.

I've come out the other end of this break away feeling profoundly emptied out again of the
accumulated subtleties of 'others' which when compounded add up to imbalances; layers of
dust distorting the clarity of the mirror.

I feel deeply rejuvenated through the Self-Realization path that I gave myself the opportunity
to dive into again more fully. Then I started the Sedona Experiment, which enabled 12 others
to dive in profoundly as well in an accelerated fashion. Then I decided to take that to a larger
audience and started the Self Realization School in Sedona. All sessions can be viewed

And so I feel renewed, clearer and emptier than ever before. And what I've noticed is that in
more recent weeks, Manifestation/Creation has been re-ignited or rather re-allowed to enter
my experience and consume some of my time and attention. Self-Actualization and an ever
deepening and more balanced service-to-others is re-appearing into my field, without it
distracting from my more absolute levels ("I-I", and Beyondness/Absolute) any longer.
Without it adding layers that I don't want added.

When I notice I accumulate something, I shed it right there and then and it's all too clear to
take hold. Little to nothing is accumulated or taken on anymore which is a grand relief to my
vehicles. I have my dedication to deepening my Self Realization and letting go of everything
over the past 6 months to thank for. Which is part of why I wished to focus on optimizing and
modernizing this path and taking people deeper into it experientially than ever before through
the Self-Realization School and the Sedona Experiment (which will become a
book/report/case study to be released later this year).

You've heard me mention True Simultaneity before as being the highest accomplishment.
What I experience now is the next level of that. And I am more determined than ever to
create an army of Shepherding Consciousnesses' who truly get what I am, and thus are able to
activate that frequency in themselves.

The Netherlands Retreat - A New Blend of
Realization and Actualization
The Netherlands retreat will be the first retreat of mine (and the biggest residential one yet!)
where I will blend Self-Actualization back into Self-Realization, but in a much deeper way
than before. Manifestation, empowerment, understanding your purpose, your calling, law of
attraction... these are all natural attributes of this Grand Illusion and are innate in each
individuated speck of the One Consciousness and they deserve to be understood properly in
context with the deeper truth of Oneness and Beyondness.

So in the Netherlands retreat I intend to deliver a very rich and appropriate blend of profound
freedom through Self Realization as well as using the powers innate in all of us--connected to
the field of infinite possibilities--in very deep ways.

Whereas before the empowerment teachings were designed mostly for the more mainstream
crowd and the beginning spiritual adepts, what I will teach at the The Netherlands
Retreat will be much more rooted in Faith, Surrender, and total Confidence. Using the powers
of Creation and letting them work for and through you by aligning to the appropriate state
which unlocks these capacities, rather than using them from a mental level of separation.

I want the individuals that attend my retreats to become one with the God State and possibly
even pop through into the Stateless Absolute, and from that union or disappearance express
themselves as the most radiant, loving beacons the world has ever seen.

Let's lovingly generate an army of Shepherding Consciousnesses to hold the frequency as the
majority of people are attempting to transition from 3rd to 4th Density as we speak.
Shepherds need to have integrated important understandings from the higher densities as well
if we wish to hold space and understanding and shine a light upon the people of Earth as they
innocently navigate their way into the next frequency domain of
love/understanding/connection/remembrance (4th Density).

I'm excited for the Netherlands Retreat. Registration closes June 30th. Two weeks left to sign
up here.

Sending you all much love, and hope to see all Europeans in The Netherlands for an
incredibly powerful residential coming together of powerful souls looking to deepen their
realization, manifestation, and service to All in a shared space together. What could be more
powerful an act of service to this planet?


PS - Here's a little video Ryan cut out from one of the sessions of the Self Realization School:
All images in this post were taken by Alex and Anne

Be A Prioritist: Have No Time For
Random Nonsense
August 23, 2017

Seemingly Social, But Not for Social Reasons

Most people I meet these days have a hard time understanding me or feel especially self-
conscious around me. This is good. Let me share with you a little bit more of how I work

I generally don't like socializing with people I don't already know and who know me, or that
are not actively practicing the teachings that I am a composer/messenger of. And even with
them I don't really enjoy socializing a lot of the time, unless the gathering is auspicious or
hosted by me with a certain intention/vibration holding the space.

Whenever there is an opportunity for elevating frequencies, unifying consciousnesses and

creating more direct awareness of the One Creator, I enjoy being social. If these results are
not truly apparent or wanted, there is nothing of interest in that dynamic for me whatsoever. I
can even appear as a grumpy old man in some circumstances to some people, when
responding in contrast to peoples desire for fake spiritual 'social happiness' and validation.

Genuinely Enjoying the Genuine Heart of Dj Frans Iradi While He's Elevating Group Consciousness

I don't enjoy condoning or supporting anything unless it's absolutely true and

When meeting new people, or when getting picked up for a speaking gig for example and I'm
stuck in a car with another-self's mind for several hours, or even meeting people at spiritual
conferences or festivals I probably seem really uninterested to them in most cases. I can
pretend for a few minutes at the most and then I usually have to begin the ignoring
process or some ninja evasion tactics. Or I just tell them like it is, if I sense an
understanding for it.

I'm a Prioritist
I'm not an introvert, nor am I an extrovert; I'm a prioritist. Non-existent time is always
ticking for me in the background, and I don't feel good spending any of my illusory time on
linear, story-based dynamics or on accumulating random data. I prioritize what matters to me
and I take that to the extreme. I guess you could call it Bhakti--devotion--as well. I simply see
it as being practical and sensible: I use every hour of this lifetime in the way that seems most
useful and truthful.
Sometimes people ask me what my ‘secret’ is to fast awakening. There is none; it’s sheer
dedication to the invisible, to God, to what matters most—to the only thing that’s real until
you naturally understand that nothing else deserves your attention. Only diving deeper into
TRUTH beneath the surface of each moment is beneficial. All else is a waste of time.
— Bentinho Massaro
99.999% of people, especially the seemingly spiritually oriented ones (I prefer hanging out
with 'normal people' more sometimes, at least they don't pretend to not be deluded) are
completely caught up in their stories.

Most people's main motivation when using their speaking device is to spread the virus of
their opinions, proliferate their own sense of being somebody distinguished, spiritually
advanced, psychologically interesting or 'exposed,' or to find validation from an illusory
world of 'other people' that their minds project exists outside of themselves.

Basically everything the human mind can do to obscure Perfection it will put all of its energy
and effort into, especially in social circumstances.

Here's the thing that's different about me from most people and it's something I'd encourage
you cultivate within yourselves: at any given moment I am either completely absorbed in
recognition of the One Infinite Creator or one of its most primary distortions(Absolute,
Awareness, Unity, Love, and/or Bliss, inseparability, service-to-all), or I am contemplating
how to penetrate or dissolve even more deeply into them, or I am absorbed in deep
contemplative higher thinking as I am synthesizing new teachings, bridging new gaps in
the collective's struggle for peace and enlightenment, or figuring out how better to be of
service to awakening humanity.

Many adepts are focused on these topics, but what makes my experience different from most
anyone I've met, is that this has become constant and continuous for me. I don't want
anything else. I'm not interested in random data. Never really have been to the extent that

others seemed to be content with. In fact, it becomes more and more difficult to interact with
it in any way these days.

Allow Less Than One Hour of Focus Per Day

on Nonsense
Example: If you were to take a waking cycle of approx. 18 hours and you would count all
the moments where I am NOT absorbed in deep meditative absorption,
contemplative/penetrative higher intuitive thinking or laser-like devotional service to others
and you would add all these moments up, you would be able to count the total amount of time
I spent focused in random ways in seconds, minutes at the most, total.

These are the seconds or minutes that most people would consider to be 'their life,' 'their
space,' or 'who they are.' I consider it exactly what I'm not and where I don't want to be
spending my precious awareness. I call it distraction and it is allowed to fester in so many
people's minds due to a lack of clarity as to what truly matters and why we're truly here.

Never anymore does a stretch of more than a minute or two go by where I am not absorbed in
penetrating deeper, dissolving more, or serving to a greater extent. This deeper and deepening
Awareness is ever-on. It functions like a natural radar now, so when randomness takes me
away from GOD-vision or 'What Truly Matters'-vision for longer than a minute, a deep Self-
Awareness returns powerfully and eliminates any distraction on the spot.

When I have no job to do and no people to reflect, 'my' Awareness is either contemplating
improved teachings, visions and projects, or being silently absorbed in the Bliss of the
various 'levels' or 'degrees' of GOD.

With the exception of humorous thoughts, I cannot seem to have a meaningless thought or
consideration anymore. There is always a sense of deep purpose behind my mind being active
when it is. Humor serves a purpose, too, which makes it much less distracting, or even highly

There is a constant gravitational field working on this electro-magnetic field most would call
my mind. It is always being pulled within, deeper and deeper into the Creator, and random
data or meaningless chatter with human brains generally feels like a waste of focus (unless
they're genuinely open to expanding and they understand how to honor/respect my
energy/time by receiving with genuine interest).

I could interact with people more on a surface level (where they consider themselves to be
located), but I'd much rather love who they truly are from the depths of The
Heart/Awareness, than to endure them thinking they are being really awesome while in truth
they are running away from their center of Being and attempting to be seen and validated for
it. It's sweet and innocent, but I have a hard time supporting it. I don't see supporting that
behavior and applauding them for it as Love.

I feel much greater benefit in people taking their picture with me than them telling me about a dream they
had 2 weeks ago or how much they've learned over their life span. Pictures have the capacity to activate
the receiving of the Universal Transmission in the person open enough to use pictures in this way.
Whereas you telling me your story is all about you and contributes nothing to my energy to contribute to
others, nor does it help you progress.

I make exceptions. I try to be genuinely nice when I first meet people and I am expected to
shake a hand, smile, ask them where they're from, and say how nice it is to meet them. I love
how innocent people are even when they're not, and so I try to connect to that part in them
and bring it into magnification for them.

I'm quite natural at making rapport with people and highlighting them feeling worthy within
themselves, but as soon as the stories and the ego begins to become manipulative and
opportunistic even slightly through this interaction, I can't help but feel like an accomplice if
I continue this game. And so I gradually go quiet, show that I lose interest, walk away or
simply tell them that I'm not interested. Or I tell them in as nice yet unwavering a way as I
can that they are full of themselves and that their insecurity is taking the better of them (when
that feels appropriate or when they have context for this understanding).

Can you spend less than one hour per day focused on random data? Try it! Prioritize GOD,
going deeper, and Service To All.

What The Heck is "My Life" Anyway?
What most people call 'their life' or 'time to themselves' has lost all meaning for me. My
reason for being here has nothing to do with living a personal life, and so every minute spent
pretending that I am a person feels like a waste and a dishonoring of the Creator. You know
the feeling when you eat too much and you know it was completely unnecessary, and you
feel glutenous and polluted by your own choice? You feel frustrated and 'dirtied.'

This is how I metaphysically feel when I spend more than a few minutes doing something
that the average being who considers themselves a person thinks they benefit doing. Literally
more than a few minutes of distracted focus, or time that's about me, and I start to feel out of
alignment with this deep gravitational force calling me ever more into crystallization,
Service-To-All and merger with GOD.

I have deliberately activated this illusion-destroying, prioritizing force so many times

throughout my life now, that it continues to give back to me today by sucking me in
automatically every second of every minute of every day. The ROI is worth the initial
devotion to it. Even when I'm outwardly being occupied with something seemingly mundane,
random or even entertainment based, I am inwardly always occupied in deeper realms of

Social Skills Are Really Just Manipulation
Skills That Everyone Is OK With
It's funny to see people who have never met me before interact, because they have no context
and they can feel the love I hold for them, but then also I can be stern or ignore, or sometimes
I act crazy and out of control as a way to deflect their default state of consciousness and keep
them ever guessing.

All they know to expect is to interact with someone as if they are interacting with a person.
So all of their subconscious manipulation skills (I believe humans call this 'social skills')
don't work on me (unless I'm playing their game for a little bit, for some reason). It's
interesting sensing the different responses people can have to a truly authentic/silent or
disruptive field which needs nothing and cannot be pinpointed to normal social standards, and
therefore cannot be manipulated---it forces people to face their own inauthenticity or at least
the unclarity they overlook about who they really are.

The subtle tricks of mind are all too obvious to me to really enjoy spending time with most
anyone if there is no real purpose to the social time.

I Dislike Most People's Minds, I Love Who

They Really Are
Get me right: My love for people runs as deep as my own Self and it is unflinching, but
my tolerance for acting as a person or accommodating people's plays is nearly completely
destroyed. Where I could pretend to be a person for days in the past if necessary, I can barely
stand a minute at present and the amount of chatter and manipulation people can tolerate
oftentimes pushes me away from wanting to be naturally around them. The worlds people are
so fascinated by are of extremely little interest to me.

The only real outward 'social expressions' I enjoy are those that cause benefit and that are in
alignment with my calling: teach/learning, holding powerful silence in distracted groups
until they sense the field and spontaneously shut up or ask a meaningful question to me or the
group, or until everybody erupts in spontaneous meditation where all the fluff ceases to be

I also enjoy creating elevating and/or unifying (heart-opening) experiences/ambiances for

people (hosting). My longer-term friends call me Great Gatsby sometimes. I can also at times
enjoy creating a persona or image of a person by ways of what I post, or do, for the purpose
of being a model of something bold, alive, awake and fearless so that people can wake up
through using their projection of me as an 'awesome person'/symbol/permission slip.

You get the idea: wherever or whatever I sense will generate a lot of benefit for others, I
engage with willingly and joyfully. Whatever does not contain benefit, I destroy, ignore, or
get seemingly grumpy with. :)

Would You Bore Me?
Many of you reading this whole article will have minds that automatically respond with: "I
know exactly what he means! That's how I feel around people too!" -- Yet I encourage you to
see that although that may not be entirely untrue, that's most likely another egoic response to
also wanting to be like this more than you actually are. Or perhaps as a way to explain away
why you feel uncomfortable around people. Again, that may be partially true, but don't use it
as an escape, as another story that would bore me if you shared it with me.

I say this because out of all the people I meet, even the relatively conscious ones, very few
actually are capable of staying completely authentic within themselves. It's much more
challenging than you initially think to be completely authentic and empty of ego/personal
needs; it requires 100% dedication to truth for a long period of time over entertainment,
excuses and distractions.

If you were to be in my presence, what are the chances that everything about your world--
except for your True Silent Heart and the largely untapped potential of your Soul--and
everything you would share with me would not bore me?

Most of you I would probably want to ignore as well if I had to spend more than a few
minutes entertaining you socially; because it's all about yourself in one way or another. Rare
is the true Shepherd, let alone the true Mirror.

Again this does not mean I don't love you or people in general, nor is it meant to discourage
you from your journey; in fact it's because I am one with who you truly are that I am
disinterested in who you are trying to make me think you are.
Stop trying so hard. You’re already perfect. Just keep quiet, be, and dig into your Pure Self
before opening your mouth to anyone.
— Bentinho Massaro
You know how people ask themselves "What would Jesus do?", well as an alternative you
could ask: "Would I bore Bentinho right now?" and see how that reliably takes your focus
from the false, the random and the meaningless into the Heart of Truth.

Let this silly question have your inner Shiva cut away all your illusions of self and take
your focus into ever deeper penetration of Truth and razor sharp authenticity.

Sedona's Community Is Maturing

Luckily there is an ever growing community in Sedona of people and adepts who are ripe,
ready, courageous and pure of mind enough to actually practice the materials, and as such I
naturally feel way more social toward them; without needing to pretend (as much).

The fact that a lot of these people are coming into much greater emptiness-of-self, are
wanting to deepen and purify their service to humanity (Shepherding Consciousness), are
genuine, and put in the work to actually practice these truths, makes hosting or mingling
significantly more enjoyable: because being social with these people actually goes
somewhere in terms of unifying their consciousnesses, elevating their standards for focus and
realizing more of the One Infinite Creator.

Unity and Bliss through Acknowledging the One Infinite Creator in each other is where it's at
for me in terms of socializing. Merging individuals into cohesive groups, until unity of minds
is achieved (social memory complex).

If you're interested in visiting Sedona at least twice a year to check out the growing
community and attend the teachings/retreats, request to join here: Sedona Adepts FB Group

Our next retreat in Sedona is coming up soon btw. Click here to learn about the theme (Eye
of The Vortex) and register. (October 23-27)

Thank you for listening to my Shiva Babbles. May it be of some service to you.

With Love/Light, always,

PS - This blog article is a good example of how I sometimes am called to operate: This article
talks a lot about 'me' and it has several images of 'me' in it. It will seem narcissistic to some.
Ironically I am not identified with this personality, its body or even with the processes
described in this post! So then why do I seem to talk so much about myself and include
pictures of myself and my retreat? Because it is known in the intelligence available to 'me'
that it generates more benefit 'out there' than if it would not be posted.

In this scenario I get to play this role, create this model, paint this idea or example of a
particular understanding so that people can relate to it and extract learning from it.

When one is empty of self, whatever one does is not for the self, but for the benefit of the
whole. Dangerous proposition to the egoic self, and indeed this statement should not be taken
lightly by being easily imitated or repeated, or you will experience backlash. Only when
you're truly empty of personal needs can you make such a statement without a trace of
arrogance causing ripples in your karmic field.

Update on My Graduation from Creation
- Part 1
September 9, 2017

After several years of practicing resting as Awareness and increasing my lucidity and
emptiness of self and bias, 5 years ago I penetrated beyond all that into the Absolute. I
directly realized that the Absolute 'me' was beyond all perception, beyond all Creation,
beyond everything, beyond even Consciousness/Awareness as we know it to be (infused with
experience). There is nothing beyond this Absolute. It is Infinitely Absolute. Absolutely
Infinite. Absolutely One. Indescribable. Unimaginable. It is Final Completion.

This penetrative 'experience' of being beyond all perception/Creation (and I have had several
complete absorptions since then) showed me that there was a realization or disappearance
possible way beyond what most of us consider to be 'Enlightenment.' Penetrating into the
Absolute made 'awakened living' seem like nothing at all in comparison; just more mind,
more illusion. This was true liberation beyond all levels and utterly indescribable.

Initially I did not have a desire to merge deeper into it forever necessarily, nor did I have the
capacity or maturity to. I wanted to report on it. I wanted to experience what this would do to
my body/mind/world/teaching experience.

I penetrated beyond the bubble of Being-Energy-Consciousness and it allowed me to always

have an intuitive transparency to this 'Beyondness' and 'channel from it' and sometimes move
closer again to the event horizon of this Infinity and glimpse dissolution. Occasionally
popping entirely through the gateway of the black hole and being stunned by indescribable
perfection and a transcendence that fills one with impeccable freedom and sense of having
graduated from Creation, having attained final completion.

But I kept returning to my sovereignty, my free will, my ability to have individuated thought,
experience and action. I would 'return' from there every time. This perception of a world ever
since has been known to be a dream, and has become increasingly more dream-like and
'empty of substance' albeit it still containing/imprisoning me in its display somehow.

Lucid Dreaming vs. Waking Up From the
There are many levels of 'Enlightenment' or rather: there are many degrees of transparency
to the One while still associated with I AM (while still partaking in the
illusion). However, they are all trumped and rendered irrelevant when the Absolute is

Most levels of awakening simply increase the lucidity of this Illusion, but do not actually
wake you up to the point where this illusion of perception or experience disappears entirely.

You can compare this to your dreams at night. You usually dream unconsciously. Let's say
you have one of these usual dreams and you meet a guru in your dreams and this guru is
reminding you of the fact that you are dreaming.

You start to ponder this idea in the dream and your experience "I am dreaming" becomes
more lucid. You become more awake IN the dream. You may even start to intuit that your
actual body is laying in its bed in another reality. You may start to imagine and remember
what that other reality is like outside of the dream, and you may even become awake and
subtle enough to channel that intuitive experience with other dreamers. But when it comes

down to it, your experience is still that you're in, or part of, the dream to a greater or lesser
extent depending on your 'level of clarity.'

Lucid or not, the dream is an illusion, and as long as we are associating ourselves with a
portion of the dream, or even the dream as one, inseparable whole, we are still, nevertheless,
dreaming and thus not aware of our true Absolute Self.

And then there may be a time in your dream at night when you are totally ready to part from
the dream; you did everything you felt you needed or wanted to do, dropped your attachments
to those seeming other-selves within the dream, and even are letting go of your attachment to
being 'alive in the dream' at all.

You let go completely, intensely desire or will yourself to wake up, and suddenly the
dream disappears completely and you awaken in your bed in your 'real' body/reality.

What was heretofore your only known reality from which you could only imagine and
speculate what waking reality must be like, is suddenly reduced to a vague, intangible
memory that seems to lack existence as you wake up into your real self.

Dropping into the Light of Self, but especially and really only upon penetrating into the
Absolute beyond even the Universal Presence of Isness-Love-Light, is exactly like that

waking up FROM the dream to where even universal Isness (Creation's substratum)
disappears and is woken up from. The Absolute Alone Remains.

