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Talk Your

Way Into
Her Panties
The Infinite Conversations Code
How to never run out of things
to say when talking to women
Rule#1 of verbal game: the content of what you say is irrelevant.

Research has shown that 55% of communication is body language, 38% is tone of
voice, and the remaining 7% is the actual words spoken.

So take all the pressure off yourself. Nothing you can say to a girl is going to be so
good that it makes her want to sleep with you. Nor is there anything you can say which
is so bad that it will ruin your chances.

93% of attraction is nonverbal.

That’s why you can approach saying something completely stupid and lame, but if
you’ve got good eye contact, a loud voice, and you’re standing close to the girl to
maximise sexual tension, she’ll usually respond well.

93% of attraction is nonverbal. Women do not select
mates on the basis of their “conversational skills”.

Women don’t select sexual partners based on how “witty” or conversationally adept
guys are.

It happens in movies, sure, but not in real life.

For millions of years, our mammalian ancestors did not have to “talk” to get laid.

They just ambled on up to a female when she was “in heat” or it was mating season…
and started rutting.

And to a large extent, that’s still how it works in a sexually charged environment like a
nightclub or singles bar.

90% of nightclub game is preverbal. Primal. Instinctive.

You attract her with your body… with your eyes… with the tone and loudness of your

...rarely with your actual words.

The breakdown of important factors in creating attraction are:

● Animal proximity
● Eye contact
● Loudness
● Touch
● Tone of voice (command tonality)
● Pheromone signature (result of healthy testosterone levels)
● Social momentum (how many other women have you approached in the past

These are the only factors you need to work on if you wish to be more attractive to
women… for your first year at least.

As you can see, conversation is not one of them.

There is nothing you can say to a woman which will make her aroused enough to sleep
with you if you haven’t got these core fundamentals handled.

On the other hand, get good (or even just passable) at the above fundamentals and the
content of what you say will not impede you from getting laid, no matter how stupid or
boring it is.

Female attraction is primal, not cerebral.

It happens in the physical dimension…. the realm of bodies.

I’ve walked up to girls and started making out with them in seconds without saying a
single word.

I’ve had sex with girls where the only conversation we had beforehand was light small
talk about college, work, and even the weather.

There are four primary dimensions to female sexual attraction:
1. touch,
2. hearing,
3. sight,
4. smell.

● Touch: you must touch her in a light playful way from early on in the interaction.
The longer you wait to touch her, the more awkward it becomes when you do.
Light physical contact creates a bond, triggers trust and comfort, and makes her
● Hearing: you must speak LOUD, at all times.
● Sight: you must maintain calm, deep eye contact at all times.
● Smell: you must work out, eat healthy and maximise your testosterone level so
as to have the most attractive possible pheromone signature (high levels of
testosterone = high levels of androstadienone, which makes women relaxed,
happy and horny.)

In addition, you must be hygienic, shower regularly, wear fresh clothes, and
wear a good cologne (I recommend Gio Acqua Di by Armani). Take regular
showers so you don’t have to use deoderant -- it interferes with your pheromone

Finally, in most cases (specifically in clubs and bars) you must stand close to the
girl to create sexual tension (animal proximity). In addition to being arousing
because it’s dominant, this will also let her become a little bit intoxicated by your

Only after you’ve approached dozens and dozens of girls, and mastered these
four dimensions of attraction in the process, do you even need to begin to think
about “what to talk about”.

And here’s the key.

If you do these things, you can get away with talking about the boring stuff that all guys
talk about with girls, and the girl won’t care.

She’ll still be attracted.

I can do insane verbal game like you wouldn’t believe.

But most of the nights I go out, I don’t even use it.

I just stick with the same boring ass questions that come instinctively, because there’s
no need to make it any more complicated once you’ve got the fundamentals handled.

So my interactions with girls will look very boring.

It will generally just be me asking her what her name is, where she’s from, what she
does for work, things of that nature.

I’ll occasionally tease her or make fun of her… but only if I feel like it.

As this happens, me and the girl will be hanging out together for maybe an hour. Then
we’ll leave together and go home and bang.


And what did I talk about with her?

Basically nothing. Small talk. Asking mundane questions. Answering the mundane
questions she asks me.

That’s 95% of content of the conversation over all the time we spent together --
boring, plain, vanilla, same as what every other guy does.

But the reason it works is that there’s a nuclear amount of sexual tension coming
from the primal preverbal level.
1. I’m standing so close to her that our lips are nearly touching.
2. I’m looking in her eyes at all times like I’m going to take her like a dog
taking a bitch.
3. I’m basically SHOUT TALKING at all times. I’m speaking very loud, being
very dominant. I might be asking her lame shit like “what do you do” but
the fact that I’m saying it loud, like it’s a COMMAND, while staring deep
in her eyes is creating massive sexual tension and making her feel
submissive to me.
4. I’m touching her often… not in an overtly sexual way, but in such a way
that it is increasingly making her aroused and building tension.

Context is king
Content is crap
Get your nonverbals down, and you’ll never have to worry about “what to say”
with girls ever again.

It simply won’t be a problem, because it’s never “what you say” that gets her attracted,
but how you say it.

Context is king.

Content is nothing.

Meaning, the sexual context of the interaction will always trump the conversational

And because 93% of communication is nonverbal, the sexual context of any

interaction is always created by primal, physical cues like touching, eye contact, etc,
rarely by words.

Q: But isn’t it true that women filter out men based on their ability to make small

A: Not really. If you’ve got the nonverbal fundamentals down then you can approach a
girl and be completely silent, and it will actually increase her attraction for you, instead
of decreasing it.

If anything, most guys kill the woman’s attraction the moment they open their mouth.

But women definitely filter men out based on their eye contact, loudness of voice and
body language, in that order.

Approach a couple of girls with bad eye contact and you’ll get a lesson you’ll never

Women will forgive weak conversation. But they will never forgive bad eye contact.

Remember that our ancestors had eyes long before they had language.

You’ll get better at seducing women from a single day of walking around the streets
not breaking eye contact with anyone than you would from a whole month of practicing
your “verbal game”. (See Animal Magnetism X™: The Marlo Stanfield Exercise)

Also, the frame you’re coming from with this question -- that women “filter out
men” -- is inaccurate.

In reality, men filter themselves out, with no help from women.

Most so-called “rejections” are actually just the guy going up to the girl, feeling
awkward and being unable to endure the tension, then walking away.

