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I started this process as Anna.

A stubborn girl with a strong head on her shoulders and a drive to

change the world. I was passionate about the causes I believed in. I cared so deeply about the inequality
so many communities faced, especially my own as a woman. It manifested in classroom debates and
angry twitter rants because I had no idea how else to promote my causes. I felt like I had no voice. I felt
that, in order to have a voice, you had to be important. I was nobody. So I had ambitions to become a
successful lawyer who specialized in civil rights cases. Surely, if I was a high status, wealthy individual, I
could instantly make the big changes I want to make.
I figured, this project was the way to make this happen. So, considering my beliefs and the career
I had in mind, I chose a topic that screamed, “Anna!” The Feminist Legal Theory: An explanation of how
feminism and the law have intersected throughout history. My head was swarming with ideas already.
The flashy protests, the intense legal debates, the cries of angry women tired of the mistreatment, and to
capture it all: a rousing exposé.
As ambitious as it all seemed, I was ready to tackle this project head on. I started my paper early
on, excited to have 7 pages worth of information to document my research. I was so loaded on scholarly
articles, trying to find ideas from every perspective to garner the perfect information. But, after the initial
high wore off, I realized just how daunting of a task this would be. Not to mention the outside factors of
onset dysphoria and the horrible depression that came with it. It got done, however, and I grew to dread
the idea of having to work on this project again.
The rest of this project was inevitable, but still, I did not greet it with open arms. Instead it was
greeted with missed deadlines and heavy procrastination. But it was something I had to do, so I ventured
into my service learning. Something I learned during my experiences, meeting these women in charge of
these events and speaking at these panels, most of them were just... ​people​. And yet, they demanded
respect. They demanded attention and they forced themselves a seat at the table. They weren’t these high
ranking government officials, they were grassroots leaders and bloggers. And they were making a
difference! I was inspired and had regained the excitement I once possessed.
And so I end this project as Leo. A trans man with a better understanding of the world around
him. I possess the same excitement, the same passion as I always had. It was just beginning to manifest
itself in different ways. I began attending more grassroots lead events, supporting my local organizers,
and organizing events of my own. I realize now the power of my voice. I am not a nobody, and my
opinions are just as important as the high ranking politician next to me. With this I realize my true
passion- to educate others in order to create a tolerant environment. I look forward to all I will end up
accomplishing with this newfound power I now possess.