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Cumulative Effects Assessment August 8, 2007

PERU LNG Project

Figure 4.15 Identification of Third Party Projects

~ 2000 plans, programmes, projects Desk-based research 29 22 rejected as not relevant
& initiatives initially screened

Assess potential
relevance 7

Review & verify details of projects

within ‘Sphere of Influence’
• Timing
• Potential interaction 7
• Nibbling loss
• Spatial & temporal crowding
• Growth-induced potential

Field reconnaissance
• Verify identified projects 6 added during field
• Update project list Reconnaissance
based on field observations

Derive final project list 13

Number of projects
(running tally)
Projects with potential to interact
with PLNG Projects Sources of Information5

The main sources of information were the Sistema Integrado de Administración Financiera,
(Integrated System of Financial Administration) SIAF, and Sistema Nacional de Inversión
Pública, (National System of Public Investment), SNIP, not only for the identification of
investment projects, but also for the details regarding the magnitude of public investment
projects. The same situation was observed with PROINVERSIÓN in the area of private
investment projects.
SIAF is an integrated financial system and is a key tool in the Government administration as it
registers all expenses and transfers from the national public sector. The SIAF provided
information regarding the investment amounts of the projects in the public sector thereby
giving a general understanding of the magnitude of the projects.
SNIP is one of the Government’s administrative systems. An important SNIP tool is the
Project Bank which is used to store, update, publish and search for summarized, relevant and
standardized information on public investment projects in their pre-investment phase (prior to
execution). The Project Bank played an important role in the identification of relevant Third
Party Projects.
The Peruvian Agency for the Promotion of Private Investment, PROINVERSIÓN, is aimed at
promoting investments that improve the general well-being of the population but do not
depend on The Peruvian Government under the responsibility of the private sector agents. In
addition, it has a database of private investment projects which was used during the review of
investment projects.
Other sources of information that were investigated are as follows:

This work was carried out by Walsh Peru S.A.

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