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Rc.No.Acad-I/1912/2019 Dated:23.02.2019

Sub: TSWREIs – Academic – I - Conduct of 3R’s program in all TSWREI

Institutions - Evaluation of the same - certain instructions - Reg.,

Ref: 1) This Office circular Rc No Acad-III/1912/2018, dated 19.12.2018

2) One day work shop conducted on reviewing the implementation
of 3Rs.
The attention of all the Regional Coordinators, District Coordinators and
Principals of TSWR Institutions is invited to the subject and references cited.

In the reference 1st cited, a 45 day remedial teaching programme was

conducted in all the TSWR Institutions to improve the reading, writing skills and
basic math operations. Intensive coaching was given in English, Telugu, Hindi &
Mathematics and the process was continued until the student achieved basic
requirements in reading and writing skill and basic math operations. Also
individual students profiles were maintained by the institutions.
Further, a workshop was conducted on 09.02.2019 at Head Office to
chalk out the minimum learning levels for each class and preparation of
question papers for each class in Telugu, English and Mathematics vide
reference 2nd cited. The Institution wise and subject wise no of students who
are required to go through the 3Rs programme have been submitted by the
Principals through RCs to the Head Office.
The question paper is given separately for English, Telugu and
Mathematics to test the minimum levels of learning of the students from 5th to
9th classes. The Telugu paper is prepared for 30 marks English for 35 marks and
Mathematics is also for 35 marks. Every subject paper consists a) 50% questions
for checking the knowledge attained by the students in the previous classes
and b) the remaining 50% questions are for testing the minimum levels of
learning attained by the students in the present class.
The time allotted for each subject paper is 1 hour. If any student has
to be tested in 2 subjects then 2 hours duration has to be given and
accordingly for (3) subjects the duration is (3) hours with a gap period of 15
minutes for each test.
The tests are to be conducted on March 14th from 10.00 A.M to 1.00
P.M .
How the test is to be conducted
1) RCO’s should receive the question paper bundles from H.O on 07.03.2019.
2) RCO’s should select the best teachers from their region keeping in view the
sincerity, honesty and capability for conducting of the exam. Then these
selected teachers are to be drafted as examiners to conduct the exam at
the institution where the future learners are identified. It is the responsibility
of the Principal to see that all the identified future learners should attend
the exam as per their requirement (i.e in which subject they are identified as
future learners).
3) Proper arrangements are to be made by concerned principal to the
examiners. Students are to be jumbled. For each room 25 students are to be
allotted irrespective of classes.
4) The RCs should see that, the teachers should not be drafted to their
working places and have to be sent to other schools. RCO’s have to
collect the absentees statement from the concerned principals and the
same is to be consolidated and sent to the H.O
5) The drafted teachers have to sign on the answer scripts at the time of
distribution of the question papers. After Conduct of the exam the answer
scripts are to be bundled class wise and subject wise and seal them in
front of the drafted invigilators/teachers with their proper signatures. The
bundles are to be sent to RCO’s office by a special messenger.
How to conduct the valuation.
1) After conduct of the exam the very next day i.e., on 15th March the
concerned RCO’s have to get the key prepared with the help of subject
teachers and evaluation has to be started w.e.f., 15th March 2019 and it
should be completed on or before 22nd March 2019.
2) RCO’s have to choose a nearby institution where there is no SSC centre to
get the answer scripts evaluated. Teachers who are not dealing the SSC
are to be drafted for evaluation of 3Rs answer scripts. Food and other
arrangements are to be made by the concerned principals for the
teachers who are drafted for evaluation work.
3) Marks are to be posted in the proforma attached on a day to day basis.
4) The consolidated result sheets are to be sent to H.O on or before 25 th
March 2019.(Soft copy and hard copy) in the following format:
S.No Name of Name of Class Marks Obtained Remarks
the the of the
Institution Student Evaluator
Telugu English Maths

Sri P Bharath Babu

All the Principals of TSWR Institutions
Copy to all the Regional Coordinators
Copy to file.