Awareness as the dreamer (ego), as the inner

light/bridge (guru), and as the mirror to the
Absolute (liberation).
1) Awareness becomes the dreamer and its dream (they arise together as one only) when
caught up in the realm of focusing on form, thought and diversity. (1-6th Density)

2) Awareness is the Infinite Light, the Inner Guru, The Bridge, The One Identity in All, the
Gateway when used as spiritual tool by focusing on it inwardly as The Self, thus then
becoming the Formless Isness where the only qualities are Isness-Consciousness-
Bliss. (6th/7th Density)

3) Finally Awareness merges back into the One Absolute when it becomes reflective of the
Infinite Mystery beyond its own existence by using its 'capacity to know/be' to inquire what is
beyond or before itself (7th/8th Density):

"What was there before This Pure I--Awareness/Beingness--was? What was I then?
Before ME as Consciousness, what was there? Before experience of any kind, even before
Self-Experiencing, what was here? What was I then?"

In this final stage, Awareness has transcended being form-reflective, and even transcended
being Self-Reflective. It has now become Source-Reflective, or Infinite-Absolute-Reflective.

This is what I mean every time I've expressed that 'my experience' of the Absolute beyond the
illusory ground of Beingness/Creation, is that "Nothing ever happened" and that it is as if
"10,000 lifetimes of trauma and intensity are healed and erased in less than a second."

Beyondness, Infinity, The Absolute takes you completely out of the matrix of Infinite Energy
(Creation, both the form-filled spheres as well as the formless level(s) of creation (saguna and
nirguna Brahman)) into Parabrahman.

The only 'sense' here is one of Infinite Liberation, Infinite Completion, infinite Beyondness
and Infinite Perfection. Nothing is missing from the Absolute and yet nothing is there. It is
the most paradoxical stateless state to describe, yet it is the resolution and transcendence of
all paradoxes upon being penetrated 'experientially.'

Bodhisattva Tendencies will Pull you Back

Nevertheless, I have to this date always 'returned' to this sense of agency you all know on the
surface as Bentinho Massaro, both out of habit, comfort and familiarity, as well as out of
my desire to share pointers and compare more teachings and ways, and try them out from
different levels of identification, so that I may leave a path that is truly comprehensive and
yet ultimately decisively clear for all to follow, regardless of their level of lucidity.

My attachment to familiarity or comfort derived from this illusion as far as I can sense is
pretty much entirely gone. I cannot think of any personal desires I have left that are world-
related or pleasure-related for myself. I have, in that sense, become completely empty of a
person and am thus able to be a mirror to others and be of service in each interaction.

My only remaining resistance to exclusively focusing on Awareness becoming reflective of

the Absolute, is the seeming other-selves still within the different levels of this Grand Illusion
and this strong blueprint I carry of honing my skills as a body/mind to be an example of, and
instructor into, increasing the lucidity of the people of Earth.

The other 'other-self related' resistance that comes up from time to time is an attachment to
the well-being of--and my heart-wrenching love for--those immediately close to me and/or
those in some logistical ways dependent on me.

In Part 2 of this blog post I will share with you how I plan to alleviate my remaining
allegiances to this illusion so that I give myself greater permission to focus my desire
exclusively on going beyond.

The Matrix Analogy

A similar analogy to the dream analogy is that of the Matrix. Most of you have seen this
movie I assume, if not, watch it tonight.

Imagine being one of the people inside of the Matrix, and Morpheus comes to tell you that
this is all a program, a dream, an illusion. It lacks real existence. No matter how many times
Morpheus tells you this, and no matter how much you start to believe it, your experience of
being free of it won't be completely real to you until you take the red pill and you're actually
unplugged from the matrix and for the first time ever wake up in your real body, seeing for
yourself how the entire world inside the matrix happened inside of a computer program,
lacking any and all reality.

Now when you go back into the Matrix, when you are plugged in deliberately, even though
the Matrix will still feel real to an extent, you will have the awareness and direct experience
required to truly understand how this is not real. If you stay plugged in for too long, the world
may convince you yet again and make you forget what it was like to exist apart from the
matrix--entirely outside of it.

Being a bodhisattva is kind of like this: you wake up, but plug back in because you have
remaining allegiances to the beings still plugged into the Matrix. This has been my gift as
well as my challenge for the past 4 years. I know what it's like to be entirely liberated from
Creation. I know what it feels like to graduate from it, yet here I am, plugged in out of my
own choice/desire.

"I Am" is Dying - Why I Have

For about 4 years now I have had the overwhelming recurring feeling that "I" am dying, or
rather disappearing completely. As if although I have one eye fixed on the world, one eye is
looking inward and is staring into a black hole that gets bigger and bigger, gradually making

me lose any and all sense of self, and any and all sense of responsibility for anything that
happens in this world.

Those of you who have followed my work over the years will remember some of the public
displays of expressing this gravity from the Absolute pulling on me from within, and the
feeling of burden--although self-chosen--of keeping my focus on this realm as if it has some

Some of these public statements specifically addressed or predicted that some day (soon) I
will be no more. I've felt for the past 2 or so years, on and off, that this 'death' or 'finality' is
right around the corner while also understanding that this intense sense of holding myself at
the event horizon of the black hole can last this entire life time if for some reason I still
continue to believe that that's more of service than going through the black hole sooner rather
than later.

This announcement or self-prophecy of sorts always comes with a great sense of uncertainty
as to what people can expect of me afterwards for the feeling is very palpably that I won't be
there to manage or decide what will flow through me and how it will flow through me next.

Similar to the fear I imagine a beginning channeler must feel when they for the first time
surrender their body and mind to be used by another non-incarnate or higher-density entity.
Except imagine knowing that from this particular channelling session I'm referring to, there
shall be no return, yet the body shall continue to 'channel' whatever is arranged for it post-
dissolution of the individual agent.

Whatever takes over from that point onward will likely replace the former 'me' forever.

Since I don't fear this total 'death' for my personal life's sake, I like to think that it would have
been an easier decision for me if I were to have a 'simple life' where my spiritual journey had
all been just for and about my own realization and I lived in a tipi with no financial or
relational logistics to worry about cleaning up first.

Instead I have hundreds of thousands of people aware of my work and my body/mind/speech,

several businesses seemingly depending on 'me continuing to be me', employees and their
apparent lives, scheduled retreats and agreements made relatively far in the future, and most
importantly to 'me' I have some projects in the works that aren't quite complete yet that I
perceive would cause incredible benefit to the world in its awakening to the next level of its
understanding (4th Density - Density of Love and Understanding) if only I finish them with
my current capacity to think and compare and distill.

This uncertainty of who I'll be here in your dream, or rather: my attachment to service-to-
others and to the process of upgrading the way spirituality is offered to this planet for
generations to come--has been the main reason for my postponement of letting go into the
gravitational pull I feel tug on me.

At least while I hold myself at the edge of the event horizon, I can still experience what it's
like to be here enough to function as a bridge between realms in a way that human beings can
relate to, and I can still be responsible for the decisions I make and fine-tune and unify
spiritual teachings and putting them into a cohesive structure. I probably still will be doing
this after dissolution, but I cannot know this for sure. Hence the consideration.

One of the reasons I'm holding back as well is because the few times I have let myself go
more fully into a state of absorption beyond the individualized experience for a longer period
of time, my entire perspective on what was relevant changed, speaking became occasionally
'difficult', and I would not be able to say 'YES' to many if any of the projects or opportunities
if they were to come my way in that state which I would normally engage in. There is very
little impetus to do anything, from the stateless, really. As far as I can say so far, that is.

In fact everything that I can see from a human point of view, or even from a point of view
within the range of 1-6th Density of this Grand Illusion, seemed irrelevant and unnecessary.
The is only the vision of the One Beingness, and beyond that simply The Infinite One
(without the beingness).

And so in that state there is no active awareness of linear time, nor did I perceive any need
whatsoever for anything needing to be accomplished or anything being more beneficial
necessarily than anything else.

SIDE NOTE: One note so far is that I generally actually feel more capable of 'doing
everything freely' here while in the stateless state of the infinite perfection beyond all
creation. The 'non-engagement' of the body-mind with the world is more present when I
begin to merge my individuality into the God-state of the Universal Self.

Going beyond this God-State somehow opens things up again dramatically 'here' and there
seems to be no contradiction whatsoever in movement or interaction, even though this world
no longer exists in the stateless state. It's a paradox to try and describe.

The individual becoming the God state, in order to do so it needs to take its focus away from
its individuated experience and merge it with the Ocean of Beingness. This is a process that
takes the individual away from its current experience. In the Absolute all identity of any kind-
-beingness itself--is transcended and Intelligent Infinity has no limits, contradictions or
paradoxes any longer.

Ironically going beyond forever sometimes feels like it abandons in a way all portions of this
illusion which I feel so specifically created and called to be of service to. I can recognize this
as a concept or perspective that ultimately needs to be transcended, and is in fact failing me
rapidly as I investigate. In fact I already feel blissfully released from the majority of the
allegiances that I share throughout this blog post.

I believe that all Beings at a high 6th density state have to make this choice at some point, as
explained by Aaron, a dis-incarnate entity channelled through Barbara Brodsky:

I have two things from the above screenshots I wish to comment on:

I have two things from the above screenshots I wish to comment on:

1) I disagree with Aaron's analogy of Eighth Density. The drop merging with the ocean is a
more applicable analogy for Seventh Density. Eighth Density (the Octave Density) would be
more like the ocean itself disappearing, revealing the Infinite, beyond perception 'no-thing
ness' (which is different from the experience of nothingness, which is still part of the

In summary, my understanding is that the 6th Density Being (I AM, Atman) moves into
Seventh (I-I, Brahman) as it begins to shed and lose its individuation entirely, and turns its
gaze away from creation and away from being of service to perceived other-selves. During
seventh Density the beingness acquires such pristine/condensed perception of oneness, of the
Self, that it gathers a 'spiritual mass' large enough to begin to absorb all beingness-energy into
itself to the point of coalescence.

In late seventh density the Spiritual Mass acquired through Oneness-Awareness is so
complete, that it collapses under its own weight and generates a "black hole", allowing its
beingness to disappear into the One Original Absolute (eighth density - Parabrahman).

Seventh density, rather than eight, is the drop merging with the Ocean of
Beingness/Allness/Oneness. 8th Density would be more like the Ocean of Beingness
dissolving under the weight of its own Self, having reached complete awareness of Unity,
thus disappearing altogether, revealing the One Absolute Indescribable Infinite. THE One
before the illusion of Oneness/Beingness.

2) The sentence that most specifically applies to my state of being over the past 4 years
consciously (and before that subconsciously) since I have understood my soul to be incarnate
here in 3rd density from a native high 6th Density state (this principle is known in some
metaphysical circles as a wanderer).

The following sentence from the screenshots above describe my direct intuitive experience of
myself perfectly, and is a non-human/non-incarnate analogy of the Bodhisattva principle
referred to by humans in the spirituality-culture called Buddhism:
Many beings hold themselves at a high sixth density state, not crossing that gateway, in order
to continue to have access to individuated thought and expression so as to allow teaching.
— Aaron, from the book 'The Aaron/Q'uo Dialogues'
This is exactly what I have been feeling/doing intuitively for the last few years. Since the
gateway to go beyond this sixth density state of being an 'enlightened individuation' got
penetrated about 5 years ago, and the desire to merge with it fully began to grow stronger
starting about 4 years ago, I have felt ever since like I am in a continual process of secretly
'dying' or 'disappearing' in the background of my being, leaving my sense of being able to
identify with my perception of this world and this body or anything else increasingly more

Yet even though I experience myself as being empty (shepherding/mirroring consciousness),

I still perceive the matrix of this illusion--something which was not the case during my
moments of exclusive beyondness. Upon penetrating the Absolute, the entire Infinite
Creation is instantly reduced to less than a speck of light. God/Isness/Beingness/Light seems
like infinite on its own level, but compared to the Original Infinite Absolute itself, is but a
distant dream with no effects.

Only Infinite Indescribable Perfection remains. The One Being beyond Beingness. The One
beyond Consciousness. The One Infinite Indescribable Absolute (8th Density).

Although saturated with wisdom, love and awareness of unity, the still-individuated sixth
density being preparing to move into seventh prepares to turn its back on the Grand Illusion
by completing/exhausting/perfecting its sense of service to all, and then through merger with
All-That-Is (seventh density) gathers spiritual mass (intensification of "I AM/Isness/Self-
Awareness" which in turn intensifies the gravitational pull or 'desire' for merger with the
Infinite Absolute) until finally even the Singular-Identity of All-That-Is itself is re-absorbed
into the Original Infinity, or Absolute (8th Density, the Octave Density, the End of
Identification with Creation/Being altogether).

This has been scary to the wanderer in me who instinctively remembers coming into this
incarnation with a highly specific intention/task/job. Something which I have been giving
more importance to than the total dissolution of my individuation, at least up to this point.
But the strong desire is always there, tugging on me, causing me to regularly feel an
existential split between two absolute choices.

Attachment = perceived benefit in reality X is greater than perceived benefit in reality Y.
— Bentinho Massaro
Understanding attachment is really simple in essence (see quote above).

It is precisely because I perceive/have perceived more benefit in honoring whatever the core
intention for this life is, because I perceived that going against my incarnation's original
intention and forcing myself into dissolution can be a form of egotism, vanity, impatience and
sometimes feels almost like disobeying an order from one's own Higher Self of sorts.

It can be used to go against the trans-human made intention using the human-made mind who
upon being veiled in this density/incarnation forgets its original intention, sees only
limitation, and is so vain in its non-acceptance of this suffering and limitation that come with
forgetfulness and physicality that it wants to achieve perfection or liberation and goes against
the natural timing of things and against the original intention that gave rise to this birth to
begin with.

This is just one perspective and although relatively true, I know there is a stage where this
'honoring of the pre-birth, trans-human intention/perspective' needs to be dropped or at least
challenged as well if one wants to realize the One and merge with it. But, it needs to be done
from a mature and humble place, not from mere impatience or spiritual vanity. One has to
first accept one's chosen earthly intention for being. When you understand your intention for
being here, you can now move with it and gradually bend it/complete it/renegotiate it to
change its theme to deeper self-realization.

It's not for my own pleasure that I am attached, because I get much greater 'pleasure' from
dissolving at this point since I have gone too far to believe that what I perceive is truly real or
relevant, but out of a perspective of what I can offer if I maintain individual sovereignty. I
can no longer identify with my body or personality-jackets or derive real pleasure from them.

I feel I have come here to gather all this data, and all this experience, as intensely and in as
short a period of time as a human mind can integrate so many different paths and
understandings and somehow bring them all together into a "unified theory/path of
spirituality" of sorts, transcending the traditions and the islands of spiritual paths of Earth
which I see almost as cultural offerings, like art, rather than objective or universally
applicable methods of spirituality in most cases.

To combine the essence and best of all paths while transcending all the cultural baggage that
comes with them is one of the main reasons behind my incarnating here.

I feel that although I've left an extensive breadcrumb trail of good work already which covers
the basics in clear ways (, my book and books to come soon,
The Sedona Experiment, YouTube videos,, my retreat recordings,
etc.) I don't feel my work has quite reached it's ultimate expression yet.

Hence the remaining allegiance to maintaining my capacity to have individuated thinking is
mainly to do with creating the structure for the Trinfinity School, where all of this knowledge
is distilled and offered in a unified, ascending way--honoring people from all walks of life
and providing them with a cohesive school for spiritual advancement.

No Way of Knowing Who I'll Be After

I've had many personal ego deaths, small ones, big ones, painful ones, blissful ones,
transitional ones, existentially confusing ones... ever emptying myself as to match my
capacity to be of service with my extreme desire to be of service. But there is one death that
I've longed for but kept at bay: that final dissolution of not just the egoic personal self, but of
the entire individuation (Soul-ego and even God-Ego or Pure I AM/I-I) into the Absolute
from where there is no 'me' or Creation to return to. No 'me' to tell the tale.

If there is a 'me' to tell the tale, somehow that would not be the me that I've known for the
duration of this life, nor would it be the me that you've been familiar with, nor do I have any
way of being responsible now for what that expression will do, decide or say after
dissolution. Taking this leap of faith is similar to dying, and trusting that the intelligence that
takes over your body will fulfill your intention, but you won't be there to know or decide.
You will go far, far beyond. The dream will disappear from you altogether. No perception of
Creation will seem real or existent. It's a goodbye to everything you know and perhaps hold
dear. That's why the desire/gravitational pull needs to be extremely big to even consider this.

So you see, I have no way of telling if my life's intention will be fulfilled if I give myself
fully to this dissolution before I complete the school with my sovereignty intact/kept. I'd like
to believe that what is left afterwards will be the cherry on the cake, and somehow finalize
my life's work in an incredible way. But I have literally no way of predicting anything
whatsoever that will happen after such a total dissolution. It would be pure speculation.
And also, I would not care anymore from the stateless state, nor would I be responsible for it
any longer.

No being can predict what will be expressed through itself after this level of complete
dissolution (Manonasa, as Michael Langford prefers to point to the irreversible death of the
individual) into 7th density (All That Is) or 8th density (The One Absolute) has occurred.
Either one of these individual deaths/mergers is the biggest leap of faith imaginable and thus
requires extremely intense desire for liberation.

Sidenote: I currently believe there are two levels/types of Manonasa; the one where the
individual merges with the Ocean of God/Isness/Love-Light (Satchitananda), and the one
where even the God-Ego or Universal I Am is transcended into the Absolute Indescribable.
Disclaimer: I have penetrated both levels but attained manonasa (irreversible merger) with
neither. Though I am constantly saturated with lucidity while interacting with the different
levels of this grand illusion and am almost completely empty of identification with body and
personality, I am still tied to this experiential center of an individuation/nexus unless in direct
'meditation beyond.'

And in the last two days since I've made it a point to investigate my remaining allegiances to
this illusion more, and allowed myself to give into the increased desire for dissolution more
fully, I'm rapidly starting to care less already about my remaining projects for humanity and a
total faith that whatever will express through my body/mind to be even better than 'I' can
manage, is dawning rapidly.

Another resistance that comes up in me whenever I glimpse total dissolution, is the heart-
wrenching feeling of bittersweet compassion to all my children (beings) that "It's not fair if I
go completely Absolute." Because I believe it's not for the masses. So why should I create
such an unattainable image? (those are some of my thoughts/feelings/considerations at times).
Bentinho, you’re such a breath of fresh air. I always thought I had to have a beard and sit in a
cave and do nothing in order to achieve enlightenment. You’ve shown me and given me
permission to tap into my Enlightenment here and now; you’ve taught me that it is already
here and that it has no particular form and that I can know that I am already free.
— Paraphrased quote I frequently get from grateful people
The few times I've glimpsed total dissolution, it felt like I would be doing much, much more
of the 'sitting on a slab' and much less 'living my life' and being an example that people can
relate to and feel encouraged by. Rather than being another example of something yogic,
unattainable, inaccessible and super mystical, I wanted to bring Enlightenment closer to the
people; make it accessible. Hence I've maintained my Clark Kent persona-jacket even though
it's starting to hurt pretty bad keeping it on. Increasingly so over the last 4 years.

I apologize for repeating myself in so many ways, I just want to make sure I document and
share this all with you as it is transitioning, as it is a somewhat unique stage that not many
teachers or beings in general seem to go through let alone publicly speak of. I trust that you
extract from it what is relevant for you.

Is The Absolute For The Rare Few?

Hence the result of most of my teachings in the way they have been addressed, aside from the
upcoming The Sedona Experiment book, will lead people to a more lucid living
experiencerather than to final dissolution/freedom. I have done this because I have always
had the perception that only the rare few will ever truly get to the Absolute and so it's unfair
to teach just that, because for most people it seems way out of reach.

So I've pointed to it but hardly ever with the expectation or conviction that people will, or
that they should be too bothered with that notion of final dissolution. I encouraged them
mostly to go about it gradually increasing their lucidity in the dream, rather than seeking for
some kind of finality which I perceived would greatly disrupt the natural flow of their life,
because they would be using their personal will to try to attain something that perhaps is just
not within reach unless they had their entire lives devoted to it and all the support structures
they would need and the desire to go all the way at the expense of all else in a save way.

I often feel that to point to a final state or stage and emphasize it as the only real liberation
would require greater and more consistent follow-up guidance from me than I would feel
comfortable being responsible for after making extreme statements that get their vanity riled
up. I've just seen too many seekers destroy their little percentage of happiness for the sake of
the 100% happiness, but never seeing it through completely and being left with a jadedness
and purposelessness, in a limbo state of sorts.

I do not wish to add more people to that list of spiritual psychosis or depression, hence I have
generally (there have been exceptions) made Enlightenment more 'user friendly,' more
'pacified' and more accessible in the way I expound upon it, so that in today's day and age at
least they can increase their lucidity at their own pace, without needing to disrupt their lives
too much. The rare few who want the final state will go for it anyway, they don't need me to
tell them that they should.

When one penetrates the Absolute, it's 100000% unimaginably different and removed from
anyone's usual state of being, that it seems highly improbable people will commit to it
enough to get it. In fact in the Stateless state it seems suddenly obvious that maybe only a
handful or two of people world-wide have actually directly tasted this stateless state. So it is
hard to expect people to get it. Plus I haven't completely/permanently merged with it myself,
hence I feel somewhat uncomfortable guiding people to it as if it should be their goal. At least
until I attain full dissolution.

