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[teTer baad oa Ecosistema Urbano Arquitectos Located in ural surroundings in buildings anchored tothe ground run offeasily. The south facade is The architects consider the building tris, Spain, this house is @ in ust four places, so respecting the completely glazed, to be flexible, transformable and contemporary reinterpretation of site andreatinga compact effect. The mixed structure of the building, suitable for sharing. It position and ‘models of traditional architecture The units formed bya prism which made from steel and wood, canbe geometry adapt perfectly tothe (ke 2horreo—a wooden granary _ is irregularon the south-west side, dismantled and recycled. The walls __climate and solar orientation of ‘ised on pillars, typical in Asturias allowing more sunlight to flow are made from a combination of two the area. The property does not wth glazed gallery, usingwoodin inside. The roof slopes towards types of wood (North Pine and have heating or airconditioning. re and walls), The the hillside, enabling rainwater to Douglas Fine) in different widths. installations 62 Ecosistema Urbano Arquitectos Architect Eeosistema Urbana Arqulectos Completion: 2005 Category: residential Location: Ranén, Asturias, Spain Construction materials: steel and wood Cost (prefabricated): 150,000 Euros Durability 50 years Surface area: 969 59, Photo © Emilio P.Doiztua 53 HOUSE OF STEEL AND WOOD