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March 21, 2019 Mr. Pat Atkins, Board President on behalf of the Waco ISD Board of Trustees 501 Franklin Ave Waco TX. 76701 Dear Mr. Atkins and members of the Waco ISD Board of Trustees, Together, over the past 21 months, we have sparked a dramatic transformation in Waco ISD. On the first day of schoo! in August 2017. the Texas Education Agency warned us that five schools could face closure at the end of that school year if they failed to meet state standards. In response, we raised expectations for both students and staff. We focused on the rigor and quality of classroom instruction, and we created an in-district charter network, the first-of-its-kind in Texas, to ensure that the campuses would remain open and under local control None of this would have been possible without the community stepping up to support our students in unprecedented ways. Prosper Waco and Waco ISD came together to eeate Transformation Waco, a new nonprofit organization serving as the operating partner for our transformation zone. More than a thousand people participated in community meetings to discuss the future of our schools, and in just two years, the number of volunteers investing their time and their talents in our students! success has nearly doubled. Tam incredibly proud of the way that we have strengthened classroom instruction, but | am most proud of the way that our community has united in support of our students. Very few places have what Waco s. Our sense of common purpose and shared commitment to our students’ success is a rate thing, have been reflecting on that and on the conver ing place across our community, including my conversation with you Tuesday night. The discussion has become more about me and my poor decisions than our schools, our students and their success. | have to acknowledge that people disagree about what consequences I should face, and if this debate continues, | fear that it may end up dividing this, community and distracting us from what should be our focus - the kids, For that reason, | am resigning my position as Superintendent of Schools for the Waco Independent School District effective immediately. ‘Thank you for the opportunity to serve as your superintendent, While I will not be continuing in that role, I will continue to believe in this community, in its educators and, most of all, in the limitless potential of its students. Sincerely, A. Marcus Nelson, Ed.D,