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‘CITY AND COUNTY OF HONOLULU HONOLULU POLICE DEPARTMENT CHIEF OF POLICE PERFORMANCE EVALUATION PERIOD: JANUARY 1 THROUGH DECEMBER 1 2018 ‘Aopcinted by the Police Commission of the Cy and County of Honolulu, this poston is the ‘adminitatve head ofthe Honolulu Poloe Department. The Chief of Police: exercises overall executive ‘rection, management, c2odnaton, and control of departmental functionsiactivtes; promulgates poles, rules, and reguatons necessary for the erganzaton and internal adminstvaton of the ‘department, andrepors decty tothe Police Commission on areguar bass. The Chief shalnot engage Inany outsiseerepleyment wineut first securing witen approval tom the Commission [remainder of page blank] CHIEF OF POLICE PERFORMANCE EVALUATION PERIOD: JANUARY 4 THROUGH DECEMBES 31.2018 0} "ACTION PLAN. rovide tothe Commission atleast annuaiy an AGiOn Pian wih OBjSCHVEy x ‘measurable metrics forthe upcoming evaluation period, a ‘Eveoutes on the Action Plan fortis evaluation potiod attached this Performance Eveluaton as Attachment A OVERALL ACTION PLAN: Exceeds Expectations ACTION PLAN COMMENTS: Chief Balard has made extraordinary progress n executing her ‘Aation Plan for 2018, EsExceeds Expectations MeMeats Expectatons BeBelow Expecations CHIEF OF POLICE PERFORMANCE EVALUATION PERIOD: LEADERSHIP Ts an effecve, competent and rotwated leader who leads by example and inepires ‘thers to perform optimally Maintains a postive stitude and a high degree of morale among all uniformed, Plainciothes, reserve, and cvllan employees, Ina th highest degree of personal and professional credbily ensuring a cure based or integriy, tus, respect, an fairnoss. ‘Seeks out and encourages suggestons, paricipation and collaboralon to achieve ‘and improve the goals and abjectves ofthe Department ‘aintains postive relationships wih otter law enforcement agencies including the Federal, State and other municipaies. ‘Adively pariopate n svucturng State and Giy and County poleea by advocating to the State legislature, Cy Councl ang other agencies and departments. ‘OVERALL LEADERSHIP: Exceeds Expectations, LEADERSHIP COMMENTS: The Police Commission encourages Chie Ballard to examine the way ‘se hears and deals wh unwelcome narratives, Exceeds Expectations MeMeets Expectations eRelow Expectations