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So what do 2pac & Washington Mutual have to do with each other?

Relationship wise, nothing. It’s possible he banked with them. But that’s not what this is about.
This is much more profound. Both underwent scandal surrounded in mystery and were major
lifetime events. And both will be revered with historical significance for future generations
(​maybe one more than the other​).

But the similarities between their death is what caused me to connect the two. The unusual
circumstances surrounding 2pac’s death gave reason to wonder if he was really dead. I found
the same to be true with Washington Mutual (“WM”).

Faking ones death isn’t as hard as some might think. And it’’s more plausible when there’s a
reason. It’s not illegal if a person had multiple attempts on their life. But what about a bank that
commits massive crime on a scale large enough to collapse a world superpower economy?

The official story is that WM failed and closed Sept. 25th, 2008. But the regulators failures were
far worse. None of the regulators followed normal procedures or practices. First, banks always
get shut down on Fridays. WM, the largest failure in history, was the first bank ever to be closed
on a Thursday. It was also the first to be given away for free..and to a bank even more criminal.

But the less obvious discrepancies that everyone seemed to miss is what had me saying, wtf!
Mostly because they existed between the regulators themselves, and their sole purpose is to
keep track of and record everything bank related. So the discrepancies shouldn’t exist at all, but
they do.

I’m not here to convince anyone of anything, because it’s not up to me what others decide. I’m
just presenting facts & evidence.

The intrigue behind 2pac’s death stems from his final album, which at the time was released
under the unknown alias, “Makaveli.” The album was titled “The 7 Day Theory.” He was gunned
down on Sept 7th. Then 6 days later he dies, and on the 7th he’s secretly cremated.

Actions & evidence speak louder than words. This is about both.

So 6 days after catching 4 of the 13 slugs dumped on him at stop light in Vegas, 2pac was
pronounced dead. Time of death...4:03 pm. But just 2 years before, he had caught 5 while being
robbed in the lobby of a New York recording studio.

November 30, 1994, 2pac enters the lobby of ‘Quad Studio,’ on his way to do a verse for a
song. He doesn’t know it yet, but he’s been setup up to be robbed by a man named James
Rosemond aka ‘jimmy henchman,’ once C.E.O. of Czar Music. As 2pac waits for the elevator, 3
gunmen appear and order him to the ground. 1 of the gunmen, Dexter Issac, will later
confesses that Jimmy paid them $2,500, plus $35,000 in jewelry they snatched before dumping
5 into the rapper/actor.

When it’s all over, 2pac doesn’t know the extent of his injuries. He knows he’s been shot once
or twice, so he sits bleeding, puffing on a joint, waiting for Paramedics to arrive. Here’s an
excerpt in his own words from an interview about that night.

“...[​T]hey were snatching my shit off me while I was laying on the floor. I had my eyes closed, but
I was shaking, because the situation had me shaking. And then I felt something on the back of my
head, something real strong. I thought they stomped me or pistol-whipped me and they were
stomping my head against the concrete. I saw white, just white. I didn’t hear nothing, I didn’t feel
nothing, and I said, I’m unconscious. But I was conscious. And then I felt it again, and I could hear
things now and I could see things and they were bringing me back to consciousness. Then they
did it again, and I couldn’t hear nothing. And I couldn’t see nothing; it was just all white. And then
they hit me again, and I could hear things and I could see things and I knew I was conscious
again.​ ”​

What he felt was 2 bullets in his head, 2 in the groin and 1 in the hand. Below shows a diagram
of the incident. To the right is an actual photo taken of 2pac being loaded into the ambulance.
The day after the NY shooting, 2pac was found guilty of an 1993 sexual assault and sent to
Clinton Correctional Facility to await trial. To be honest, he was falsely accused of rape by a
female with a history of lying and whoring. Some say she was paid by henchmen to set him up.
Whatever the deal, he was facing time. Bail was set at 1.4 million dollars.