In other words, in 90% of interactions, men reject themselves before the woman even
has a chance to reject them.

Their problem is that they’ve read hours and hours of “pickup theory”, so they have
hundreds of different things in their head that they feel they should say to the girl to
spark attraction.

The result is paralysis by analysis. They freeze, and reject themselves.

The solution is to…

Keep it simple, stupid

In this section I’m going to give you a stupid-simple conversational structure which:
● makes girls horny super fast
● is easy to remember
● is so powerful it should be illegal

It’s time to talk about:

Complimenting + Teasing.

Some call it push/pull.

Others call it hot/cold.

I simply call it complimenting and teasing, because that’s what it is.

And here’s how it works…

Step #1: Compliment her.

Step #2: Tease her.

Step #3: Loop the above two steps until she’s yours.

Bada bing bada boom.

That’s it.

That’s all you’ve ever got to remember to keep any conversation with a woman going
for as long as you want, while never getting boring and always being stimulating to her.

The complimenting-teasing infinite loop:
The only verbal structure you ever need to know to
have endless conversations with girls which get them
hornier than a bitch in heat in a matter of minutes
Say something nice… something complimentary…. something flirtatious.

Then tease her about something… make fun of her in a playful way… poke fun at her
like you’re back on the grade school playground.

And repeat.

That’s it.

That’s all you ever need to know about how to have endless conversations with women
that are incredibly engaging to them.

Human beings are quite simple little creatures in reality.

We care what people think of us. A lot.

If someone gives us a compliment, our brain over-reacts by infusing our body with
drug-like pleasure chemicals like dopamine and serotonin.

And if someone makes fun of us, our brain also over-reacts by flooding our system
with adrenaline…

Dopamine + serotonin + adrenaline = rollercoaster of emotions for the girl.

And when you know how to trigger these three chemicals in a continuous loop, it’s
basically like giving the girl drugs. Spins her head right out.

She goes wild. It’s great. I love it.

Q: What kind of compliments should I use? Like, “you’re pretty”? Is that alright?

A: Yeah, that’s fine. Compliments that are sincere and creative are the best, but you
can just go as simple as you like. “You’re pretty” is fantastic.

You don’t need to overthink it.

I mean, you’re there talking to the girl because you found her attractive, right?

So… when you find yourself at a loss for words… tell her in plain English why you find
her attractive.

It’s not rocket science.

Examples of compliments:
● “You’re cute”
● “You’re adorable”
● “I like your ____” [item of clothing, hair, makeup, shoes etc]
● “You’re awesome”
● “I like you”
● “You’re sexy”
● “You’re hot”
● “I love how you make me feel”
● “Your hair/body/face/legs/ass/skirt/dress/lips/smile/perfume is turning me on.
Sorry, I can’t help it”
● “Why are you so hot?”
● “I’m so glad that I met you”

All of these can be said sincerely, while looking in her eyes, or they can be said in a
more playful, joking kind of way.

They can even be said in a kind of cruel way: like you’re being sarcastic and kind of
mocking her.

Which brings us nicely to teasing, a.k.a. “negging”.

I say teasing rather than negging because the implication is that this is playful -- which it
should be, or else it won’t work.

Examples of teasing:

● “I like your hair, is it real?” (alternative: “I like your hair, where did you buy it?”)
● “You seemed super-hot at first but you’re actually an insecure little dork”
● “You don’t need to put on an act for me. Just be normal. Be normal.” [keep
repeating this to drive her crazy]
● “Calm down” [said as a response to literally anything she says, especially
compliments or questions about you]

● “Stop being so nervous”
● “You’ll never get a boyfriend”
● “You can go now”
● “Please, feel free to leave”
● “I’m not attracted to you. I was at first, but I’m not anymore”
● “Your outfit is garbage”
● “Get lost”

These should be said playfully, and at all times balanced out with compliments or they
won’t work.

Hot and cold. Push and pull.

An age old formula which never fails to get any woman (any human, in fact) aroused
and excited in a matter of seconds.

Also, the last few on that list are obviously more extreme than the earlier ones, and I
don’t recommend them in every situation.

However if you’re in a really good mood, and say these in a joking, playful way while
bantering with the girl (not in a cruel, mean way) the girl will react with instant love
eyes… especially if she’s extremely hot.

The necessity for an infinite loop of positive and

negative expressions
If you do nothing but compliment the girl, she’ll get bored of you really quick and drop
you like a hot potato at the first opportunity.

On the other hand, if you do nothing but tell her that’s she’s a piece of trash, it will come
across as sociopathic and despite being aroused she’ll be forced to reject you out of

(Unless she’s a 9 or 10, a stripper, waitress, dancer, beauty queen, etc, in which case
she’ll eat it up and you can basically just keep shouting at her that’s she’s garbage and
she’ll usually drag you into the restroom to suck your dick then beg you to call her the
next day.)

Just complimenting is boring. And just teasing is boring.

But continuously mix ‘em together…

...and the results will blow your fucking mind, dude.

You’ll have girls who are the hottest in the entire club eating out of the palm of
your hand in a matter of minutes, simply from blasting them with a mix of
compliments and teases.

And the best part is it’s so damn easy to remember.

You don’t have to memorise routines or lines.

All you have to remember is this simple binary structure:

1. Tell the girl why she’s attractive with a sincere or creative compliment. Doesn’t
matter what.
2. Tease the girl about something. Doesn’t matter what.
3. Loop infinitely until you’re naked in a bed together somewhere.

That’s it.

Can you make it more complicated? Yes.

Can you add in cold reads and The Cube and NLP and everything else if you want? Of

Can you spice things up by building some of the 33 Sexual Triggers into your verbal
game if you get bored of this simple formula? Absolutely.

But do you have to to make a girl attracted to you? Fuck no.

All you’ve gotta remember is compliment, tease, compliment, tease.

Wash, rinse, repeat.

The key thing to understand is that if you’ve got the structure (compliment-tease-
loop), the actual content can be really weak and it doesn’t matter.

The girl won’t notice.

Seriously, you can say the dumbest thing ever and it will work if you believe in it.

Like, just take a look at the girl, and comment on ANYTHING about her that comes to

Anything remotely unusual or unique.

Anything specific to her.

Whatever she does, whatever she says, whatever she’s wearing… there’s always a
way to turn that into either a compliment or a tease.

You like something she’s wearing? Compliment her on it.

