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Philippine Normal University

National Center for Teacher Education


Practice Teaching Form 6

Journal of Experiences

Week 5 Date: February 4 - February 8, 2019

Significant Experience(s) Learning(s)/Insight(s) Gained

Day 1: Last day for Module 13  Happy Arts Month! I learned today that as a
February 4, 2019 Monday teacher, You really need to have considerations
with the students. For example, One of my
Attended flag ceremony today, Then they student is 79 at ESP. She asked for help because
announced that this month is arts month! I’m her mom will get mad at her, She asked if she
so happy because Rufiel and Abi sang a can do something to earn that one point. Then,
kundiman song and an opm song at the flag ma’am Gonzales gave her the chance to pass her
ceremony. They are really good!  Nice way to lacking requirement even though the deadline is
start Monday. already dead, I mean DONE. I think having good
communication and interaction with the students
I am finally done with the grades of 12 is a MUST for the teachers.
sections. Yey! Then, Me and my CT checked my
lesson plan for the Module 14 which I will run  I’m the happiest today, this was the first time I’m
individually. not having a hard time with my objectives.
Thank you Green book! And also activities are
all good to go! OMG! They are not really
“mabusisi” here than at PNU. But, somehow I
miss the green marks of Ma’am marte at my
lesson plan. 
Day 2: Chinese New Year!!  No classes today! 
February 5, 2019 Tuesday

Holiday today! 

Day 3: Getting ready for my turn.  Really not feeling well, But I need to come to
February 6, 2019 Wednesday school today. Thank you Lord, I just did some
paperworks of my CT today.
Not feeling well today, But tried my best to
finish all my works. I assist Ma’am Gonzales  But, I also stand and helped kyla to handle
about her paperworks because she has those noisy and stubborn students to listen to
problems with her eyesight. her. If they don’t want they can go OUT.
Because, I’m concern with the other students
Then, My CT asked me to helped Kyla (Sta. who wants to listen, learn and participate.
Isabel ST) with her classroom management
Philippine Normal University
National Center for Teacher Education

with the lower sections. Because, They are

really NOISY!! Urgh.
Day 4: SO SICK  ABSENT TODAY • Absent today! 
February 7, 2019 Thursday

Absent today! 
Day 5: Back at TEACHING!  Super tired! Lost my voice today, And I wish
February 8, 2019 Friday to get it back on Monday. Really enjoyed doing
activities with the Higher section, They are
Guess what? I have 5 classes today. OMG! I’m just noisy because of too much excitement.
gonna start my Module 14 today. Excited but But, it’s okay. I can manage them. But, those
I’m nervous with my voice. lower sections are NOT! They are the ones
why my voice lost and my nerves are really
In Araullo, One module is divided to four pumping out because of them. But, I’m not
lesson plans. First day will be activities and saying all of them. Some of the students at the
processing questions after that. I run one brain lower section is behave and they are the one’s
breaks then the 2 activities. I’m happy because who’s being bullied. But, most of them are
they really enjoyed it and they have lots of bad. But, In my class I don’t allow fighting
energy! But, I really get mad with the 1 lower inside the room. I call the attention when I
section which is Rembrant, Boys are standing, saw someone kick his or her classmates. I’m
running inside the classroom, bullying like really glad because my last section is
throwing rolled papers to each other etc. Shakespeare, which is the lowest of all
Somehow when I’m quiet they stop talking, sections in Grade 9, but surprisingly when I
but most of the time they DON’T. And, There said be quiet because I have not too much
are 2 students who are super RUDE! That’s voice, They understood and follow  My
why I told them to GET OUT of the classroom heart!! I really like them even tho they are the
because I don’t need students lowest, but they have good attitude than other
“NAPAKABASTOS” Imagine, I told them and lower sections, and for me it matter most.
talk to them to STOP several times but they
are so stubborn. Sadly, I don’t have much voice  Giving positive reinforcement is very
when my last subject came. That’s why I asked important, when they saw me listening and
them to please be quiet so that our activity will saying “Nice” to them, they getting more
be finished. engaged with the class. So, continue to give
more positive reinforcement. Also, not all
answers are correct, that’s why you should
listen to their answers and process if they
have misconceptions with their answers.
Submitted by: Johnessa May C. Gervero Date: February 9, 2019 Year and Section: IV-10 BVE