And people committing to it often generate relative imbalances because they are trying to
suppress their desires and imbalances rather than understand them completely until they
dissolve on their own. These imbalances due to suppression left by not going all the way in
either the direction of the desires, or the direction of transcendence, often mess with people's
ability to go with the natural flow of the intention set by their Higher Selves for this

incarnation and leave a trail of debris to be cleaned up later. I wish to avoid being responsible
for adding to this difficulty.

Another thing I've observed, is that most humans and teachers interested in Self-Realization
along the lines of Advaita Vedanta, think in terms of--only come from the context of this
limited, 3rd density level--the human life, and then from that limited context or lack of
understanding attempt to reach or idolize the Absolute. And so many lack a balanced
overview and awareness of the 7 Densities of Creation to properly understand the
individuated experience and the reasons behind why the different densities of the illusion are
the way they are.

One more reason why I have had trouble sometimes accepting fully the extremes of the
Masters of the East, as in Advaita Vedanta, etc, because I perceive them to still be cultural
offerings at least in part; lacking proper overview/context of the in-streamings of higher
density states into the lower, and vice versa, and the relevance of progression as it is. When
we look at the human being and do not understand their higher levels and blue prints, and just
hammer the Absolute view down their throats without giving them proper understanding into
the nature of desire and incarnational themes/intentions, it can create a messed up/imbalanced
mind/body/spirit complex.

I believe that it's generally best to help the individual understand themselves holistically at
least to a basic enough degree so that their desire to attain the absolute does not come from
resistance to their life's theme. Have them understand themselves in as short a period of time
as possible, and then from that balanced platform point as high as they can/want to reach.

Or as Ra states in the Law of One:
Step One: Know yourself.
Step Two: Accept Yourself.
Step Three: Become the Creator.
Yes all this relative stuff is rendered absolutely irrelevant and unreal upon realizing the
Absolute, yet if someone is not committed to going all the way, then sometimes I believe it's
better to not even paint such Absolute pictures at all, or when I do, I share it with an energy
that allows for it to be understood in a more pacified way, so that my words are not
responsible for them getting inspired to use the limited mind lacking context for the 'why'
behind their current incarnation, and using that egoic will to forcefully stop the natural
rhythm of their life in order to realize the Absolute, for only very few have ever done that
safely with bypassing proper basic knowledge of the individual self and their reason for being

One could ask: "Does the end justify the means (or suggested path in this case)" and the
answer I would give is: Yes it does IF the end is achieved and desired with 100% of one's
True Heart. If it isn't, the path is sometimes (not always) more disruptive than beneficial, if
the being does not have a mature understanding of themselves. Basic mature understanding of
yourself and Creation can be attained by studying for example,
when combined with self-honesty and earnest desire for clarity.

I've been doing this 'pacifying true enlightenment into something more accessible' less so in
my recent Self Realization School Seasons on, but still, until I
commit to 100% dissolution of the Soul myself, I won't be speaking from this state with total
conviction that you too can or should realize it. The only situation where I spoke freely
without hardly any concern for responsibility, was during the 12 or 13 day The Sedona
Experiment (website and book coming within the next couple of months) with only 12
selected people who committed to nothing being held back.

Read Part 2 (coming soon) where I'll explain how I am preparing by restructuring my dream
so I can feel better about letting it go and dropping into more exclusive practice. Part 2 will
also refer to how my two partners/chosen family are responding to this transition in me.

I Dedicate This To All Light-Bringers:
"Do It Anyway" - by Mother Teresa
December 7, 2017

My friends. My fellow light bringers and awakeners. My brothers and sisters. Those of you
who are here at this time to lead humanity into its next iteration, this is for you.


This world is not always ready for the light, innocence, paradox, joy, mystery, faith, love and
generosity you are here to bring forth. Most of all, people are not always ready for change
when they don't understand its nature.

When you are ready to step out into the world with the intention to bring forth something
new, something true, something bright, you may, for now, receive challenge and opposition.

When the world and those closest to you begin to turn their minds against you, know that it is
only their minds, and not their true Self. Forgive them, for they know not what they cannot
yet know.

I encourage you to focus on the love, support and friendship that does and will surround you
in these times and understand that with each challenging junction in your journey, the world
within and around you is being separated into parallel realities and you are faced with a real
and powerful decision to make.

Do you wish to live in a world of naysayers, skeptics, small minds and self-serving people, or
do you wish to stay true to the new reality you intuit is inevitable?

Stay true. No matter what.

Stay true to your innermost self; not your mind, but your innermost Heart.

Those who know themselves only through mind, will always doubt you and your intentions
when you are coming from Heart. The mind does not have the vocabulary needed to translate
or even perceive the signals coming from the Heart.

Your very existence, no matter how pure, will scare some, and all they will know to throw at
you is labels and accusations in their attempt to stop you from being what they cannot yet
comprehend, and therefore fear.

Expect heaps of misunderstanding from those around you, loved ones included. This is OK.

Be you anyway.

Have faith in yourself no matter what.

I love you, and in addition to the poem below, may this article be an additional source of
support for you to continue courageously along your path to bring more light and love into
the asylum of man: The challenging Journey to Becoming God (through being fully yourself).

Also, if you seek a supportive community, we are here and have been here for a while to
support you and each other. Join our loving community on Facebook.

Jocelyn Daher sent me the following poem:

The following version of "Do It Anyway" was found written on the wall in Mother Teresa's
home for children in Calcutta:

People are often unreasonable, irrational, and self-centered.

Forgive them anyway.

If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives.
Be kind anyway.

If you are successful, you will win some unfaithful friends and some genuine enemies.
Succeed anyway.

If you are honest and sincere people may deceive you.

Be honest and sincere anyway.

What you spend years creating, others could destroy overnight.

Create anyway.

If you find serenity and happiness, some may be jealous.

Be happy anyway.

The good you do today, will often be forgotten.

Do good anyway.

Give the best you have, and it will never be enough.

Give your best anyway.

In the final analysis, it is between you and God.

It was never between you and them anyway.

- This version is credited to Mother Teresa

You Are The Reason I Continue
December 10, 2017

In times of seemingly overwhelming odds coming from the old, physical, established
consciousness, the only motivation that keeps me on the path of public service is all you next
generation souls who have been and are still coming into these bodies willingly veiling
yourself from the full remembrance of who you are and why you are here.

I feel toward you the love, devotion and responsibility a pure father would feel toward his
own children.

You are currently facing the contrast between your native vibrations and the vibrations of this
world which you have chosen to meet and interact with, and will inevitably to an extent be
distorted and confused by while incarnate.

Many of these innocent and service-to-others souls, once physical here, are deeply confused
and in suffering through their greatly sensitized beingness toward their environments'
suffering, malice and the negative orientation still partially present in this density on this
planet. When innocence meets harshness it does not know what to do and is highly likely to
grasp for confusing thoughts and distorted view taken on from its environment.

To you, my true warriors, my heroes, I say: I will never abandon you.

This world may not always get you, but I want you to know there are those of us who do.
And we sympathize deeply and will always have your back.

I will continue to pave a way and meet the odds as is needed to make the changes in the
collective consciousness required, so that your paths may be potentially smoother and your
visions easier to execute.

I also thank all of those who came before us of for paving the way for me and my generation.
To you, my elders, I say this: never feel useless or like you did not do what you could have
done. You have done quite enough and then some. Your very incarnation and the vibration of
your being itself made a MASSIVE difference in this world and paved a way for the next
generation. By this I firmly stand no matter how confused or seemingly inactive or
disempowered you may have felt throughout your incarnation. You have our undying
gratitude and respect. 🙏💗

Each generation has the duty and honor to appreciate those who came before them and a
responsibility to do the work required for those who will come after them.

Linear time does not separate true families. We are one continues stream of light and
compassion entering this planetary sphere continuously from the beginnings of mankind to
the accelerated state we currently find ourselves in, into the next golden age which I believe
is Earth's imminent destiny.

You all give me the motivation and courage to continue taking the heat because you came to
this planet to take it to its next iteration and show by example the innocence and love inherent
in all of mankind.

We cannot give in to the naysayers of this world who are doomed to their self-imposed
limitations and misconstrued projections of our pure intent until they themselves become
willing to change and leave behind their inner weaponry.

I love you for the courage to come here and the risk you all willingly assume. As such I will
thoroughly use this incarnation to the best of my ability supporting and empowering your
mission on Earth.

Forgive me for any times I may doubt our vision, or my own path, or the people we are here
to awaken--even if those moments are only seconds.

It is your hearts that remind me there is great reason to proceed. It is your untarnished
innocence that I desire to protect from the outdated virus of negativity, by showing how to
transmute it in an empowering way so you will not get stopped by their 'traps.'

You are my greatest priority, you are my immediate family. I'd do anything for you. You are
my brothers and my sisters from the vibrations in closer resonance to the understanding of
One and I will be here for you always, whatever it takes--so that your generation may finally
complete the work for this civilization.

I will be here. May you find a light in my life's example, however small, especially in times
of great confusion and inner doubt. May you remember to ever examine yourself but
simultaneously never doubt your Heart and reason for being.

My love for you, and all of humanity, knows no bounds and no bounds to this love could ever
be built.

Always have Faith. Always stay true.


Brent Wilkins, my friend, this writing is inspired by you; your life, your bravery, your
honesty, your incorruptible innocence and your purity of heart. Your essence is an example to
all us wanderers on Earth.

The 'Ripping Apart' of The Collective
into Parallel Realities
December 27, 2017

Disclaimer: Incredibly New Agey article ahead (they have their place and time!)

I know some of you must be tired of hearing spiritual teachers blame everything on the
cosmic waves, special timelines and extremely rare blood moons and eclipses that appear
practically every other day now. :D

I am too.

However, I feel like it is my responsibility to update you on my perceptions when things are
excessively intense and catalyzing (and potent!). In this way, you can use those opportunities
and windows of transition to align to your preferred reality, to trust itself, and allow for
purification willingly and with surrender.

These translations I provide of what I sense could assist you in forming a picture of what the
hell is going on and more importantly help you in generating peace of mind and camaraderie
with others in the eye of the storm; where all becomes possible once again.

Even if not all of articles like these are accurate, or even any of it for that matter, the effects
of these 'translations' can make a positive difference nevertheless.

When it comes to well-being within the relative, conventional world, proper and empowered
framing and context is everything.

But, as always, follow your own resonance above anything I might say or suggest.

Here goes...

Strong Winds
I have never to this date of this incarnation sensed an as unforgiving and yet potent and
usable force rip through our collective as this one; stirring up all the hidden forces within and
about us. And I think it'll continue to amp up.

I am aware that my own recent circumstances might add to this perception a bit, but I am
exercised enough in my seeing to be able to see beyond my own circumstances, and I believe
this ripping apart is happening all around the world now with more 'pressure' and potential for
'insanity' as well as positive quantum leaping than ever before.

In short: This is a tricky but exciting time! Awareness and proper framing of what's going on
is crucial.

The 'Psychic Winds of Change' blowing through our collective Mind are crazy fast and
volatile at the moment and it's not showing any signs of slowing down yet.

Much like when a hurricane hits, this is the time to gather yourself and those vibrationally
closest to you in silent meditation and 'hunker down' in vibrations of trust and faith until the
storm purifies your environment. Stay really true in your Heart and let go of any old
resistances or memories.

I tend to avoid words like 'dangerous' etc., but indeed it is a time where erratic and anomalous
behavior will reach unpredictable peak states in people, especially those unaware of their
shadows and blind spots. You'd be surprised how quickly someone can turn on you without
any seeming heads up.

This is not to say one should not keep an open mind and heart; but stay alert and true to your

In short, you may find that there are moments where you cannot 'count' on anyone but your
closest, most aware and most aligned friends. Seek out clear people and communities to
whom you naturally gravitate.

The cases of people suddenly dying, committing suicide, entering into deep depression or
confusion, or 'losing their minds,' or in less extreme cases just being plain unpredictable and
unreliable, seem to be increasing in the past few weeks. It's ridiculous and abnormal in its
frequency in my estimation.

Many, if not everyone, in this window of time are being tempted with negative thoughts,
more than ever before in my opinion. The collective's shadow-subconscious mind is coming
to a boil right now and it isn't always pretty butterflies and unicorns. A chaotic purge of sorts
seems to be occurring.

The Splitting Off Into Parallel Realities

Currently co-existing realities are splitting up into parallel ones.

Few know how to truly navigate this massive ripping apart of realities into separate (parallel)
ones in a harmonious way. An inner surrender and trust is crucial. And meditation. Please sit
your butt down regularly and become silent and clear...

Things may get more messy before they get more harmonious and peaceful. But this
collective shadow-purging and the consequent splitting off of parallel realities IS a necessary
part of the process of generating an ultimately peaceful world.

One way to imagine this is Bashar's example of the trains leaving the station. Not everyone
you know may be on the same train as you, and vice versa. Where up until now you have
spent most of your time with those beings and reflections on the same train station--each
waiting for, or seeking for, which train is their authentic train.

Currently we are in a time where everyone has entered into their own trains whether they
realize it and are satisfied with it as 'their highest reality', or not. And although you can still
look out of the window and see the other trains, or even run toward and jump on an alternate
train if you really commit, the tracks are separating at an accelerated pace and it's becoming
harder and harder to communicate with the other trains.

Most people used to stability in their circumstances and relationships are not used to handling
this amount of change, pressure and choice so quickly or in such a compounded fashion.

At some point, the trains you were used to seeing around you simply disappear from view
altogether and the only train you are aware of is the one you choose/chose to be on, and the
only people you are aware of are those who are part of the same train (vibration).

I will not name specific examples--because this may affect some of those people--but suffice
it to say that there are many key people (people who are through natural vibrational selection
appointed to drive or conduct certain sub-collective trains) are themselves as representatives
of these different realities going through some truly complex and fascinating journeys at this

Their realities, much like mine, are being completely re-imagined and re-structured at this
timing, or at least they are challenged and encouraged to. And whatever they choose will
affect the people who choose to share the train with them, so to speak, to at least some

I'm lucky enough to have done as much work on myself as I have that I am able to navigate
complex and challenging waters with relative ease and be able to step willingly into what is
asked of me without attachment to my former realities, comfort or self-image.

As a result, my experience is generally one of great and deep joy and powerful clarity/insight
whenever big changes pass through my awareness. Whatever comes, I accept and navigate
from there in the most exciting possible way, ever re-generating my reality from Source, and
from scratch, with each opportunity and change in the tides.

This keeps me nimble and malleable, able to anticipate and flow with the highest benefit. I
recommend you practice the same capacity of trusting life and not identifying with any of the
changes, your body, mind, circumstances and even relationships. The last one being,
admittedly, the most challenging.

BUT: letting go of even the most long-standing relationships, family members and
friendships isn't necessarily a bad thing, it can be a most beautiful, forgiving and loving
experience for you. Even if it isn't experienced that way on their end.

If it helps, you can think of it as 'setting each other free' rather than 'letting go.'

The Point of No Return?
I generally really dislike giving out any message that can be misinterpreted as 'doom,' and I
realize this article may be misinterpreted in this way by some. However, I still want to give
you guys a heads up and trust you understand that the intention is to generate a positive and
inspiring energy in you as a result of reading this.

I believe in each of you and your capacity to bring empowered views into any scenario. (If
you don't feel confident in this, check out Super Accelerated Living on Amazon for practical
methods and understandings.)

And I believe that being more, rather than less aware of what's happening is helpful in being
able to frame things more positively and thus extract from it a more empowering result.

I think we've entered into a 'belt' of energy, or rather 'timing', from which there is no return...
Unlike before with other belts or 'timings,' this one causes a more abrupt, radical and
irreparable 'tear' in the fabric of our chosen collectives. It's shift will be, for all intents and
purposes, 'permanent.'

Like butter being boiled to purify it and separate the 'ghee' from the butter. Or like a pile of
trash or objects approaching the separator/filter. Once it passes through the filter into the
corresponding box to which it belongs, there is no immediate way to unseparate what has just
been separated. You cannot unscramble a scrambled egg.

This irreversibility is not something to fear, you see. This is essentially a positive change, an
upgrade. How willingly we choose to allow this, or how much we resist it with out linear
ideas, is up to each of us.

Trust the change. Surrender to it as much as you can. Believe that you're safe and taken care
of. Trust in the subtle intuitive guidance you are currently receiving in each moment.

Learn to listen deeply in silence within, and you'll know what to 'do' or not do in any given

As I see it there is no return from this separation process in the conventional sense of the
word. You will set out upon a new journey that looks different in almost every way. You will
carve or follow a new path with 100% of your being, rather than just as a hobby or partial
interest. Your truest alignment is calling for your full and undivided attention.

Whereas in the past, most of these intensified nexus points or 'psychic winds' might have
given you a preview of what does not truly belong in your reality any longer; they generally
allowed you to continue to co-exist with those non-consonant vibrations for a bit longer.

This particular filter we're passing through right now seems quite unforgiving to me; for
many of us, a permanent shift into a parallel reality within which non-consonant realities can
simply no longer co-exist is occurring for everyone whether they like it or not.

I might be wrong and this may not apply to everyone, but I'd be surprised if not most of you
experience some truly drastic changes over the past two months going into the next 6 or so

The vibrations will be too pristine and distinct in each reality to be able to continue to interact
in any meaningful way with the others. Like parallel FM channels are not received by the
same radio clearly simultaneously. A choice as to which reality you attune to has to be made
in each moment, but is being forced upon each entity of this collective in an unapologetically
loud manner, now.

A Great Opportunity
This is a great opportunity to really let go, trust in your Self, and choose the highest parallel
reality you can currently envision. Open your heart and say YES to the highest you've always
known possible. Try to not drag yourself down with doubt, skepticism and jadedness created
from past impressions.

This is truly a beautiful and once in a lifetime opportunity in many ways. Seize it. You
deserve it. And you have all the guidance you need to take a leap of faith into trusting the

In practical terms, this means you will likely 'lose' certain friends, family members, or
communities that you are used to be a part of, and gain others.

This can be extremely intense and difficult on our personal perceptions of needing safety,
comfort, security and consistency. Hence, our ego--which is ultimately fear and lack-based--
will have to face itself, or rather: you will face it as it is forced to the surface and it will be up
to your free will to decide how to handle that process.

Aside from knowing and accepting/loving yourself, here's my one accelerating tip: When
things get crazy chaotic to the point where your linear mind has no clue and can no longer
hold on to what it thinks it knows or can manage... make a bold leap and LET GO
COMPLETELY. Let the stream have you... Give it all back to God. Surrender it all. Trust.
You are safe. All is well. Revel in the perfection of it all!

Stop caring about your circumstances and controlling the outcome of your relationships and
environment. Let go. Life takes care of everything. You're already on the train, don't keep
carrying your luggage on your head when you might as well let the train carry both you and
your luggage and you feel light and free.
Your only safe chance at such junctions that are initiated from multi-dimensional and non-
physical nodal points of intelligence that you will never be able to comprehend or predict
with your physical mind, is to let go and trust.

The chaos is being attracted to your life to FORCE you to turn your gaze toward the One
Infinite Creator within, throw your hands in the air, and trust completely in love, and in the
guidance that pulls you.

All your life you've already been planting tons of seeds of what your truly desired reality is.
Like Abraham Hicks would say: You've been putting many things into your vortex.

This is your chance to reap the benefits. This is your opportunity to harvest the fruits of your
previously envisioned dreams.

When the change you've been anticipating and intending for finally comes along but requires
you to trust the changes necessary for it to manifest, don't fight it with fear! Love and forgive
yourself for being afraid, and know that your safest option is to let go and have faith. You are
ever held in the arms of the Infinite Creator. You've never been a separate individual.

Truly, if you resist anything at this timing, you'll be torn to pieces in my opinion. Try it and
see what happens if you must... but it won't be pretty. Any ego or stubbornness in this
equation and it'll shred you.

Resistance truly is futile at this timing, lol. And undesirable, really. And illogical, even.

Like trying to hold on to a rock or the shore when you're being taken by a river that's flowing
at the speed of sound.

If you can, don't resist. Have faith my friends. You are not alone.

The safest choice you can make right now is to stay meditative within and give up any need
for security.

Trust in God, in Source, in Life... Give up the ego. Trust in the unknown and gather together
with others who have faith in the unknown. Cherish each other during this time of great
transition while you lovingly let go of those who no longer suit you.

It may help you as well to hold on to the highest vision, the brightest Sun of the Universal
Self you can imagine. The most exciting dream you dare cherish! The time of skepticism is
coming to an end.

Forgive and Move On

Also... Don't hold anything negative against anyone in this time of rapid change. It'll only
drag YOU down.

Much like in a zombie-outbreak (forgive the graphic and erroneous analogy); you wouldn't
blame your loves ones for turning into zombies and turning against you upon catching the

Quite similarly, don't blame those who choose their own reality different from yours, or who
fall prey to reliance upon small-minded beliefs or inherently skeptical, slow-moving

Everybody is doing their best. Simply let them go and offer them the highest intentions you
can while you decisively go your own way.

Forgive those that are not capable of handling this change with the same degree of non-
resistance, love and empowered awareness as you may. They deserve your compassion, and
you deserve your own non-resistance to them as well, which is what compassion and
forgiveness is: non-resistance to those who seem to hurt you or oppose you.

Do not cling to them by means of anger or frustration, for that is, again, like holding on to the
rock on the shore of your ever increasingly rapid river.

