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Geethanjali College of

Engineering and Technology

Bachelor of Technology
Computer Science and Engineering

A project report on
“Student’ss Guide Application for Android Phones”

Under Guidance Of –Shiva Narayan sir.

By Sripada Sindhuja: 15R11A05G8

Veluri Naga Tejaswi: 15R11A05


Vallala Shiva Kumar Yada

adav: 15R11A05H6
This application is one click away for a student to explore new things. It acts as a guide of
reference, there are few modules such as Questioning , Events ,Screen share ,Remote access,
Personal Chat, Call, Scheduled and Registered events in the application.

Existing System:
There is proper platform for Student and faculty interaction, no proper guidance system that
provides timely solution as and when required and a no prefect website that depicts the
events in the near by colleges.

Proposed System:
Here the students and staff are registered by their identity number which is used to
eliminate redundancy. As the students get graduated their data is moved into ALUMNI
data base. Home page is designed as an interactive session where any one can pose
questions related to various aspects each and every person in the application has
permission to answer the posed questions, this application illustrates the technical
events held in other colleges in a radius of 25 kms. And also saves registered and
scheduled events of the participant. The main purpose of the application is to enable a
student to excel in programming to achieve this we put forward a functionality that is
SCREEN SHARING & REMOTE ACCESS using this, one can share their screen with others
in personal chat and are granted permission to modify the data. This application also
gives a brief description about the recent technical advancements around the globe.
This also bridges the gap between students and faculty by allowing interaction.

Hardware Requirements

 Microsoft windows 7/8/10(32 or 64- bits).

 3 GB RAM minimum, 8 GB RAM recommended.
 1 GB RAM for Android Emulator.
 1280 x 800 screen resolution.

Software Requirements
 Java 1.6.
 Android SDK.
 Android Studio.
 Firebase.