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Introduction - Good day, my name is Stanysha Lowery, and today I am doing my graduation project

presentation on Black Women in the military.

I. Attention Getter: Ever since I was a kid, I have been interested in pursuing a career where I would
be in charge. I have gone from wanting to be a mayor, to wanting to be a senator, to wanting to be
President, and recently wanting to sign my life over to the Army. During Junior year, we were
instructed to conduct interviews for our research paper. The information I gathered from the
interviews led me to conclude that the military was not for me. For one, I enjoy my freedom.
Two, I do not like being told how to live my life. And three, the military is not my only option to
get a jumpstart on a better life.
II. Thesis Statement: Like stated before, my topic is black women in the military. My opinion is that
black women still lack the respect that they deserve in serving in the Armed Forces.
III. Preview Statement: I chose this topic, because I am a black female who like my ancestors will
constantly have to do more to receive ounces of respect that I will earn to recieve.

I. First Main Point - Sle
A. Subpoint - I went to Idlewild Ele. to teach 4th grade students about my topic
1. Sub sub point - I taught the students about the hardships and lifestyles of those
that have served in the military based off the information I gathered from
interviews and what I researched.
2. Sub subpoint - The students wrote letters to veterans explaining their gratitude
towards veterans
B. Subpoint - I went to East Meck. to gather information from old Jrotc instructor
1. Sub subpoint - My old instructor incorporated movies into the lesson plans.
Movies like The Tuskegee Airmen gave us more insight into the lifestyles of
black people who served in the military during racial times.
2. Sub subpoint - I sat in on a class where it was uniform day, and I took a picture
of the uniform sheet grades.

II. Second Main Point - Product

A. Subpoint - The fourth grade students from Idlewild Elementary wrote letters to veterans
1. Sub subpoint - N/A
2. Sub subpoint - N/A
B. I conducted a poll for students that asked the question if they would join the military
1. Sub subpoint - Most said no
2. Sub subpoint - N/A
Conclusion - This project has offered me more than I thought I would get from it. I have learned patience,
how to make use of my time, and I have learned that procrastination only works if you work better under
pressure. Next fall, I will be attending UNCG most likely majoring in a science or math related field. I
feel like there needs to be more representation of black women in these stem related fields in hopes of
them receiving more respect for what they can offer to this world.