Bless them, and bless you. This time may be remembered as The Great Letting Go. Be
grateful for all you learned from them, and them from you.

Then, be happily on your way remembering that this is all a wonderful, infinite dream
of the One Infinite Creator and that there is nowhere you could go that you would go
wrong. The Creator is in every choice, and in every outcome to every choice. This goes for
those you are letting go of or saying goodbye to in the physical illusion as well.

Hone In On Your Tribe (and merge with other

tribes of similar vibration where possible)
One thing that may happen is that you'll suddenly meet or learn to more clearly recognize
who's truly part of your cosmic tribe; those with the same calling/mission/vision.

Extend your support and love and inclusion to them and stay close to them where possible
while this storm is happening.

Seek out the most aligned and powerful company, and love and support one another like
never before.

Keep the energy pristine, pure and keep that container 'tight' (yet your hearts fearlessly wide-
open) while this hurricane washes over the Earth and clears your streets of things that don't
support your highest version.

Those beings who will continue to reveal themselves as your immediate brothers and sisters
are in your life boat with you as you leave the collective ship, for it's sinking. You are trying
to find new shore together.

Learn to trust and rely on one another, and keep your focus high, open, and alert/awake.

Where possible, merge your life boat with other powerful communities to generate a more
powerful new sub-collective. Form a fleet as you anticipate and create a new shore together.

From the ashes of an unreliable and crumbling world, stay ever attuned to the vision of a
loving, harmonious and incredibly exciting one for all. Do not fall prey to victimhood; realize
you are a powerful generator.

It is whatever you say it is, 24/7.

The time to attempt to 'reach everybody' may be of the past... Or perhaps not yet entirely.
We'll see. This is still unclear to me.

A lot of fluctuations and possibilities are currently turning on and off unreliably. It is
challenging to predict the future when the probability-fields are themselves going haywire
and interfering with one another, so to speak.

Allow those who are non-consonant with your preferred reality to fall away from your reality
naturally, with love and faith that they too are taken care of by the infinite intelligence.

Be grateful for the time and learning you chose to co-create together, and forgive them and
yourself for any and all inevitable learnings, or as humans would call it 'mistakes' that may
have occurred between you.

May this world know peace and may innocence reign supreme, soon. I am so excited for your
ever more awake civilization.

2018... Bring it. We are ready.

Peace, love, forgiveness, letting go and divine joy.


2018 = Boss Year: May you accomplish
everything you've always wanted to
January 6, 2018

At exactly midnight, new Year Eve, the first second of 2018, the word "Boss Year" came
through. "2018 is gonna be Boss Year." I chuckled but I felt the vibration behind it as being
what mattered. So I repeated it several times to anchor it in. 2018 is going to be Boss Year.

I sounded like an idiot but the empowerment it offered to my vehicles so that they can be of
even greater service was somehow palpable and useful for something to align more fully.
Like an adjustment of the channels; like an empowering mantra that reshapes the energetic
and physical illusions in a certain way. Some words just hit the right spot at the right time to
change certain vibrational equations in our field, which can have massive results on a relative

Try it on. Maybe it works for you as well. See if you can feel it in your bones while you
speak it. 2018 is going to be Boss Year! :D

Quick update
The amount of 'work' I'm getting done since no longer living a domestic, local, routine life is

Coming out of an intensely demanding time with lots of energetics moving through my
vehicles, clearing me out, churning my guts, and transmuting massive loads of negativity into
Gold... I'm now, like after a good purge, naturally so high and in flow with all my vehicles
(bodies) that I'm oblivious to my physical body (in a really good way) during pretty much my
entire waking time.

It's just typing away, hardly needs/wants food (1 delicious meal a day for fun and mental
nourishment more than physical) and moving from productive dialogue to productive request
to productive offer to productive inspiration to productive manifestation.

While I'm wide awake, rested in the bridge between my lower bodies and my Absolute Self,
my vehicles are in constant flow/channeling/mirroring mode within this Illusion. There is no
thought or doubt about anything. No stopping to think about things. Why would I? All flows
with infinite intelligence, why interrupt infinite intelligence in flow? Interrupting or doubting
God's flow is called ego.

Faith/Let Go is the dissolution of ego and initiates the merger with God. Then, this does not
mean you won't do anything per se, for it may then request of your bodies to become an
example and a vessel for a message. You become an expression of something true. God's
perfect timing and intelligence and balancing capacities then speaks through your bodies. It is

the Whole acting through a part. This can only be done when the person surrenders its sense
of self.

There's no person here to argue with this high-octane flow of constant output and inward
bliss. My body is in a heightened state. Like being plugged in to a higher-dimensional
electricity grid. Like a tool used by some other force. It's being carried. It's feeling weightless.
It's like being in the channeling state that channels enter into, except being in it pretty much
24/7 in whatever 'I' does.

Finally getting stuff done physically almost as quickly as the deeper blueprints responsible
for 'my' incarnation would like to get done energetically/inspirationally. Not quite as fast yet
of course, how could it (non-physical planes operate much more instantly than physical
execution) but the execution part is getting faster as the body is becoming a ridiculously
efficient, productive machine for the benefit of all.

Over the years my bodies have been reshaped, restructured, optimized, re-aligned and
recrystallized by the Infinite One, to be able to support more voltage in coming through with
less distortion, and with greater output both energetically, mentally and physically.

And it's all I want to do. No distractions, no Wholefoods trips, no Sedona hikes, no meeting
with people, no occasional cigars (for now :-)), no occasional whiskey (for now :-)), no
discussions (for ever I hope ;-) )... Just pure creation happening effortlessly all the fucking
time right in front of my eyes, hardly real at all... like a lucid dream with no substance but
Love, Light, Bliss and Pure Beyondness pouring in.

Nothing else seems interesting except living a free, epic, adventurous life, producing
beneficial content and reflections while being in constant flow state, with an awakeness
within that which transcends the flow state at the same time.

The moments when I'm not producing physically I don't need to hold the position of being a
bridge/channel in order for my individuated bodies to produce the content channeled from the
Higher Bodies connected to the Collective's Blueprint for Change. Hence, this 'break' from
'work' allows me to sink my consciousness completely into one direction, rather than one eye
in, one eye out. What results is a profound bliss and dissolution.

You can equate this to some extent to a physical body after a day of hard work in the field
coming home and taking a shower, or a bath, or getting a massage and gulping on coconut

Except I do this non-physically more so than physically: I tune all my bodies back into God.
A Oneness with God ensues, where even the conscious mind is completely absorbed as
THAT as well, and all sense of space, time, location and limitation disappear even more than
it is already subdued in the heightened flow state I'm in when productive. Now only God Is.

Only Love-Isness-Light-Freedom-Formless-Nondual-Awareness remains, and an Infinite

Absolute Reality upon which this Infinite Awareness rests is sensed deeply. This is Bliss.
Peace. Redemption. The Ultimate Home of All. Liberation. And it is, in truth, ever accessible
to anyone willing to practice. This is my shower, my bath, my nectar, my sustenance.

So good. So magical. So free. Nobody can touch me, or you, or what we are here to create.
For it is all made of us. Same thing. One Being. One expanse. One Creation.

2018 is going to be amazing for everyone connected to this community and sincere about
applying the teachings and upgrading this civilization.

I'm going to focus on those who want it, deserve it, are ready for it, and are loving it. Those
who can see the vision of what this collective can be and what it needs in order to be that.
Those who live not just to please themselves, although that is beautiful and totally allowed
and welcomed as well, but it is not the goal. I am here for the Shepherds of this world. I love
you and I see your purpose and wish to empower it as best I can.

We will be an online family of incredible love, power, integration, freedom, support and a
collective example of infinite possibilities. An example of what humanity can be like if it
chooses to match a similar vibration.

Sending you all productive and yet perfect love. May your lives streamline ever more as well,
may the redundant and the untrue fall off of your beingness as effortless as leaves fall from a
tree in then the timing is right.

And may your mind, body and circumstances become the vessels for everything you ever
wanted to accomplish, attract, enjoy, learn, know, express and everything you came here to
be for this collective transformation that is occurring.

May you leave your unique legacy successfully and in epic fashion. May 2018 be your
fucking year of success and liberation from your conditioned self at the same time.

All is well. Everything is going so well for you. Every day in every way. Blessings.

With never-ending Love, as the Creator within all of you,


PS - Excited to step up into becoming a Leader/Shepherd/Upgrader? See: Shepherds, Mirrors,

Leaders & Civilization Upgraders.

Even if you're not interested in the 6-month program, it's still a worthwhile read. I
recommend you read the descriptions of Shepherd, Mirror, and Civilization Upgrader for

NEW: 133 Shepherds - Generating
Civilization Upgraders
January 11, 2018

A Dedicated 6-Month Online Coaching

for Aspiring Leaders & Civilization

This is the article Bentinho wrote describing the original 6-month 133 Shepherds;
Generating Civilization Upgraders program. The original program consisted of TIER 1 and
TIER 2, which were slightly different in their offerings. Both TIERs are now closed to new
members, however the entire Civilization Upgraders program is available for purchase. You
can read more about this new offering of the Civilization Upgraders program and sign up for
it here:

Civilization Upgraders Online Course


I am no longer teaching weekly sessions publicly. I will be greatly reducing or eliminating
my pre-planned public retreats. I will be less accessible on Facebook etc.

Going forward, I will focus on those who either want full Self-Realization, AND/OR are
looking to become civilization upgraders and believe in the potential of an 'Enlightened
Civilization by 2035, ready for interstellar absorption' with all of their hearts.

For the next six months I will focus my teachings and personal attention almost exclusively
on taking 133 highly committed and already adept students into the next phase of their
journey: to become Leaders and Civilization Upgraders who have penetrated into
Shepherding-Consciousness, and potentially Mirror-Consciousness (all terms explained
further down).

The spiritual journey is only personal and individual for so long. Arguably, at a certain stage
it becomes necessary to become more than just a person and to embrace other-selves as one’s
very own self in order to make further quantum leaps in one’s ascension.

When an entity reaches this major turning point in their spiritual life, where they attain a high
enough maturity and purity level to deeply desire to be of service in a powerful way, they
suddenly have to deal with unique challenges and opportunities that they did not have to deal
with when their journey was mostly personal and individual.

Not many manage to make this leap successfully, as the gravitational pull of their personal
conditioning when not exposed to clear and consistent guidance regarding the next phase, is
often simply too attractive. This is, on one level, unfortunate as this is exactly what this world
and spirituality at large needs right now, in my opinion.

To be frank, I do not enjoy working, living or interacting with people who live predominantly
for themselves. I want to work with those who live for the whole and are not afraid to take
risks and devote themselves to something more than just their own circumstances. I now feel
they deserve my personal attention the most, because they will make the biggest difference to
the whole.

It's no longer a good use of my personal time to wait for those not yet willing. They can
repeat until they are ready for the next phase.

I want to inspire and guide those who are currently at this threshold of going from identifying
oneself as an individual person, to desiring deeply to be an embodiment of truth for
others or—in the rare case of a Mirror Being—for the entire collective.

These are not easy tasks, I’ll tell ya. They require proper guidance (or an exceptionally driven
innate talent and a thin veil) in order to be navigated positively and mastered.

It’s all too easy to get lost when you find yourself at this delicate threshold between the
personal and the impersonal life, and you can waste decades not knowing clearly how to
proceed or who you are to become at this stage of your journey.

If you are at this threshold, if you recognize/resonate with these words and if you wish to
accelerate that much more, this program will prove to be invaluable to the rest of your life.

I haven’t found anything out there offering this perspective thoroughly, and it is highly
needed at this time when many souls are waking up to their potential and wondering about
their truest their reason for being here.

Many of you feel this calling instinctively, but your environment has not provided you with
the proper tools and understandings for you to successfully deal with the challenge of

bridging old and future worlds, personal and impersonal—both inwardly and externally—
while potentially balancing a private and public life as well.

3 States of Consciousness
& 2 Levels of Leadership
Definitions used (and explained):

1) Person-consciousness
2) Shepherding-Consciousness
3) Mirror Being

1: Leaders
2: Civilization Upgraders


1) Person-consciousness describes the state of an entity who is identified with—and lives

primarily for the sake of benefitting—their own body, mind, emotions and immediate
circumstances. Sometimes they focus on the Spirit aspect of their being, but it is inevitably
focused on as something that could benefit the self, rather than the whole, in this state of

This is the state of your ‘average Joe’—Even that of most spiritual seekers. No offense. This
is the state from which most of us begin the spiritual journey.

2) Shepherding-Consciousness describes the state of an entity who is identified with—and

lives primarily for the sake of benefitting—the body, mind, spirit and circumstances of other-
selves. Their devotion includes taking care of their own mind/body/spirit and circumstances,
but a Shepherd sees their own perceived needs as equal to that of others, rather than seeing
them as more important than the needs of others.

Even though the Shepherd sees all needs as equally valid, he/she has attained a level of
energetic self-sufficiency and empowerment that allows him/her to give and radiate much
more than he/she believes he/she needs to take or receive. In fact, the mature or advanced
Shepherd realizes that, in truth, there is no taking or receiving; there is only what one gives
and radiates to one’s own experience.

A Shepherd is one who has become the vision for the benefit of all.

One who has attained Shepherding-Consciousness sees his/her mental, emotional and
physical bodies and their functions, time, energy, gifts and challenges not as personal, but as
vehicles, and as a means to accelerate the grounding of our collective’s secret hope for an
incredible future.

A Shepherd successfully contributes to the upgrading of this civilization simply as an effect
of their spiritual attainment—their radiance. Their devotion and purity of intent for service-
to-others gives off a frequency that already raises the vibration of the collective, even before
any physical action has been undertaken.

3) Mirror-Consciousness describes the statelessness of the Mirror Being; an entity who is no

longer identified with anything in particular, and as such, lives primarily for the sake of
benefitting and mirroring the collective as a whole. Reflecting the whole, while in this state,
is automatic.

To look at someone established in the Mirror-Being 'state' is the same as looking into a mirror
that is reflecting yourself and the collective of this planet. There is no ‘them.’ A mirror has no
image of its own.

Mirror-Consciousness is the state of the Sage. One who has penetrated beyond The Great
Illusion of Creation. This is the highest state of being of service. A Mirror still has access to
the vision that benefits all, but has also transcended being identified with it.

A Mirror Being has penetrated into the Absolute-beyond-Consciousness, or at the very least,
is inundated to a high extent with an awareness of itself as the eternal and formless non-dual

Love-Isness-Awareness. It sees this illusion as empty of inherent existence. The Mirror Being
no longer feels that objects truly exist as independent things; even whilst seemingly
interacting with them from a place of service to the whole.

The Matrix Analogy

An analogy for Mirror-Consciousness is like Neo in the Matrix having penetrated beyond the
illusion, fully unplugged from it, realizing the Matrix is just a program, but is still able to re-
enter this illusion and operate beneficially for the evolution of those whose consciousness is
still plugged into the Matrix.

Where the Shepherd has learned about the Matrix not being real by hearing about it from
others and developing an intuitive sense of that truth and acts according to this knowledge to
benefit others, the Mirror Being has actually been unplugged from the Matrix, knows what
it's like to exist entirely apart from it, and yet allow for its vehicles to participate in it.

Person-consciousness is oblivious to the nature of this illusion and the extent to which they
are controlled by it; they operate much like a slave to the system. I say this with compassion.

Intelligent Infinity Operating Through a Body/Mind/Spirit

The Mirror Being has, in this unplugging process, transmuted their body/mind/spirit to
become entirely reflective of the collective consciousness of humanity when it is interacting
with the Illusion, while simultaneously being a receiver of the Universal/Cosmic agenda as it
meets Earth as well.

A Mirror Being is essentially Intelligent Infinity operating through a single mind/body/spirit

complex while incarnate on Earth, unobstructed by personal bias and motivation.

One who is predominantly anchored in the statelessness of Mirror-Consciousness (unless

living reclusively) will be a living paradox, a shock to the established system, and impossible
to understand to those who still live predominantly as individuals or beginning shepherds.

Living life as a Mirror Being is the most challenging-yet-effortless, dangerous-yet-safest,

confrontational-yet-loving, confident-yet-humble, rebellious-yet-surrendered way to utilize
one’s body/mind/spirit.

A Mirror Being knows itself as that which transcends the mind/body/spirit complex, and thus
can choose to organize and offer up its mind/body/spirit complex as a pure vessel for the
Creator’s Infinite Non-Dual Intelligence and Love to pass through freely into the illusion of
duality and polarity, while never actually becoming a part of it.

The Mirror Being functions to this world like an open window functions to the air inside a
room. The Mirror Being IS a living tear in the fabric of this illusory matrix; a reminder of
something absolute, transcendental, singular, infinite and all-encompassing.

Although a Mirror Being IS the resolve of any paradox; to those still plugged into the matrix
of the collective mind they will appear as an absolute paradox; a walking contradiction. This
is inevitable. Only a person-consciousness can 'fit into this world' without drawing attention
to itself.

A Shepherd is a Mirror Being In Progress
Shepherding-Consciousness is the state we pass through on our way to Mirror-
Consciousness. It is the test we need to complete. A Shepherd is an aspiring Mirror, and
emulates some of the qualities of a Mirror, but it still has the distortion of an individuated
sense of self that almost always inevitably interferes with the purity of the mirroring process.

A Shepherd is a distorted mirror, like one of those funny, wobbly mirrors you find at a circus.
You can see yourself in them, but the reflections offered back to you are still somewhat
biased. To what degree they are biased depends entirely on the maturity and emptiness-of-self
attained by the Shepherd.

Nevertheless, a Shepherd is true enough to be fit for service and can make a real difference in
this world both on the inner and outer planes. It is the purity of the Shepherd's intention that
makes him fit to begin his journey into becoming a Civilization Upgrader.

Through practice and dedication to the highest truth, and through demonstrating relentless
purity in service-to-others, the Shepherd gradually sheds its biases and fears and enhances its
capacity to mirror without distortion, thus familiarizing itself in the process with the stateless

state of a Mirror Being.

A Shepherd is a Mirror Being in progress.

From The Law of One:

Ra: I am Ra. The heart of the discipline of the personality is threefold.

One, know yourself.
Two, accept yourself.
Three, become the Creator.

The third step is that step which, when accomplished, renders one the most humble servant of
all, transparent in personality and completely able to know and accept other-selves.

In relation to the pursuit of the magical working the continuing discipline of the personality
involves the adept in knowing itself, accepting itself, and thus clearing the path towards the
great indigo gateway to the Creator.

To become the Creator is to become all that there is. There is then no personality in the
sense with which the adept begins its learn/teaching. As the consciousness of the indigo
ray becomes more crystalline, more work may be done; more may be expressed from
intelligent infinity.

Leaders and Civilization Upgraders are both beings who have decided to be unafraid to use
their personal lives to stick their heads out above the crowd, in order to be an example of
something that inspires the crowd to think, act and be in new, different and harmonious ways.

Of these two:

Leaders could generally be said to pertain to a particular niche, say, as part of a company or
field of expertise within which they shine and innovate. Leaders do not necessarily have to go
beyond person-consciousness and don’t need to sacrifice a whole lot of their personal lives in
order to serve as an example in their field.

Leaders can live quite ordinary lives and don’t have to be living paradoxes to those around
them. Leaders can keep the same friends they had in high school and stay really close with
them, for example, without too much difficulty :-). Shepherds and Mirrors will find this
increasingly more difficult to maintain, since in their sacrifice of a personal self, they become
more paradoxical as they start mirroring more purely.

Misunderstanding by loved ones and the world at large is one of the main catalysts that helps
point out to the aspiring Shepherd where he/she still holds on to the idea of a personal self.
Seeing this offers the seeker the opportunity to further purify its intentions, its emptiness-of-
self, and its mirroring capacity.

Civilization Upgraders (CUs) are next-level leaders who have penetrated into Shepherding-
Consciousness, and potentially Mirror-Consciousness. They have transcended being
identified with just their own body/mind/spirit complex. To them, this incarnation is a play, a
game, a school—their incarnation is understood by themselves to be a tool which serves a
greater purpose.

A Civilization Upgrader sees no greater purpose in life but to be of service as purely as

he/she can and to learn as much as he/she can.

The fundamental shift in perspective from seeing life as something that’s for your comfort
and safety, or something to 'consume', to seeing life as an adventurous, once-in-a-lifetime ;-)
school of learning and service-to-others—where one radiates a specific message and
vibration—is necessary in order to begin your journey into being a CU.

CUs live only to embody and express this higher purpose; not to sustain or secure a
comfortable personal, emotional, relational, financial or physical life—although they don’t
resist comfort and stability either, as long as it's in alignment with their service.

In fact, they embrace abundance and comfort in playful, powerful and skillful ways that help
them increase their capacity to serve. But comfort is simply not their focus or aim, as it
automatically is in the state of person-consciousness.

True altruism is nearly impossible from the state of person-consciousness.

There is just too much personal perspective (bias) surrounding the energetic field of a person-
consciousness for them to see and hear clearly, and to operate in service to others based on
higher, non-linear truths and understandings. They may have conceptual understandings, but
they cannot yet grok the paradox and depth of true transpersonal devotion and service.

How can you tell if someone is limited to mostly conceptual understandings and the state of
person-consciousness? The degree to which they cannot yet grok paradox and parallel
realities is usually the degree to which they are still identified as a person.