Tell her it’s making you fall in love with her and you can’t help yourself.

Tell her you like it so much you couldn’t resist talking to her, and now that you’ve
gotten closer, you’re falling in love with her and considering marrying her even though
she hasn’t even opened her mouth yet.

Think something she’s wearing looks dumb? Say so.

Tell her you thought she was super attractive until you saw she was one of those girls
who wears/does/says/thinks THAT… and now suddenly she’s no longer your dream
girl and you’re heartbroken about the loss.

Key thing… it’s funny and light.

Both the compliments and the teasing are always funny… always light.

Q: You say the pattern to this is compliment-tease-repeat. Does it have to always

be a compliment, followed by a tease, followed by a compliment? Or can it just be
random, like compliment-compliment-tease-compliment-tease-tease, etc?

A: Random. No order or logical progression to it.

Often you’ll have interactions where you’re 90% just telling the girl she’s sexy and how
in love with her you are. Then the remaining 10% is making fun of her for silly things.

Other interactions (especially with the hottest girls) it will be the reverse -- almost all
negging, but a little bit of sexual intent and love and complimenting mixed in too.

So no, to answer your question, there’s no pattern, no order.

Just spout stuff out in whatever order it comes to mind.

One thing flows into the next
This is like jazz. Freeform. Improvisational.

Don’t get hung up on any particular sentence or phrase.

Just keep it moving. One things flows into the next.

Be creative with your statements of desire.

Be outrageous and over the top.

Be ludicrous.

Have fun with it.

“You’re sexy” is fine.

But what’s better is to go off on a huge tangent of how she’s so sexy that you’re afraid
just looking at her sweet lips and enchanting eyes and gorgeous face has ruined other
women for you forever… and now you’re angry at her because you’ll never be able to
find true love after looking at her.

You see what I mean? I’m just pulling this shit out of my ass.

It’s easier than you’d think to come up with this kind of nonsense. The key is social

But even if you just keep it extremely simple with basic compliments (you’re hot) and
basic teases (you’re a dork), you’ll still get great reactions from the girls.

And you’ll never be worried about running out of things to say again.

Making the conversation fun is your responsibility, as
the man

All the responsibility for holding the conversation is on you as the man

You can bitch and moan about this all you want, but it’s just the way it is.

If you’re a confident, outgoing male, when you approach a woman, it’s naturally going
to make her nervous and anxious.

She can’t help it.

So for the first several minutes of the interaction, you need to expect 2 things:
1. she will inevitably be attracted to you if you stay in set and keep talking
2. she will inevitably be too nervous to talk back freely for at least 2-5 minutes

Both of these things are an inevitability if you’re a man

and she’s a woman
Women get more nervous in unfamiliar social situations than men do, in general.

They get more awkward. They’re more vulnerable to social anxiety.

These are called, The Facts.

If you like, you can resist The Facts.

Many people do.

You can live your life in resistance to reality by saying that women “should be able to
hold a conversation”, and that girls who can’t are “boring” or “bitches”.

If you enjoy making love to your own hand, feel free to go that route like most guys do.

But if you enjoy making love to a beautiful woman, it’s time for a new perspective.

What is this new and revolutionary perspective that
will almost automatically get you laid?
It’s called being a man by taking full responsibility for the conversation.

The facts are that as a woman, no matter how hot or popular she is, she gets awkward,
shy, nervous, self-conscious and has social anxiety.

This is an inevitable part of her feminine essence.

And as a man, you understand this.

You empathise with it.

And you take the full burden of the conversation on yourself at the beginning of the
interaction so that she doesn’t have to.

That brings us to the 90/10 Rule

This is that in any conversation with a woman, you need to be doing 90% of the
talking for both of you, in the beginning at least.

She needs to be doing only 10%

Now… once you get to know each other as the night goes on, this will even out to a
generally equal 50/50 ratio.

Because as she gets to know you better, the girl feels more at ease around you, and so
her verbal faculties open up and she can talk freely and unselfconsciously.

But until that point, you’ve got to be ready to do 90% of the talking.

Once again, you can resist this alllll you want.

You can talk about how it’s “not fair” until you’re blue in the face.

It ain’t gonna make a blind bit of difference.

It’s simply The Facts about how men and women relate.

Men must take responsibility for holding the conversation at the start…

The inability to hold a conversation with a complete stranger is about as genetically
predetermined in women as their relative physical weakness, or their fear of spiders
and mice.

Some women certainly don’t have this weakness…. just as there are some women who
are physically stronger than the average male.

But those numbers are not big, and if you act like a girl being able to hold a
conversation is the rule rather than the exception, Reality will punish you.

Being a man means taking responsibility for the inherent weaknesses that are in
women and being compassionate and understanding towards those weaknesses.

It means accepting and embracing those weaknesses, even learning to love those
weaknesses, and being able to compliment them with our strengths -- namely,
masculine unreactiveness.

Perfect example: getting rid of a spider in the house.

Say there’s a spider and your girl is freaking out about it.

The spider is tiny, and if it was just you there on your own, you wouldn’t even bother
taking it out. It’s just not a big deal. You don’t care that it’s there.

But she’s going crazy about it. She’s begging you to get rid of it and saying she can’t
stand seeing it.

Now in any kind of “logical” world where the sexes were literally equal, you’d tell her to
do it herself. If it bothers her so much, she should be the one to get rid of it.

Of course, in reality, as a man, what you actually do is to take out the spider for her.

You understand that that particular weakness (hysterical fear of spiders, mice etc) is
inherent in most women and that she can’t help that she has it.

And so you compliment that weakness with your own strength and do her a favor by
taking it out.

Well, it’s the same with conversation.

You need to understand deep in your bones that men and women are not the
same, nor should they be.

Just as having testosterone gives you certain powers and strengths which most
women don’t possess, it also gives you certain responsibilities which women do not

And one of those responsibilities is the ability to hold 90% of a conversation for as long
as necessary… until the girl becomes relaxed enough around you to start holding her

And the nice thing is that once you get good at this 90/10 Rule… you’re going to
naturally start doing something I refer to as “holding court”.

When you can hold court… you can generate female attention and desire on
command. And when you can generate desire, you can generate sex.

Holding Court

hold court (humorous): to get a lot of attention from a group of people by

talking in a way that is entertaining, especially on social occasions

Usage notes: In the past, a king or queen held court when they talked to
the people who gave them advice.

