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PIANO-CONDUCTOR’S SCORE A CHORUS LINE Conceived and Originally Ijirected and Choreographed by Michael Bennett Book by Music by Lyrics by James Kirkwood & Marvin Hamlisch Edward Kleban Nicholas Dante Co-Choreographed by Bob Avian ‘Original Broadway production produced by "The New York Shakespeare Festival, Joseph Papp, Producer, in association with Plum Productions, Inc Orchestrations by Jonathan Tunick, Bill Byers é& Hershy Kay Piano Reduction by Dale S. Kugel Property of ‘Tams-Witmark Music Library, Inc. 560 Lexington Avenue * New York, New York 10022 (212) 688-2525 Cast of Characters Vocal Ranges CASSIE = = supy KRISTINE, ——— = = F ‘CONNIE ‘rRICIA VICKI& == _= f= 4 ‘onsemble-no sole RICHIE, bon PAUL. MARK HS f= (= Gt FRANK, ROY, GREG Bouny BUTCH'® TOM === = eS = entemble-no solo ENSEMILE-Soprano ENSEMBLE-Alto ENSEMBLE-Tenor ENSEMBLE-Bass ee eo ZACH — DirectovChoceograper — now-snging role, offen speaks cues for dance section: sting tempo and ry TARRY — Zach's asitant — sings and dances wih the ensemble, speaks some ene for dace sections. Singer!Dancers dsnissed during the auton proces join any addtional Orfage singers and Understdis. Because the on-stage performers are singing ad dancing atthe same time, the offage singers ore used for vocal However, the audience shold never be aware tat isnt hearing ut the performers on stage. and oftage i ao the CHORUS. the caso Musical Numbers Opening: “I Hope I Get It’ Moral After Opening — The Lin Introduction: “I Can Do That”, — Underscore.. Montage, Part 1: ‘Montage, Part 2: “Nothing”. Montage, Part 3: “Mother” Montage, Part 4.... “Dance: Ten; Looks: Three" . Short "Paul” Scene. “The Music And The Mirror’..... After “Music And Mirror” End Of Paul’s Scene, “One” Tap Dance.. Alternatives “What I Did For Love" After “What I Did For Love” Bows... 261 ACH —Piano-Conductor