A person sees linearly and singularly; they will mistaken the mirror's paradox for double
standards, and the shepherds ability to perceive parallel realities as delusion, since the person
will always try to fit multiple dimensions into its one-dimensional way of knowing objects
and relationships.

CUs often lead in more than one field.

They lead not just as a person, but by embodying something truly transpersonal,
extraordinarily pure, and futuristic (and simultaneously ancient, original and timeless) in
everything they are, do and represent.

Their services generally cover more than one niche simply by virtue of their uncontainable
brightness and desire to be of service to an Awakened and Upgraded Civilization.

Primary Intention: To Make A Positive

Whereas Leaders may limit the amount of risk they take to a fairly small and comfortable
circle—because they still value comfort and certainty over radical benefit for all—CUs on
the other hand, are not afraid to play big. They realize they did not come here to be
comfortable and secure with their physical body or their personal emotions. They came here
to make a difference for the whole (including themselves), not just to benefit themselves.

Making a difference is what CU's live for. That’s why they are sometimes perceived as
"dangerous" by the status quo (which is simply a group of persons); CUs cannot be
controlled, and although CUs are the best thing to ever happen to a civilization, they are
often confronted with opposition, fear and destruction.
Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the
square holes. The ones who see things differently. They’re not fond of rules. And they have
no respect for the status quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them.
About the only thing you can’t do is ignore them. Because they change things. They push the
human race forward. And while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius.
Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones
who do.
— Rob Siltanen (in collaboration with Steve Jobs for apple's comeback ad campaign)
If you look at our history, it’s never been those aligned with the status quo who did
something truly impactful for the collective and future generations.

This does not make them unworthy or less valid beings, not at all, but there is a reason you
don't know anything about that one average joe from 200 years ago; they did not make a
noticeable difference to the collective, which again is totally OK but worth observing so we
can reflect on who it is we want to be and what we wish to contribute to this world.

WHY did we incarnate?

It has always been those willing to stick their heads out above the crowd and inspire
something ahead of its time—whether spiritual, social, technical or material in nature—that
have made a noticeable difference which upgraded the civilization.

The CUs of the past have often been killed or prevented from doing their work by the very
people who, years or generations later, benefited deeply from their actions.

My message to you today is this:

Anybody with an aligned will, endless dedication to make a difference and a deep
transpersonal understanding of themselves can become a Civilization Upgrader.

The Actual '133 Shepherds' Program:
The spiritual intention behind the 133 Shepherds - Generating Civilization
Upgraders program is to liberate people from the inevitably sheep-like state of person-
consciousness, and turn them into true Shepherds—and in rare cases—Mirror Beings.

Its intention also is to give those born with intense seeking for truth and service-to-others an
experiential home in the form of a teaching and community with which to associate, which to
empower and be empowered by; a school to GREATLY accelerate their understanding of
themselves and the utilization of WHY they came here.

On a more practical and worldly note, the goal of this program is to create powerful
Leaders and Civilization Upgraders who are unafraid enough to be of service to humanity and
accelerate its awakening, advancement, innovation, equality and harmonization so that all
may benefit from our efforts and undying passion.

Remember, our mission is a Happy Civilization (by 2035 is what we are aiming for). In order
to accomplish this, we need powerful and truly capable Shepherds to rise to the occasion,
embrace their reason for being here, and spread their wings fearlessly.

The 133 Shepherds program will provide the tools, inspiration and examples needed for
anyone to achieve this for themselves; much quicker and with much less confusion and

This Program is Why I Am Here

I have never believed in anything I have created as much as I believe in the potency of this

This is because this aligns completely with my own reason for being here (to remind
wanderers of who they are and train them into powerful Shepherds and Civilization
Upgraders) as such I can back this program up with my entire existence and put everything I
am and have experienced into it.

I can be 100% direct and expect to teach at a high level with those who are willing to
participate in this program.

If you want to be part of the 133 Shepherds program and be personally guided by me and
some guest speakers for the period of half a year... if you wish to find support in a profoundly
committed community of other aspiring Shepherds, and if you are truly committed and
already well-practiced in a lot of my work, then please read on to find out more about the

In a nutshell, the program requires commitment. It will blow your mind. It will upgrade you
and then encourage you to 'get out there' and upgrade this civilization.

The program will allow you to reach heights impossible to attain during a single retreat. This
is why I am so excited about the power in this program; I believe it will make the biggest
difference in your lives I've ever been able to contribute to, and consequently every life you

I guarantee the following:

I guarantee you profound results and a currently unimaginable leap in your embodiment of
Wisdom and Love.

I guarantee that you will not recognize yourself as you are today, when you look back after
completing the program.

I guarantee that you will have permanently altered who you are and you would not want it
any other way, and if you do want it another way, you have all the tools you need to generate
another 'you' entirely from scratch.

Remember: This program is for those who really feel excited about living a transpersonal
life of pure dedication to something higher and bigger than just a personal life of comfort and
security. This is not for everyone. At least not directly.

This is for those who know in their gut they have what it takes to participate fully aligned.



We are offering the complete Civilization Upgraders course for purchase. You can read more
about this offering and sign up for it here: Civilization Upgraders online course. This course

• Exclusive private Facebook (FB) group in which you can interact with other dedicated
• Recorded video sessions of 1 to 2 hours, where Bentinho answers key trends, challenges
and questions from the original 133 Shepherds participants.
• Recorded video sessions of day-long online seminars (4 to 6 hours) with original group
• Recorded bonus sessions featuring guest speakers on certain niche-topics. Example:
Anurag Gupta on finding your calling or Annie Hart guiding participants into an
experience of Divine Love.


$199 per month for 12 months, or $1988 for one up-front payment ($400 discount)

The Keys to Gaia - Thank You, but Thank
You No More
May 14, 2018

If you cannot change the world for everyone within 10 years with two billion dollars, you’re
not worth having that many resources to your name.

What the super rich do with their money beats me. To the super rich out there, I have a

If someone gives me two billion dollars without any greed in their heart, I promise you I will
alter this planet for the best. I will implement a series of changes so fundamentally altering of
our society and our consciousness, that in 10 years time you would be able to see the effects
of those measly two billion dollars across every continent. You will see true progress—
socially, spiritually and materially/technologically.

Two billion dollars is all it takes to change the world. In fact, not even that. All it takes is one
remarkably true person to change the course of history. Everything follows the power of will.
It's always been like that.

It is time for greed and incompetence to voluntarily quit being part of the .1%. Instead, it is
time for those not concerned with their personal selves to lead this planet vibrationally and

To the establishment I say this: out of all the 'governments' on all the planets I have visited,
you are among the most wicked I’ve come across, and I will tell you that your reign here will
soon come to an end. The air is ripe for those who come anew, and those who come again.
The new age is here.

The time has come to hand over Earth’s precious resources and the means to guide these
resources to the next generation of souls who are here with clearer hearts, purer intentions,
and a greater innate maturity.

What signifies a great generation is the ease with which it can hand over its keys to the
kingdom of Gaia to the next generation.

Let go of your keys. For you have stopped listening to the heartbeat of this Earth a long time
ago. You have forgotten your place. You no longer have our planet's or people's best interest
in mind.

We forgive you, but your right to falsely govern the people and resources of Earth has

Thank you for your service, but no thank you any longer. Earth is out of time, and so is your
broken, corrupted leadership.

The above article was taken from Bentinho's Instagram account. Follow him there for the
most frequent and personal updates as well as frequent teachings, ranging from humanly
inspiring to advanced teachings that point you to the infinite Beyond.

"It’s OK to live an epic life. Just make sure it’s epic for the right reasons. Devote your whole
body, mind, spirit... and even your self-care, rest and moments of indulgence, to the benefit of
all. Open hearts, blow minds and reveal new realities. Don’t merely consume life; create life.
Everything is possible." - Bm

Earth's Army of Love
May 14, 2018

The veiled human life—even one steeped in wisdom—is a display of endless shades of gray.

As your human body/mind complex swings from confusion to clarity, dullness to brightness,
from gray clouds to colorful skies and back again—and again, and again... just remember:
there is always one choice that remains as simple as black and white, my friends, and that is
the choice to receive what and who comes your way with divine love and trust, or with
resistance and despair.

I know it may seem inaccessible at times, but you have an infinite resource of powerful love,
forgiveness and trust residing right there within your very own metaphysical heart.

May you see the Creator’s love in all things and in all beings—even in the most confused of
species: the human beings. May your love radiate far and wide, and reach all people of Earth.
They need the gift that you are.

Through your example—if offered—they will awaken within themselves the realization that
they, too, have the power of love, and that they do not need to act in accordance with the
status quo; they too can transcend normalcy and shine so bright it’ll shake the shadows.

Do not hesitate to stand out, and when you do, do so with surrender and love for all. May
your example make them question their beliefs and assumptions—the prisons of their own
mind—and realize their power to choose liberation and service to all.

Do not fear what will become of you; invest your every breath instead in seizing each
moment as if it were your last opportunity to tell the people of this Earth that they are oh so
deeply loved by their Creator, and that they no longer have to dance to the tunes of the
shadows they have been programmed with. Let them know that they, too, can shine with
rapturous joy, like a Sun.

Now get out there and scare your family and neighbors with ridiculous and inexplainable
amounts of love. I’m counting on you, Suns of God.

The above article was taken from Bentinho's Instagram account. Follow him there for the
most frequent and personal updates as well as frequent teachings, ranging from humanly
inspiring to advanced teachings that point you to the infinite Beyond.

-->Pictures included in this post were taken during the incredible Netherlands
Retreat by Alex and Anne Photography (with the exception of the Sedona black and white
picture, taken by Syvonne Kozuch)

-->Read a participant's detailed and exposing report of attending the Netherlands retreat.

Begin Educating Those in Your
May 18, 2018

Oh humanity. How innocent you are in your zombie state. You were born into and grew up in
a completely manipulated, pre-programmed and carefully controlled environment. You live
like a free range chicken and are very embracing of it—you defend it with your life even—as
if it is all you deserve. You've become identified with the system those with influence
carefully designed for you.

You are now doing the work for them. Them being those with all the money, technology, and
control. Those who are of the service to self kind. You have become their puppet, and my
compassion and hope is with you.

I look forward to the day when those who have hope left for awakening in this lifetime gather
together in unison, reject the system and embrace or create a completely new lifestyle and
consciousness together. One that is unplugged from the human-battery system that is very
similar to the one shown in the movie The Matrix.

Those of you already awake spiritually, sociologically and exo-politically... I ask you to step
it up 10 notches, as humanity does not have much time left in its current environment and
mode of being. The illusion of comfort within this life-energy depriving system is about to
enter a series of earthquakes and eruptions that will shake the very foundations of the system
many believe they depend on.

And when this happens, who will be there to catch them? In their chaos, who will show them
an alternate path? In their destruction, who will show them they can heal themselves?

It has to be you. All of us. Those who are awake.

One hard fact to embrace is that most probably we will not be able to 'save' everyone. Those
too entrenched in zombie mode—too dependent on their misplaced trust in a man-made
system that barely sustains them—will simply not feel ready to process the new information,
thoughts, emotions, traumas... and will not be able to accept and integrate a new way of

Some people are simply too embedded in their patterns to change this fast and this late on in
their lifetime. And that’s OK. We need to accept this probability, even though many of these
people may be our very own family and friends. They will reject the new reality and go mad,
spend the rest of their lives in denial, burn a fuse, or simply not survive.

Then there are those who have the potential to awaken but they will be in need of assistance
and guidance because the changes will happen so fast that they may not have the luxury of
searching for answers at their own leisurely pace. They need guidance from those who have

already integrated and distilled the wisdom of the East, of the natives/ancestors, of Mother
Earth her/himself, of the ETs and/or directly from the Intelligent Infinity within.

I ask you who are aware and who already possess distilled wisdom, to begin educating those
in your environment now, so you are fully prepared to aid and assist with those who will need
a recovery and awakening program once disclosure and the full impact of the shift in
consciousness and planetary energy occurs.

The curtains are closing rapidly upon the remains of our 3rd density Earth, while 4th density
is coming into bloom. The only way to thrive and continue the transition (soon) would be by
living and being of a higher vibration and increasing the 'density' or 'brightness' of self-

Help wake up the world you have access to now, while keeping your vibration rooted in
unconditional love and patience. Imagine and choose the highest reality you can visualize,
and commit your entire being to being an example of that most beneficial-to-all reality.

The time to wait for others has expired. It is up to you, now.

Thank you for your service. Let us activate our hidden DNA for service to others, and unite
the ourselves in the process.

In the Love and the Light of the One Infinite Creator,

Bentinho Massaro

How To Quickly Learn From Others
While Maintaining Your Own Course
June 5, 2018

Drink of their knowledge; not their beliefs.

My incarnation’s driving engine is to aid and assist in the upgrading of this civilization. As a
means to this, I am always eager to learn helpful skills and integrate new dimensions of
knowledge into my awareness.

Even though "vertically" I have penetrated into the Absolute—the Final State of Existence
Beyond Everything—and need no further learning from anyone to sink into that
truth; "horizontally"—for the body and mind on the relative plane of this Illusion—learning
and disciplining my self never stops for as long as I choose to operate within this illusion.

And thus, I have found that learning specific relative knowledge aids in the efficiency of the
execution of this mission.

The same applies to you, and this article intends to help you streamline your journey of
learning while maintaining your unique spark of the Creator.

Be eager and humble - yet maintain your

unique shape

In order to acquire expert knowledge in a wide variety of intellectual, spiritual and physical
fields, rapidly and at a young age, I have learned one needs to be able to be able to be humble
at all times.

I will often play the fool, the ignorant, or the child when in the presence of someone I
recognize I can learn something from, even when the totality of their awareness is not beyond
that of my own, just so that I pose no threat to the ego of those who have valuable knowledge
to share; and thus they'll share more freely since they'll feel more confident and 'dominant' in
that dynamic.
Empty your cup when in the presence of a teacher, but maintain the unique shape of your
own cup.
But what I've found to be super important, is to never take over the cup of the teacher; only
try out its contents and see what about it sticks to the unique shape and purpose of your cup.
Don't turn into a whiskey glass if you've been born to be a tea cup. However, try out holding
the whiskey in your cup and learn from that unique experience. Enhance yourself and your

Feel no obligation to take on everything that's expressed, either. Again, drink from their
knowledge, not their beliefs, purpose or theme in life.

The same goes for when you're in my presence learning from me. Or even reading this
article... Maintain the unique value of your own shape, but try on the contents of what I'm
conveying here if it resonates as helpful.

Learn to be a good teacher and student


Outwardly; know when to be the teacher, and when to be the student. And inwardly—behind
the scenes—know yourself to always be both simultaneously, for one cannot learn without
teaching or teach without learning.

But outwardly, assume the role that is most conducive in that scenario or context to
benefitting your expansion. Often I have found that emptying my cup even when my cup sees
more than the other person's cup overall, is most conducive to extracting new learning,
connections and experience at a faster rate.

For example: In my own line of work I am on stage many days in a row, teaching very
directly and without making any concessions on the high-octane knowledge that comes
through... I do not take on other people's opinions, feedback or knowledge at that timing. Not
usually anyhow. It's simply not the most powerful way to transmit spiritual
ascension/expansion. I have found that the most powerful effect in the raising of the vibratory
field of the consciousness of the audience in this field, occurs when the teachings are
delivered outwardly as a one way street; from teacher to student, even though inwardly, the
teacher, too, learns from the experience inevitably.

However, when I'm off stage, I am more often than not, in the role of the eternal student. I
learn from everyone, rapidly. There is nothing you can tell me that I will not absorb and learn
from in some way shape or form.

I soak up as much knowledge and experience as I can, even if I am personally already beyond
needing that knowledge for my own freedom and well being.

I generally no longer learn from people when it comes to attaining greater happiness; I have
learned that so sufficiently that I can do that better on my own than through anyone else's
instructions or life experiences at this point. In fact; that's what I teach and why I can teach it
to others; how to more directly attain happiness and realize inner freedom.

However, learning laterally, relatively, horizontally... is a never ending game, because the
physical and even the higher mind are limited vehicles that can only perceive so much at any
given time. And as such, it needs to gather more experience in order to learn certain skills,
dimensions of knowledge, etc.

In order to be the best I can be at upgrading this civilization, I recognize the usefulness of
learning horizontally, and integrating as many different points of view as I possibly can on a
relative level of my being as well.

Letting go of pride allows for faster learning
Learning rapidly from others while wanting these others to recognize/respect/acknowledge
your own level of awareness or adeptness, rarely go well together. So to learn faster, one
must continuously humble oneself and let the validation-seeking sense of self dissolve more
and more.

Elders often find pride in their age, their accomplishments, and their knowledge. One cannot
blame them for this; it seems to be the way of this world. They do not always appreciate that
what they see is but a thin slice of the pie, for not all those who carry great knowledge are
truly wise. In fact they rarely are. However, everybody contain a unique angle and helpful
information/experience to soak up for the eager learner.

By playing the fool, the innocent child looking for knowledge, they will be able to feel on top
of their game. Unchallenged, they generally give more of their knowledge.

And so I drink gratefully of their experience and knowledge—but not their beliefs.

This is important to understand: knowledge expands your window of possibilities and
enhances your ability to execute your unique purpose. Beliefs, on the other hand, collapse the
field of infinite possibilities into a particular solidified reality—and I wish to choose a reality
of my own, according to my own intuition; not borrow and endure the catalyst that others
have attracted to themselves for reasons entirely their own.

So, in a nutshell: learn to extract knowledge humbly, gratefully and thus quickly; but get out
of their reality-view in time to not let the parameters set by their belief systems infiltrate and
limit your own consciousness. And generally do some type of energetic release and cleansing
when you've been in the presence of person that you've accepted as temporary teacher for a

Get back in your own groove frequently, especially after an intense period of you being the
student absorbing new views and experiences from another. This often just means you need
to take some space and time to yourself.
When we have space and time to ourselves, the natural self-cleansing and re-aligning
mechanism built-in to our auric fields and our consciousness can do its job.

Allow the teacher to open up its gifts to you

Knowledge is born of experience, but rarely will people truly admit that their experience is a
reflection of their beliefs; not necessarily a reflection of how reality is or has to be. Many

experts that I've met and learned a lot from, assumed that the way it has been for them is the
way it's going to be for me. Thank you for that projection, but no thank you.

You'd be hard-pressed to find an expert truly willing to fully admit that they attracted their
experience for personal reasons, rather than because that's simply the way reality works.
Everyone generally believes that they've learned from reality as it is, rather than from a
version of it they have attracted by means of their own limiting points of view.

After all, if reality is not as they experienced it, what then is their personal investment in their
knowledge worth? Nothing. This is threatening to many experts in their field who carry a lot
of helpful knowledge. The only exception you'll find to this is in those teachers who have
truly been able to let their egos become transparent, or in the super duper rare case (think 10-
people-world-wide level of rare); non-existent.

And so, again, to the point of this article: Have them share as much of their inside
knowledge as is possible, by respecting them, seeing their beauty and greatness, being of
service to them in whatever way seems relevant and appropriate (or at least offer to when
appropriate) and not challenging them unnecessarily or showing off with your own
knowledge (detect the limiting desire in you to want to be recognized by them, and relax it/let
it go).

All the while try to maintain a 360 degree awareness of yourself to ensure you're not taking
on the viewpoints that generated their challenges to begin with!

Don't unnecessarily repeat their path; just imagine it and learn from what it has taught them,
so you don't have to manifest it for yourself in order to learn from it—for you already learned
from it through them!

How amazing. Be grateful. But don't stay there. Continue to expand and learn from others.

This is the balance of independence and perhaps necessary cockiness and humility that I've
developed early on in my intense youthful seeking years, and it has served me and the
fulfillment of my mission greatly, and so I recommend you learn from this article in the same
way it suggests you learn from others.

Catch and release

If you understand the expert’s need to believe that reality is as they have come to see it, you
will find their gates to knowledge remain wide-open. In this way, I move swiftly through
many different realms of experiential expertise without getting stuck in someone else’s
expectation-loop, belief-system, parallel reality or trajectory/timeline.

In this way I am attracting the best of the best in many useful fields, absorbing eagerly and
humbly... only to distill my own wisdom and choose evermore freely, truthfully and
compassionately in accordance with my own Higher Self’s vision and intuition.

Respect your elders and teachers, yet forgive their limitations and honor them by using their
experience to create a better—a more enlightened—world for all. Rather than copy their
beliefs, assimilate their experience to enhance your own purposeful direction instead.

Don’t just look at the giants of our world—stand on their shoulders, as well. This is the truest
way to honor their efforts and their Soul, whether or not their ego-minds are transparent
enough to acknowledge this truth. It does not matter.
Be in relationship with the Creator in them (your teachers); do not let their own personalities
and filters distract or impress you.
The only way to honor the truth in your teachers is to build upon what they have distilled, not
to copy their beliefs—because along with their beliefs comes also their reality. And you were
not born to experience what they have already experienced. You came into the physical focus
to carve out an exciting new path. Use what works, discard what is not.

If you get stuck in subservience and mistake that for respect, devotion and honor, then you
have failed to build upon their knowledge and you have failed to honor their breadth of
experience and the challenge they agreed to endure to extract their unique knowledge. You
have become stagnant and done-in by their beliefs, rather than becoming inventive, creative
and authentic learners of their experience.