Like 2pac, WM had also been set up to be robbed, by a man named James Dimon aka Jamie
Dimon, C.E.O. of JPMorgan. He had been after WM for quite some time, knowing the bank was
building an empire off bad loans. It’s believed moles were planted by Jimmy the henchmen

Stephen Rotella, Taj Bindra, John Berens, Youyi Chen, Bill Murray and David Schneider were
all former JPMorgan execs who came in around the same time. All were part of the Home Loans
Unit and largely responsible for the fraud.

Kerry Killinger, C.E.O. of WM, who was also responsible for it’s damage, got the boot a few
weeks before closing. It’s unclear how much he took home, but some say he milked WM for
$124 Million in compensation. Whatever the amount, he received a nice payout instead of jail.


In jail 2pac read a lot. One book, “​The Prince,”​ is a 16th-century political treatise by an Italian
diplomat and political theorist named, ​Niccolò​ ​Machiavelli​. Needless to say, it made a big
impression on him. Machiavelli advocated using deceptive tactics in times of war, including
staging one’s own death, and it was at this time that 2pac adopted the alias “Makaveli”.

Did he also hatch a plan with his new persona? Of course it would take some planning and
money, but it’s not that hard to do. And in a city like Vegas, cash is King. Anything’s possible in
Vegas if you have the money.

October of 95, Marion ‘suge’ Knight, C.E.O. of Death Row Records (“DRR”), visits 2pac in jail.
After a couple more meetings, 2pac agrees to release 3 albums under Death Row, in exchange
for the 1.4 million bail. The deal was done on a napkin. In less than a year, 2pac would be dead.

A lot of people don’t know this, but Jimmy Iovine, C.E.O. of Interscope Records, put up the bail
money, after Time Warner refused to bail 2pac out. Time Warner had 50% stake in Interscope,
which was the label 2pac was signed with. Iovine gave Suge the money to bail him out, so as to
avoid conflict with Time Warner. Later, Time Warner would try to claim they helped bail him out.

Clearly WM had done some planning of their own. Not to stage its death, but to commit fraud.
According to the 2005 Washington Mutual Inc.10K (​below​), it states, Jan 1, 2005, Washington
Mutual Bank (“WMB”), the Company’s ​state savings bank ​in Seattle, WA., merged with and
into Washington Mutual Bank FA (“WMBFA”), the​ federal savings bank​ in Stockton CA.. As a
result of that merger, the​ state savings bank​ ceased to exist.

Now look at a screen shot from the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (“FFIEC”)
website. We see some strange fuckery.
In ​yellow​ shows Jan, 1, 2005, WMB acquired by WMBFA. That matches the 10K info. So the
bank should cease to exist at that point. Now the ​red​. Same day, WMB renames itself to 1201
Third Ave Branch, and then becomes a branch of WMB. WTF​🤔

How can WMB merge, cease to exist, rename, and then become a branch of WMB, all in the
same day? The ​1st​ merges into FA, then ceases to exist. The ​2nd​ renames itself to 1201 Third
​ bsorbs the ​2nd​ as a branch! Certainly a wtf discrepancy. But it gets worse.
Ave., and a ​3rd a

Below is a screenshot of the 2005 WM charter amendment. Notice the ​red​ highlight shows
federal savings bank​ (​ not ​state savings bank)​ merged into Washington Mutual Bank FA,
Stockton, Ca., Jan 1, 2005. 🤔
It also shows they were asking to amend the corporate title in October of 2004. The approved
change in the corporate title for WMBFA to WMB, was April 4, 2005. If you pay attention, it
states a merger took place Jan 1, 2005, with its “sister ​federal savings bank​” which had​ ​the
corporate title ​WMB​.

So was it the ​state savings bank​ that merged, or the ​federal savings bank​?

If ​WMB​ was a sister ​federal savings bank,​ then it couldn’t have been a state bank. Unless
something happened before the merger consummated Jan 1, 2005, right? And something did.