“You'll find Mick holding court in the kitchen”.

- Cambridge Idioms Dictionary, 2nd ed. Copyright © Cambridge
University Press 2006.

What do I mean by holding court?

There are three keys to it:

1. you’re the center of attention
2. you’re talking in an entertaining way
3. you don’t require any response from the people who are your “audience” -- you
can keep going infinitely and it will still be funny or engaging

Holding court is distinct from most normal conversations.

In the conversations most people have, it’s one person talking to another person.

Person A says something.

Person B responds.

Person A reacts to Person B’s response.

And so on.

Holding court is something different.

Holding court is more like you’re spewing an infinite stream of entertaining bullshit…

...and the people around you are simply your audience.

They can contribute if they want to, of course, and they often will.

But the point is, even if they don’t respond at all, you can keep talking infinitely.

You are self-generating an endless stream of content… not looking for their reactions.

Q: I don’t fully understand you. Could you give an example of what this looks like?

A: Let’s say you’re at a party with your buddies.

You’re all drinking, hanging out, telling dirty jokes and funny stories. It’s late and
everyone is relaxed and social and in a good mood.

But there’s one guy who is just dominating the room.

Everyone’s sitting around on couches and chairs. He’s just riffing on stuff.

He might make fun of the way some girl is sitting, by imitating her and busting her balls
a little bit.

Then someone new might come into the room and he’ll give them a shout out while
teasing them a little bit for something unusual.

Like if they come in with a skateboard, he’ll be like “Yo Bart Simpson over here, how
you doin’ man?”

But it’s all in good fun. He’s not really making fun of people -- just making little funny
observational remarks about anything that happens or catches his eye in the room…
and everyone is cracking up laughing.

And they’re laughing even when what he’s saying isn’t all that funny.

Because it’s not really the content of what he’s saying… it’s his energy. The fact that
he’s free and unfiltered and associative.

If you took stock of how much everyone was speaking, this guy is doing 70% of all the
talking, while everyone else is individually doing 3% or 4%.

And it’s not because he’s being domineering or obnoxious or over-talking.

That is not “holding court”.

There’s a difference.

The difference is that in this case, he’s the one doing most of the talking because what
he’s saying is so funny and compelling that everyone else there just WANTS to hear
him keep riffing on stuff.

Somewhere along the line he got into a “flow state”.

He cracked one joke, and people laughed. Then he cracked another and they laughed.

And soon enough he had got so much momentum that he was just saying funny thing
after funny thing… each thing more hilarious and outrageous than the last.

And pretty soon, you’ve got a situation where it’s kind of like he’s the king of the entire

He’s there in the center of attention, cracking jokes, leading the conversation and
basking in the glory… while everyone else there is kind of just laughing along and
soaking up the reflected glory of being in the presence of this guy.

You’ve been in a situation like that, right?

Most people have -- whether that was you “holding court” or just watching someone
else do it.

You probably have looked at a guy like that and thought there was no way you could
ever be in his situation… talking that freely… cracking hilarious joke after joke without
end… and somehow generating an endless stream of spontaneous content.

You may have even thought it had something to do with your DNA.

Bullshit. You can learn it. You can go into that state on command if you know how to
self-trigger it.

The absolute core of “holding court” is that you’re able to talk endlessly without
any need for a response.

If you think about that magnetic, funny, popular dude holding court at a party, the key
thing about the state he’s in is that he can just riff on the stuff going on around him
endlessly without any need for a response.

Holding court = a one-way conversation.

That’s the key to it.

It doesn’t require feedback, responses or replies.

The music keeps playing whether or not people are dancing. (Credit: Alex Social)

Everyone else in the room could be dead silent and he’d still riff on stuff and make
remarks just the same.

As it happens, usually when one guy is in this state, everyone else will get in a great
mood simply by being around it, and this will actually draw out that charismatic and
funny side of themselves… causing them to talk more and make jokes on their own.

Why “holding court” = sex

Q: So what’s the relation of “holding court” to picking up girls?

A: As you approach more and more girls and gain experience, holding court will be
your natural way of being and relating to the girls you interact with.

As you now know, most girls are not going to give you much feedback in the beginning
of the conversation.

She’ll tend to just stare at you with “deer in the headlight” eyes.

But unlike most guys, you won’t be disheartened by this. You won’t need her reactions
in order to generate an endless stream of content.

You’ll be able to just keep bullshitting and smiling and teasing her playfully until, with
time, the girl starts to relax and talk more herself.

Then you just need to escalate physically, spend about 30-45 minutes in different
environments with that girl as she grows attached to you, and take her home for sexy


That’s the power of holding court.

And if you’re approaching girls regularly, you’ll get better at it faster than you’d think.

Q: But I don’t understand. Where does the “attraction” happen in the above

A: The attraction is automatic because you’re a man and she’s a woman.

You were socially outgoing enough to approach her, and she was pretty and feminine
enough to be approached.

She’s already attracted to you simply because you approached in a confident way, but
what hinders her attraction for you turning into sex is her nervousness and self-

The skill of holding court allows you to stay in set long enough that the girl becomes
familiar and comfortable with you, and so she can relax around you. Once she’s no
longer nervous around you, her attraction to you can turn into sex.

How to hold a conversation with a brick wall

So you’re facing down a girl, and she’s standing there like a brick wall, barely talking,
giving you one-word answers, if that.

It’s one thing to know that you need to be the one taking responsibility for the
conversation, “holding court” and doing 90% of the talking in the beginning of the

But how do you actually do it?

The answer comes in the form of a concept called “gaming the wall”.

Gaming the wall:

The art of sustaining a one-way conversation
Picture yourself standing in front of a brick wall.

Now imagine yourself talking to that wall… just spitting an endless stream of light-
hearted funny stuff.

That’s “gaming the wall”.

It basically just means being able to talk infinitely in an entertaining way for an
extended period of time without requiring a response.

And conversationally, it is the secret “X factor” which makes the difference

between you going home alone vs. you going home with that girl and banging her
until she can barely walk right for a week.


“Gaming the wall” = being able to talk infinitely to the girl in an entertaining way for
an extended period of time without requiring a single response from her.

Essentially, gaming the wall is the art of holding a one way conversation.

A “conversation” in which you just hit her with an endless barrage of shit… and she
doesn’t have to say anything.

She can just sit back and soak it in.