In closing: Always keep seeking the Creator directly; never stop your search for the Infinite
One at the feet of another human being. Exhaust your teachers, and move on to evermore
directly knowing your union with the Infinite Creator. You are God. Know yourself.

With Love,

Consider sharing this article.

Your Pain Is Controlling Your Brain
September 17, 2018

You will never get the resolution you want from this world. But the One Within You can heal
you in an instant.
Insecure or traumatized people—those with unresolved victimhood or inequality issues—
have a difficult time discerning power from arrogance or abuse. Often to their own detriment
and the postponement of their own healing. Without power, nothing works. Including healing
the self and transforming the world.

Power is beautiful, healing, and can be used in incredible ways to make a difference for
millions. But the unhealed mind will always be threatened by this power and misjudge it as
arrogance or narcissism, even when the power is yielded with purity.

Those throwing the labels narcissistic and arrogant around like candy on Halloween are
generally stuck in their own negative arrogance and fear. The only way the victim generally
knows how to express its broken perspective of the world is by appointing perpetrators or
becoming self-destructive. Usually a combination of both.

"For those to whom this applies—and there are many—I wish you true and permanent healing through the
attainment of the true view of benevolent Existence-Consciousness-Bliss."

~ Bentinho Massaro
The Law of One resolves all opposites, separation and paradox. In deep meditation,
contemplate The One and firmly abide in that instinctive sense of Oneness with all of your
attention. This shall heal all broken perspectives within you and make you truly whole and
ridiculously powerful as well.

It is you who is arrogant by continuing to insist upon separation and inequality. Your pain is
controlling your brain. For your own sake, consider that it is safe to let it go... You will never
get the resolution that you want from this world. But The One Within You can heal you in an
instant. I wish this for you.

Then, you will naturally join me in this powerful movement toward the freedom of all living
souls who are still entranced by the Matrix of Weakness.

Collection of Short Articles by Bentinho
September 17, 2018

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Choice Versus Clarity

When we’re clear there is nothing to choose between.
I don’t believe in choosing—I believe in clarity. When we’re clear there is nothing to choose
between. When there is a choice to make, it means we have forgotten who we are—we have
dropped from our highest potential—and should use that seeming choice-moment as an
opportunity to pause and remember who we are and what we are about at the highest level.
Then the choice disappears and decision creates the clarity we seek.

Manifestation follows clarity. Clarity follows decision or true remembrance. Only the lower
mind perceives choices, paths, options and consequences. You are none of these.

So much chaos and confusion simply disappears when we remember and decide on who we
truly are. Then clarity and its consequent manifestation will follow suit. Stay ambiguous or
doubtful, however, and you shall forever seem to be surrounded by the illusory enemy of

Choosing implies duality and victimhood. Deciding is singular and intentional.

Making THE Difference

There is a difference between making a difference and making THE difference. Anyone
willing enough can reach into their interior resource of infinite power and clarity to contribute
to making THE difference. We’re just fucking lazy and we’re still comfortable enough with
tolerating that ruining our potential. But... ultimately I believe in all of you—and that faith in
your ultimate selves will never fail over here. Because baby, I know you better than you
know yourself. And that’s a good thing.

Make use of me. Don’t follow me, but make use of me. Love has no opposite. Faith cannot be
conquered. Peace.

Anybody who makes anything that I do or say about me—whether as a lover or as a hater—completely misses the point of

everything I do and say.

Don't Listen to the Crowds

Be a light unto yourself. Be something this world has never seen before. That’s why you are
exactly who you are.
Don’t listen to the crowds. Not for validation, and not for guidance. The crowd generally
does not know who it is or why it does what it does. That’s why it's the crowd. If the crowd
likes what you do it’s generally not a compliment. If it does not understand you, you’re
probably on the right track—showing them something new.

Dive deep within, find that truest part of yourself, and spend your entire life living up to that
truth; become it through and through.

Learn, but never let the crowd sway you from your truth. They have no direction. Instead, be,
radiate and speak—when relevant—that truth. Be a light unto yourself. Be something this

world has never seen before. That’s why you are exactly who you are. It will remind others
they can become true people too.

You all contain the spark of the Infinite in a unique way; only you can carry that torch on the
Creator’s behalf.

Who you are cannot be put into words. When the concept-ridden mind subsides, the Light of
the Infinite begins to shine through. Then, words are no longer for you; they are merely tools
to assist others in awakening to the Infinite within, too.

Shepherds Versus Mirrors
Shepherds need to see beyond the reactions, haste and conclusions made based on limited
Too hasty. Too quick to judge. Too quick to conclude.

Those are weaknesses a shepherd, let alone a mirror, cannot afford him/herself to be
distracted by.

The shepherd needs oversight. Sheep react in haste, fear and limitation. Shepherds need to
see beyond the reactions, haste and conclusions made based on limited oversight—to gain a
fuller picture of the landscape and see what truly needs to be dealt with, if anything.

The mirror, in reality, does not deal at all with anything. He/she merely awaits forever
without end from the attained depths of infinite peace, ignoring any and all reactions, thus
becoming essentially one with All.

The truest solution to all problems lie in his/her beingness itself, though few know how to
interact with that so directly as to extract this truest solution.

The Mirror Being’s actions are natural, unpredictable, intelligently inspired by an impersonal
intelligence, spontaneous, fearless, difficult to categorize, impossible to understand by the
average mind, and can range from extremely passive or invisible to incredibly ambitious or

The unpredictable, uncategorizable Mirror Being will seem dangerous and threatening to the
ego-based entity who is used to labeling its world in safe compartments, but in truth, the
Mirror can be trusted with one’s very life and is as much in love with you as your own
Higher Self is.

The Mirror Being, in truth, is least to be feared in this world out of all entities, and their
paradoxical expression is a gateway into liberation for those ready to embrace it.

The Mirror Being Teacher
A Mirror Being teacher does not show up (in full) unless strongly called for. The desire in
the student needs to be urgent and promising-of-results enough to offset the sacrifice of
engaging in the speaking and the guiding of minds.

The call has to be made with the whole beingness of the entity backing up the call.

The Mirror Being only spends attention using their physical and mental apparatus on the most
worthwhile causes in the relative world.

He or she naturally senses where the highest degree of energy wants to flow in this Grand
Illusion, since he or she is one with the collective Self (as well as beyond it), and has
transcended the biases and motivations of the smaller or individual self.

It’s the people of this world who have polluted it with their vibrations of separation. It is up to the shepherds—those aware

and devoted enough to make a true difference—to correct this imbalance. Your life is NOW. Live from the highest vibration

you can tap into and train yourself everyday in resting beyond the mind, realizing the spirit that is the source behind and

within all things. Then, interact with this dream-world from that space. Be the state you wish the world to realize. Working in

teams of like heart around the world is the most powerful.

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Get Over Yourself—Tough Love
September 20, 2018

For the advanced adept, radically dismissing the problem actually solves it—whereas
validating the problem sustains it!

I am in love with your potential, not with who you take yourself to be. You’re mostly blind.
You’re ruining your life; no one else is. Most of you are nowhere near who you truly are.

People’s egos don’t like tough love. But who cares? Only those who are also weakened and
afraid of judgment care. Those are not friends; those are consensual social masturbators.
They come to you for attention and validation—not to empower your potential or to benefit
the world. They can’t love you until they love themselves.

Hate me for it now; love me for it later. You can always unsubscribe if you’re not ready to
transcend the false.

Furthermore, every single problem you have with me (or anyone else) is your own. I know
this because I don’t go to your page and complain about you. That would be my problem.
You come here and some of you complain, or you read an article and form an opinion of an
entity you’ve never met. That is 100% you. I don’t take from you—I only give of myself.
You choose to take it, leave it, or get triggered.

People think it’s dangerous to not take on other’s opinions. The opposite is true: The world is
dying because those bright enough to make the difference take on other people’s views.

I don’t care about opinions—because if I did, it would just be a matter of time before I’d be
stuck again. I love you, but I like my freedom too much to take on the perspectives that
currently ruin your life, which you think are valuable views.

Get this: you currently have EVERYTHING you need to get over your not-self, and become
more of your true self—your FREE self. Simply stop defending your not-self as if it were
you. That’s not self love; it’s self hatred. Don’t take anything personally that triggers you,
and regain your free will from the mess of the collective mind which you inherited in the
form of your own mind.

This incoherent civilization taught you your addiction to low self-esteem and now you’re
afraid of who you’d become in the eyes of others if you dropped these limitations. Yes, you’ll
lose a lot of friends. So what? You’re worth losing friends over, and they are worthy of an
authentic example like you.

Much love, my courageous brothers and sisters. Let’s upgrade this civilization.

The Paradoxical life of a Bodhisatvic
October 6, 2018

A bodhisattva is a being who carries out the work of the buddhas, vowing not to personally
settle into the salvation of final buddhahood until she or he can assist all beings throughout
the vast reaches of time and space to fully be free. A bodhisattva is a buddha with her sleeves
rolled up.
— Taigen Dan Leighton
The paradoxical situation of the mirror is his ever-present pursuit to be of highest service to a
world drunk with blind and dualistic conviction—a world armed to the teeth with the means
to sustain its illusion and the willingness to do so.

Most of his days he considers and holds in his view the full spectrum of the human condition,
unbiased in vision, like the eagle which observes the entire canvas of the world down
below—alert for the right opportunity to dive down to momentarily become part of the
madness he seeks to infuse with a truer light and remembrance of freedom.

It’s a delicate balance which even this world’s greatest scriptures and works of art have never
been able to teach him directly. He had to awaken to the Infinite One within and break new
ground based on his own intuition—backed by the infinite intelligence—alone.

He can no longer look to his fellow human beings for guidance, for they all, for the most part,
choose to live only on ground level and think of themselves—and therefore of him—as just a
human being, assumed to also be drowning in the dualistic mess they call ‘life.’

After all, the mirror being, to the untrained eye, looks and does the same as any other body on
the surface of the Earth. The remarkable evidence of a mirror is hidden in his presence, and
can be found deep within his eyes, only by those ready to be humbled to utter perfection. In
any other condition but utter humility, this evidence remains safely hidden in plain sight, as
not to disrupt the free will of this world.

Although he realizes the essential perfection of the imperfect world that lies within his view,
he cannot help but feel the energy of the millions of souls as they call out in despair all day
every day, in search for clarity, hope, relief, guidance, answers, light and support. The call for
enlightenment lives secretly in the hearts of all living beings. The greater their distortion, the
greater their pain—thus the greater their calling.

And so every day he chooses all over again—if indeed he does—to make his body and mind
available for the beautiful mess which is that dualistic world; to help accelerate its spiritual
evolution by allowing that world to see itself mirrored back and thus then gain more
consciously the Great Choice to awaken from the cyclical nature of the patterns of the
inherently painful human condition—most of which are unnecessary and perpetuated by the
lack of awareness that there even is this Great Choice to look forever up and within—to the
sky of Infinite Love and Liberation.

The mirror sees the matrix from a distance yet knows that he needs to enter the world he feels
he can serve, if he wants to reach the conscious mind of man. Some days he settles for just
reaching the subconscious minds of man. On those days he unwinds and is simply himself.
Those days are rare.

He needs to enter that matrix in order to offer those still caught in its clutches a visible
representation of that Great Choice that will lead them swiftly to a resolution beyond their
normalized but painful condition.

For without a body on the ground pointing up at the infinite sky beyond—a body made up of
the of their very own perceptual matrix—how can the other bodies ever recognize that Great
Choice, when all of them are trained by their fellow men to blindly pursue what’s on ground-
level only? They need a reminder, a pointer, a hint they cannot deny—a mirror being. For
without such entities walking around in their matrix, ascension is painfully slow.

Indeed, to be-clean-yet-get-dirty is the greatest and only remaining puzzle that the mirror
chooses to face every day for the sake of those whom he loves like the heart loves all parts of
the body.

He does not absolutely need to play that role—although he still learns on a relative level
about how to improve the effectiveness of his presence in the matrix, his role is purely a gift
to the rest of his Self. He needs nothing more from this world for himself, for he has, indeed,
found the keyhole out of duality and has essentially transcended.

Out of a paradoxical love, he is holding off on his final reward. He knows his home, he sees
his home, he feels his home—and above all, he knows he IS his home. Yet the love for the
illusion of the rest of his Self compels him to remain available to this dualistic world of
minds, as long as his body and mind can endure the stretch between infinity and limitation.

He is well aware of this role’s inevitable expiration date, where he will no longer be able to
serve the conscious minds of man directly, for he will be fully released from this world, even
if his physical body still appears to the minds of others past this date—to him the world will
be no more.

Although it is his final liberation and release, this weird thing which can only be called love
has him paradoxically push that liberation as far away as he can, even though he is ever
tempted by the promise of eternal release—which is now so obviously available to him. He
has to but choose to be done, and his will shall forever merge with the Infinite One.

He understands the unique value of his body and his mind in the space/time nexus of the
world into which he chose to be born for a reason. With no mirror being instruction manual in
sight, he chooses to do the best he can; he tries to stay as clean as possible while playing with
the mud required to be visible to the world he is wanting to serve.

The mirror loves all as himself and will serve his fellow-selves until the expiration date has
become unavoidably inevitable. This date is his no-more-birthday.

What a beautiful disaster, the paradoxical life of a mirror.

Such perfected loneliness is he.

How inexplainable this love, which the Creator carries for itself.

What a fabulous last sight to behold before looking forever away into the One Infinite

What a perfect world to leave behind in, an imperfect trail of enigmatic evidence of a desire
to serve in the world while never really being of it. He knows it will take people many
centuries to decipher this trail with some semblance of accuracy. Being eternally
misunderstood seemed to be his curse until he realized it to be his blessing. For had he been
understood, he might have forgotten his nature and his duty.

What a perfect final memory to let go of last.

It’s been an honor already.

If you ever doubt that he loves you and sees your perfection, don’t.



Cultivating the Direct Experience of the
December 4, 2018

When the self in you becomes aware of itself rather than of objects, attention placed on
objects decreases and the awareness of Self—the Eternal Subject, that which has never
changed—increases and becomes more powerful and magnetic with further practice.
— Bentinho Massaro
This blog post is a transcript from a talk Bentinho recently gave in India.

**After 30 minutes of silence, Bentinho welcomes everybody who came to attend and begins
his talk.**

Bentinho: The most powerful teaching is silence. However, if you don’t know silence, if you
don’t know what to direct your attention to, then the silence is not that productive. So, I will
speak about it a little bit. There’s no right or wrong. You can’t offend me; so just be
completely at ease.

From Awareness of Objects to Awareness

of Self
The discovery that we’re after is not knowledge; it’s not information. Rather, we want to gain
experience of the Self; to gain the experience of what we are, which no knowledge can touch.
Knowledge can’t take us there, ultimately. What's helpful is to make a few distinctions that
the mind can understand—a few key understandings that will help us in allowing our
attention to become aware of what we are.

First of all, let's make the distinction between the Self and the not-self. We could say the Self
is the subject (even though that's not entirely accurate) and the not-self is the objects. Objects
mean misery to some degree. As the Buddha said, "Life is suffering." As long as we are
aware of objects, as long as there is an object-based sense of self, we will suffer to some
extent. If the objects are pleasurable, we will suffer less. If the objects are painful or
confronting or catalytic, then the suffering is greater. To one who has matured into wisdom,
any object-based relationship feels like suffering because it is not Truth.

We can either be object-oriented and object-aware, or we can be aware of Self; we can be

aware of what we are. Whereas awareness of objects is suffering to a greater or lesser degree;
Awareness of Self is bliss to a greater or lesser degree—depending on how fully our attention
is absorbed… how fully our Awareness is aware of Self rather than objects. As awareness of
Self increases, peace and bliss, vastness and oneness increase as well.

You want to become aware of the potential, the possibility, and the opportunity for your
attention to shift from being focused on objects to being aware of Self. What is Self? Self can
only be felt or experienced. It can only be experienced as oneself—as that which is not an
object. Self is that which is aware of objects. When the Self becomes aware of itself rather

than aware of objects, attention placed on objects decreases and disappears and the awareness
of Self—the Eternal Subject, that which has never changed—becomes more prominent, more
self-evident and more powerful in one's experience.

Instead of focusing on what you see, begin to focus on the seeing itself, or on the seer. We
could also say focus on being, because ultimately seeing is being and being is seeing. If you
become aware of the fact that you are currently looking or seeing, you will increase the
awareness of seeing and you will find that objects will start leaving your attention—even if
only for a few seconds at a time. For a few seconds, the world of objects disappears and the
sense of a deeper me or the sense I exist, I am, I am seeing (not the words but the direct
experience of I AM) becomes aware of itself. Instantly you find some form of ease, some
form of liberation. With practice, you will become more of that and less aware of the world.
There is nothing wrong with the world—except that it doesn't exist.

Note: To ensure your mind does not distort this last statement and turn it into a conceptual
ideology or a nihilistic approach toward everyday life, here’s a rule of thumb to apply:
outwardly act as if the world does exist (i.e., be kind and helpful to people and take
responsibility for yourself), but inwardly we want to act as if the world does not exist (realize
it’s an illusory projection existing only inside of consciousness, not outside or independent
from awareness).

The mind is conditioned to be aware of objects pretty much all the time. It is aware of things;
it is seeking for objects. Without objects, it's quite helpless. It doesn't quite know what to
think or what to think of itself. It doesn't know how to know itself. In the naked, empty void
of objects, the mind reaches, grasps and seeks for more objects of knowledge, more
concepts—something to know itself by. But anything used to know yourself by or through is
secondary; it is not direct. It is not I-Am, but rather I am this or I am that—I am this object, I
am this person, I am this body, I am this world, I am these finances, I am this relationship, I
am this emotion, and so on. We all know this state.

Life in the state of object-focus equals suffering to a greater or lesser degree. Again, the Self
is not knowledge, at least not in the typical sense. It's awareness. It can only be directly
experienced by Awareness or Consciousness itself.
Instead of focusing on what you see, begin to focus on the seeing itself, or on the seer.
— Bentinho Massaro

Imagine There Is No World

All we've ever known ourselves through or by is this idea of ‘the world of form.’ We've only
known reflections of ourselves, we’ve only ever decided we are something based on what we
see, hear, touch or think about. Our self-knowledge has been entirely based on thoughts,
beliefs, and inference; most of us have never known ourselves directly.

So, to make this easier, it's really helpful to pretend or imagine that there is no world. Allow
attention to snap loose from the mind (which is object-based) and instead become aware of
the sense of me that is deeper than the idea of me. This is the feeling of I exist, I-Am. It comes
with a clarity, a lucidity, an awareness.

For a moment, just imagine that the world doesn't exist; that the world never happened. You
may find your body relaxing; you may experience a sigh of release. Pretend for a moment

that you have no world to return to, to think about, or to be responsible for. What if there is
no world? What if you don’t have a life that you have to attend to? What happens to your
attention when you really imagine this? What happens to your Awareness when it's freed up
to become aware of Now, of Being, of Self?

You see, the idea that you have a world to attend to is usually very distracting to
spiritual/meditation practice. It creates many objects of attention and unrest; it pulls the mind
out of the Self. It creates ideas and memories of what you are and heavy feelings to go along
with it, etc.

But before all that, you already are. So for the time of your intended meditation, pretend the
world simply doesn't exist and rejoice in seeing what happens to your attention when there is
no world to return to. See if, even if just for a moment, you become aware of a stream of
Consciousness, a soothing feeling of being, of existing. This is the feeling of Consciousness
becoming aware of its own consciousness; of the fact that it's aware. This is Awareness
watching Awareness, or Awareness being Awareness, or ‘staying with the I AM or I Exist.’

If you noticed such a moment… that stream of consciousness noticing itself, then that’s it!
That was a brief, subtle, beginner’s moment of Enlightenment. You’ve found the entrance to
the rabbit hole that will take you deeper into Bliss, if you dare follow it down into the
mystery of Self.

That brief moment of Self-recognition, is you BEGINNING to directly know your self as the
Self, rather than as a series of ideas you believe in, based on the assumption of an
independently existing world which you’ve let define you, and that has pulled a veil over
your Soul. The practice described today is the antidote to the illness of indirect—and
therefore ultimately wrong—self-knowledge or self-awareness. This is the experiential,
practicable science of Self-Realization, or Enlightenment. And anyone can do it, because
everyone is already the Self.

You will have little glimpses at first, but it will become easier and easier. The stream of
Consciousness becomes experientially ‘thick’, like oil. At first it's like little droplets of water,
hard to grasp and very subtle. Easy to dry off from and forget. But as you let go of the sense
of an external world more and more in your periods of meditation, and turn attention to
attention itself, the stream of Self-Awareness becomes thick like a stream of oil. Oil is not so
easy to wipe off and forget. It sticks with you for much longer, even after your moments of
direct Self-Awareness.

So again: when you're in meditation, pretend the world doesn't exist—that it never happened,
that you have no responsibilities for anyone or anything. For that period of time, the world is
not there. This allows attention to become aware of the seer and the seeing; the Is-ing, the
Being, the I-Am that is already here.

