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ebonized hardwood floors
provide the ultimate back-
drop for color and texture,
whether it's an antique Kilim
rug or the richly woven

basket used as a console
table near the front door.
i MINE," Tia says of the
If. , cottage she shares with her
. husband and two daughters.

II @

)-c ~
1 piece over th living
room sofa. She says, "For
me, painting is a soothing
way to be artistic."·
chair (far right) that Tiai
I found at a flea market
and put in the living room
is the preferred lounging
spot of 6-year-old Zoe.
"I always find her there
listening to her Walkman,"
Tia says. Beside it, ;:i
ceramic outdoor ga den
stool makes a great. table.

: ;\;E

to the outside," she says, "and the light radiates

all day:"That light and airy quality allowed Tia,
a designer, to transform a house that "needed
a lot of cosmetic work" into a stylish, classic
California cottage.
o liegin, she painted every room white and
Had all of the hardwood floors refinished and
"' stained black. "Colors are hard to decide," Tia
says."You need to live in a house awhile to figure
them out. It's almost like giving the house some
respect. I think we lived here three years before
I began adding color through accessories."
IN THE DINING ROOM, wooden side chairs slipcovered in white linen Starting with a simple white background
mix with garage sale armchairs upholstered in a graphic stripe. and enlivening the space with painted furniture
, ';, ''Wheh'we're not eating there, it's where Ben and I work," Tia says. and vivid artwork is a hallmark of Tia's style:
"Instead of changing the color of the walls, I
like to change out fabrics, because I change my
mind so much," she says. "I never feel like my
~ house is done, because it's constantly in a state
• of design metamorphosis."
Whether it's swapping one area rug for
another or flipping throw pillows on her sofa,
Tia loves to rearrange her house. "The most
fascinating part of decorating is that there's
always potential for change," she says. "Our
lives are always evolving, so there's room for
taking risks in design as opposed to always
being monochromatic. It depends on how
daring and bold you want to be."


with a prominent piece in every room, like
the tufted ottoman (at left) and the armoire
in the dining room.
o switch things out on a whim, Tia says it's important to have an intriguing mix of
furniture and accessories, rather than one style of decor. "I like to mix everything," she IN THE MASTER
sa s. "I have some modern pieces and some traditional. My art and fabrics are definitely BEDROOM (left), an ~
bohemian. There's a lot of texture to the fabric I like to use, whether it's woven or embroi- upholstered-headboard' .
dered. And many of my furniture pieces are flea market finds that I'll sand down and rises almost 6 feet. The" J.-
paint myself» . faux mink blanket adds l
Much in this house epitomizes Tia's creativity and hard work "My everyday job is an luxurious texture to the' 1.,-";:-"---
interior designer, but I'm also an artist," she says. Her own paintings, including a huge simple bedding: I \

piece over the living room sofa, hang throughout the house. She also loves to sew and '~MINTGREEN AND
made many of the curtains and pillows here, including those in her daughters' bedroom. CRANBERRY is one of my
. 1 .
Six-year-old Zoe and 3-year-old Abby have gotten used to Mom's decorating antics and favorite color combos," TIa
seem to be following in her footsteps. "I love to see my daughters' facial expressions when says of the palette in the
they walk into a room that's been changed. Zoe has such an appreciation for fabrics now, and bedroQm 40.e~(Ric~ured)
1 can tell she's already got a great eye for color and texture," Tia says proudly. and Abby share.Tia,sewed
And Ben? Tia says, "He lets me do my thing." He offered input on only one room: the all of the curtains and
kitchen. After two years in the house the Zoldans decided to completely gut and remodel pillows, and the be~ is an
the space. 'We tore down a wall, pushed the ceiling up about 4 feet, and added beams," Tia antique she painted white
says. By eliminating a tiny breakfast room, they were able to enlarge the kitchen's work- and sanded down so the
ing area and make room for professional stainless steel appliances- Ben's favorites. original 1950s green
The couple further maximized space by incorporating an outdoor courtyard as a living shows through.
and dining area. "We're outside most of the year. All of the French doors in the living
room open to the courtyard," Tia says. "It's so nice and romantic. It feels very European."
But then again, this is still Los Angeles, and Tia and Ben are happy about that. She says,
"1 can't imagine living anywhere else." • ~ GO TO THE SOURCE page 134

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