Or, if she likes, she can contribute. But she doesn’t have to, because you’re able to go

Gaming the wall: practical implementation

So how do you actually learn to do this?

There are four ways:

Actually talk to a wall

Yes… I’m actually serious.

It sounds dumb, but you’d be surprised how good you get at this rapidly if you really
stand in front of a wall and just time yourself to see how long you can talk nonsense.

Let go of your ego. And let go of all need to make up good “content”.

Remember that the conversational content itself is irrelevant.

Just get to a point where you’re flowing… and coming up with an infinite stream of
stuff. The actual words themselves don’t need to be good, or even make sense.

Remember the structure we talked about?

1. Compliment
2. Tease
3. Repeat

Well, when you’re practicing this, that’s all you need to do.

You already have infinite ammunition to keep any conversation going infinitely, in the
form of the tease-compliment loop.

Give the wall a compliment.

Then tease the wall and make fun of it.


I know. I know.

But how else are you going to learn?

It’s either this or going out right now and practicing on a real girl.

Your choice.

Watch a lot of standup comedy

The idea of a one-way conversation seems unnatural and weird, but if you think about
it, that’s actually what live standup comedy is.

It’s a conversation… except it’s one-directional.

The comedian is talking at the audience… and he’s coming up with an infinite stream
of stuff.

The audience doesn’t need to give him feedback. In fact, when the audience starts
talking back it usually pisses him off because it breaks his flow.

So if you want to see one-way conversation done right, watch excellent standup

I recommend:
● Bill Burr
● Chris Rock
● Bernie Mac
● Russell Brand

Guys like Louis CK are obviously awesome too… but in the context of what would
work best when talking to women, the “energy” of the above guys is key.

(Not saying Louis would be bad with women, I’m sure he’s dripping in pussy. Just that
his “act” isn’t as conducive to pickup as the acts of the guys listed above.)

Russell Brand game = making bitches melt

I also recommend watching (and re-watching, and studying closely) Russell Brand

...especially his notorious appearance on MSNBC, where he takes the bitchy blonde
anchor apart before your eyes until she’s literally trying to stop herself from orgasming
in her seat. (

That single 8 minute video contains more lessons about game, seduction, and holding
the frame than you could get from a lifetime of studying “how to” seduction manuals.

But for our purposes here, it contains a very good demonstration of being able to talk
infinitely and fill up awkward silences, even when he’s getting no response.

It’s also a great demonstration of keeping calm in the face of hostile and catty
behaviour, and of using an unpredictable mixture of teasing and complementing to
turn a woman into a quivering, horny mess in a matter of seconds.

Watching and rewatching interviews like this one of Brand taught me more about game
and how to talk to women than damn near any other resource out there -- and they’re
all available for free courtesy of YouTube.

Get on it if you’re serious about putting your seduction skills on steroids.

Free association exercises

Another great way to get good at “gaming the wall” in the first few minutes of the
interaction is with free association games.

(You can either do these once to get a “feel” for what it’s like to make up an infinite
stream of content on the fly, or you can do them regularly before you go out to get into
the zone, or both.)

Note: I got both of these from Todd at RSD. See “How To Create Content On The Fly
And Never Run Out Of Things To Say”:

Free Association Game (1):

1. Say a random sentence.
2. Choose one word from the sentence.
3. Make a new sentence which includes the last word.
4. Take a word from that new sentence.
5. Make a new sentence from that word.
6. And so on…

So for example:

I like pineapples. Pineapples are a fruit. Drake be up to some suspect fruity

ass shit. I like fat asses. My girl got a ass that won’t quit. Girls just wanna have
fun. Fuck fun, get money. If you ain’t talkin money nigga change the topic. Hot
topic is where depressed teens used to buy clothes. Etc…

You get the game? It’s easy.

Do that right now out loud, on a scrap of paper, or in your own head.

See how far you can get with it. The sentences themselves don’t have to make sense
either. Feel free to go full retard with it. Just say whatever comes to mind.

Then when you’re spitting game at a girl, you’ll have no problem just free associating
randomly and talking that shit.

Free Association Game (2):

The One Word Game

Take the first word that comes to mind and see how long you can speak on it.

You can either keep on the theme of the word, or, if it leads you somewhere else,
explore that new theme.

Always remember, the content itself doesn’t need to be good. The key is just to
be able to keep it going as long as possible.

For example, let’s say you begin with the word “hot dog”. While timing yourself to see
how long you can last, you would then progress like so:

I don’t eat hot dogs because they’re bad as fuck for your body. You might as
well eat garbage. What’s even in a hot dog, the pigs’s ass? Is it even pigs they
put in it, or pigeons or what? I do love that mustard and ketchup mixup tho...
with the onions on there. Best hot dog I ever had was outside a club in Ibiza at 2
in the morning while I was pissed drunk. I was there with my mates, man we got
so fucked up on that holiday it was relentless. Took some bad e at one point and
felt like I was gonna die. Word of advice: if you’re ever buying drugs in a foreign
country, don’t tell the dealer you’re about to leave his country the next day. If
you’re about to leave, he has no incentive to give you the ill shit, because he
knows he ain’t never gonna make a profit off you again, so he may as well feed
you that shit that no one else will touch. You’ve been warned. Etc…

I literally just spat that off the top off my head. It’s raw, it’s dumb, and I’m not going to
edit it at all when I rewrite this.

The point is, free associating is actually easier than you think if you stay within these
simple structures.

The “Assault Rifle of Lust” Technique

Okay, so what does gaming the wall actually look like when talking to a girl…
especially when combined with the compliment-tease structure we talked about

In practice, it has the appearance of what I call the assault rifle of lust… an infinite
stream of weapons grade, sexually-laced conversational firepower.

Here’s how NOT to do it:

An interaction where the guy is not holding court,

hasn’t practiced “gaming the wall”, and doesn’t know
the 90/10 Rule
Guy: Hi, what’s your name?

Girl: Sandra.

Guy: You’re gorgeous.

Girl: Haha thanks.

Guy: Where are you from?

Girl: Sweden.

Guy: Oh cool.

Girl: [nothing]

Guy: So, do you come here often?

Girl: No.

[Long pause]

Guy: Uh, so what do you like doing in your spare time?

Girl: What?

Guy: I said… what do you like doing in your spare time?

Girl: Em, I like to dance.

Guy: Oh, cool.

