A Pardoner's Burden


Shawn Hanson Few consider where the Angst goes when a Castigation is performed, but the dark
power has to go somewhere. Few realize the painful sacrifice a Pardoner makes for the underworld, always walking the thin line between Psyche and Shadow. Upon successful Castigation a Wraith pays his Confessor and wanders away lighter of spirit, not looking back to see the torment visiting his or her Pardoner of choice as he submits to Castigation by his partner or makes his way to the local Chapter house to unburden himself to the Soul Lantern contained therein. The Pardoner actually absorbs the Angst drained from another Wraith, storing it until he can pass it on to a guild member who knows the art of Transfer Angst (see Pardoners and Puppeteers) who will then unload the Angst into the Chapter house's Soul Lantern or cleanse himself of the taint with personal Castigation. Due to this, it is suggested that any Pardoner taking on a student learn the art of Transfer Angst to ease the burden of his student during his/her early days as a Pardoner. This is also the reason that although the Guild will train others in the art of Castigation, Pardoners are accepted by the powers that be as a "society"; even the most adept Legionnaire with skill in purifying his allies will need to submit to a Pardoner for cleansing on a regular basis or fall prey to his Shadow.

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