Below shows Dec 20, 2004, WMB the ​state savings bank​ converts to a ​federally chartered
savings bank​, a mere 11 days before Jan 1, 2005. But pay attention to the language.

Did you get that? 1. “WMB was organized... to​ t​ ransact the business​ of a State savings bank;”
It doesn’t actually say that it was a State savings bank.

And yet the SEC, FFIEC & FDIC all maintain it was a state savings that merged Jan 1, 2005, not
a federally-chartered savings bank.

Why does the 10K specifically state “​as a result, the Company no longer has a ​state savings
bank…​ ,” as if the Jan 1, 2005 merger was the reason, not the Dec 20, 2004 conversion? And
there’s still the problem of WMB 1201 Third Ave Branch, and the other WMB that absorbed it.

Did 2 mergers happen Jan 1, 2005? Did the State bank merge into WMBFA, and the ​sister
federal bank​ rename itself 1201 Third Ave? Or vice versa… 1 merged & ceased to exist. 1
became 1201 Third Ave. And that became a branch of another. Do you see the problem here?

And how does a federal savings bank merge into a federal savings bank? Wouldn’t it just be
absorbed, or become a branch? And still yet, this isn’t the worst of it.
Below is a screen shot from HUD.

HUD shows the WMB federal savings, not state savings. But it also shows it was bought by
WMBFA, Dec 13, 2007, not merged, Jan 1, 2005. ​🤔

Thankfully banks have multiple ID’s (i.e. FDIC#, RSSID#, UNINUM#, RTN# OTS#).

HUD ID for ​WMBFA​ is (​73815​). Other id’s:: FDIC #​32633​ RSSID #​1222108​ OTS #​8551
UNINUM #​45467

FDIC# 32633 is WMBFA, which allegedly moved to Henderson NV.

HUD ID for ​WMB​ ​is (​55017)​ . Other id’s:: FDIC #​9576​ RSSID #​997472​ ​OTS #​17989​ ​UNINUM

FDIC# 9576 is the WMB State bank which allegedly merged into FA Jan 1, 2005

Huge discrepancy, because (55017) is the same ID for 1201 Third Ave. Branch, FDIC #​9576
aka State bank that merged with FA Jan 1, 2005. And the RSSID# 997472 confirms it. See

But they can’t be the same bank, because WMB merged and ceased to exist Jan 1, 2005. So
which bank changed its name to 1201 Third Ave Branch? It’s not rocket science.

It never made sense why regulators allowed WM to transact business under 2 different names
(WMB & WMBFA). They had to know the incentive for fraud & abuse. And I believe they did.

Private Investigator Bill Paatalo, who’s been a thorn in Chase’s side, posted evidence that WMB
& WMBFA were operating as two separate banks, not one using two names.
And as if the extraordinarily suspicious deal ($310 Billion for $1.9 Billion) wasn’t enough, the
FDIC ends up giving WM to Chase for free, and then claims to have no clue what they gave. No
records or schedule exists for the billions in alleged loans.

When has the FDIC ever done that? And with a bank that size... Bullshit!They also gave Chase
1.4 Billion to fight WM claims in court. What a generous gift for a criminal banking cartel.

Digging deeper I found that 2 WMB’s did exist at “1201 Third St” simultaneously.

Sept 30, 1994​, Washington Savings Bank (“WSB”) established itself as a domestic entity, at
1201 Third Ave. Nov 10, 1994, WSB changes its name to WMB. Nov 30 and is acquired by
WMB. Aint that a bitch! But check out the formation and inactive dates below.

Sept 30, 1994​,​ ​WSB establishes itself as domestic branch at 1201 Third Ave. and goes inactive
Dec 27, 2005. So that can’t be the same WMB that was acquired by WMB in 1994, or the WMB
that merged into WMBFA Jan 1, 2005.
So if it isn’t WMB that was acquired by WMB in 1994, and not the same WMB that ceased to
exist in 2005, which WMB was it? After April 4, 2005 WMBFA changed its name to WMB, but it
was still WMBFA.

