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Cumulative Effects Assessment 11 September 2007

PERU LNG Project

Species/ resource/
Department Province District Community

Animal: Camelids
(vicuña), frog, trout
Huaytará Ayaví 1) Ayaví Plant: chickpea,
occe quichca (use:
wood fuel and
Animal: Camelids
(vicuña, alpaca,
llama), tinamou,

Huaytará Huaytará
1) Huaytará Plant: South
2) Santa Cruz de Huancacasa American palm,
tara, Indian fig
opuntia, matico,
grasslands and
Huancavelica forage
Resource: Soil, water

Animal: Camelids
(vicuña, alpaca),
1) Pilpichaca viscacha, tinamou,
Huaytará Pilpichaca
2) Llillinta – Ingahuasi trout.
Plant: Quenual, medicinal
plants, pastures
Resource: Water

Animal: Camelids
(vicuña), livestock
(cattle), trout

Huaytará Tambo 1) Santa Rosa de Tambo

Plant: Medicinal
plants (conoca,
Resource: Water

The degree of importance ascribed to different plant and animal species was also assessed
by assigning a score of 5 to species of greatest importance and 1 to species of less
importance. A weighted scoring system was then used to determine the priority given to
species across the two districts. The results are summarized in Table B2.

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