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1 Amazing art

Dear Parent/Carer
Your child is about to start Unit 1 of their English course book Footprints 6. The main topic of this unit
is arts and crafts. In the unit your child will learn how to talk about art equipment and materials, how
things make him/her feel and how to ask questions in the past tense. Your child will be introduced to
this language through the Footprints Club story, a dialogue and a quiz. They also sing a song at the
end of the unit:
Let’s paint (track 4)
Let’s paint
Get some inspiration
Get some inspiration.
Don’t complain that
There’s nothing to do.
Get some paper
And some pencils, too.
You can use some chalk
And felt-tip pens.
Or watercolours
Just experiment.
You can draw some Manga
Or design a car.
You can make a model
With string and card.
It doesn’t matter
If it isn’t good.
The important thing is
To have some fun.
An important feature of Footprints 6 is how it links new language to learning in other subjects. In
Unit 1, your child will learn about the creation of cartoons for comic books and he/she will invent and
write about a character to reinforce this learning. He/She will also learn about a Japanese style of art
and say a rhyme to practise specific English sounds.
The project and oral presentation further practise the language from the unit and give your child the
opportunity to use it in an extended and more personalised way. In this unit your child will choose a
favourite piece of art to talk about.
The Activity Book aims to develop your child’s ability to read and write in English. In this unit your
child will have the opportunity to read and write questions and answers about what happens at the
Footprints Art Club. Your child will also listen to a text about mixing colours and draw and write about
a Manga character. He/She will also write a description of a picture.
The interest and encouragement of a child’s family is very important when they are learning a
language. You can support your child by finding a regular quiet time to look at your child’s English
book/s, listen to the songs and stories from Footprints 6 together and talk with him/her about what
they are doing in class.
Thank you for your help in making your child’s early contact with English as enjoyable and successful
as possible. I hope you and your child enjoy the course.


Class teacher

© Macmillan Publishers Limited 2010

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