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Department: N/A
Unit: Registry
Reports Directly To: Registrar & Marshal
Reports Indirectly To: President
Directly Supervises: Registry Supervisor, Executive
Assistants (Judicial)
Judicial Counsels

Indirectly Supervises: Case Management Officers

Court Support Officer

Position Objective:
To assist the Registrar & Marshal, the President and Judges in the discharge of their judicial
functions and the legal and quasi-judicial work of the Registry.

Key Responsibilities and Duties:

Leadership and Management
• Participates in the development, implementation and review of strategic and business unit
plans including, identifying problems and devising and implementing appropriate solutions.
• Contributes to the development, implementation, review and refinement of policies,
procedures and systems to support and improve the operational efficiency and effectiveness
of the Registry.
• Oversees the work of supervised staff; provides guidance and coaching as necessary to
achieve desired results and conducts performance reviews
• Identifies and ensures the fulfilment of the training and development needs of the Registry
staff and provides ongoing coaching and mentoring to them.
• Prepares and monitors the Department’s biennial budget
• Monitors workflow in the Department and recommends improvements to existing processes
and procedures.

• Conducts regular group and individual meetings with staff supervised to promote open
communication, including timely sharing of relevant information, for the efficient operation of
the Department.
• Plans, assigns and coordinates the work of activities in the Department which comprises case
management services in the preparations of court hearings, customer service, judicial support
and counter and e-file service.
• Supervises and coordinates the work of staff engaged in reviewing and checking information,
receiving and filing legal documents and preparing lists for court hearings by:
- reviewing and monitoring work; o providing
guidance/direction as necessary;
- ensuring compliance with required legislation and/or Rules
of Court o assigning work; and o evaluating performance
and preparation of performance appraisals.
• Represents the CCJ at local and international fora and on various committees as required by
the President and/or the Registrar Marshal.

Registry Management/Court Services

• Accepts, transmits and takes custody of documents related to court matters.
• Effects service as provided for under the Rules of Court.
• Prepares, signs and issues Court orders based on decisions of the Court.
• Maintains the register of appeals and register of cases and ensures weekly updates.
• Performs the functions of taxing master and Deputy Marshal.
• Publishes court judgments, advisory opinions and such other documents as may be required
to be published under the Rules of Court.
• Gives directions in matters before the Court as prescribed by the Rules of Court.
• Exercises the powers and jurisdiction as are from time to time prescribed by the Rules of
• Ensures that follow up-action pertaining to court orders and matters is carried out.
• Oversees the preparation of court documents, correspondence, and filing in accordance with
legislative requirements, procedural manuals and practice directions.
• Facilitates and manages courtroom processes and liaising with members of the judiciary.
• Provides information and advice on court procedures and practices, including applying
legislation relating to Referrals to relevant stakeholders including legal practitioners,
government agencies, clients and the general public.
• Provides a high level of support to the Bench in preparation for and during court sittings.
• Responds to queries concerning the Court and its work.
• Assists the Registrar & Marshal in liaising with sub-registries where necessary.
• Makes arrangements for such interpretations or verification of translations into the Court’s
official language as the Court may require in connection with proceedings before the Court.
• Checks Judgments for accuracy, formatting, citations grammar, appearances of attorney and
court panel (judges’ names) and manages the distribution.

• Oversees the preparation of statistics on court performance based on CourTools, verifies
accuracy of data and results presented, guides staff in troubleshooting discrepancies and signs
off reports prepared by staff.
• Ensures compliance with established protocols in accordance with the standards for court
excellence for the department and Sub-Registries.
• Performs the judicial duties of the Registrar in her absence and other duties as approved by
the President and the Commission.

• Assists with the management of special projects as required by the Registrar & Marshal and/or
the President.
• Assists in the drafting, vetting and reviewing of contracts on behalf of the Court.
• Assists the Registrar & Marshal in performing functions of the Secretary to the Commission.
• Serves on committees as required.
• Performs any other duties that may be assigned from time to time.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

• Expert knowledge of Court Registry operations, administration, organisation, procedure,
protocol and management practices.
• Sound knowledge of the CCJ Rules of Court (Original and Appellate Jurisdictions).
• Sound knowledge of case-flow management.
• Working knowledge of Visioning and Strategic Planning.
• Excellent interpersonal, communications (oral and written) and presentation skills.
• Excellent customer service skills.
• Proficiency in the Microsoft Office Suite of programmes, including Word, Excel and
PowerPoint and case management software.
• Ability to collect and compile standard statistical data using core Court performance tools.
• Ability to build trust and credibility and establish and maintain effective working relationships
with other colleagues, judicial and administrative officers, legal practitioners, representatives
of government and private agencies and members of the general public throughout the
CARICOM region.
• Ability to effectively implement and administer strategic and business plans.
• Ability to work in a team, and demonstrate the highest level of professional integrity, respect
and diplomacy for colleagues and others.
• Ability to efficiently manage time, multi-task and function effectively in a fast paced and
demanding environment.
• Ability to work in a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic environment with sensitivity and respect for
• Ability to maintain confidentiality at all times.

Liaises with:
• Judges
• Library Unit
• Information Technology Unit
• Protocol and Information Units
• Regional Judicial and Legal Services Commission, and its Secretariat.

Liaises with:
• Relevant members of the Legal fraternity
• Governmental agencies
• Registries


• Attorney at law with a Bachelor’s Degree in Law and a Legal Education Certificate (LEC).
• Certificate in Management/Leadership Development.
• Seven (7) years’ experience in a senior capacity in a judiciary in the Commonwealth such as
Registrar, Deputy Registrar, Assistant Registrar or Chief Magistrate.

BASE SALARY: US$4,114.39 (Free of Tax)