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European Journal of Training and Development

Leveraging Human Resource Development Expertise to Improve

Supply Chain Manager’s Skills and Competencies
By: Alexander E. Ellinger Andrea D. Ellinger


This article is basically about promoting the ability of Human Resources and Development
(HRD) Training Programme conducted by the HRD Professionals in order to polish the Supply
Chain Management’s (SCM) skills in variety of aspects including future demanding skills and
their workers’ performance at work. This indicates that HRD has a big role and important to the
SCM employees in order to maintain good productivity in their organizations. The Supply Chain
Management requires vital skills and these skills can be trained by the HRD expertise. In addition
to that HRD is crucial to the competencies of the Supply Chain Management’s employee since
SCM need to improve their roles in calibrating and integrating the flows and needs of their clients.
The SCM employees should utilize the HRD interventions available by giving a full support to it
and be aware of their quality either being a leader or employees (Rouse, 2010). The truth value of
relationship between SCM and HRD also can be depicted in this article because both of this
bilateral powers are genuinely connected and dependent. Lastly, a number of HRD issues are being
investigated in order to confirm that HRD is possibly a good call to enhance the supply chain
managements’ skills and willpower of success (Alexander & Andrea, 2014).

There are three importance of HRD that can be found in this article. Firstly, HRD act as the
guideline and practice to their target. In this article the target is the Supply Chain Management.
The HRD team will help in building capacity in the respective firm as well as improving the
performance of the employees. They also helps to guide the employees from the highest position
to the lowest position depending on what role they have in the organization. The second point of
the importance of HRD in this context is HRD cultivate the set of skills inherit by the SCM
manager. The HRD professionals will help to regulate the existing training module that is already
associated by the firm itself. Last but not least, the capabilities of HRD to provide interventions
specifically in the business flow runs by the SCM should be well-appreciated and leveraged. The
HRD expertise will assist the firm by providing an array of evolvement and change-oriented
interventions. They also help the SCM to work synergetically to make supply chain processes runs
effectively (Alexander E. Ellinger, 2014).

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