[Long pause]

Contrast this to:

An interaction where the guy is holding court and

gaming the wall, while using a basic tease-
compliment loop… and triggering massive arousal in
Guy: Hi, I just saw you there and felt like I had to say hi. You’re fucking stunning,
what’s your name?

Girl: […]

Guy: No, wait, don’t tell me, I don’t want to know. Your eyes are literally captivating
me, do you know that? I’m sorry, I just can’t stand up to this kind of beauty. I don’t
know why I feel so nervous about you. I can already see us five years down the line
married with children and a little dog. Would you like that? Yeah you would. I see that
smile. Hahaha, the more you try to stop yourself from smiling the more cute you look.
It’s okay, you can keep trying to be coy, but I’m warning you I love bitchy girls who
treat me mean. The more of a cold, cruel bitch a girl is, the more turned on I get, so
please keep being a bitch, you’re really exciting me right now. I’m only kidding, you’re
not a bitch, I can see in your eyes you’re secretly a little dork. Aww, my cute little dorky
blonde girl. Is that your real hair? I’m just kidding… [etc]

See the difference?
The first interaction has what I call a ping-pong structure to it.

He serves the ball…

She hits it back.

He hits the ball back to her.

She hits it back to him.


The interaction fizzles out (unless your nonverbals are super tight).

The Sexual AK-47

On the other hand, in the second interaction, the guy doesn’t need a response from the
girl in order to talk.

Instead of a boring question and answer session, he’s just hitting her with this infinite
barrage of hilarious bullshit.

Now, the secret of course is that it seems hilarious and entertaining and compelling to
the girl because he’s using complementing and teasing.

In other words, he’s giving creative and sincere compliments… and occasionally he’s
teasing her, calling her a little dork, etc.

But if you actually break down what he’s saying, it’s incredibly simple. It’s binary. It
requires no thought…. he hasn’t memorised any lines.

He’s just taken the basic structure of compliment-tease-repeat in a constant loop, and
he’s giving her that in an infinite stream without the need for her to respond.

Pounding her with passion
It’s what I call conversational firepower.

It’s like you’re blasting her with an endless stream of ammunition from a powerful
assault rifle.

An assault rifle of love, that is.

It batters the girl down until she’s forced to surrender and she starts liking you even
though she doesn’t want to.

Your charm is simply so relentless that she has no choice. It gradually wears down her
resistance until she gives in to it.

Q: So are you saying you should never allow the girl to have a chance to talk at

A: No, you’re misunderstanding me.

The above interaction was an example of what you should be able to do -- which is talk
infinitely in an entertaining way without getting a response from the girl.

But of course in the majority of interactions the girl will talk back, and you should
encourage her to.

Let me make this clear:

Your goal is for the conversation to be 50/50.

But you need to be prepared to talk 90/10 for at least a few minutes before the
girl will start contributing and holding her end.

So no -- let the girl talk. The more she talks, the more “invested” she’ll feel in the
interaction, and thus the more she’ll like you.

You definitely want her to talk.

But my point is that if you can hold court and blast her with the infinite ammo assault
rifle of complimenting and teasing, you don’t need her to talk -- because ultimately you
can amuse yourself 100x more than she can entertain you.

It becomes addictive.

Social momentum:
The oxygen of your conversational firepower

Now, you might have looked at that big wall of text above and thought, “There’s no
way I could come up with that kind of material on the fly.”

But I promise you it’s easier than it looks.

You just need a little momentum.

That’s all.

Talking in this way is a muscle.

The more you use it, the stronger it gets.

I used to seriously believe that I was bad at making small talk with people
because of my DNA.

The reality is that holding a conversation is simply a habit.

The more often you do it, the better you’ll get at it.

And you’d be surprised how fast you get good at this.

Fundamentally, like everything in game, it all comes down to social momentum.

● First approach of the night: can’t talk for more than a few words before
running out of things to say.
● Second approach: can just barely squeeze out a short boring conversation
● Third approach: longer conversation, with a little bit of humour.
● Fourth approach: funny conversation
● Fifth approach: teasing the girl and being sexual, she’s attracted
● Sixth approach: light conversation, makeout

● Seventh approach: more teasing, bullshitting, mocking her for my amusement,
● Eighth approach: rejection
● Ninth approach: instant makeout
● Tenth approach: rejection
● Eleventh approach: rejection.
● Twelfth approach: makeout, move her around the venue for an hour, pull, sex

That’s generally how your nights will tend to look once you start getting good at this

And the above sequence is all a function of momentum.

The guy who has fucked 100 women and the guy who’s fucked 1 begin the night
in the exact same way.

Both are awkward and shy when first getting in the club.

Both are still in a logical “work-mode” headspace.

Both are secretly intimidated by all the pretty girls.

But the guy with experience has a different process than the guy without experience.

The true player knows that the more girls he approaches, the more social momentum
he gets.

He understands that rejection is part of the process.

And once that “snowball” of momentum has started to develop, it won’t be long until
he’s lording it over the entire club and pulling girls left right and center.

Here are the facts.

When you step in that club, the “conversational” part of your brain is a muscle
which hasn’t been used in a while.

Sentences don’t form correctly. Everything you say comes out clunky and sounds
dumb. You fall into “autopilot conversation” like asking boring questions.

As you approach more girls, however, your brain starts warming up.

Just like how a pro athlete needs to warm up before a game… you also need to warm
up your brain by talking to a few chicks in the environment.

As you do, you’ll become looser.

And you’ll find yourself able to sustain the “barrage of bullshit” for longer and longer
without pausing in between.

Then the 90/10 rule, and the assault rifle of love become easy to sustain. And when
that happens you have no problem generating attraction, arousal, makeouts and
eventually sex.

Social momentum is the oxygen of all game.

Cold Reads

This is a tip from the old school pickup community.

You’ve probably heard it before but I thought I’d include it here just to be

Problem: asking girls questions is boring as fuck.

Reason: it’s what EVERY guy does.

Solution: use cold reads instead of questions to stand out and be different.

What’s a “cold read”?

It’s very simple. You just take any question which you would normally ask, and turn it
into a statement.

● “Where are you from?” becomes → “You look like you’re from South America.”
● “What age are you?” becomes → “I bet you’re not a day older than 18.”
● “Do you come here often?” becomes → “You look like you’ve never been here
● “What kind of guys do you usually like?” becomes → “You seem like the type of
girl who likes black guys.”
● “Do you want to come home with me?” becomes → “You look like you want to
go home with me.”
● “Do you like it when a guy eats your ass?” becomes → “You look like a woman
who likes to have her ass eaten.” [Can’t help myself. I been watching
Charlamagne Tha God’s most inappropriate moments on Youtube. He’s another
very funny dude with incredible verbal game who you should check out for
● “What’s your favourite sexual position?” becomes → “You look like the type of
girl who likes it doggy style.”

