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a Ve Nie ee] Ve ‘The increased interest inthe way In which attitudes to nature can inform the architecture of the cig ie particularly evident inthis unusually powerful combination of architecture, urbanism and landscape, which redefines not merely the way you think about this pariular suburban excension, but about the nature of streets as a whole, particularly in extreme climates. The architect has installed ‘tle trees along a new road which represents the anonymity of edge oftown extensions while offering ‘constructive proposition about their future. The idea is simple: residents «an make choices about how they would like to"graw’ some aspect of environmental control ‘oF modifiation within the created light structures, that are‘easly dismantied and energetically self-sufficient The notion is that these temporary mini-forests ON THE SHADY SIDE ‘An urban intervention as delightful as it is functional. PRIZEWINNER ECOBOULEVARD, MApRID, SPAIN ECOSISTEMA URBANO ARQUITECTOS