Which WMB went inactive Dec 2005? Did WMB really acquire WMB in 1994? Did WMBFA
really close or was it a massive theft and insurance scheme perpetrated by Chase, with help
from some of the regulators?

We know WM wasn’t insolvent. The OTS claimed it had sufficient capital. Sheila Bair & FDIC
forced the OTS to take action. How much did they profit from the theft?

Mike Stathis, the Patrick Henry of the financial world, saw the fuckery from a mile away. You
can read his letter to the SEC here. ​


Sept 7, 1996, Las Vegas, NV. It’s friday night, Mike Tyson is scheduled to fight, and the city is
packed. A fight breaks out in the lobby of the MGM between members of Death Row Records
and a South Side Crip from Los Angeles. 2pac is seen kicking the man on security footage.

Hours later, at a red light, a car pulls up and 13 from shots from a 40 cal Glock ring out. The
shooter is alleged to be Orlando Anderson, South Side Crip from earliers confrontation. But how
was he so lucky as to run into 2pac on a crowded friday night and then have a clear path to pull
up on the side of his car at a stoplight in vegas, after a Tyson fight?

2pac succumbs to his injuries and is immediately cremated on the 7th day. Taken from the
morgue to the funeral parlor without anyone but his mother, possibly suge, and the drivers
knowing. Not that it’s unheard of, but in the middle of an open murder investigation?

So he’s shot Sept 7. Secretly cremated 7 days later. His last album is released under the alias
Makaveli​, titled “​The 7 Day Theory.​ ” Suge, the same man who bailed 2pac out of jail, said he
paid the coroner 1 million dollars for the cremation. Cremations don’t even cost $1,000. What
kind of coroner was he?
Below is the official coroner report for Tupac A.Shakur aka Lesane Parish Crooks (birth name).
It shows his​ ​Height: ​72 in (6ft)​ and Weight: ​215 lbs.​

Below is 2pac’s drivers license, renewed March 11, 1996, just months before his death. Height:
5-10 (70in)​ ​and Weight: ​168 lbs.​ That puts the coroner's report off by 2in and 47lbs. ​🤔

A few numbers off I can see,

but 6 ft, 215 lbs, he’s never
been. That’s more than a
discrepancy, something was
seriously off.

One of the things I respected most about 2pac was his outspokenness. He wasn’t afraid to tell
the truth and he always told it like it was. The type of person who wouldn’t let you down and was
loyal to his friends. With Pac, the signs were a little more clear. And he left a clear message for
his friends.
On the inside cover of the Makaveli album you’ll see this...

In the top right you see this.

Exit - 2pac Enter - Makaveli.

Given, that could mean several different things. But in a very real sense, technically, yes 2pac is
dead. But what if it was Makaveli who killed him?

If you never heard the Makaveli album (which is great by the way) you only have to listen to the
last song “Against All Odds,” to have an understanding of his mind state.

Even if you hate rap, you should hear it at least once in your life. To hear him talk directly to his
enemies at the very end, with WWII Tanks rolling in the background, is worth it alone. Suddenly
you get a real sense of how serious he took the attempts on his life..You can hear it here...
People who never heard his music have this view of a stupid street thug whose music was
about negativity. They don’t know he was an award winning poet or had a passion for
Shakespeare. They don’t know one of his favorite songs was “Vincent” by Don Mclean or he
was a fan of Electric Light Orchestra, starred in plays, even took ballet in high school. He also
enjoyed art shows and museums, listened to classical music and studied history.

But multiple attempts on your life, people trying to screw you, facing prison time over bullshit.
Why would anyone want to go through that? That’s not living. Life is too precious. And being
accused of rape really crushed him. In one of his court interviews he expressed how deeply it
affected him. He was raised by women. He felt his life and his career were over, but he couldn’t
die with people thinking he was a rapist.