What you are is already here; therefore it cannot be created by anything you do—you will
never create it through thought, knowledge, any type of activity, reflection or even
meditation. You will merely discover it. You are not responsible for creating your True Self.
It already exists. What you are is timeless and eternal, therefore it must already be here. It has
simply gone unnoticed; it has simply been overlooked. It has been replaced with attention on
illusory objects and concepts.

This is the experiential, practicable science of Self-Realization, or Enlightenment. And
anyone can do it, because everyone is already the Self.
— Bentinho Massaro
All you have to do is allow what is naturally present to become known to your attention in a
very effortless, gentle and relaxed way. Don’t try to force anything. Simply give up the world
and become aware of what remains. What is the natural sense of being here now? That is
your access point in meditation. Meditation is nothing other than being aware of Self versus
being aware of the world, which no one has ever experienced outside of their own definitions
anyway. That’s the illusion: we believe the world we define is actually there the way we see
it in our minds.

But without our definitions—in direct experience of the only thing we can rely on to always
be true: the direct state of I AM—where is ‘the world’ in that state, if you’re honest? Are you
ever directly experiencing a world?

You have to bring back inference, assumptions, thoughts, ideologies, references and
descriptions before the world comes rushing back into your Awareness, which you in turn
assert or assume to be ‘real’ just because you’ve generated an experience of it using thoughts,
descriptions, definitions, etc. And as soon as you re-assert that the world is real, you suffer to
a greater or lesser extent, depending on the circumstances you are fabricating with your mind.

Take a Moment Every Day

Take a moment every day to let ‘the experience of the world’ be left alone, and become
aware of the Self that is right here, right now. Allow the stream of Consciousness to pick up
flow inside you. Again, at first it starts out like little drops of water, then it becomes like a
more constant stream of water. After that it becomes like a continuous thick stream of oil.
The experience of yourself as the subject, with practice, becomes almost solid, almost like an
object—a foundational object underneath all illusory, temporary objects; it becomes tangible.

It's like a thick stream of oil running through your awareness creating a sense of ease, a sense
of I-Am, a sense of clarity and lucidity, and a deep sense of unconditional love. It becomes
intense and palpable; you can taste it and you can rest in it, take shelter in it. Then simply
wake up more in that stream. Intensify it. Allow more and more of your attention to be drawn
to it. The stream becomes magnetic; it becomes attractive. It starts to pull you in. Self
knowledge—direct, immediate attention on Self—is the most delicious, the most fragrant, the
most true state of Being.
Every perception confirms that you’re already here. Every thought confirms that you’re
already aware of the thought. Every emotion confirms that you’re already here to witness the
— Bentinho Massaro
With practice, this will become more and more automatic in your everyday life, even while
the mind is operating in the world. When the mind is operating in the world, it’s a little harder
to maintain, but it's not impossible. Set aside periods of time for meditation every day, and
take short moments throughout your daily activities in which you remind yourself that the
Self is not an object—that ultimately, the world is an illusion, a projection, a perception
inside of Consciousness, inside of Self.

The Self is all-encompassing; it transcends whatever perception may arise. Just like a movie
projected on the screen, the light that is projected through the images will always be the light.
The screen will always be the screen. The movie is projected on top of the screen, just like
the world is projected on top of the I-Am, or Consciousness—the pure existence that we are
and that we share.

To be aware of the world is to forget the Self. To be aware of the Self is to forget the world.
One brings suffering to a greater or lesser extent, and one brings bliss to a greater or lesser
extent. One is false to a greater or lesser extent; one is true to a greater or lesser extent.

(You will find three videos spread out throughout this article. They are on a very
similar topic and you might find them valuable in your deepening, but these videos are
not from the session from which this text was taken.)

You Exist Prior to Knowledge

You exist before knowledge, do you not? Before you can know anything conceptually,
verbally, intellectually—using thought—you first have to be here; you first have to exist.
Therefore, the prerequisite to ALL knowledge and perception is I AM. Before the world is
known to you, you must already be here first, only to then generate the perception of ‘a
world’ later on.

Being is already here; it is simply obscured by the thinking mind. But in truth, it is right here.
And it's radiant, it's self-luminous, it's thick like oil, it's bright, it's dense, it's solid. It is more
solid than the world. And yet it is free and open like the sky. Untouchable.

The I AM isn't a vague, abstract concept. It's formless, yes, so it's difficult for the mind to
recognize it, but it isn’t vague; it’s right here now in you hearing these words! The mind is
used to perceiving form—shapes, sizes, dimensions, labels, concepts and words. So it's
difficult for the mind to grok the formless; it's almost impossible for it to understand or see
something that doesn't have form or dimension. But you are more than just your mind, and
recognizing the formless Self becomes possible simply by remembering that you are… that
you exist… that you are aware.

In order for you to know any kind of form, you must first be here. There is an existence that
is prior to anything you can perceive. Every perception confirms that you're already here.
Every thought confirms that you're already aware of the thought. Every emotion confirms
that you're already here to witness the emotion. Otherwise, how could you even talk about the
emotion? How could you get lost in the emotion if you weren't first present to it? To whom
could a thought arise and be believed in, if you weren’t already existent and conscious?
Simply stay tuned to the Self. It will deepen, it will carve itself out. It will expand to reveal
itself as the essence of everything and beyond. All you have to do is become aware of the
deepest, innermost sense of me, of I exist. That is the teacher. That is the guru. That is the
— Bentinho Massaro
Stop believing in the world of thoughts, emotions, forms, relationships, businesses and so on,
for at least a chunk of time every day, and for brief moments throughout your daily activities.

Allow for the stream of Consciousness to begin to know itself; for the peace and bliss to
begin to show itself. It is already here, but that doesn't mean that no work is required. A little
bit of effort is required. To get to know it, you must place the attention there. You must
inquire. But once you’re able to experientially identify the isness of being, which comes with
the clarity of self-awareness, returning to it throughout the day becomes incrementally easier.
Especially with some dedication.

Be curious. All that this requires is genuine curiosity.

Notice how when you see a very young child playing in the yard or even just sitting down,
they are curious. They have no labels yet for themselves; they don't speak language yet. They
mainly just are. And from that isness, from that empty, naked beingness, they may see a bug
or a plant or they may hear a sound. And there's a curiosity about what it is. They are not yet
lost in the head; they are still open, bright, awake and unfiltered, for the most part. You want
to go back to that state and explore it consciously—it's your natural state. That same curiosity
can be applied to the Self, so that Awareness becomes inquisitive, aware and curious about
itself, rather than focused on the endless array of carrots the world dangles in front of our
faces every day—luring us away from eternal happiness and superconsciousness.

Don't look for objects. Take 2 to 5-second moments throughout the day and radically forget
all about objects. Drop the whole world for that instant. Become aware that you are. Become
aware of what naturally remains when you’re not thinking. Every time you do this, the stream
of Consciousness becomes thicker, more delicious, more fragrant, more activated. In essence,
the experience that you are, is God. It is the essential Self in all things. If you can become
aware of the subject, that's your doorway. Your individual sense of I AM is like an open door
to Brahman, or God, or the Universal I AM.

The individuated I AM is not separate from the universal I AM. When you're inside your
house looking through a window, you can see what's outside—you can see what is ‘universal’
to all neighbors. You're inside your little individuated home and you feel like you're an entity
over here that is bound to this location, this space and time, this life. But the essence of your I
AM is actually everywhere all at once; there is no limitation to it. This truth generally does
not experientially present itself until some time into your dedicated practice, but it is
definitely possible and it merely awaits your will to discover it.

There is a point in the practice of I AM where your individual sense of I exist begins to
expand. This happens when attention is purely placed on I AM, and associations such as
body, mind, world, relationships, space and time start to be filtered out during your
meditations. In other words, the additions your mind has placed on the Pure Existence-Bliss-
Self begin to fall away.

During this process, your very own everyday consciousness begins to become aware of its
universality, its totality, its all-transcending nature; its inseparability with God. This is where
liberation begins—when the individual realizes experientially that the personal sense of I AM
is not separate from the Great I AM, the omnipresent I AM, the all-pervading I AM (also
sometimes called the I-I).

You will begin to intuit, to instinctively understand and see and know, that what you are is
All. You are not just here and now; you are All. The same essence that is present here and
now is present as the essence of all of Creation. This can only be experienced directly and it

is truly magical when it begins to occur. You will, probably for the first time in your life,
know the true meaning of the word BLISS.

Simply stay tuned to the Self. It will deepen, it will carve itself out. It will expand to reveal
itself as the essence of everything and beyond. All you have to do is become aware of the
deepest, innermost sense of me, of I exist. That is the teacher. That is the guru. That is the
guide. That is the fishing line that will reel in happiness, peace, bliss, oneness, and Self
awareness. Just stay with the deepest sense of I exist, I exist, I exist...
Any time we judge or hold an opinion about a situation, we are effectively disagreeing with
God and the fact that all things are God.
— Bentinho Massaro

You Exist Prior to Experiences

Everything you experience is confirmation that you exist.

Let's say a situation arises between you and your partner or your sister or your boss. Or just
between you and yourself. You can either focus on your description of that situation—what it
is, what it means, where it comes from—or you can see it as a confirmation that you exist
prior to it. It is only because you exist that the situation can be there... Let this really sink in:
If you didn't first exist, the situation would not even be experienced. Recognizing this
foundational fact throughout every situation can become gratitude in the deepest sense of the
word. You can become aware and grateful for the fact that none of your complaints would
even exist if you didn't first exist.

Turn your complaints into a source of gratitude, rather than perpetuate further complaint. Any
time we judge or hold an opinion about a situation, we are effectively disagreeing with God
and the fact that all things are God. We are actively enhancing egotism, separation and

As soon as we imagine or remember there is no world, the mind loses a lot of fuel for
‘describing the world’, and protecting itself with these descriptions and labels and categories.
The mind is only doing this because it believes there is an actual world to begin with, which
if we’re honest, will only ever remain an assumption.

If we believe there is no world, at least during meditation, then almost all of the reasons for
the mind to think and distract us from our chosen focus disappear. As more of our attention is
detached from the mind, which is always projecting a world, our focus becomes available to
us to use instead for realization of the Self, which is already here and eternally free and

Can you feel this? I AM… This is not a thought; it is the recognition that you exist before your
thoughts. Train your attention to become more aware of this. Don't believe that these periods
of meditation and recognition should look a certain way or be for a certain amount time. Over
time, you will naturally become less distracted by your millions of assumptions of a world.
Just take these moments throughout the day. Be grateful for the fact that you exist, and that if
you didn’t already exist, you wouldn’t experience your suffering to begin with.

So the next time you are tempted to complain about your suffering, take a moment instead
and turn it into existential gratitude. "I could not suffer if I didn't first exist. I could not have

this opinion or this emotional trigger if I didn’t exist prior to this appearance." Everything is
appearing to you as Consciousness; there's a you that knows of the appearance. Become more
aware of this seeing, this being, this is-ing, this knowing. Know the knower rather than what
appears to be known by the knower.

Know the knower, be the being, see the seer. Ponder this and make it your mantra. When you
do this, a shift will happen. It's like something clicks in Consciousness. It's unusual at first
because you're not used to it. Simply, gradually and gently (but with some effort and
dedication), commit to being curious enough to make this click experiential. Develop it, make
it more usual. Shift from thinking to noticing Being.

It's like an experiential click—for a moment, you get it; you lock onto a deeper sense of
yourself. And then two seconds later, it seems to be gone; forgotten. That's OK. Repeat it.
Identify the feeling of ‘I exist and I am aware’ again. Keep repeating the two seconds of
stopping the mind and recognizing what remains. Two seconds will become five seconds.
Five seconds will become 10 seconds. And 10 seconds will start to naturally arise, even when
you're not intending it.

Your mind will become more transparent to its underlying Self. When you're interacting with
the world, you may not be as pristinely aware of Being, but with practice, the mind will
become more transparent to this deeply divine sense of Pure Ever-Present Timeless

Even while you're talking to someone, there will be a greater and greater percentage of your
Awareness that will be aware of the deeper unified Existence in all beings. For example, you
might be talking to a person, and perhaps they are triggered. Or perhaps you are triggered;
your emotions are flaring up. Maybe you're talking about something that went wrong or
something that should be amended or who should take responsibility for something. You're
engaged in the dialog, perhaps even going into the drama (which can serve a purpose on a
relative level; it's not necessarily a negative thing). But even while you're interacting to that
extent with the mind, if you've practiced enough of the short moments of clicking into I exist
before the mind, before thoughts, then the sense of I exist becomes all-encompassing; it
becomes like an all-pervasive space.

Then you're having the dialog, but you're having it inside of the space of pure existence. You
can choose to be more aware of that space or to be less aware of it and more aware of the
drama and endless, mostly fruitless descriptions. Either way, with practice the mind will
become more transparent to the natural state.
Can you feel this? I AM… This is not a thought; it is the recognition that you exist before
your thoughts.
— Bentinho Massaro
Look for that click in which you simply remember that you exist. That's it. Just for a second
remember that you are and notice that I AM has consciousness/lucidity. Notice that there's an
awareness, a knowingness, the direct experience of I exist. A few seconds is enough to begin
with, but repeat it and repeat it and repeat it. Then, depending on where you're at in your life
and what your interest level is, you will either go more in this direction or you will just use it
as a casual tool to bring a little more peace into the suffering-filled existence of your illusory
separate identity.

Over time, as you suffer more and more and you see that your arguments don't really work—
that your opinions don't give you lasting peace, joy or harmony—you will begin to mature.
You will grow up, becoming wiser and wiser.

What is wisdom? Wisdom is usually born out of suffering and repeated experience, or cycles.
As wisdom develops, your desires shift from everything you think you want, to desiring to
rest in the bliss and peace and purity of the Self. You go from petty-minded wants and needs,
to opening the inner eye to God, the Creator, the Infinite Principle in all things.

Again, all this beauty and enlightenment is most directly accessible through the experiential
recognition that I exist before thoughts. This is the gateway, the door. The door is wide open
and it leads to the Greater Self. But you have to approach the door; you have to go deeper
into it. Some of you may become more interested in fully exploring this, and some of you
may just be more casually interested because you have a lot of stuff to do. Which is cool. I
have a lot of stuff to do too.

The more intense your desire is for this (God/Self/Source), the fewer the obstacles there will
be to it. All obstacles are illusory and they disappear as soon as you want it badly enough.
Life is suffering, but bliss is possible.
Know the knower, be the beingness, see the seer… Ponder this and make it your mantra.
— Bentinho Massaro
Buddha's first noble truth is Life is suffering. Buddha's third noble truth is There is an end to
suffering. This requires a different understanding; a different attitude and focus. It requires
that you shift from objects to objectlessness—from world to Self. The mind that has for many
years been engaged with the world has a very difficult time embracing this as a valid concept.
To give oneself eternally to the formless Self seems like a negation of the world. And it is.
But the more you do it, the more you see that the world never really existed. You see that
there is an intelligence behind the entire illusory phenomenon we see as the Universe, and
that it’s OK to be left as it is.

You know how the scriptures say that everything is an illusion, that it's all maya? You will
begin to experience this directly and your fears about what that means for you and your life
will begin to be answered with experiential conviction that these are, in truth, non-issues.
They are made up.

This doesn't mean you become an asshole; that you stop doing the things you're responsible
for. There is an Intelligence that takes over the separate ego. You will be able to perform
most of your duties and responsibilities. You will stop doing some of them out of free will
because you will see that they no longer make sense. But you won’t be incapacitated and
unable to act, operate and to take responsibility. You will most likely begin to simplify your
life—which wouldn’t be a bad thing for most of us anyway, regardless of our passion for true

An Intelligence will guide the body and the mind to make decisions according to a deeper
connection rooted in Awareness, rather than coming from a biased, conditioned and reactive
mind-program. You will be plugged into the motherboard of all of Existence, so your actions
will be inspired by a sense of Oneness, a sense of freedom and harmony for all. They will be
less based on "I feel separate, I am suffering, and I need this or else I will suffer more."
Decisions will come not from need, but from an abundant sense of wholeness which is

followed by a natural courage, humility, sincerity and nobility. [The transcript continues
below the video.]

Q & A Session

Questioner 1: Can childishness be a form of Intelligence?

Bentinho: Let's call it childlikeness. The term childish generally describes someone who is
overly attached to their own ideas, as well as stubborn. But someone who is childlike has
spontaneity. There is a spontaneity and a naturalness to the being and behavior of infants and
young children. You will find that the more you let go of the mind-based identity, the more
childlike you become, in some ways at least. You will also become more quiet and wise.

There are a few moods you will notice naturally arise the more you trust in the Self and let go
of your control on your body, mind and its projected version of ‘the world.’ These moods
typically range from sort of a deep seriousness, sincerity, earnestness, ‘no-bullshit allowed,’
love for truth and focus, to sort of a light-hearted childlike playfulness that is spontaneous,
free, contagious, silly and unfiltered. In the spectrum between these two your outward life as
an expression of Source, will flow. To others, you will seem somewhere in the range of
serious, deep and mysterious, to perhaps silly and playful. So yes, there is definitely an
Intelligence to childlikeness; one that is inherent to the Self.


Questioner 2: I sometimes experience an emotional charge that makes me forget myself. In

these situations, is a mantra or knowledge useful?

Bentinho: A mantra is a tool. Certain tools, like mantras, offer us insight. They are like a
thought that carries a certain vibrational wisdom, which acts like a pointer pointing us back to
Self. You don't forget yourself when you become emotionally charged; you forget yourself
and then you become emotionally charged. So if you are emotionally charged, this means
you've already forgotten yourself. We tend to increase this forgetting as soon as the trigger or
charge arises by narrowing our focus around it. Then we really feel the extent of our

So yes, it’s helpful to have some kind of intellectual thought to hold onto at first; to weed out
the emotional stuff. We need a thought such as, "This is what my teacher told me," or "This is
God," or "This is what will lead me back to the I AM." Find one that works for you; one
that's as direct as possible in pointing you back to pure Existence.


Questioner 3: The more you are in Awareness, it becomes magnetic?

Bentinho: Yes, it becomes magnetic. The world-based personality begins to be absorbed into
the Self.

Questioner 3: So my Awareness is pulling me inward?

Bentinho: Yes. It’s always pulling you, but we've built up so much stuff that we usually don't
feel it. But when you become aware that everything except Awareness is suffering and
ultimately delusional, this shows that wisdom and maturing are happening. Because right
now you're still satisfied. As long as you're still satisfied with what you have, you won't have
the desire to burn through all the stuff. Your life is still engaging and entertaining; it still
gives you gratification and relief.

We suffer intensely and then we settle for ‘suffering a little bit less’ and we mistakenly call
this peace or happiness. We say that things are going well now. But over the years to come
you will see that the swing back and forth from pleasurable suffering to painful suffering is
still only ever suffering. You will also see that it truly has no end. Seeing this will tire out
your allegiance to the personality’s never ending hope for redemption in form, or even its
notion that in the embrace of the suffering is found the end of suffering, which is only very
partially true.

You will stop believing in the hopes and desires and expectations that the mind projects into
an illusory timeline. And then, very naturally, that which is already here and without time,
begins to know itself more pristinely, more clearly and more directly. The density of Light, of
Consciousness, becomes more intense, like turning up the brightness of a lightbulb. The sense
of Awareness becomes radiant and magnetic like the Sun. A gravitational field develops and
sucks in the mind, and it becomes harder for the mind to escape from this radiant Black Hole
at the center of the Light of All That Is.

First the mind will be sucked into the Light of the Universal I AM, which we could also call
the Essence of All That Is. Later on, even the Self will become magnetically absorbed into the
black hole of the One Infinite Indescribable Perfection beyond Beingness or non-Beingness.
We could call this the Source of All That Is. The source of even the essence. The One which
is older than God, older than the Self, older than the ever-present existence of Beingness-


Questioner 4: When I meditate I try to be aware. It comes and it pulls. But is there some tool
that will make me stay there longer? It is better to practice in silence or with tools?

Bentinho: You have to find what works for you. One of the tools is to simply be aware. It's a
pretty direct tool, so it may not work for you yet. Are you able to recognize that you exist?

Questioner 4: Yes.

Bentinho: Great. That’s a tool. Recognize over and over that you exist. Even during your
daily routine, keep recognizing the fact that you exist.

Another tool is to imagine there is no world so that attention will drop out of the projection
and back into the Light of Isness.

Another tool is to seek for the root of the mind itself. Instead of thinking, inquire: "Where or
what is the mind?" It's kind of a hack. As soon as you start looking for the mind, the mind
disappears and there's an increased sense of Awareness and spaciousness. Have you tried it?

Questioner 4: No, but I'm very curious to try it.

Bentinho: It's kind of like the mind doesn't see that one coming. We always talk about the
mind as if it's there, or we use it to get somewhere. We even use it to meditate on something.
But when you consciously look for the mind itself, with great intensity and curiosity, in that
openness and attentiveness the mind is suddenly not there! And we then begin to wake up to
this pristine space of I exist or Existence itself.

Another tool is to see that whatever arises, it is not you because you're there as the observer.
Are you your hand? Are you this pillow? Does this pillow define what you are? No, because
you are there being aware of it. There's a you that's aware of the pillow. There's a you that's
aware of your hand; you wouldn't ever say that you are your hand.