● “Do you like hentai?” becomes → “You look like the type of person who’s
masturbated to some weird shit on the internet.” [By the way, this is my
favourite one liner and general diss theme to hit a guy with if he’s getting in my
face trying to white knight. You can use it on girls too though and it’s still

You see how this is funnier and more impactful?

I’m not implying you have to go sexual with cold reads, by the way. That’s just how I
like to spit it with girls, so that’s overly represented in the examples I just gave.

But even boring stuff becomes a lot more interesting to the girls as a cold read.

First, making statements conveys more authority than asking questions.

Second, cold reads are open ended. They invite the girl to answer in many different
ways, thus showing you more of her real personality… and inspiring a better

For example, if you say, “Where are you from?” she can only give you one answer --
the literal answer.

On the other hand, if you say, “you look like you’re from Scandinavia ” this invites her
to give you many different answers.

She can give you the literal answer. But she can also talk about how every guy always
say that… or how you’re the first guy to say that… or how she wishes she was
because some model she loves is from there but she’s not… or how she loves Sweden
and goes with her family every year… Etc etc.

You dig?

Open ended conversation is the key. The art of conversation is really about inviting the
other person to talk.

Paradoxically, when you ask a question, you kind of shut them down, because you box
them into giving you the literal one-word answer.

(The exception, in my experience, are raunchy questions, sex questions and the like.
These are always fun, because they’re unexpected and girls secretly love talking sex
while pretending they’re shocked by it.)

Finally, cold reading instantly injects a ton of intrigue and emotion into the

Girls being girls, they’ll immediately start to overthink why you’ve made a statement
about them.

For example, if you say, “You look like you’re about 18”, the girl is immediately going to
start thinking, “Wait, why? Why does he think that about me? Is that a good thing? Do I
look too young? Does he not like younger girls? I knew this skirt was too revealing.”

And so on.

Whereas if you ask her “What age are you?”, she’ll give you the literal answer… and
the emotions going through her head will be exactly nothing.

And if you haven’t figured it out by now, making her feel strong emotions = attraction.

So yeah, that’s cold reading.

As I said, you’ve probably heard of it before, and on its own it’s unlikely to change your
life, but it’s still just a cool little tool to have in your toolbox.

When you get good at it, you can really start sexualising the interactions super fast in a
playful irreverent kind of way and girls absolutely eat it up.

Chaos Style Verbal Game

You pretty much have everything you need.

But as a quick little bonus, here’s an example of one form of conversational style that
works really well in any environment.

Here at GodMode Technologies we call this noise Chaos Style, and when you mix it
with the hot and cold of compliments and teasing it is like CRACK COCAINE to girls,
especially hot girls aged 18-25.

The idea is to make what you’re saying as random and illogical as possible.

In other words, think about how you would normally talk to your guy friends, your
parents, your boss, or anyone whose time and intelligence you respect, and then do the
exact opposite.

Literally mention anything that pops into your head. The more random, non-sequitur,
and pointless it is, the better.

The closer it is to being pure garbage, the better.

What you’re basically aiming to do is to draw the girl into a world without any logic or

For example, you can walk up to a girl and open with “I like salad”, and it will
work better than almost any other opener.

Why? Because it’s silly and illogical and she has no autopilot rejection response for it.

See the “I like salad” opener used to great effect here by Tim of RSD:

(If the link no longer works, search google for “Tim RSD return of the lord”. It’s a
classic article on “lording” over clubs. Highly recommended. Tim hasn’t taught pickup
for years but any of his old stuff you can get your hands on -- including his Flawless
Natural product -- is pure gold.)

It’s a little like you’re talking to your infant niece or nephew…

…just making up complete nonsense to entertain them and pass the time.

This is good for two reasons:

1) Girls love it. I don’t know why, and I don’t claim to know why, but goofy and
illogical conversations are like crack to them. Girls love expressing
themselves in this way, but guys almost never give them an opportunity to do it.

If you can show them (not tell them, but show them, by what you say) that when
speaking with you, it’s okay to talk complete gibberish and you won’t judge them
for it, they will quickly become addicted to being around you.

2) Strategically, the further you can get her away from logic and reason, the
better. If the interaction between you two is one where the normal rules don’t
apply, and where you’re just having fun talking complete nonsense in the
moment, you’ll be way more likely to hook up -- which is always an emotional, not
logical, decision.
If the conversation is one in which “anything can happen”, then the interaction will
be a reflection of this (e.g. same night sex, sex within minutes of meeting,
threesomes etc – at the advanced level). Seems strange, but try it and you’ll see
what I mean.

In other words, chaos style is both pure generosity, value and good karma (making her
feel amazing because she’s able to express herself in a way that gives her pure joy)...

...while also being ruthlessly cunning and Machiavellian (because the very essence of
chaos style is almost like an NLP / hypnosis trick which puts a person’s logical and
critical mind to sleep, allowing you to take control of them like a puppet master).

Do not use it for evil.

CHAOS STYLE: Infield Example (analysis after the
[I approach drop dead gorgeous model girl with extreme bitch face.]

Me: I like salad. [= chaos]

Model girl [instantly breaks into a smile]: Hahahah lol what.

Me: I’m Mike, who the fuck are you.

Girl: Who the fuck am I? I’m Stephanie.

Me: Nice to meet you. Are you from [XYZ location]?

Girl: Yeah.

Me: Wow, me too. [Hugs her for five seconds] I like pineapple juice. [= chaos]

Girl: Cool.

Me: You’re sexy. [= compliment]

Girl: No I’m not.

Me [puts both hands on her shoulders, talking directly to her]: What age are you?

Girl: 19.

Me: Dogs are cool. [= chaos]

Girl: I love dogs.

Me: You’re a dog. [= tease]

Girl: Shut up! That’s so mean!

Me: I’m just kidding.

Girl: I’m not talking to you anymore.

Me: Beer is good. [= chaos]

Girl: What?

Me [picks her up]: You’re weird, I like you. [= compliment]

Girl: Lol! Oh my god! Put me down!