In almost similar fashion, WM was falsely accused of being insolvent. But just like Pac’s
accuser, the regulators had conflicting stories. First the claim was that WM was solvent.

That WMB incorporated Oct 1, 1997. The only WMB incorporated on that date changed its
name to Washington Mutual Bank F.A. (WMBFA). None other than FDIC# 32633 aka
Washington Mutual Bank, Henderson, NV. But the jurisdiction is TX, not NV. See Branch:?
California Company. Look to the right, first bank. Washington Mutual Bank F.A..
Here’s that FA’s info.

Jurisdiction: MD. Branch? California Company. No incorporation date? The last filing for this
bank was April 29, 1998. That means this FA was still around and was not Henderson, NV. The
screenshot was taken 2016, but I first saw it in 2013.

So if WMB and WMBFA were, and still are around, how was WM a dead bank? Seems like a
fair question, and maybe the answer is in the question itself.

And here’s something else I found odd. A letter granting JPMorgan’s application for WMB. See
dates here.

Either dated Sept. 25, 2008, or sometime in Oct of 2008. If it was the latter, then JP couldn’t
have been approved to receive anything, because WM filed bankruptcy. If it was the former,
when did Chase apply for WM? How long in advance did they know about the surprise
shutdown?​ ​And read footnote 3, page 2.​ ​That might be one of the most important parts of the
whole fiasco.
Why was the OCC co-signing for FDIC and talking about WAMU? The OTS was their regulator,
not the OCC or the FDIC. In fact, the OTS was fighting with the other regulators over WAMU.

John Reich, head of the OTS, responding to a Sheila Bair, head of the FDIC, e-mail in Aug, 08.

“It seems as though the FDIC is behaving as some sort of super-regulator - which you
and it are not. I also believe there could be a high potential for FDIC actions of the type you are
contemplating to calIse [​ ​sic]​ ​ irreparable harm to Wamu if, at any point in the near future, Wamu
wishes to actually seek a buyer. The potential harm could stem from the fact that any such
potential buyer may have been already been contacted by the FDIC.

If in fact any meetings or discussions have already taken place by the FDIC with either JPMC​,
Wells Fargo, or any other entity, in any capacity in which WaMu was even mentioned, I would
like to see a copy of the signed confidentiality agreement signed by the bank - required in any
resolution scenario before an institution is told the name of the failing bank.

This is an OTS regulated institution, not an FDIC regulated institution. We make any decision on
solvency, not the FDIC, and I have staff equally as competent as staff at the FDIC, whom I know

The FDIC can do whatever internal contingency planning it wishes, but should in no way go
outside the FDIC. This is a 3-rated institution. Are you also trying to find buyers for Citi,
Wachovia, Nat City and others?”

Intense. Obviously the OCC and FDIC were pretty damn anxious to sell WAMU off. And why
were they so fixed on selling to JPMorgan? The original excuse for shutting WM down was
“unsafe & unsound practices.” That would make sense. But giving them away to a bank that’s
far worse and twice as criminal didn’t make any sense at all.

When it comes to “unsafe & unsound practices,” no one else even comes close to JPMorgan.
They violated the Patriot Act every which way, with everything from financing terrorism to money
laundering for drug cartels. And Bernie Madoff could have never pulled the biggest scam in
history without the willing help of JPMorgan.

What I found most odd about JPMorgans application was their specific request for WMB FSB.
Why would they have to request them separately if it was a subsidiary, and what was it about
FSB that had them intrigued? I believe there was more to FSB then we know and they might be
the key to figuring out what really happened.
Below are JPMorgan acquisitions. Notice WMB failed, but FSB sold its assets.

Below shows 4 banks. 3 WMB’s and 1 WMB FSB. JP supposedly only acquired 2. One merged
and ceased to exist. So here we can see another WMB.

Also, it was the FDIC’s inconsistent references to Washington Mutual that got me thinking.