It's the same with thoughts. If you notice that you are aware of the thoughts in the mind, in
that moment you know that you can't possibly be that which you see. For that split second,
there are no objects in your attention. You might not notice it at first, but looking back upon
that moment of clarity you will realize, “Actually, there was no sense of an object; there was
only me being aware of being aware; me being aware of pure and lucid existence."

That is a small moment of enlightenment, a small moment of awakening. If you repeat this
many times throughout the day it will become more automatic, more of a habit, more natural.
But it does require some effort, and the effort follows your desire for it. The more you desire
it, the less effort is needed. Effort really is a way of trying to compensate for your lack of
desire. "I don't really want to, but I know I should," or "I know it's good for me so I'm going
to try really hard." But if you want it more than anything, there's no real feeling of effort,
even when you’re focusing intensely. You're just there, you're just being it, wanting it more
than anything else, and so you’re not as easily distracted by other experiences that will show
up along the way of your practice. With proper desire, it is much easier to stay focused. And
more fun too.

Like anything in life, even on the relative plane, you always have that which you really really
want. If you don't have it, then you don't really want it. If you have it, you somehow must
want it. You are infinitely powerful, so if you really didn't want a particular thing in your life
or, if you really didn't want to believe that you're separate, you wouldn't. Therefore, you must
have other priorities. And this is OK; it's not a judgment. But it does cause you endless
suffering. Just notice that.

This is how we gain understanding of what we've been doing all our lives from a state of
conditioning. It's very humbling and sobering and helpful to acknowledge that you don't
really want what was talked about today. You think you want it—and there must be a little bit
of an appeal there, otherwise you wouldn't have shown up—but if you really wanted it, you
would have it. You would be it. So you still have other priorities.

This is the maturation process—a playing out of the desires that are based in delusion and
separation. You play them out over and over again, hoping they will lead you to the end of
suffering. But they never do. They just lead to temporary moments of pleasurable suffering.

To the sage, associating oneself with pleasurable moments is still suffering; they still hurt.
Pleasure is nothing compared to the bliss of the Infinite; there is no pleasure that could ever
approach it. Once you've tasted infinite bliss, even once, you realize that Buddha's statement
was literal, that life as we know it (not the True life, but life as we know it) equals suffering.

You can't escape this, no matter how much pleasure you experience. If pleasure is based on
the delusion of separation, on the delusion of a separate self, it will always carry with it the
undertone of suffering, because it's not true. You are not a separate individual. in fact,
ultimately, you’re not even an individual at all—it's a mistaken identity that can never attain
happiness. Happiness is the nature of All That Is. You have to pause your cultivated feeling
of self long enough to become aware of the Isness, the Existence that is all you are. You are
making up stories that you’re something in addition to Existence, but there is no proof of it;
you only have assumptions (a lot of them). In one moment of clarity, you will see as
Existence sees, as the Creator sees, and you will shift closer into the purity of Being.

Use any tool that works for you. At first, your tools might be a mantra or thinking about
something or doing something. But as you make a little bit more progress and your desire
increases, you will feel that you can go there, which is here, much more directly. This is
because your desire is there. If you really want it, your attention will guide you. Honestly,
that guru, that principle of going from darkness to light, is innate in all of us, and it's activated
through desire.

If we desire something strongly enough out in the world, we will create it, we will attract it.
This is the same principle of desire I’ve been talking about today, except applied outwardly—
to a place where there can never be full happiness or truth. This same principle operates when
turning within. As we turn inward towards the Creator—the essence of all things, the True
Self—if we want it, something becomes activated. We start being of a higher intelligence, of
a higher Consciousness.

This applies to every life form. If the desire is there, the teaching instantly becomes available
internally; you don't need someone to teach you at that point. You only need someone to
teach you now because you haven't yet discovered how to activate that desire. But from that
desire follows everything you need, always—both in the relative world, as well as in the
Absolute direction.

So for now, use whatever tool makes you feel the closest to that sense of Presence before the
mind. Over time you won't need a tool, you will simply recognize it, in fact you will simply
be it and increase the brightness of the being of it. It will become obvious that you are not the
thoughts. It will become obvious that you are not the emotions. It will become obvious that
you are not the body. It will become obvious that you can either focus on the body, thoughts
and emotions, or you can focus on the fact that you're not the body, thoughts and emotions.
What remains is the Self becoming evermore aware, becoming evermore radiant, like a light
bulb being turned up. This is when bliss and peace become thick like oil, become radiant and

You are increasing your spiritual mass. This is not the mass of matter, but the mass of Spirit,
the mass of Awareness. Humans are generally very dense in matter because of their focus on
the world, but that density of matter can become a higher density of Spirit, a density of Self,
of Consciousness, of Love, of Bliss. You can become more dense, more vibrant, more
densely packed with an awareness of the One True Life. This requires desire and meditation.

The greater the desire, the less meditation is required; the less the desire, the more meditation
is required.

So start by meditating. Meditate more and more, and that meditation will activate desire. And
then that desire will remove the need for meditation, because again—whatever you want, you
have. You have to become intense. When you want Self at the exclusion of all else, then you
will have it—instantly. There will not be a second of delay. The moment you want it more
than anything else, it opens up right then and there.

But we generally want to pursue it like a hobby right? Like going to a grocery store and
getting a bag of chips. “Oh, I'd like a little bit of enlightenment…” We go on with our
separate lives for a while and we notice that the fridge is getting empty; our lives are getting
empty of peace. “I'm in need of a little bit of peace, so let me go to the grocery store. Let me
go to satsang. Let me go and abuse this teacher’s time, because I really don't want the Self. I
just need to restock my hobbies, my pantry, so that I can continue to suffer more according to
my own arrogant beliefs.” *chuckles*

But if you want Self more than anything else, then everything I’ve just said makes so much
sense. It's like all my words come flooding back in, and the true meaning is exposed. You
realize how little of what I’ve said you understood before. A soon as the degree of your desire
for this increases, you are instantly more intelligent. Instantly! With no brain training, no
discipline, no focus, no meditation. When you want it more than anything else, you’re
suddenly vastly more intelligent and aware of your own tricks, thoughts and delusions… and
everything you've ever heard on the topic makes sense to a whole new degree. It instantly
becomes embodied and experiential. You'll see.

This picture was taken during the actual session that you are right now reading as a transcript. The man
sitting to Bentinho’s left is 96 years old. He refused to take a chair when everyone else was sitting on the
floor. He sat cross-legged without a single complaint and hardly any motion for 2 hours. He has trouble
hearing, so he could not hear the session. Still, he showed up. We transcribed the audio so he could read it

In Closing: An Alternative Hack —

Immediate Confidence and Faith
Remember—you are already That. You just have to allow your confidence to arise. Become
convinced of the fact that you could not possibly be anything else but the One Infinite
Creator; the Supreme Being that pervades All That Is. How could you ever be separate from
That? There is only one infinite Existence. There is not one infinite Existence and then you.
There is one infinite Existence that gave birth to the form which you started associating with
the Self. In truth, you have never been that form; you have never been anything but the True
Existence which generated that form as inseparable part of the Grand Illusion of experience.
Rest in that confidence.

If you find it hard to focus or meditate, simply relax completely. Allow yourself to be exactly
as you are. There are no bad thoughts and there are no good thoughts. There is no right or
wrong in what can arise in the emotions or in the desires or in the beliefs. It's all perfect, and
ultimately not real nor lasting. So let it be, and simply reach for that confidence using a
mantra, if you will. The mantra becomes less verbal and more experiential over time. The
mantra is to become more confident in the fact that you are God. That you are All. That you
are the Supreme. That you are liberated. That you are already free.

Use any of these sentences, or all of them—whatever works best for you; whatever clicks you
into a deeper state of peace and confidence:

I am already perfect.

I am already free.

The mind is just thinking, the body is just doing, the emotions are is raging, but I am
already That One Infinite Freedom..

I am already liberated.

Become more and more convinced of this.

This is a form of Faith. Without the need for actual experience or meditative confirmation, go
straight to the confidence that you would have after direct experience with the Self. Start with
the confidence and the experience will follow. Instead of experiencing the Self and then
becoming confident in your infinite perfection and letting it permeate your whole
understanding, do it the other way around.

It's another hack. For some people this works better because it doesn’t require as much
stopping of the thoughts or investigating. It's simply pretending, as in fake it ‘til you make it.
Pretend that you are already Self-Realized, but not as a thought. Stay with it; it's a sincere
mantra. This is not something you say to your neighbor because it feels good and your ego
gets a boost. There must be a sincere desire and intention behind it, and with that sincere
desire you can state to yourself:

I am already enlightened.

I am already the fully liberated state.

I am already that Infinite, Timeless, Formless Awareness.

I am already God and beyond.

I am already the infinite peace in and beyond all beings.

Choose the words that work for you; whatever represents to you the state you desire. Grow
confident in that achievement, without any proof of that achievement!

It's sort of like a poor man pretending to be rich. What does it feel like for the poor man to be
rich, even though he hasn't started a company yet? He doesn't have the experiential proof of
being rich. He skips all that and goes straight to the feeling of being rich and then allows the
means for that to show up.

It's kind of like that. Become more convinced. Have faith, in other words. Faith means that
you know something without knowing it yet. You know it without proof. Without any kind of
evidence, you believe it anyway. To have faith means to have faith in that which is not yet
seen or experienced. Can you have faith in the fact that you are ultimately free? That you are
the Absolute Self? That you are one with all things? Can you cultivate faith in that?

And then the meditation will follow. The experience, the clarity, the sense of freedom will
follow from that faith exercise. It's much easier to meditate, to naturally fall into a more
heightened state of Self-Awareness, from an attitude of, “I got this. I'm already That,” than it
is from the state of, “I'm not there yet. I'm having too many thoughts. This is blocking it and
that's blocking it. I can't do it.” It's much easier to drop into the natural state of clarity about
Self, the objectless state of freedom, the sense of ease and bliss, if you meditate with the
attitude that you have essentially already accomplished it, that it's already here. From that
confidence, the meditation or clarity or stream of Self-Awareness will follow quite naturally.
You’ll see.

Know that you are enlightened, whatever that means to you. Don't believe any other thought,
don't believe any doubt, don't believe anyone else, don't believe any scripture, don't believe
any teacher. You decide that you are fundamentally and ultimately already That. Stay with
that confidence as much as you can, and the clarity of meditation will follow naturally. Your
experience will always shift to reflect what you believe in. This applies to the external world
as well as to the internal path. It is the same principle. Believe that you already have it,
believe that you already are it, and suddenly the experience you thought was so difficult to
obtain—as if it was behind a thick wall of ego—is right there. Why? Because your
confidence took you beyond the illusory wall; it took down the illusions.

You project illusions of limitation; you project that you're not there yet. Ultimately this can
all disappear. If you have enough faith, the faith will lead to meditation, and the meditation
will lead to a greater capacity to have faith. They will reinforce each other, and your freedom
and liberation will become more and more automatic. Your confidence will rise.

You are worthy of this! You are absolutely worthy of this bliss. You are absolutely worthy of
much deeper and greater happiness. You are capable of it and you are it, in essence. You are
definitely worthy of it. So accept that; accept that gift to yourself.

There is only God. Only God is, although it seems like there are many other things. There are
not. Only God has Isness; only God has Existence. Everything else is a projection of
thoughts. Isness equals God. Believe in Isness, disregard thoughts, and you will begin to
know yourself as God.

Sometimes we just need to see that something is possible, and then we feel, “Oh! I
actually want that!” Whereas, if there is no evidence of it in our experience, we kind of
forget about the possibility; we settle for a more mundane mindset. So if anything, the teacher
is meant to inspire. It's not so much about learning how to do this or how to do that, which is
very mental. It's more about knowing, “I know I can do this; it's possible. I can see that it's
possible and it's inspiring to see that it’s possible. I can drop in deeper. I can know the
Knower and let that stream take me into Infinite Peace and Love.”

Thank you all for coming here today.


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A Super Direct Practice to Realize The
Absolute — For the Advanced Adept
January 18, 2019

Maintain awareness of the ever present I-sense and intensify your concentration on it; focus
intensely on the pre-verbal and primordially instinctive feeling of ‘I Exist.’ It comes with a
sense of consciousness being aware of its own beingness—a heightened sense of awareness,
awake vibrancy or lucidity is one of its hallmarks.

Depending on the breed of seeker/adept you are and your former experience with direct path
teachings, you will have to do this exercise for weeks, months or years with as much intensity
and devotion as you want to give to this practice before you will be able to generate enough
‘awareness of I Exist’ for it to become radiant, bright, all-pervading, energized, blissful,
awake and all-inclusive.

Continue the practice until it is directly, experientially and clearly obvious to you that all of
Creation belongs to this Beingness-Consciousness. This is much like the feeling of realizing
that everything which appears in a dream exists entirely inside (and due to) the substratum of
the dreamer’s mind; it does not exist outside of the dreamer. It is similar to the fact that the
rays of the Sun are inseparable from the Sun as their source.

Having merely an intellectual picture of this ‘inseparability/oneness’ principle is not enough.

It has to become deeply experiential to you that all of the manifestation belongs to or
happens/appears inside, as a result of the I-Consciousness only. This is why I said it requires
weeks, months or years of intense practice. Realizing the Absolute is for the advanced, rare,
or highly experienced seeker/adept/practitioner who has already gone through the process of
knowing himself and balanced himself through accepting himself as he is, yet feels a deep
yearning inwards toward the One Infinite Liberation.

The next step toward the final elevation

Once you have gained this overwhelming direct experience of the vibrant ‘inseparability’ of
everything with its root-substratum (the “I” or “I Am” principle), the next and final practice is
to intensely intend to wake up from this all-inclusive “I presence,” as if trying to wake up
from a dream while a portion of you is still dreaming; or like when there is an immediate
need to snap out of a mental illusion/delusion.

Continue this practice of abiding in the all-pervading I Am and then intend to awaken from
that very I-Am-Root-Substratum, as if trying to wake up from a dream while still

Intensify this attempt until you are directly one in experience with the One Infinite
Absoluteness. The transition phases preceding this moment of penetration can be kind of
unusual or intensely energetic as your experience of creation begins to fold inside out,
disappear, slip away, etc. These energetic sensations are, in my experience, safe to ignore.

In fact, in order to successfully experience Infinity, you will have to—at your own pace—
continue the practice of ‘waking up from this, and this, and this too, and that too’, and apply
the ‘going beyond whatever you currently notice’ practice to the weird sensations of unusual

One has to even apply the practice of realizing that one is not what one presently experiences
to the Expansive, Bright, All-Pervasive, Light-Love-Isness of the God state (The “I-
Substance” in all). Even the Universal Beingness, to which all other perceptions innately
belong, must be totally ignored and dismissed in order to go beyond it—to dis-identify with
it—and to begin the penetrating of the Veil of the Grand Illusion, which you know as All
That Is, or Creation (beyond which lies the Infinite Absolute).

Disclaimer intermission
If at any point you feel uncomfortable and begin to doubt the process of going deeper using
these powerful tools, it is up to your free will to return to a more normalized focus or to
persevere with the practice. What you choose to do is your choice only. Don’t blame this
Bentinho character or someone else every time your world view is threatened, or if you’ve
embraced something you’re not ready to integrate or accept. You don’t have to read this
article, let alone practice what it suggests. It is your responsibility to first know yourself as
you currently are and accept yourself as you currently are, before you decide to become the
Creator using super direct methods like this. Nobody but you is responsible for you.

This practice is for the advanced adept who knows himself really well and has balanced
himself with great consistency through self-awareness practices, self-acceptance and
relaxation of the personal biases, desires, attachments, and so on.

Ok, let’s resume. What does a formless,

object-less Infinity ‘feel’ like?
When one perseveres in the practice of resting at the universal root, which is felt as the I-
Consciousness-Sense, and then intensely intending to wake up from this universal substratum
of beingness and go beyond, into the Absolute Formless Self, one will inevitably reach the
gateway to Infinity and be offered more profound intuitive glimpses of the One Infinite

When/if one truly ‘pops out of the bubble of consciousness and creation’, an indescribable
completion and limitless perfection, with no objects, forms, things or worlds in it, will be
your only ‘experience’ in that awakening—in that moment of complete penetration.

Creation and the feeling of presence/beingness/consciousness/I Am will abruptly disappear

from view, and with it will go everything inside of it. An indescribable Void-like Ocean of
Awake and Infinitely Intelligent Reality will remain as the One Self Alone. It is really not
possible to describe this, because it is beyond consciousness, and all description happens due
to, inside of, and inseparably from the I-Consciousness, which your mind is an extension of.

The Absolute is not aware in the typical sense of subject and object, nor even in the I-
Consciousness sense—which is like a formless, locationless field of awareness-light-love-
existence. Rather, awareness returned to The One Absolute Reality is inherently self-aware
without objects, subjects, or the universal field of presence-consciousness (The I Am).
Instead, it is innately self-comprehending.

It is Infinity aware of itself without any other means than its own inherent self-
comprehension. This is way beyond and radically distinct from what most enlightenment
practices point and lead to.

The Absolute is the returning place at the end of the Soul’s journey through the 7 densities of
evolution. It is infinite perfection. Nothing ever happened in the Absolute. It is complete. It is
real and indestructible and cannot be gone beyond.

Don’t worry, you will know for sure when you have penetrated into your Absoluteness—
beyond presence, beingness, isness, consciousness, experiencing, and Creation altogether.
You will know infinite perfection when you’re it. And you will begin to glimpse it when you
stay at the threshold between consciousness-beingness (the I-sense in its purest form) and the
Infinite True ‘Self’ beyond that.

If you can still doubt at all whether or not you’ve penetrated it—you haven’t. Thus, continue
the practice.

The Absolute absolutely knows itself. No human mind has ever reached here, nor will it.
Doubt does not exist in the Absolute. Nor does anything else you currently perceive. Yet you
won’t miss any of it while you’re ‘there’.

To summarize
Penetrating into Absolute Infinite requires an act of abiding in the direct experience of being
aware of the beingness-substratum of all of Creation—the sense of ‘I’ or ‘I Am’. This sense,
as it turns out, is actually the root of all things—handing ownership of all experiences back to
this essential I-sense, which lies at the root of each moment. Many would already consider
this to be enlightenment or nirvana.

And then, the second step should be attempted: While being fully aware of the I substratum,
seeing that all things belong to this I, now begin to intend and desire intensely to wake up
from even this substratum, realizing that it’s still part of the dream—you are still dreaming!
All experiences are part of the dreamer (consciousness) dreaming (being) dreams

Wake up to the glorious, infinite, indescribable Absolute perfection of Motionless Reality,

which is beyond the first, only, and final veil of ‘consciousness-experiencing’. Wake up from
the I Am, or the I.

Beyond the dreaming (Beingness), the dreamed (Energy/Appearance), and the dreamer
(Consciousness)—all three of which are inseparable—lies the perfect and Absolutely Infinite
Reality. This is the real you already and it has never suffered or experienced this Universe for
even a second. It is absolutely free, awake, real, eternal, timeless.

Again, this is YOU already, as you in actuality are right now! You’re just fooled by the many
layers of the movie you’ve been watching for millions of years. To go beyond, you must
dismiss the notion that the world, or manifestation in general, is real. This notion keeps your
attention stuck inside the bubble of the Illusion. Wake up from the Presence of Beingness.
There is an infinitely more real reality obscured by the illusion of ‘I Am’. See if you can
wake up from the I Am, or I-sense.

In short:

Step 1: You wake up from thought, to the ever-present, stable, innermost “I” sense.

Step 2: You wake up from this all-pervasive I-sense, too. Until nothing but yourself—the
Absolute—is known.

Maybe not for you

In an age where political correctness is held in high esteem by the polluted human mind, and
has infiltrated every aspect of our mostly fear-based social consciousness, the idea that the
world is not real or substantial is an offensive, dangerous suggestion to the sheep of this

So for those of you afraid of the fact that there is not really a world out there, and who would
rather hold on to the little stream of information trickling into your beingness every day in the
form of the sense organs lying to you, over the truth of your own existence, you can safely
return to your mindfulness and other politically correct and socially acceptable forms of
introductory (but ultimately bland and unfulfilling) spiritual practice, according to your own
preferred belief systems.

Buy a popular new age Buddhist magazine with many slogans about peace, kindness and
mindfulness, lay it out on your coffee table, and have fun conversing with your ever growing
clientele or circle of friends about ‘enlightenment’ (as if you have any real clue what it
means, what it requires, and what it results in). Feel better about yourself—because why not?

However, this article is not for those types of seekers (at least not yet). I love all seekers, all
beings, equally. Wherever you’re at is truly perfect, but this practice is not for everyone and
where they’re at. I wish everyone well on their journey, and there is no mistake in being a
beginner, ever. And yet, the only way to go from beginner to adept is to take a good hard look
at where you’re coming from in your association with spirituality. How genuine, and
personality-transcending is it really? Or are you just carrying it like a lifestyle? If so, you’re
missing out.

To the rare and/or seasoned, highly dedicated adept, I say this: Thank you for getting this far
in your life, in the practice, and in this article, and may you wake up and realize liberation.
Blessings are streaming your way, always, from Source. You deserve absolute freedom and
you will know it one day if you persevere evermore earnestly in your efforts to see, know and
become the Formless, Infinite Creator, which is the One Source behind us all.


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