Me: Let’s build a treehouse. [= chaos]

[takes her to somewhere else in the club and puts her down so that she’s standing
against a wall with me standing close up in her face staring directly into her eyes]

Girl: You’re so weird. Where are you from?

Me: I live here. I own this club. It’s my house. [= chaos]

Girl: No you don’t!

Me: My girlfriend dumped me because I am fat. [= chaos]

Girl: Whaaat?! You’re not fat though.

[I go in for the makeout and we kiss for a minute.]

Me: I have an eating disorder. [= chaos]

Girl: Don’t joke about that, it’s serious!

Me: Dead serious.

Girl: Do you always approach girls in clubs?

Me: No, I’m too shy to. Let’s get drunk, bitch. [= tease]

Girl: I can’t! I have work tomorrow. I wish I could.

Me: I’m a blackbelt in karate. Do you like the beach? [= chaos]

Girl: OMG I love the beach.

Me: [Pushes her against the wall, kisses her while pulling her hair, grabbing her ass,

95% of the men reading this who haven’t tried it or seen it in action will either:

(a) not believe that it works, or

(b) concede that it might work, but insist that it’s not for them because it’s “not
their style”.

I know this, because that is exactly what I thought when I first read about this shit on old
pickup sites back in the day.

Regarding (a), there’s really nothing I can do about that. Either try it and see for
yourself, or don’t. The girls are out there waiting to be fucked. If you pick em up, great, if
you don’t, I got no pity for you.

As for (b), though… my man, I feel you.

Look, if we’re gonna be honest here, I’m a pretty ice cold gangster, most of the time.

My favourite character from The Wire was Marlo. I’m not saying he was a great human
being or anything, but just on the basic level of how dude carried himself that’s the kind
of player I identify with.

When I’m stepping up in some place, ain’t no fuckin around. It’s not a macho thing, and
I never seek out trouble, but my whole demeanour is that if some dude looks at me in
my eyes I’m gonna stare right back at him until he either looks away or until he comes
over to me and starts some shit. And it’s been half a decade since anyone started some
shit with me, over anything, period.

So it was kind of hard for me (and at times continues to be hard for me) to get myself
into a place where saying what appears to be COMPLETE CHUMP SHIT like “I like
pineapples” is normal.

So, trust me. When you object to this on the grounds that it’s “not you”, I feel where
you’re coming from.

But you need to look at the big picture.

When you pull some CHAOS method illogicality shit, you’re basically WASHING THE

You’re taking her into a magical fantasy world where there are no logical rules or

This disorients the girl’s logical mind, making it easier for you to lead the interaction
wherever you want (i.e. towards sex) without it being a big deal.

You can keep talking complete nonsense all the way to your bedroom.


Me: Let’s get out of here.

Girl: Why?

Me: Because coconuts are cool.

Girl: I can’t leave though. I’m going home with my friends.

Me: Let’s bake a cake.

Girl: Ok.

Me [looks at phone]: I need to meet my friend outside. Come here for a minute. [she
comes out of the club with me]

Me: Food.

Girl: Where’s your friend though?

Me [links arms with her and leads her away from the club]: In the restaurant. Let’s go
meet them. I want to show you my pet turtle.

Girl: [blah blah blah]

Me [hails taxi and we get in].

Me: [tells driver directions to my house]

Girl: I have to go home, I can’t go back to your place.

Me: It’s fine, don’t worry, my friend’s house is just two minutes away. They have pizza
there. [starts making out with girl again]

Girl: I’m so hungry.

Me: I know. Me too.

[Etc, until we’re alone in my bedroom twenty minutes later]

The second major reason why this works is because girls like being goofy and
weird and random.

I won’t pretend that I know why girls like talking this way, but for some reason they do.

Maybe in some alternate universe, the hottest sexiest young tight body high heeled
smooth skin perfect ass vixens love nothing more than talking about some politics or
philosophy, and when you able to throw down on Hegel and Marx then their lil black
lingerie starts getting damp and they be all crossing their legs and lookin around tryna

cover it up but unable to stop themselves orgasming right there on the spot because
you just be straight wilin out on dialectical materialism.

And in that universe I’d be killing it too.

But in the universe we got, girls (even educated, “classy” girls) love talking about
childish infantile nonsense, pure garbage basically.

I’m not saying that’s all they’re capable of talking about.

Far from it. A lot of the supposedly “shallow” hot club girls you talk to will oftentimes be
way more intelligent than you might have expected them to be (especially in college

Three quarters of my conversations with my current (smoking hot, model) girlfriend are
on intellectual or abstract topics.

But son.

When you up in that club, people ain’t there to talk reality.

They get too much reality as it is in their ordinary lives, in work or college.

They’re there to escape reality.

To let loose. To be silly. To be illogical.

To be childish. To be goofy. To be carefree.

What you find when you incorporate CHAOS STYLE is that the girls you’re talking to
start to mirror it.


Me: I’m a plant. Let’s get married.

Girl: No we caaaan’t, I’m already engaged to Jesus.

Me: Take this wedding ring.

Girl: Everything in this room looks purple.

Me: Let’s get a drink.

Girl: Not until you propose. Have you ever gone skydiving? I really want to go. Please
take me skydiving.

Me: Alright, come on. [takes her by the hand and walks her to the bar]

What’s happening here is that by making yourself vulnerable, you’re putting the
girl at ease.

When you begin by saying something completely random and illogical, this signals to
the girl that when she’s around you, she can say anything she wants.

This is a liberating feeling.

She wants to be able to say whatever pops into her head (eg “have you ever gone
skydiving” -- she isn’t really asking, she just likes the experience of saying the words. Or
“this room is purple” -- again, just talking gibberish for the sake of it).

But she can’t do that with most guys, because they’d think she’s crazy, and she doesn’t
want to be judged harshly by others.

(Girls are extremely sensitive to criticism and being judged, even from a random guy
they just met -- way more so than you probably realise).

Try this in action.

You’ll find it difficult to start talking this way on your first few approaches, but if you force
it it’ll soon come easier, and your mind will be freed up to be illogical, random, and
ultimately more creative.

You’ll start to see a pattern emerging of girls clinging on to you because the way
you’ve elicited them to express themselves is giving them more fun than talking
to any other guy in the place, or even their female friends.

Girls who you do this with will literally become addicted to being around you, because
they’re addicted to the feeling that being around you gives them.

You make them feel more like themselves. This is powerful.