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1. Who was the initial propagators of reform movement? Illustrados

2. What type of priest is trained to run parishes and were under the supervision of the bishops? Secular

3. Who is the first Indio priest? Francisco Baluyut

4. Who was the Spanish Governor-General of the Philippines from 1869-1871? Carlos Maria de la Torre

5. It refers to a process by which the values and principles of a system in place are contradicted or
reversed. Subversions

6. It is the organ of the propaganda movement founded by Graciano Lopez Jaena in Barcelona. La

7. Who founded La Liga Filipina? Jose P. Rizal

8. KKK stands for what? Kataas-taasang Kagalang-galangang Katipunan ng mga Anak ng Bayan

9. It became the beginning of the Philippine Revolution against the Spanish Empire. It also refers to the
tearing up of community tax certificates in defiance of their allegiance to Spain. Cry of Pugadlawin or Cry
of Balintawak

10. What was the agreement made in 1898 that officially ended the Spanish rule in the Philippines?
Treaty of Paris

11. It is the first Republican Constitution in Asia. Malolos Constitution

12. Who was the President of the Cabinet and also the Secretary of Foreign Affairs during the First
Philippine Republic? Apolinario Mabini


1. When did the Philippine-American War start? -February 4,1989

2. Who is the US president who gave the power to elect Philippin Senate? -President Woodrow Wilson

3. Under what act was the Philippine Commonwealth instituted with? -Tydings-Mcduffie Act

4. When was the Philippines granted independence by the US? -July 4,1946

5. What condition did the US put so that Philippines can self-govern their country? -with the approval of

6. Who was the first president of the second republic? -Manuel Roxas

7. What is the effect of American Imperialism on the Philippine government? -we learn how to make and
govern laws
8. Why did Americans established system of education in the Philippines? -to help the Philippines be a
democratic country

10. What is the effect of American Imperialism on our economic and livelihood? -free trade relation is

11. What religion did Americans adopted? -Christianity

12. What is the reason why US colonized the Philippines? -to have an overseas empire

1. Taft described him as the number two man in the government, second only to the governor-general. -
Manuel L. Quezon

2. The president who sent an investigating mission to the Philippines. -Warren G. Harding

3. They believed that the leadership should exercised by one person, not by a group.


4. Who was the cause of quarrel of Quezon and the governor? -Ray Conley

5. This mass resignation of the Filipino members of the Cabinet and the Council of State constituted
what was known as the _____ -Cabinet Crisis.

6. It is the constitutional right of the president to reject a legislative enactment or resolution. -Veto

7. It was the mission instructed by the Legislature to work for the early grant of the Philippine
Independence. -Os-Rox Mission

8. As a result the intensive campaign of the Os-Rox Mission and the help extended by American pro-
independence groups, the U.S Congress passed the _____ -Hare-Hawes Cutting Act

9. When was President Quezon signed the Woman Suffrage Law? - September 15, 1937

10. They formed it to help bring down infant mortality. -La Gota de Leche

11. When was the Filipino people approved the constitution in plebiscite? - May 14, 1935

12. According to Hare-Hawes Cutting Act, how many Filipino Immigrants were allowed to enter the US
every year for a period of ten years? - 50 Filipino Immigrants

13. When was the execution of Gomburza? - Feb. 17, 1872

14. Period of time when native Filipinos were calling for reforms. - Propaganda Movement
15. Propaganda movement was composed of Filipino elites called as? - Illustrados

16. Great orator who wrote Fray Botod and Esperanza. - Graciano Lopez Jaena

17. Publisher of La Solidaridad as the medium of the movement. - Graciano Lopez Jaena

18. News paper serves as the medium of Propaganda Movement. - La Solidaridad

19. La Liga Filipina in english is ? - Philippine League

20. Motto of La Liga Filipina - "One like All" or " Unus Instar Omnium" or " Bawat isa'y katulad ng lahat"

21. Password of the 3rd grade Katipuneros called bayani. - Rizal

22. The conservatives formed the _____ which pledged to continue supporting the La Solidaridad. -
Cuerpo de Compromisarios