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The Annual Recruitment Test of  
1.This paper contains 20 questions , worth 3 mark each 
2. The duration will be 1 hour 
3. Any forms of cheating will be strictly dealt with 
4. Use your brains , seriously , but don't forget to have fun ! 
1.A missile launched from the ground making an angle of 45° with the 
horizontal.If it is required to hit the target on the ground at 1600 km, 
with what velocity should it be launched(g =10m/s) .Assume the 
acceleration to be uniform throughout the motion of the body. 
2. A heavy 300 kg sandbag one meter tall is hung from a playground 
swing with a rope 3 meters long so that the bottom of the sandbag 
just clears the ground. A bottle is then placed on the ground a meter 
away from the sandbag as shown. 

Explain how to to knock the bottle over with the sandbag if you are 
given a paper drinking straw but are not allowed to touch anything 
(sandbag, rope, bottle, swing) with your body or with the straw 
3. You have a bicycle, and your friend is holding it up so that it will not 
fall over, but he is not applying any pressure to it in any direction. You 
rotate the crank so that one of the crank arms is facing straight down, 
and then you tie a length of string around that crank arm. The setup 
will look something like this:  
With your friend holding the bike up, you pull back on the string. Will 
the bike move forward, backward, or stay in the same spot? 
4. Consider two identical spherical birthday balloons, one of which is 
inflated to 2/3 its maximum diameter and the other inflated to 1/3 its 
maximum diameter. What happens when the openings of the two 
balloons are connected to each other by a straw so that air can flow 
back and forth between the two balloons? 
5. Two trains each traveling at 30 km/hour are approaching each other 
on the same straight railroad track. When the trains are 30 km apart, a 
bird resting at the front of one train takes off and flies at a constant 
speed of 50 km/hour to the other train. As soon as it reaches the other 
train, it instantly turns around and flies back to the original train, and 
keeps repeating this back and forth at the same constant speed until 
the trains collide. How far will the bird have flown at the time of the