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STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA. In The General Court Of Jusice Inv. RJ. Preston SEARCH WARRANT SERA County Distic’Superior Court Division INTHE MATTER OF Lao To any officer wth authority end jurisdiction to conduct he search authorized by this Search Warrant 0392019 % sur Chou | bth undersigned, a th able cause to believe that the propery and person described in the Name OF AppiCare a¢ ps OF id to the commission of a crime is located as described in the [_RETURN OF SERVICE | | cerify that this Search Warrant was received and ‘2 follows You are commanded to search the premises, vehicle, person and other place or item described in the 1 property andlor person are found, make the 1d process the person according to law. ‘pplication for the property and person in question seizure and keep the property subject to Court Or You are directed to execute this Search Warrant and make due return tothe Clerk Cour, fo3/i4/14 OFZ sm Cru OSA/i4 C921 sam Ore This Search Warrant is issued upon information furnished under oath or affmation by the person(s) shown, forty-eight (48) hours from the dicated on this [2 made a search of Traital Taka (25.19: Que igo ‘as commanded. ited on the attached Cevaarese Clnnmarese hese Bromus Clonee nae Csr ct nie NOTE: Von issuing a soarch warrant, th issuing ofc! must retain copy of the warrant and warrant application ‘and must prompty le them with he clerk. G'S. 158-285, 1D tid not seize any tems, IC This Warrant WAS NOT executed within This Search Warrant was delivered to me on the date and atthe time shown below when the Clerk of Superior Court is closed forthe transaction of business. By signing bel this Search Warrant tothe Office ofthe Clerk of Superior Court as soon a8 poss Ours of the date and time of | business day. by return it not executed. Tyee lame Fine Ja [Roe Raa i apeas aimee Oe ‘This Search Warrant was returned tothe undersigned clerk onthe date and time shown below. a=/ih4 ane Ora ae oo ea WED"! Fraeis Willems aoc-cAs9, Rev 317 162017 santa Ofc of he Cuts ‘igal-Fie_Gopy For Sch cla Pera Peon tom Wom fas Ti apy Fr Sac ee renee, Oat ar Penn feparet Care Ho Sah Pesan reso Lee Copy Ard Tare APPLICATION FOR SEARCH WARRANT (and Ci tame anor desee other laces or toms to be searched Hapoabe) See atached Affidavit icant swears or affirms to the following facts to establish probable cause for search warrant: Tas Re oP 25-19 19 nw Pron Sites ta (uspsron Clow ese LJam ese [lown arse cant Chae pace I needed for any sedton, conte the sate onan atached sheet of Jon sng ee atachment Ose tecoriuaten and nude an fe natu of STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA IN THE GENERAL COURT OF JUSTICE: DURHAM COUNTY DISTRICT COURT DIVISION ATTACHMENT FOR APPLICATION FOR SEARCH WARRANT IN THE MATTER OF: LetGo 1 il affirm as follows: |, the affiant Investigator R. Preston, having been duly sworn, swear, ‘The affiant has been a swom Law Enforcement Officer in the state of North Carolina for $ ‘years, and is currently employed by the Durham Police Department, Durham, North Carolina ‘The affiant is currently assigned to the Criminal Investigation Divisions District Two of the Durham Police Department. ‘The Criminal Investigations Division of the Durham Police Department has the responsibility of follow-up investigations of erimes committed by adults and juveniles involving crimes against persons and property. The primary objectives of this Division are to provide both investigative and general support to other Divisions of the Durham Police Department in the accomplishment of establishing departmental goals and objectives. ‘The affiant’s primary responsibility is investigation of rape, sexual offense, armed robbery, theft, breaking and entering, stolen property, and other Felony and Misdemeanor cases committed by and against adults and juveniles. The affiant has participated in numerous criminal investigations resulting in felony charges of armed robbery, child abuse, assault with deadly weapons, and sexual assaults committed by and against children and adults ‘The affiant has received extensive training in law enforcement practices and procedures to include the following; Standard Field Sobriety Tests, Basic Interview and Interrogation, Crime Scene Processing and Fingerprinting, ‘The statements in this affidavit are based in part of my investigation into this matter. Since this affidavit is being submitted for the limited purpose of securing a search warrant, 1 have not included each and every fact known to me conceming this investigation, I have set forth only the facts that 1 believe are necessary to establish probable cause to believe that the evidence, fruits, and instrumentalities of the described crimes are contained on the premise, vehicle, person, or other places to be searched am requesting that the court issue a warrant to search the person(s)/property described in this application and to find and seize the items described in this application, All stored electronic data contained on the accounts to include but not limited to stored contacts, sent and received calls, sent and received text messages and /or emi images, communications and any other data contained ther Chgyne- B pu RATE JUDGE ‘APPLICH BAG79 Dat