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Traffic Citations Issued in New Haven.

Calendar Year 2018

Total Citations = 9990

Accident Reports filed = 6620 (state required PR-1 reports)

2018 Citations with statute 14-% = 8286

2018 Summons in RMS = 3512

2018 Summons with statute 14-% = 1861


Key: PR-1s are the State Required accident reports. They are filled out whenever a motor vehicle
accident occurs (except if it is a late report and the cars have already been moved).

RMS is our in house Records Management System. It is a computer program which allows officers to
complete their reports electronically

14-% is the way our records department searched for all Title 14 citations and summons. Title 14 is the
chapter in the Connecticut Penal Code that pertains to moving violations. To cover all of the statutes in
this title (14-299 is traffic light viol, 14-36 is operators’ license viol, etc.) We use the % sign.