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PROTON Edar Sdn. Bhd. (Company No. 133633-A) ‘GST Rog. No, 00017086112 Centre of Excellence Complex 401382, Westound Shah lan Eneroonay, 47600 Subeng dey, Slangr Daal Ensen ol s1008-6028 0990, Vehicle Sales Order outa Name pba GAENI IN ABOU RALOUR ne BHI[S 12 ~f075 = 099 ~ 742418 Maing Addons Yong 94 gaYT este nawsee AURA AD WIAHPAUO tgs 2 Sanivrend : ANCE SOUR spance Conpanyioe TONS CREE, (consaWo Wate “Tr OF63 t mas Nese! Codebascivion PROTON SAGA_/.'3 510 Cnr)| oo] | varne 2009 [osx ECACC Har oaiis Posh ements ret 387 los! PAYMENT DUE FROM/TO CUSTOMERIFIVANCE SOURCE Poproved Sand Aes Hasan THF | 1G |Boekeng £62 (smn x8 Oy overt [Sub Tort Soe Pes) Inspection Hendeg Fea foe Amount [= Fbsb0 Ye Noi sce Customer 3pob.06 ‘Accesaory Packege lBctance Finanoe ¥21'460, 00 ‘Number Plato oo _ ‘CUSTOMERPROFLE oven: artist [—] Sago EZ] Nanos [A] mary) tndin [=] oniese [] oe Pee eee como L_] r000 [sub Total Excl. GS S46 | Wieser | now careayer (7) repiacemert careuser [Add GST 6% [J Adaitonal Car Buyer Total Sales Pico ne. 657) AL FES AB |W loosmaton |] cvisovant [] rates (A rvate Empiyen Fegateten Fee 60 lod) [| tiomanaiae [=] satamoiyee [_] student oad Tax cb _|00) (2 oes eae eo 55)" (J a1[Aareol} aol ]aso [hs teewea aoa prt Commutation jereecnaae crams (Jem 7 Phone [sus COVE NORE NO. nena NB esmrenne LJ eect Mat Sub Tota wl 461-35 oa Gale Pices hp) 3656244) ose Naa ‘Atereqos shu sma papi to PROTON Eda Sdn Bhd sy pyro the company ima by CAS thn Into en Racine, Upon ary payment ts Company, yu shen on an Ota estan you Rave ot ecoved ary ON Recline panel eae otha Sos Oo cae ‘ho Compary ay ws tha ntomaion pote ha ay apace ale tha sla of he ei snr seen you ae any pepe ‘onpany ha DAD ICON Gow om tit ne. The Copan ay Ceo to ireraton pra hao ay tid pary Hoe: oar ‘Romatenviotave reqssod nts frnl eat ends re prordarota sealers ented any falas Coys og abi cry {aloof fe won andor ascescoes to you. Sol jou wan” Y9suesee ond corel Bo nation you have poved ely nso saree th Oorpeny Oy eal at ‘isignerostetprotoncom or sepere 0-36-38 sae atthe Conpery may contctme va dec mee, net, lophone an cent onuiaton (ratio rowaotrs ko mal forsay pdee. oroveart vison 4 ‘fecive Date et gr 2015 FORAEONUSE ONLY] "teense oreo 22