In certain situations they specifically refer to “Washington Mutual, Henderson Nevada,” and in
other instances it's, “Washington Mutual Bank FKA Washington Mutual Bank FA.” I received a
response to an FOIA request directly from the FDIC stating, "Washington Mutual Bank,
Henderson, NV ("WaMu"), successor to Washington Mutual Bank, FA."

Referring to Henderson as successor to FA implies Henderson wasn’t #32633.

According to HUD Records, there's only 1 bank JPMorgan acquired, “WMB FSB.” And it only
had 1 branch, which JPM bought in October of 2008, not September 25.
Now before anyone starts to think the above can't be true, allow me to point something of real
consequence out. Here’s the FDIC information regarding WMB FA #32633.

The key dates:

2005-9-23 #32633 moves to Henderson, NV

This is where WMB FA moves its HQ to Henderson, NV. At this point, Henderson NV. should
now be WMB FA #32633.

2008-9-25 #32633 acquires WMB FSB Park City UT

This is where WMB FA #32633 acquires WMB FSB #33891. At this point, there's only WMB FA
left, and right here on the same day, it fails.

Because the State Bank (WMB) merged into (WMB FA) and ceased to exist, it left only (FSB) &
(FA). Right? And according to the FDIC, (FA) acquires (FSB) on the same day it fails. Now
here's the FDIC info for WMB FSB.

The key dates:

2007-4-27 #33891 moves to Park City, UT

This is where WMB FSB moves its HQ to Park City, UT. At this point, Park City, UT is (WMB
FSB) and Henderson NV is (WMB FA).

Now pay close attention...

2008-9-25 #33891 acquires WMB FA Henderson,​ ​NV

This is where WMB FSB #33891 supposedly acquires WMB FA #32633. At this point, that's
impossible, because according to the other info, WMB FA acquired WMB FSB..., right before it
And if that wasn’t fuckery enough for you, look at this bullshit…

2008-9-25 #33891 acquires WMB FSB Park City, UT

Really...WMB FSB acquires itself? At this point, WMB FA doesn't even exist anymore, because
WMB FSB supposedly acquired FA, which only leaves FSB. And yet, FSB Park City, UT,
​ TF!
somehow goes on to acquire itself. W

Is that a neat magic trick or what? And here’s something else about this... FSB didn’t FAIL. It
didn’t CLOSE. It MERGED!

Again, according to HUD, JPM received WMB FSB, with only 1 branch. Not on 9-25-2008, but
on 10-7-2008. WMB FSB #55057 aka FDIC #33891

That is the only bank HUD shows JP receiving.

And honestly, this is only the half of it. There was also another WMBFA at the same address as
WMBFA in Stockton. Only it was a National Bank using the FA name, which is illegal by the

But I didn’t want to make this too long. The point was to show there is a lot more to this fiasco
than any of us know. Maybe this will intrigue others to look deeper.

As sad as the 2pac incident may have been, it doesn’t really affect others except those closest
to him. WM is another story. JPMorgan has been using these crimes to steal millions of homes
from American families. Homes they don’t own and have no rights to. The growing number of
homelessness is skyrocketing. The end result is going to be far worse than anything America
has ever experienced. And you may think it doesn’t affect you, but it does and it will.

As homelessness rises, so will crime. Property values will plummet and more camps will spring
up throughout neighborhoods in every major city. Portland is a prime example.

Regardless, I think it’s safe to say both events have earned conspiracy status. When things
don’t add up, they’re worth looking into. Obviously the similarities, besides the fact they both
took place in Nevada, are purely coincidental. But there is one significant similarity between
2pac and WAMU. The type of people behind the bullshit were all snakes.

Whatever your beliefs or opinions, those are your thoughts. You’re entitled to them.

It’s worth noting however that right before 2pac’s death, Makaveli did start his own label, only he
named it Euthanasia. Interesting name choice for a label. And yet somehow fitting for a

Exit - WAMU Enter - WAMU