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Ii Exam practice

Listening Part 4
01T You will hear five short extracts in which people are talking about cooking. While you listen you
must complete both tasks.

For questions 1 -5, choose from the list (A - H) the person who is speaking.

A a nurse Speaker 1

a retired person Speaker 2 2

C a student Speaker 3 3

an author Speaker 4 4

a lawyer Speaker 5 5

F a teacher

a lorry driver

an unemployed person

For questions 6 - 10, choose from the list (A - H) what each speaker is expressing.

A admiration for people who can cook well Speaker 1 6

a pride in their cooking ability Speaker 2 7

C a reluctance to cook Speaker 3 8
a criticism of current trends in cooking Speaker 4 9
a desire to learn to cook Speaker 5 10

F a wish to try food from other countries

an awareness of their poor diet

a dislike of unfamiliar food