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Public Transport versus Personal Transport

Working people and epically don’t need to worry about their transport as different types of
public transport are present. As there will be fewer vehicles so ultimately it will cause the
environment to clean because of less burning of fuel. One would reach his destination before or
on time as there will be no rush, however, it can also cause one to get late if a bus is missed
and which would make one wait for another bus which might be time taking. Public transport
will not only save Karachi and its people, but will play a vital role in making Karachi better
environmentally and economically.

People would be able to reach their destination on time or before it. They would reach
because there is not going to be rush and the bus will go on a constant speed which would
make one reach on said place on time. This will only happen if most of the people like about
80% of Karachi’s population will start using public transport. If an individual wants to go to
school and according to the margin of traffic, when one travels in car, one reaches just on time
or before 1 minute. On the other hand , if public transport is used and one leaves according to
same margin of time , one would reach before 15 minutes. Like this, people would be able to
reach their said place before time because there would be no rush.

There is going to be less pollution as less fuel will be consumed. The environment would
become better and clean. As people are continuously cutting down trees, the rate of carbon
dioxide has increased in the air. When less people will not drive and use public transport
instead, there will be less pollution. For example, in Ireland, there is a day when everyone uses
public transport and on that day, the country is the cleanest when it comes to air. Like this, we
can make our environment better by using public transport and not using one’s own vehicle.

On the contrary it may play a role in making one late. If a bus is missed so one would need to
wait for the next bus to come which might take some time and can make on late. There is a
possibility that on wakes up late and misses his bus, so he would be really late because it takes
time for the next bus to come. Like this one can get late because of public transport.

Taking everything into account, public transport has more pros than cons as compared to
having individual cars and motorcycles. In pros people are going to reach their destination
before time, and there is going to be less pollution. On the other hand it can make one late.
Government should make public transport compulsory for everyone so that they become
familiar with the public transport as in foreign countries like Turkey people travel mostly by
public transport.

By; Malik Sulaiman Shaukat